11 x 11 = ?

29th December 2020

Answer: ‘Cricket’. This is a square don’t forget, a cricket square. There are 11 men in and 11 men out. Sometimes women too.

Alternative answers are ‘Lords, ‘Headingly’, ‘Old Trafford’ etc, etc. But not ‘The Oval’ as that is not square obviously. You will be marked down for that. Your own favourite ground will be ok, as long as it not called The Triangle’, ‘The Rhomboid’, ‘The Polygon’ or anything that isn’t a square.

Please note 11 x 11 is also 121 or a ‘One to One’, like a head to head, so ‘Two will be accepted also as an answer. Unless you have two heads like Zaphod Beeblebrox in which case the answer is three.

Assuming of course the other person has only one head. If it should be one of the beasts in Revelation then that would be 2 against 7, which is 9.

But that’s a ‘no’ again according to earlier logic. Wretched Germans (or Prussians) confusing everything again!

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