I have a dream

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

9th December 2020

I have a dream that everyone will like chocolate.

Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate, so-called white chocolate,

which is really creamy white.

Mocha chocolate, strawberry blonde chocolate, banana chocolate,

Spicy chocolate, smooth chocolate, soft centred chocolate.

Fruity chocolate, nutty chocolate,

all sorts of chocolate.

But not 100% black chocolate which is bitter

And not 100% white chocolate which will taste like emulsion paint.

I have a dream that all God’s children

whose pupils are always black,

whoever they are and whatever skin colour they have,

will be one.

I have a dream that all God’s children

whose hearts are pure linen white,

whoever they are and whatever skin colour they have,

will be one.

For they always were one, all of them, all of them twinkles

in their heavenly Father’s eyes,

only Satan made them forget.

Made them forget their family tree with its roots

in their heavenly Father’s heart.

Made them forget their branches are many and varied,

but from the self-same root.

For they are not black and white.

It is Satan who is both the new and the old black.

It is Satan who has always been black; coal black, tar black, black hole black.

He who was once Lucifer, forged in the lake of fire,

and doomed to return there.

Who shone with brilliance at the dawn of time,

but a white, too white, harsh white.

He who despoiled Adam and Eve, the innocents, barely teenagers,

true lovers like Romeo and Juliet.

He who must be destroyed once and for all before there is

peace and harmony once more,

and the children of God free from all his evil deeds.

I have a dream, fast becoming reality, when the children of God will

shine as stars in the heavens.

Shine in all the brilliant colours that the stars contain.

And where you will be able to play to your heart’s content,

in the eternal ocean of the heavens, my children.

Soon my children, soon.

By Baldmichael Sirplanter Theresoluteprotector’sson

A.K.A ????

With apologies or thanks to Martin Luther King (Jr)

9th December 2020

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