Families – some more thoughts: why do we use this word?

Another lite bite or two

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

10th July, 2022

My last post on Family was very short. If you want to view see here. Family: why do we use this word?

Why do we use this word in English? Same as for family, but this time we have ‘ies’ instead of ‘Y’. Why you ask? A good question.

Well, es means ‘are’ in French, as in you are (singular).For example, ‘tu es où’ means ‘Where are you?’

I note that the letters make up the following:

‘Sei’ means ‘surname in Japanese

‘Sei’ means ‘be’ in German as in ‘to be’

So by extension Families are, and I repeat from my last post.

Fa – stands for father, the head of the family

Mi – stands for ‘missus’ the Mrs, the mother, the centre of the family.

Ly – stands for angel as in li meaning of God (think ‘eli’ and Jesus’s word on calvary).

Es – stands for ‘are’ or ‘be’, i.e. one can be in a family with all the benefits and responsibilities that entails.


I thought I would look at the anagrams as these are always interesting.

If a smile – I like this!

AIF smile – the AIF could be AIF Association of Inter Church Families.


For some strange reason the link does not work but can be copied into browser when it should work correctly.

I am not interested in organisations and church structures as this was never part of God’s plan for the world. But the thrust of Ruth Reardon’s comments is perfect. In her words from the link above.

“Marriage is for this world, but the love and unity between us is a participation in God’s own love and is therefore eternal.  One day I too will be called to the fuller knowledge of that love in our Father’s house.” 

Aim’s life – the aim of families is life in all its fullness.

Life Siam – the life of Siam, now Thailand.


MS AI life – Microsoft Artificial Intelligence life. Now there’s a thought, with many families on the internet!

a Sim life – a simulated life. Mmm…

I am’s life – the life of the I am, ‘I am Baldmichael’ ‘I am not so baldmichael’ etc.! Add you own names as you wish.

And also the I am’s of Jesus Christ, ‘I am the way, the truth, the life’ and ‘I am the bread of life’ for example.

I Mai self – Sounds like ‘I am myself’, were you can be accepted as yourself.

I.e. as film – where records of the family’s life together are kept.

A film I se – needs another ‘e’ of se, but where a family can sit down together

If Ismael – Ismael or Ishmael the forefather of the Arabs.

A misfile – where files are in the wrong place, but where hopefully they can be found again. Mother’s often are good at finding missing things!

If emails – a way to keep in touch even if far apart.

I me fails – where one can fail but still be restored if the family works well and forgiveness and kindness are at the heart.

If lies ma – if you do lie to mother she will probably see through it!

Fa simile – like the fa-ther perhaps. And the heavenly Father, be complete as He is (perfect is used in translations but this gives the wrong sense to us).

Flea is mi – so you brought the fleas in did you!

I, Ma files – mother keeps the records. ‘Mum, I can’t find my….’

If I meals – for sharing of course.

Fie Islam – interesting. To defy Islam? Well ‘to lam’ is ‘to cripple’


For some strange reason the link does not work but can be copied into browser when it should work correctly.

I.e. if alms – where alms or support is given to those in need

If I lames – you have been lamed, you can be bound up here.  

If me sail – why not sail away together. There are more areas than the sea to sail on of course, like the ocean of knowledge.

To end I thought I would include this song by Sparks called ‘In my family’ from the wonderful album, ‘Kimono my house’

That’s how it’s gonna be in my family

From the biggest branch to the smallest leaf

Still you’re gonna see similarity in my family

That’s how it’s gonna be

That’s how it’s gonna be

‘Cause it’s my family

Gonna live to see post-senility

Lots of time to spend with my family

In my family that’s how it’s gonna be

There you got your Rockefeller

There you got your Edward Teller

J. Paul Getty is a splendid fellow, but

None of them would be in my family

In my family that’s how it’s gonna be

Family, it’s like any other family

Big and small, it’s like any other family

That’s how it’s gonna be

Before and after me

Manufacturing many, many me’s

Gonna hang myself from my family tree

In my family that’s how it’s gonna be

And the angels said ‘Come let us make man in our own image’.*

P.S. I can see what Sparks meant about Rockefeller (oil magnate), Edward Teller (called apparently “the father of the hydrogen bomb”) and J. Paul Getty (kidnapped and led a sad life). I suggest you look them up if you wish.

Perhaps I might point out here that Rockefeller is a rock man. Perhaps he loved rocks, certainly petroleum which is literally ‘Rock oil’!

*The word in this verse in the first chapter of Genesis should be translated angels rather than God, although both are relevant as all words come from God, the angels. He is the Word of course.

In the beginning was the Word…

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

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