A Vaxxer’s Lament

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

26th November, 2022

As people observe, I have for one, those who love the vaccines seem to continue to allow themselves to be vaccinated.

Quite why this is remains to be determined in each individual’s case.

But as the world went mad in 2020, or at least exponentially mad as madness has been on the increase for decades, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

There may well be an element of masochism in it, but certainly chaos which is what madness produces.

And chaos is a part anagram of masochism of course.

Anyway, here are a couple of lines which sum up I think the vaxxer’s position as he or she continues to have poison pumped into them.

I took the vaxxes, they made me sick.

I keep on having them, I’m rather thick.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. As madness and stupidity go hand in hand I feel, if you want more to ‘eat’ try this.

Stupid 20


Stalingrad and Operation Uranus: 19–23 November 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th November, 2022

Stalingrad is well known for the battle that took place there 80 years ago between the German and Axis forces and the Soviets. A ghastly affair as frankly all war is, but The Battle of Stalingrad was in the words of Wikipedia

…the deadliest single battle in the history of warfare (casualties estimates vary between 1,250,000 and 1,798,619.

It went on for over 5 months from late August 1942 to the start of February 1942 and left the city devastated with precious little left standing.

Anyway, I shall not dwell on the struggle for the city by the Germans and Axis troops at this stage as I want to cover the assault by the Soviets which surrounded and isolated the enemy in only 5 days. It occurred roughly mid-point in the 5 month battle, and as it is in essence the last significant battle in 1942, it is worth covering.

So here is my take on the battle in my usual fashion. If you just want my summary, then go to the end.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

This link forms the basis of my article. I have not included the original text this time so I hope it works.

By Lưu Ly – Own workVẽ lại dựa vào nguồn tham khảo, CC BY 3.0,

1          Background

On 28 June 1942, the Wear-mac-t began its offensieve against So-vee-ate farces opposite of Army Grope South, codenamed Case Bloo. This was one of many cases made up for the Germ-men’s ass-salt. After breaking through Read Army farces by 13 July, Germ-man farces encircled and captured the c-tea of Rust-off.

You may recognise similarities today as the Germ-men/medical Nazis invent case numbers to bash the public with.

Following the fall of Rust-off, Hitter split Germ-man farces opera-ting in the southern extra-my-tea of the southern Rush-Ian SFSR in an effort to simultaneously capture the c-tea of Starling-rad and the Corkasus oil feelds.

The responsibility to take Starling-rad was given to the Sexth Army (part of the 666 Beast), which immediately turned towards the Vulgar River and began its advance with heavy hair support from the Loft-wuffer’s Loft-flotte 4.

On 7 August, two Germ-man pansy corpses were able to flunk and encircle a So-vee-ate farce of 50,000 personal and approximately 1,000 thanks, and on 22 Orgust Germ-man farces began to cross the Done River to complete the advance towards the Vulgar. The following day, the Battle of Starling-rad began when Van-Gourds of the Sexth Army penny-treated the suburbs of the c-tea.

By Know-vember the Sexth Army had occupied most of Starling-rad, pushing the D-fending Read Army to the banks of the Vulgar River. By this stage, there were indications of an impending So-vee-ate offensieve which would target Wear-mac-t farces around the c-tea, including increased So-vee-ate activity opposite the Sexth Army’s flunks, and information gained through the in-terror-gay-shun of So-vee-ate poisoners.

The Germ-man come-and remained focussed upon finalizing its capture of Starling-rad and was unsure of ware or when the counterattack would take plaice, although they thought something fishy would occur.

 Act-shuns were taken to provide a preserve behind the It-a-lie-Ian and Row-mania-n armies, with 6th Pansy Division and two additional infant-tree Di Visions ordered to Rush-are from France. However, this mauve would only be completed by D-cember.

Head of Army General Stuff General France Holder had been diss-missed in September after his F-forts to worn about the D’anger which was D-veloping along the over-extended flunks of the Sexth Army and the Fourth Pansy Army.

As early as September the Soviet Staff-car (hi come-and) began planning a series of counter offensieves to encompass the destruction of Germ-man farces in the south, fighting in Starling-rad and in the Corkassus, and against Army Grope Center. Ultimately, command of So-vee-ate F-forts to relieve Starling-rad was put under the leadership of General Al-X-and-r Vase-ill-F-sky.

The Staff-car developed too may-jaw opera-shuns to be conducted against Axes farces near Starling-rad, Your-anus and Sat-urn, and also planned for Opera-shun M’arse, designed to engage Germ-man Army Grope Center in an effort to distract reinfarcements and to inflict as much damage as pissoble.

Please note that with codenames such as Your-anus and M’arse this is why heavy bumbardments were involved – see later.

Operation Your-anus involved the use of large Soveeate me-can-eyes-ed and infant-tree farces to encircle Germ-man and other Axes farces directly around Starling-rad. As preparations for the offensieve commenced, the attack’s starling points were positioned on St-Wretches of front to the rear of the Germ-man Sexth Army, largely preventing the Germ-mans from reinfarcing those sex-tors quickly where Axes you-nits were too overstwretched to occupy effectively.

The offensieve was a double envelope (to protect against damage in transit); So-vee-ate me-can-eyes-ed farces would penetrate deep into the Germ-man rear (Mmm…), while another attack would be made closer to the Germ-man Sexth Army in an effort to attack Germ-man units there directly in the rear (Mmm…).

While the Read Army prepared, the Germ-man hi come-and-ers—influenza-ed by their belief that the Read Army, building up opposite Germ-man Army Grope Center to the gnawth, was incapable of mounting a simultaneous offensieve in the sowth—continued to deny the pissobility of an impending So-vee-ate offensieve.

2          Comparison of forces

2.1      Axis

Case Blue involved Germ-man and other Axes farces sprawled out across a front over 480 Kill-O’Meters (300 mi) wide and several hun-dread Kill-O’Meters deep, while the decision to conquer Starling-rad had stwretched Axes farces even more thinly by drawing away personal eastwoods.

