Shalom and Aleichem shalom

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

8th October, 2022

Which means ‘Peace’ and ‘to you peace’. This is a Jewish salutation at the beginning of a meeting with someone or at the end of the meeting.

Now you may think that you have to remember the meaning to associate it with the Hebrew words.

However, if you haven’t observed this already, the meaning can be extracted from the phonetics and a bit of lateral thinking.

It is quite simple. ’Shalom’ is like ‘shall om’. The Buddhists go ‘Om, om’ when they mediate I understand. And to ‘om’ is to hum, the Buddhists hum.

So we have ‘Shall hum’. We hum when we are at peace.

As for Aleichem this sounds like ‘I like ‘em’ or even ‘I like ‘um’, that is ‘I like hum’.

Therefore the person coming and giving the greeting says in effect ‘Shall hum?’ to which the reply is ‘I like hum, shall hum.’

So the two shall come together and hum together. They are at peace, they hum together, they harmonise together, and they are at peace together.

Which is all rather amazing for the meaning is in the words and in the beginning was the Word.

But wait there’s more.

How about anagrams? Let’s see some selected.


Alms ho – as in alms house where there are gifts.

am hols – am holidays when you can rest and relax.

And there is a halo in the middle of the word. A halo is a circle of light and  ‘the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing’


And of course a common greeting when meeting someone is ‘halo’ (sic)!!


E Michael – do you like um Michael??

Acme el hi – the best of God on high.

Ace hi Mel – a top greeting to Mel perhaps whoever he or she is.

Ah ceil me – ceil is ceiling in French, the top part of a room, but has the equivalent of ‘Wow’ in English when used by the French is a slang form. I hope you see the connection.

Aleichem shalom

Chamomile heals – amazing! Chamomile brings peace.

Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and settle stomachs. In the U.S., chamomile is best known as an ingredient in herbal tea.


Ahem Michael sol – Ahem, Michael the sun. Who is Michael? Not Jesus according to this site.

But the sun brings light and in its way understanding and dispels the dark, just as Jesus brings light and dispels the dark. And that leads to peace as fear is dispelled.

ACM Elohim heals – ACM could stand for many things, but Elohim is the name of God in Genesis’s first verse. The God who heals.

As he calm Elohim – to be calm is of course to be at peace, God brings peace.

Home lech salami – salami to eat at home, food to share with those at peace. On a slate plate perhaps as lech means ‘slate’ in Welsh. Perhaps you may be at peace with your enemy if you eat with him or her. But not pork if you/they are Jewish.

This link on slate plates.

That is just a taste of some of the things that can be found in the words  ‘Shalom’ and ‘Aleichem shalom’.

So I will leave you with ‘Shalom!’

And I hope you like ‘em and shall hum!!

P.S. On the subject of humming, I just thought of Winnie the Pooh who likes humming. So here’s something from YouTube if you are interested. It might take you back to your childhood when perhaps you were peaceful.

Hum’s Of Pooh Medium

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