3 Tier System

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th October 2020

Oh goodie, another wonderful idea to beat the virus! At least, another wonderful idea for me to play with. To be honest, I did think about bashing my head against the wall when I heard this, but I don’t have any loose plaster to remove at the moment (see B is for…..Blood).

Also, I rather value my brain, the half that’s working properly, and I intend to keep the other part safe until it is back in order. And then I still intend to keep it safe after that. Obvious really.

I like to state the obvious from time to time to make sure things are in working order. And to see if the mentally disturbed (a large percentage of the world) have woken up yet.

Anyway, three tiers. Well, it could refer to the 3 tier system in the U.S.A. Yes, really. But this is to do with alcohol production and sale. It is quite interesting, even if not directly relevant to the UK where I am at the moment.

I will have a review of this, therefore, before going back to the latest cunning plan of our government.

In essence there are these 3 tiers:

1st tier — The supplier or producer

2nd tier — The distributor or wholesaler

3rd tier — The retailer

Somebody has added that there is a fourth tier, the consumer which is very reasonable to me. See


The 3 tiers arose from the Prohibition Era in the U.S.A. Prohibition seemed like a good idea at the time to moralists with a Christian background. The evidence suggests it was mostly driven by women who saw what damage abuse of alcohol could do to home life and the family.

Which of course it can and does do. But Prohibition played into the hands of those who always seek to break laws, especially those draconian laws which went against even the Most High’s guidance.

After all He made wine to gladden means hearts, and ‘You may spend the money for whatever your heart desires: for oxen, or sheep, or wine, or strong drink, or whatever your heart desires; and there you shall eat in the presence of the Lord your God and rejoice, you and your household.’

Note it is in the presence of the Lord your God and for rejoicing. Who said God is a killjoy, eh?

But don’t get drunk on it, because that is stupid and will rot your liver, amongst other organs. And as it is poisonous in excess (even water is poisonous in excess), it will be a virus in your system which you will need to get rid of or you will eventually die. And many do die young of it, sadly.

Whether or not the 3 tier system is sensible is debatable. But it is certainly true that it is no good trying to change the outside of the man (or woman) by stopping them drinking alcohol to excess, by stopping them from doing it at all.

It seems that the moralists had not read their Bibles properly and taken the words to heart.

When there was a revival in the South Wales valleys in 1904-5, hearts were changed, and then people stopped drinking alcohol and pubs were empty. They may have gone from one extreme to another, but it was effective.

In any event, the law is a blunt instrument in guiding people and you can never legislate to cover all stupidity.

Anyway, what about the latest stupidity in the UK?

Well, if you are in doubt just check out the government’s own website link below.


I hope perhaps you have read Government Slogans under Café specials – More About Lerts which is an additional page. You will know that lerts (really lurts) are something rather nasty to be avoided.

So we have

Tier 1 Medium – fair number of lurts to avoid

Tier 2 High – a lot of lurts to avoid

Tier 3 Very High – an awful lot of lurts to avoid. Or a lot of awful lurts to avoid.

Rather like a minefield, you are very likely to tread on one, and there will be a horrible stink, most noticeable when you get into your car or go home and take your shoes off.

I was wondering whether I have the energy to go into more detail, but I see there are at least one or two items I cannot pass up, as I will never forgive myself if I do. Well, I might forgive myself as the quality of mercy is not strained as Shakespeare wrote.

Mind you I might strain something else from laughing at the guidance.

Here goes on some of the highlights.

Tier 1 – Rule of SEX still applies. No, just kidding, just checking if you are still awake. Rule of SIX still applies. Exceptions include:

              • for birth partners
              • to see someone who is dying
              • to provide emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness, or to escape a risk of harm

Excellent, so any number of you can cram into the hospital or bedroom. Or see if the person who is bleeding all over the pavement needs help or would like a video taken, so the gory details can be posted on social media.

Thus when he or she is better (hopefully), there will be a record for them to look back and reminisce with their loved ones.

I thought strictly there should be only two birth partners, the one giving birth and the one impregnator, if I may call him that. Or in normal English, the wife (WOMAN), and the husband (MAN).

Where the others may come from I am not sure, but in the age of surrogacy I suppose there would be one other. I struggle with 3 more to get to six, let alone beat that number. Anyone help me?

I have just had a thought. I know, painful but useful. It says ‘to see someone who is dying’. Dying of what? Thirst? Hunger? Loneliness? Boredom?

Now, if you can’t work something out of that to give you an excuse, you should not be on this planet.

Tier 2 – Personally I am not sure there really is any real difference. I think I am wasting my time.

Tier 3 – I was thinking of throwing in the towel on this too, but then thought, no, Baldmichael is made of sterner stuff.

              • pubs and bars must close; they can only remain open where they operate as if they were a restaurant – which means serving substantial meals, like a main lunchtime or evening meal; they may only serve alcohol as part of such a meal

What, pray, is a substantial meal? ‘Er, officer (or Covid Marshal perhaps), could you assist please? Are there enough carrots on my plate to enable this establishment to remain open?’

Or ‘Waiter, I know that it says ‘only serve alcohol as part of such a meal’, but did the chef have to put quite so much real ale in my steak and real ale pie? The steak is trying to swim onto the table. Couldn’t you have put it in a glass like we did last year?’ ‘More than my jobs worth sir, jobs are hard to come by you know.’

Well, if you are any the wiser after that, aren’t you a clever clogs? What a marvellous plan.

I think Boris secretly wanted to play Baldrick with his cunning plans that never work. Not sure who his lord is, not so much Blackadder as Bl’adder. Only without the urine as I believe the P.I.S.S. * is/are being royally taken.

Well, Jim Davidson, bless him, is doing sterling work on his YouTube clips. He has said he knew it would all end in tiers. Nice one Jim.

So we have three tiers. There isn’t a low risk tier, say level 0, which is usually mentioned just in case people don’t understand, and to help those whose mental ability struggles beyond primary school level.

And I really think there should be a level 4 for the consumer of this tosh. (Since writing this page there now is).

So I am suggesting the following tiers, really tears.

Tier 0 – Boo

Tier 1 – Boo hoo

Tier 2 – Boo hoo hoo

Tier 3 – Boo hoo hoo hoo


Sideroff says. “[Crying] activates the parasympathetic nervous system and restores the body to a state of balance.”   From


I find a good cry releases tensions.

I hope you do too.

P.S The Most High likes a good cry too. If you should notice a deterioration in the weather this will be because He is upset about something. If there is a torrential down pour, then be assured He is REALLY upset.

P.P.S. I have a song to Help relieve tensions if crying doesn’t work Covid Help!

* P.I.S.S. = People In Stressful Situations

P.P.P.S The following may help too. Stupid 20 has world wide value.

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