A Bit More CV

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th September 2020

I thought you might like to hear a bit more. Well, I’m going to write more whether you like it or not.

Up here on my Cloud it gets rather lonely at times. I may have said it before, but all the angels are very busy in the current crisis.

Nevertheless, since CV, I have come on leaps and bounds. I am light years ahead of everyone. Not in the specialisms you understand, but as a generalist specialist. Bit like they used to have in the NHS, apparently.

Or perhaps I’m a polymath. But without the parrot. And I can’t say I’m very pretty either. Let me explain.

Last year, when I died, I had been unwell for some time. Nearly a year and a half in fact. I had been going downhill slowly for a while. I did some silly things, and my sleep suffered.

However, as I have today been in receipt of some information from the angels, I realise that the real cause was not quite what I thought.

Anyway, at the end of June 2018, I woke up one morning with a facial palsy on my left side. The bottom left side of my tongue had lost the sense of taste. Given what I now about the Left, this is understandable. The Left is always the cause of our problems.

I wasn’t too bad to start with, but then my hearing in my left ear failed, in late winter 2019. Then I started getting burning, stinging, and tingling in my jaw, in the skin principally. It was constantly shifting slightly. My eyesight also varied and I was losing focus. I had to use a magnifying glass at times.

My sleep became broken in August last year. Things became so bad that I started having low blood pressure episodes. Really low. A nurse in the hospital who checked me said it was 70 over something. I felt awful.

And, as I have said before, I died. It took a while (as I have said, I’m a bit of a plodder), but eventually I came up to my Cloud. So here I am, still with my face somewhat lopsided, my left eye uncomfortable, discomfort in my jaw, tongue partly asleep, and with what I describe as half a brain. Or brain fog, as websites put it so aptly. Oh, and still deaf in my left ear.

Mind you I have done with half a brain what the rest of the world should have done with a whole brain. Indeed, I actually find myself rather like the Death Star in Star Wars. You know, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, where the Death Star in not complete but can still destroy planets.

I say Death Star, really it’s ‘Deaf Star’, or ‘Half Deaf Star’ to be exact.

In fact, I find myself becoming many things, all things, it is very bizarre. So, ‘I am become Deaf (well, half deaf), the shatterer of words’. I misquote the Bhagavad Gita. Although In my case I am the Big Bad Git.

Yes, ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.’ as the Incredible Hulk said. I become green and horrible, ‘tho that might be the bogies. I am the original bogeyman. Not the Devil, or Satan, or Loopy Lucy, mind.

I am International Rescue, here to save souls. Especially those suffering from the Re-infection rate, or ‘R’ factor. The ‘R’ souls and the ones who suffer from stupidity. Same thing really.

Yup I’m FAB, absolutely fabulous. My head is now swelling, so if you notice something big and shiny in the sky, it’s my bald patch.

And speaking of bald patches, ‘I am baldly going where no man has gone bald before.’ No, not really, but it sounds good.

I am Colonel White (well, my hair is white, more or less), commander-in-chief of Spectrum, with my rainbow in my hand to shoot colours of light into dark corners. I am in Cloudbase with my Angel Intercessors, to fight against the Mister Rons, the evil dimwits, and Captain Black, or Schwarz as he is really known.

How about Superman, that’s me. Disguised as a reporter or something, I can go anywhere. I derive my powers from Crypticite, where my words are cryptic. Or mad. Sometimes mad.

Having shattered words, I rearrange them to suit my purpose. I am a fencer, but with words to skewer my opponents, wherever they are.

Just like Jesus, the Word of God, the Father’s, the Most High’s beautiful boy. The Father will always think of Him as that.

All this has come about because, as I said elsewhere, I asked for everything. I also asked for the strength to go with it.

You can have it too, if you want it. But you, your self, does have to die, and you have to want what you ask for, and believe you will get it.

I have wondered if anybody else has ever asked for everything from Jesus and the angels. I feel as though I am pigging out on all the truth and have taken all there is.

But that’s silly, as truth can be shared, as I am doing, and having fun at the same time. Truth, just like lies, will multiply when shared. It grows like a tree, the Tree of Life.

So don’t think following Jesus Christ is dull or boring. It is the most wonderful thing in the world. It can be hard, but that is just sin, the crap that Loopy Lucy put on the Children of God back in the Garden of Eden.

Removing it is like removing tar from your skin. You can be left raw and sore when it’s gone, but Jesus is balm to your soul. He will be as gentle as a dove. As gentle as Dove soap in fact.

He, old Loopy, became as black as tar, and did the vilest thing to Adam and Eve. I will tell you about it later, somewhere in this establishment.

In the meantime, I can only advise you not to worry, all will turn out right for God’s Children. I will gladly help you in any way I can from my Cloud.

I give you my word.

Toodlepip (that’s my word).


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