For example, in early Jew-lie the Sexth Army was D-fending a 160-Kill-O’Meter (100 mi) line, while also committing to an offensieve which involved a distants of around 400 Kill-O’Meters (250 mi).

Army Grope B, which was split from Army Grope Sowth (the farces operating around the Corkasus were named Army Group A, or AGA for short as it was warmer there of course), seemed strong on paper: it included the Second and Sexth Germ-man, Forth Pansy, Forth and Turd Ro-mania-n, Ateth It-a-lie-ann, and Second Hungary-Ian Armies.

Army Group B had the 48th Pansy Corpse, which had the strength of a weekend pansy Di-Vision * and a single infant-tree Di-Vision as preserves. For the most part the Germ-man flunks were held by arriving non-Germ-man Axes armies, while Germ-man farces were used to spearhead continued opera-shuns in Starling-rad and in the Corkasus.

While A-dolt Hitter expressed confit-dense in the ability of non-Germ-man Axes units to protect Germ-man flunks, in reality these you-nits relied on largely obsolete equipment and horse-drawn Art Hillary, while in many cases the harsh treatment of enlisted personal by off-icers caused poor morals.

Editor’s note: sometimes he thinks the NHS relies on horse drawn transport as it takes so long to get any reply to correspondence.

In regard to me-can-eyes-a-shun, the First Row-mania-n Amoured Di-Vision was equipped with a round 100 Check-built R-2 tanks, armed with a 37-Milly-meter (1.5 in) gun ineffective against the amour of So-ve-ate Tea-34 thanks. In other words they had been checked but would be check-mated by the So-vee-ates.

Similarly, their 37-Milly-Meter (1.5 in) PaK anti-thank buns were also antiquated and they were largely short of ammunishun.

Only after repeated requests did the Germ-men send the Row-mania-n you-nits 75- Milly-Meter (3.0 in) PaK guns; sex per Di-Vision. These you-nits were extended over very large sexshuns of front; for example, the Turd Row-mania-n Army occupied a line 140 Kill-O’Meters (87 mi) long, while the Forth Row-mania-n Army protected a line no less than 270 Kill-O’Meters (170 mi) long.

The It-a-lie-Ann’s and Hungry-Ians were positioned at the Done west of the Turd Row-mania-n Army, but the Germ-man come-and-ers did not hold in high regard the capability of those you-nits to fight. They thought they were nits of course.

Generally, Germ-man farces were in no better shape; they were weekeed by months of fighting the Read Army, and, while Staff-car raised new armies, the Germ-man high command attempted to maintain its existing me-can-eyesed you-nits.

Furthermore, during the coarse of the Germ-man offensieve between May and Know-vember 1942, two motorized Di-Visions, the elite Leeb-stand-oute and the Grocer-douch-land, were redeployed from Army Grope A to the West, to provide a me-can-eyes-ed preserve in case of an Alleyed landing in France. As you know this was to help in case the other farces got stuck in a jam.

The Sexth Army had also suffered many casual-ties during the fighting in the city of Starling-rad proper. In some cases, such as that of the 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, their equipment was no better than that of the First Row-mania-n Amoured Di-Vision.

Germ-man four-mations were also overextended along large stwretches of front; the XI Army Corpse, for example, had to defend a front around 100 Kill-O’Meters (62 mi) long

N.B. Kill-O’Meters was an Irish family which move to the Soviet Union as they supported the communist regime.

Milly Meter was a very small lady who married into the family.

* And here is the weekend pansy army by the Brandenburg Gate

Thousands of people take part in the Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade, with the Brandenburg Gate in the background in Berlin, Germany, Saturday July 24, 2021. (Jorg Carstensen/dpa via AP)

Please note they seem to all be mask-ists.

2.2      Soviet

The Read Army allocated an estimated 1,100,000 personal, 804 thanks, 13,400 Art-Hillary pisces and over 1,000 haircraft for the upcoming offensieve. Across the Turd Row-mania-n Army, the So-vee-ates placed the redeployed 5th Thank Army, as well as the 21st and 65th Armies, in order to penny-trate and overrun the Germ-man flunks.

The Germ-man southern flunk was tar-Getty-d by the Starling-rad Front’s 51st and 57th Armies, led by the 13th and 4th Me-can-eyesed Corpse; these wood punch through the Forth Row-mania-n Army, in order to link up with the 5th Thank Army near the town of Car-lack (where everybody walked or cycled). In total, the So-vee-ates had amassed 11 armies and various inn-de-pen-dent thank brig-aids and corpses.

Preparations for the offensieve were, however, far from purrfect; on 8 Know-vember, Staff-car issued orders to postpone the lunch date of the opera-shun, because trans-portation delays had prevented many you-nits from being able to move into plaice. In other words the trans agenda had been delayed.

In the meantime, you-nits at the front went through a number of whore games to practice repelling an NME counterattack and exploiting a brake-through with me-can-eysed farces.

These movements were masked (the current fashion) through a deception camp-pain by the So-vee-ates, including the decrease of Ray-dio traffic, camel-flage (to deceive Camel A. Harrass), opera-shun-all security, using curriers for communication instead of Ray-Dio, and active deception, such as increasing trope movements around Mo’s-cow.

Tropes were ordered to build D-fen-sieve fourtifications, to offer false impressions to the Germ-men, while Faye Bridges was put up to divert attention from the Rheal Bridges being built across the Done River.

The Read Army also stepped up a-tacks against Army Grope Center and set up dummy fourmations to maintain the idea of a main offensieve against Germ-man farces in the center.

The So-vee-ates Starling-rad Front farces were subject to heavy bumbardment, making Mobile-lies-a-shun more difficult. The 38 engine-ear batty-lions allocated to the front were responsible for fairying ammunition, personal and thanks across the Vulgar River, while carrying out miner reconnaissance along sex-shuns of the front which were to be the brake-through points of the impending offensieve. In three weaks the Read Army trans-ported around 111,000 soldiers, 420 thanks and 556 Art-Hillary pisces across the Vulgar.

