Hallowe’en (Let’s Party!)

31st October 2020

Or Hallowe’en, or All Hallows Eve, All Hallows Evening in full. Traditionally 31st October (today) when people celebrate, if that is the right word.

Celebrate what though? Wikipedia says ‘It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.’ From


It also says ‘One theory holds that many Halloween traditions may have been influenced by ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, which may have had pagan roots’

Well I don’t think much of the world’s population is too bothered about saints, martyrs and faithful departed. They seem more concerned with horror stories and films, trick-or-treat and toffee apples, and such like. At least in what is called the Western world.

I have never seen the attraction of horror films myself. Being scared witless does boost the adrenaline of course. But I can get that from dancing to a song I love, or teetering on the edge of a cliff, or a scramble up a rock chimney on a mountain.

And when I have sex with my wife of course.

Trick-or treat? I have wanted to be prepared at the door when the children come round. You know, when they ask trick-or-treat, say trick and pull the cord that brings something gungy on their heads. Well, they expect the treat from you, so the trick must come from you too, right?

Alternatively, you can say, ‘Treat please – come on come on – I haven’t got all night, I have some blood sucking to do, and the bodies are getting cold.’ That sort of thing. You could dress the part too as Count Dracula.

Not that all that is particularly kind, mind you, although children do seem to like scary monsters. Until they become real and do them harm.

But I think toffee apples are always welcome, albeit I struggled with eating them as a child. Part of the challenge I suppose, children like challenges. Like eating the chocolate off a Mars Bar first before dealing with the centre (I still like that myself, but don’t tell everybody).

But what about Hallowe’en? Let’s look at the etymology. Well, Hallo is obvious, isn’t it? Hallo, anybody there? And ‘we’en’?. I tried this in Google Translate which was fascinating.

In detect language, we’en comes in as Dutch. If you translate this in Scots Gaelic, part of the Celtic language, this comes out as ‘A ’caoidh’. Swap these round and the Dutch is now ‘Treurend’. But in English ‘A ’caoidh’ translates as ‘Lamenting’. Try translating ‘Treurend’ and you get ‘Grieving’. Same difference.

So now you have ‘Hallo lamenting’ or Hallo grieving’. What are we lamenting or grieving, the loss of the departed faithful? Some of us perhaps.

But in reality, for most of us, it is the departure of the sun in the northern hemisphere, as each day it sinks a little lower in the sky and the nights continue to draw in, and we lose the warmth and light it brings. Perhaps it is the thought of bitter winters and piercing north-easterly winds.

In the past it would mean hard ground you couldn’t work, shortages of food, breaking the ice to get water. Of course if you were prepared, your home could be cosy, with plenty of wood for the fire and food stored like the squirrel with its nuts.

Unlike the squirrel as well though, hopefully, as it tends to bury some all over the place and forget where it put them!

At least that’s what we think. But perhaps the Most High has given them instructions to plant them, so we can have a small seedling to dig up and put somewhere more suitable later on.

Anyway, it may have been a pagan ritual, but most people mourn the passing of the warm summer months. But not all, and anyway there is Christmas to come in a few weeks, then New year. And before long we are back to the spring for the cycle to begin again, with the sun returning.

And when I could look forward to cycling again!

In the meantime, we might get a hard frost on a perfect still day, or series of days. Hoar frost is quite stunning in the early light. Or perhaps it has rained the night before and huge icicles have formed off the gutters of houses as I once saw in Deddington, Oxfordshire.

Or ice jewels on stems of dried grass on the hills, or wind-blown snow stuck to wire mesh on the top of Skiddaw in Cumbria. The later looked like white waffles; amazing.

So why the lamenting? Even in the past people seem to have enjoyed the ice and snow, at least sometimes. The ice fairs on the frozen Thames are a good example, you can look them up.

In the meantime, Hallowe’en seems like a good excuse for a party. And why not? The Most High likes a good party, as does His Son Jesus. But They do hate spoil sports, and those who would just wish to scare for scaring sake. Which as I have said elsewhere can leave scars.

Jesus bears scars, but He was not scared except when He had to face what He was about to do the night before His crucifixion. He would not have sweated with drops like blood otherwise.

But He overcame His fears and was strengthened by the angels to complete what He came to do. To put an end to Satan’s power, to break the spell, as it were, of fear, and guilt that arose out of the beastly act of Satan in the Garden of Eden.

