J is for…..Jesus

11th August 2020

Jesus. Jesus Christ. Christ. People used to use the names as expletives. Not sure they do much now. But then I led a sheltered life. And up here on my Cloud, I am listening. I hear all sorts.

People seem to be upset about lockdown and Covid 19. Some are upset that there are those who ignore the advice given by governments and officials (Covidiots). Some are upset by those who follow the advice given by governments (just plain idiots).

Me, I’m just upset. My beautiful country in turmoil over something no worse than the ‘flu…suspiciously like the ‘flu…exactly like the ’flu.

No wonder people are upset and exploding with expletives. I don’t blame them. Still, they are not blaming Jesus for it I suppose. Possibly God though, He usually ends up with the blame.

But who is to blame? The government? Well, they are telling us what to do and locking us down, aren’t they? No, actually, they’re not. I have said elsewhere that if you would bother to look on the UK government website you will find the word GUIDANCE written. In several places. The headline word is GUIDANCE.

Now, I thought perhaps that when updated, the original GUIDANCE would be lost. But no. They, or perhaps it, as governments are its (as opposed to twits – hang on that’s two governments – two its), have (or has) left the originals for the wise to find and check.

So, as I have said before, did anyone check? I wonder. Those that thought it stupid just got on with life because they had to. That’s what you normally do, anyway. The stupid panicked, or thought this is a free holiday and locked themselves down (or perhaps your firm or institution did, and you had no choice). Because of the ’flu.

And the ‘flu comes round every year, some years worse than others. So, you are going to lock yourselves down next time, are you? Or will you learn the lesson? You might not have a choice, as the likelihood will be massive job losses after all this nonsense.

However, perhaps you might use that large thing inside your head called a brain and come up with something imaginative to do. Something you like doing, rather than 9-5 into office, fiddle with pens, fiddle with computer, shuffle papers around, doze (if no one’s looking), play solitaire on the computer (if no one’s looking). Ok, ok, there’s more than that I know; chatting on the phone, photocopying, coffee/tea breaks, going to the loo etc, etc.

So, why not start up your own business, open a shop (landlords may well be keen to have someone paying some rent for premises likely to be empty).

But what has this got to do with Jesus? Well, for a start he knows about business. He ran a thriving carpentry business for some years after his father died, having learnt the trade from him. Together with his brothers. Family business you know.

The best sort, the ones where people trust you because they know you do good work, and you have been around some time. Local business, where you don’t have to travel too far and clog up the roads and worry about potholes, traffic jams etc.

He knows about life, and the markets. He says ‘Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?’ And ‘Are not five sparrows sold for 2 pennies?’ Well, they didn’t have pennies in those days. Assarion is the coin used. Mind you, if they didn’t have pennies to spend that must have been tough.

I mean, if you need to spend a penny and can’t, well I ask you, mind boggles? And your bladder will be more than boggling.

But note the prices. You imagine the marketplace. ‘Two sparra’s a penny, two sparra’s a penny.’ ‘’ere, you’ve gotta nice face, luv, tell yer wot, ‘ow abart five fer tuppence? Can’t say fairer than that, eh?’ Discounting for bulk. Jesus understood.

I found this website, and it might be of use to expand on business. After all, Jesus is the ‘business’.


But what about the blame game? Do you blame God for everything? Well, did you know God takes the blame. In fact his Son takes the blame, and His Father, His heavenly Father had to watch Him take it. ‘He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree’ as the Bible puts it.

Actually ‘wood’ is a better translation. The ‘tree’ is dead, so it must be wood, timber. What a carpenter would use. The word in Greek is ‘stauron’, literally a stake or stave.

But it would be difficult to nail into a round pole, so the beams would have been rough sawn. And mortice and tenoned to fit together when assembled. Like a ‘T’. Jesus was nailed to a ‘T’. The beam was put across the upright. Crossing the ‘T’.

I know about ‘crossing the ‘T’ as a naval officer’s son. You can look it up. If a wooden ship like HMS Victory crossed the bows, or preferably the stern, of an enemy ship that is ‘Crossing the ‘T’. And if you fired a broadside into the stern you would likely be the victor in the contest.

And so it was with Jesus. He crossed the ‘T’ of our sins and defeated them. And because he did this, was faithful in this work, His Father raised Him from the dead.

So, if you want a part in His business, you know where to look, don’t you?

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