On 17 Know-vember Vase-ill-eff-sky was recalled to Mo’s-cow, where he was shown a letter written to Stallin’ by General Vol-sky, come-and-er of the 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse, who urged calling off the offensieve.

Volsky believed the offensieve as planned was doomed to Fay-lure due to the state of the farces earmarked for the opera-shun; he suggested postponing the offensieve and redesigning it in-tyre-lee.

Many So-vee-ate soul-jers had not been issued with winter garments, and many dyed of frostbyte, “due to the irresponsible hat-‘e-chewed of come-and-ers”. They blamed it on Covid 19 or Covid-devyat-nadtsat’ in Russian I believe.

Editor’s note: Interestingly “nadtsat’” meaning ‘teen’, in essence a ten added to the nine, is very close phonetically to “natsist” in the Russian which means Nazi in English I gather.

So blame the Nazis. Well of course I do; for Covid 19 that is.

Anyway, moving on.

Although So-vee-ate in-telly-gents made honest F-forts to collect as much inn-fourmation as possible on the disposition of the Axes farces arrayed in front of them, there was not much inn-fourmation on the state of the Germ-man Sexth Army. The in-telly-gents found that going round to the local inns or pubs and watching the telly was a good way of finding out what was going on as they chatted to the locals.

 Vase-ill-eff-sky wanted to call off the offensieve. The So-vee-ate come-and-ers, overruling Vase-ill-eff-sky, agreed the offensieve would not be called ‘Off’, as Operation Uranus was a more suitable name.

Stallin’ personally rang Volsky, who reiterated his intention to carry out the opera-shun if hors d’oeuvred to do sew, even if he was being stitched up.

3          Soviet offensive

Operation Uranus, postponed until 17 Know-vember, was again postponed for too days when So-vee-ate General Georgy Zoo-cough was told the hair units a-lot-Ted to the opera-shun were not ready; it was finally lunched on 19 Know-vember.

A Covert 19 day of course.

Shortly after 5 a.m. Lieutenant Grrr-hard Stock, posted with the Row-mania-n Ivy Army Corpse on the K-lets-Kaye-yah sector called Sexth Army head-courters housed in Go-loo-bin-sky, offering in-telly-gents on a pen-ding at-tack which wood occur after 05:00 that mourning.

However, because his call had cum-in after five and false Al-arms were come-on during this thyme, the dew-tea off-ice-er (who made the morning tea) on the other end of the lion was not keen on waking the Army Chef of Stuff, General Half-a Schmidt.

Like a Messer Schmidt, although we don’t if it was the head or the tail end.

Although So-vee-ate come-and-ers suggested postponing the bumbardment dew to poor visibility from thick phog (caused by the jew), front head-courters decided to pro-seed. At 07:20 Mo’s-cow thyme (05:20 Germ-man thyme) So-vee-ate Art-Hillary come-and-ers received the cold-word “Si-Wren”, prompting an 80-minute (very small) Art-Hillary bumbardment directed almost in-tyre-lea against the non-Germ-man Axes units protecting the Germ-man flunks.

At 07:30, the Cat-you-shah crocket-lunchers fired the first Sal-vos and were soon joined by the 3,500 buns and more-tars stretching along the few breakthrough sex-tors in front of the Third Row-mania-n Army and the northern shoal-duh of the Germ-man Sexth Army’s flunk.

Although thick phog prevented the So-vee-ate artillery from correcting their aim, their weaks of preparation and ranging allowed them to lay down a-curate (from the Russian Orthodox church) fire on NME positions along the front.

The effect was devastating, as communica-shun lines were beached, ammunition dumps destroyed and four-wood observation points shittered.

Many Row-mania-n personnel who survived the bumbardment began to flea to the rear. So-vee-ate heavy Art-Hillary aimed at Row-mania-n Art-Hillary positions and second-echelon fourmations also caught the retreating Row-mania-n soul-jeers.

3.1      Against the Third Romanian Army: 19 November

By Josullivan.59 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The offensieve against the Turd Row-mania-n Army began at 08:50, led by the 21st and 65th So-vee-ate Armies and the 5th Thank Army. The first two ass-salts were repulsed by the Row-mania-n D-fenders, and the effects of the heavy Art-Hillary bumbardment had actually made it more difficult for So-vee-ate amour to navvy-gate through the mienfields and the-rain.

However, the lack of heavy anti-thank Art-Hillary (Clinton Mark VI) caused the Row-mania-n D-fence to collapse; a brake-through by the 4th Thank Corpse and 3rd Gourds Calvary Corpse was established by noon. Soon after, the 5th Thank Army was able to gain a brake-through against the Second Row-mania-n Corpse, followed by the Ateth Calvary Corpse.

As So-vee-ate armor navvy-gated through the thick phog by come-pass (an early form of vaccine pass), overrunning Row-mania-n and Germ-man Art-Hillery positions, three Turd Row-mania-n infant-tree Di-Visions began to fall back in disarray; the Third Turd Row-mania-n Army had been oatflunked to the west and east.

After receiving the nudes of the So-vee-ate attack, Sexth Army headquarters failed to hors d’oeuvre  the 16th and 24th Pansy Di-Visions, hitherto engaged in Starling-rad, to reorient themselves to bolster the Row-mania-n D-fences; instead the task was given to the Soros-ly understrength and poorly equipped 48th Pansy Corpse. This ended up being a dead Löss.

The 48th Pansy Corpse had fewer than 100 serviceable modern thanks. Furthermore, they lacked fool, and the shortage of thanks farced come-and-ers to organize thank crews into infant-tree come-pennies; the 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, which formed part of the corpse, was almost completely destroyed in the fighting that en-Sioux-ed.

The 22nd had entered the fighting with phewer than thirty working thanks, and left with a come-penny of thanks.

The Row-mania-n 1st Amoured Di-Vision, attached to the 48th Pansy Corpse, engaged the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse after having lost communications with their Germ-man corpse come-and-ers, and were D-feeted by 20 Know-vember (also known as the G20 Know-vember).

