Extra, extra read all about it! – The Guardian 7th July 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: Please note a few words may be too strong for some of an overrefined nature.

7th July, 2022

What’s all the fuss, can anybody tell me? Excuse me sir, what’s going on?

‘Haven’t you heard, Gove has been sacked from the government! Pardon me, must dash, I’ve got a train to catch.’

My goodness, I must buy a newspaper and get the full story. Where’s the news stand? Ah yes…..let’s see now, Mmm…I haven’t looked at The Guardian for a while, that will give a different spin. But at least I have a brain remaining unlike some, so a careful analysis is called for methinks.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, folks, volks and you good people down under, and anyone else wot (!) reads this, I thought I would grind through The Guardian and see what they say on this and other matters.

However, as I have said before, we are following a timeline after a pattern of World war Two, only 80 years ago. Go take a look at Churchill and the motion of censure which he survived. It is all very similar.


Desperate, deluded PM clings to power

There is a picture on the front page. He does not look desperate to me. But Gove has been sacked after telling Boris to his face that his position in No. 10 is unsustainable. As Boris was allegedly bending over at the time looking for the key to his cabinet, I find that hard to be believed.

It is also alleged that Boris broke wind just as Gove was speaking. Gove fainted and was carried out in a black plastic sack so as not to alarm everybody.

Therefore the story of Gove being ‘sacked’ makes sense.

However, what the government will do without Gove is anybody’s guess. Look, take Gove out of government and what you have left? rnment of course. This is meaningless unless you rearrange the letters as Boris will have to do with his government.

Bizarrely, these 6 letters (part of 666) do rearrange according to the anagram generator I use, assuming initials are allowed.

The top of the list is ‘Mr Tenn’. Well Boris lives in No. 10 so perhaps this is him taking control of the situation. Or not. His hold on power is ten-uous though.

Another near the top is ’MN tern’. MN can stand for many things. See link below.


MuggleNet takes my fancy, or really MuddleNet as I suspect Boris will muddle through. However, midnight is more realistic. Boris’s darkest hour, his midnight hour.

Still, it says ‘MN tern’. So perhaps things will take a ‘tern’ for the better. Or worse.

Going back to the article I see it says that Boris was locked in an unprecedented standoff with his own cabinet. It is rumoured that this is in fact the one where he keeps his potty as the sewage system in Westminster has ruptured again due to all the crap coming out of Parliament.

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s a link to a post on a previous sewerage problem in the area of Westminster Square.

Anyway, if Boris can’t find the key he is going to have to go into the garden and find a flower bed like Larry the cat, the house cat at No. 10.


I have to say perhaps I should have bought a Daily Star as well. It looks funnier. I see it has this headline ‘BBC News turns awkward as star caught using phone with feet up on desk live on air’.

Amazing! I didn’t know BBC stars could do that! Use a phone with his feet eh? What a clever boy Tim Willcox is!

I gather Tim illcox is the wanchorman for the BBC…I think I got that slightly wrong. Never mind, I’s the thought that counts they say. Still, with a name containing cox…..anyway to continue.

There are more thoughts on Larry the cat, they are rather amusing.


Johnson defies calls to quit from both allies and critics, leaving Tories in turmoil.

There is a picture of Boris looking rather serious, shitting, sorry, sitting between Dominic Raab and Nadhim Zahawi. I think Boris didn’t find the key to the cabinet and his is constipating, sorry, concentrating very hard.

This isn’t the picture but the sentiment is there. He is thinking ‘How long can I hold on.’

I see the Welsh secretary Simon Hart has resigned last night. I assume his hart (sic) wasn’t in it. But maybe he has just welched on the PM. ‘Welched’ derives from the word welsh I understand, so this would explain matters.


I see there is the attorney general Sueella Braverman giving Boris a major blow (but not in private, ehem) by saying he should resign, but she is not going to resign because the government needs an attorney and they won’t find another.


The link says she has commented ‘Twitter is a sewer of left-wing bile.’ I only occasionally look at twitter comments as it all seems rather superficial or stating the blindingly obvious ‘Men are men and women are women, get over it.’

