D is for….D. Vitamin D.

20th June 2020

Perhaps it should go under ‘V’ for vitamin, but I’m here now so I’m staying.

I have been telling people since the beginning of lockdown that it was stupid shutting people in doors after a long, wet winter. We need vD, oops, that’s no good, let’s say vit D for short, for our immune systems to function correctly.

We struggle to get enough from food in the winter and we need the sun, in our latitude (UK) from April to September inclusive. Which is why we get tend to get ill toward the end of the winter with things like ‘flu. Or nowadays, Coronavirus, or more correctly, Covid 19. Which has the same symptoms as ‘flu. Hmmm.

And they, the government shut us up. Both physically and verbally, although some have been valiantly shouting from the roof tops, well, ok the internet, ‘Oi, you’re talking ………’* insert suitable word/s of your choice, as many as you like

As I have said under A for anti-social distancing, the cabinet are not the only ones at fault, the Civil Service Health Department and NHS should have known. And indeed, the advice is all over the internet. Pre-2020 dates too. I have pdf copies just to prove it. Perhaps you could take some too?

And of course, governments in a democracy come out of the people. And as the vast majority of the people seem to be ignorant of the facts, why should we expect politicians to know better. Except for some, I hope. But then no MP’s said anything at the time, did they? Anybody checked? Perhaps someone can let me know. I could do it, but it is a bit of a fag trying to do it all when your up in your Cloud alone.

So, in reality we are all to an extent culpable. But those in authority, and those in the Health Department and NHS especially so. And what about the care homes. This link is interesting. https://www.bda.uk.com/resource/vitamin-d.html

Scroll down for groups at risk of low Vit D. Looks familiar, does it? All the groups at risk from Covid 19. Hang on a mo….pregnant and breastfeeding people? People?? Hold on while I check… (undo shirt buttons, feel around….nope, nothing there – sorry, haven’t I said? I’m a MAN).

Yup, women get pregnant and breastfeed so put WOMEN. Do go to the following link I could quote it in full, but why when it’s all there?


Ok, so now you have picked yourself off the floor, blown your nose, and wiped your eyes. Sit down, please! And stop giggling! Be serious, can’t you?

So what about care homes? Shut up with no-one allowed in from outside except carers etc or out from inside it seems (except carers etc who must go home to sleep and see their families). All information on this matter gratefully received.

People lied; people died. Well, I call withholding the truth lying. Which is why I’m not holding back. Because I also call it murder.

So, anyone who cares to join me on my Cloud is very welcome. There’s plenty of room. And we can go get those who perpetrated this fraud. Shut the borders (they never have been properly shut), don’t let them escape. They are not the ultimate masters ‘tho, so we need them as witnesses.

And bring back capital punishment. We have work to do.

P.S. If you wish to know more please go to Covid 19 Summary

And if you want more detail on vitamin D why not look at this. More Vitamin D

And regarding sunshine please see Sunshine, sunburn and sunstroke

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