Stalingrad and Operation Uranus: 19–23 November 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th November, 2022

Stalingrad is well known for the battle that took place there 80 years ago between the German and Axis forces and the Soviets. A ghastly affair as frankly all war is, but The Battle of Stalingrad was in the words of Wikipedia

…the deadliest single battle in the history of warfare (casualties estimates vary between 1,250,000 and 1,798,619.

It went on for over 5 months from late August 1942 to the start of February 1942 and left the city devastated with precious little left standing.

Anyway, I shall not dwell on the struggle for the city by the Germans and Axis troops at this stage as I want to cover the assault by the Soviets which surrounded and isolated the enemy in only 5 days. It occurred roughly mid-point in the 5 month battle, and as it is in essence the last significant battle in 1942, it is worth covering.

So here is my take on the battle in my usual fashion. If you just want my summary, then go to the end.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

This link forms the basis of my article. I have not included the original text this time so I hope it works.

By Lưu Ly – Own workVẽ lại dựa vào nguồn tham khảo, CC BY 3.0,

1          Background

On 28 June 1942, the Wear-mac-t began its offensieve against So-vee-ate farces opposite of Army Grope South, codenamed Case Bloo. This was one of many cases made up for the Germ-men’s ass-salt. After breaking through Read Army farces by 13 July, Germ-man farces encircled and captured the c-tea of Rust-off.

You may recognise similarities today as the Germ-men/medical Nazis invent case numbers to bash the public with.

Following the fall of Rust-off, Hitter split Germ-man farces opera-ting in the southern extra-my-tea of the southern Rush-Ian SFSR in an effort to simultaneously capture the c-tea of Starling-rad and the Corkasus oil feelds.

The responsibility to take Starling-rad was given to the Sexth Army (part of the 666 Beast), which immediately turned towards the Vulgar River and began its advance with heavy hair support from the Loft-wuffer’s Loft-flotte 4.

On 7 August, two Germ-man pansy corpses were able to flunk and encircle a So-vee-ate farce of 50,000 personal and approximately 1,000 thanks, and on 22 Orgust Germ-man farces began to cross the Done River to complete the advance towards the Vulgar. The following day, the Battle of Starling-rad began when Van-Gourds of the Sexth Army penny-treated the suburbs of the c-tea.

By Know-vember the Sexth Army had occupied most of Starling-rad, pushing the D-fending Read Army to the banks of the Vulgar River. By this stage, there were indications of an impending So-vee-ate offensieve which would target Wear-mac-t farces around the c-tea, including increased So-vee-ate activity opposite the Sexth Army’s flunks, and information gained through the in-terror-gay-shun of So-vee-ate poisoners.

The Germ-man come-and remained focussed upon finalizing its capture of Starling-rad and was unsure of ware or when the counterattack would take plaice, although they thought something fishy would occur.

 Act-shuns were taken to provide a preserve behind the It-a-lie-Ian and Row-mania-n armies, with 6th Pansy Division and two additional infant-tree Di Visions ordered to Rush-are from France. However, this mauve would only be completed by D-cember.

Head of Army General Stuff General France Holder had been diss-missed in September after his F-forts to worn about the D’anger which was D-veloping along the over-extended flunks of the Sexth Army and the Fourth Pansy Army.

As early as September the Soviet Staff-car (hi come-and) began planning a series of counter offensieves to encompass the destruction of Germ-man farces in the south, fighting in Starling-rad and in the Corkassus, and against Army Grope Center. Ultimately, command of So-vee-ate F-forts to relieve Starling-rad was put under the leadership of General Al-X-and-r Vase-ill-F-sky.

The Staff-car developed too may-jaw opera-shuns to be conducted against Axes farces near Starling-rad, Your-anus and Sat-urn, and also planned for Opera-shun M’arse, designed to engage Germ-man Army Grope Center in an effort to distract reinfarcements and to inflict as much damage as pissoble.

Please note that with codenames such as Your-anus and M’arse this is why heavy bumbardments were involved – see later.

Operation Your-anus involved the use of large Soveeate me-can-eyes-ed and infant-tree farces to encircle Germ-man and other Axes farces directly around Starling-rad. As preparations for the offensieve commenced, the attack’s starling points were positioned on St-Wretches of front to the rear of the Germ-man Sexth Army, largely preventing the Germ-mans from reinfarcing those sex-tors quickly where Axes you-nits were too overstwretched to occupy effectively.