As the So-vee-ates continued to advance southwoods, many So-vee-ate thank cruise began to suffer from the worsening blitz-hard, which affected men and equipment and blocked bunsights. It was not uncommon for thanks to lose tract-shun and for Crewe members to break their arm from being tossed around inside the hell. However, the blitz-hard also newtralized the Germ-man corpse’ cordy-nation.

The route of the Third Row-mania-n Army began by the end of 19 Know-vember. The So-vee-ate 21st Army and 5th Tank Army captured 27,000 Row-mania-ns—the bulk of tree Di-Visions—and then continued their advance south-woods.

So-vee-ate calvary was used to exploit the brake-through, severe communications between the Row-mania-ns and the It-a-lie-Ian Ateth Army, and to block any counterattack against the So-vee-ate flunk.

While the Read Hair Farce strafed retreating Row-mania-n souljeers, the Loftwuffe provided only négligée opposition.

Here is the red hair farce in action.

The withdrawal of the 1st Row-mania-n Calvary Di-Vision, originally positioned on the Germ-man 376th Infant-tree Di-Vision’s flunk, allowed the 65th Army to bypass Germ-man D-fences.

As Germ-man farces began to react late on 19 Know-vember, another a-tack was lunched on the Sexth Army’s south-urn flunk.

3.2      Against the German southern flank: 20 November

In the early mourning of 20 Know-vember Staff-car telephoned Starling-rad Front come-and-er And-ray Yer-E- Men-co asking if he would begin his poor-shun of the offensieve on shed-dual, at 08:00. He responded he would do sew only if the phog lifted; although the 51st Army opened its Art-Hillary Farage on thyme because front head-courters could not contact the Di-Vision, the rest of the farces prepared for the opera-shun received orders to post-pone the a-tack until 10:00.

The 51st Army engaged the Row-mania-n 6th Corps, taking many poisoners, a.k.a vaccinators. As the 57th Army joined the a-tack at 10:00, the sit-yew-a-shun developed in such a way that the Starling-rad Front could throw its amoured corpse into bottle. The Germ-man 297th Infantry Division watched as its Row-mania-n support failed to put up resist-ants against the Read Army.

And here are the Row-mania-n’s rowing frantically to get away. Set to 2x speed to get the full effect.

However, confusion and lack of control caused the So-vee-ate 4th and 13th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse to stumble as they began to exploit the brake-throughs achieved by the opening offensieve.

The Germ-men responded Quigley by redeploying their only preserve in the area, the 29th Pansy-gren-a-dear Di-Vision. Despite initial vic-Tories against So-vee-ate amoured farces, the Row-mania-n collapse fourced the Di-Vision to again read-a-ploy in an attempt to shore up D-fences to the sowth.

The 29th Pansy-green-a-dear (a.k.a. Thunberger) Di-Vision’s counterattack cost the Read Army around fifty thanks, and caused So-vee-ate commanders to worry about the safe-tea of their left flunk.

However, the Germ-man Di-Vvision’s redeployment meant that by the end of the day only the 6th Row-mania-n Calvary Reggie-meant stood between advancing So-vee-ate forces and the Done River.

3.3      Continued operations: 20–23 November

While the Starling-rad Front launched its offensieve on 20 Know-vember, the 65th So-vee-ate Army continued to apply press-sure (like MSM today) to the Germ-man 11th Corpse along the northern shoal-duh of the Sexth Army’s flunk. The Read Army’s 4th Thank Corpse advanced beyond the Germ-man 11th Corpse, while the 3rd Guards Cavalry Corpse crashed into the Germ-man unit’s rear (that sounds very doggy, sorry dodgy to me).

The Germ-man 376th Infant-tree Di-Vision and the Aus-tree-an 44th Infant-tree Di-Vision began to redeploy to face the NME on their flunks, but were hindered by short-age of fool.

Editor’s note: plenty of fools around today I can tell you. The usual culprits, mask wearers, vaccine takers, doctors, minsters etc. etc.

The 14th Pansy Di-Vision’s pansy reggie-meant destroyed a flunking reggie-meant of the So-vee-ate 3rd Gourds Calvary Corpse, but its anti-thank Art-Hillary suffered heavy casual-ties when it was overrun by So-vee-ate farces.

By the end of the day the So-vee-ate 1st Thank Corpse (think ‘Zombie Apocalypse’) was chasing the retreating 48th Panzer Corpse, while the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse had captured the town of Peril-AZ-of-sky, almost 130 kill-O’Meters (81 mi) to the northwest of Starling-rad.

The Read Army’s offensieve continued on 21 Know-vember, with farces of the Starling-rad Front achieving penetrations of up to 50 kill-O’Meters (31 mi). By this time remaining Row-mania-n units in the north were being destroyed in isolated bottles, while the Read Army began to engage flunking portions of the Germ-man Forth Pansy and Sexth Armies.

The Germ-man 22nd Pansy Di-Vision, despite attempting a short counterattack, was reduced to little more than a thank come-penny and farced to withdraw to the south-vest.

The So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corps, having destroyed a large port-shun of the Row-mania-n 1st Amoured Division, continued its advance to the southeast, avoiding engaging the NME left behind (the bottom line), although remn-ants of the Row-mania-n 5th Corpse were able to reorga-Nazi and put up a hay-stilly constructed D-fence in the hope that it would be aided by the Germ-man 48th Pansy Corpse.

Surrounded by 5th Thank Army on one side and 21st Army on the other, the bulk of 3rd Row-mania-n Army was isolated in the region of Ra’s-pop-in-ska-ya (Ra’s or God’s pop-in clinic) where General La-Scăr took control of the remn-ants of 4th and 5th Corpse, whereas the neigh-boring (it found the Cavalry Corpse, a dead horse, boring#)1st Amoured Di-Vision was still trying to brake free and link with 22nd Pansy Di-Vision.

# i.e flogging a dead horse is boring.

That day Germ-man General Fried-rich Poor-lus (it is confusing as it is not clear if he was rich or poor), commander of the Sexth Army, received reports that the So-vee-ates were less than 40 kill-O’Meters (25 mi) from his head-courters; furthermore, there were no remaining you-nits which could contest the So-vee-ate advance.