But she is right there are a lot of silly arse bilious comments from childish adults who haven’t grown up and they are what are called left wing. Remember left is an anagram of ‘felt’. The do what they felt was right, not what is right and there is a world of difference in that.

I note also her parents came to the UK “with an admiration and gratitude for what Britain did for Mauritius and Kenya, and India”. This was when people understood what the Brits of all its constituent countries had done.

And hadn’t been undermined by Germany’s Nazi/Marxist/communist propaganda which has been seeking to destroy the UK. Don’t forget Germany effectively runs the EU despite its Muppet being French, i.e. ‘Call me Christ’ Macron the Mark of the Beast.

But then the Franks are of Germanic origin I understand so it all makes sense. N.B. Not all French are Franks.

Sueella is recorded as writing this

In a December 2015 op-ed, Braverman wrote, “In essence, rights have come to fill the space once occupied by generosity.” She quotes Eric Posner’s theories on what the Brazilian state sees as its right to use torture by “the police in the name of crime prevention. They justify this by putting a general right to live free from crime and intimidation above their rights of those who are tortured.” She closes,

To correct the imbalance, perhaps we should adopt a Universal Declaration of Responsibilities and Duties, to be read in tandem with that on Human Rights? A fair, decent and reasonable society should question the dilution of our sense of duty, the demotion of our grasp of responsibility and our virtual abandonment of the spirit of civic obligation. What we do for others should matter more than the selfish assertion of personal rights and the lonely individualism to which it gives rise.

Bravo! A standing ovation from Baldmichael. Well it takes a Braverman (sic) than me to say that. But then she is a woman and knows it.

Unlike some left wing loonies out there

Speaking of which I see Kier Stammer, sorry Starmer, attacked Boris yesterday. It is reported that he said various things according to this link.


This seems to have majored on the Chris Pincher scandal.





All of which shows Mr Pincher is a sad case. I gather from the Guardian article etc. that Mr Pincher he was Deputy Chief Whip until he resigned over the scandal.

What he was doing with the whip is anybody’s guess. And what they get up to at the Carlton club after a few drinks…the mind boggles. And these morons run the country. He voted for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

My wife and I went to a rally against it in Trafalgar Square for the first time in 2013 on a freezing cold winters day, the bitterest I have known. Satan at his worst as the LGBTQ+ activist bigots tried to muscle in and get publicity, whilst some youthful anarchists (from Brighton I suspect) exposed themselves (well at least one girl did).

But then they were only the minions of those hiding away, the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. They care not for anyone but themselves, not even the minions who are expendable.

This is where it led us people, further down the slope into the shit-hole of the shitty where everything is turned to shit.

I missed this in February, not directly related.


And this


I don’t think Keir Starmer can be self-righteous about things. And someone says he is a freemason. Hmm…

A former Tory minister is apparently reported as saying ‘Boris has now got such a pipeline of shit arriving that even if he did nothing for six months, we’d still have trouble coming’.

Well, if Boris doesn’t find the key to his cabinet soon I will agree with that. Mind you if they don’t find the sewerage problem at Westminster soon, all London will be awash.

But then Sadiq Khan is Mayor of London at the moment so probably no one would notice anyway as things look pretty bad already.




Day of deadlock ‘What happens if the men in grey suits come and you don’t go?’

I gather Boris has been defiant. A source has quoted “He said millions voted for me only two years ago – and I’m going to fight this to the end. I can’t just pack that in.”

Well, I was just over 2½ years ago, but what’s accuracy between friends? Anyway, the government and the establishment, MSN have been manipulating the figures since 2020 at least so he’s not the only one to under report the details.

Like vaccine harms and deaths and the possible effects on the economy if we shut down. But then most people did choose to accept the guidance as I keep repeating, so most people were rather dim to put it mildly.

Michael Gove has apparently promised he would not stand again for the leadership and was not working for any campaign.

I seem to recall he said something like this before.


Ah yes, that’s it. Still, perhaps Gove could sit rather than stand for election. That wouldn’t be a lie, would it? Mmm?…well ok, but you know what I mean.

Of course all the flak comes out at PMQ’s. This is a bit like PMT’s only it happens every week when Parliament is ‘in session’ rather than monthly for women when they are ‘in season’ if you will forgive the phrase.