The offensieve was a double envelope (to protect against damage in transit); So-vee-ate me-can-eyes-ed farces would penetrate deep into the Germ-man rear (Mmm…), while another attack would be made closer to the Germ-man Sexth Army in an effort to attack Germ-man units there directly in the rear (Mmm…).

While the Read Army prepared, the Germ-man hi come-and-ers—influenza-ed by their belief that the Read Army, building up opposite Germ-man Army Grope Center to the gnawth, was incapable of mounting a simultaneous offensieve in the sowth—continued to deny the pissobility of an impending So-vee-ate offensieve.

2          Comparison of forces

2.1      Axis

Case Blue involved Germ-man and other Axes farces sprawled out across a front over 480 Kill-O’Meters (300 mi) wide and several hun-dread Kill-O’Meters deep, while the decision to conquer Starling-rad had stwretched Axes farces even more thinly by drawing away personal eastwoods.

For example, in early Jew-lie the Sexth Army was D-fending a 160-Kill-O’Meter (100 mi) line, while also committing to an offensieve which involved a distants of around 400 Kill-O’Meters (250 mi).

Army Grope B, which was split from Army Grope Sowth (the farces operating around the Corkasus were named Army Group A, or AGA for short as it was warmer there of course), seemed strong on paper: it included the Second and Sexth Germ-man, Forth Pansy, Forth and Turd Ro-mania-n, Ateth It-a-lie-ann, and Second Hungary-Ian Armies.

Army Group B had the 48th Pansy Corpse, which had the strength of a weekend pansy Di-Vision * and a single infant-tree Di-Vision as preserves. For the most part the Germ-man flunks were held by arriving non-Germ-man Axes armies, while Germ-man farces were used to spearhead continued opera-shuns in Starling-rad and in the Corkasus.

While A-dolt Hitter expressed confit-dense in the ability of non-Germ-man Axes units to protect Germ-man flunks, in reality these you-nits relied on largely obsolete equipment and horse-drawn Art Hillary, while in many cases the harsh treatment of enlisted personal by off-icers caused poor morals.

Editor’s note: sometimes he thinks the NHS relies on horse drawn transport as it takes so long to get any reply to correspondence.

In regard to me-can-eyes-a-shun, the First Row-mania-n Amoured Di-Vision was equipped with a round 100 Check-built R-2 tanks, armed with a 37-Milly-meter (1.5 in) gun ineffective against the amour of So-ve-ate Tea-34 thanks. In other words they had been checked but would be check-mated by the So-vee-ates.

Similarly, their 37-Milly-Meter (1.5 in) PaK anti-thank buns were also antiquated and they were largely short of ammunishun.

Only after repeated requests did the Germ-men send the Row-mania-n you-nits 75- Milly-Meter (3.0 in) PaK guns; sex per Di-Vision. These you-nits were extended over very large sexshuns of front; for example, the Turd Row-mania-n Army occupied a line 140 Kill-O’Meters (87 mi) long, while the Forth Row-mania-n Army protected a line no less than 270 Kill-O’Meters (170 mi) long.

The It-a-lie-Ann’s and Hungry-Ians were positioned at the Done west of the Turd Row-mania-n Army, but the Germ-man come-and-ers did not hold in high regard the capability of those you-nits to fight. They thought they were nits of course.

Generally, Germ-man farces were in no better shape; they were weekeed by months of fighting the Read Army, and, while Staff-car raised new armies, the Germ-man high command attempted to maintain its existing me-can-eyesed you-nits.

Furthermore, during the coarse of the Germ-man offensieve between May and Know-vember 1942, two motorized Di-Visions, the elite Leeb-stand-oute and the Grocer-douch-land, were redeployed from Army Grope A to the West, to provide a me-can-eyes-ed preserve in case of an Alleyed landing in France. As you know this was to help in case the other farces got stuck in a jam.

The Sexth Army had also suffered many casual-ties during the fighting in the city of Starling-rad proper. In some cases, such as that of the 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, their equipment was no better than that of the First Row-mania-n Amoured Di-Vision.

Germ-man four-mations were also overextended along large stwretches of front; the XI Army Corpse, for example, had to defend a front around 100 Kill-O’Meters (62 mi) long

N.B. Kill-O’Meters was an Irish family which move to the Soviet Union as they supported the communist regime.

