Government Slogans

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th October 2020

‘Stay Home: Protect the NHS: Save Lives’

That was a good one. Well, when I say good, I mean it sounds good. Sounds mind you, not is or was good.

Didn’t work you see. Stay Home also meant ‘Stay in Care Homes’ where lots of the elderly residents died. Excess deaths the Office for National Statistics would call them, but they were real people, those at the end of their days who might have hoped for a gentle exit from the rigours of life.

As for protecting the N.H.S., well the system wasn’t overwhelmed so much as underwhelmed. And they still weren’t functioning properly. Mind you, it hasn’t worked well for years, and has been getting more and more burdened by bureaucracy and red tape.

The system, which basically means the bureaucrats and doctors, failed and because of what is the ‘flu, shut down. They didn’t treat people with life threating diseases, and no doubt elderly people in their own homes didn’t contact the health services until it was too late.

I have indicated elsewhere that the lockdown caused the excess deaths, so staying home didn’t protect the N.H.S. and didn’t save lives.

Anyway, then the slogan morphed into Stay Alert: Control the Virus: Save lives. Yes, stay alert, Britain needs lerts. And control the virus?? ‘Down boy, down boy, there’s a good virus. Stay. Staay. Goood virus. Here’s a treaty-weety for a good virus’.

Not sure what viruses like for being good though. Something sweet and sickly I should imagine. Viruses feed on that sort of thing, helps them grow big and strong. Then they can take out another human being.

Except of course as I keep pointing out to people, they are usually internal poisons. So they don’t go around biting the neighbours who can make their own poisons, thank you very much. Or not, if they eat, drink, sleep and live properly. And don’t get vaccinated, for example.

On July 31st our Beloved Boris tweeted

There are some very simple ways we can all protect ourselves and others from the spread of coronavirus. Wash your hands, cover your face & make space.

In other words:

Wash Hands: Cover Face: Make Space

Wash Hands probably as useful as if he had said ‘Wash Hans’. After all, Hans must be German and we all know that germs come from Germany, right? Actually, I think it should be Germ Many, lots of germs.

Mind you, the Germans did come up with a lot of theories about germs and viruses, so perhaps it is not quite so stupid after all. Unlike a lot of Germans who have a history of following a strong leader like sheep, even if that leader turns out to be, shall we say, somewhat problematic?

Cover Face, now that is confusing. Cover mouth ok, but cover face suggests all of it. You may then bump into people as you can’t see where you’re going. And break the anti-social GUIDANCE.

As regards Make Space, Mr Johnson has been doing his bit. After he got the ‘flu, sorry, coronavirus, he went into physical training to reduce his weight. This will have the advantage of reducing his diameter and mean there will be more space to allow for anti-social distancing.

And as obesity is a major factor in getting the ‘flu, sorry, coronavirus, it is highly sensible.

However, rather than Wash Hands: Cover Face: Make Space, how about ‘Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy’? You know, like the song sung by Vera Lynn who sadly died in lockdown (rest in peace, Vera, all will be well I promise).

The song may well help in these troubled times when Blitz like conditions and curfews are the norm (for the terminally stupid who can’t read or understand the GUIDANCE).

For those clever people who can read etc, or who couldn’t give a toss about unnecessary so-called ‘rules’, you might have a bit of fun to keep your chin up and keep smiling. After all, things could be worse. We could be still in the EU.

Hey ho. Let’s try another slogan – Eat Out to Help Out. Hmm, I think this should be from a Yorkshire man’s perspective. ‘Eat Owt to Help Owt’. To translate for thick southerners (I’m from the south myself), it means ‘Eat something, to help something’. Or even, ‘Eat anything, to help anything’.

This can make sense if you eat all the good things the Most High has provided. Stuffing yourself as it were, but in moderation so as not to get overweight. This can provide protection against the physical ills that can assail us.

And a heck of a lot better than endless hand washing and face masks, that’s for sure.

Hand washing reminds me of good old Pontius Pilate. He washed his hands in front of the Jews who were baying for Jesus’s blood. He was trying to absolve his guilt. But hand washing is not much good at washing guilt away, as Lady Macbeth understood in her nightmares.

And no good against a virus, any virus, unless you go dipping your hands in something poisonous and are hoping to wash it off.

Anyway, the apostle John says the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. This includes the guilt of sin for your precious soul. All you need to do is admit your guilt and ask God the Father for forgiveness. Then go and follow Jesus, putting things right as you go. This is the meaning of being saved.

The apostle Paul said ‘Wake up, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’

So I have a new slogan for you.

Stay Awake: Stuff the Virus: Save Souls.

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