Plan A because there is no plan B

The UK news as told by The Daily Telegraph headlines – Wednesday 19 January 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

30th January, 2022

It is 11 days ago now. I am a bit slow. But I can’t do everything at once, honestly I don’t know, what people expect nowadays!

Still, better late than never, so I thought I would do some analysis and commentary on selected headings. Might not be very helpful, but it pleases me so that’s something.

Plan B to be scrapped as PM faces plot from rebel MPs

I gather the plot is known as the ‘pork pie plot’.

But Boris is wearing a face nappy (blue for Tory of course) in the front page photo, rather than a pork pie hat.

I assume it is Boris of course, I do wonder sometimes if there aren’t stand-ins. Actors have to live you know and do something if theatres are closed.

As regards the partygate affair, as I keep telling people all the so-called rules were just GUIDANCE, not to be followed if they were not sensible.

There never was any risk from CoviD 19 as this was and is, among other things, the ‘flu.

Why are people so fussed about the party when it is the murder of the elderly in care homes, the increase in suicides etc. that is the main problem which Boris and the cabinet and SAGE etc. should answer for?

But then people were stupid and lacked common sense which is what Covid 19 has exposed.

Wakey, wakey UK, you were right royally had, weren’t you. Stupid people.

MI5 under scrutiny from US after Texas synagogue attacker was deemed no threat

What on earth M15 has to do with Texas I don’t know. Anyway, whilst I know of an A15 from Peterborough to near Hull, I have never heard of an M15.

But apparently there was a bit for a while. You learn something every day.

Picture-desert storm

This is to do with snow in the desert. Not a dessert snow which might be a baked Alaska.

And not a new invasion of Iraq. They will be relieved, the Iraqis. They have suffered enough over the years.

No, after 42 years snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert. 42 years. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question, which is ‘If snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert 5 times, how many years has it been so far? 42.

Ok, so not the ultimate question really, but still funny. For more on 42 see link at end of post.

Review to examine gay veterans’ experiences

I believe this has to do with how happy were happy veterans experiences in the British army. At least that’s what my understanding is. Gay is after all a happy word. Gay abandon means

1. ‘happy and without cares’.

2. ‘With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal.’


However, someone tells me this is not necessarily what it means nowadays on the streets. I don’t get out much at the moment.

Apparently it has something to do with men and the willies. This gives me the willies, but not in the way these men mean it, I believe.

It seems that they can get a rash if I understand the second meaning given by The Free Dictionary.

Better stop given each other the willies then, eh fellas?

Piers Corbyn to face trial over lockdown protests

Something to do with 5 counts. Could be Count Dracula for all I know. Can you count Draculas, I don’t know?

Count Dracula liked getting his teeth into things. Infected peoples’ blood. Like the vaccines.

Perhaps Piers was saying don’t take the poison vaccines, they are like Dracula’s bites they will turn you into zombies.

Judging by the mad idiots around at the moment saying ‘’Wear a mask, have a vaccine’ etc I think he has a very good point. As to holding a gathering which I now see was the count (?), so-called gathering rules were just guidance, I think his case should be thrown out.

Put Matt Hancock in the case instead, tie a rock to it and throw in the sea. Save a lot of time and money.

Would be NHS chairman using private care

Does he know something we don’t? Mind you, I do know the NHS is now pretty useless with its emphasis on Covid exposing the stupidity of most doctors and their ignorance of basic viral diseases.

But then they have been lied to by those who espouse the current viral theory which originated over 100 years ago.

Nevertheless they should have had the intelligence to work out what has been going on, but have by and large been too cowardly to speak out.

I can say this because there are those brave doctors who have spoken out some time ago but were side-lined and ostracised for telling the truth and then struck off the medical practitioner registers.

A dreadful state of affairs when medical practices are not allowed to be challenged when they are clearly wrong and being done purely for the profit of big pharma.

Conservatories may soon be out the window

Conservatories does not mean we should conserve the Tories, at least in their present form. But then Labour will make heavy work of government (it’s in the name) and as they managed to sell all the gold last time (thank you Gordon ‘Bennet what the hell did you think you were doing’ Brown), I think we should pass on them

As to the Liberal party, who are they exactly? I have forgotten.