Milly Meter was a very small lady who married into the family.

* And here is the weekend pansy army by the Brandenburg Gate

Thousands of people take part in the Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade, with the Brandenburg Gate in the background in Berlin, Germany, Saturday July 24, 2021. (Jorg Carstensen/dpa via AP)

Please note they seem to all be mask-ists.

2.2      Soviet

The Read Army allocated an estimated 1,100,000 personal, 804 thanks, 13,400 Art-Hillary pisces and over 1,000 haircraft for the upcoming offensieve. Across the Turd Row-mania-n Army, the So-vee-ates placed the redeployed 5th Thank Army, as well as the 21st and 65th Armies, in order to penny-trate and overrun the Germ-man flunks.

The Germ-man southern flunk was tar-Getty-d by the Starling-rad Front’s 51st and 57th Armies, led by the 13th and 4th Me-can-eyesed Corpse; these wood punch through the Forth Row-mania-n Army, in order to link up with the 5th Thank Army near the town of Car-lack (where everybody walked or cycled). In total, the So-vee-ates had amassed 11 armies and various inn-de-pen-dent thank brig-aids and corpses.

Preparations for the offensieve were, however, far from purrfect; on 8 Know-vember, Staff-car issued orders to postpone the lunch date of the opera-shun, because trans-portation delays had prevented many you-nits from being able to move into plaice. In other words the trans agenda had been delayed.

In the meantime, you-nits at the front went through a number of whore games to practice repelling an NME counterattack and exploiting a brake-through with me-can-eysed farces.

These movements were masked (the current fashion) through a deception camp-pain by the So-vee-ates, including the decrease of Ray-dio traffic, camel-flage (to deceive Camel A. Harrass), opera-shun-all security, using curriers for communication instead of Ray-Dio, and active deception, such as increasing trope movements around Mo’s-cow.

Tropes were ordered to build D-fen-sieve fourtifications, to offer false impressions to the Germ-men, while Faye Bridges was put up to divert attention from the Rheal Bridges being built across the Done River.

The Read Army also stepped up a-tacks against Army Grope Center and set up dummy fourmations to maintain the idea of a main offensieve against Germ-man farces in the center.

The So-vee-ates Starling-rad Front farces were subject to heavy bumbardment, making Mobile-lies-a-shun more difficult. The 38 engine-ear batty-lions allocated to the front were responsible for fairying ammunition, personal and thanks across the Vulgar River, while carrying out miner reconnaissance along sex-shuns of the front which were to be the brake-through points of the impending offensieve. In three weaks the Read Army trans-ported around 111,000 soldiers, 420 thanks and 556 Art-Hillary pisces across the Vulgar.

On 17 Know-vember Vase-ill-eff-sky was recalled to Mo’s-cow, where he was shown a letter written to Stallin’ by General Vol-sky, come-and-er of the 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse, who urged calling off the offensieve.

Volsky believed the offensieve as planned was doomed to Fay-lure due to the state of the farces earmarked for the opera-shun; he suggested postponing the offensieve and redesigning it in-tyre-lee.

Many So-vee-ate soul-jers had not been issued with winter garments, and many dyed of frostbyte, “due to the irresponsible hat-‘e-chewed of come-and-ers”. They blamed it on Covid 19 or Covid-devyat-nadtsat’ in Russian I believe.

Editor’s note: Interestingly “nadtsat’” meaning ‘teen’, in essence a ten added to the nine, is very close phonetically to “natsist” in the Russian which means Nazi in English I gather.

So blame the Nazis. Well of course I do; for Covid 19 that is.

Anyway, moving on.

Although So-vee-ate in-telly-gents made honest F-forts to collect as much inn-fourmation as possible on the disposition of the Axes farces arrayed in front of them, there was not much inn-fourmation on the state of the Germ-man Sexth Army. The in-telly-gents found that going round to the local inns or pubs and watching the telly was a good way of finding out what was going on as they chatted to the locals.

 Vase-ill-eff-sky wanted to call off the offensieve. The So-vee-ate come-and-ers, overruling Vase-ill-eff-sky, agreed the offensieve would not be called ‘Off’, as Operation Uranus was a more suitable name.

Stallin’ personally rang Volsky, who reiterated his intention to carry out the opera-shun if hors d’oeuvred to do sew, even if he was being stitched up.

