Mark of the Beast

14th April 2021

Here we are at last. I am indebted to a faithful follower how has worked hard to assist me in this task.

Before I start I would mention that I believe that to a certain extent history is repeating itself and that we are in 1941, 80 years ago, in some aspects. The World war against Germany. Which will be significant when you read below.

One event was that the Germans attacked and were repulsed in North Africa at Tobruk. The Australians were defending it. Well done them!

The Germans were led by Erwin Rommel, the lieutenant general at the time. His nick name was’The desert fox’. It amused me to note from my Cloud for the first time this year, an old Fox cross the rear of my garden yesterday.

And my wife has been having organic food delivered by an Australian over here in the UK!! Honestly, scouts honour and all that. Amazing!

Be that as it may, lets get on with the main task which I set out. Do respond once you have checked it out. And do pass on or post yourselves if you wish, include a link to my site etc. Feel free.

I am not too bothered how except I would like more people to view and know the truth so they can be free. The truth will set you free. So let’s get on with it.

But if you wish to view my page first on 666 go there. Another reminder at end of this post if you wish to go there after.


This is a well-known phrase striking fear into many, but few understand its full meaning. I kid you not to say that I now do. At least, that is I have uncovered the depth of meaning, and expose the fact that the interpretation over the years has been too narrow.

I do not demean all the good hard work others have put in over the years; just that I am not aware that anyone has addressed it as I have. If you know better let me know. There are no doubt further aspects to explore. I will keep  an open mind to other details.

In truth, it has had more than one meaning and has applied in different ways across history from the day John first penned the words. Whilst it might be useful to look at the history, I will not trouble to set out that side when we need to know how it applies now in the end times.

We need the original Greek words to be sure of its meaning and to analyse those first. Then the truth will be revealed.

Original Greek

Charagma – χάραγμα – mark.  A neuter noun. Note seven occurrences of this word, all in revelation, plus further 1 Charagmati, χαράγματι,  meaning a graven thing, an engraving or etching, or something stamped, an impression.

However, Google translate gives Chara as ‘Joy’. Char could be tank as in French, but can refer to chariot as in ‘your chariot awaits’ which might be said of a motor vehicle, to someone by a person else waiting to give the someone a lift.

Gma – I struggle to understand this suffix. I have the following link.

I note 12 words listed, reminds me of Satan as this is typically his number. Includes stigma. An anagram of this is M Gaits. Sounds like M-(elinda) Gates. Mmm, now there’s a thought. Who wears the trousers in that family?

We then have ‘joy of the Gates’. Does that ring a little bell? Or a dirty great big bell? Don’t forget you may have heard it here first. Tell people, they would like to know.

However, my first thought in internet research was initials of Good Morning America. And where you can find Melinda Gates video.

First thoughts can often be correct. But second thoughts can be useful too it seems. Although I put the second first in this case, to show my reasoning.

Tou – τοῦ – of the

Thēriou – θηρίου – beast. . Note 16  occurrences of this word, all in revelation A neuter noun. Strictly wild beast, but not an animal in the sacrificial sense, rather an object or organisation. See below link.

Definition: Note 23 and 42. See 42 link if interested, link again at end of post. 23 is the total of mark and beast references. May be significant, the number no doubt refers to 50% of the human chromosome which is 46.

What is the beast?

If the beast is neuter then this cannot be a person as such (unless perhaps they have been neutered like a eunuch!). However, I have just had the thought that that is possible, especially nowadays when transgender people have in effect been ‘neutered’. Like Rachel Devine, the United States assistant secretary for health perhaps?

However, I believe the primary meaning is institution or organisation or even a group of people. (NOTE: Added 16th April 2021. However, as I am a stupid git, I missed the blindingly obvious until I double checked something just now . See Mr Mark heading later).

I said elsewhere there are three principal groups behind the evil in world, which Satan uses to further his ambitions to rule the world. Not that he will succeed of course.

One I have exposed as Germany, strictly Prussia, although more broadly this encompasses Germanic peoples. The other two I will leave in the wings as it were for latter.

In a way the beast is the EU, essentially a Franco-German affair. As the Franks were/are Germanic I understand this makes sense. Not all French are Franks by the way. But it is the Germans who run the show in reality.

So in this post I will deal with Germany which as you will see has mark clearly stamped all over it!

The Mark

Germany was essentially brought about by Otto von Bismarck. Wikipedia says;

Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (born von Bismarck-Schönhausen; German: Otto Eduard Leopold Fürst[2] von Bismarck, Herzog zu Lauenburg; 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), known as Otto von Bismarck (German: [ˈɔto fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] (About this soundlisten)), was a conservative German statesman who masterminded the unification of Germany in 1871


Bismarck essentially means ‘to mark’

What was Germany’s currency? The Mark.

Note the following:

‘Wild beasts’ include – panther, puma, tiger, elephant, lion. Also maus which means mouse in English! The Germans do have some sense of humour!

Also rhino and mule. There is a Marder = Marten, a type of weasel.

There is also leopard for modern day tanks.

Note the various Marks (Mk) of tanks.

Note Churchill called Tirpitz “the beast”, and ordered that no effort be spared to hunt her down.

Are you in any doubt about this now?

Motor vehicles

But what about the reference in the Bible to mark being on the right hand/forehead?

Well, strictly this is front rather than forehead, right (hand side) rather than right hand. Which opens up a different possibility, not human at all.

In fact it refers to the front of the vehicle. The word is ‘met-o-pon’ in Greek. –  Think pon as in pont like bridge in Welsh for example. Could be bridge of nose, like a bumper. A car has two eyes, think of cartoons like ‘Cars’ etc.

The Mark is the number plate!!!

And can be on the right hand or right hand side!!!

See photograph below.

Please note that going back to Charagma, Char can mean ‘to burn, a burn mark’, like the burn marks of tyre on tarmac or asphalt. Etc.

And who is implied as the king of Tyre as set out in the Bible. Why, the old enemy, Satan!!

Again, the mark on the ground is like a brand on the earth as it were.  Or what about the latest brand, the latest fashion. Each year many people like to buy the latest model.

Yet again, vehicles can be ‘wild beasts’ as they are out of control unless we steer it (self-drive models not withstanding as is currently being researched/marketed).

The wild beast can be thought of as the motor vehicle which pollutes and all associated by products – mountains of old tyres to deal with, for example.

Who first really developed the motor car? Karl Benz. A German. Who has many of the car models in the world? Germany. There’s a surprise – not!!

Including Roll Royce which as far as I can tell is essentially in German hands. Marks (!)  or brands include ‘The spirit of Ecstasy’. Joy of the beast would make sense here.

This will all lead on to other matters and the interpretation of Revelation which is opening up to me as I turn the keys I have been given. Keep a look out.

Merck of the Beast

A German pharmaceutical company. See

Note it says at today’s date it is in 66 countries!!

Note also Bayer AG, a chemical etc manufacturing company.

What do some wild beasts like wolves do? They bay, and could be described as bayers!!

Another mark

There is another mark, a different mark. You see Charagma can be an etching, which sounds like itching or a scratch mark. Or a little prick. Like with a needle.

What does the nurse say say if she is taking blood as I experienced in recent years? ‘Just a little prick.’ Now in one sense I find that funny, and those with ears to hear may do so too, but it can be related to injections.

Such as for insertion of a drip for saline, or chemotherapy.

Or vaccines.

Now there’s a thought. Side effects of vaccines for some? Well these include soreness in the arm.

Or feeling rather unwell. Or very unwell for several days.

Or death.

If you can call that a side effect. Death is rather terminal to the physical body, so I’m not sure it counts. Just as well there is a resurrection of the body.

I will have to look at this in more detail, but please do research re German involvement. Pfizer and Merck seem to be at or near top of list for annual revenues from vaccines. Pfizer was founded by German immigrants.

As to other companies here is link which may be of use.

Anagrams of ‘Mark of the beast’

For some alternative thoughts, mediate on the following:

Be ok after maths – after counting all fraudulent votes in USA presidential election perhaps

Mask of the beat – masks worn by those beaten down or cowed by governments – but not by people who will not fear man but God. Remember perfect love casts out fear.

Some related thoughts below.

Mask of the Beast

The wearing of masks has become compulsory it seems unless you are British and have read the guidance and advice from the government and understood it correctly like me.

But I believe that mask wearing does vary from country to country and state to state. Still utterly pointless against a virus unless you are trying to keep out diesel fumes, for example.

Diesel, invented by hmm, let me think, ooh it’s on the tip of my tongue – no don’t rush me…..ah! Yes, a German. There’s a surprise – not!

Sadly, few others have checked over this and so many people and firms have followed blindly the advice on masks in the UK without due diligence to legislation in general. Like risk assessments for those you are trying to inflict them on.

Anyway, the beast in this instance is the faceless bureaucracy that you struggle to fight in your attempts to get sense into people.

But we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, and authorities, the cosmic powers of darkness, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

However, having looked more closely at the original text just now, I realise that we have been missing the point. Rather badly. Oh dear, silly me.

Still, that gives me something else to do. As if I haven’t enough already. If you want something done properly do it yourself. Honestly, I don’t know.

Anyway, look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page sometime I hope and tell you where to look.

Marx of the Beast

Karl Marx was a German Jew who came to England. He was the author of ‘Das Kapital’, essentially as I understand it, promoting a communistic materialistic view of life.

I will need to analyse in more depth, but he was responsible for it, along with Fredrick Engels, (Engels means ‘angel’) for the ideas that lead to the communists and Nazis (who are both ultimately socialist). And of course three world wars that led to millions of deaths.

Please note that the communists in Russia were funded by Germany to get the Russians out of the First World War and relieve the pressure of a second front. I have yet to research in detail, but my wife told me this and I believe it to be correct as well as making sense.

Again I say three World Wars as we are in the third war now, a war of words which I have explained elsewhere.

The Beast in this case is his country of origin; Prussia, now Germany. There’s a surprise – not!

I am repeating myself but ‘look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page and tell you where to look’.

Angela Merkel

I am sure you know who she is. Chancellor of Germany.

What does her name mean? ‘Angel Notice’. Or perhaps ‘angel mark’ would do.

Now there’s as surprise – not!!

Mr Mark (added 16th April 2021)

Who I hear you cry? Mr Mark. Who’s he?

Well, that’s obvious, I had thought about it without full attention. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

M. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron that’s who. Or Mr ‘God with us Mark’. Yup, macron means mark! He may be a closet Scotsman as in Mac Ron, but that is just funny.

He has a nice smile, married his mother, sorry mother figure, just like Oedipus Rex. And he’s a wanker, sorry  banker, (in a dark or black suit) among other things. He is French but we can forgive him that. Possibly. Or perhaps not.

And the pope likes him. That’s Francis the Jesuit by the way, the man in the white suit, not the other one from Germany, Benny Dick or something like that, who’s not dead yet.

The pope, or pape or papa, who likes to pretend he’s the holy Father. More holes than gorgonzola I say. Somebodies says he’s been arrested a while back. Mmm, interesting. The Most High will have something to say about that no doubt. He thought He was the highest cheese in the universe.

We will have to await developments. Or preferably get out there and tell the Truth, all  of it.

Conclusion (amended 16th April 2021)

I do hope it is blindly obvious. Germany, with a capital G, one of the beasts, with lots of Marks.

Motor vehicles, ‘beasts’ which can go out of control and injure or kill. With number plates and brands, various Marks.

Communists with their Marx!

And governments’ generally with their stupid Masks!!

And let us not forget ‘Mon Sewer God with us Mark On.’ King of France, the Franks (mainly) who are Germanic, and potential world leader.

And wanker, sorry banker.

Easy when you know how, seemly impossible when you don’t.

Do pass on, the good thing about truth is it is precious, like jewels and gold and silver that don’t wear out.

I hope you can treasure these things, but sharing them will bring you additional joy.

More joy for another ‘wild beast’, wild hair anyway.

Like me perhaps?!

P.S. You may well wish to view my page on 666. Or 42

March for the Beast

5th April 2021

What’s this then?? Well, I know it’s not March any more but April. Perhaps I should have got this in earlier, but I am struggling with my energy at the moment. However, today I have solved the puzzle of the Mark of the Beast and we ought to celebrate with a ‘March for the Beast’.

In this instance the beast is not the beast of Revelation as such. Unless it is in there anyway. No, I was thinking of me, who looks like a wild beast. My hair is wild after 12 months of lockdown and no haircut. My face is dropped down on one side due to the palsy, so I look a bit of sight.

Now I know that sounds arrogant, that is, marching for me, but really it’s a bit of fun. You would not be celebrating me.

However, you might like to celebrate with me. Sadly, up on my Cloud I cannot join in with my proposed march on the ground.

What are we celebrating? Well. I have cracked the code to 666 and the Mark of the Beast which I referred to earlier. To be fair, lots of people have already solved certain aspects, it’s just I have dealt with the final parts after nearly 2000 years after John wrote the words.

I have to put it all together in suitable form to publish but it should be quite clear when you see it. In the meantime, I think a march is in order in April.

A march especially round the Capitol fencing in Washington DC I think. Where Joe Biden and his cronies, including the female triumvirate are holed up I believe. I assume they are there, but perhaps they are not. Nevertheless a march may do a lot of people a lot of good now the weather is warming up and the blossoms are coming out.

My suggestion is the following:

Marching round the perimeter fencing which I assume is still up.

Like the Israelites marched round Jericho, go round it once for 6 days consecutive.

Then on the 7th day march round 7 times. All being well the fencing will fall down or be taken down. You can then march on the public buildings and see what’s going on.

You can blow Trumpets to summon Donald Trump if you wish. How about righting his name on your foreheads or right hand? You know, Trump Won, Biden nil, Biden’s blown it, Biden’s lost it.

Or maybe ‘Kamala, Kamala chameleon’, like Boy George’s song.

Or perhaps ‘These boots are made for walking all over you, Nancy Pelosi’.

That sort of thing. The last is a bit long so perhaps a placard instead will do.

If you want to wear masks, why not have one in black on your right arm, as you might at a funeral. To show respect for the dead who died as a result of the Demoncrats actions. And for Joe Biden who is for all intents and purposes is brain dead.

Or perhaps wear a mask on your forehead. You can again have something appropriate written on the masks.

But you can do whatever seems suitable; you are all very creative I know. God’s children are always that.

I have created a suitable song if you want to sing, based on the tune ‘John’ Brown’s body’. The original is very good though as is the hymn ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord’.

I have also a song ‘Donald the Elephant’ you can find here. Elephant because they Trumpet of course. And because the Republican symbol is an elephant. Elephants are supposed not to forget. Donald has not forgotten the American people.

And don’t forget the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms. So roll your sleeves ups (and trouser legs if you don’t have shorts and it is warm enough, or  you are brave, which you can be of course with the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit of love and the angels with you).

Why not be like Superman and Woman and wear your briefs outside your pants or shorts? (In England this would be wearing two pairs of pants as pants are briefs to us, not trousers – and you think we are eccentric; honestly, I don’t know what the U.S. of A. is coming to!).

You might like this informative link.