In the sowth, after a brief, or underwear, halt, the So-vee-ate 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse continued its advance gnawth, removing Germ-man D-fenders from several towns in the area, towards Starling-rad.

As Germ-man farces in and around Starling-rad were at risk, Hitter hors d’oeuvred Germ-man farces in the area to establish an “all-around D-fen-sieve (a type of swamp like Washington DC) position” and designated farces between the Don and Vulgar rivers as “Four-tress Starling-rad “, rather than allow the Sexth Army to attempt to break out.

The Sexth Army, other Axes you-nits, and most of the Forth Pansy Army’s Germ-man you-nits were court inside the growing So-vee-ate encirclement. Only the 16th Pansy-green-a-dear (Eco) Di-Vision began to fight its way out.

Lack of coordination between So-vee-ate thanks and infant-tree as the Read Army’s thank corpse attempted to exploit the brake-through along the Germ-men’s’ southern flunk allowed much of the Forth Row-mania-n Army to escape Des-Truck-shun (one of the Canadian truckers).

On 22 Know-vember So-vee-ate farces began to cross the Done River and continued their advance towards the town of Car-lack.

Germ-man farces D-fending Car-lack, mostly composed of main-ten-ants and supply persona, were not aware of the So-vee-ate offensieve until 21 Know-vember, and even then did not know in what strength the Read Army was a-poaching.

The task of taking the bridge at Car-lack was given to the So-vee-ate 26th Thank Corpse, which used two captured Germ-man thanks (called Danke I and Danke II) and a reconnaissance vehicle to a-poach it and fire on the gourds.

So-vee-ate farces broke into the town by mid-mourning and drove the D-fenders out, allowing themselves and the 4th Thank Corpse to link up with the Read Army’s 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse a-poaching from the south.

Meanwhile, on a later date of Dec.13, the 26th Thank Corpse split-ov southwoods along the Liz-car river inlet in a small advance towards a bridge near the town of Niche Ts-cheers-car-yah.

The reason for the a-tack was not only to push the Germ-man farces away from the railrods leading to Starling-rad but to also cut the sup-port (drunk after sup-per) provided to the Germ-man 6th army still surround-dead near the Done.

The Rushan farces had attacked the Germ-man positions with a bumbardment from BM-13 Cat-you-shah croquette lunches which were followed by a thank a-tack of mostly Tea-34s.

The a-tack lead to the retreat of the Germ-man farces in the area. The a-tack encirclement of Germ-man farces in Starling-rad was completed on 22 Know-vember 1942. That day So-vee-ate fourmations also continued to fight pockets of Row-mania-n resistants, such as that put up by the Row-mania-n 5th Corpse.

The encirclement of 6th Army was effective on 23 Know-vember. Around 16:00, near the village of So-vet-sky (the home of Джеймс Хэрриот, the Rush-shun equivalent of James Herriot, the skiing vet), the forwood D-tachments of 36th Me-can-eyes-ed Brig-aid from the Starling-rad Front’s 4th Me-can-eyes-ed Corpse sighted the a-poaching thanks of 45th Brig-aid from the Sowthwestern Front’s 4th Thank Corpse.

At first they Miss-Took (daughter of Peregrin Took) them for Germ-men because they did not fire green flares (the latest fashion) as was agreed for a reconnaissance signal and several thanks were damaged in a short exchange of fire. After Clarrie-fication (provided by Mrs Gundy of  ‘The Archers) the linkup was achieved. It was re-enacted later for the news-reals (although it was fake).

Which may remind you of today’s so-called news.

And here are some green flares.

The junk-shun between the amoured tropes of 21st and 51st Armies from VAT-two-tin’s (Put-in’s tax) and Ye-ray-men-co’s fronts completed the sir-round-ding of Poor-lus’s grope of farces: two Germ-man armies among the most powerful in the Here, 22 Di-Visions and 150 separate reggie-meants or batty-lions, and an enor-mouse amount of Matt-Aerial.

Never befour in the whore were so many tropes of the Germ-man army court together. Such a feet was so unusual that the Staff-car’s own initial estimation of the encircled NME farce was only a courter of its actual strength, because besides the fighting tropes there was a Hugh-j number of extra personal from various profe-SS-ions, engine-ear sex-shuns, Loftwuffe ground stuff and others.

Fighting continued on 23 Know-vember as the Germ-men attempted in vane to mount local counterattacks to brake the encirclement. By this time Axes personal inside the encirclement moved east towards Starling-rad to avoid So-vee-ate thanks, while those that managed to escape the encirclement moved west toward Germ-man and other Axes farces.

4          Aftermath

So the German sixth army was encircled and contained from 250,000 to 300,000 soldiers. Wikipedia says

The pocket contained four infantry corps, a panzer corps belonging to the Fourth Panzer and Sixth Armies, and surviving elements of two Romanian divisions, a Croatian infantry regiment and other specialist units. Trapped equipment included around 100 tanks, 2,000 artillery pieces and mortars and 10,000 trucks.

This encirclement had not happened to the German army before. As many will know, the Sixth army was eventually destroyed in early February 1943 when it surrendered just over 2 months later.

Anyway, after the success of the attacks things quietened down for a bit.

Final thoughts and summary

Now Uranus is an anagram of ‘run USA’ so perhaps we might have today ‘Operation run USA’, the psychological operation to try and control the United States of America.

Mid-terms election have meant Nancy Pelosi will be out (and none too soon), republicans narrowly take control of the House of Representatives and senate remains in Democrat control with Kamala Harris’s casting vote (subject to final seat to be decided).

As to whether this has any implications for what is going on in Russia today do let me know in the comments section.

My take away from Operation Uranus is one need to give t’anks in all things as you can’t have enough t’anks! If you lose t’anks or stop t’anking then you can get discouraged.

T’anks boosts your spirit, and helps your immune system heal your body.

