Happy New Year!

1st January 2021

Welcome 2021! Which looks a bit like 20211.

Which could be 42. 2 + 2 = 4, 1 + 1 = 2, 4 & 2 or 42 if you take the ‘&’ away.

42, the ultimate answer to life, the universe, everything, according to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

So perhaps this year we might get somewhere. Mind you, I got quite few answers last year to my questions.

Such as the meaning 666 in the Book of Revelation. I have notes which I will write up and post.

Or Covid 19, which I have already put up on my site under Covid 19 Summary.

And, of course, why is 6 x 9 the ultimate question to the ultimate answer, 42. If it isn’t the ultimate question, what is the question to the answer? A good question. So I will seek to answer that too. I have extensive notes already, and am preparing a draft.

There are a number of websites out there with explanations already which are very helpful, but I thought I should add my pennies worth. Helps me if it helps no one else.

So if you are interested in these questions and my answers go take a look.

There are others under World Menu set out as pages rather than posts. I may well put some up as pages in due course.

As regards 2020 just gone, I hope you have regained a more balanced vision as in 20/20 vision as others have said. I know I have.

To be honest, I was aware of many things already, but activity, busy-ness if you will, obscured the truth. My summary might be the following;

    • You don’t need to rush everywhere.
    • There is much more beauty in your local area than you realised.
    • The wildlife is happier and visits you more often when everywhere is calmer.
    • There is much more beauty and kindness in people, your neighbours, than you realised.
    • You can work from home and have the space to do other things as well during the working day. You are not rushing to work and not stuck in rush hour traffic getting frustrated and polluting the atmosphere, let alone polluting your body.
    • You can shop locally and not rush to the shops.
    • You can do without certain shops, lots of shops perhaps.
    • You can make a lot yourself and with food it can taste a lot better.
    • That governments are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That bureaucrats are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That the NHS is useless, a ‘monster’ eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That many doctors are useless, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever except to themselves and their families.
    • That the internet is a more useful ‘doctor’.
    • That much of our food is ‘doctored’ by poisons, food additives and chemicals that are not necessary, but harmful to good health.
    • That the nazi/communists are alive and kicking, but that we can kick back, and will boot them back.

Of course, when I talk about large sums of money being of benefit to certain groups, it assumes that money has any real benefit. Large piles of it just get you constipated, or give you ‘piles’ which are uncomfortable to sit on.

There some like the George Soros’s or Bill and Melinda Gates of this world who seem to like large piles. Pillocks. They have their reward. And they will get their just desserts.

Which I will put under ‘Desserts’ perhaps. Or perhaps somewhere else. I have written about George Soros, I have yet to do the Gates. So much to do, so much time to do it in.

Yes really, because time seemed to slow for me last year. So I wonder what this year will bring.

Wait and see. And do come and see here on my site. You will be very welcome.

But if you want a prophecy, I have noted close similarities with World War II. So looking at main events that happened then may give clues as to what might occur. And I put us in the start of 1941. Something for you to ponder.

And Happy New Year again!

If you fancy something wacky try this.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

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