If you think it a good idea, then if you start tomorrow you should finish on the 12th April which is when my wife and I would normally celebrate our wedding anniversary.

So there you are. Up to you now as you chose. I hope to publish pages/posts on 666 and the Mark of the beast in the next two days. They will go in as static pages in any event in The Restaurant at the end of the Universe in any event.

And quite possibly elsewhere as a good recipe is worth sharing.

P.S. here are links to Donald the Elephant again and Joe Biden’s lies, two songs you can use as you see fit

NEW! 666 is now on the menu in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe here.

Easter Day

4th April 2021

The day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are plenty of websites which will tell you about this.

You can of course go back to the original story, which you will find recorded in the four gospels of the New Testament. A good translation helps, although I know of none that make a hash of the original Greek to any great extent at least.

But if you have any knowledge of the ancient Greek, best to check the original Greek text if you want to be sure the translations are correct. I find Biblehub very good, although its translations in English are very variable.

I assume the original Hebrew or Greek text is faithful to that originally recorded in the ancient manuscripts. However as I have no access to these I cannot confirm this.

The day is not necessarily the day that Jesus rose from the dead in a transformed body, albeit still a man and still recognisable, although some were confused for some reason which I hope to explain later in another post.

When I say the day that Jesus rose from the dead, I mean not like our birthdays. That is when we celebrate (perhaps!) another passing year of our lives on the same numbered day of the month as when we were born.

His resurrection is related to the Passover of Israelite tradition. I won’t bother to try and explain why the date of Easter varies as defined by the churches, I am sure other websites can explain it well enough, as they do regarding the Passover.

There are those who say that Easter should not be celebrated as it refers to Eostre, a Saxon goddess of fertility, allegedly.

There are those who say the goddess and the pagan festival, Eosturmonath, were made up by the Venerable Bede.

Now Baldmichael put his thinking cap on and started to look more closely at this. I tried anagramming. Most enlightening as usual.

Eostre – ‘Eros et’, Eros meaning ‘god of love and sex’ and et meaning ‘and’ from the French.

Eosturmonath – ‘anoestrum hot’ – meaning anoestrum ‘no sex’ and hot meaning hot! Strictly anoestrum means between heat periods as in animals ‘in heat’ or sexually active. You can look it up.

Or possibley ‘Eostur’ and ‘monath’. As anagram ‘Eros tu’, meaning Eros you, tu as in French ‘tu’ meaning you. Thus ‘Eros you’ or ‘you Eros’.

Monath may be as in ‘monathtry’, like monastery, but with a lisp!!

Now perhaps the Bede was not thinking quite along those lines, but I think he was ‘taking the pith’ as the lisper might say. Therefore I conclude he was making a joke which helps pass the time when there is no sex in a monastery (supposedly)!

Traditionally there has been a period of fasting during Lent, a period of 40 days before Easter when food was often scarce any way. But fasting can be very useful to get rid of toxins built up during the winter months when sunlight is low and vitamin D levels are severely depleted (usually).

Anyway, overtime such jokes made by bored monks or others get magnified by so-called academics who take the story seriously, or those who get the joke and wish to embellish it and see how many fall for it. Which is funny in itself.

Easter eggs and bunnies are associated with Easter. Well, there seems much sense in saying that eggs tend to be laid again by the chickens who take the winter off given half a chance. And rabbits who start producing their litters of babies.

We mustn’t forget that the eggs themselves tend to hatch out and produce cute chicks (cute chicks can be pretty women, but that’s another story!).

These matters are a fact of life, and can be readily observed by those with access to the countryside and farming.

Talking of countryside, there are the villages of High Easter and Good Easter in Essex, part of the Roding valley up which I have cycled; a long time ago it seems now. Good Easter is quietly attractive I believe, as I imagine is High Easter. I love the Essex countryside. It is a lovely calm backwater of England, my beloved England.

Apparently Easter means ‘sheep fold’ – see

High means just that, high up, or relatively high as there are not many parts of Essex that can be considered of any great height.

And Good means, well, good as far as I can tell. So a good part of England then. Makes good sense to me. I say it is good anyway.

But what about Jesus Christ? Well, Easter could be ‘e aster’ as in ‘He a star’ – aster means ‘star’.

And so He is, he is a star. He is one of the Morning Stars who sang together at the dawn of time. He rose again in the morning, at dawn. Perhaps just before dawn so he could see her again, Dawn with a capital ‘D’. He had missed her for 3 days it seems.

And as He is still so well known about in the world, despite the best efforts of Satan and his cronies to hide the facts, He may be considered a star. Like a celebrity only far better than most who are given the title nowadays.

This is because He is humble yet strong, upright and compassionate, a real man among men. And because He is bright, witty, intelligent, a real gent, a royal gentle man. A king of kings, of the throne of King David’s line in Israel.

You can look these statements up yourselves to check what I say, as others have said much about him.

And He came to life again, raised up on the command of the heavenly Father who would not let His Son’s body decay in the tomb.

Such a life He promises to those who follow Him, into His sheepfold, the High and Good Easter. Which is why we have much to celebrate this Easter, which we can do every day in any event.

But it is good to have special days when the weather improves after the cold and relative greyness of winter. And giving gifts is always a good thing, as long as they do not become our ‘gods’.

After all why give thanks to things which are only things, rather than the giver who is God. But who is God?

Why, the heavenly Father who loves to give good things to His Children, despite Satan and his children’s attempts to denigrate Him. How does He give us these things?

Why, through His children, the angels low, of course, both those you see (you and I) and His unseen children, the angels high, who guide us when we listen. So you can and should thank the giver always. If you should be given something you can’t use, pass it on to someone who needs it.

If the gift is not useable for some reason (which is sometimes the case), try being gently honest with the giver so that you encourage them to give something more suitable next time.

But the Father gave His Son that we might have life and have it to the full as Jesus says. A new life, a bit like that we see around us at this time of year, especially if we live in the countryside.

Simnel cakes are often baked at this time and served at Easter. I see form my Cloud and can just smell that my wife down below has baked one. I heard her say that it has risen well.

Like Jesus, The Star, The Celebrity, the Bright Morning Star. He has risen. Hallelujah, He is risen.

Hallelujah indeed!

P.S. I like chocolate – indeed I have written about it in a page C is for…..Chocolate

I like bunnies and chicks too (of both kinds of course as I am a Man!). Men do not have to be macho to be strong.

I like eggs as well. So I have no problem with Easter gifts. I just won’t make them my gods, that’s all.

If you wish to find out about Good Friday which I had hoped to post on the day I will have a page link here shortly all being well.

And look out for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ coming soon!

That Was The Year That Was – 2020-2021

31st March 2021

I am counting the year that has just passed as from 1st April 2020 to today 31st March 2021.More like the years that the Romans counted.

Not unlike the years that the Chinese calculate. The year that has just passed was their Year of the Rat. And not the Year of the Cat which is an Al Stewart album which I have; in my opinion, an excellent album.

I really think that year of the Rats is more appropriate. Rats of all sorts exposed and coming out of the woodwork. Uncivil Service rats, Health Service rats, police rats, you name it, they all came out.

Political rats as well, except they have been out and about for years anyway. There are other rats too. Germany for instance. In German a rat can be: advice, council, counsel, piece of advice, or a senior official.

The senior officials in Germany live in a rathaus, or town hall. Haus is a house in English. So German ‘rats’ live in a rathouse. Obviously.

Anyway, enough of rats for the time being. How about the events of the last 12 months? Well, in my books it really started with 1st April, April Fools’ day. This day has not yet ended, so we have had a year of April Fools.

I think of it as the Day of the Lord as He is using foolishness to expose the frauds and lies, fraudsters and liars, murders and murderers.

Who are the Fools? All those fooled by the goings on all year of course.

Now, it has pointed out that there is a very serious virus going around. It has been around for millennia in reality, but this year it struck with a vengeance.

There are early warning signs; stopping shaking hands or hugging loved ones; wearing of masks on boiling hot days; walking on the other side of the street to avoid people who they think may well be carriers or super spreaders. That sort of thing.

Yes, I am talking about Stupid 20, a mutated version of Stupid 19, Stupid 18 etc., etc. I have written about this here if you need to check if you have a serious form.

I have observed that people are starting to get over it. Some at least. Online forums and YouTube comments indicate improvements in the nation’s (UK) mental health.

It is difficult to judge however what percentage of the population is seriously infected. All too many I fear. Still, improvements are an improvement so that is encouraging.

Stupid 20 is a world-wide phenomenon. I am not sure if any nation is worse than another; it is hard work trying to keep up.

The USA is sorely afflicted. It managed to elect a president who has had the disease for decades. Quite how they managed to do this is difficult to explain. Not impossible, just difficult you understand.

It has been a long process; first you need to poison the public mind with lies about how the world was made. Then you poison their bodies with toxic chemicals in food and drink, air, soil and water.

And toxic drugs, both legal and illegal. Sold on the streets by shady dealers and by many doctors in surgeries and hospitals, among others. Not much difference between them.

You gain control of the media so you can spread more lies and misinformation. Despite this there have been those who have tried to make it clear that standards are declining.

But if you take control of the tutorials and classrooms in universities and schools, and get them young as it were, you can easily raise a generation of idiots who don’t think for themselves.

Then you get them to believe that Democrats are generally good and Republicans generally bad, that dark brown is black and pale skin is white, that men are horrible and women are virtuous.

Make everything extreme and the world is your oyster to take advantage of. Then you can elect a demented senior pale male to be president, whilst the real power lies with the women who tell him what to do and say.

Which includes a darker shade of pale vice-president – Kamala Harris is hardly black after all, except in her heart.

Of course you do this fraudulently, and use dead people and postal votes to do this. What else explains the inexplicable?

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on and wonders how the hell it happened.

It is a comedy show, the greatest pantomime on earth seeing poor old Joe Biden making an ass of himself on a daily basis. I say poor, but he seems to have done quite well financially over the years. It won’t do him any good of course.

I wonder how long the charade will last? Needs someone to wake America up.

Oi, America wake up!

Perhaps that will help. But then if the poisoned food and drink and drugs have made you obese and sluggish, do you have the energy? If you do have the energy you must ‘gird up your loins’ as the old saying goes.

Or another way ‘gird up your lions’ and roar with rage at those who threaten your lives. Put the fear of God into them and regain control of your lives and common sense.

After all, the public is the common man (and woman) who deserve far better than they are getting. But don’t because they let their standards slip. And forgot the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

In the UK we managed to get out of the EU, sort of anyway. There is still a long way to go, because the Nazi/comms have infiltrated our society in depth. Indeed, the whole world.  It takes time and effort to get them out.

And lockdowns help perhaps. Those who are innocent won’t don’t wear masks and those who are not do. Easy to tell then. Unless you want to use masks yourself to try and slip in unnoticed among the criminal classes and get the real leaders of evil.

Also useful for removing useless uncivil servants of varying types and exposing useless bloated organisations like the NHS for example. Or how the police have become biased and lost much of the common sense that made our country the envy of the world once upon a time.

Lockdowns also useful for showing that we don’t need to rush round like demented chickens from one place to the next, that slow can be good and productive.

Indeed, more productive than fast most of the time, if matters are attended to with good planning and efficiency and proper training.

It seems to me we will be locked down in the UK until we learn the valuable lessons we should have retained years ago. Sadly, it seems there is still a long way to go.

Still, as I have pointed out on a number of occasions, the so-called rules are merely guidance and advice; if they are useful and make sense follow them if not don’t. It’s very easy. Just be prepared to have to argue the case with those infected by Stupid 20 or the latest variety that’s all. And support one another.

Another way of putting this is ‘love one another’ as has been said over many, many centuries by various people.

Even the Most High just wants to be loved, not worshiped. He would have said worship in the two greatest commands otherwise.

Sadly, the churches in the UK had largely forgotten this, which is why they were much targeted in the advice and guidance. Having become dull and stupid, they did not see the truth and hid themselves away out of fear. They need never have hidden, and it is to their shame that they did.

But perfect love casts out fear.

And you have a heavenly Father who loves all His children very much. Just as His Son Jesus loves them who gave His life for them, which Christians especially remember around this time of year.

And last year the rats came out, the year of lockdowns, masks, anti-social distancing and ‘R’ rates. The year of herd immunity, ‘R’ rates and of course vaccinations. The latter everybody wants, apparently.

Well, apparently not. More and more people are asking sensible questions about the sense in these when actual deaths from Covid 19 are really no more than the annual ‘flu. And total deaths have only increased because of lockdowns.

More depression, more suicides, more self-harm. More deaths in care homes than we would care to mention. How did they die, anybody know? Anybody care? Anybody asking tough questions of those responsible for the care of those in care homes?

Whose fault was it? The government’s for locking us down, or ourselves for believing the government could do this?

By and large it was ourselves, or at least those who did not wake up early to what was going on as I did. Because it was all guidance and advice, but carefully arranged to make us fear if we didn’t check carefully, which most people didn’t. Or if they did have not ‘got it’, as it were, as I did..

So don’t put all the blame on the government if you didn’t have the sense to double check. You should have double checked. Then you could have organised yourselves to act appropriately.

As to the virus Covid 19 I have written about this here where you will find the links to those pages I think will give you the information you need.

If you need statistics I have put my summary here for the UK and here for the USA. I may deal with other issues re other countries but statistics are rather tedious and I can think of better things to do.

If you should have any questions though just ask me and I will seek to answer them.

So that was the Year that was. They should make a film of it; a sequel to Dumb and Dumber. I would call it Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, reflecting the fact that people have been the most absolute dumbest they could possibly be over the ‘flu.

Still, the rats are out and being caught so something good is coming of it. I wonder how many rats there are in Germany? Mmm. Lots I imagine. I must write about Germany before too long. An interesting history to research.

This year in China is now the Year of the Ox. I wonder what that means? The year of service perhaps, putting ones shoulders to the plough to get the fields ready. We’ll see. And I must do some detailed research and post something on China, it deserves attention.

If you are mentally exhausted by all that, why not try listening to ‘That was the week that was’ on Youtube, there is lots of good stuff.

Interestingly, there are two sets of double words (that & was) and two single words (the & week). A set of 4 and 2 perhaps. Or 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything – click to follow link if you are interested.

I like the updated version from The Two Ronnies – 2000 Today

When you are rested you can then get yourself ready for battle against the powers that be to defeat the wild beasts that threaten our lands and our sanity.

And look out for the sign of Baldmichael, he will be back!

Cressida Dick

28th March 2021

Her full name is Cressida Rose Dick or even Dame Cressida Rose Dick according to Wikipedia.

I like the name Rose. A pretty name, reminds me of my niece who is also pretty.

As regards Dame, well all ladies are dames if you are the U.S.A. It appears she was awarded the ‘honour’ for public service in Theresa May’s resignation honours list 2019 according to Wikipedia.

I will probably write about such so-called honours in due course, but it seems she was awarded it for doing her job. And not very well of late it appears, as I will explain later.

The internet suggests Cressida means ‘golden’ which I find rather hard to believe. If I use Google Translate, translate into Hebrew, Hebrew into Greek and then back to English, it apparently means ‘Crisis’.

