Amita Kuttner: Green party of Canada

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th October, 2022

Amita Kuttner according to Wikipedia is a Canadian astrophysicist and politician who has been the interim leader of the Green Party of Canada since November 24, 2021.


As far as I can judge from information online she is female who is very confused about what she is sexually. I suspect she hasn’t checked recently whether she has a willy or not.

However, she should be aware anytime she needs a pee. These simple things are obvious to some people.

If she should find that she is in fact a male, perhaps he could confirm.

Which just goes to show how confusing it all is.

The picture suggests she has breasts so I think the pronoun ‘she’ is on the face of it correct. Her face looks female too. But I may be wrong.


By the way, just to be clear I am identifying as ‘I’ in this article as I always do. Eye have an I for detail you know. Or vice versa.

My attention to this individual was drawn by this article.

So I thought I had better check her/him out. The Wikipedia article uses they/them pronouns. It is rather confusing as a consequence. If you read it you will see what I mean.

She (or he) clearly suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Or in layman’s (or laywomen’s) terms, barking mad.

Not that she (or he) doesn’t say some sensible things sometimes. Even the mad have their lucid moments.

But I will go with ‘she’ as this seems sensible based on the evidence.

The question is how did she get where she is? Well, her mother died when she was 14 years old. Her mother was from Hong Kong, presumably of Chinese origin whilst her father was from the UK. With a surname like Kuttner I would have thought he had German origins. And this confirms it.

Her mother was killed by a mudslide and her father sustained serious injuries. She was in boarding school at the time of her mother’s death.

She suffered trauma as a consequence and says in response to an interview how she copes.

A: Good counselling.… I have PTSD and I’ve been working with therapists for years on trauma counselling, but it’s difficult and … you know, I’m listening to people tell the stories of watching their homes be swept away. And it hits very deeply. You know, it’s one thing to empathize with people whose experiences you don’t recognize, and another to know exactly how they feel.


Part of the trauma is that the mudslides apparently occurred in an area known to be vulnerable and development was allowed without forethought and planning.

But given that it had rained for days before hand might have been an indication of likely problems ahead so why did not people think there might be a problem and make sensible contingencies to evacuate.

Being away at boarding school wouldn’t have helped I daresay, one can think that if one had been there, the family might have been saved from the disaster. I certainly found boarding school emotionally difficult, which can occur when you are away from ‘normal’ family life as it were.

Anyway, it is no wonder she suffers as a consequence and is currently confused as to who she is.

It seems rather bizarre that, whilst no doubt useful, she went through a French immersion program where I understand you are ‘thrown in at the deep end’. She was expected to ‘sink or swim’ as it were in the tidal wave of French.

Given that her mother had been killed by an immersion of mud and her father seriously injured perhaps there’s a link.

Kuttner attended the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), where they earned a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics and studied black holes in the early universe with Anthony Aguirre.

As you can see the article is rather confusing here. If ‘they’ earned a Ph.D, shouldn’t that be Ph.D’s?

As regards black holes, there is a rumour that they (whoever they are or is) that they, the black holes, were the budget deficits of governments.

Or possibly the holes in the hearts of those who say there is no God.

They were a member of the Women in Physics and Astronomy group and co-founded the university’s 314 Action group, which seeks to elect more scientists to public office in the United States.studied black holes in the early universe

Again ‘they’ is confusing as this might be both Kuttner and Aguirre, although as I assume Anthony Aguirre is male. He has a beard according to Wikipedia photo, but you can’t be too sure nowadays.

But then it says Women in Physics and Astronomy group, so I guess men aren’t allowed. But that would be sexist and discriminatory which is not allowed.

Unless the women say it isn’t sexist and discriminatory of course.

I see Kuttner’s Wikipedia link says at the bottom

Heather Leung was dropped by the Conservative Party of Canada after past homophobic remarks were made public, but still appeared on the ballot papers.

This is the footnote article on the matter.

It says

“How can Scheer allow Heather Leung to run as a candidate under the Conservative banner when her words show her hatred for LGBTQ2S Canadians?” Svend Robinson asked in a news release earlier on Friday.

Svend Robinson is a homosexual. He is also very stupid. Conservative means conserving the good, not kowtowing to the latest imbecility of LGBTQ2S etc. etc.