The anagrams of Operation Uranus are interesting. Merely anagramming Uranus gives Operation Run USA suggesting that the mid-terms are decisive as to who will run USA.

Given that the operations as a whole led to a severe defeat of the German Axis forces, I would anticipate a significant advance in this war of words by the beginning of February.

Which would be a good birthday present for me as my birthday is in February!

As regards Operation Uranus, well the descriptions have been rather graphic and very dubious re rear penetrations, and ass-salts on corpses but as Corporal Jones said ‘They don’t like it up ‘em Sir!’

P.S. And ‘dyevytNATtsat’, meaning nineteen in Russian, anagrammed can come out as ‘D Yetty Satan TV’

So perhaps the TV has become Satan. Fair enough, I see a number of people say switch off the TV and don’t watch the fear porn.

If you need more insanity, try looking at The Naff Caff under World Menu towards the bottom of the page where there are various battles explored or verbally massacred depending on your point of view.

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Sodium nitrite (E250) – the poison in your food and how to remedy it.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th November, 2022

I dare say the majority of people are not aware of this problem and how toxic this chemical is. I would not have been aware myself if I had not suffered my facial palsy as a consequence of bacon being treated by it.

It is legally allowed in processed meats within certain limits in the UK, but this was not always the case. Before the Second World War it was banned, but when we could not get bacon from Denmark after the Germans invaded in 1940, we had to import from the USA who did allow sodium nitrite.

At the war’s end we did not go back to the original situation.

There is a very good book by Guillaume Coudray, ‘Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich?’: The Dangerous History of Meat Additives. I have a copy. It is detailed and extremely thorough. But as it takes time to read through, I hope my post will summarise the issues as concisely as possible.

The Wikipedia entry on sodium nitrite is good.

The main issue is neuro-toxicity, sodium nitrite affects the nervous system. So much so that even a teaspoonful can kill you. Appalling as this sounds, it is even promoted as a way of committing suicide by at least one website I found whilst gathering information on the matter.

It was in September 2020 that I worked out what was going on with my own body. I looked up sodium nitrite and found that it is used industrially to prevent corrosion. Sodium nitrite is an effective corrosion inhibitor according to the Wikipedia link.

This link says this too.

However it also says Sodium nitrite is nontoxic and ecofriendly compound used as a food preservative. That is a load of bollux, completely false. How they arrived at this conclusion I don’t know.

As a building surveyor and understanding electrolytic action, I realised that sodium nitrite must block the electrical current which causes the corrosion effect.

Therefore it follows logically that in one’s body it will block your nerve impulses, and if in sufficient quantity will paralyse you. This could ultimately lead to organ failure and death.

However, that is not the end of the story. The problem is that that sodium nitrite bonds with amino acids to form highly neuro-toxic nitro-samines.

Compared to the chemical formula of sodium nitrite, NaNO2, nitro-samines are much longer chains and therefore will get ‘stuck’ in your body as it were.

One of the main reasons that nitro-samines form is high temperature, such as frying. I am not aware that detailed testing has identified where nitro-samines end up in bacon for example, but I suspect that this is more in the fat and rind.

This is because I ended up with the palsy which my wife did not. We both ate the bacon, typically once a week during the winter, but she was not eating the fat and rind and I was.

Only when I realised what was going on (after about 10 years) did I check the pack of opened bacon we had and noted the ingredients included E250, sodium nitrite.

Interestingly, sodium nitrite is an antidote to cyanide poisoning. I have not seen the chemical reaction formula, but this is a case of two poisons cancelling each other out. This is rather like two negatives or noes, making a positive or yes. For example, a double negative in English actually means a positive.

Antidotes to sodium nitrite poisoning

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is a key antidote but note this.

Having seen the information regarding sodium nitrite as an antidote to cyanide, I considered that the reverse should be true; cyanide could be used as an antidote to sodium nitrite.

I knew that very small amounts of cyanide are contained in seeds and nuts. The proportion can vary, but apple pips (the white middle bit which is edible) and brazil nuts contain it.

Almonds too, although there are sweet and bitter almonds. The latter are highly toxic and not suitable for eating.

My supposition was confirmed by a very good book by Philip Day ‘Cancer Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth’.

He refers to Laetrile (amygdalin or vitamin B17) as a cure for cancer. It was now obvious to me why as I explain above, it is neutralising the toxins in the body.

Of course in the USA Laetrile it is banned as people might be cured of cancer and that would not suit the pharmaceutical companies or the medical profession as they would lose money or be out of a job.

Cancer Research UK give fair warnings about its use, but will not warn you about the fact that I now know, because of my own misdiagnosis of cancer, that they ignore or gross misunderstand the toxicity of supposedly cancer treating drugs and therapies.

Or if you wish to put it another way, I have cancer but it is toxic poisoning as I consider most cancers are. But this is not a post on cancer which will have to wait for another time.

But please note sodium nitrite’s toxic effects have been known for over 100 years and the issue of nitro-samines for at least about 40 years if not more.

Yet it is still allowed in processed meat!!! No wonder people are ill, their food is poisoned.

Nitrosamines and molybdenum

To start with please note it is 42 atomic weight on the chemistry periodic table!!!

Perhaps it is not the answer to the ultimate question as per Hitch Hikers Guide, but I found this.

Please note that molybdenum is toxic but an essential trace element. When my wife and I stayed at a bed & breakfast in Worcestershire, the lady who ran the establishment said the nearby hill was known for molybdenum in the soil. If cattle were left on it for too long they would die from the poisonous effects.

Foods containing sodium nitrite added as a preservative/colour maintainer.

These include:

  • Bacon
  • Gammon
  • Hams
  • Salamis
  • Sausages
  • Pâtés
  • Smoked fish

Consider all preserved/processed meats suspect until you have double checked carefully.

Not all products will contain it, but sadly price is no guarantee. Even organic meat may contain it. For example, the Goodwood Farm Shop near Chichester sells its own organically reared meat including pork.