As one of the anagrams of Cressida includes this, I think it makes sense.

Makes me think of Supertramp’s  ‘Crisis, what crisis?’ album which I have. Superb in my book, and as I am of the same generation as Cressida Dick, she might know of it too.

I have tried anagramming her full name. Words include:

Microcardia – abnormal smallness of the heart. (From The medical dictionary)

Ascaricides – Ascaricides are drugs to treat ascariasis that is caused by infections with parasitic nematodes (roundworms) of the genus Ascaris (giant intestinal roundworms). The large roundworm of pigs (Ascaris suum) typically infects pigs (from Wikipedia – infects pigs, mmm, now where I have I heard that in relation to the police?)

Disordered – Definition of disordered 1obsolete a: morally reprehensible b: UNRULY

2a: marked by disorder a disordered room; b: not functioning in a normal orderly healthy way; a disordered mind From Merriam-Webster

Irksome – Annoying

arse oiks discarded – oiks in Manx language are officials including police.

arse oiks dramedies – dramedies are a mixture drama and comedy apparently

All of which are rather interesting to say the least. See some of my later comments.

Wikipedia says of the meaning of Cressida:

In later culture she becomes an archetype of a faithless lover.

I am not sure Cressida Dick could be said to be a faithless lover, except perhaps that she has no real faith in God. If she had, she would have sought healing. Perhaps though she is searching for Him.


Information on this can be found from Cressida’s own lips in her Desert Island Discs interview, available to download here.

Her life was not easy in childhood. Parents divorced when she was eight and her father died when she was 11 according to Wikipedia. That’s hard, very hard. Events like that cause a lot of damage, and need healing before you can move on in life and be effective.

Apparently she was educated at Dragon School, Oxford, a preparatory school. All boys at the time, she got in because her brother went there. The school website lists her as an Old Dragon!

She might be many things, but she does not strike me as the archetypal old dragon though!

The Dragon School was a boys’ school for many years and she said in her interview that she was one of 2 girls of 60 in her year.

But she seems to have enjoyed her time there. Perhaps being the youngest of three children with an older brother it was all fairly easy to get along with the boys and join in all the games as she did. My wife has the same older brother and sister arrangement and I can see that is reasonable.

She talks in the same Desert Island Discs about dancing round and round to Swan Lake on the lounge pink carpet, presumably like a ballerina (she had just been to the ballet). I understand that; I was transfixed as a child by music. My mother said I used to dance round and round myself even at age two years old!

At university she studied Agriculture and Forest Sciences. The Wikipedia entry says she ‘gained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Agriculture and Forest Sciences in 1979.’

I doubt that; in 1981 seems much more likely. She no doubt went up to Oxford as they say in 1979 which is what Balliol College’s website states – see link below.  It seems a pity she didn’t get to follow this up in the job market. She might have had a better life ultimately.

I note that anagram’s of letters of Balliol College include ‘illocable’. The word is defined here.

As her father taught at the college, I find this significant.

She doesn’t seem to have been highly distinguished in her academic career; I have not found anything to indicate otherwise at the moment. I don’t hold that against her though. Lots of people can do well by learning on the job once they find something they truly love doing and from which they get satisfaction.

I consider that my career in surveying was rather like that; not always easy, but I found it very interesting and I seemed to do reasonably well, and some clients were very grateful. I made some mistakes but I believe I learnt from them.

But I don’t get the sense that Cressida has learnt from her’s.

Metropolitan police

Anyway, she ended up becoming a policewoman and climbing the ladder in promotions. Her history in the Met police is reasonably documented. She became Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis having retired from the

The following link indicates a police source as saying she had ‘not been appointed because she was a woman but because she was the best candidate’ – perhaps she was, but given her record this indicates how bad the police service has become.

Please note I used the words ‘police service’ above. Police force suggests they use force rather being there as public servants to serve us, the public, who pay their wages through taxation.

But then perhaps the words are part of the problem. If you join a force you expect to use force. If you join a service you expect to serve. There is a world of difference in the two meanings.

Desert Island Discs interview

Again the link below is interesting re her Desert Island Discs interview.

She makes the statements:

She said she hoped the that (Sic – poor BBC editing!) a lot of women are among the new recruits, to ensure a more balanced male/female divide.

“In the long term, in order for us to have the best of the best, I would like it to be 50/50,” she told Lauren Laverne, who hosts the show.

As Spock of Star Trek might say ‘Illogical’. A.k.a as ‘Bollux’.

To have the best of the best you recruit the best, not try to achieve a so-called equality which is meaningless.

Again Cressida says

“There is something about putting a uniform on and thinking ‘people are looking to me to make decisions and to look after them’ that makes you feel capable.”

Feel capable? Yes, but are you capable that is the question? Ok, I am a man, and no doubt I would say this, but that is a subjective female assertion. What are the results of your actions, that is how you should judge your work. In other words, are you really doing a good job?

This will of course depend on the level you are at; you may do a good job at one level but not in another.

Yet again in Desert Island Discs, “What I can say is that if I take you to see my response teams, there are people of all shapes and sizes and lots of lots of openly gay people, and the guys and girls just don’t think twice about it.”

Fine, but are they competent? All shapes and sizes? A silly comment, you can never have ALL shapes and sizes, only some. Otherwise it means the obese among others who will not be able to do the job of a response team, which I assume means firearms unit.

Police Record and Comments

Her record has been marred by various errors, frankly gross errors in my book.

Jean Charles de Menezes death

She is recorded as saying “I wish, wish, wish it hadn’t happened, of course, but if anything it has made me a better leader, a better police officer and it has made me more resilient,” the officer said.

Jolly good, but Jean Charles is dead, Ms Dick. So the means justifies the end, improving your leadership qualities, etc??

Operation Midland looking into child sex abuse – see link below.

The following is quoted from above.

“She said she realised the senior detective had made ‘a mistake’ and she ‘felt for him’.”

What about Lord Brittan’s wife? Did Cressida feel for her? Perhaps she said something that isn’t in the Mail’s article. But why was he, the senior detective, not severely sanctioned? He should have lost his job at least. Cressida did nothing it seems.

The following says she only had ‘limited involvement’, whatever that means.

The link below makes grim reading the appalling allegations made without proper evidence.

I have not double checked regarding the Daily Mail’s list of officer’s involved but it does not surprise me. Our money, taxpayers’ money, down the drain on people who don’t deserve it.

They should be compensating the victims of their incompetence, not us.

London Bridge Attack – see link below.

The comments section in the middle of link post says it all. Yet she can feel for the senior detective mentioned earlier, but not the victims and their loved ones who mourn their loss? Perhaps she said something else that isn’t in the article.

Even so, this is plainly a stupid comment by Cressida.

BAME bias in the Met Police – see link below.

It is interesting to read, although as I have said elsewhere ALL lives matter and there is no racial discrimination only discrimination between nations, tribes and families. We are one human race.

And there is no true black and white skin, only various shades from pale flesh to dark brown flesh.

In the incident referred to regarding Tottenham and Soho, I wonder if the real issue is that Soho is a haunt of the LGBTQi+ brigade. And that Cressida does not wish to offend them. That would be more consistent.

2020 Christmas – see link below

There is reference to ‘I have no intention in any way of encouraging my people to be barging through people’s doors or knocking on people’s doors unless you’ve got, as we sometimes do – and then they can’t barge, they may knock – a huge party going on, which is clearly very, very dangerous and causing lots of concern with the neighbours.’

This is a bit thick, Dick. What do you mean? A huge party? Perhaps all the neighbours are there. Parties can be large without being dangerous, let alone ‘very, very, dangerous’.

Unless they are political parties of course. They can frequently be dangerous, but I don’t see them all being arrested.

Perhaps the government has asked her to overegg the fear, just to keep the pressure on poor old Joe public.

Sarah Everard vigil

Interesting post. Even Diane Abbott is saying something sensible for a change!

A further very long post with lots of pictures below.

It says in the text The force had warned those still intending to show up that ‘current Covid-19 regulations do not permit large gatherings’.

Did they really warn those intending to show up? Have they bothered to check the ‘regulations’? If you should happen to be a policeman or woman I will put this in capitals as you may have trouble reading this.


There now, that didn’t hurt did it? Do what you should have done in the first place and look it up. And take a dictionary with you, or use the online versions if you need to understand words of more than 2 syllables.

If you should be one of those people who have a brain and use it, I apologise for that, it is not aimed at you.

There are pictures of people laying down, clearly a sign of how dangerous Covid 19 is, completely taken out huge swathes of the public.

Or perhaps not.

Cressida is recorded as saying in the link ‘Most of them would have been at those vigils and I guarantee also that my officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm last night, they will have been lighting their candles or pausing, and it’s something we care about very, very deeply.’

More feelings, but no substance, no critical analysis. No understanding that the so-called regulations are advisory.

And she can guarantee that her officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm.

Really? I would have thought most of them might be thinking ‘Thank God it’s the end of another shift’ or ‘Where’s the beer’ or zzzz because they are asleep.

You’re a bit thick, Dick.

I have heard the phrase ‘Thought police’ used of today’s police – no thought police would be better. They no longer seem capable of right judgement and will therefore be judged themselves.

They have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, to put it mildly.

Another interesting article, including ‘Taking the knee’. As it is said in the article, people may take the knee for all sorts of reasons. Including stretching their legs, for example. Cressida did ban the gesture however.

I hate to say this (or maybe not!) that if the police don’t watch it they may end up taking the knee where it hurts, if you get my drift!

As regards Wayne Couzens, the police officer under arrest for the suspected murder of Sarah Everard, these are interesting links.

Wayne Couzens looks rather a hard man. Reminds me of Roxy music’s ‘A hard rain’s a-gonna fall’. You may make your own minds up, but I prophesy ‘A hard Wayne’s a-gonna fall’. Very sad, a beautiful girl murdered, a police career ruined and a family unit broken.

Further thoughts

There is a funny story re her inability to smell cannabis.

Well, it seems her father drank and smoked a lot, as Cressida states in her Desert Island Discs interview. This might explain her inability to smell cannabis. Possibly he might have smoked cannabis himself, but the smell of smoke may just be something Cressida’s sensory glands have been overwhelmed with, and she can no longer pick up similar smoke smells in general.

The link below suggests some information on her father but I haven’t tracked the sources. Might be useful to read.

There are two contrasting views in the comments in the link below.

Personal reflections from CD – possibly best overall summary so far – note she loves the interest of it not perhaps about solving crime?? I would wish to do myself out of job.

It seems to be all about what she could get out of it rather than what she achieved. I find this significant.

The Spectator says something interesting; there is a reference to Cressida in there if you look:

To Finish

I thought we could lighten the mood a while with ‘There is nothing like a dame’ from Morecombe and Wise.

And from South Pacific movie.

The final verse says:

There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a dame
There are no books like a dame
And nothing looks like a dame
There are no drinks like a dame
And nothing thinks like a dame
Nothing acts like a dame
Or attracts like a dame
There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any man here
That can’t be cured by putting him near
a girly, womanly, female, feminine dame

I wonder if Cressida Dick would have liked to be a dame like that rather than what she has become, which is rather male. She has lost sensitivity in many areas, But without much gain in efficiency it seems.

Sir Peter Fahy former the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police says the following regarding the Sarah Everard protests:

“But this is a really complex unprecedented situation of a pandemic – pandemic legislation cuts across the basic human rights and people are feeling – obviously – very emotional about that but then getting involved in a protest which then breaches those regulations.

“And as I say, there is an argument they [the Metropolitan police officers] should’ve just completely stood back and ignored the breaking of the law, but then other people would’ve criticised that and say ‘you intervened in other places, why didn’t you intervene here?’” Peter remarked. From

Yet his Wikipedia entry says:

In July 2011, Fahy commanded his officers to use their common sense and criticised police policies which prevents the police from helping victims or protecting the public in certain cases.

I refer you to my earlier comments regarding GUIDANCE.

The following link seems to sum up Cressida Dick’s career in responsible positions in the Metropolitan Police.

And for good measure, a dose of Shakespeare.

Troilus, farewell! One eye yet looks on thee,
But with my heart the other eye doth see.
Ah, poor our sex! This fault in us I find,
The error of our eye doth direct our mind:
What error leads must err. O, then conclude
Minds swayed by eyes are full of turpitude.

In her Desert Island Discs interview she chose the hymn‘Lord of All Hopefulness’. This contains the following words;

Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,

Your hands swift to welcome, Your arms to embrace.

Be there at our homing, and give us, we pray,

Your love in our hearts, Lord,

At the eve of the day.

Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm,

Whose voice is contentment, whose presence is balm,

Be there at our sleeping, and give us, we pray,

Your peace in our hearts, Lord,

At the end of the day.

I have observed over my life that too many women rely on feelings rather than facts and their judgement is consequently seriously flawed. This is the case with Cressida Dick. She never was competent for the role she is now in, let alone some of her earlier posts of responsibility.

I am of the opinion she would have been better off in Forestry. I am not aware we know why she didn’t go down that route, except that she says in the Desert Island Discs interview she was ‘never going to be a star’ with that.

She has been promoted well above her pay grade as they say, and should stand down immediately. If there is no one suitable to take up the role, well what hope for all of us then?

Perhaps though it should not be a police officer, but someone with common sense, if you can find anyone with that nowadays.

As for hope, well the hymn says it for me. And for Cressida and for you as well if you want it.

Anyway, I have written the following for Cressida. P.C. stands for Politically Correct and Police Constable respectively. Larmes are ‘tears’ in French.

Cressida Dick

She makes me sick

With gender equality arithmetic

I really think she must be thick

This P.C. P.C. Cressida Dick

Cressida Dick she makes me cry

For my country by and by

And even though she seems to try

It doesn’t work, I wonder why

This Cressida Dick who looks like a guy

But Cressida Dick she has her charms

Despite her many and varied qualms

For underneath she looks for balms

And healing for years of larmes

Which she will find her Father’s arms

The heavenly Father is waiting, dear Cressida, to embrace you. Please don’t delay.


Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Government Guidance and Advice – reviewed

24th March 2021

I thought I would post something I have had as a page for some time. It might be of use. it is not up to date, but I don’t think it has really ever changed that significantly.

Or even amuse you. rather than copy and paste, I will add the link below, so if you are at a loose end and want to understand something of what is going on in the government’s collective mind, as it were, do go and have a look.

I am still working on Cressida Dick’s post which is a bit of a struggle as it needs care and attention as always to get it right and as fair as possible.

And I can’t be bothered to do anything new at the moment.

But I must look at Boris’s road map out of ‘Another fine mess we have got ourselves into’ government.

However, as I make clear in the page link the general public have much to answer for in not checking the GUIDANCE and realising that is all it is.

And you don’t have to follow it. Here’s the link. G is for…..Guidance

Various Twits or Tweets (including Joe Biden)

18th March 2021

I thought we ought to examine the (relatively) recent tweets. Why not? I’m bored of looking at Cressida Dick’s post I’m building, and I’m flagging. This is easier for now.

