Cressida Dick

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

28th March 2021

Her full name is Cressida Rose Dick or even Dame Cressida Rose Dick according to Wikipedia.

I like the name Rose. A pretty name, reminds me of my niece who is also pretty.

As regards Dame, well all ladies are dames if you are the U.S.A. It appears she was awarded the ‘honour’ for public service in Theresa May’s resignation honours list 2019 according to Wikipedia.

I will probably write about such so-called honours in due course, but it seems she was awarded it for doing her job. And not very well of late it appears, as I will explain later.

The internet suggests Cressida means ‘golden’ which I find rather hard to believe. If I use Google Translate, translate into Hebrew, Hebrew into Greek and then back to English, it apparently means ‘Crisis’.

As one of the anagrams of Cressida includes this, I think it makes sense.

Makes me think of Supertramp’s  ‘Crisis, what crisis?’ album which I have. Superb in my book, and as I am of the same generation as Cressida Dick, she might know of it too.

I have tried anagramming her full name. Words include:

Microcardia – abnormal smallness of the heart. (From The medical dictionary)

Ascaricides – Ascaricides are drugs to treat ascariasis that is caused by infections with parasitic nematodes (roundworms) of the genus Ascaris (giant intestinal roundworms). The large roundworm of pigs (Ascaris suum) typically infects pigs (from Wikipedia – infects pigs, mmm, now where I have I heard that in relation to the police?)

Disordered – Definition of disordered 1obsolete a: morally reprehensible b: UNRULY

2a: marked by disorder a disordered room; b: not functioning in a normal orderly healthy way; a disordered mind From Merriam-Webster

Irksome – Annoying

arse oiks discarded – oiks in Manx language are officials including police.

arse oiks dramedies – dramedies are a mixture drama and comedy apparently

All of which are rather interesting to say the least. See some of my later comments.

Wikipedia says of the meaning of Cressida:

In later culture she becomes an archetype of a faithless lover.

I am not sure Cressida Dick could be said to be a faithless lover, except perhaps that she has no real faith in God. If she had, she would have sought healing. Perhaps though she is searching for Him.


Information on this can be found from Cressida’s own lips in her Desert Island Discs interview, available to download here.

Her life was not easy in childhood. Parents divorced when she was eight and her father died when she was 11 according to Wikipedia. That’s hard, very hard. Events like that cause a lot of damage, and need healing before you can move on in life and be effective.

Apparently she was educated at Dragon School, Oxford, a preparatory school. All boys at the time, she got in because her brother went there. The school website lists her as an Old Dragon!

She might be many things, but she does not strike me as the archetypal old dragon though!

The Dragon School was a boys’ school for many years and she said in her interview that she was one of 2 girls of 60 in her year.

But she seems to have enjoyed her time there. Perhaps being the youngest of three children with an older brother it was all fairly easy to get along with the boys and join in all the games as she did. My wife has the same older brother and sister arrangement and I can see that is reasonable.

She talks in the same Desert Island Discs about dancing round and round to Swan Lake on the lounge pink carpet, presumably like a ballerina (she had just been to the ballet). I understand that; I was transfixed as a child by music. My mother said I used to dance round and round myself even at age two years old!

At university she studied Agriculture and Forest Sciences. The Wikipedia entry says she ‘gained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Agriculture and Forest Sciences in 1979.’

I doubt that; in 1981 seems much more likely. She no doubt went up to Oxford as they say in 1979 which is what Balliol College’s website states – see link below.  It seems a pity she didn’t get to follow this up in the job market. She might have had a better life ultimately.

I note that anagram’s of letters of Balliol College include ‘illocable’. The word is defined here.

As her father taught at the college, I find this significant.

She doesn’t seem to have been highly distinguished in her academic career; I have not found anything to indicate otherwise at the moment. I don’t hold that against her though. Lots of people can do well by learning on the job once they find something they truly love doing and from which they get satisfaction.

I consider that my career in surveying was rather like that; not always easy, but I found it very interesting and I seemed to do reasonably well, and some clients were very grateful. I made some mistakes but I believe I learnt from them.

But I don’t get the sense that Cressida has learnt from her’s.

Metropolitan police

Anyway, she ended up becoming a policewoman and climbing the ladder in promotions. Her history in the Met police is reasonably documented. She became Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis having retired from the

The following link indicates a police source as saying she had ‘not been appointed because she was a woman but because she was the best candidate’ – perhaps she was, but given her record this indicates how bad the police service has become.

Cressida Dick is no hero

Please note I used the words ‘police service’ above. Police force suggests they use force rather being there as public servants to serve us, the public, who pay their wages through taxation.

But then perhaps the words are part of the problem. If you join a force you expect to use force. If you join a service you expect to serve. There is a world of difference in the two meanings.

Desert Island Discs interview

Again the link below is interesting re her Desert Island Discs interview.

She makes the statements:

She said she hoped the that (Sic – poor BBC editing!) a lot of women are among the new recruits, to ensure a more balanced male/female divide.