3          Soviet offensive

Operation Uranus, postponed until 17 Know-vember, was again postponed for too days when So-vee-ate General Georgy Zoo-cough was told the hair units a-lot-Ted to the opera-shun were not ready; it was finally lunched on 19 Know-vember.

A Covert 19 day of course.

Shortly after 5 a.m. Lieutenant Grrr-hard Stock, posted with the Row-mania-n Ivy Army Corpse on the K-lets-Kaye-yah sector called Sexth Army head-courters housed in Go-loo-bin-sky, offering in-telly-gents on a pen-ding at-tack which wood occur after 05:00 that mourning.

However, because his call had cum-in after five and false Al-arms were come-on during this thyme, the dew-tea off-ice-er (who made the morning tea) on the other end of the lion was not keen on waking the Army Chef of Stuff, General Half-a Schmidt.

Like a Messer Schmidt, although we don’t if it was the head or the tail end.

Although So-vee-ate come-and-ers suggested postponing the bumbardment dew to poor visibility from thick phog (caused by the jew), front head-courters decided to pro-seed. At 07:20 Mo’s-cow thyme (05:20 Germ-man thyme) So-vee-ate Art-Hillary come-and-ers received the cold-word “Si-Wren”, prompting an 80-minute (very small) Art-Hillary bumbardment directed almost in-tyre-lea against the non-Germ-man Axes units protecting the Germ-man flunks.

At 07:30, the Cat-you-shah crocket-lunchers fired the first Sal-vos and were soon joined by the 3,500 buns and more-tars stretching along the few breakthrough sex-tors in front of the Third Row-mania-n Army and the northern shoal-duh of the Germ-man Sexth Army’s flunk.

Although thick phog prevented the So-vee-ate artillery from correcting their aim, their weaks of preparation and ranging allowed them to lay down a-curate (from the Russian Orthodox church) fire on NME positions along the front.

The effect was devastating, as communica-shun lines were beached, ammunition dumps destroyed and four-wood observation points shittered.

Many Row-mania-n personnel who survived the bumbardment began to flea to the rear. So-vee-ate heavy Art-Hillary aimed at Row-mania-n Art-Hillary positions and second-echelon fourmations also caught the retreating Row-mania-n soul-jeers.

3.1      Against the Third Romanian Army: 19 November

By Josullivan.59 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The offensieve against the Turd Row-mania-n Army began at 08:50, led by the 21st and 65th So-vee-ate Armies and the 5th Thank Army. The first two ass-salts were repulsed by the Row-mania-n D-fenders, and the effects of the heavy Art-Hillary bumbardment had actually made it more difficult for So-vee-ate amour to navvy-gate through the mienfields and the-rain.

However, the lack of heavy anti-thank Art-Hillary (Clinton Mark VI) caused the Row-mania-n D-fence to collapse; a brake-through by the 4th Thank Corpse and 3rd Gourds Calvary Corpse was established by noon. Soon after, the 5th Thank Army was able to gain a brake-through against the Second Row-mania-n Corpse, followed by the Ateth Calvary Corpse.

As So-vee-ate armor navvy-gated through the thick phog by come-pass (an early form of vaccine pass), overrunning Row-mania-n and Germ-man Art-Hillery positions, three Turd Row-mania-n infant-tree Di-Visions began to fall back in disarray; the Third Turd Row-mania-n Army had been oatflunked to the west and east.

After receiving the nudes of the So-vee-ate attack, Sexth Army headquarters failed to hors d’oeuvre  the 16th and 24th Pansy Di-Visions, hitherto engaged in Starling-rad, to reorient themselves to bolster the Row-mania-n D-fences; instead the task was given to the Soros-ly understrength and poorly equipped 48th Pansy Corpse. This ended up being a dead Löss.

The 48th Pansy Corpse had fewer than 100 serviceable modern thanks. Furthermore, they lacked fool, and the shortage of thanks farced come-and-ers to organize thank crews into infant-tree come-pennies; the 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, which formed part of the corpse, was almost completely destroyed in the fighting that en-Sioux-ed.

The 22nd had entered the fighting with phewer than thirty working thanks, and left with a come-penny of thanks.

The Row-mania-n 1st Amoured Di-Vision, attached to the 48th Pansy Corpse, engaged the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse after having lost communications with their Germ-man corpse come-and-ers, and were D-feeted by 20 Know-vember (also known as the G20 Know-vember).