Comments on following link; I clicked on the tweet to get at people’s comments:

1. There is a picture in the link, second photo (bottom right). I thought it said something rude at first. Then I zoomed in. I see it says thank you, so that’s nice. Not sure who is taking the photo – is it Joe? Is the photo merely staged? Let’s move on.

2. ‘I’m so happy he went to Chester’. @FL_mocha_mom Mar 16

Does she live in Chester? Perhaps she is glad he went to Chester rather than where she lives as she’s seen images of him and young girls at conventions. Who knows?

3. The White House Tonight, the White House was illuminated green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the rich bond between the United States and Ireland.

I think they meant the ‘bond of the rich’ where the rich fund various activities in Ireland (like the IRA – so they say).

Green is symbol of environment. And feeling sick. Just saying.

4. Today, Ireland Prime Minister Micheál Martin presented a bowl of shamrocks to President Biden

I gather Joe thought shamrocks were artificial diamonds, although he struggled to express his words of gratitude and said something like ‘Shimfcks’.

I wondered if the White House was currently green as you usually grow plants in a greenhouse. It would save the risk of transmitting Covid 19 from Ireland to the states if they had been grown in the now Greenhouse. Perhaps it’s a secret virus bomb? Do you think someone had better warn Joe? Just a thought.

5. Vice President Kamala Harris – Vice President of the United States. Wife to the first @SecondGentleman

It’s such an honor to have a sculpture of Frederick Douglass in my office. His words and wisdom inspire me every day: “The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous.”

I assume he was only referring to the nation, not its leaders, so Kamala wouldn’t have to bother about that sort of thing.

However, I’m confused. If she is Vice President does she have two husbands or one? Mmm, I suppose Joe’s wife is First Lady, so Kamal’s husband is Second Gentlemen?

Yes, but it’s Lord and Lady, and Gentleman and Gentlewoman. So he should be second Lord , maybe.

And who was the first, FirstGentleman? Anybody help me on this?

6. President Biden @POTUS

As a descendant of the Blewitts from Mayo County and the Finnegans from County Louth, I’m wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Now I know the Irish like a good joke, so perhaps that’s why they like Joe being in the White House.

He seems a little slurred in the video. I assume he has had little tipple. Or another stroke.

Or perhaps he blewitt (sic).

His smile seems crooked, but I guess his teeth are straight. About the only thing that is. Well ok, his tie also.

7. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to reaffirm our nation’s close partnership with Ireland, I hosted a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Micheál Martin. We’re committed to working together to combat COVID-19, address global challenges, and increase our shared prosperity.

Bilateral meeting? I see two individuals. Where are the other members of the two groups. Hiding in case of Covid 19 infection? Or is it a case of Lesbe’aving a Gayabandon Bilateral TransAtlantic meeting? Abreviated to LGBT of course.

8. Bo Erickson CBS @BoKnowsNews Mar 17 Sweet moment at @FLOTUS event:

4th grader started to cry (happy tears) while introducing Dr. Biden. “I really wanted to meet you. I adore you because you embrace change from my generation and the ones to come. I look up to you.”

Cute. I am glad they explain it was happy tears, as I had my doubts. Not sure who Dr Biden is. Understand Joe Biden’s wife is not medical doctor but has a EdD, a lesser award than PhD.

And should NOT be called Dr Biden.

Unless of course she helped ‘doctor’ the presidential election results, in which case that is ok.


No one should have to lay awake wondering if they will have a roof over their head the next day. The American Rescue Plan provides emergency assistance for rent, mortgage, and utility payments. Help is here to keep Americans in their homes.

And stop them interfering with us destroying America.

Well, that will do for now.

Goodnight from the UK.

From the Public Eye

11th March 2021

The following extracts have been taken from somewhere and adapted for use following the time honoured tradition of many journalists who like to poke fun at goings on around the world. The public readership who prefer a laugh then are more likely to read the articles to try and work out what is really going on as there may be some nugget of truth hidden away.

There are some links to pages on this site which may be of further interest to those who are in need of additional humour. These can be found at the end of the five pieces below. And just as some truth may be hidden away, you may find Joe Biden hid’en away.

It should be stated that this emphatically does not mean that Joe Biden is being truthful as we would not wish to defame his character, merely that references to him are occasionally made.

Shelling Kills Eight in Kabul

The market in Kabul was the scene of chaos as indiscriminate shelling took place yesterday. ‘It was dreadful’ said Ahmed. ‘All these shells started raining down on people’s heads’.

‘As soon as we took cover the shelling would stop,’ he explained. ‘But as soon as we went back to our stalls, it would start again.’

When asked who was responsible, he explained it was the monkeys who pinched the pistachios from his father’s stall, then went up onto the roofs of nearby buildings to eat them. They then pelted passers-by with the empty shells.

The monkeys were unavailable for comment, despite tempting them with figs.

The casualties were 8 Taliban fighters who ran for cover but fell into an open latrine and were drowned. The locals, who did not wish to be named, said this was despicable as there was enough dung in the latrine already.

Four unknown Constables Found

Several unknown drawings have been unearthed in Lewes, Sussex, England. They have been taken to Sussex Police Headquarters for analysis.

They are believed to be the work of four constables who have been wandering the corridors there for some time. The constables may be trainees who lost their marbles when they started wearing masks and refused to take them off, even when eating.

The Chief Constable has reliably informed us that Sid (sic) is looking into the case, drawing on his long experience to solve the problem.

We have said we can provide Sid with paper to draw on instead. The Chief Constable declined to comment further.

Extra £3 Billion for NHS not enough to reduce back log, Doctors warn

Leading medics said the extra £3 Billion promised for the NHS is a ‘stop gap’ to deal with the mammoth waiting list.

An insider in the NHS, who refused to give his/her name, said that as far as he/she was aware, no mammoths had ever been treated by the NHS.

In any event, the ‘back log’ was a jargon medical term for constipation.

‘It’s a serious problem, really serious’ he/she explained. ‘And it’s not a stop gap, that’s the last thing the poor patients want. They need Senokot or Picolax – that’s really good, shift a whole field of constipated horses that would’.

Se’ville Society reports health bosses receiving bonuses for hitting targets

It has been reported that health bosses are receiving large bonuses (a.k.a. large sums of money) for hitting targets. The targets are understood to be the customers who are now black and blue from the bruising caused by the hitting.

Customers are also understood to be called patients for patiently enduring being hit and not fighting back.

Public Eye has questioned various health bosses as to what they would get if they murdered the customers/patients instead. They declined to comment.

However, a whistle blower, a.k.a. a referee, has informed us that they are already murdering people with Nazi (sick) (sic) drugs.

He/she explained that these drugs can take a while to act, so murder is slow and painful for the recipients which has always pleased the Nazis.

When asked why people have not spoken up about this earlier and the perpetrators brought to justice, the whistle blower hung up.

Black flags flying at White House

It is reported that black flags are flying at various public buildings in Washington D.C. (D.C. apparently stands for Demoncratic Controlled). The reason for this is unclear.

It is believed these are the POW*MIA veterans flags. It is said they show a silhouette of Joe Biden’s head in the white circle below the initials. It is understood that the initials stand for Prisoners Of War* Missing In Action.

Someone has also said the prisoners refer to those in lockdown across the USA, mainly in Demoncratic Controlled States. And that Missing in action refers to Joe Biden’s head or brain, they are not sure which.

We are reliably informed that he tried to use it recently and lost it (again). However, it appears to the editor that he may have been born without a brain as it is possible, apparently, to exist without one.

The flags are being flown at half-mast to indicate that someone is dead. It is rumoured that the most likely person is Joe Biden. We are keen to have further information on this subject to confirm or deny these rumours.

Further links

As stated earlier here are some links. Again I consider these to be funny or humorous; but then I am easily pleased.

Please note the order of the list is deliberate to indicate what many governments around the world are like at the moment. As in ‘jamming’ up the economies and ‘spouting rubbish’ to the public. I’ll leave you to work it out.

G is for…..Guidance

U is for…..Union. European Union

M is for…..Masks

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By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

John of God

8th March 2021

I have been struggling with my energy of late. Personally, I blame the Germans who 80 years ago were pushing back the British forces in North Africa at this time. As I have referred to elsewhere, we seem to be following a repeat of World War 2, only in a different format.

Which may sound mad, put perhaps not as mad as John of God was at times it seems. You can find out about him on Wikipedia. All quotes from the article.

I have not tried to double check other documents as it might not be true and then I wouldn’t be able to have some fun with this. And I could do with some more fun.

He apparently died on March 8, 1550. He was born ‘João Duarte Cidade’, in Portugal, so he was a ‘Port you geezer’ (geezer is slang for man).

Wikipedia says

One day, when John was eight years of age, he disappeared. Whether he had been deliberately kidnapped, or whether he had been seduced from his home by a cleric who had been given hospitality in the home, is not clear.

Given what goes on in the Roman Catholic Church today I am not surprised.

He was later abandoned and eventually taken in by Francisco Mayoral who must have been a kind man.


The farmer was so pleased with Cidade’s strength and diligence that he wanted him to marry his daughter and to become his heir. When he was about 22 years of age, to escape his master’s well-meant, but persistent, offer of his daughter’s hand in marriage

John refused, presumably because a hand wasn’t much good to him as he had two already. Or more likely as he had some memory of his family’s once prominent position and thought he could do better.

Anyway, he became a soldier and was at one time ‘…appointed to guard an enormous amount of loot, much of which had been rifled by the time he was relieved. Suspicion naturally fell on Cidade; even if he had not been involved in the theft, at the least he was guilty of dereliction of duty. He was condemned to death, and that would have been his fate had not some more tolerant officer intervened to win his pardon.’

It does seem rather odd; if he stole it, surely he might have run away. Or was he just easily distracted and taken advantage of? Or is the whole thing concocted?


Cidade experienced a major religious conversion on Saint Sebastian’s Day (January 20) of 1537, while listening to a sermon by John of Ávila, a leading preacher of the day who was later to become his spiritual director and would encourage him in his quest to improve the life of the poor.


At the age of 42, he had what was perceived at the time as an acute mental breakdown.

Note the age of 42, the ultimate answer to everything, apparently. See link if you are interested.  42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything


Moved by the sermon, he soon engaged in a public beating of himself, begging mercy and wildly repenting for his past life.

Now, I can see repenting is a good idea for past misdemeanours but public beating is taking things a bit far.

Still better than the treatment which was to be

…. incarcerated in the area of the Royal Hospital reserved for the mentally ill and received the treatment of the day, which was to be segregated, chained, flogged, and starved.

Which was very kind of the hospital. It is marginally better nowadays I believe. They tend not to chain you, flog you or starve you.

However, they do try poisoning you instead with drugs like risperidone though which all too often leaves you constipated in mind and body. Try looking this up and you will see what I mean.


Cidade was visited by John of Avila, who advised him to be more actively involved in tending to the needs of others rather than in enduring personal hardships. John gained peace of heart, and shortly after left the hospital to begin work among the poor.

John of Avila seems a sensible chap. I can imagine the conversation from an English point of view. ‘ Now look here old chap, the public beating was all very well, but others seem to take a dim view of it and are rather more adept at it than you are. Why not try looking after the poor instead, there’s a good fellow?’

Cidade then apparently had a vision of Mary (I assume the article means Mary who gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth) who encouraged him to work with the poor.


When John began to put into effect his dream, because of the stigma attached to mental illness, he found himself misunderstood and rejected.

Typical. Try to do something kind and people don’t understand. Jesus of Nazareth had the same problem. Mind you he also told them the truth, and there are some people (usually so-called authorities) who don’t like this.

Which is partly why Jesus was flogged and crucified.

We read

To put a stop to his custom of exchanging his cloak with any beggar he chanced to meet, Sebastian Ramirez, Bishop of Tui, had a religious habit made for him, which was later adopted in all its essentials as the religious garb of his followers, and the bishop imposed on him for all time the name given him by the Infant Jesus, John of God.

Presumably the ‘religious habit’ was so uncomfortable that any beggar took one look at it and said in effect ‘No thanks, I’d rather be cold’.

Eventually John of God founded Brothers Hospitallers. As a consequence

One mark of honour to his labours is that this Order has been officially entrusted with the medical care of the pope.

Not sure what the current pope is up to then if the following is correct

Perhaps the Francis is suffering from mental illness.

Anyway, it says later that John was ‘canonized by Pope Alexander VIII.’ I thought this meant fired. But apparently not.

Well, there you are. João Duarte Cidade a.k.a John of God. Rather mad perhaps initially, but if you have been abducted and perhaps abused at 8 years old is one surprised. Takes time and healing to get over that.

For his legacy the article says

The Order maintains a presence in 53 countries, operating more than 300 hospitals, services, and centers serving a range of medical needs in addition to mental health and psychiatry. The Family of Saint John of God, as those who commit to his vision are called, is made up of more than 45,000 members, Brothers and Co-workers, and supported by tens of thousands of benefactors and friends who identify with and support the work of the Order for sick and needy people across the world.

Jesus says

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.’

So Jesus’s true followers still doing that it seems. Perhaps raising the dead as in physical bodies may or may not be true. But as far as I am concerned, trying to wake those dead to what’s going on in the world today is true.

And uncovering the madness and lies going on. I consider the world has gone mad these last 12 months over the ‘flu as I have said elsewhere.

So do ponder over John of God and his experiences.

I reckon some of it must be true.

V is for…..Vaccination

I put the following up as a page a while ago. About time I think for it to be a post as well.

18th September 2020

Which means something from cows, as vacca in Latin is cow. Vaccination sounds like ‘cows in the nation’. I have written a story about that – see ‘The Emperor’s New Cows’.

I think the Wikipedia entry is pretty good in describing what it is. ‘Vaccination is the administration of a vaccine to help the immune system develop protection from a disease.’

It goes on to say:

Vaccines contain a microorganism or virus in a weakened, live or killed state, or proteins or toxins from the organism. In stimulating the body’s adaptive immunity, they help prevent sickness from an infectious disease. When a sufficiently large percentage of a population has been vaccinated, herd immunity results. The effectiveness of vaccination has been widely studied and verified. Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases; widespread immunity due to vaccination is largely responsible for the worldwide eradication of smallpox and the elimination of diseases such as polio and tetanus from much of the world.’

This is all very well, but is it true? I have been looking into the matter and have become, shall we say, somewhat concerned.

Let’s break down the statements made in the last quoted Wikipedia paragraph.

  1. Vaccines contain a microorganism or virus in a weakened, live or killed state, or proteins or toxins from the organism. In stimulating the body’s adaptive immunity, they help prevent sickness from an infectious disease.

Ok, so what do vaccines typically contain? This link to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration seems clear.

So, apart from the active ingredient, they contain poisons and stuff we normally put in our mouths. Of course, the amounts are all very small.

I say poisons and stuff we put in our mouths. By that I mean the ingredients are either poisonous or genuine foodstuffs or both. Sadly, the foodstuff itself is all too often poisoned as well by unnecessary chemicals said to be ‘necessary’ for preservation (read shelf life) or colour.