Hanging offense: the cheese triangle ad that went too far

What is the point in hanging a fence I ask you?? Hanging those who perpetrated the wretched vaccines which do no good whatsoever would be a far better idea.

And no, this is not part of the Bermuda shorts cheese triangle conspiracy theory.

U2 is a bad name and I’ve only just learned how to sing, says Bono

Good grief, only just worked that out, have we? Actually I should have said ‘Bono grief’ as root of the name Bono means ‘good’.

But you found your voice, so I guess you have now found what you are looking for at last.

Britain on red alert for invasion of Ukraine

By the Reds it seems, if you consider Russian is still Red. Of course the UK would be on alert for the Ukraine as it is in the name, UK-raine.

I have no idea if it is raining in the UK-raine. Snowing more like I imagine.

Threat of the lights going out leaves Germany’s hands tied

Poor diddums’, poor little Germany wermany might suffer some electrical shortages. I have no sympathy as it is Germany who have brought this ‘crisis’ on the world as they have sought to become the dominant power and create the Fourth Reich via the EU which they basically run to their advantage.

As to having hands tied that sound like the Gestapo are back. Except they are medics sticking vaccines, or death sticks, into peoples’ arms when they are tied up. Nazi people.

If you are German do not comply.

Man, 40, linked by DNA to strangling of young boy two decades ago

Must have been a very long chain of DNA to stretch over two decades.

Advert – P&O cruises – all adult guests are vaccinated and tested

‘Roil up, roll up, roll up your sleeves and be jabbed and tested to get on board the good ship ‘Death Star of the Atlantic’.

Personally I wouldn’t go even if you paid me. Who wants to risk the death sticks to go on a cruise. One way ticket to a watery grave if you ask me.

Still it could be interesting to be a stowaway and see how many of the passengers they have to bury at sea.

Assuming of course the jabs contain anything other than saline as we can never really be sure, can we?

NB The sea is salty for the uninitiated. Perhaps the big pharma companies go to the seaside to get some of their ingredients. They like selling us stuff for large sums of cash for stuff we can get free ourselves.

Like covid 19 a.k.a the ‘flu, for example.

The Suffolk stallion might be out in the cold, but just look how he’s enjoying himself

There is a picture of Pratt Handcock getting out of the Turpentine (sic) in Hyde Park. But he isn’t hiding anyway. Good photo opportunity to show off his manly chest no doubt. And his ability to swim in icy water.

Couldn’t someone have thrown him back in and wait until he came out blue? Show his true colours then and that he is a Tory.

Death rate below average for the time of year in sign that the virus is running out of steam

And the fact that we managed to kill off a lot of sick and elderly last year when excess deaths were high due to locking down care homes, abandoning the isolated etc etc.

Depression deepens for second year as a result of omicron wave    

I gather this is both economic depression and mental depression. What did anyone expect? Some of us did warn you, why were you not listening people? Even I am not that stupid.

Hong Kong culls hamsters over virus risk

And to help provide for the starvin’ orphans somewhere in the world. Perhaps in Hong Kong itself, I don’t know.

They eat anything the Chinese I understand. Even bats they say, but I just say that’s batty.

Banning misinformation drives it into darker corners of the web

True. Banning misinformation (lies and deceit) from government and big pharma will have a major impact on their ability to maintain the insane narrative that Covid 19 is anything more that the ‘flu made out to be a monster.

Government and big pharma like spinning webs of lies to get the unwary into their net.

Majority imagining side effects

I believe this includes the dead who for some strange reason don’t get a say in the matter until resurrection day.

I believe this also includes those who are imaging that they are unable to get out of bed because they are paralysed by the vaccines, can’t work anymore because of the vaccines, have Parkinson’s disease because of the vaccines and other minor trivial matters like that.

Some people are such wimps.

Deaths link to A&E delays as targets missed

As opposed to the side effects of the vaccines which obviously cannot be a contributory factor. Despite many saying they don’t want the booster, thank you very much as the first two have buggered up their immune systems as vaccines often do.

Targets missed include the fairly large numbers of the unvaccinated who did not want to and have no intention of being shot in the first place.

