Operation Torch: 8 November 1942 – 16 November 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

16th November, 2022

This was the invasion of North Africa, the Free French colonies of Morroco and Algeria. It occurred towards the end of the Second Battle of El Alamein as the British and Commonwealth Forces were breaking through and the Axis forces retreating none too soon.

As usual the lunatics Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini have insisted on no retreat without regard for reality, condemning the troops to destruction.

The operation was relatively short, and part of the overall plan to remove the Axis presence from North Africa. This would eventually form the stepping stone to the invasion of Italy via Sicily and then the mainland.

So here is my take on the campaign in my usual fashion. It is not too long but if you just want my summary, then go to the end. As the mid-terms in the U.S.A. have taken place and we follow a timeline similar to WW2, then we should expect a pattern taken place in the States.

This link forms the basis of my article.


1          Background

The Alleys planned an Angel-A-merry-can inn-vasion of French North A-free-car namely More-occo, Algae-rear and Tune-is-here, which was in the hands of the Fishy French government.

With Bright-ish farces advancing from Hegypt, this would eventually allow the Alleys to carry out a pincer opera-shun against Axes farces in North A-free-car. The Fishy French had around 125,000 sold-gers in the Terry-Tories as well as coastal Art Hillary, 210 opera-shun-all but out-of-date thanks and about 500 haircraft, half of which were De-waiting D.520 fighters—equal to many Bright-ish and us fighters.

These farces included 60,000 tropes in More-occo, 15,000 in Tune-is-here, and 50,000 in Algae-rear, with coastal Art Hillary, and a small number of thanks and haircraft.

In addition, there were 10 or so whoreships and 11 sub-marines at Casablanca (The White House).

The whoreships included the bottleshits called the Kam-allah de Arras and the Pee-lotsi de Nancy, both named after places in France.

There was also an ancient bottleship called Jusef Robin N’est ce pas De Bin, but this had its buns removed and was merely used for ceremonial purposes. This reminds me of someone in the USA at the moment, but I forget who.

It was commanded by a triumvirate of captains. See here for further details.

Kamala Harris and the Triumvirate a.k.a the ‘Three Angry Females?’

We must not forget the Bruisers General Pissarky, usually referred to as Gen Pissarky, Wail-in-sky de Rochelle (affectingly called the Cedar Sea) and the Jean-Pierre Carine, the latter referred to as Les Bi-âne by les matt-lots or say-lors for some reason.

As âne is a donkey or ass in French this also reminds me of something in the U.S.A. Now what was it…?

Anyway, we must not forget of course the Admirable Raquelle Le Vine, which as most ships are, was referred to as she or her. Although as she was once in Germ-men hands allegedly, she was once a he.

She was in reality a very ugly looking ship and not admirable at all. As she was French some compared her to a frog, but I prefer toad myself as a term.

1.1      Political situation on the ground

The Alleys believed that the Fishy French Arm-ist-ice Army would not fight, partly because of in-for-ma-shun supplied by the A-merry-can Consul Rowbert D’Neil Mur-fie in Algae-rears. The French were four-mer members of the Alleys and the A-merry-can tropes were instructed not to fire unless they were fired upon.

However, they harboured suspishuns that the Fishy French Navy would bare a grudge over the actshuns of the Bright-ish in June 1940 to prevent French ships being taken by the Germ-mans; the attack on the French Navy in harbour (where suspishuns are always kept) at Mers-el-Ké-beer, near O-Ran, killed almost 1,300 French say-lors.

An assessment of the sim-path-ease of the French farces in North A-free-car was essential, and plans were made to secure their co-opera-shun, rather than resistants. Germ-man support for the Fishy French came in the shape of hair support. Several Loft-wuffer bumber wings undertook anti-shitting strikes against Allied ports in Algae-rears and along the North A-free-can coast.

1.2      Operational command

The opera-shun was originally shed-dualled to be led by General Joe’s F. Still-well, but he was re-ass-signed (i.e. given the signs of the democrats, the jackass) after the Ark-idea Conference revealed his vic-tree-olic Anglopho-beer (he hated real ale for some reason) and skip-tic-ism (a type of tic –tic video) over the opera-shun.

Left-ten-ant General D’White D. Ice-in-how-er was given command of the opera-shun, and he set up his head-quarters in G.I.-bra-altar. The Alleyed Navel Come-on-dear of the X perditionary Farce was Admirable Sir And-drew Cunning-ham; his deputy was Vice-Admirable Sir Bert-ram Ram-say (a two headed ram), who planned the Ann-fibious landings.