Certainly one can expect the immune system to react when it becomes aware of this stuff injected into your system. If you are physically fit then you are unlikely to have an adverse reaction.

If not then your immune system, by definition not up to scratch, will not cope well and you will have an allergic reaction.

The active ingredient appears to be either inert or active material, but still essential a poison or foreign body that our immune system will react to and eliminate. Hopefully.

The assumption is made that diseases are infectious. I have described under V for….Virus that viruses cannot be ‘caught’ from someone else; they are internally generated, and are individual to each person.

Unless, for example, somebody injects you with poisons (I understand most, if not all vaccines, are now injected).

  1. When a sufficiently large percentage of a population has been vaccinated, herd immunity results.

If a long time transpires between vaccination and diseases in populations reducing or even eliminated, then that does not mean the vaccination is the reason.

As viruses are individual, herd immunity does not exist, except in the sense that a herd may be in good health, well-looked after. But it has nothing to do with acquiring immunity due to vaccination.

It may appear that people are immune but this is due to other factors, such as generally good or improved diet and good public health. The latter will include clean air and decent sewers.

See ‘I is for…..Immune System’ and ‘H is for…..Herd Immunity’.

  1. The effectiveness of vaccination has been widely studied and verified. Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases; widespread immunity due to vaccination is largely responsible for the worldwide eradication of smallpox and the elimination of diseases such as polio and tetanus from much of the world.’

It is claimed that vaccination is ‘largely responsible’ for the ‘eradication’ and ‘elimination’ of smallpox, polio and tetanus from much of the world.

Let’s look at these three diseases.


A nasty disease, with ‘flu like symptoms (Hmm), followed by red spots eventually and usually leading to permanent scarring. Not usually fatal nowadays, but a major killer in the past. The Mayo Clinic website has a useful summary.

Wikipedia has a large article on it.

It is a virus, which immediately makes me suspicious because I know what a virus truly is. And when you start to look at the evidence one becomes doubly suspicious. There is no concrete evidence that vaccination has done anything.

It just seems, superficially, that it might. If something doesn’t work immediately, you cannot know for sure that it the substance protecting the individual.

Saying you have eradicated something over many years by vaccination is highly misleading. Public health improvements and better diet could be the cause, as indeed they are.


Again it’s a virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web article.

Symptoms look similar to ‘flu. Hmm. The article says

‘Even children who seem to fully recover can develop new muscle pain, weakness, or paralysis as adults, 15 to 40 years later.’

15 – 40 years later?! Then how may I ask, do they know it is not something completely different, or the same problem reoccurring due to change in circumstances. Like deteriorating diet, or public health issues. Anything in fact.

The Wikipedia links are again good.

There is an interesting picture on the poliovirus link which looks very like the images for Covid 19 virus. Hmm. I have known for a while why this is. There will be a link at the end of this blog to another page which will explain all (if you haven’t read it first of course).

The first polio article indicates polio declined dramatically in many industrialised countries following use of vaccines. Yes, but diets have also improved.

There is a picture of a girl in the first article with a bent leg. Reminds me of rickets which is a vitamin D deficiency. Hmm.


This is bacterially caused, so that means it is different to the other two. Bacteria live in our gut and are useful to us. I will be doing an article on them in due course.

I wondered about the etymology of the word. Wiktionary says it is from a Greek word meaning ‘I stretch’. There is a photo of a painting on the article showing a man arching his back due to the spasms tetanus causes. And with his head on the ground and his bottom raised.

Rather like the word ‘tetanus’, tet from French tête and anus meaning, well, anus.

And tetanus is found in soil and the intestines and faeces of animals. It is stated generally that it cannot be passed from person to person.

Wikipedia does an article on tetanus vaccination.

It indicates that the vaccine can cause some symptoms or side effects.

Body aches and tiredness have been reported. Rather like ‘flu then.  Hmm.

What a surprise. If someone injects something nasty into your body your immune system will kick in, all being well. And kick the offensive material out of your system.

Your immune system will no doubt be on guard against such an invasion of your system, and if you receive an injury early on it will be ready to deal with it more promptly perhaps.

But in truth, I cannot see that you need such vaccinations at all. Far better to maintain a healthy immune system as discussed elsewhere in this establishment and others.

And as wars are a major cause of unwanted bacteria in open wounds, stop fighting.


‘Before vaccinations, the United States had about 470 tetanus-associated deaths……..each year’

And from

‘…the disease did not become nationally notifiable until 1947. In 1948, there were 601 cases of tetanus reported…’

Vaccination started seriously in the US after the war as far as I can ascertain. How much money has been spent on this I wonder? For low numbers of cases.

So to summarise, viruses are poisons. The ones I have looked at cause ‘flu like symptoms and vaccination is utterly pointless.

Bacterial infections may benefit short term from vaccination, but I very much doubt there is any real point. Boost the immune system, and make sure public health is as good as possible. Stop fighting and blowing other people to bits.

And don’t waste money on vaccinations.


P.S. And the link I promised E is for…..Exosomes

P.P.S If you want more information on Covid 19 please see Covid 19 Summary which will give you my articles. I do try and use humour where I can to alleviate any boredom. But please note I do not find the suffering and deaths that have occurred funny or amusing.

Should you need some light relief you might enjoy the following

The Emperor’s New Cows

Like any story you may find it contains more truth than you realise.

Discrimination Policy

19th February 2021

We thought that you might like to read our Discrimination Policy. Follow that link. It is reasonably useful, in our humble opinion. If not, try the links therein, they may serve you better.

We thought we would keep things brief today. It is Prince Andrew’s birthday. Apparently I might have been born that day. Perhaps I might have been a prince instead.

That’s my brief thought for the day. Here is another below. It is half a pair of briefs. Half a pair is one, so one brief. A brief thought therefore.

That’s enough thinking for today (I think).

Joe Biden – the first 13 days

4th February 2021

It’s official: Kamala Harris has been sworn in as president. Well, ok I’m a bit slow. It is 15 days now, but I started two days ago and I don’t suppose much has changed.

Mmm? Joe Biden was sworn in and Kamala Harris is vice-president? Are you sure?

It’s just that as Joe Biden was unfit to be president even before the presidential race started. Anyway, just because he has already signed 42 Executive Orders in the period that doesn’t make him president, does it? Really? Oh well, just shows how wrong you can be.

So, well done Joe, you have managed that very well. I think you deserve a rest after that. And you are ahead of Donald Trump in the signing orders stakes.

After all, he only managed 7 in 13 days. How lazy is that, eh?

Of course he may have been thinking about the impact of the orders first before signing, but hey, that’s a waste of effort isn’t it? Sure thing Joe.

Anyway since when have Democrats wasted time on thinking.

Probably not since Jimmy Carter came up with his own ideas in his presidency from 1977 to 1981.

This link is interesting.

It says elsewhere that the Carter’s stayed at home and missed the inauguration. It was rumoured that they didn’t miss it, but had an old T.V. set up on their shooting range. When Joe came on they took pot shots and were surprisingly accurate.

This is all alleged you understand. Unlike all the things said about Donald Trump which were clearly true, according to the mainstream media. And without needing to do things like double check the facts first. I mean, who does that nowadays?

And Joe made president in the end, so what the heck?

Third time lucky

Of course, like Robert the Bruce of Scotland, persistence pays off. Joe Biden has succeeded in becoming president on the turd third time. He didn’t make the grade at all before.

Rather like his time at law school it seems. Although to be fair, he came 76th in a class of 85 in that case, so he must have achieved something. Go to bottom of page of link below.

76th from the top sounds better than 9th from the bottom in a class of 85 (turd and bottom apparently related).

A class of what we are not told. Humans, monkeys? Both?

So it must have been luck to get into the presidency this time. That or lying inaccuracy. Easily done Joe, easily done. Lying Inaccuracy, that is. Especially if you practice it for long enough. Lying Inaccuracy, that is.

You can see from the above how easy it is for me to make mistakes too.

Even war stories are not exempt. ‘What did you do in the whore war, daddy?’ To Joe details are irrelevant, apparently. See link below.

As I said earlier, no point bothering about double checking facts.

Or worrying about exaggerating. A lot.

Which proves my point that it must have been lying luck to get into power.

I see in the article earlier that there was controversy over a comment Joe Biden made re Obama.

Biden drew controversy when in February 2007 he called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” He later apologized, but the remark was not forgotten.


I assume when he apologised that he said that what he meant was “the first mainstream African-American who is inarticulate and dim and dirty and a horrible-looking guy.” Easy to make mistakes Joe, as I said before.

Personally, I think that Obama is all of the things Joe first said about him, except not the first, of course. What you call mainstream may be debatable, so I might just say Obama is ‘An African-American who etc, etc’.

It has been said he, Obama rather than Joe, is the Anti-Christ. I consider that to be a load of baloney. Or something else beginning with ‘b’, I forget.

Whereas he, Joe rather than Obama that is, is certainly not for Christ. And certainly not in a fit state to run a car, let alone a country. So that rules Joe out of being the anti-Christ, who as I understand it, is likely to have something left of his brain.

Anyway, I see that where the money comes from is of little concern, to Joe.–and-its-bad-news-for-dems-n2576113

And whilst we are talking about numbers Joe has said apparently

He called his vaccine plan a “wartime effort”, as more than 400,000 Americans have died since the pandemic began in March 2020.

“This is a wartime undertaking, this is not hyperbole,” he said. From

Apparently verified by the following link where he said.

This is an aggregate plan that doesn’t leave anything on the table or anything to chance, as we’ve seen happen in the past year. I’ve said before, this is a war-time effort. When I say that people ask, “War time?” I say, “Yeah,” more than 400,000 Americans have already died, I think it’s 411 or 12, have died in one year of this pandemic. More than all the people who died and all the Americans who died in World War II.

This is a war-time undertaking, it’s not hyperbole. From

Well Joe, it is not hyperbole, not even superbole (might be Hollywood Superbole as Hollywood likes to exaggerate things to improve ratings). It is hypobole as in under exaggerating (think hypodermic as in under skin and needles).

This is because the following says perhaps 3.2 million may have died in 2020.


Perhaps you meant from Covid 19. That makes better sense. But sense is something missing, I think, in your speech.


Which means as Gordon Brittas might have said ‘May I have a word, Joe? I think we have a teensy, weensy problem, doh-n’t we?’ At least Gordon should have said it even if he didn’t quite say it that way.

Yes, perhaps just under all the Americans who died (depending on who that includes; from USA, North/South America??).

But definitely an awful lot less than those who died in World War 2. And you can double check that yourselves (you must always double check).

We mustn’t forget the issues of Neil Kinnock’s speech and Curtis C Dunn either, which I have referred in my earlier post Joe Biden.

Executive Orders

But I have wandered into irrelevancies such as accuracy. I intended to look at the Orders. I make the total 42.

Which happens to be the ultimate answer to everything if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan.

They are listed here as of 2nd February 2021.

I make it 16 rescinding or reversing Trump’s orders, the rest 26 in total being new.

I haven’t looked at them all in detail (I don’t want to go to sleep just yet), but I would highlight the following:

Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government

I think this possibly means lending more money to certain groups who can’t afford to pay it back. In other words, more debt. Certainly more bureaucracy.

It may in fact mean racial equality in government agencies. But not among the common people, i.e. rest of USA population.

Executive Order on Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform

It says among other things

It is my conviction as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that gender identity should not be a bar to military service. Moreover, there is substantial evidence that allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military does not have any meaningful negative impact on the Armed Forces.


immediately prohibit involuntary separations, discharges, and denials of reenlistment or continuation of service, on the basis of gender identity or under circumstances relating to their gender identity;

So if you identify as something other than a man or woman, that’s fine. If the sergeant should say to you ‘You are a horrible little man/woman, what are you!?’, you can say, for example ‘I am polyamorous, sir!’

Or perhaps ‘I am Intersex, sir!’. He may reply, ‘I don’t care if you are into sex, I said what are you!?’ You can then roll your eyes (sergeants are not always that bright) and say ‘I am in between sexes, Sir!’

He may then say ‘So, your either a he-it or a she-it, what are you!?

If you should happen to be a woman becoming a man you might reply ‘A she-it, Sir!’

All of which makes sense. A she-it or sh-it, as the army likes to keep things brief and to the point.

Which makes sense of my earlier comment regarding Joe Biden and turd third time lucky.

Executive Order on Establishing the COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board and Ensuring a Sustainable Public Health Workforce for COVID-19 and Other Biological Threats

This includes the words:

It is the policy of my Administration to control coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by using a Government-wide, unified approach that includes: establishing a national COVID-19 testing and public health workforce strategy; working to expand the supply of tests; working to bring test manufacturing to the United States, where possible; working to enhance laboratory testing capacity; working to expand the public health workforce; supporting screening testing for schools and priority populations; and ensuring a clarity of messaging about the use of tests and insurance coverage.

Which I think means more bureaucracy and bureaucrats and thinking about what we are going to do about things and making sure the message is clear.

Just not using good sentence structure, that’s all. Or full stops at least. I believe in the USA you call full stops ‘periods’.

Perhaps the lack of periods is due to the women at the top of the Democratic Party who don’t like to talk about that sort of thing or be reminded of that unseemly part of being a woman.

Personally, I don’t see why they should be ashamed, it is natural after all.

Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce

That seems straight forward. It says:

Sec. 5. Progress Toward a Living Wage for Federal Employees.

The Director of OPM shall provide a report to the President with recommendations to promote a $15/hour minimum wage for Federal employees.

So more bureaucracy. And promoting (but not necessarily enacting)  a living wage in government agencies. But not among the common people, i.e. rest of USA population (not that Federal employees are necessarily going to get a living wage, so don’t be jealous – yet).

Possibly he means promoting a $15/hour minimum wage for Federal employees. As in ‘We haven’t got any more money and all Federal employees will get that amount’. Fair’s fair, that seems reasonable in a communist demoncratic democratic state. I got the word eventually, sorry about that.

I assume the wage will be the same for presidents, vice presidents, presidents of vice, leaders of the House of Representatives etc. A reasonable assumption, I think. Someone like to ask Joe? If he is taking questions of course.

Executive Order on Reforming Our Incarceration System to Eliminate the Use of Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities

It says among other things:

Sec. 2. Contracts with Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities. The Attorney General shall not renew Department of Justice contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities, as consistent with applicable law.

So, it seems to mean either let all the criminals out (121,718 people in 2017 apparently). From

Or possibly stuff them. Sorry, stuff them into existing jails.

If they have been non-mask wearers or if they have imprisoned for lack of anti-social (sic) distancing you should be very worried.

But if it’s only looting, murder, fraud etc no doubt this will be of little concern.

Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing

That seems straightforward. Protect the Federal Workforce and perhaps the common people, i.e. rest of USA population.

So more bureaucracy. And pointless mask wearing.


As I am now getting near to supper time, I think I will stop. You may have fallen asleep anyway.  But I note the following paragraph at the end of a number of orders.

This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

Which roughly translates as:

Sod the common people, we the government are not responsible for our actions, so yah boo sucks.

