Happy 4th of July!

4th July 2020 (of course!)

‘Good mornin’, Good mornin’, we’ve talked the whole night through, Good mornin’, Good mornin’ to you’.

So sings Debbie Reynolds in ‘Singing in the Rain’. Well, I hope it is a good mornin’ for ya’ll in the U.S. of A. Howdy from Baldmichael in good ol’ Ingerland.

Am I teasing you? Perhaps, but you can say ‘Hey, Baldy’ back to me, and we will be quits. Which comes from the French verb ‘quitter’ to leave. So in this case, we can leave it at that. We’re evens. Or Even Stevens as we might say in England. Which rhymes – we like rhyming, there’s something in the tune of the words. I see Disney did a movie of that name. I didn’t know until just now. You learn something every day.

Back to greetings. If you are young, you might say ‘Yo’ when you meet someone. Or even ‘Yo man’. Which in England sounds like ‘Yeoman’. And that means primarily ‘a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate’. Or a smallholder. In the States, a homestead. A homestead conjures up the image of a steady home, somewhere secure, welcoming.

So if you say ‘Yo man’ to your friend, what you are saying is here is my ‘Yeoman’, someone who makes me welcome, a steady guy to rely on. And that is an encouragement, I hope you think so too.

Of course, you may have woken up full of woe. A bad night perhaps. Noisy neighbours, baby kept you up, that sort of thing. I have changed the words to the intro from ‘Oklahoma’ specially for you. Eh, hem, here goes.

‘Oh what a horrible mornin’

Oh what a horrible day.

I put my foot through the ceiling,

And someone has stolen my hay!’

Well perhaps you put your foot on a child’s toy which made you swear. Or perhaps you feel someone has stolen your liberty with lockdown. And to misquote the song, maybe your ‘…corns are as high…’ because your feet feel as though an elephant had trodden on them and they are excruciatingly painful.

And if you can’t reach your feet to look after them properly, perhaps someone else can help. You could ask. Or if your neighbour, ok neighbor to you, has corns and you know they struggle, ask them if you could help. Perhaps you are afraid they may bite you? People often bark only because they are hurt or afraid like you can be.

Covid 19 a problem? It’s no worse than the ‘flu. And because I know what it really is, you have nothing to fear whatsoever. Baldmichael says so. He only knows because he did a bit of research, and thought, and spoke to our Heavenly Father about it. No problemo. In Spanish, No hay problema.

Which brings us back to the song. Someone has stolen your hay. You have a ‘no hay problem’. Well, if someone has stolen your hay or in this case of lockdown, liberty, you are perfectly entitled to go and take it back (you never lost it really, you just thought you did). After all, you can’t buy another load of liberty as you can with hay.

You need ammunition in a battle of words, or polemic, as the Greeks might say. I am giving you the words, if you don’t already have them, on this website. And I am only distilling what I am gleaning from websites around the world, and from what I have observed during my life. You are perfectly capable of doing what I have done. It just takes patience and time.

And trust in the One who made this beautiful world. A Yeoman in the best sense. But His holding is not small, but huge. The whole wide world and beyond. The great beyond. As a song puts it ’He’s got the whole world in His hands’.

‘I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand.’

Those are the words of Jesus. If you trust Him you need have no fear. You will be safe in His hands.

Have a nice day.

No, on second thoughts don’t have a nice day. Have a gloriously wonderful day.

And Happy 4th of July, happy Independence Day.

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