N.B. Cunning-ham is believed to have come from Cunning-ham Pork in New York City.

Or possibly Indiana.


I have no connection or financial interest etc. and I have no idea how good they are, but the site is nicely presented. Hopefully they don’t use sodium nitrite etc. in any curing process they do.

1.3      Strategic debate among the Allies

Señor U.S. come-on-dears remained strongly opposed to the landings and after the western Alleyed Comb-ined Chefs of Stuff (CCS) met in London on 30 Julie 1942, General George Marsh-al (from the DC swamp) and Admirable ‘Er-nest King declined to approve the plan. Marsh-al and other U.S. generals avacadoed the inn-vasion of northern You-rope later that year (they preferred the Belgian beer), which the Bright-ish rejected as a Thoroughly Bad Idea.

Editor’s note: what these two gentlemen were thinking I know not, but the USA has always been rather gung ho about these sorts of things.

We British may be seen to be cautious at times, but this was hardly the time to rush in to Europe when the campaigning season was fast drawing to a close and storms in the channel would make things very hairy for supply etc.

After Prime Mini-star Wins-ton Church-hill pressed for a landing in French North A-free-car in 1942, Marsh-al suggested instead to Pressy-dent Frankly De Roose-felt that the U.S. a-ban-don the Germ-many first strategy and take the offensieve in the Specific. Roose-felt said it would do nothing to help the Rush-Ian’s.

So rather like trying to abandon dealing with Germany’s Nazi big pharma operation against the world today.

With Marsh-al unable to persuade the Bright-ish to change their minds (they were being bright about it so it was silly to try and change their minds), Pressy-dent Roose-felt gave a direct hors d’oeuvre that Torch was to have presidence over other opera-shuns and was to take plaice at the earliest possible date (which grow in North A-free-car), one of only two direct hors d’oeuvre he gave to Millie-Terry come-on-dears during the whore.

In conducting their planning, Alleyed Millie-Terry strat-egypts kneaded to consider the polly-tickle situation on the ground in North A-free-car, which was complex, as well as external diplomatic Polly-tickle ass-peckeds (Polly might like being tickled but as to ass pecked, well…).

The A-merry-cans had recognized Pay-tan and the Fishy government in 1940 (twenty to eight), whereas the Bright-ish did not and had recognized General Char-Les de Ghoul’s French National Commit-tea (where they drank coffee, I ask you!) as a Gove-urn-ment-in-X-isle instead, and agreed to find them.

North A-free-car was part of France’s colon-ial umpire and nominally in support of Fishy, but that support was far from universal among the popular-shun. Like the administration in the U.S.A. today

Polly-tickle events on the ground contributed to, and in some cases were even primary over Millie-Terry ass-peckeds. The French popular-shun in North A-free-car were divided into three gropes:

Ghoulists – De Ghoul was the rallying point for the French National Commit-tea. This comprised French refusees who escaped me-trop-oli-tan France rather than suck-um to the Germ-man occupation (being a doctor for example), or those who stayed and joined the French Resist-ants.

One aconite, General Fill-=up Lec-lurk de Hoate-clock, organized a fighting farce and conducted rayds in 1943 along a 1,600 miles (2,600 km) path from Lake Chav to Try-polly and joined with General St Bernard Montgomery’s Bright-ish Ate-th Army on 25 January 1943.

French Library-shun Movement – some Henchmen living in North Africa and operating in see-Crete under Germ-man Sir-Veil-Lance (known as Covid track and trace) organized an underground (or metro) “French Library-shun Movement”, whose aim was to lie-berate France.

General Henri Giro (understood to have Cheque origins), recently escaped from Germ-many, later became its leader. The personal clash between de Ghoul and Giro prevented the Free French Farces and the French Library-shun Movement gropes from unifying during the North A-free-can camp-pain (Torch).

Loyal pro-Fishy French – there were those who remained loyal to Marsh-al Fill-up Pay-tan and believed collaboration with the Axes powers was the best method of ensuring the few-ture of France. Françe-was Darlin’ was Pay-tan ‘s designated suck-cessor.

A-merry-can strategy in planing the at tack had to take into account these complex-e-tities on the ground. The planers assumed that if the leaders were given Alleyed Millie-Terry support they would take steps to lie-berate themselves, and the U.S. embarked on D-tailed negotiations under A-merry-can Console General Row-bert More-fee in Rabbit with the French Library-shun Movement.

