Stupid 20

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th January 2021

What’s this?? Well, if you have been following my site you may have come across occasional references. I believe I started calling it Stupidity 20, but three syllables may be too long for some people, so I shortened it to two.

This then matches the two syllables of Covid 19 which preceded it.

I have said that Covid 19 stands for vitamin C Or VItamin D. Strictly, I should now add ‘with K2’ or ‘K’ for potassium (this has atomic number 19). Both are important but are not the same. Vitamin K 2 is needed for reducing of calcium carbonate in the blood and furring up the arteries.  But what does Stupid 20 stand for?

Well, in a sense it doesn’t stand at all, because when you have it, you tend to sit down in despair with your head in your hands (but still attached to your body, hopefully).

But what are you despairing of? You are despairing that you will die of the Covid monster, of course.

Instead of Stupid 20, which you don’t realise that you have.

I did have a touch of it myself; indeed I have carried it, or something similar, for many years. Stupid has been around for a long time.

I was not rid of it until last year until after the start of lockdown in the spring, having the opportunity by virtue of being on furlough to thoroughly investigate and check the facts.

And for which I have been in training all my life, except that I did not realise it until last year.

Of course, it isn’t that Covid 19 as far as it is a virus isn’t nasty, it is just that it is a poison. A chemical poison, either made by our bodies during metabolism, or introduced by various chemical nasties (or Nazis) in our food or environment.

Or injected, such as with drugs and vaccines.

Or prescription drugs from doctors.

Such things have been around for years, and their effects have been more evident of late as the health of the nation, in this case the UK, deteriorates overall.

I have tried to make it clear elsewhere that Covid 19 is not infectious, because it is chemical, not biological. And it is logical that it, Covid 19, is not ‘bio-’ as in ‘life’ or ‘alive’.

This so-called Coronavirus is an exosome, the body’s defence system at work, clearing out poisons from our bodies.

Anyway, I have explained this in depth elsewhere; see Covid 19 Summary for more details.  

Ok, but what does Stupid 20 stand for really? Well, I think probably the following will do:

SaTan’s a Useless Pillock, Idiot and Dunderhead with calcium.

The reason Calcium is the 20 is because it has the atomic number 20. And is important in the formation of clots.

Bloody clots in this case, as in ‘bloody stupid’. See links below re clotting and calcium. Satan is a clot of course, a bloody clot.

In the case of Stupid 20 it targets the brain and needs careful surgery to remove it before permanent damage is caused.

I have used the word ‘dunderhead’, but ‘dummkopf’ would be better. This is because Satan, or Loopy Lucy, is in George Soros (a.k.a. ‘George Black’). And old George is Germanic in essence.

And stupid of course, criminals always are.

Anyway, what are the symptoms of Stupid 20? I list the following:

    1. You believe that Covid 19 is a variant of influenza (the ‘flu’) which has mutated genetically.
    1. You believe that Covid 19 is biological, rather than chemical.
    1. You believe (Anti-) social distancing works to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe masks work to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe staying home stops the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe staying alert to Coronavirus works to stop the spread of ‘the  virus’.
    1. You believe controlling the Coronavirus works to stop the spread of ‘the virus’.
    1. You believe that herd immunity is possible by ‘catching the virus’.
    1. You believe that lockdowns work.
    1. You believe all the governments tell you without double checking the facts, let alone the so-called ‘rules’.
    1. You believe what the media is telling you without double checking and comparing with other ‘information’.
    1. You believe the BBC is infallible.
    1. You believe the media statistics without double checking the actual statistics.
    1. You believe the ‘r’ rate or reinfection rate has any meaning.
    1. You believe that vaccines work, have worked in the past and will work in the future.
    1. You believe ‘the virus’ came from China, particularly a military laboratory, and that it is ‘All their (the Chinese’s) fault’.
    1. You believe that the above is all about saving lives.