And don’t forget the executive orders largely amount to:

    • More bureaucrats
    • More bureaucracy
    • More debt.
    • More masks

Or, as I might say, more Stupid 20 (there’s a lot of it about).

If for some reason you object to these very reasonable proposals, or didn’t vote for them, you might consider doing something about it.

Or as sergeant might say;

‘Get off your arses and get going, men!(and women!).

P.S. Remember it was 42 Executive Orders? As in 42 the ultimate answer to everything if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan?

Try looking at this link if you are interested. 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

D is for…..Doom

28th January 2021

and gloom. Depressing isn’t it? Nothing’s going right. World’s gone mad, everybody’s out of work, nothing to eat and drink. I think I’ll just curl up and die.

On the other hand, the sun is shining (well it is up here on my Cloud, and I see also in the land of the West South Saxons). The air is clear; you can see forever up here. I can hear the pigeons cooing. All’s well. So perhaps I won’t die after all, not yet anyway.

But, silly me, I forgot. I died last year so I can’t die again. So I’ll stick with curling up and not the dying bit. I could curl my hair, for example. You see when you die, your hair still keeps growing for a bit.

I’m not sure if I’m not an oddity though. Yes ok, I know I’m very odd thank you. I mean it’s been 8 months or so and my hair is still growing. I think if it grows long enough, I can plait it like Rapunzel and drop it down to the earth. Then anyone who wants to join me up here can climb up.

Alternatively, as my hair is only growing slowly, I may make a couple of pig tails. Come Christmas I will attach some red baubles and have a party. If any comes and joins me up here of course.

Which may be unlikely at this rate. Which is depressing. So perhaps I’ll mope around and feel miserable and wail ‘Nobody loves me, nobody!’.

But then again, I might move my Cloud and get a new vista. Wales maybe, or Scotland. I don’t know. With a new perspective I may very well feel better.

Of course, the weather may not be so good there and I could be buffeted around by the wind (too many beans for supper). Look, I still have to eat you know. Angels bring me food, manna from heaven. I am very grateful to them, eternally grateful.

Hang on, I’m supposed to be miserable, aren’t I? No good being grateful then. Grateful for small mercies. Grateful for anything. Hate myself, hate everybody.

No I don’t, I love myself and I love everybody (except those I hate). There are exceptions, those beyond the pale, unlovable. Perhaps you feel like that, you are one of the unlovable who has never been loved. You feel ugly, ugly as sin (sin is ugly you know, like crap on your precious soul).

So I’m depressed again. Oh God what am I going to do? How do I get myself out of this mess? Won’t somebody help me? Won’t somebody dance with me?

I’ve remembered. Lyndsey de Paul. That song ‘Won’t somebody dance with me?’.

And now the band is playing very slow
And once again, I’ll get my coat and go
A lonely wallflower waiting by the wall
Without the will power to face the music at all

Please, won’t somebody dance with me
Start up a romance with me
Just someone to care
Someone, somewhere for a dance with me

I feel so silly in my patent shoes
So many partners but none of them will choose
A lonely wallflower, growing very tired
Into the small hours and feeling undesired

Please, won’t somebody dance with me
Start up a romance with me
Just someone, somewhere
Someone who dares, take a chance…

I have always loved it, but forgot about it until now. Loved her too as a teenager. Never liked that mole on her face though. But reading about her I realise what a wonderful person she is.

I say is, because as I look around up here at the other Clouds and the angels whizzing around, I realize that she must be up here too. But asleep like all the others in their cosy, fluffy white Clouds. Waiting for resurrection day.

People look at people and see the outside and miss the inside, the unseen. Lyndsey is said to be funny, sharp, and clearly intelligent. But abused by a father as a child who was himself abused and so on back up the family tree.

Probably back to Adam at the beginning who was abused by the Dark Angel.

The dark angel who was once called Lucifer, the light bearer. Lucifer or Lucy for short. Loopy Lucy as I am calling him now.

Still, that’s depressing (but the name’s funny so that helps). I don’t really want to be depressed and I don’t suppose you do either.

So what are we going to do about it then? Well, when I was younger, I would get depressed by all the worries of the world. Down and down I’d go, down down, deeper and down (hang on that’s Status Quo). And I’d be miserable and not much fun to anybody. Or helpful to my parents. Or nice to my sister.

When I turned to Christ, I found things change, my attitudes change. A bit trite, but I gained an attitude of gratitude. Trite can still be right. I also said to the Most High, the Father, if You making things tough for me means that I will be a better person, then do it, please.

And of course he did. Because, as I have said before somewhere, he answers pleas from his angels. So when I went down, down, down and seemed to be at rock bottom (another Lyndsey de Paul song) I would remember what I asked.

So I would laugh, laugh at myself. Silly boy. What did you expect? And I would say thank you to the Father, my Father. And up, up, up I would go. Out of the deep pit I was in. Rescued out of the pit, by my loving heavenly Father.

He pulled me out and we had a dance. Lyndsay sang ‘Please, won’t somebody dance with me’. Well , He did. And He will with you if you want it badly enough.

Or if you’re not even sure what you do want any more but can see just a glimmer of light at the top of the deep, dark well you are in. Even if there is no light at all but there is a flicker, just a flicker of a flame in your heart. A glowing ember.

You feel dead? Nothing at all? That’s ok. He can shine a light into your heart. He will strike a match come down to you, pick you up and carry you to the light if He has to. And He will, believe me; believe Baldmichael if you can. He did it for me.

On the other hand if you like being miserable, a miserable old (or young) git like I am (ok, not that miserable), why not listen to Noel Coward’s ‘There are bad times just around the corner’. Here’s a link if you want.

I imagine, assuming you have listened, unless you are too far gone, that you might be having just a teensy, weensy, smile on your face. Don’t overdo it, you might injure yourself.

Of course, the words are very suitable. Rats leaving the BBC!! Rats coming out everywhere. And the terriers are catching them all, one by one. I’m playing my part too.

So perhaps its not all doom and gloom after all, unless you’re a rat.

Or Loopy Lucy. And He is going down into the fiery lake for keeps.

Now that should make you feel better.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

P.S. I posted this as a page, as opposed to paging this as a post, last year. There is more stuff to look at if you wish under World menu. Food for your soul and mind.

I find it not difficult to find humour in all sorts of situations and words which may help further. Do go and look if you need to, there is of course, no charge.

And no annoying ads.

If you need advice, just ask. Desserts in the Cafe are usually funny, at least I think so. But then I am easily pleased. Specials can be especially good for humour too.

Which is why you are special. Yes, really! If you ask I can do something for you, otherwise keep browsing for good things. I avoid nasty things, but not difficult things so I can provide answers and ways out of black holes and dark corners.

By shining a bright light in, the best I have. Drives the shadows and terrors away you know.

So keep your chin up and look up (unless you need to look down at your keyboard). There are lots of good angels out there waiting to help, just ask.

And don’t forget a good cup or mug of tea helps!

P.P.S Alternatively if you are finding it is lockdown making you depressed try ignoring the government GUIDANCE as that is all it was or is in the UK. I have written about this elsewhere.

I also have a song if you like the Beatles and ‘Help’. Link ‘Covid Help’

Kamala Harris and the Triumvirate a.k.a the ‘Three Angry Females?’

20th January 2021

My apologies if the following contains any errors, I want to post shortly.

‘Three Angry Females’ could be ‘Females Angry Three’, as the Army used to lists things for efficient categorisation, so I believe. Such as ‘Shirt, khaki, one’.

Abbreviated ‘Females Angry Three’ would be FAT. Well, I don’t believe they are in anyway fat. And anyway, apart from Kamala Harris, who are these three?

Well, my assessment is Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s second wife, and Valerie Owens, his sister. An alternative to Jill Biden could be Nancy Pelosi. She is not fat either.

Personally, I think they all look quite attractive. But then external appearances can be deceiving. It is the heart that matters.

And the heart of the matter I would like to look at is what would happen if Joe Biden is sworn in as President.

It is clear that he has been unfit to be president for a long time. A career politician with little, if any practical experience of running a business, let alone a country.

And a country is a business; it needs to trade effectively and honestly with its neighbours. Joe Biden has been less than honest, and I have set out my thoughts on this matter, including regarding his first deceased wife, Neila. See Joe Biden.

It is documented in the media that Kamala Harris as Vice-President would have the reins of power due to Joe Biden’s clear dementia. I have always thought Vice-President an odd title; President of vice?

Sounds like a president who is in control of all types of evil. Or alternatively a president who is like a vice and hold you tightly in a grip you can’t escape from.

It should of course be ‘Advice President’, another person who can advise the President. However, in his state Joe Biden would probably take any so-called advice, good or bad, for an easy life at his age and capacity.

Kamala Harris – background and name meaning

But what is Kamala Harris like? Let’s look at her name first.

Kamala Devi Harris is her full name according to Wikipedia, and there is plenty of information about her you can check under her entry.

From the link below Kamala means

1: an Asian and Australian tree (Mallotus philippinensis) of the spurge family

2: an orange red cathartic powder from kamala capsules used for dyeing silk and wool or as a vermifuge chiefly in veterinary practice

A vermifuge is something to get rid of worms. It seems also to be related to the colour pale red, or orange red as in 2 above.

Devi is in essence a goddess In the Hindu tradition.

Harris seems to mean ‘Son of Harry’, in this case daughter is appropriate.

The meaning of Harry is given in below link, but overall to harass.

So perhaps a ‘Pale/orange red gets rid of worms goddess who harasses’.

I see her parents divorced when she was seven that is very sad. It can have serious effects on a child growing up without a father.

My father was away at sea in the Royal Navy when I was young. And when he started working in shore establishments I was sent to boarding school. I therefore understand some of the issues.

I see her husband is Jewish and of German extraction at some point judging by the surname.

Anagrams of name

I tried her name in the anagrammer below. It only takes 15 letters so I have removed an ‘A’ as she has three of these.

The following came up; I have indicated meanings where I think interesting but you should double check:

Adversarial – this can be antagonistic and not necessarily peaceful

Marshlike – reminds one of swamp creature

Aardvarks – meaning ‘earth pigs’

Haremliks – place where the harem (women) live.

Krameria – used in stopping diarrhea

Malarkies – meaning, among other things’ ‘rubbish’.

Diarrheas – so is the problem and a possible remedy.

Lamaserai – A monastery or convent of lamas

Devilish – well we know what that means!



Shrike – any of numerous Old World birds having a strong hooked bill that feed on smaller animals



or dialectal, chiefly British : a small stream

especially : one that dries up in summer

seik – meaning sick

That is just a selection, I have not found much very positive at all.

All of which should give you pause for thought.

Kamala’s faith

It appears she is a member of the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco. Note the following:

You end up thinking: if this is what is meant by Kamala Harris’s Black Baptist beliefs, then she’s serious about her Christian faith and (though this is a long shot) might even be prepared to moderate her support for ‘abortion rights’.

But then you remember that Harris is a conspicuous opportunist, even by the standards of Capitol Hill. (Perhaps that’s what appealed to Donald Trump when he twice donated to her campaigns to become California’s attorney general.) Her own presidential bid collapsed last December, partly because a long career in enforcement isn’t a good look in today’s Democratic party. Then, almost overnight, she became a cheerleader for the far-left Black Lives Matter, and that did the trick.


She seems to have been rather arrogant, and not displaying humility as Jesus Christ would have done though. See link below.

Summary in brief

I cannot see that see is eminently suited to the role of taking over from Joe Biden and her background in the law which seems well documented is not best suited to running the business of a country.

She seems to have some personal issues of arrogance which she needs to deal with if she is going to be gracious to all sorts of people, be they men or women.

There still remains the issue of the legality of the voting in the presidential election which is definitely highly suspect, regardless of here suitability in the role she might have.

And I assume people voted where they did for Joe Biden, not her, although many may vote on party lines regardless of the candidate and his/her suitability.

Jill Tracy Biden

I have already covered a bit about her under my post on Joe Biden.

As I would like to post this blog shortly an am running out of time, I will say that I find the evidence online as not unreasonable.

Anagramming her name comes up with considerably better words than those for Kamala.

Valerie Biden Owens

Again, in brief I have made some comments about her under my post Joe Biden. Her relationship to Joe seems a bit too close for comfort and her has made an unfortunate remark as I referred to which does make you seriously wonder.

And her background hardly makes her suitable for advising Joe on all aspects of running the business of a country which must trade effectively to survive.

I tried anagrams using Valerie Biden Ows (en repeat letters removed for reasons given as in Kamala Harris).



Inseverable – can’t be cut off- from her brother!!


Re enslaved



Again, this should all make you pause for thought.

Nancy Patricia Pelosi

If you think Jill Biden might not be the third, how about Nancy?

Her actions have been less than creditable, especially the childish tearing up of Mr Trump’s State of the Union address.

And she is at odds with traditional catholic doctrine on LGBT so-called rights – I believe everybody has the right to be treated decently and to be loved, but the LGBT activists have wanted to turn society upside down rather than maximise true sacrificial love.

The impact on family life over years, particularly since world war two has been severe and we are reaping the consequences.

I may try and analyse more closely but note her anagrams include:

Palaeocrystic – former glacial formation

Plantocracies – government by plantation owners

Coplanarities – meaning lying or acting in the same plane.

Pantisocracy – see

Prostacyclin – prevents clotting. Preventing certain clots a good thing but not in this case as body could bleed to death. So bleeding America to death perhaps?

Narcoleptics – relating to someone with narcolepsy I believe, a sleep disorder.

Speciational – The formation of new biological species through the process of evolution. As evolution is a load of rubbish, this must be what they mean.

And especially please note Satan or satanic!!

Again, this should all make you pause for thought.

Donald John Trump

I have put his name in just for comparison and suggest you try anagramming his name. Not that great, but better than Kamala, Valerie and Nancy.

His name seems to mean ‘Lord old God is gracious trump’. The meaning of trump can be looked up here but all are positive.

Overall Summary

I consider that the people of the U.S.A. should be seriously concerned about the possibility of Kamala running the country as Joe Biden is clearly not fit.

And to have two other influential females with their characters must be of concern, frankly grave concern. Kamala and Nancy clearly have anger issues on a childish level. I have not had time at this stage to check fully on Valerie, perhaps she is ok.

So perhaps only two of the three are ‘angry females’.

Nevertheless, whilst you may consider the anagrams pointless, there are two devils and one satan.

That’s not withstanding the issues of the alleged voting fraud which seems to me, an outsider, to be a serious issue that must be addressed before Joe Biden is sworn in as President.

If you are a resident of the States then I advise you look at these matters closely as soon as possible and appropriate action to make your voice heard.

Do it as peacefully as you can.

It may be too late if you don’t.



16th January 2021

Hooray! I have my highest number yet. I have had double figures for a little while, but now I have the same number as Jesus had disciples.

Mind you, I can tell you that two appear to be websites. Not sure what that means. I can’t see Jesus having two websites following Him around Galilee!

Still, I’m on my Cloud, so that’s different.

Anyway, I had been looking forward to achieving this milestone, and now I have. I have my suspicions though.

After all, one disciple betrayed Jesus, so perhaps I have a viper in my midst, like Judas Iscariot, or Judas ‘the Carrot’ as I like to call him.

