More Lies (The Guardian)

15th August 2020

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

I have just looked at the Saturday Guardian from yesterday, 14th August. There is an article in praise of vaccines by Christina Pagel, apparently ‘the director of UCL’s Clinical Operational Research Unit, which applies advanced analytical methods in healthcare.’

Wikipedia says Christina Pagel was born to German parents in London. Oh dear, that explains a lot.

The above says she is on SAGE and an anti-Brexiteer campaigner. Oh dear, explains an AWFUL lot.

Well, the article headline is Covid myths debunked and why vaccination is crucial. If you have read my Lies you’re told about the COVID vaccine (NHS approved), you may expect what is coming and go elsewhere but if not read on.

The online link is here, I have put her comments in italics in the points.

She makes seven claims, you can check her reasoning from the article, but I repeat her text as necessary:

  • I don’t have any symptoms – so even if have Covid, I won’t give it to anyone one else

She says this is wrong. This is bollux. You cannot transmit a chemical virus. I have explained elsewhere what viruses are and that the exosome they are examining as a virus is the body’s defence system at work.

She also says ‘Do not assume that as long as you feel fine you don’t pose a risk to others. You do!’

Nope, you don’t, you can’t. Period.

  • I won’t pick up or transmit the virus because I’m fully vaccinated

She says this isn’t true. Well, you can’t pick up the virus like you can pick up a glass of water, and you cannot transmit the virus as I have already explained.

Vaccines, if they contain anything other than saline, for example, as a placebo, will merely poison you to a varying degree depending on the poison in it. That depends on the manufacturer.

She says ‘There have been plenty of documented cases of fully vaccinated people getting Covid, and while the vast majority haven’t needed hospital, many – such as Andrew Marr, for instance – have still felt really rough for a few weeks.’

The vaccinated people have been getting Covid a.k.a. the ‘flu because the vaccines are poisons. The ‘flu is poisoning or toxicosis. So people thought they were clever in getting poisoned. We did warn you. Idiots.

Andrew Marr  felt really rough for a few weeks. He is an idiot for having been vaccinated then, isn’t he? But he has been an idiot for a while so that’s not surprising.

The vaccines are incredibly good at protecting you from getting severely ill but less good at preventing you from getting infected. Data from the Imperial REACT study in England suggests that vaccines are somewhere between 50% and 60% effective at preventing infection (regardless of whether you get symptoms).

Note data from Imperial REACT study. Where Neil Ferguson works. So we can ignore that rubbish then can’t we.

Anyway, basically her comments are more bollux.

  • I’ve had Covid already, so I don’t need the vaccine

She says ‘Having had Covid does give you reasonable protection from being infected again, but it’s not as good as the protection you get from being vaccinated.’

Yet more bollux. If you are poisoned by something, having had poison in your system does not ever stop you getting poisoned again.

Being poisoned by a vaccine will not of course give you any protection whatsoever.

  • I have a good immune system so I don’t need the vaccine

For sure having a good immune system is better than having a bad one, but previously healthy people can still get very sick with Covid, including ending up in hospital and dying.

I am glad she acknowledges having a good immune system better than a bad one. Previously healthy people have probably had a poisonous vaccine or some other poison. Poisons, including vaccines, kill people. Any fool knows this.

But lots of people have taken a poisonous vaccine. Why?? They are foolish, that’s why.

A good immune system is key to good health.

Vaccines are a key to poisons, sickness and sometimes death.

They are a key to wealth for big pharmaceutical companies however. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

  • Children are fine if they get Covid

Children are at much lower risk of getting severely ill or getting long Covid than adults, but can still do so.

Children can still get the ‘flu. Or as we might say get poisoned. By vaccines, for example, administered by adults. Adults are not always kind it seems. Who would have thought it?

  • Masks don’t work

We now know that Covid is mostly airborne and spread by people breathing, talking, shouting and singing. Masks are by no means perfect, but they do stop lots of your breath hitting someone else’s face when you are interacting with them.

Mostly airborne?? Who says? Masks ‘…stop lots of your breath…’?? Not very good English, but then it is the Guardian.

We wear masks primarily to protect others from our breath rather than to protect ourselves from others.

Well, if you have halitosis this may be of use. I have referred to other mask benefits in certain circumstances – see …. M is for…..Masks

But otherwise masks don’t work to protect against a chemical virus.

Except they will keep out diesel fumes; these are not very nice. But then a German invented diesel fuel so what do you expect. Germany has been a bit annoying over the last 150 years or so.

And Christina Pagel’s parents were…? Remind me, I’ve forgotten.

  • This wave will be the last …

In the UK there have been headlines calling each of the previous waves the last, and they have been wrong. The government says things are unpredictable and many experts expect infections to rise again as we go into autumn and winter.

This is because many experts are clever enough (but not that clever) to remember that the ‘flu is typically seasonal. And comes in the autumn and winter. Especially in February  when the body’s immune system is typically low in vitamin D.

February, which is février in French.  Février like feverish which is why February is so called. B and V interchangeable in Greek. Easy you see, tells you exactly what to expect.

And just to make it clear ‘The-‘flu-comes-every-year-in-waves’. It will keep coming, year in year out. Get used to it and get wise.

Don’t have the vaccines for starters, improve your immune system for seconds.

There you have it. Lots more bollux from the Guardian, although it does have some good articles sometimes, so worth a look from time to time.

But Christina Pagel is an idiot, of German origin who is anti-Brexit, so not sure worth listening to her. Not about vaccines and Covid anyway. Or Brexit.

I think she is a Fifth columnist, writes a column in the Guardian. A spy. Spies were executed for treason once.

High time they were again.

P.S. Why not look up about Why are so many German cities Bad? 

Or about Covid 19, there are various sub-links COVID 19 SUMMARY!!!

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