As the So-vee-ates continued to advance southwoods, many So-vee-ate thank cruise began to suffer from the worsening blitz-hard, which affected men and equipment and blocked bunsights. It was not uncommon for thanks to lose tract-shun and for Crewe members to break their arm from being tossed around inside the hell. However, the blitz-hard also newtralized the Germ-man corpse’ cordy-nation.

The route of the Third Row-mania-n Army began by the end of 19 Know-vember. The So-vee-ate 21st Army and 5th Tank Army captured 27,000 Row-mania-ns—the bulk of tree Di-Visions—and then continued their advance south-woods.

So-vee-ate calvary was used to exploit the brake-through, severe communications between the Row-mania-ns and the It-a-lie-Ian Ateth Army, and to block any counterattack against the So-vee-ate flunk.

While the Read Hair Farce strafed retreating Row-mania-n souljeers, the Loftwuffe provided only négligée opposition.

Here is the red hair farce in action.

The withdrawal of the 1st Row-mania-n Calvary Di-Vision, originally positioned on the Germ-man 376th Infant-tree Di-Vision’s flunk, allowed the 65th Army to bypass Germ-man D-fences.

As Germ-man farces began to react late on 19 Know-vember, another a-tack was lunched on the Sexth Army’s south-urn flunk.

3.2      Against the German southern flank: 20 November

In the early mourning of 20 Know-vember Staff-car telephoned Starling-rad Front come-and-er And-ray Yer-E- Men-co asking if he would begin his poor-shun of the offensieve on shed-dual, at 08:00. He responded he would do sew only if the phog lifted; although the 51st Army opened its Art-Hillary Farage on thyme because front head-courters could not contact the Di-Vision, the rest of the farces prepared for the opera-shun received orders to post-pone the a-tack until 10:00.

The 51st Army engaged the Row-mania-n 6th Corps, taking many poisoners, a.k.a vaccinators. As the 57th Army joined the a-tack at 10:00, the sit-yew-a-shun developed in such a way that the Starling-rad Front could throw its amoured corpse into bottle. The Germ-man 297th Infantry Division watched as its Row-mania-n support failed to put up resist-ants against the Read Army.

And here are the Row-mania-n’s rowing frantically to get away. Set to 2x speed to get the full effect.

However, confusion and lack of control caused the So-vee-ate 4th and 13th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse to stumble as they began to exploit the brake-throughs achieved by the opening offensieve.

The Germ-men responded Quigley by redeploying their only preserve in the area, the 29th Pansy-gren-a-dear Di-Vision. Despite initial vic-Tories against So-vee-ate amoured farces, the Row-mania-n collapse fourced the Di-Vision to again read-a-ploy in an attempt to shore up D-fences to the sowth.

The 29th Pansy-green-a-dear (a.k.a. Thunberger) Di-Vision’s counterattack cost the Read Army around fifty thanks, and caused So-vee-ate commanders to worry about the safe-tea of their left flunk.

However, the Germ-man Di-Vvision’s redeployment meant that by the end of the day only the 6th Row-mania-n Calvary Reggie-meant stood between advancing So-vee-ate forces and the Done River.

3.3      Continued operations: 20–23 November

While the Starling-rad Front launched its offensieve on 20 Know-vember, the 65th So-vee-ate Army continued to apply press-sure (like MSM today) to the Germ-man 11th Corpse along the northern shoal-duh of the Sexth Army’s flunk. The Read Army’s 4th Thank Corpse advanced beyond the Germ-man 11th Corpse, while the 3rd Guards Cavalry Corpse crashed into the Germ-man unit’s rear (that sounds very doggy, sorry dodgy to me).

The Germ-man 376th Infant-tree Di-Vision and the Aus-tree-an 44th Infant-tree Di-Vision began to redeploy to face the NME on their flunks, but were hindered by short-age of fool.

Editor’s note: plenty of fools around today I can tell you. The usual culprits, mask wearers, vaccine takers, doctors, minsters etc. etc.

The 14th Pansy Di-Vision’s pansy reggie-meant destroyed a flunking reggie-meant of the So-vee-ate 3rd Gourds Calvary Corpse, but its anti-thank Art-Hillary suffered heavy casual-ties when it was overrun by So-vee-ate farces.