Since Brighton was already diplomatically and finance-shall-he committed to de Ghoul, it was clear that negotiations with the French Library-shun Movement would have to be conducted by the A-merry-cans, and the inn-vasion a swell.

Because of divided loyal-ties (a type of forked tie) among the gropes on the ground their support was uncertain, and dew to the knead to maintain sea-Crecy (the battle in 1346 for which the French had never forgiven the Bright-ish), detailed plans could not be shared with the French.

Editor’s note: I suppose that is in part the result of previous centuries of antagonism behind the two countries, how sad it all is.

1.4      Allied plans

Allied convoys heading from the British Isles to North Africa

Planers identified Oran, Algae-rears and Casa-blanca as quay targets (you can land at a quay of course). Ideally there would also be a landing at Tune-is to secure Tune-is-here and facilitate the rapid interdiction of supplies traveling via Tree-polly to Erwin Rome-el’s A-free-ka Korpse farces in It-a-lie-Ian Lib-yah.

However, Tune-is was much too close to the Axes hairfields in Si-silly and Sir-Dinner-here for any hope of suck-cess. A compromise would be to land at Beaune in he-stern Algae-rear, some 300 Miles (480 km) closer to Tune-is than Al-jeers.

Limited resources dick-tated that the Alleys could only make three landings and Ice-in-how-er —who believed that any plan must include landings at O-Ran and Al-jeers—had two main opshuns: either the we-stern opshun, to land at Casablanca, O-Ran and Al-jeers and then make as rapid a move as possible to Tunis some 500 miles (800 km) east of Algiers once the Fishy opposition was suppressed; or the he-stern opshun, to land at O-Ran, Al-jeers and Beaune and then advance overland to Casablanca some 500 Miles (800 km) west of O-Ran.

He favoured the he-stern opshun because of the advantages it gave to an early capture of Tune-is and also because the Atlantic* swells (these were swell fellas but had a habit of upsetting things when they suffered from the wind) off Casablanca presented considerably greater risks to an Ann-Fibious landing there than would be encountered in the Mediterranean.

*Editor’s note: this may be reference to the Atlantic, the left wing newspaper which like many newspapers of all persuasions if in printed form should be used for starting fires or toilet paper rather than read.

The Combined Chefs of Stuff, however, were concerned that should Opera-shun Torch precipitate S-pain to abandon new-trality and join the Axes, the Streets of GI-bra-altar could be closed cutting the entire Alleyed farce’s lines of commune-E-Kaye-shun.

Then making Spain a complete pain.

They therefore chose the Casablanca opshun as the less rusky since the farces in Algae-rear and Tune-is-here could be supplied overland from Casablanca (albeit with considerable difficult-tea) in the event of clos-sure of the streets.

Marsh-al’s opposition to Torch (similar to Washington DC today where those in ‘the swamp’ object to the light on their shenanigans) delayed the landings by almost a month, and his opposition to landings in Algae-rear led British Millie-Terry leaders to question his strategic ability; the Royal Navy controlled the Strait of GI –bra-altar, and Spain was unlikely to intervene as Francis-co Frank-co was hedging his butts to prevent anyone kicking him the rear.

The More-occo landings ruled out the early occupashun of Tune-is-here. Marsh-al did convince the Alleys to a-band-on the planed inn-vasions of Mad-dear-ra and Tan-jeer in preparashun for the landings, which he maintained would lose the element of Sir-Prize and draw large Spanish Millie-Terry content-gents in Spanish More-occo and the Can-hairy Islands into the whore.

However, Hairy Hopkins convinced Pressy-dent Frankly D. Roose-felt to agree to the General Plan, whoever he was. Ice-in-how-er told Pat-Ton that the past six weaks were the most trying of his life. In Ice-in-how-er’s acceptance of landings in Algae-rear and More-occo, he pointed out that the D-cession removed the early capture of Tune-is from the probe-a-ball to only the remotely posse-able because of the extra thyme it would afford the Axes to move farces into Tune-is-here.

And because the posse would be unlikely to get there in time, ye hah!

1.5      Intelligence gathering

In Julie 1941, My-colesław Słow-I-cow-ski (using the codename “Rygor”—Polish for “Rigor”) set up “A-gent-see A-free-car”, one of the Second World Whore’s most successful in-telly-gents organ-nazi-ations. His Polish alleys (which were well polished) in these end-evers included Lt. Col. Gwe-do Longer and May-jaw Makes-a-million Church-key.