Top single word anagram from his name is ‘broodiness’. Perhaps this explains it.

Here is his Wikipedia link.

In 2004 He stole an expensive ring and although he returned it he was charged. The link says The Crown and defence agreed that he was undergoing major personal stress and mental health issues at the time

It looks as though he has been mental for some time then. Also

He terminated his candidacy and was replaced by his longtime constituency assistant Bill Siksay, who won the election.

Bill Siksay is a homosexual and has a ‘partner’ who is a Burke. Brian Burke that is. Brian calls himself a Reverend. The heavenly Father calls him a Burke.

Bill Siksay is an active member of the United Church of Canada. Basilisk is one of two top single word anagrams. Basilisk is a venomous creature. This explains an awful lot.

Satan is like a basilisk. He has a lot to answer for.

Anagrams of her name

As usual, I examine the anagrams for clues. Here’s the best of the list in my opinion.

Amita Kuttner

Antimatter – well she is an astrophysicist so very appropriate

Antietam – when I first researched her I had just done my post on the Second Battle of Antietam which was a remarkable coincidence

Titanate – to do with titanium oxide which among other things is used as a food additive. Perhaps this explains the peculiar behaviour of people including Ms kuttner.

And Svend Robinson.

And a lot of other Canadians.

I see the EU has been sensible enough to ban it, whilst the UK authority disagreed and hasn’t. Or Canada of course.

Uratemia – to with ureic acid, which with water becomes urine.

Too much poisons the body with various neuro-toxic side effects including hallucinations, but you must get rid of it all as it is produced. It is the cause of most diseases.

Martian – one slightly wonders if she isn’t an alien given her peculiarities re pronouns and self-mutilation.

Full anagrams

a.k.a. nutter Tim – also known as nutter Tim. Well, as she is uncertain about her gender she may well consider a new name. Perhaps we can call her nutter Tim or Tim the nutter.

Tam tt Ukraine – Ukraine is in the news a lot as a distraction.

Antietam Kurt – see earlier re Antietam but Kurt is German name.

Antietam Turk – see earlier re Antietam but Turk is of Turkey of course. The Germans and Turks have been allies for some time. There are a lot of Turks in Germany. Perhaps the Germans are really Turks in disguise.

Antimatter UK – not sure what the UK has to do with things

Katie tantrum – the tantrum she throws when she is referred to by the incorrect pronoun.

Kitten trauma – the trauma she suffered as a child

Kraut Minetta – what the Germans have to do in this case is not clear. But it seems her father was German with a surname like that, so perhaps that’s it.

Kraut essentially means cabbage in German I gather, like sauerkraut is ‘sour cabbage’.

And Minetta has Germanic origins too. And means ‘”determined protector”. So there you go.

At mkt urinate – I hope she doesn’t, the stall holders might object.

Tamika nutter – Tamika can mean several things. Perhaps ‘friendly’, a friendly nutter then.

There are various marks. Bear in mind in is recorded she has had her breasts or tits removed.

A tit tune mark

Eat tit UN mark

Tea tit UN mark

It nut tea mark – probably a mark of the beast, a nut tea or nutty mark, completely nutty in my humble opinion. However I always retain hope she will be healed and full mental capacities restored.

Final words and conclusion

Amita Kuttner, of Chinese and presumably German extraction. The Chinese are currently communist and Germany is Nazi although people may not think so.

As I have said before, both Nazis and communists arose out of Germany. And then there is the Turkey link in anagram of her name. Interesting…

Her scientific background is great, and more people should study sciences although they are currently warped by evolutionary theory.  Thus many people take the poisonous vaccines and ignore how badly the planet and the inhabitants are corrupted by the numerous toxins.

I haven’t tried to research all she might have said but I have no doubt she has sensible things to say. But she has gone quite nutty over the transgender situation and abused her beautiful body.

So the whole thing is very sad. Those who thought giving her surgery appropriate should be hauled over the coals. Slowly. She needed love and counselling, not physical bits removed.

Perhaps someone can talk to her quietly and gently and lead her to the light.

Which in my books will be found in the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.

Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

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    Fortunately, the Green Party aren’t gaining in popularity. They remain below even the PPC in popular support, at least last time around, but alas, have seats while the PPC does not because of the FPTP system.

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