L is for…..Love Letter

7th July 2020

Here is a love letter I wrote to my wife not so long ago. I have cut a few bits, but only those more obvious names.

Dearest Noble Woman

I am writing you a love letter. Not the normal sentimental, sweet nothing kind, but one full of truth. Because the truth sets us free as Jesus says.

I asked you to marry me, because the Lord told me I should. Not that I had a blinding, vision, although I still hold in my mind the first time I saw you. I recall your outline, your hair tied back, your pretty face (still pretty now), and the curve of your breasts under your clothes.

I thought at the time, ‘Here is another mother from school’. But I was wrong. Well, you know the rest. We seemed to suit each other, and the Lord just led me by making the way clear. It didn’t make complete logical sense to me but there were little coincidences to guide me.

Your grandfather almost lived diagonally opposite in The Beeches but died before he could move in (we might have known each other earlier). Our fathers each had 2 brothers, and their fathers had farms, whilst we had artistic skills on our mothers’ sides.

We didn’t have long theological discussions into the night, but we did dance together, we went to London (I think) and Worthing and had a meal at a restaurant with friends where I gave you a red rose from my parents’ garden. You invited me to a meal at your home, the 7th time we met, after only 3 months. The watercress soup you were preparing splattered you, which made you upset, but I, the knight in shining armour, as it were, came to your rescue. On the 14th of December in the morning, just after midnight, I opened my heart to you. And you listened, and when I had finished, I asked if I could kiss you

And you said ‘Yes’. And we kissed. Oh, how we kissed! All the longing I had had for a real chum, 32 years after my birth, someone with which to share my life, was released. I believe it was three hours later that we surfaced. And I asked you to marry me. And you said, ‘Yes, with all my heart’.

Well, we married and had a wonderful celebration. We have had our struggles, and because I am descended from Adam, and he disobeyed God, I am faulty, and don’t work as well as I should. But it has been worth it. You have put up with my impatience, and dis-order (‘tho this is coming right), and by God’s great grace you and I have persevered.

We are nearing the final stage of this world and the Lord has opened my heart and mind in ways I could never have imagined. I am now ready for the final lap. I was walking, then running, but now I am flying. So as Frank Sinatra sang, ‘Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away’. And as I wrote ‘Together, forever, our sorrowing done, with glorious new bodies like the Father’s own Son’ (we will have to wait a little longer for the new bodies!).

We have some more things to do here in this world, and to point others to our older brother Jesus. I have all I need now to do what the Lord wants me to do for this Coronavirus crisis. I am still learning and understanding but all I ever need, all we ever need, the Father will give us in Christ.

So, I offer you my hand again, as I did 27 years ago when you became my bride, and we will go forth triumphant in the power of God. And as Julian of Norwich recalled of her vision of Jesus, ‘It was necessary that there should be sin; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.’

I have not written this by hand, but I have topped and tailed it with my pen, and dated it (I rather date you!), which makes it like a legal document.

I sign this with all my love. My sister, my friend, my lover, and the one I love unconditionally, and always will.

Your sweetheart.


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