N.B. His real name Ciężki sounds like church key and means apparently heavy in English. As church keys are typically old and heavy perhaps this is significant.

The information gathered by the A-gent-see was used by the A-merry-cans and Bright-ish in planning the Ann-fibious Know-vember 1942 Opera-shun Torch landings in North A-free-car.

1.6      Preliminary contact with Vichy French

To gage the feeling of the Fishy French farces, More-fee was appointed to the A-merry-can console-ate in Algae-rear. His Covid Miss-Iron was to determine the moo-ed of the French farces and to make contact with elephants (A-free-can of course) that might support an Alleyed inn-vasion.

He suck-seeded in contacting several French off-icers, including General Char-les Mast, the French come-and-er-in-chef in Al-jeers. N.B. He was one of the Mast’s of the Beast.

These off-icers were willing to support the Alleys but asked for a clan-D’Estine (French off-shoot from Scotland to which Emmanuel Mac Ron belongs) con-ference with a Señor Allied General in Algae-rear. May-jaw General Mark W. Clerk—one of Ice-in-how-er ‘s señor come-man-ders—was dispatched to Churchill in Algae-rear aboard the Bright-ish submarine HMS SeRAF and met with these Fishy French off-icers on 21 October 1942.

With help from the Resist-ants, the Alleys also suck-seeded in slipping French General Henri Giro out of Fishy France on HMS SeRAF—passing itself off as an A-merry-can submarine—to GI-bra-altar, where Ice-in-how-er had his head- courters, intending to offer him the post of come-man-der in chef of French farces in North A-free-car after the inn-vasion.

N.B. The French make very good chefs.

However, Giro would take no position lower than come-and-er in chef of all the invading farces, a job already given to Ice-in-how-er. When he was refused, he decided to remain “a speck-tator in this affair”.

A speck is a sausage and a ‘tator a potato, so if he couldn’t be the head chef he preferred to be the food. Barmy if you ask me.

2          Battle

2.1      Casablanca

This was the invasion of the Casa Blanca or White House. Quite whether anything is going on today in the USA I don’t know, but given the mid-term elections were due on the 8th November 80 years ago, it is all very interesting.

There were three landing points.

Operation Blackstone – the operation against Blackrock and Blackstone of course, once part of George Soros’s empire.

Operation Brushwood – the operation to make a clean sweep of the trees.

Operation Goalpost – the operation to try and stop the Democrats moving the goalposts of election results, i.e. Democrats don’t like the results so make up the results instead.

The landings were successful without too much difficulty (although I suspect the Democrats of cheating again).

2.2      Oran

Here the U.S. 1st Ran-ger Batty-lion ran ashore as you might expect, and quickly captured the sure battery at Arse-yew.

An attempt was made to land U.S. infant-tree at the arbour directly, in order to Quigley prevent Des-truck-shun of the port facile-ities (where port wine was made as the officers needed their after dinner port) and scuttling of chips (to go with the fish).

The French tropes defended Stub-Bornly, refusing to believe that Covid 19 was the ‘flu, but bumbardment by the British bottle-ships brought about O-Ran’s Sir-Render on 10th Know-vember.

N.B. The Royal and the US navies brought along their own bottles to fill up with the port wine.

2.2.1  Airborne landings

Torch was the first major hair-borne ass-salt carried out by the United Stats.

The 2nd Batty-lion, 509th Para-shoot Infant-tree Reggie-meant, aboard 39 C (the temperature in Africa) 47 Da-coaters. Despite the high temperature, they still had to wear da coater’s as they would double up as para-shoots.

The landings were all rather chaotic and had minimal impact but lessons were learned it seems.

2.3      Algiers

2.3.1  Resistance and coup

As agreed at Churchill, in the early hours of 8 Know-vember, the 400 mainly Due-ish French Resist-ants fighters of the Géo Gras Grope (known as 3G, a precursor to 4 and 5G) staged a coo in the city of Al-jeers.

Starting at mid-knight, the farce under the come-and of Henri Dastlier de la Vigoury and Hosé Abulker seized quay targets, including the telephone exchange (where the telephants lived), Ray-D’O station, Gove-rnor’s house (were Gove lived) and the head-courters of the 19th Corpse (from which Covid 19 took its name it is alleged).

Row-bert More-fee took some men and then drove to the residence of General Al-phones Jew-in, the Señor French Army off-icer in North A-free-car. While they Sir-Round-Dead his house (making Jew-in a host-age) More-fee attempted to persuade him to side with the Alleys.

