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By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th October 2020

Updated 31 July 2021 in include comments on vitamin K

So assuming you have read D is for….D. Vitamin D, this could be a double dose. Or DD. Like Doctor of Divinity or a bra size. I prefer the normal contents of bras, but others have different ideas of what to fill them with. See below.

I didn’t realise what fun people are having. It is difficult ‘tho to tell who is being serious and who is not.

But in setting out on my journey I did not give any significant information about vitamin D. There is, of course, and awful lot of information out there but unlike vitamin C, it’s difficult to get a good handle on what is true.

One thing is for certain, there are those doing their level best to obscure the truth. And I, Baldmichael, will expose them. In the meantime, I shall endeavour to explain in more detail about this vital vitamin.

Firstly it is fat soluble. Which means it can be stored in our bodies longer term, unlike vitamin C which is water soluble.

The main source (free) is via the sun. In essence the ultraviolet rays, specifically UVB, react with oils in your skin which is eventually absorbed into your body for storage in the liver and fatty tissue.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT wash off all your body oils. It takes apparently up to 48 hours to absorb, so don’t try and be too clean. BUT the main thing is oils wash off with soap, just water should not be much of an issue unless you like scubbing!

Cleaning the usual smelly bits with soap and water is fine; unless you stand on your head with no clothes on, those hidden parts are not going to see the sun anyway!!

Using sunscreen will block this action. In fact, I am aware that many so-called health authorities are leading us up the garden path by saying we must protect against the sun because of cancer.

Blocking production of vitamin D is dangerous and more problems are caused by screening than by the sun. You need to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UVA, but you can use aloe vera as I have done, or even I believe olive oil is fine if rubbed in.

I will write more about sunshine and radiation in due course. See link at bottom of page regarding sunshine.

As regards daily amounts of D, this the link later is useful, but please note you can take much higher doses in supplements without harm as I have. You are still an individual, and everyone can be different.

The problems though will lie mainly with poisonous medications prescribed by most doctors nowadays. These cause more problems than they solve.

Please also note there is advice elsewhere regarding calcium build up in the arteries indicated in high doses which needs consideration. K-2 is included in some brands of vitamin D supplements which I understand helps avoid these issues. But note link from a Suzy Cohen.

7 Reasons Not to Take Vitamin K with D

See also link from pubmed near bottom of this page .

This is the chart extracted for reference

Table 2: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Vitamin D [1]
0-12 months*10 mcg
(400 IU)
10 mcg
(400 IU)
1–13 years15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
14–18 years15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
19–50 years15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
51–70 years15 mcg
(600 IU)
15 mcg
(600 IU)
>70 years20 mcg
(800 IU)
20 mcg
(800 IU)

*Adequate Intake (AI)

I find the Mayo Clinic is always reliable

If you don’t get sufficient ‘D’ from the sun, then there is always food (which unless you are anorexic should not be a problem to you!).

I read that some people think that there are very limited sources, but in reality if the sun shines on it and it has an oily base somewhere in it, it should have at least some ‘D’.

Food sources are varied but include:

Oily fish – remember the herrings I mentioned earlier

Egg yolks – they are yellow like the sun which is a big giveaway

Virgin or extra virgin olive oil – it comes from the hot, sunny Mediterranean climates

Whole milk – because it has fat in it

Butter – again it is yellow like the sun

At least some cheese

Certain mushrooms

Liver, apparently principally beef

These websites will back up this information

Food Sources of Vitamin D

Extra virgin olive oil and health

I noted these sites.

Most sites indicate no appreciable, if any, vitamin D in fruit and vegetables. However, I wonder about fruit oils and one of the above sites has indicated there is ‘D’ in pineapple.

This may well be rubbish given most sites say no to fruit.

But I note again that yellow, or a golden yellow like olive oil, is a colour that defines many of the foods with ‘D’. Just like the Most High’s good yellow sun.

As to diseases these are well described elsewhere. As to benefits, these are numerous, but include maintaining a healthy heart and brain and metabolising your food.

In fact I believe it has a whole body function, including strengthening bones and teeth and improving fertility for prospective fathers and mothers.

As well as for the unborn child of course. A good start in life in the womb is very necessary.

Indeed, ‘D’ is critical and I believe in far more ways than we realise.

And it will protect from the ‘flu or Covid 19 which is the same thing. Please note the following link.

‘D’ to protect you. If you are ill, lots of ‘C’ as the sensible Chinese have been doing, and as I have indicated in C is for…..C. Vitamin C.

It is in the name Covid.

vitamin C Or VItamin D.

P.S. If you wish to know more about Covid 19 please go to Covid 19 Summary

If you wish to look at the sunshine (free!) benefits see

Sunshine, sunburn and sunstroke

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