C is for….Church of England. Or completely EUseless.

21st June 2020

Well it’s true, the following comes from the Church Times 3rd June 2016.

“Faith is about integration and building bridges, not about isolation and erecting barriers,” they wrote, in a letter to The Observer, published last week. “As leaders and senior figures of faith communities, we urge our co-religionists and others to think about the implications of a leave vote for the things about which we are most passionate. . . So many of the challenges we face today can only be addressed in a European, and indeed a global, context: combatting poverty in the developing world, confronting climate change and providing the stability that is essential to tackling the current migration crisis.”

What the…? Co-religionists?? I am going to use a rude word or two so please skip a line if you are overly refined or sensitive. Wait for it, wait for it, here it comes….

Bollocks. What a load of bollocks. I no longer consider such words a problem; they are adjectives describing in good middle English (in modern spelling) what is nonsense or useless. That’s what the internet tells me. Check if you want.

Why I ever thought it was a problem I don’t know. Silly me, I didn’t check.

And from the Daily Telegraph 21 September 2018;

A study found that the majority of Church of England Christians supported Brexit, with 66 per cent of Anglicans voting Leave, compared to a national average of 53 per cent. 

So, the so-called leaders out of touch with the rank and file as it were. There’s a surprise. And from http://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm

‘The churches are still shut. That was the biggest abrogation of responsibility in history. I hope no one ever enters a church again. Put the well-paid bishops out on the street. Formal religion failed people when they needed it.’ 19th May, 2020.

I have not read all his articles, there are lots, but what I have seen indicate he is a brave man. Speaking the truth as far as he can. His initials are VC (like CV for Coronavirus, only in reverse).

If I had anything to do with it I would give him VC, a Victoria Cross for valour “in the presence of the enemy”. The enemy being the Establishment.

Anyway, as regards the CofE …(hmmm… add another f and an e and you get a drink preferred by continentals, perhaps that’s why the bishops like the EU). As I was saying, as regards the CofE, they should throw all the silly clothes, hats and paraphernalia away. Or burn them. On second thoughts they could go in the dressing up box for the children to play with. Knock the mitre off the archbishops, for example (hmmm… mitre similar to meter, maybe that’s why the bishops like the EU).

But only with a soft ball, even with adults who like being children every now and then. Unless, of course it was the archbishops. In which case I think something harder might be suitable. Or if the HSE objects, perhaps rotten tomatoes, or eggs (you could put safety glasses on him or a mask in case he contracts Coronavirus – can’t be too careful these days).

On the other hand, I think a hard ball for small children is best.  But no cricket box for the archbishop. Then, when the little boy or girl throws the ball and it lands below the belt, the archbishop will double over in pain and the mitre will fall off anyway.

Anyway, of course organised religion failed the people. Since when has it not? Jesus did not say, ‘By this shall all men know if you are my disciples if you have…. deep breath….regular meetings and big buildings and incense and crosses and men and women in funny costumes repeating the same things at least once a week’. No, he spoke of LOVE.

Even the Beatles spoke about that. Can’t buy me love; love, love me do; she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, etc.

And the love Jesus spoke about was in the Greek ‘agape’. And of the sort that the word means in English. Astonishment, jaw dropping. For the early disciples of Jesus as described in the book of Acts of the Apostles had the habit of selling things to raise money to make sure that those who believed in Christ didn’t go needy.

Real followers of Jesus have been doing this and other things Jesus taught for centuries. You can find them if you look, and ask them about Jesus.

And, again, do check it out, in the Bible. Otherwise you won’t know for sure, will you?

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