Not that I have anything against carrots; indeed I like carrots, the vegetable that is. Nice juicy fresh raw carrot, pulled out of the ground, like Peter Rabbit would enjoy in Beatrix potter’s wonderful books which I read as a child.

And I don’t have to worry about Mr McGregor to chase me off!

I didn’t realise until checked just now, that he is in fact Michael McGregor. Perhaps I am related!! Baldmichael McGregor, as it were. No McGregor’s in my family as far as I am aware.

But I do like carrots, and I can sympathise if rabbits threaten to eat the carrots you have planted for your dinner.

There are other carrots I like too, like Jasper Carrot who is very, very funny. I am not sure if I can choose a best moment. His stand-up routines were excellent, and his partnership with Robert Powell in ‘The Detectives’ was brilliant.

Well, I can’t talk about my followers more than I have already told you as that may be breaching data protection. Although I might, at some point, indicate the direction of their websites if they have one.

So, while I’m here let’s have look at Jesus’s followers.

They were a mixed bunch. Not quite a butcher, baker, a candlestick maker of nursery rhyme fame, but from various trades or professions. We have fishermen, a tax collector (boo, hiss), a zealot (whatever that is when it’s at home) and a thief/banker – same difference.

Well Judas ‘the Carrot’ was a thief and apparently he looked after the money bag for Jesus and the disciples. So said John, one of the 12, in his gospel.

The following website is good for names in the bible and Judas.

You will see reference to ‘city slicker’. That sums up Judas nicely. The ‘wide boy’ in the suit. Looks good, but underneath a nasty piece of work. Sell his grandmother.

I jokingly call him ‘The Carrot’, but there are other carrots. Like carat, the measure for the purity of gold. And he loved gold no doubt, although the Pharisees only gave him silver for betraying Jesus. Perhaps that pissed him off, particularly when he realised what he done to Jesus, an innocent man.

He threw down the money in the temple in disgust, and took his own life. And that is the ultimate cowardly thing to do.

As to the zealot, this probably refers to a freedom fighter, seeking to free Israel from the oppressive Romans. Whether he was more proficient at it than Monty Python’s motley crew of the ‘People’s Front of Judea’ in the ‘Life of Brian’ is a moot point. It is not recorded.

But he must have thought Jesus a better bet for some reason.

And we mustn’t forget Paul, once called Saul who had a ‘Damascus experience’ on the road to Damascus (logical). He was a tent maker but also an academic of the Jewish religion, so a practical academic, unlike all too many academics today.

He replaced Judas ‘the Carrot’, not Mathias. The disciples cast lots which suggests throwing the dice or similar. This was done before the Holy Spirit fell on those assembled in the upper room.

There was no specific word from God on the issue, and Jesus had not left instructions. He told them plainly that one of their number would betray Him, so if it was important He would have made sure of the matter.

It was Peter who suggested the action, impetuous Peter, who didn’t think that perhaps Jesus might have His own 12th man lined up in the changing rooms, His own substitute (but for a team of 12, not 11).

So I should have said 13th man. And that will be another post or page in due course no doubt.

It should be abundantly clear that Matthias was not meant to replace Judas. I have been aware of this for a long time. I wonder how many decisions those who follow Christ make on the basis that Matthias was chosen?

As regards the 12, they were also called apostles which according to the link below means ‘one who is sent out’

This is however obvious to an English speaker. Apostle is ‘A post le’ or even ‘a post el’. An ‘el’ is an angel in Hebrew, and ‘le’ is masculine in French. Therefore you have ‘a post angel (male)’, or ‘a postman’.

Yes, a postman, a man who delivers news, hopefully good news, all being well rather than a bill, tax or otherwise. In the apostles’ case they were delivering ‘good news’ about God’s love in Jesus Christ.

And like the word ‘news’ they went in all directions – North, East, West and South.

They considered it well worth the cost, and all but one lost their life as a consequence.

But only their physical bodies, as their souls were and are immortal, as ours are. John, who apparently died of old age in Ephesus, ‘lost’ his life in a different way by humbly submitting it to the will of God.

Of course the others did it too, and the ‘church’, followers of Jesus grew in number as a consequence of their teachings and example.

So perhaps my followers will grow in numbers and tell others. Not that I am too bothered about numbers, it is precious individuals who matter. It is just there are rather of lot of precious individuals. A few billion in fact.

The book of Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 talks about ‘an uncountable number’. Apparently in English this is ‘umpteen’. I tried anagramming it. A six letter word is ‘meet up.’

So there will be an awful lot of people there. And we will meet up with our friends and loved ones.

I hope you will follow Jesus and be there too.


PS If you are stuck for something to do, you could do worse than look at the following. Make you smile hopefully if nothing else will.

Jasper extract best of Carrot Gold

Jasper Carrot The Detectives rhyming slang

Alternatively if you want you can find out why I think 42 is The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything click the link below.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Stupid 20

7th January 2021

What’s this?? Well, if you have been following my site you may have come across occasional references. I believe I started calling it Stupidity 20, but three syllables may be too long for some people, so I shortened it to two.

This then matches the two syllables of Covid 19 which preceded it.

I have said that Covid 19 stands for vitamin C Or VItamin D. Strictly, I should now add ‘with K2’ or ‘K’ for potassium (this has atomic number 19). Both are important but are not the same. Vitamin K 2 is needed for reducing of calcium carbonate in the blood and furring up the arteries.  But what does Stupid 20 stand for?

Well, in a sense it doesn’t stand at all, because when you have it, you tend to sit down in despair with your head in your hands (but still attached to your body, hopefully).

But what are you despairing of? You are despairing that you will die of the Covid monster, of course.

Instead of Stupid 20, which you don’t realise that you have.

I did have a touch of it myself; indeed I have carried it, or something similar, for many years. Stupid has been around for a long time.

I was not rid of it until last year until after the start of lockdown in the spring, having the opportunity by virtue of being on furlough to thoroughly investigate and check the facts.

And for which I have been in training all my life, except that I did not realise it until last year.

Of course, it isn’t that Covid 19 as far as it is a virus isn’t nasty, it is just that it is a poison. A chemical poison, either made by our bodies during metabolism, or introduced by various chemical nasties (or Nazis) in our food or environment.

Or injected, such as with drugs and vaccines.

Or prescription drugs from doctors.

Such things have been around for years, and their effects have been more evident of late as the health of the nation, in this case the UK, deteriorates overall.

I have tried to make it clear elsewhere that Covid 19 is not infectious, because it is chemical, not biological. And it is logical that it, Covid 19, is not ‘bio-’ as in ‘life’ or ‘alive’.

This so-called Coronavirus is an exosome, the body’s defence system at work, clearing out poisons from our bodies.

Anyway, I have explained this in depth elsewhere; see Covid 19 Summary for more details.  

Ok, but what does Stupid 20 stand for really? Well, I think probably the following will do:

SaTan’s a Useless Pillock, Idiot and Dunderhead with calcium.

The reason Calcium is the 20 is because it has the atomic number 20. And is important in the formation of clots.

Bloody clots in this case, as in ‘bloody stupid’. See links below re clotting and calcium.

In the case of Stupid 20 it targets the brain and needs careful surgery to remove it before permanent damage is caused.

I have used the word ‘dunderhead’, but ‘dummkopf’ would be better. This is because Satan, or Loopy Lucy, is in George Soros (a.k.a. ‘George Black’). And old George is Germanic in essence.

And stupid of course, criminals always are.

Anyway, what are the symptoms of Stupid 20? I list the following:

    1. You believe that Covid 19 is a variant of influenza (the ‘flu’) which has mutated genetically.
    1. You believe that Covid 19 is biological, rather than chemical.
    1. You believe (Anti-) social distancing works to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe masks work to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe staying home stops the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe staying alert to Coronavirus works to stop the spread of ‘the  virus’.
    1. You believe controlling the Coronavirus works to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe that herd immunity is possible by ‘catching the virus’.
    1. You believe that lockdowns work.
    1. You believe all the governments tell you without double checking the facts, let alone the so-called ‘rules’.
    1. You believe what the media is telling you without double checking and comparing with other ‘information’.
    1. You believe the BBC is infallible.
    1. You believe the media statistics without double checking the actual statistics.
    1. You believe the ‘r’ rate or reinfection rate has any meaning.
    1. You believe that vaccines work, have worked in the past and will work in the future.
    1. You believe ‘the virus’ came from China, particularly a military laboratory, and that it is ‘All their (the Chinese’s) fault’.
    1. You believe that the above is all about saving lives.

These are the principal symptoms, but there may be others I haven’t described. As with any sickness, there are varying degrees of Stupid 20. In the worst case you will die of/by/with or from it.

Although, in reality, it is the result of not doing sensible things that will cause your death. What do you do about it? This is assuming you recognise at least some of the symptoms in yourself, and you are concerned that you may well have Stupid 20.

Well, the overall description of the symptoms can be summed up in one word. Lies. They are all lies. Though the latter is four words. You have believed a lie, or lies.

The only cure is Truth. So here is my suggestion for a cure in more detail.

    1. Chemical poisons do not mutate, but there are different poisons.
    1. Chemical poisons cannot be spread by touch or hugging someone, unless, for example, someone is smothered in arsenic or strychnine and you lick it off.
    1. Masks inhibit good breathing, and you breathe in some of the carbon dioxide you have just exhaled.
    1. They also make it difficult to hear people sometimes which is stressful.

      They also make it difficult to recognise people sometimes which is stressful.

      Stress can put strain on your heart which can be fatal.

    1. Staying home is sensible when the weather is cold and wet, but not when it is sunny and pleasant. You benefit from sunshine on your skin as this can give you protective vitamin D if you do the correct things.
    1. Staying alert is sensible if this means you watch what you are eating and don’t ingest poisons, such as sodium nitrite, a common preservative in bacon and processed meats.
    1. Your own immune system is the key to your good health. Remember that Covid 19 stands for vitamin C Or VItamin D with K2’ or ‘K’ for potassium. Both are important but are not the same. Check these websites for more information.

    1. Lockdowns cause more problems for health than benefits, if it means people stay indoors and are not sensible. And get frustrated and take it out on others around them, sometimes fatally.

      Not rushing around and stressing out with rush hour traffic is beneficial, but you don’t need lockdowns to tell you that.

      Being out of work because you firm closes can be stressful unless you find a better, more fulfilling job.

      However, lockdowns do have the benefit of exposing the stupidity of the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales. And the NHS bureaucracy. And the Uncivil Service bureaucracy.

      And the EUsless European bureaucracy which the UK has left (up to a point). More work to be done there.

    1. Double check all information you are told, including mine.
    1. Double check so-called government rules in the UK and realise they are GUIDANCE, not mandatory. You don’t have to follow them.
    1. Double check the statistics. This is the hardest, which is why I have tried my best to make it as simple as I can to follow. I sympathise if it makes your brain hurt, as I have struggled to make sure I am setting things out correctly.
    1. Carefully consider the issues around vaccines – just because someone tells you they work does not mean they do. Big pharmaceutical and chemical companies stand to make large amounts of money, and they link back to Germany and the Nazi/communists.

      Who has funded research as to effectiveness? If not truly independent, why should they be believed?
    1. Don’t blame China for everything, and certainly not all Chinese. There are good and bad people in all nations, but some are better/worse than others.
    1. Finally, I would add that there is one golden rule. Love the Lord your God with your whole heart and soul and mind. And love your neighbour as yourself. Well ok, that’s two rules then.

      Note no mention of worship, just love; rather important that.

That should cover it for now. There is, however, one family utterly corrupted, with a web of infiltrators in the world. You will have to wait a bit for the truth on that, although there are those in the know.

And I hope you stay safe from Stupid 20 in the meantime.

Happy New Year!

1st January 2021

Welcome 2021! Which looks a bit like 20211.

Which could be 42. 2 + 2 = 4, 1 + 1 = 2, 4 & 2 or 42 if you take the ‘&’ away.

42, the ultimate answer to life, the universe, everything, according to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

So perhaps this year we might get somewhere. Mind you, I got quite few answers last year to my questions.

Such as the meaning 666 in the Book of Revelation. I have notes which I will write up and post.

Or Covid 19, which I have already put up on my site under Covid 19 Summary.

And, of course, why is 6 x 9 the ultimate question to the ultimate answer, 42. If it isn’t the ultimate question, what is the question to the answer? A good question. So I will seek to answer that too. I have extensive notes already, and am preparing a draft.

There are a number of websites out there with explanations already which are very helpful, but I thought I should add my pennies worth. Helps me if it helps no one else.

So if you are interested in these questions and my answers go take a look.

There are others under World Menu set out as pages rather than posts. I may well put some up as pages in due course.

As regards 2020 just gone, I hope you have regained a more balanced vision as in 20/20 vision as others have said. I know I have.

To be honest, I was aware of many things already, but activity, busy-ness if you will, obscured the truth. My summary might be the following;

    • You don’t need to rush everywhere.
    • There is much more beauty in your local area than you realised.
    • The wildlife is happier and visits you more often when everywhere is calmer.
    • There is much more beauty and kindness in people, your neighbours, than you realised.
    • You can work from home and have the space to do other things as well during the working day. You are not rushing to work and not stuck in rush hour traffic getting frustrated and polluting the atmosphere, let alone polluting your body.
    • You can shop locally and not rush to the shops.
    • You can do without certain shops, lots of shops perhaps.
    • You can make a lot yourself and with food it can taste a lot better.
    • That governments are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That bureaucrats are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That the NHS is useless, a ‘monster’ eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That many doctors are useless, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever except to themselves and their families.
    • That the internet is a more useful ‘doctor’.
    • That much of our food is ‘doctored’ by poisons, food additives and chemicals that are not necessary, but harmful to good health.
    • That the nazi/communists are alive and kicking, but that we can kick back, and will boot them back.

Of course, when I talk about large sums of money being of benefit to certain groups, it assumes that money has any real benefit. Large piles of it just get you constipated, or give you ‘piles’ which are uncomfortable to sit on.

There some like the George Soros’s or Bill and Melinda Gates of this world who seem to like large piles. Pillocks. They have their reward. And they will get their just desserts.

Which I will put under ‘Desserts’ perhaps. Or perhaps somewhere else. I have written about George Soros, I have yet to do the Gates. So much to do, so much time to do it in.

Yes really, because time seemed to slow for me last year. So I wonder what this year will bring.

Wait and see. And do come and see here on my site. You will be very welcome.

But if you want a prophecy, I have noted close similarities with World War II. So looking at main events that happened then may give clues as to what might occur. And I put us in the start of 1941. Something for you to ponder.

And Happy New Year again!

Happy Christmas! (Happy Boxing Day Too!)

Happy Christmas!

26th December 2020

This is a bit late for Christmas, but Frohe Weihnachten!,  Feliz Navidad!, Joyeux Noel!, Ukhisimusi Omuhle! So that’s Happy Christmas in German, French, Spanish and Zulu. Why not?

And of course, Fijne kerst! Fijne kerst! Which is Double Dutch, obviously!!