Look, it goes with ‘in session’ so don’t blame me ladies. Unless you want to of course. I can take it. I have had enough crap already these past two years and counting so what’s a bit more? I do have a wife in case you don’t know.

And she is a woman for avoidance of doubt. And yes, I can define a woman, unlike some in the USA.

Jessica Elgot’s article says Queer Stammer landed some blows with “charge of the light-weight brigade” and “the ships fleeing the rat”. Apparently he whispered to his shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves (any relation of Christopher a.k.a Superman?) “Was that ok?”

He has to ask does he? Doesn’t show great leadership skills or confidence is his oration. But then he is a liar, sorry lawyer so what does one expect?

Personally I don’t think Mr Scammer is up to much myself. I’m sure I could do better myself if required, but I doubt I could stand the stench of corruption in the air on both sides of the house.

I gather Jessica Elgot thinks Gary Sambrook’s comment was the most devastating.

This is Wikipedia link.


In August 2021 he opposed the conversion of a residential home into a children’s home for up to four children with emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties by circulating a letter stating, among various reasons, it would have a “negative impact on the area” and would “compromise the quality of the area”. Sambrook said: “All children deserve a good quality home to live in. Especially children in care.”

I gather residents are not impressed with that.


In October 2021, Sambrook voted against an amendment to an Environment Bill that would have made it more difficult for water companies to dump raw sewage into rivers because it “was not fully costed and there was no plan to implement it” and “was also predicted to cost around £150 billion”. Sambrook stated that the unamended Bill which he voted in favour of would “absolutely deliver progressive reductions in the harm caused by storm overflows”. After a Labour councillor said that he did not understand why Sambrook voted against the amendment, Sambrook accused him of spreading “fake news on this subject solely to appease his political agenda and further stir up hate and abuse in the community” for making a “suggestion to the contrary” which was “both disingenuous and untrue”.

“…stir up hate and abuse in the community” eh? Against you maybe, putting money over the obvious benefits of not putting crap in the rivers and poisoning the waters. But then perhaps he has shares in the water company. If anyone wants  to dig, please do.

Sambrook is a freemason. He is gay.

Well, what a surprise. Homosexual not gay please. Gay is a perfectly good word high jacked by homosexuals to try and make their sexual misdeeds acceptable.

As for the freemasons, well I am sure you are aware of what they get up to and the role within the Roman Catholic Church. Please note abbreviation of Roman Catholic is RC. Sounds like ‘arsy’. This would explain paedophile priests’ predilection for little boys.

An anagram of his full name is ‘A bra immorally ok wigs’. Which might indicate one of his hobbies.

‘Balls AI imam orgy work’ and ‘I am I am orgy work balls’ are two more. Very suggestive.

Anyway Gary Sambrook is a nasty little shit. He merely adds to all the problems in Westminster with the sewerage system which by all accounts he is not bothered about in his constituency.

But then given where he presumably sticks his willy from time to time this should not be a revelation to you.

The article is quite well written but I don’t think mush of Jessica Elgot’s judgement if she thinks Gary’s comment is the most devastating. But then perhaps she is Jewsih; she worked for the Jewish Chronicle.


Crumbling support The Tory MP’s who have quit Johnson’s government

Rishi Sunak

He is said to be the richest MP and first frontline politician to join the rich list



Apparently he said “ The public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously”.

Well that rules him out of any leadership contest if it comes. Having unnecessarily handed out furlough money to businesses on the assumption they will give it back (it was technically a loan I understand), I think that makes him thoroughly incompetent.

Covid 19 is the ‘flu and the economy was shut down. Idiots like Rishi should have known this. But then he has enough money and his wife has quite a bit too. I haven’t checked where they keep their money but I bet most of it is offshore avoiding tax.

This is interesting but not surprising.

As I must keep pointing out there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. They are not Jews inwardly. It is written in the letter to the Roman’s

“A man is not a Jew because he is one outwardly, nor is circumcision only outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew because he is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise does not come from men, but from God.”

Sajid Javid

After that little weasel Matt Handoncock (sic) resigned after the fake assignation – it was clearly a set up if you watch the video and see my comments in my post – I thought he might be an improvement.