They are quite happy to take their chances with the ‘flu or Covid 19 as it is now called. The odds are rather better I gather. Rather a lot better in fact.

Javid: ‘It’s time we declared war on cancer’

Really? Remembered that there were other diseases have we other than the ‘flu? Matty boy didn’t let you know you might have to think about something else?

Mind you, people are better off without the NHS sticking highly toxic chemicals into your body. I should know, I have had immuno-therapy and I reckon that’s bad enough having started to research it and the potential side effects on my pituitary gland. Barstards.

BBC service on the line after license freeze

Well, it is winter and it’s cold, what do they expect?

Universities told to stop using NDA’s

I believe this is the same as NAD’s, the common spelling mistake when you type two quickly. See what I mean? Spot my mistake if you have a university degree.

Mind you I am not sure a university degree will help nowadays. They can’t spell propaley. See what I mean?

Picture – Time machine

This is of a Reliant Robin looking like it might be attempting to fly. The man in the picture claims to be the son of Delorean car inventor John Delorean.

Personally I think he is the son of Del Boy who drove the same type of vehicle. May be he is going to try and sell it in the market and get rich quick.

Doubt it will work though, Del’s schemes generally never worked out well. Still, no harm in trying.

Despairing US town give crows the bird

Apparently Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley (which is where the silly cons live of course) is trying to get thousands of crows to leave.

I thought that this was a convention of Jesuit priests but not so; merely a very large flock of birds, the crows.

Jesuit priests are known in slang as crows because of their black garb you see.

A large flock of crows is known as a murder of crows for some reason. Whether it is referring to birds or Jesuit priests in unclear.

I have pointed out that ‘Vaccination’ is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’. Vaccines are murdering people.

So this means that the birds is incorrect, it is the other ones clearly.

The NHS and the BBC must accept reform or they don’t deserve to survive

The NHS is now crap. I have suffered myself under its incompetence and the stupidity of many doctors. There is a chap called Wong, a doctor, who correctly diagnosed one of the symptoms I had. So he may be Wong, but he was white, sorry, right!

I have yet to complete a post on the NHS so I will not say more here, except that Covid has exposed the obese monster for what it is.

As regards the BBC, my wife and I don’t watch TV any more except to catch up on bits and pieces on YouTube etc. But the radio is generally good in many respects, and some excellent amusing and informative stuff is provided.

BBC may be the grades of the corporation. Suitable for the radio side I think.

CCD at best for the TV judging by the little I do see or hear about.

But don’t throw the baby or BB out with the C, C for crap.

Rising interest rates is beset with dangers

This is by that Nazi piece of work Matt Hand-on-cock. Why did The Daily Telegraph let him do this?

Because vaccine uptake has been so high, Hatt Mancock is making shed loads of money, it is alleged.

Rising vaccine rates will damage people immune systems as vaccines have always done.

Rising interest rates might affect his profits in some way, I wouldn’t know. He doesn’t care about people though that is clear, otherwise he would not have misled the UK over the utter pointlessness of vaccines except to line his and others pockets.

Bring back hanging I say.

Meet the medics picking ‘no jab’ over a job

It was about time the medics in the NHS started speaking out. They should have done this a long, long time ago. Those that did like Vernon Coleman were vilified and sacked for the truth they spoke about re vaccines etc.

Doctors are complicit in the Covid con. I shall be writing a post on them.

All vaccines are pointless and always have been, as I make quite clear on my site. It took me to the age of 60 years to get there but I did.

Those that take a jab may end up with no job if they are maimed or dead. A simple choice. Easy-peasy.

Vitamin C and D the basics for dealing with the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19.

Easy-peasy as I say.

I was pilloried as a lockdown sceptic…but was mostly right – by Allison Pearson

I did not follow all she wrote about it as my wife and I do not buy The Daily Telegraph every day.

I see she talks about her ’inner Welsh dragon’ breathing fire. Quite right Allison. I love Wales and its beauty and dragons are very handy to have when they are good dragons and on your side.

She says she was called a

‘Covid denier’. Covid is the ‘flu you can’t deny it.

A ‘Granny killer’. No, that was the likes of Boris and co including that little squit Pratt ‘Put a sock in it mate) Wankoc.

