Pandemic: Definitions

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

8th May, 2022
Minor update 9th may 2022 to last definition.

Really I should have looked at this early on, but my physical health has not been great, afflicted as I have been with great tiredness due to the neuro-toxic effects of sodium nitrite. I am improving though as the world wakes up and as my body detoxifies. Perhaps the two are related.

Anyway, I thought we could have some fun looking at the definitions of pandemic and other ‘Pan’ words. Some may have been made up. You can check as usual.

Pantechnicons – a high tech pan that people worship. Possibly a toilet which in our family has been called ‘The throne’!!

Panleukopenia – a pan which if you look at closely opens here

Pantheistically – a pan that you can make laugh (is tickly)

Pantothenate – a pan you can eat once you have used it (single use pan)

Pandemonium – a pan that doesn’t cook properly as it’s a devil to use

Pandemonimum – the panic that mums get when they think their darling children are going to get Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu.

Pandamonium – the panic that people get when they think that Chinese bears have caused Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu as opposed to bats.

N.B. bats, cricket or otherwise, do not cause Covid 19/ the ‘flu. However, bats can fly, so they can be said to have ‘flu if you see what I mean. Hence the confusion about Wuhan ‘flu or Covid 19.

Panjandrum – a pan that Janet banged like a drum during ‘Clap for carers’ weekly charade during first UK lockdown

Pancreatin – the art of making a pan from scratch

Pancretin – one of many morons around the world who think that Covid 19 is any more than the seasonal ‘flu exaggerated to make it look like a monster

Panhandle – a musical composer of pans, such as might be played on pans during first lockdown ‘Clap for carers’ in the UK

Pantoffle –an old word for a slipper

Pantoffee – a sticky sweet made in a pan

Panettone – a pan belonging to Anthony (but not Cleopatra)

Panetella – a pan belonging to Ella

Panetella – a pan that tells a woman what to do

Pandering – to make a phone call to a Chinese bear

Panicking – a man who is the best at creating a drama out of nothing (like Anthony Fauci saying the Covid 19 a.k.a . the ‘flu will infect us all, get vaccinated)

Panoramic – a pan or a mic(rophone), the choice is yours

Panasonic – the sound a pan makes when it is being banged like a drum during ‘Clap for carers’ weekly charade during first UK lockdown

Pantrymen – if you need a pan ask a man

Pansexual – a pan that could be male or female (if it comes with a handle it’s male, if it comes with a connection for a handle it’s female of course)

Pandowdy – a heavily worn pan

Panhowdy – how a cowboy greets you when he invites you to sit down with him and eat some beans

Pandanus – the bottom (ahem) of a Chinese bear i.e what you might see if you look at a bear behind

Panache – what you get when someone hits you over the head with a pan

Pandoras – a pan belonging to Dora

Pandora’s Box – where Dora keeps her pans

Pandora’s Box – a type of hedging belonging to Dora in the shape of a pan

Pancreas – a railway station in London, as in St Pancreas (sic)

Panorama – a pan or a mother (ma for mother)

Pansies – oh look, there’s a pan

Panther – a pan over there

Panther – female breathlessness

Panther – half a pair of female knickers (UK)

Panther – half a pair of female trousers (USA)

Pantry – an experimental pan

Panoply – an Irish pan belonging to the O’Ply clan

Panicky – a pan belonging to Nicholas or Nicola

Panicum – thinking about panicking  

Pandies – a dead pan to be thrown out

Panzers – a pan ‘zere’ i.e German for a pan is there

Panted – Edward’s pan

Pantie – something to hang your pan from or wear round your neck

Pan Am – a pan that just is

Pandemic – a pan of Mic(hael), such as one of mine. For example, I have a saucepan – one that is cheeky

Pandemic – a panic the dems use to scare people

And finally

Planscamdemonpanic – a deliberate hoax by the devils out of Germany, a.k.a the Nazis/Marxists to persuade the human race that Covid 19 is seriously infectious and you need to panic without double checking or thinking and isolate, mask-alate, vaccinate yourself to death to cure yourself of stupidity for believing it in the first place.

And pay for the costs yourselves at great expense.

Can I hear an ‘Amen’ to that?

P.S. If you need to know more about the planscamdemonic, please see here.

Covid 19 Summary

You will find Wuhan ‘Flu in the above link but also on the main menu bar at the top of the page (for the time being).

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

13 thoughts on “Pandemic: Definitions”

  1. Hi Bladmichael, very sorry about the neurotoxin issue and that is very debilitating indeed! I actually was in tiptop health about 11 years ago when I was severely poisoned in an industrial chemical contamination over a several hour period when all hazardous chemical handling protocol broke down due to some extremely negligent management but of course to achieve proper justice in the aftermath injury repercussions I had to fire the lawyer and represent myself which was no easy task while ill and under doctors care for a few years!

