16th January 2021

Hooray! I have my highest number yet. I have had double figures for a little while, but now I have the same number as Jesus had disciples.

Mind you, I can tell you that two appear to be websites. Not sure what that means. I can’t see Jesus having two websites following Him around Galilee!

Still, I’m on my Cloud, so that’s different.

Anyway, I had been looking forward to achieving this milestone, and now I have. I have my suspicions though.

After all, one disciple betrayed Jesus, so perhaps I have a viper in my midst, like Judas Iscariot, or Judas ‘the Carrot’ as I like to call him.

Not that I have anything against carrots; indeed I like carrots, the vegetable that is. Nice juicy fresh raw carrot, pulled out of the ground, like Peter Rabbit would enjoy in Beatrix potter’s wonderful books which I read as a child.

And I don’t have to worry about Mr McGregor to chase me off!

I didn’t realise until checked just now, that he is in fact Michael McGregor. Perhaps I am related!! Baldmichael McGregor, as it were. No McGregor’s in my family as far as I am aware.

But I do like carrots, and I can sympathise if rabbits threaten to eat the carrots you have planted for your dinner.

There are other carrots I like too, like Jasper Carrot who is very, very funny. I am not sure if I can choose a best moment. His stand-up routines were excellent, and his partnership with Robert Powell in ‘The Detectives’ was brilliant.

Well, I can’t talk about my followers more than I have already told you as that may be breaching data protection. Although I might, at some point, indicate the direction of their websites if they have one.

So, while I’m here let’s have look at Jesus’s followers.

They were a mixed bunch. Not quite a butcher, baker, a candlestick maker of nursery rhyme fame, but from various trades or professions. We have fishermen, a tax collector (boo, hiss), a zealot (whatever that is when it’s at home) and a thief/banker – same difference.

Well Judas ‘the Carrot’ was a thief and apparently he looked after the money bag for Jesus and the disciples. So said John, one of the 12, in his gospel.

The following website is good for names in the bible and Judas.


You will see reference to ‘city slicker’. That sums up Judas nicely. The ‘wide boy’ in the suit. Looks good, but underneath a nasty piece of work. Sell his grandmother.

I jokingly call him ‘The Carrot’, but there are other carrots. Like carat, the measure for the purity of gold. And he loved gold no doubt, although the Pharisees only gave him silver for betraying Jesus. Perhaps that pissed him off, particularly when he realised what he done to Jesus, an innocent man.

He threw down the money in the temple in disgust, and took his own life. And that is the ultimate cowardly thing to do.

As to the zealot, this probably refers to a freedom fighter, seeking to free Israel from the oppressive Romans. Whether he was more proficient at it than Monty Python’s motley crew of the ‘People’s Front of Judea’ in the ‘Life of Brian’ is a moot point. It is not recorded.

But he must have thought Jesus a better bet for some reason.

And we mustn’t forget Paul, once called Saul who had a ‘Damascus experience’ on the road to Damascus (logical). He was a tent maker but also an academic of the Jewish religion, so a practical academic, unlike all too many academics today.

He replaced Judas ‘the Carrot’, not Mathias. The disciples cast lots which suggests throwing the dice or similar. This was done before the Holy Spirit fell on those assembled in the upper room.

There was no specific word from God on the issue, and Jesus had not left instructions. He told them plainly that one of their number would betray Him, so if it was important He would have made sure of the matter.

It was Peter who suggested the action, impetuous Peter, who didn’t think that perhaps Jesus might have His own 12th man lined up in the changing rooms, His own substitute (but for a team of 12, not 11).

So I should have said 13th man. And that will be another post or page in due course no doubt.

It should be abundantly clear that Matthias was not meant to replace Judas. I have been aware of this for a long time. I wonder how many decisions those who follow Christ make on the basis that Matthias was chosen?

As regards the 12, they were also called apostles which according to the link below means ‘one who is sent out’


This is however obvious to an English speaker. Apostle is ‘A post le’ or even ‘a post el’. An ‘el’ is an angel in Hebrew, and ‘le’ is masculine in French. Therefore you have ‘a post angel (male)’, or ‘a postman’.

Yes, a postman, a man who delivers news, hopefully good news, all being well rather than a bill, tax or otherwise. In the apostles’ case they were delivering ‘good news’ about God’s love in Jesus Christ.

And like the word ‘news’ they went in all directions – North, East, West and South.

They considered it well worth the cost, and all but one lost their life as a consequence.

But only their physical bodies, as their souls were and are immortal, as ours are. John, who apparently died of old age in Ephesus, ‘lost’ his life in a different way by humbly submitting it to the will of God.

Of course the others did it too, and the ‘church’, followers of Jesus grew in number as a consequence of their teachings and example.

So perhaps my followers will grow in numbers and tell others. Not that I am too bothered about numbers, it is precious individuals who matter. It is just there are rather of lot of precious individuals. A few billion in fact.

The book of Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 talks about ‘an uncountable number’. Apparently in English this is ‘umpteen’. I tried anagramming it. A six letter word is ‘meet up.’

So there will be an awful lot of people there. And we will meet up with our friends and loved ones.

I hope you will follow Jesus and be there too.


PS If you are stuck for something to do, you could do worse than look at the following. Make you smile hopefully if nothing else will.

Jasper extract best of Carrot Gold


Jasper Carrot The Detectives rhyming slang


Alternatively if you want you can find out why I think 42 is The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything click the link below.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

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