And the care home providers and NHS for example.

A ‘Spreader of disinformation’. No that was the government etc. Allison was telling the truth I gather from what I read.

She says her comment ‘Padlocks on playgrounds was a terrible idea’ was attacked. But it was and is a very sensible comment. Anybody listen to this? She was accused by cretins who said ‘you want people to die’.

No, she wanted people to live, children to live full happy lives you cretins.

The Matt Bancock ban of casual sex and his so-called affair (I am highly suspicious that this was merely staged for effect). Anyway it was only guidance anyway.

But of course casual sex is never really casual without consequences and that is the point. Mucks up the world if you treat it casually. Even though of course sex is funny too. Such is the way of life.

If you should read this Allison, do go look around my site. There will be much to encourage you and amuse I hope.

A bit of truth too.

P.S. Here is an explanation of guidance ‘rules’ for the terminally dim, or those who like to laugh. G is for…..guidance

Here is an explanation of the vaccines for those who haven’t arrived at the obvious conclusion that they ‘Are Not All That Useful After All’.

V is for…..Vaccination

Here is an explanation of Matt ‘I was once a wanker (sic) you know’ Hancock.

Matt Hancock

Here is one of many explanations of 42.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

3 thoughts on “Plan A because there is no plan B”

  1. re: “Meet the medics picking ‘no jab’ over a job” …

    As one who has thus far taken three injections, I essentially believe the mainstream COVID vaccine science; however, I’m nonetheless cautious of inadvertently buying-into what I consider to be speculative science (i.e. $$$). … Due to increasingly common privatized research for corporate profit aims, even ‘scientific fact’, to a concerning degree, is for sale. Research results, however flawed, can and are known to be publicly amplified if they favor the corporate product, and accurate research results can be suppressed if they are unfavorable to business interests, even when involving human health.

    Health Canada (our version of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) was established to act in Canadian consumers’ best interests yet is susceptible to corporate lobbyist manipulation. For one thing, it allowed novelty-flavored vaping products to be fully marketed — even on corner stores’ candy counters — without conclusive independent scientific proof that the product, as claimed by the tobacco industry, would not seriously harm consumers but rather help nicotine addicts wean themselves off of the more carcinogenic cigarette means of nicotine deliverance.

    A few years before that, Health Canada had sat on its own research results that indicated seatbelts would save lives and reduce injury; it wanted even more proof of safety through seatbelts before ordering big bus manufacturers to install them in every bus. To me, those examples smell of science-be-damned lobbyist manipulation — something that should not prevail in a government body established primarily, if not solely, to protect consumers’ safety and health rather than big businesses’ monetary concerns.

    [P.S. Besides the three COVID vaccinations, I receive the annual influenza vaccine, though for the last five years I’ve specifically asked for a placebo … to which I receive a serious look by the nurse, who is not amused by my attempt at humor on the subject.]


    Re: “MI5 under scrutiny from US after Texas synagogue attacker was deemed no threat” …

    I once heard a philosophy professor say that all people should avoid believing, let alone claiming, that they are not capable of committing an atrocity, even if relentlessly pushed. Contrary to what is claimed or felt by many of us, he said, deep down there’s a tyrant in each of us that, under the just-right circumstances, can be unleashed. And maybe even more so when convinced that ‘God is on our side’. While I don’t hold much faith in scriptural teachings, I do give credence to the Biblical claim (Jeremiah 17:9) that base corporeal human nature is “desperately wicked.”

    I believe that a growing percentage of people are realizing that ‘civilized society’ should refrain from reactively self-righteously condemning the evil acts of one racial, ethnic, religious and/or cultural group over another. Although some identifiable groups have been brutally victimized throughout history a disproportionately large number of times, the victims of one place and time can and sometimes do become the victimizers of another place and time. … Meanwhile, during civil unrest/wars and internal persecutions, many contemptible social-media news trolls internationally decide which ‘side’ they hate less thus ‘support’ via politicized commentary post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for all this information. It’s been a crazy start for 2022. It’s really about survival whether physical , mental or emotional. Save oneself with one’s own truth and experience to me should be the way to go. We have brains, we have freedom, together we become winners and warriors.

    Liked by 1 person

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