    But I do know a bit about the science and how on a molecular level my body was altered enough and in need of purging those toxins that I developed some autoimmune disorder along with a cascading effect to my overall physiology. But I was determined and had to fight to survive and not lose everything besides the job which I could never go back to anyway! I did get the help I needed from above along the way without which I could not have prevailed in such a politicized situation against behemoths! I ended up with the best doctor in the region who was ethical and cared to do what was right and help my position with truth and facts, along with having the only judge in the system at the time who connected well with me and was honorable to also do the right thing and allow me to defend the case!

    My point is you have a heavy load but with faith and being the intelligent sensible man that you are taking matters head-on moving forward methodically step by step you will overcome this hardship! You want to obtain your bodies synergistic balance and do the things that will enhance your immune system and not load up with any more toxins while you purge what you can gradually taking away any overload that build stress on these bodily systems or functions.
    God bless you and keep up the good work!

    As usual this is very interesting and if this isn’t the kicker then football must be going out the window too! “a.k.a the ‘flu.” That’s exactly what it is and most people were so easily duped by the rigged “Pandemonium!” I knew from the get goes it was a set-up! A SARS 2 cold type virus syndrome and the actual survival rate being about 99.98%, and that required a massive overnight global vaccine plan to curtail death with lock-downs and masks? No, to actually cause death is more like it, when you add in the Remdesivir and ventilator treatment protocol while all available very homeopathic successful treatments that have been around for ages were suddenly banned; what’s wrong with that picture! I know a doctor who is one of the old school best in the business, who was using Hydroxychloroquine with Vitamins C, D and Zinc supplement with fantastic results for any patients of his that were ill, and none required hospitalization or died! But the board of health pulled his license to practice medicine and shut him down; basically hurting the public by doing so and most people that went to hospital didn’t come out alive around here! A great priest friend I’ve been able to talk with for hours at a time over the years especially when my injury mess was going on, was one of those victims; I’m heartbroken he passed! I’ll say again if I haven’t already a thousand times since early in 2020 it was all a hoax and it got the desired results; but nobody is held accountable for this massive crime; YET!

    Sorry I went off on this tangent but your health matter got me thinking and the whole thing tied into so much of what you wrote here!

    “Planscamdemonic,” this is great how you came up with this because this is precisely what it was and is, as well all about treating stupidity; which not enough people did or are willing to admit they need to do to themselves; YET!
    Keep this good going strong and the truth as well as relief is ahead; for that I pray!

    God bless you and yours!

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  2. Dear Lawrence

    Many thanks, all much appreciated.

    As regards “…but nobody is held accountable for this massive crime; YET!” we must wait a little longer, but it is coming. The case is being built around the world and this must take time.

    I am about to do a post on Remdesivir, a vile drug if ever there was. Mind you, as i keep telling people most big pharma drugs are that, including the ones that come in vials a.k.a vaccines!!

    Going off on a tangent is fine. Sometimes it leads to another branch one needs to examine. As long as one can note anything for future reference, one can then concentrate on the next task in hand. That of course is a struggle when there is so much to do.

    By the way I have tweaked the Planscamdemonic to now read Planscamdemonpanic which makes fuller sense on what has gone on.

    Onward and upwards!

    Yours ever


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    1. Thank you Baldmichael and as the other reader who commented, ‘Pan’tastic! I do appreciate your vote of confidence as I do like going off on tangents or maybe who knows going where no man or woman has gone before! It tends to stretch my imagination and deductive logic capabilities and isn’t that what scientists or great philosophers have always done to learn the facts of things we didn’t know prior?
      I agree with all you’ve said and yes the soldiers as in God’s warriors are busy building the dragnet to rip up all of those nefarious slimy creatures lurking in the deep, as in Deep State, Deep Mire, Deep Abyss being certain to capture every last devil’s son or daughter to be dropped into the slime grinder with one exit which heads straight to hell!
      Here in case you didn’t see these previous dissertations of mine on such creepy matters of grave and utmost import!
      But before those I offer this one written at the early stage of the diabolical attack on humanity and you will understand my associations I made which tie into your wording here today!

      The old Beatles Tune sets the mood for me! When Paul was getting more ripe in his screaming over tunes like I saw Her Standing There!
      If you have time many other links contained in these following selections that are somewhat pertinent or fun anyway!

      I’d love to see the Gallows Reinstated!

      God bless us and keep us!
      Brother in Christ,

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      1. Hey Baldmichael; good day to you there and thanks for this I needed another jolt and laugh!
        Woke early only after about four hours sleep because I had all this on my mind and dreamed it too! But, seriously you do see into things in a rather interesting way which always provides as they say Food for Thought! I hope and pray I return the favor and do some good that is the bottom-line as well the punch line here!

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