Covid 19 Summary

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th October 2020

Well, I thought it about time we had a summary of Covid 19, at least from the physical health point of view. I have completed the main pages which I recommend you read to get the detail.

If you are the usual read through a book from front to back sort of person, I recommend, if you haven’t already, that you read the following:

A is for…..Anti-social distancing

M is for…..Masks

C is for…..C. Vitamin C

D is for…..D. Vitamin D

More Vitamin D

V is for…..Virus

F is for…..’Flu

Wuhan ‘flu

L is for…..Lockdown

I is for…..Immune System

H is for…..Herd Immunity

R is for…..R Rate or number

V is for…..Vaccination

E is for…..Exosomes

If you need some statistical analysis, try these links.

S is for…..Statistics UK

S is for…..Statistics U.S.A.

If, on the other hand, you are someone who likes to go to the last chapter to find out what happens, then stay and read on. Then you can go back and read my suggestions if you wish.

Much of the text below is from a follower who thought it might help me as I am all on my lonesome. I am very grateful. He has summed it up well in my opinion. I have topped and tailed it and adapted as necessary.

    1. Covid 19 is the ‘flu, just the everyday ‘flu that comes around every year, typically in waves.
    2. The ‘flu is a virus as we know, but it is a poison or poisons, and chemical not biological.
    3. The ‘flu cannot be transmitted person to person as it is the internal poisons (viruses) of each individual. Therefore:
    4. It did not originate in China, and was not made in a laboratory; this is just a Red Herring. Red because it is communist China and Herring because this is high in vitamin D (see later).
    5. Anti-social distancing is pointless. Touching someone who is ill with a virus will not harm you. You may make yourself ill if you believe you will be ill, as what you fear will come upon you as it is written. If you fear, you will not do the wise things you should.
    6. Masks are pointless. You are breathing in your own carbon dioxide and limiting oxygen intake.
    7. Lockdown is pointless and indeed dangerous as it has caused the excess deaths, especially in care homes.
    8. Herd immunity is nonsense. You do not gain immunity because you have been ill with a virus. If you fail to protect and maintain your immune system you will fall ill, regardless as to whether you have had the virus before.

      There is immunity in a broad sense for a ‘herd’ or group of people generally living/eating and drinking well, but individuals still suffer if they don’t do the sensible things that others do. Each individual must do the right thing or suffer the consequences.

    9. You cannot control a virus by external measures. It is a poison and you must avoid poisoning yourself by eating and drinking wisely.
    10. Vaccination is utterly useless against a virus, and is merely another poison. At best it will do you no harm if your immune system is up to strength. If your immune system is weakened you will suffer a reaction to a greater or lesser extent. If it is very weak, in exceptional cases you may die.

      The government spending large sums of money on research is a gross waste of money. They should be hauled over the coals for it.

    11. The ‘R’ rate is ridiculous rubbish. There is no such thing as reinfection rate from a virus. You do not pass it on; it just appears so as others are suffering from similar weakened immune systems. But of course not everybody, because some are wiser than others and do sensible things.
    12. Testing for the virus is pointless as they are (probably) actually testing the exosomes of a person’s body. If indeed they truly know what they are testing at all. Exosomes are the body’s own defence system at work, clearing out the poisons.
    13. If the government is going to bother testing for anything it should test for vitamin D.
    14. To deal with the ‘flu you should boost your vitamin D, we are generally low due to living indoors more than our ancestors.  D will protect you against all sorts of diseases, and amongst other things strengthen your heart, assist brain function and help metabolise your food.
    15. Should you get ill then vitamin C should be taken in large doses with liquid to flush the system through.

Covid 19 stands for amongst other things vitamin C Or VItamin D – the cure is in the name. The 19 stands for potassium, K on the periodic table, atomic number 19. Vitamin K 2 is also needed for reducing of calcium carbonate in the blood and furring up the arteries.

The consequences are that you need not fear the virus and may do whatever is right in God’s sight according to the royal law:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

As long as you do nothing out of selfish ambition then you should be fine.

Covid 19 is the final strong delusion that God has sent, which arose from the evolutionary nonsense espoused by Charles Darwin etc to the present day. The criminally stupid will not understand and are being caught out.

Unfortunately the churches have succumbed by and large to believing Covid is the plague and, together with most of the population, are following the so-called rules (guidance in reality in the UK at least).

There are benefits, however, as Covid exposes the criminally inept and has given the UK space to finally break the tentacles of the EU, which in reality means Germany and the Fourth Reich.

Germany, strictly Prussia, and more strictly the nazis/commununists has/have been jealous of Great Britain and its empire that was and has sought to destroy us by taking away our industries and our health, let alone our wealth.

And to destroy those with whom we have had a long association, including the U.S.A. and commonwealth countries. I don’t know about you, but I want common wealth where the benefits of wealth are shared between countries and which benefits the whole world, and all the individuals in it.

There are two other groups behind the chaos which I will explain if you ask. They are obvious once you know if you are not already aware.

We have been, and are in, World War III, but a battle of words, not guns and tanks and planes and warships. This is why He who is called Faithful and True has a sharp sword coming from His mouth in Revelation.

And we shall win, as we have won before, albeit not without cost. It will be with the support of our allies. And all the hosts of heaven of course, the beautiful angels, whom God directs for our good.

So that’s it for now, now you know and should be able to use this knowledge to good effect.

Regarding Coronavirus, which is a broader term for certain so-called viruses including Covid 19, I will set this out in detail in due course.

As we are in a war I will use a phrase which apparently became prominent in WW II. In initials, TTFN.

Or, ta ta for now.

If you need advice re what to do in UK re government guidance and advice on Coroanvirus please see here.

G is for…..Guidance

The following may help too. Stupid 20 has world wide value.

It is possible you may be familiar with the phrase Mark of the Beast. See here for more information. Mark of the Beast