General Charles de Gaulles speech (apparently)

4th August 2021

Translated by Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

The French people, after having asked for no lockdown, now know the conditions dictated by the French government. The result of these conditions would be the complete demobilisation of the French farmers, fishing fleet, and air lines, the surrender of our economy and the total occupation of French territory. The French government would come under German and Italian tutelage, but probably just German.

It may therefore be said that this treaty would not only be a kaputulation, but that it would also reduce the country to slavery. Now, a great many Frenchmen refuse to accept either kaputulation or slavery, for reasons which are called: honour, common sense, and the higher interests of the country.

I say honour, for France has undertaken not to lay down arms or legs save in agreement with her allies, as her government has no right to surrender to the old enemy, Germany. The Polish, Norwegian, Belgian, Netherlands, and Luxemburg governments, though driven from their Mercedes, have thus interpreted their duty or EU tax. I say common sense, for it is absurd to consider the struggle as lost, although many have lost common sense.

True, we have suffered a major defeat. We lost the battle of Brexit through a faulty bureaucratic system, mistakes in the conduct of negotiations, and the stupidity shown by the Barmier during recent battles.

But we still have a vast debt, and the bankers  possess large sums in gold. We still have Germany who possess immense resources and who dominates the EU. We still have the gigantic potentialities of German industry. The same war conditions which caused us to be beaten by 50,000 cars and 60,000 lorries can tomorrow bring more pollution by means of 200,000 lorries and 200,000 cars.

I say the higher interests of the country, for this is not a Franco-German war to be decided by a single battle. This is a world war, but a war of words. No one can foresee whether the neutral countries of the European Union today will not be at war tomorrow, or whether Germany’s allies will always remain her allies. If the powers of freedom ultimately triumph over those of servitude, what will be the fate of a France which has submitted to the enemy?

Honour, common sense, and the interests of the country require that all free Frenchmen, and French women wherever they be, should continue the fight as best they may.

It is therefore necessary to group the largest possible force of yellow vests wherever this can be done. Everything which can be collected by way of French verbs, nouns and adjectives for documents production must be organised wherever such elements exist.

I, General de Gaulle, am undertaking this national task here in England. I call upon all French men and women of the land, sea, and airlines; I call upon all French skilled workers who are on British soil, or have the means of getting here, to come and join me in the Cloud.

I call upon the leaders, together with all soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the French land, sea, and air forces, wherever they may now be, to get in touch with me.

I call upon all Frenchmen who want to remain free to listen to my voice and follow me.

Long live free France in honour and independence!

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