These are the principal symptoms, but there may be others I haven’t described. As with any sickness, there are varying degrees of Stupid 20. In the worst case you will die of/by/with or from it.

Although, in reality, it is the result of not doing sensible things that will cause your death. What do you do about it? This is assuming you recognise at least some of the symptoms in yourself, and you are concerned that you may well have Stupid 20.

Well, the overall description of the symptoms can be summed up in one word. Lies. They are all lies. Though the latter is four words. You have believed a lie, or lies.

The only cure is Truth. So here is my suggestion for a cure in more detail.

    1. Chemical poisons do not mutate, but there are different poisons.
    1. Chemical poisons cannot be spread by touch or hugging someone, unless, for example, someone is smothered in arsenic or strychnine and you lick it off.
    1. Masks inhibit good breathing, and you breathe in some of the carbon dioxide you have just exhaled.
    1. They also make it difficult to hear people sometimes which is stressful.

      They also make it difficult to recognise people sometimes which is stressful.

      Stress can put strain on your heart which can be fatal.

    1. Staying home is sensible when the weather is cold and wet, but not when it is sunny and pleasant. You benefit from sunshine on your skin as this can give you protective vitamin D if you do the correct things.
    1. Staying alert is sensible if this means you watch what you are eating and don’t ingest poisons, such as sodium nitrite, a common preservative in bacon and processed meats.
    1. Your own immune system is the key to your good health. Remember that Covid 19 stands for vitamin C Or VItamin D with K2’ or ‘K’ for potassium. Both are important but are not the same. Check these websites for more information.

    1. Lockdowns cause more problems for health than benefits, if it means people stay indoors and are not sensible. And get frustrated and take it out on others around them, sometimes fatally.

      Not rushing around and stressing out with rush hour traffic is beneficial, but you don’t need lockdowns to tell you that.

      Being out of work because you firm closes can be stressful unless you find a better, more fulfilling job.

      However, lockdowns do have the benefit of exposing the stupidity of the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales. And the NHS bureaucracy. And the Uncivil Service bureaucracy.

      And the EUsless European bureaucracy which the UK has left (up to a point). More work to be done there.

    1. Double check all information you are told, including mine.
    1. Double check so-called government rules in the UK and realise they are GUIDANCE, not mandatory. You don’t have to follow them.
    1. Double check the statistics. This is the hardest, which is why I have tried my best to make it as simple as I can to follow. I sympathise if it makes your brain hurt, as I have struggled to make sure I am setting things out correctly.
    1. Carefully consider the issues around vaccines – just because someone tells you they work does not mean they do. Big pharmaceutical and chemical companies stand to make large amounts of money, and they link back to Germany and the Nazi/communists.

      Who has funded research as to effectiveness? If not truly independent, why should they be believed?

    1. Don’t blame China for everything, and certainly not all Chinese. There are good and bad people in all nations, but some are better/worse than others.
    1. Finally, I would add that there is one golden rule. Love the Lord your God with your whole heart and soul and mind. And love your neighbour as yourself. Well ok, that’s two rules then.

      Note no mention of worship, just love; rather important that.

That should cover it for now. There is, however, one family utterly corrupted, with a web of infiltrators in the world. You will have to wait a bit for the truth on that, although there are those in the know.

And I hope you stay safe from Stupid 20 in the meantime.

P.S. For a brief explanation of the latest Stupid variants, see here.

100 up and Stupid 20 variants

If you are from the U.S.A. then I would add to the list of Stupid 20 symptoms believing that Joe Biden won the presidential election. That is incredibly stupid.

And if you should have a poisonous vaccine you may die. That would be fatal, and therefore fatally stupid. Regarding vaccines I suggest this.

V is for…..Vaccination

Should you wish to see how stupid Joe Biden is you can watch some of his videos.

Alternatively try searching for him on my website. Best place to start is Lost Property which should be self-explanatory why. Scroll down towards the bottom (where you often find turds, see earlier).

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