He rose again, and now shines like the sun. He said to His disciples He would have to go away, but that He would come back again.

His scars will remain for ever on His body, reminders of His great love for mankind. And of forgiveness available to those who come to Him needing it, and ready to change, hard as that will be.

Talking of scars, I have a scar on my left side just above my waist where I fell off my bicycle when I was a teenager. It reminds me now of Christ’s scar, so I have another reminder if I needed it.

The records do not say which side it was on Jesus, but it will have been on the left, His left. Sadly, the left is problematic, and is no doubt the reason my facial palsy is on my left side.

Tonight there will be parties, and, I hope, people will forget for a night the traumas of Covid and U.S. elections. But there is a choice for the States, a vital choice of who to choose, Joe Biden or Donald Trump. The party of the left, or the party of the right.

That reminds me of ‘won’t get fooled again’ by The Who (not the W.H.O., although they may be fooling us). You know, ‘And a parting on the left, is now a parting on the right’.

Except it should be ‘And a party on the left, is now a party on the right’!

I know that I go for what is right, and I know that more and more American citizens are seeing that. And that the left has been fooling the folks, the people.

But what the Most High wants above all is Truth and Love, Justice and Mercy. And forgiveness.

I am not interested in parties of the political kind. I like parties that are fun, best of all when you can dance to one’s favourite music. So perhaps tonight we could dance to the ‘Monster Mash’, very suitable for the Hallowe’en theme, suitably silly.

So chase those monsters away, and don’t be afraid of winter to come. The sun will come up again.

Just like the Son.

Let’s celebrate!

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en (Let’s Party!)”

  1. Your views, and the comic sense you try to bring to justify “celebrating” in some form, is from the Flesh. Halloween is a dangerous and vile High Satanic, blood sacrifice of children to their god the devil. One who is truly born again of the Lord’s Holy Spirit will be separated from such evil “celebrations”!
    I’ve known so-called “christian” circles who think that they can deny Halloween but replacing it with children dressing up in “Biblical character’s” so that the children can still be part of this evil day, but “placing” Jesus over it!
    That is a slap in the face to our Dearly Beloved Saviour and what He represents! I left that group, they hated me for rebuking them for allowing the children to still be part of that evil holiday!
    “Come out from her, the Harlot system” which does not represent the One True God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ!


    1. Thank you for your comment. The origin was All Hallows Eve, and like everything Satan does he corrupts anything with any good in it.

      This does not mean I endorse all the foolishness of Halloween as it has become. You need to take it in the round and not be overly religious about it. If you follow Christ, you are trying to win souls by telling them the truth and pointing them to the Father.

      I do not celebrate it myself, I merely make the point that it is Jesus who we party for, not Satan. This does not mean scaring people witless, and I have made that clear. Satan wants the children of God to be scared of him. The heavenly Father and the Jesus do not want people to be scared of them, but to come to them to find rest and healing.

      The harlot system includes all sorts of things, much of which revolves around money and the love of it. This is one of the main problems of Halloween as it has become.

      And don’t forget that Jesus Christ is part of the Godhead, not God alone. Your last statement suggests you have forgotten both the Father and the Holy Spirit. That is a slap in the face to them.

      Yours Baldmichael


  2. The History of “All Hallows Eve” was first begun by the “Celts” were not christian, all pagan, then the Harlot of all systems the RCC adapted it as “All Saints Day”. So it has always stood as a pagan worship system with a “religious” tone by false systems. So no, nothing about Halloween needs to be followed by any true Disciple of Jesus Christ.

    I know that Jesus Christ is part of the Godhead, actually He Was the Living Word, which was with God and was God. The Holy Spirit is also part of the Holy Trinity. Actually I mentioned in my 3rd sentence about the functioning action of the Holy Spirit which brings a man/woman too Christ, Who also convicts one with sin, as Jesus instructed his Disciples, that the Holy Spirit would come and convict the world of sin.

    So I never gave any type of a “suggestion” as you falsely accused me of doing, since in my comment I did mention all three.

    I rebuke you for your “party” attitude towards Jesus Christ.

    We will be Joyful, and filled with humble Eternal Gratefulness that HE chose His predestined Children from the Foundations of the World, to Follow Him, by Granting them Eternal life, through granting them repentance and forgiveness of all their sins, then sealing them with His Precious Holy Spirit, working out the Sanctification process during their life on earth, until the appointed day when we meet Him face to face in His Eternal Kingdom.

    You be in the faith? Prove it!


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