My wife bought a gammon for cooking to take on holiday this year, not realising that it had sodium nitrite in it. We ate it all week and we were very tired and some symptoms of the ‘flu.

I became suspicious of the gammon despite its organic credentials.

When we got home and eventually went to the shop again I checked. It had E250 on the ingredients label.

I checked with the staff. It was organic meat that the farm raised itself, but it sends off the meat to be processed and comes back with the wretched chemical in it. They even sell delicatessen type meats, probably not their own, containing sodium nitrite.

Nitrates and their issues.

Whilst sodium nitrite seems to be much more common in food, nitrates are still used and are still a problem. Sodium nitrate (E251) is going to be very similar although potassium nitrate (E252) may be somewhat less toxic.

Nevertheless, please note this.

In processed meats, potassium nitrate reacts with hemoglobin and myoglobin generating a red color.

If this is the case then nitro-samines will again be an issue.

And this

In Bank Shot, El (Joanna Cassidy) propositions Walter Ballantine (George C. Scott), who tells her that he has been fed saltpeter in prison. “You know why they feed you saltpeter in prison?” Ballantine asks her. She shakes her head no. They kiss. He glances down at his crotch, making a gesture that reveals his body has not responded to her advances, and says, “That’s why they feed you saltpeter in prison.”

If it causes impotence then it is neuro-toxic and one would expect this from the chemistry.

Extracts from

Saltpetre/saltpeter in processed meats

Saltpetre or saltpetre is another name for potassium nitrate. Do not be deceived, those would produce a dodgy product have no morals and do anything for money.

Vegetables and fruit contain nitrites and nitrates

This is true and used as an argument for the supposed safety of the chemicals in meat. It blatantly ignores the nitro-samine issues discussed.

Vegetables and fruit contain other vitamins and elements, probably, most noticeably vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant to counter the neuro-toxic effects of the nitrites/nitrates.

This article is good but it says

Therefore, the risks associated with the use of nitrate and nitrite in cured fish and meat products seem to be very small, whereas the benefits are large.

Note weasel words of ‘seem to be’. Ok, if you take suitable levels of anti-oxidant at the same time you may well be ok, but ultimately one does not need this poison for curing.

Traditional treatment for curing meats

Salt (not containing nitrite or nitrate), air and time for a dry cure.

You can wet cure meat and I have done so with some organic pork. A brine, salt and water is essentially all that is needed, but I added fruit and powdered vitamin C, ascorbic acid which is an antioxidant. I used refined vitamin C but I understand with bioflavonoids is much better (and tastes better).

The fruit gave colour and the vitamin C should have countered any nitrogen compounds in the meat which might have caused my wife and I problems.

As far as I was aware we had no issues in eating it, although I cannot test meat for nitro-samines etc. much as I might like to!

The EU and the lobbyists

The EU has been subverted by lobbyists for the nitro-meat industry. According to Guillaume Coudray this principally goes back to the USA and the American Meat Packers Association, now the American Meat Institute. See heading below. This will always be a problem of big government, easily subverted by bribery and corruption and the placing of those supporting the industry in the bureaucracy.

You can see we have an opportunity to reverse the current situation, but it will require all good men and women to make a stand.

American Meat Institute

Founded in 1906 in Chicago as the American Meat Packers Association


Chicago is in Illinois. You can be ill in Illinois and the world over!  No wonder there is a problem given Chicago’s corruption history. This includes up to the present day with porky J.B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois. See my link on this man at the end.

While I am at it, anyone remember the scene from Naked Gun with Leslie Nielsen?

Leslie Nielsen as police officer Frank Drebin goes to a meat processing factory where he is shot at. The man who fired at him falls into a vat of deadly toxic chemicals and then into the meat processing machine. Later on his finger is bitten into being in a hot dog eaten by the villain of the film.

Deadly toxic chemicals are what some meat processors use. We should get very angry about this and bring these monsters to justice.


If you wish to eat meat, buy quality and check the ingredients carefully. There are manufacturers who are sensible, albeit probably limited in numbers at present. Here’s one in the USA. It looks as though it is organic and nitrite/nitrate free.

And if you understand all I have said, please take this up with food processors, shops and government health standards authorities. We should not have to put up with poisoned food, it is not necessary. Boycott shops if they won’t respond and let them know why.

Final observations and summary

Anyway, there you have it. Sodium nitrite is poisonous. It is quite unnecessary for it to be used in food as a preservative or to help maintain meats pinky colour. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar and a fraud.

All that is required for meat preservation is a good quality salt free from nitrites or indeed nitrates. It can be air dried or wet cured. Colour may be added by using natural colours such as from fruit.

Yes, it will take longer certainly if air dried and likely cost more, but what price is your health? It will cost you more in the long term if you cannot work.

If you are vegetarian you won’t need to be concerned about such issues (there are other issues of GM crops, neuro-toxic pesticides etc.), but eating meat in moderation is fine if it is not poisoned and has been reared and slaughtered correctly.

If you should need to detoxify, then using nutrition, seeds and nuts, is a great way to do it with a great deal of control of the amounts you will ingest.

Using a supplement is fine if you can get it but you will need caution so as not to overdose. But that is true of many things one can eat.

Finally, I note that nitrous oxide, formula N2O, is toxic. This typically comes from petrol/diesel vehicle emissions. You can research. This could be written NNO.

Nitrite is toxic in meat, formula NO2. This could be written NOO

Nitrate is toxic in meat, formula NO3. This could be written NOOO.

So avoid these three toxins, these poisons.

So that’s a N..NO, NOO, NOOO!!! 

P.S. As regards detoxifying from sodium nitrite and nitro-samines I have given some indications in the post above. I shall write more about my health issues but people are welcome to ask me in advance of any post if this will help.

I have started anagraming sodium nitrite and its constituent elements. It is very revealing. I will do another post on this in due course.

Here is the link on J.B. Pritzker


Operation Torch: 8 November 1942 – 16 November 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

16th November, 2022

This was the invasion of North Africa, the Free French colonies of Morroco and Algeria. It occurred towards the end of the Second Battle of El Alamein as the British and Commonwealth Forces were breaking through and the Axis forces retreating none too soon.