“In the long term, in order for us to have the best of the best, I would like it to be 50/50,” she told Lauren Laverne, who hosts the show.

As Spock of Star Trek might say ‘Illogical’. A.k.a as ‘Bollux’.

To have the best of the best you recruit the best, not try to achieve a so-called equality which is meaningless.

Again Cressida says

“There is something about putting a uniform on and thinking ‘people are looking to me to make decisions and to look after them’ that makes you feel capable.”

Feel capable? Yes, but are you capable that is the question? Ok, I am a man, and no doubt I would say this, but that is a subjective female assertion. What are the results of your actions, that is how you should judge your work. In other words, are you really doing a good job?

This will of course depend on the level you are at; you may do a good job at one level but not in another.

Yet again in Desert Island Discs, “What I can say is that if I take you to see my response teams, there are people of all shapes and sizes and lots of lots of openly gay people, and the guys and girls just don’t think twice about it.”

Fine, but are they competent? All shapes and sizes? A silly comment, you can never have ALL shapes and sizes, only some. Otherwise it means the obese among others who will not be able to do the job of a response team, which I assume means firearms unit.

Police Record and Comments

Her record has been marred by various errors, frankly gross errors in my book.

Jean Charles de Menezes death

She is recorded as saying “I wish, wish, wish it hadn’t happened, of course, but if anything it has made me a better leader, a better police officer and it has made me more resilient,” the officer said.

Jolly good, but Jean Charles is dead, Ms Dick. So the means justifies the end, improving your leadership qualities, etc??

Operation Midland looking into child sex abuse – see link below.

The following is quoted from above.

“She said she realised the senior detective had made ‘a mistake’ and she ‘felt for him’.”

What about Lord Brittan’s wife? Did Cressida feel for her? Perhaps she said something that isn’t in the Mail’s article. But why was he, the senior detective, not severely sanctioned? He should have lost his job at least. Cressida did nothing it seems.

The following says she only had ‘limited involvement’, whatever that means.

The link below makes grim reading the appalling allegations made without proper evidence.

I have not double checked regarding the Daily Mail’s list of officer’s involved but it does not surprise me. Our money, taxpayers’ money, down the drain on people who don’t deserve it.

They should be compensating the victims of their incompetence, not us.

London Bridge Attack – see link below.

The comments section in the middle of link post says it all. Yet she can feel for the senior detective mentioned earlier, but not the victims and their loved ones who mourn their loss? Perhaps she said something else that isn’t in the article.

Even so, this is plainly a stupid comment by Cressida.

BAME bias in the Met Police – see link below.

It is interesting to read, although as I have said elsewhere ALL lives matter and there is no racial discrimination only discrimination between nations, tribes and families. We are one human race.

And there is no true black and white skin, only various shades from pale flesh to dark brown flesh.

In the incident referred to regarding Tottenham and Soho, I wonder if the real issue is that Soho is a haunt of the LGBTQi+ brigade. And that Cressida does not wish to offend them. That would be more consistent.

2020 Christmas – see link below

There is reference to ‘I have no intention in any way of encouraging my people to be barging through people’s doors or knocking on people’s doors unless you’ve got, as we sometimes do – and then they can’t barge, they may knock – a huge party going on, which is clearly very, very dangerous and causing lots of concern with the neighbours.’

This is a bit thick, Dick. What do you mean? A huge party? Perhaps all the neighbours are there. Parties can be large without being dangerous, let alone ‘very, very, dangerous’.

Unless they are political parties of course. They can frequently be dangerous, but I don’t see them all being arrested.

Perhaps the government has asked her to overegg the fear, just to keep the pressure on poor old Joe public.

Sarah Everard vigil

Interesting post. Even Diane Abbott is saying something sensible for a change!

A further very long post with lots of pictures below.

It says in the text The force had warned those still intending to show up that ‘current Covid-19 regulations do not permit large gatherings’.

Did they really warn those intending to show up? Have they bothered to check the ‘regulations’? If you should happen to be a policeman or woman I will put this in capitals as you may have trouble reading this.


There now, that didn’t hurt did it? Do what you should have done in the first place and look it up. And take a dictionary with you, or use the online versions if you need to understand words of more than 2 syllables.

If you should be one of those people who have a brain and use it, I apologise for that, it is not aimed at you.

There are pictures of people laying down, clearly a sign of how dangerous Covid 19 is, completely taken out huge swathes of the public.

Or perhaps not.

Cressida is recorded as saying in the link ‘Most of them would have been at those vigils and I guarantee also that my officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm last night, they will have been lighting their candles or pausing, and it’s something we care about very, very deeply.’

More feelings, but no substance, no critical analysis. No understanding that the so-called regulations are advisory.

And she can guarantee that her officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm.

Really? I would have thought most of them might be thinking ‘Thank God it’s the end of another shift’ or ‘Where’s the beer’ or zzzz because they are asleep.

You’re a bit thick, Dick.

I have heard the phrase ‘Thought police’ used of today’s police – no thought police would be better. They no longer seem capable of right judgement and will therefore be judged themselves.