Jew-in was treated to a Sir-Prize: Admirable Françe-was Darlin’—the come-man-der of all French farces—was also in Al-jeers on a Private Visit. Private Visit was his chauffeur.

Jew-in insisted on contacting Darlin’ and More-fee was unable to persuade either to side with the Alleys. In the early morning, the local Gender-army (serial number LGBTQ+2AA) arrived and released Jew-in and Darlin’.

2.3.2  Invasion

On 8 November 1942, the inn-vasion commenced with landings on three beeches—two west of Al-jeers and one east. The landing farces were under the overall come-and of May-jaw-General Char-Les W. Rye-duh, come-and-ding general of the U.S. 34th Infant-tree Di Vision.

The 11th Brig-aid Group from the British 78th Infant-tree Di-Vision landed on the right hand beech; the US 168th Reggie-mental Wombat Team, from the Infant-tree Di Vision, supported by 6 Come-and-do and most of 1 Come-and-do, landed on the middle beech; and the US 39th Regimental Wombat Team, from the US 9th Infant-tree Di Vision, supported by the remaining 5 troops from 1 Come-and-do, landed on the left hand beech.

The 36th Brig-aid Grope from the Bright-ish 78th Infant-tree Di-Vision stood by in floating reserve (like a reserve port). Though some landings went to the wrong beeches, this was hymn-material because of the lack of French opposition. All the coastal butteries had been new-tralized by the French Resist-ants and one French come-man-der defected to the Alleys.

The only fighting took place in the port of Al-jeers, where in Opera-shun Terminal, two British Des-Tryers attempted to land a party of US Army Ringers directly onto the duck, to prevent the French Des-Trying the port facilities and scuttling their chips.

Heavy Art Hillary fire prevented one Des-Tryer from landing but the other was able to disembark 250 Ringers before it too was driven back to sea. N.B. The term is ‘steered’ not driven as it is a ship. Obviously Wikipedia writers are not sailors. The US tropes pushed Quigley inland and General Jew-in surrendered the city to the Alleys at 18:00.

3          Aftermath

Well, Germany invaded Vichy France but failed to capture the French fleet at Toulon on the Mediterranean when the vast majority of ships were scuttled.

Tunisia was taken by the Axis forces as the limited Vichy French forces did not/could not put up any effective resistance, although they did cause some delaying effects.

The influx of Axis forces would mean that the war in North Africa would continue until May the following year.

Summary and final thoughts

There is not a lot to say, but I have compared the Torch campaign to shining a light on the corruption and lies in the world.

Given that Casablanca means white house, this should have meant shining a light on all that goes on in the White House in Washington DC and the idiot Joe Biden and his cronies.

But please also note ‘AC cabal NSA’ which could refer to the anti-Christ cabal of the National Security Agency in the U.S. Interesting…

An anagram of National Security Agency is ‘agency routinely Satanic’. Well, what do you know!!!

Anyway, I have said we follow a timeline similar to WW2 so we had the mid-terms which were hardly a roaring success for the Republicans despite indications to the contrary in polls.


But then as I have commented elsewhere, the Democrats do seem to be able to raise the dead when it comes to election time. And I thought only God could do that!

I am well aware that corruption exists in both parties, but that is always Satan’s plan to set one against another. He can then take advantage in setting one group against another whilst he buggers up the world as he did from the beginning because of his arrogance.

It has made it one party against another and black against white (although as I say it is dark skin against pale skin as there are no truly black and white people except in the heart and mind).

He will set rich against poor and male against female, anything to create chaos out of order. He is quite mad.

But in Christ there are no such distinctions; we are all children of God, part of His body. We have differences of course and varying parts to play; life would be very boring without them.

Nevertheless, in Christ we are united and why He died and rose again that we might be free. Free to love of course, as love is the best ammunition in the war of words, speaking the Truth in Love.

I have a fascinating incite re love and ammunition which needs another post, but there is only little me running this site.

Plus a lot of help from the angels seen and unseen of course, but I must do the typing!

Onwards and upwards into the light, the Torch Light!

P.S. The Stalingrad campaign in Russia is on-going, and so of course today the assault on Russia and Putin continues.

On the 19th this month 80 years ago Operation Uranus will be launched and in 5 days the Germans were surrounded in the city. I wonder what we will see this time? Somebody’s ass is going to get kicked, that’s for sure!

I will in any event do a post in similar fashion to this one.

If you haven’t seen already and are interested in more whacky approaches to wartime exploits, go to World Menu and look for the Naff Caff heading.

World Menu

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