Mind you, I do like the Zulu. Omuhle means happy, apparently. Muhle means ‘He/she is beautiful’, according to Google Translate. So I suppose quite reasonable for omuhle to mean ‘happy’.

So, ‘O, she is beautiful!’, a Zulu man might say of a woman.

Or ‘O, he is beautiful!’, a Zulu woman might say of a man.

And ‘ukhisimusi’ is fascinating. Sounds rather like ‘You kiss I must’. Sort of reminds you to kiss someone, a loved one. Husband, wife, child, friend.

The French is good too. We are used to Noel; you know, ‘The first Noel, the angels say’, from the carol. Or the Cornish Songbook ‘O well, O well, the Angels did say’

But why Noel? Well – yes I suppose ‘well’ might say it all. After all, a new born baby is a ‘well’, as in ‘I’m good’. And Jesus, whose birth is celebrated at Christmas is considered ‘Good’.

Except, when He spoke to the rich man He said ‘Why do you call me good?” Jesus replied. “No one is good except God alone.’

Which is interesting, now I look at it again. And go back to the Greek. Which bothers me as I now realise that Jesus was actually saying ‘No one is good, if I alone am God’.

And this puts a completely different spin on matters.

Still, we still celebrate Jesus’s birth, a ‘noel’, whatever that means. This in fact means ‘Lady’s eternal male angel’. As follows

N = lady

O = eternal

E = male

L = angel

The ‘el’ is angel in Hebrew (male), ‘o’ is eternity as in a ring, and ‘n’ is lady. The last is because ladies have to say ‘no’ quite a bit to children. I will try and explain further elsewhere in due course.

Anyway, the meaning makes sense in Jesus’s case. ‘The Word made flesh’ as John puts it in his gospel, his good news. That is the eternal word of course.

But how about this? Anagram noel and you get ‘leon’. Which means lion. Jesus is the Lion of Judah.

Or ‘nole’, from old English, which means ‘head’. Jesus is considered the head of the true church, his people.

And it seems in Friulian, a NE Italian dialect, means hazelnut or nut. In English we can say ‘Use your nut’ meaning head!!

Again, ‘Lone’, meaning ‘one of a type’. Jesus is considered unique, one of a kind.

Noel is very close to the name Nael, which apparently means ‘brave’ or ‘winner’ according to

Or ‘nail’ in Afrikaans or Estonian according to Wiktionary’

At Christmas people like to have an evergreen tree, typically a fir. And to dress it up with lights and decorations of all sort to make it beautiful.

There are those who say this has pagan origins and it should not be done. I believe this is based on the following:

Jeremiah 10:2-4

:2 Thus says the LORD:

“Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;

Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,

For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.

:3 For the customs of the peoples are futile;

For one cuts a tree from the forest,

The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.

:4 They decorate it with silver and gold;

They fasten it with nails and hammers

So that it will not topple.

But I agree with the following websites analysis, which I consider very thorough.

The simple summary is this;

God created all good things.

Trees are His.

He loves beauty.

So as long as you don’t bow down and worship the created, the tree plus lights etc, but remember the Creator, then there is no problem. And thank Him and the angels for the beauty of it all.

But don’t forget to share with your neighbour, to love those who may not have what you have.

And you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg doing this, either the tree or the sharing. Or go into debt.

Have we now forgotten Jesus, whose birthday is celebrated by many? I hope not. But people can forget the connection with Easter time, and another celebration.

Such as referred to in Steve Turner’s excellent poem ‘Christmas Is Really For The Children’. Here’s the last verse.

Or they’d do better to

wait for a re-run of

Christmas without asking

too many questions about

what Jesus did when he grew up

or whether there’s any connection.

After all, it is said Jesus hung on a tree, albeit a dead tree. Nailed to a dead tree. Not very Christmassy I know. But Jesus was raised from the dead, and became a Tree of Life, an ever green tree. In truth He always was that from the beginning of time.

And as I have said elsewhere, it was a ‘T’ he died on, ‘T’ for ‘tree’.

If it bothers you that 25th December is not the correct day to celebrate His birthday, I would agree.

But He is considered a King, and as such is surely entitled to have more than one day that people can celebrate.

Anyway, you don’t have to remember one or two days of His birth. Why not ‘Every day’s a holiday with Jesus’? There are always good things to celebrate all year round if you look for them.

So I’ll end with the Zulu again, Ukhisimusi Omuhle! Or ‘You kiss I must, O, he is beautiful!’.

I recommend blowing a kiss to Jesus as a small thank you for coming to earth.

And why not a kiss to those you love, or to those who need it too while you’re at it?

Santa Claus

24th December 2020

‘You’d better watch out

You’d better not cry

You’d better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town’

And coming to a town near you! The question is do you care? Your children, if you have any, might. I mean who doesn’t love Santa, jolly sort of chap, beard, red suit, red nose (or is that Rudolph?).

Red cheeks, then; after all if you fly through the air on an unpressurised open sleigh pulled by reindeer in freezing temperatures what do you expect?

No doubt the beard and moustache help. Don’t know if he will wear mask this year. It Belgium it appears he will be exempt. See

So that’s nice. Mind you, I wonder if he is not in the ‘Clinically extremely vulnerable’ bracket as he is clearly obese. He should not go out according to rules in the UK (or GUIDANCE, as I prefer to call it).

But I consider the ‘rules’ to be a load of bollux and put him in the ‘Cynically extremely vulnerable’ bracket instead.

Who is Santa Claus anyway, when he is at home (home being the North Pole apparently, but I can’t see it on Google Earth for some reason)?

Well, it seems he is based on a man, a saint allegedly, called Nicholas of Myra or Bari. See . I believe people have got confused over the years. He was, I am sure, of both. I suspect these are the names of his parents, Myra and Barry, and not places.

It is unclear when he was given the title ‘saint’ by the church, or perhaps even which church. As Jesus never said call anybody by such a title, I think witch church might be more appropriate.

So the answer might be one that had wicas. Which sounds like vicars. Mmm.

Anyway, so-called Saint Nicholas can be shortened to St Nick. To nick is to pinch in slang, among other things. See

However, it also seems clear that exactly how much of the truth about him is true, is open to debate. Much of the story appears to have been generated by what I would loosely describe as ‘The Church’, probably better described as ‘vested interests’.

Better still, ‘vestmented interests’ as the so-called ‘clergy’ have always had an interest in maintaining their position.

So I am not convinced that any of it is of great value to us. Except that secret gift giving is good, as Jesus says in his discourse recorded in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 7 v. 1& ff.

That is, don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Rather like today, don’t let the Left know what the Right is doing, as the left always twists things.

So why do parents tell their children it is Santa Claus giving presents? I mean, it is one thing to say, ‘It’s a secret for you to find out.’ which is really exciting for a child, and quite another to tell a lie, as all adults, hopefully, realise Santa doesn’t exist.

After all, children, of all ages, love secrets and finding out the hidden truths, just like the Famous Five in Enid Blyton’s books.

But lying comes back to bite you eventually, as people can’t be truly sure if you are a truth teller or not. Especially if you tell them about the heavenly Father and Jesus. Will the children believe you then?

So many children of parents, who say they follow Christ, often fall away from the truth of Jesus because of what they perceive to be lies. I don’t blame the children.

But what about the modern Santa? Well, the depiction in graphic form seems to have come from Thomas Nast. See

And here’s a colour photo from the internet.

I am not sure that I am overly impressed by Santa.

For starters, the holly on his head. There are pricks on holly. As you would find in Hollywood. These are not very nice to handle.

Hollywood apparently run by the Jews according to Joel Stein, who is presumably Jewish, so he should know. See

Secondly, holly berries are poisonous. But not as bad as yew berries it seems. I shall be writing a bit on Yew trees in due course I hope.

Thirdly, red signals danger, like Communist China (but not the Chinese people, as they are not necessarily Communist by choice as such).

Or the Red Coats of British soldiers, who are believed to have frightened the Duke of Wellington, when he said, allegedly,  ‘I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.’

And old Santa Claus smokes. Tut. Tut. Very non-P.C.

And is carrying a sword. Is it real or plastic? Seems dangerous, could poke an eye out. Somebody tell the Health & Safety Executive.

Coca Cola have used Santa Claus in its advertising. Hmm, doesn’t surprise me.

All of which is rather suspect.

I have forgotten to do one thing. Silly me. Anagram his name.

I tried the online tools. Well, these come up with various words which you might consider discouraging.

For example, scuts; as in something unpleasant; anal or anus, source of something unpleasant; cans & cants, as in you can or can’t do this; ant, as in antifa (no, perhaps that’s pushing it); assault, as in Antifa (perhaps it’s not pushing it); lacunas, as in something missing; cutlass, as in what he’s carrying in Thomas Nast’s image; cantalas, like a plant with sharp teeth; cults, as in weirdoes; tans, as in beatings; lusts, as in, well, you can work that one out I’m sure.

And one the online angrammers miss for some reason, can’t think why it’s rather obvious. Old Baldy reverted to his brain to work this one out.

Satan Claus.

Or Satan claws as it can sound.

This all reminds me of something; let’s see, hmm, sharp teeth, lusts (for gold and jewels), assault, red, claws?

I know, Smaug as in The Hobbit, where Thorin describes Smaug as “a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm” according to Wikipedia.

Or the scarlet beast, or red dragon of Revelation in the Bible perhaps.

Frankly compared to Jesus of Nazareth, whose birthday is celebrated tomorrow by many, I am not sure I see why Santa is quite so famous.

Of course the Germans love him, on the whole, it seems. See

Doesn’t surprise me. And George Soros is German in essence. Perhaps if you read my last post which is about him, you might wish to try comparing notes.

I’ll go with Jesus any day, every day in fact. Today and tomorrow.

But I’ll not go with Satan claws. Like the Andy William’s quote I refer to elsewhere, in relation to milk and cookies (which are put out for Satan, sorry, Santa).

‘Not now, not ever, not never!’

What about you?

George Soros (and the Great Conjuction)

21st December 2020

George Frederick Soros a.k.a.  György Frederick Schwartz, more likely György Friedrich Schwartz. Born in Hungary, born hungry for power it seems.

It helps to know thine enemy and his name identifies him and his character. Let’s analysis his name.


George is farmer or ‘Earth worker’. ‘Morning George’ in my family meant having a crap or shit – I don’t know why. Still, suitable for Gyorgy. As far as I am concerned he is Satan, once Lucifer, a morning star, but now a shit, a morning shit.


Rich, well he is that. But Rich can be short for Richard or shortened again to Dick. And we know what dick can be. Like a sausage which is a fried dick if you see what I mean.


In German this means black. As Satan, he is the old black as well as the new. The real black of the black and white movement, the black being the evil angels and the white the good angels, includes us who fight against the black forces of any skin colour.

Schwartz also sounds like ’farts’.

Put this all together you get ‘morning shit fried dick black farts’ which sums him up.

Try anagrams.


Includes gory; meaning bloody think bloody wars. Grog; type of rum to make one drunk and not think straight. Gyro; like the cheque in UK which unemployed have to survive on, and he would impoverish the nations if he could. Orgy; like his promotion of perverted sex.


Includes chirred; a harsh trilling sound. Deific; tending to make divine. Dreich; the kingdom of D, i.e. Germany, strictly Nazis, currently the 4th Reich, one of three main groups behind all the nonsense at the moment.


Numerous words include warts, tsar or tzar, wrath, crash, thraws (to twist or turn in Scotland) etc etc.

How does he stack up against Nero, old time emperor of Rome?


Means ‘Black’ like Schwarz.


Means ‘Lame’ or ‘Crippled’ Or just ‘Clawed’!!  Clawed like the dragon or serpent of old

If lame then what about Islam or ‘Is lame’? See


Means ‘An absolute ruler’ or ‘Autocrat’, even in essence ‘Emperor’. Same as Tzar, or Czar, or Kaiser.

George’s nickname is ‘Puppet Master’ See


Meaning ‘Majestic’ or ‘The increaser’ or even ‘venerable’. See

No it doesn’t, not in his case. Think ‘Au gust us’. To gust (or wind) us. Windy one or farter. George born in August, 12th, 1930.

However, ‘Majestic’ could be ‘Ma jestic’. Like ‘My jestic’. Related to Jester, the Joker. Perhaps he is the Joker like in Batman. Sick rather than funny. Or just a buffoon.

And of course ‘The increaser’ is increaser of woes in his case.

And ‘venerable’ could be as in ‘blood’ from ‘vein’. Which sounds like ‘vain’

So maybe they do apply after all.


Means German. Note German origins of George’s father.

George born in Budapest – means Son of the Father + pest!! Pest includes bubonic plague. Area settled by Germans after Battle of Buda, although nowadays very small proportion.

Why is Nero significant? Well see this link:

This is important as the reference is, among others, to Revelation 17 v 11 in the Bible. There are 7 heads to the beast or properly, wild beast, described in the chapter.

The 7 heads refer to Roman Emperors, one of who is Nero. An eighth is coming at a later date at the time Revelation was written.

The Greek is ‘ogdoos . Sounds like ‘dog doos’ without the d, or ‘dog shit’. That figures.

So ‘Dear old György’ fits very well, don’t you think. Ticks the boxes as it were.

Nice chap, György. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. No, not when you are Lord of the Flies you wouldn’t. Which flies? The ones that fly or the ones that zip up?

How about both? After all ‘Dear old György’ likes promoting sexual deviancy, as well as promoting those Jihadists who oppose it. Helps keep wars going, don’t you know.

And governments spending our money on protecting us, Joe public, or strictly God’s children.

Of course, there are those who say people are ganging upon ‘Dear old György’ because he is Jewish. Well that would never do if he really was a true Jew.

But you see there are those who are true Jews, of the Tribe of Judah, like Jesus of Nazareth, God’s beloved, strictly mono-genetic, Son.

And there are those who say they are Jews, but are not, and are of the synagogue of Satan. Like ‘Dear old György’, for example.

Only in his case, I think we can make the case for him being Satan himself. A nut case.

Or as I refer to him, Loopy Lucy. I say him, but I believe him/her may be more accurate. In fact him/her/it possibly. Better still, he, she, it. Or hesheit. He sheit. A shit really.

Which takes us back to ‘Morning George’ rather nicely I think.

But what about the ‘Great Conjunction’ this evening?

Jupiter AND Saturn coming very close together making a very bright object to those able to see it. AND is the ‘Great Conjunction’ of course.

Well, Jupiter represents God, strictly God the Father, and Saturn represents Satan. See P is for…..Planets for more information.

So they are coming very close, like a big fight. Big Daddy versus the Hesheit with his rings.

Big Daddy will win of course, because the heavenly Father knows Hesheit’s game, and the angels seen and unseen are working hard. Hesheit will not win.


Game over György.

P.S. Here is a nursery rhyme you might like to sing.

György Schwarzy, pudding and pie,

Kissed the girls and made them cry,

When the boys came out to play,

He kissed them too, he’s funny that way.

György Schwarzy, pudding and pie,

Messed the world and made it cry,

When the Angels found the liar,

They threw old György in the lake of fire.