V is for…..Victory

25th July 2021

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

H.M.S. Victory perhaps, once Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar. Or Victory V’s, a lozenge. I thought the latter disgusting. No wonder, I checked on line and it seems they once contained chloroform! Perhaps they taste better now. See


Then there is Winston Churchill with his famous ‘V’ sign. This was to show the British people that victory would be theirs in the war against Germany and the Nazis.

And probably to show the Germans that the British had their fingers left to pull the triggers on their guns. Or shoot their bows at the enemy.

Did you know that one intrepid officer took his long bow into battle? See the following link.


As regards his sword it says this.

His sword also served him well later, in 1943.  At the time, Mad Jack was a commanding officer in Salerno when his troops were forced into line fighting—something for which they hadn’t been trained. Churchill went ahead of his soldiers wielding his sword. He leapt out at German sentries from the darkness, blade held high, and the Germans were so frightened by the “demon” that they surrendered. Churchill took 42 prisoners that night with the help of just one other companion and his trusty sword.  This was inline with his philosophy on fighting the Germans, which he described after capturing the 42:

I maintain that, as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do, if you are senior to him he will cry ‘jawohl’ (yes sir) and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation.

Amazing story and another reference to 42, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question in the universe according to Douglas Adams. Does 42 signify victory I wonder?

Against the Germans possibly yes. The Germans are well known for following rules enthusiastically; they like being led like sheep. And sadly to the slaughter in world wars 1 and 2.

Bearing in mind we are still fighting the Nazis at this time, albeit in a war of words, perhaps this is significant. After all, the tide of the war truly turned in 1942 in favour of the Allies. 42 again you see.

But let’s go back to H.M.S. Victory. She is preserved in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK and you can of course visit.

Wikipedia gives something of her history.


On her return to England, Victory was examined for seaworthiness and found to have significant weaknesses in her stern timbers.

This was in Dec 1798. You could say that Victory had a rotten bottom!!

But you could also say the Victory had been resurrected.


Now this has similarities to Jesus and His death on the cross, in reality a ‘T’ or tree with a little headboard.

I have written elsewhere about this, link at the bottom for those who wish to check.

H.M.S. Victory was instrumental in defeating the French and Spanish allied fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar off Cape Trafalgar, as indeed she was at an earlier battle of Cape St Vincent. It is interesting to note that Vincent means ‘to conquer’.

But what does Trafalgar mean? End of the column perhaps according to this site.

Interestingly, H.M.S. Victory was at the head of one of the two columns of British ships that attacked the French and Spanish line. In so doing as she had at Cape St Vincent she raked the enemy’s ships both ahead and astern, crossing the ‘T’ as it is described.

The effect of such fire is always devastating in the hand of well-trained experienced and disciplined crews. The line of the French and Spanish was broken and victory was made complete with the two columns engaging the middle and rear-guard of the allied fleet.

Of course the victory was tempered by the death of Horatio Nelson, but the allied fleets suffered such a defeat that Napoleon could not realise his dream of invading England. And Great Britain ruled the waves up to and including the Second World War.

A pivotal moment for Great Britain and what some historians call the “imperial century” which was to follow in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo.

And Jesus achieved a victory pivotal in human history when he died on the ‘T’. He crossed the ‘T’ and beat Satan.

As did Nelson in the Victory and with the ships that followed, beat the allied fleet that would have helped Napoleon impose a dictatorship on Great Britain.

It is well-known, at least it was in my generation I believe, that Nelson was kissed by Hardy as he lay dying.

Well no one kissed Jesus as He was dying on the ‘T’ or cross as it has been called. Although perhaps the heavenly Father did.

But then, whilst Nelson will have to wait a little longer for his resurrection, Jesus only waited until the third day. At that point He was again able to be greeted and kissed. This was for 40 days until he was taken into the cloud and disappeared from view.

I have talked about kissing the Son in my last post and again I would recommend going to Him and kiss Him as it were in your heart. Greet Him formally or passionately. He will accept either. But He will want you to be passionate and begin to show compassion on those who need it most.

Which is why His death is called the passion. But that’s another story.

As for H.M.S. Victory, she is or at least has been undergoing repairs for a sagging hull. Which could be a saggy bottom, which happens to many people when they grow old!

As for Great Britain ruling the waves, well, she has seen her navy decline over the years. I wonder what leaving the EU will bring, as we escape the clutches of the European empire dominated by Germany and France.

‘God with us Mac Ron’ may want to be a new emperor of Europe as Germany seems to be buckling at last in its domination of the EU.

But we are still struggling with stupid rules, although these are now to do primarily with Covid 19 rather than EU regulations as such.

Time, I think, for Great Britain to rule the waves again.

Only this time, to wave the rules (which as I keep telling anybody who will listen, are only guidance and advice anyway).

So don’t be like sheep like the Germans and follow the ‘rules’ just because government supposedly tells you to. Start thinking and wave goodbye to the stupid rules, whilst following the good rules of love.

Don’t wait for the third wave to end or indeed the fourth wave to start. There will always be waves of ‘flu a.k.a. Covid 19.

Just ride the waves like a surfer, be you a young surfer or a silver surfer.

And have fun whilst loving as best you can in the right way. You can have the victory too like Jesus and conquer the waves!

P.S. Here’s the link I referred to J is for…..Jesus

And if you like, the link to 42.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

For Covid 19 and some answers see this. Covid 19 Summary

And for a victory song to dance to, why not try this.

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