I is for…..Ireland

4th July 2020

The Emerald Isle. Or Erin as in William Drennan’s beautiful poem ‘When Erin first rose’. It is wonderful, I had never read it before.

But whilst I’m on the subject of Emerald Isles there are others you know. Three others according to Wikipedia. And an Emerald Island. The latter is a phantom island, having been recorded and then not found. There is a grid reference.

I thought I would look at Google Earth. Amazing source of information. Using the ruler, you can take cross sections of the ocean floor and trace the rise and fall of the sea bed. You can see some outcrops to the south west of the supposed location, about 60-90 miles distant. Look like volcanos. One of which at the date of the imagery was not that far from the ocean surface.

Well, it is obvious that volcanos can rise and fall. There is a list of recently created Islands on Wikipedia. Of those caused by submarine volcanos, only two apparently remain above the surface. One is Surtsey, near Iceland. I remember the news as child, or at least perhaps later footage in my teens.

So, it is not unreasonable that the navigators that found an uncharted island could have discovered a volcanic island that rose and has since disappeared.

Back to the ‘Green’ Island. Green because there is much grass. Much grass because there is much rain. Not too hot in summer, so the grass doesn’t get scorched as it does in the south-east of England. Not too cold in winter, so grass grows for a longer period.

Good for cattle, including dairy cattle. Irish butter. Excellent (unless you have been told butter is not good for you). That is ualach bruscair! Which, all being well, means a load of rubbish in Irish Gaelic, or Erse.

Butter contains lots of vitamins. Including D. And I have told you about that. It is yellow, like the sun. So, in the winter you know what to eat (amongst other good things, obviously).

On the subject of Erse, Richard III, King of England and Lord of Ireland (according to Wikipedia), referred to this at the Battle of Bosworth Field (according to Shakespeare). Ok, slightly mistranslated I grant you. King Richard needed the Irish to support him, as they had done his father, Richard, Duke of York. See ‘History of Ireland and the Irish People: Under the Government of England’ By Samuel Smiles. Particularly pages 38 and 39.

So that means Richard III should have said in Shakespeare’s play ‘An Erse an Erse, my kingdom for an Erse’! He needed an Irishman because hasn’t someone said an Irishman is worth 2 or 3 Englishmen in a fight? And the Duke of Wellington was born in Dublin, and he was a great general, wasn’t he?

And after a fight, you will need a drink. How about Guinness? Dorothy L Sayers apparently coined ‘Guinness is good for you’. My mother went to the brewery in Dublin and said the Guinness there tasted quite different from what we were served in England. I see someone has said that’s because in England the stout has been sitting in the pipes too long, not enough people drinking it.

And of course, if you drink stout, you can be a stout fellow. Someone strong and reliable.

After all that, you will need to sleep. Why not between linen sheets? I see there is a Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen. Don’t know if there is a Ferguson still involved, but seems there is a Ferguson that can get things right. Unlike you know who. Good and bad in every family.

My mother had linen sheets for us growing up. Much better than cotton. Can’t we go back to linen and have quality bed sheets? If we spend one third of our lives asleep, we ought to have the best night’s sleep we can. Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is according to its website ‘…very last Irish linen damask weaver left weaving traditional household linens…’ Don’t let it disappear, please.

And linen is worn by the saints in heaven. And Jesus’s body was wrapped in linen. In Greek the word is apparently pronounced ‘sindone’. Sin done. He had dealt with sin. Done with it.

So, what about the ‘Irish Problem’ or ‘The Troubles’? The trouble is Catholic vs. Protestant and ‘never the twain shall meet’. Never? The real trouble is Catholic and Protestant. The Lord Jesus Christ never meant His people to be divided, never meant them to have hierarchical systems of governance for ‘one is your master, even Christ’.

The Roman Catholic Church is vile and Protestant forms, while less so, are still vile. They still have Reverends, and ‘uniforms’, although I hope less so. Even pastors are Pastor (capital ‘P’ as a title) So-and-So, rather than So-and-So the pastor (small ‘p’ as in role). We all have a role to play (and butter’s good with rolls!!).

As the Roman Catholic Church in the larger part of Éire is declining, it is time to get rid of all hindrances to the Truth that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then Éire can be one again.

If you, the people of Éire, can face this Truth, then come out of the EU as well. Then you can be free to choose to be part of the British Isles as friends and brothers in Christ. And Éire and England and Wales and Scotland can trade between each other as we should.

And don’t forget William Drennan’s poem? I recommend you read it all to inspire you. This is the last verse.

The cause it is good, and the men they are true,
And the Green shall outlive both the Orange and Blue.
And the triumphs of Erin her daughters shall share
With the full swelling chest, and the fair flowing hair.
Their bosoms heave high for the worthy and brave,
But no coward shall rest in that soft-swelling wave;
Men of Erin! awake, and make haste to be blest!
Rise! arch of the ocean, and queen of the West!

Erin means ‘Rise’ which is why William uses the word at the beginning and end of his poem. Ireland sound like ‘Land of Ire’ or ‘Land of Anger’. Who wants an angry land? ‘Rise’ is better, or better still ‘Rose’.

Finally, if the Irish must fight, let it be as in that lovely film ‘The Quiet Man’ with John Wayne and the gorgeous Maureen O’Hara, an Irish ‘Rose’. John Wayne as the retired boxer, Sean, did not want to fight his brother-in law, but reluctantly did so when attacked. He fought for his bride, as Christ fights for His, His ‘Rose’.

Now that’s worth rising up and fighting for.

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