They have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, to put it mildly.

Another interesting article, including ‘Taking the knee’. As it is said in the article, people may take the knee for all sorts of reasons. Including stretching their legs, for example. Cressida did ban the gesture however.

I hate to say this (or maybe not!) that if the police don’t watch it they may end up taking the knee where it hurts, if you get my drift!

As regards Wayne Couzens, the police officer under arrest for the suspected murder of Sarah Everard, these are interesting links.

Wayne Couzens looks rather a hard man. Reminds me of Roxy music’s ‘A hard rain’s a-gonna fall’. You may make your own minds up, but I prophesy ‘A hard Wayne’s a-gonna fall’. Very sad, a beautiful girl murdered, a police career ruined and a family unit broken.

Further thoughts

There is a funny story re her inability to smell cannabis.

Well, it seems her father drank and smoked a lot, as Cressida states in her Desert Island Discs interview. This might explain her inability to smell cannabis. Possibly he might have smoked cannabis himself, but the smell of smoke may just be something Cressida’s sensory glands have been overwhelmed with, and she can no longer pick up similar smoke smells in general.

The link below suggests some information on her father but I haven’t tracked the sources. Might be useful to read.

There are two contrasting views in the comments in the link below.

Personal reflections from CD – possibly best overall summary so far – note she loves the interest of it not perhaps about solving crime?? I would wish to do myself out of job.

It seems to be all about what she could get out of it rather than what she achieved. I find this significant.

The Spectator says something interesting; there is a reference to Cressida in there if you look:

To Finish

I thought we could lighten the mood a while with ‘There is nothing like a dame’ from Morecombe and Wise.

And from South Pacific movie.

The final verse says:

There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a dame
There are no books like a dame
And nothing looks like a dame
There are no drinks like a dame
And nothing thinks like a dame
Nothing acts like a dame
Or attracts like a dame
There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any man here
That can’t be cured by putting him near
a girly, womanly, female, feminine dame

I wonder if Cressida Dick would have liked to be a dame like that rather than what she has become, which is rather male. She has lost sensitivity in many areas, But without much gain in efficiency it seems.

Sir Peter Fahy former the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police says the following regarding the Sarah Everard protests:

“But this is a really complex unprecedented situation of a pandemic – pandemic legislation cuts across the basic human rights and people are feeling – obviously – very emotional about that but then getting involved in a protest which then breaches those regulations.

“And as I say, there is an argument they [the Metropolitan police officers] should’ve just completely stood back and ignored the breaking of the law, but then other people would’ve criticised that and say ‘you intervened in other places, why didn’t you intervene here?’” Peter remarked. From

Yet his Wikipedia entry says:

In July 2011, Fahy commanded his officers to use their common sense and criticised police policies which prevents the police from helping victims or protecting the public in certain cases.

I refer you to my earlier comments regarding GUIDANCE.

The following link seems to sum up Cressida Dick’s career in responsible positions in the Metropolitan Police.

And for good measure, a dose of Shakespeare.

Troilus, farewell! One eye yet looks on thee,
But with my heart the other eye doth see.
Ah, poor our sex! This fault in us I find,
The error of our eye doth direct our mind:
What error leads must err. O, then conclude
Minds swayed by eyes are full of turpitude.

In her Desert Island Discs interview she chose the hymn‘Lord of All Hopefulness’. This contains the following words;

Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,

Your hands swift to welcome, Your arms to embrace.

Be there at our homing, and give us, we pray,

Your love in our hearts, Lord,

At the eve of the day.

Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm,

Whose voice is contentment, whose presence is balm,

Be there at our sleeping, and give us, we pray,

Your peace in our hearts, Lord,

At the end of the day.

I have observed over my life that too many women rely on feelings rather than facts and their judgement is consequently seriously flawed. This is the case with Cressida Dick. She never was competent for the role she is now in, let alone some of her earlier posts of responsibility.

I am of the opinion she would have been better off in Forestry. I am not aware we know why she didn’t go down that route, except that she says in the Desert Island Discs interview she was ‘never going to be a star’ with that.

She has been promoted well above her pay grade as they say, and should stand down immediately. If there is no one suitable to take up the role, well what hope for all of us then?

Perhaps though it should not be a police officer, but someone with common sense, if you can find anyone with that nowadays.

As for hope, well the hymn says it for me. And for Cressida and for you as well if you want it.

Anyway, I have written the following for Cressida. P.C. stands for Politically Correct and Police Constable respectively. Larmes are ‘tears’ in French.

Cressida Dick

She makes me sick

With gender equality arithmetic

I really think she must be thick

This P.C. P.C. Cressida Dick

Cressida Dick she makes me cry

For my country by and by

And even though she seems to try

It doesn’t work, I wonder why

This Cressida Dick who looks like a guy

But Cressida Dick she has her charms

Despite her many and varied qualms

For underneath she looks for balms

And healing for years of larmes

Which she will find her Father’s arms

The heavenly Father is waiting, dear Cressida, to embrace you. Please don’t delay.


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