Planets – Photos

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21st December 2020

Here are some images which may help you understand the role of the planets. Or not.


Please note that the thermometer does not go beyond 42 Degrees C. 42, the ultimate answer to everything. Here’s a link:

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything


N.B. Despite my warnings that she is dangerous, it can be seen that she is now quite ‘armless. Almost.


From the front or the back, depending on how you wish to view it. And what you can call front and back on a sphere, if anything. The top is up and bottom is down of course.

Unless you happen to be standing on your head whilst looking at this.


Better to stick with Mars bars I think, don’t you?

The Asteroids

A young rock band, rather than a band of boring old rocks. See


God quite happy to entertain you. He can dance your cotton socks off, do imitations, tell jokes etc etc.

Less dangerous than war by a long chalk, and much, much, more fun.


Bit like a bumper car or ‘Space potty’. In plastic, like Satan/Loopy Lucy, who is both plastic/spastic and loves plastic.

But not the spastic, that is those who have spasms, let alone are crippled, lame or blind etc, who he hates and poisons/has poisoned.


I have no picture of Uranus, and I have no desire to have one , thank you. Go look yourself if you must.


No pen, as the finger of God is perfectly suited for writing on anything He pleases.

And that means you, if you ask Him nicely.

He has, of course, written in your genes already, although you may not be aware of this.

As opposed to your jeans, although perhaps you washed off the writing.


Woof, woof! Not sure what this means, but he looks happy, so I’ll go with ‘I’m happy!

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