Discrimination Policy

19th February 2021

What is our policy? A good question. The answer will be 42 no doubt. See 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. If in any doubt, try reading that link. If you are not in any doubt keep reading (here that is, in case you were in any doubt what we meant by ‘keep reading’).

To expand on the answer however, we would say we do not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex or ability. If you are unable to read we cannot help you, sadly. There are those who can. Read and help you that is.

However, if you cannot read, what are you doing here? Not that you aren’t welcome, it’s just that the main point of my writing is so that you can read what we write if you want to. And there are no pictures here.

If you enjoy the letter symbols that is wonderful. The shapes of letters is a whole story in themselves which we will expand upon elsewhere. But it is pointless our telling you this if you can’t read.

Anyway, we don’t care what race you are, human or alien, 100 metres or 400 metres, marathon or sprint. There is of course only one human race, so we don’t discriminate on grounds of colour. You can be red with anger, cowardly yellow, green with envy, feeling blue, purple with rage.

They will distract you from reading though, so it is not recommended.

You may be dark brown through to pale skin. But we have yet to see any true black and white skin coloured humans. That is an invention of Satan who is black as they come having burnt his soul to a cinder. He likes to stir up trouble wherever he goes and distract people from the truth.

As regards sex, that will distract you too. If you are having it, I cannot see how you can be reading this at the same time. If you consider yourself to be male or female that is fine.

If you are feeling in between, that is fine. That will make you an ‘or’, as the word ‘or’ lay between male and female. If you feel any different to an ‘or’, then I cannot stop you feeling that.

But I do hope you feel better soon, as you need to make a decision, one way or the other. Life is too confusing otherwise.

We do not mind about your sexual orientation. You can be male or female and face North, East, West, or South if you wish. Or any other direction in between.

If you should be LGBTQi+ we do not mind what letter of the alphabet you are. However, you do sound like a sandwich as in Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato, Quinoa + something else (probably mayonnaise) which sounds rather good to eat.

But it also sounds as if you may be very confused as to who you really are. Again, we hope you will get better soon. Reading this may help as may other parts of this site.

As regards religion, we don’t believe in it. But if you do, you are still free to read what is on this site, as is anyone who can read (but note earlier comments).

No, we believe in truth and love, justice and mercy. Not necessarily in that order except that love must be over all as stated in the royal law.

Which can again be summed up as ‘Love God and love your neighbour as you love yourself’.

Who or what God is, is another good question. To which the answer is again, no doubt, 42 (again see earlier).

But we do have to discriminate between words. This is because if the words were all the same there would be no no no no no no no differences to allow us to make choices, if you see what we mean. All those no’s are not helpful. Unless you no’s the difference.

In fact lots of things become unhelpful when we don’t discriminate at all. If we don’t make a difference between a door and a window, we might go through a window and climb out through a door.

And if that window which we called a door was on the fifth floor of a building, we might plummet to the ground here on earth where there is gravity. Then we are likely to break our necks and die. That would be a waste of a life.

Come the resurrection God would then ask you (He can speak, I know) ‘Why were you such an idiot?’ to which you will have no answer. And I doubt 42 will do in that instance.

Which just goes to show there always has to be discrimination, even if it is not our fault. We can’t live properly without it.

So it is a pity, not to say gross stupid-pity, that those who make laws about discrimination can’t see that. But then they are stupid so that is not surprising.

Should they be gross, as in fat and overweight, they are likely to get Covid 19 which is also stupid (being overweight when you don’t have to be, that is). Or get Covid 19 if you ignore our advice (see Covid 19 Summary).

So we hope you see we have a sensible discrimination policy.

And that you will be sensible too. And get better soon if you currently are not sensible.

Thank you for reading this policy.

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