A is for…. Anti-social distancing.

19th June 2020.

Well that is what it should be called. Keeping 2 meters or 6 foot apart is hardly social is it? Even we Brits find it difficult to shake hands at that distance! A good old-fashioned yard (3 foot in case you forgot or didn’t know) will suffice for the sort of distance we prefer.

Mind you, we were told not to shake hands. Or was it just advice, did anyone check?

And did anyone stop and think, ‘Just a minute, 2 meters and 6 foot are not the same’. It is nearer 6 foot 6 inches. So what, I hear you cry. Well, it is not accurate for a start, which makes it unscientific, and that means lacking knowledge. It makes you wonder if those who came up with this measurement have any clue at all.

Not that I directly blame the cabinet, although they should have known. No, I am looking at the Civil (or should that be Uncivil?) Service. They must have prepared all this before hand to have something ready in time to go through Parliament like a dose of salts. More about laxatives later I think.

I hope you were not one of those who had forgotten what should be primary school stuff. Especially as those affected by the fear of Coronavirus include those who will have been taught the imperial system pre-1965.

So you should have had your suspicions. I know I did. So do get a grip of your mental faculties and get a grip on someone’s hand. And shake it warmly, and smile. It will do you and them good. Of course, if they squeak as you approach them and run away, well that’s their problem. They are mad, not you.

So keep at it until you do find someone. Then talk to them about what’s been going on, because you will have found someone sensible at last. Happy hunting!

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