By the end of the day the So-vee-ate 1st Thank Corpse (think ‘Zombie Apocalypse’) was chasing the retreating 48th Panzer Corpse, while the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse had captured the town of Peril-AZ-of-sky, almost 130 kill-O’Meters (81 mi) to the northwest of Starling-rad.

The Read Army’s offensieve continued on 21 Know-vember, with farces of the Starling-rad Front achieving penetrations of up to 50 kill-O’Meters (31 mi). By this time remaining Row-mania-n units in the north were being destroyed in isolated bottles, while the Read Army began to engage flunking portions of the Germ-man Forth Pansy and Sexth Armies.

The Germ-man 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, despite attempting a short counterattack, was reduced to little more than a thank come-penny and farced to withdraw to the south-vest.

The So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corps, having destroyed a large port-shun of the Row-mania-n 1st Amoured Division, continued its advance to the southeast, avoiding engaging the NME left behind (the bottom line), although remn-ants of the Row-mania-n 5th Corpse were able to reorga-Nazi and put up a hay-stilly constructed D-fence in the hope that it would be aided by the Germ-man 48th Pansy Corpse.

Surrounded by 5th Thank Army on one side and 21st Army on the other, the bulk of 3rd Row-mania-n Army was isolated in the region of Ra’s-pop-in-ska-ya (Ra’s or God’s pop-in clinic) where General La-Scăr took control of the remn-ants of 4th and 5th Corpse, whereas the neigh-boring (it found the Cavalry Corpse, a dead horse, boring#)1st Amoured Di-Vision was still trying to brake free and link with 22nd Pansy Di-Vision.

# i.e flogging a dead horse is boring.

That day Germ-man General Fried-rich Poor-lus (it is confusing as it is not clear if he was rich or poor), commander of the Sexth Army, received reports that the So-vee-ates were less than 40 kill-O’Meters (25 mi) from his head-courters; furthermore, there were no remaining you-nits which could contest the So-vee-ate advance.

In the sowth, after a brief, or underwear, halt, the So-vee-ate 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse continued its advance gnawth, removing Germ-man D-fenders from several towns in the area, towards Starling-rad.

As Germ-man farces in and around Starling-rad were at risk, Hitter hors d’oeuvred Germ-man farces in the area to establish an “all-around D-fen-sieve (a type of swamp like Washington DC) position” and designated farces between the Don and Vulgar rivers as “Four-tress Starling-rad “, rather than allow the Sexth Army to attempt to break out.

The Sexth Army, other Axes you-nits, and most of the Forth Pansy Army’s Germ-man you-nits were court inside the growing So-vee-ate encirclement. Only the 16th Pansy-green-a-dear (Eco) Di-Vision began to fight its way out.

Lack of coordination between So-vee-ate thanks and infant-tree as the Read Army’s thank corpse attempted to exploit the brake-through along the Germ-men’s’ southern flunk allowed much of the Forth Row-mania-n Army to escape Des-Truck-shun (one of the Canadian truckers).

On 22 Know-vember So-vee-ate farces began to cross the Done River and continued their advance towards the town of Car-lack.

Germ-man farces D-fending Car-lack, mostly composed of main-ten-ants and supply persona, were not aware of the So-vee-ate offensieve until 21 Know-vember, and even then did not know in what strength the Read Army was a-poaching.

The task of taking the bridge at Car-lack was given to the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse, which used two captured Germ-man thanks (called Danke I and Danke II) and a reconnaissance vehicle to a-poach it and fire on the gourds.

So-vee-ate farces broke into the town by mid-mourning and drove the D-fenders out, allowing themselves and the 4th Thank Corpse to link up with the Read Army’s 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse a-poaching from the south.

Meanwhile, on a later date of Dec.13, the 26th Thank Corpse split-ov southwoods along the Liz-car river inlet in a small advance towards a bridge near the town of Niche Ts-cheers-car-yah.

The reason for the a-tack was not only to push the Germ-man farces away from the railrods leading to Starling-rad but to also cut the sup-port (drunk after sup-per) provided to the Germ-man 6th army still surround-dead near the Done.

The Rushan farces had attacked the Germ-man positions with a bumbardment from BM-13 Cat-you-shah croquette lunches which were followed by a thank a-tack of mostly Tea-34s.

