10 x 10 = ?

29th December 2020

Answer: ‘Fear of the Germans’. 10 x 10 = 100 or ‘Hundred’. ‘Hun dread’. Obvious I hope. And after 9 x 9 and all their ‘neins’, well, who wouldn’t dread that? Unless you are British, and couldn’t care a fig for what the Germans think.

Let alone (hopefully) what governments, politicians, NHS, Uncivil Servants, Police etc, etc. think when they are being stupid and lacking in common sense.

‘Think’ is of course the wrong word, as thinking seems to be the last thing they often do. If at all.

Better to laugh at them and their lack of sense of humour than dread them.

But as I have said elsewhere there are Germans who are not like that [and some politicians, (some governments – just possibly), some Civil Servants (rare), Police (occasionally) etc, etc.], who are free from the Prussian side which is where the problem lies.

After all, who wants a nasty or Nazi acid named after them?

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