Well I think he was better but that’s not saying an awful lot. I call him Savage Jabit. He persisting with having people ‘shot’ with the poisonous vaccine, although really it’s the brainless section of society who thought it a good idea to do so.

Still as these are predominately left wing loonies there may be some compensation as it removes the excess population.

But I would still they rather repent of their stupidity and follow Jesus Christ (not a religion or institution but the person and His teaching).

Will quince

Anagram of his name is quill wince. He winced at Boris’s handling of the issues and wrote a resignation to him in an old fashioned way.

Alex Chalk

Presumably didn’t like Boris’s actions by a long chalk.

Laura Trott

Trotted off in disgust.  Perhaps she got the trots and as the sewage system in Westminster up the spout went back to Sevenoaks where at least she could find a tree to hide behind and do her business. With a laptop. Mmm.., Parliamentary business. Why, what did you think I meant?


Saquib Bhatti

Clearly it was all driving him mad or bhatti (sic).

Felicity Buchan

Presumably she took more than 39 steps. Think about it…Mmm… you want some clues? Big sigh…ok, it’s a book and film, 3 words, 4 if you count the hyphenated one…Richard Hanney the hero?…Yes? Well done! …(muttering to myself).

Selaine Saxby

One the fairer sax (sic). For avoidance of doubt that is a woman, someone with a womb. Womb-man. Easy when you know how. Not quite sure how she came by the name Selaine.


Ok well if Elaine means sun ray then maybe it’s S-sun ray. Or maybe sexy or slinky sunray. She might like that.


She founded the independent sports bra retailer Lessbounce Ltd. in 2000, and ran the business until 2016, when it went into liquidation.

I suppose the business sadly went tits up as they say. But I have said this before somewhere. What goes up must come down. Sadly what happens to women in old age (allegedly).

Five ministers

Five ministers signed a joint letter. I suppose they were smoking a joint at the time. A case of write a word, take a puff and pass it on perhaps.

Mark Logan

Made a run for it to get above ground for some fresh air, get away from the smell in the Houses of Parliament. As in Logan’s Run the book then the film with Michael York and Jenny Agutter.

If you read the book or see the film it sounds rather like those who willing take the death sticks, a.k.a as vaccines willingly and die as a consequence. Depending on immune status and other factors.


Agutter reminds me of the trough many MP’s put their noses in at our great expense. Or spend taxpayers’ money frivolously.  They are not the only ones but you get the picture. There are a lot of people who do this in all parts of society.  If they won’t love God and love their neighbour as themselves this is the consequence.

Fay Jones

Issued a half resignation. A bit fay (sic) then.

Fey…..marked by an otherworldly air or attitude

she had that half shy, half fey smile and that birdlike perkiness

— A. G. Ogden



Mike Freer

Felt chained, resigned so now he’s freer.

Honestly you couldn’t make this up, a real pantomime. But then the Book of Revelation does refer to ‘pantocrator’ in the Greek. It is translated ‘almighty’ in the New Testament.

Perhaps this is all made up. It does seem all quite mad.

You would be right of course. It is after all a story, history, God’s story. He seems a bit of a nutter does God. But then He did come down to earth in the form of His son Jesus Christ. Every author puts something of themselves into their story.

And that story is worth checking out, even the ending which makes strange reading.

Stop press! Boris has resigned!!

Well, what shall we make of that? I guess he never found the key to his cabinet and had to go back to Henley for relief.

Where is the next thrilling instalment in the Westminster chronicles going to take us? Or should that be chronic halls of Westminster?

For one thing Carrie Simmons, a.k.a. Mrs Johnson won’t be living at No. 10 that’s for sure. That’s a relief.

So as Cliff Richard sang, ‘Carrie doesn’t live here anymore’ can be sung by those who get close enough to No.10. Even the Met police might join in.

N.B. I’ve been longing to do that but somebody has referenced it recently, boo-hoo. See link.

Anyway, I may continue with the Guardian or I may not. Until next time I leave you with Cliff Richard and ‘Carrie’.

P.S. If you like news items, albeit past editions you could do worse to look at The Bog Standard, my franchise on my World Menu. Just go to the top type in search box and you should find it.

I add this link for interest


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