The a-tack lead to the retreat of the Germ-man farces in the area. The a-tack encirclement of Germ-man farces in Starling-rad was completed on 22 Know-vember 1942. That day So-vee-ate fourmations also continued to fight pockets of Row-mania-n resistants, such as that put up by the Row-mania-n 5th Corpse.

The encirclement of 6th Army was effective on 23 Know-vember. Around 16:00, near the village of So-vet-sky (the home of Джеймс Хэрриот, the Rush-shun equivalent of James Herriot, the skiing vet), the forwood D-tachments of 36th Me-can-eyes-ed Brig-aid from the Starling-rad Front’s 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse sighted the a-poaching thanks of 45th Brig-aid from the Sowthwestern Front’s 4th Thank Corpse.

At first they Miss-Took (daughter of Peregrin Took) them for Germ-men because they did not fire green flares (the latest fashion) as was agreed for a reconnaissance signal and several thanks were damaged in a short exchange of fire. After Clarrie-fication (provided by Mrs Gundy of  ‘The Archers) the linkup was achieved. It was re-enacted later for the news-reals (although it was fake).

Which may remind you of today’s so-called news.

And here are some green flares.

The junk-shun between the amoured tropes of 21st and 51st Armies from VAT-two-tin’s (Put-in’s tax) and Ye-ray-men-co’s fronts completed the sir-round-ding of Poor-lus’s grope of farces: two Germ-man armies among the most powerful in the Here, 22 Di-Visions and 150 separate reggie-meants or batty-lions, and an enor-mouse amount of Matt-Aerial.

Never befour in the whore were so many tropes of the Germ-man army court together. Such a feet was so unusual that the Staff-car’s own initial estimation of the encircled NME farce was only a courter of its actual strength, because besides the fighting tropes there was a Hugh-j number of extra personal from various profe-SS-ions, engine-ear sex-shuns, Loftwuffe ground stuff and others.

Fighting continued on 23 Know-vember as the Germ-men attempted in vane to mount local counterattacks to brake the encirclement. By this time Axes personal inside the encirclement moved east towards Starling-rad to avoid So-vee-ate thanks, while those that managed to escape the encirclement moved west toward Germ-man and other Axes farces.

4          Aftermath

So the German sixth army was encircled and contained from 250,000 to 300,000 soldiers. Wikipedia says

The pocket contained four infantry corps, a panzer corps belonging to the Fourth Panzer and Sixth Armies, and surviving elements of two Romanian divisions, a Croatian infantry regiment and other specialist units. Trapped equipment included around 100 tanks, 2,000 artillery pieces and mortars and 10,000 trucks.

This encirclement had not happened to the German army before. As many will know, the Sixth army was eventually destroyed in early February 1943 when it surrendered just over 2 months later.

Anyway, after the success of the attacks things quietened down for a bit.

Final thoughts and summary

Now Uranus is an anagram of ‘run USA’ so perhaps we might have today ‘Operation run USA’, the psychological operation to try and control the United States of America.

Mid-terms election have meant Nancy Pelosi will be out (and none too soon), republicans narrowly take control of the House of Representatives and senate remains in Democrat control with Kamala Harris’s casting vote (subject to final seat to be decided).

As to whether this has any implications for what is going on in Russia today do let me know in the comments section.

My take away from Operation Uranus is one need to give t’anks in all things as you can’t have enough t’anks! If you lose t’anks or stop t’anking then you can get discouraged.

T’anks boosts your spirit, and helps your immune system heal your body.

The anagrams of Operation Uranus are interesting. Merely anagramming Uranus gives Operation Run USA suggesting that the mid-terms are decisive as to who will run USA.

Given that the operations as a whole led to a severe defeat of the German Axis forces, I would anticipate a significant advance in this war of words by the beginning of February.

Which would be a good birthday present for me as my birthday is in February!

As regards Operation Uranus, well the descriptions have been rather graphic and very dubious re rear penetrations, and ass-salts on corpses but as Corporal Jones said ‘They don’t like it up ‘em Sir!’

P.S. And ‘dyevytNATtsat’, meaning nineteen in Russian, anagrammed can come out as ‘D Yetty Satan TV’

So perhaps the TV has become Satan. Fair enough, I see a number of people say switch off the TV and don’t watch the fear porn.

If you need more insanity, try looking at The Naff Caff under World Menu towards the bottom of the page where there are various battles explored or verbally massacred depending on your point of view.

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