Madeleine McCann – the Truth

18th July 2020

I had forgotten about her, until I saw the recent news about a suspect in the case. A beautiful little girl, one of the Most High’s angels. The church I was part of at the time prayed for her and her family at the time she went missing.

Did I pray too? I hope so, but it is quite possible that, whilst I would have added my ‘Amen’ to other prayers, I did not. My wife and I were looking to move house and other things, including work, took my attention. And after we moved that year there was plenty to do on the property.

Still, I am here now, and have started to look into matters seriously. And because I died last year and sit on my Cloud, I can see much more than I ever could before. The Most High, my heavenly Father, is close by to guide me and whisper in my ear suggestions of where to look.

And look I have. I did not realise how much work people had put into researching the available documents. The main source of information seems to be, documents in the case released by the Portuguese authorities.

There is Kate McCann’s book too, here is a link to some pages of the first part

Of course I cried a lot when I started reading about Madeleine and her parents. And I won’t stop crying until justice is done, and the truth is revealed. But that won’t take too long now, now that Baldmichael is on the case. That is Baldmichael and the Most High. Really it is all of Him, I’m just the willing heart, hands, and mind.

It has been just over 24 hours in Earth time and already most of the answers are there. At least, I have the framework, it’s just filling in the middle. Like a jigsaw puzzle, you know.

So, where to start? Well, having been into defect diagnosis I know that one must always follow the trail. Never assume anything without being aware that you have made an assumption. Too many people take statements on face value without checking. Covid 19 is a case in point as I have said elsewhere.

And don’t forget that there can be more than one thread in a garment, different leads to trace that may arrive at something completely different. Another truth. More than one truth.

I have seen issues in buildings where one thing can mask another, or a symptom be due to at least 2 causes. Dealing with one can clear the way to see the other more clearly.

So what have we here? A bowl of spaghetti, like Neil Ferguson’s code regarding Covid 19 ‘infection’ predictions. All tangled up, lots of leads to follow. So lets get down to business. I will list the following:

  1. Gerry and Kate McCann It is blindingly obvious that they are not guilty of anything to do with Madeleine going missing. Except perhaps in their choice of friends, but then there are always those who seem fine on the surface, but harbour a dark secret underneath.

    And, of course, it does not mean they are perfect, or have necessarily told all the truth. So far as I see it, there are 2 matters they have hidden, at least from public view. I need some more evidence, however, before I can say more.

    But it is clear they love each other dearly, and despite the lies and vile things claimed about them, they have stayed together by the grace of God. And they love their children. Gerry loves Madeleine as his own child as a father should. She has in her something of Kate, and if you love your wife that much you cannot but love her children.

    You can see the pain and anguish in their faces over the years. It is genuine. I hope that those who have maligned them are thoroughly ashamed, and repent of their sin before the Almighty. And apologise to the McCann’s for the rash words spoken or written down.

  2. Matthew and Rachael Oldfield Another good couple. Matthew is a man after my own heart. Attention to detail and concern to get it right. His witness statement is thorough and, as far as any such statement can be, reliable.
  3. Christian Brueckner

The latest suspect. Certainly an unpleasant character and guilty of a number of things. But there seems to be no sense he is a murderer as yet.

To be continued…..

P.S. September 2021. I had hope to pursue this further but in view of the persistence of the Covid 19 debate and the push for vaccines I have had to leave it for now. I hope to return to it in due course but with little direct support I can do no more for now.

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