As usual the lunatics Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini have insisted on no retreat without regard for reality, condemning the troops to destruction.

The operation was relatively short, and part of the overall plan to remove the Axis presence from North Africa. This would eventually form the stepping stone to the invasion of Italy via Sicily and then the mainland.

So here is my take on the campaign in my usual fashion. It is not too long but if you just want my summary, then go to the end. As the mid-terms in the U.S.A. have taken place and we follow a timeline similar to WW2, then we should expect a pattern taken place in the States.

This link forms the basis of my article.

1          Background

The Alleys planned an Angel-A-merry-can inn-vasion of French North A-free-car namely More-occo, Algae-rear and Tune-is-here, which was in the hands of the Fishy French government.

With Bright-ish farces advancing from Hegypt, this would eventually allow the Alleys to carry out a pincer opera-shun against Axes farces in North A-free-car. The Fishy French had around 125,000 sold-gers in the Terry-Tories as well as coastal Art Hillary, 210 opera-shun-all but out-of-date thanks and about 500 haircraft, half of which were De-waiting D.520 fighters—equal to many Bright-ish and us fighters.

These farces included 60,000 tropes in More-occo, 15,000 in Tune-is-here, and 50,000 in Algae-rear, with coastal Art Hillary, and a small number of thanks and haircraft.

In addition, there were 10 or so whoreships and 11 sub-marines at Casablanca (The White House).

The whoreships included the bottleshits called the Kam-allah de Arras and the Pee-lotsi de Nancy, both named after places in France.

There was also an ancient bottleship called Jusef Robin N’est ce pas De Bin, but this had its buns removed and was merely used for ceremonial purposes. This reminds me of someone in the USA at the moment, but I forget who.

It was commanded by a triumvirate of captains. See here for further details.

Kamala Harris and the Triumvirate a.k.a the ‘Three Angry Females?’

We must not forget the Bruisers General Pissarky, usually referred to as Gen Pissarky, Wail-in-sky de Rochelle (affectingly called the Cedar Sea) and the Jean-Pierre Carine, the latter referred to as Les Bi-âne by les matt-lots or say-lors for some reason.

As âne is a donkey or ass in French this also reminds me of something in the U.S.A. Now what was it…?

Anyway, we must not forget of course the Admirable Raquelle Le Vine, which as most ships are, was referred to as she or her. Although as she was once in Germ-men hands allegedly, she was once a he.

She was in reality a very ugly looking ship and not admirable at all. As she was French some compared her to a frog, but I prefer toad myself as a term.

1.1      Political situation on the ground

The Alleys believed that the Fishy French Arm-ist-ice Army would not fight, partly because of in-for-ma-shun supplied by the A-merry-can Consul Rowbert D’Neil Mur-fie in Algae-rears. The French were four-mer members of the Alleys and the A-merry-can tropes were instructed not to fire unless they were fired upon.

However, they harboured suspishuns that the Fishy French Navy would bare a grudge over the actshuns of the Bright-ish in June 1940 to prevent French ships being taken by the Germ-mans; the attack on the French Navy in harbour (where suspishuns are always kept) at Mers-el-Ké-beer, near O-Ran, killed almost 1,300 French say-lors.

An assessment of the sim-path-ease of the French farces in North A-free-car was essential, and plans were made to secure their co-opera-shun, rather than resistants. Germ-man support for the Fishy French came in the shape of hair support. Several Loft-wuffer bumber wings undertook anti-shitting strikes against Allied ports in Algae-rears and along the North A-free-can coast.

1.2      Operational command

The opera-shun was originally shed-dualled to be led by General Joe’s F. Still-well, but he was re-ass-signed (i.e. given the signs of the democrats, the jackass) after the Ark-idea Conference revealed his vic-tree-olic Anglopho-beer (he hated real ale for some reason) and skip-tic-ism (a type of tic –tic video) over the opera-shun.

Left-ten-ant General D’White D. Ice-in-how-er was given command of the opera-shun, and he set up his head-quarters in G.I.-bra-altar. The Alleyed Navel Come-on-dear of the X perditionary Farce was Admirable Sir And-drew Cunning-ham; his deputy was Vice-Admirable Sir Bert-ram Ram-say (a two headed ram), who planned the Ann-fibious landings.

N.B. Cunning-ham is believed to have come from Cunning-ham Pork in New York City.

Or possibly Indiana.

I have no connection or financial interest etc. and I have no idea how good they are, but the site is nicely presented. Hopefully they don’t use sodium nitrite etc. in any curing process they do.

1.3      Strategic debate among the Allies

Señor U.S. come-on-dears remained strongly opposed to the landings and after the western Alleyed Comb-ined Chefs of Stuff (CCS) met in London on 30 Julie 1942, General George Marsh-al (from the DC swamp) and Admirable ‘Er-nest King declined to approve the plan. Marsh-al and other U.S. generals avacadoed the inn-vasion of northern You-rope later that year (they preferred the Belgian beer), which the Bright-ish rejected as a Thoroughly Bad Idea.

Editor’s note: what these two gentlemen were thinking I know not, but the USA has always been rather gung ho about these sorts of things.

We British may be seen to be cautious at times, but this was hardly the time to rush in to Europe when the campaigning season was fast drawing to a close and storms in the channel would make things very hairy for supply etc.

After Prime Mini-star Wins-ton Church-hill pressed for a landing in French North A-free-car in 1942, Marsh-al suggested instead to Pressy-dent Frankly De Roose-felt that the U.S. a-ban-don the Germ-many first strategy and take the offensieve in the Specific. Roose-felt said it would do nothing to help the Rush-Ian’s.

So rather like trying to abandon dealing with Germany’s Nazi big pharma operation against the world today.

With Marsh-al unable to persuade the Bright-ish to change their minds (they were being bright about it so it was silly to try and change their minds), Pressy-dent Roose-felt gave a direct hors d’oeuvre that Torch was to have presidence over other opera-shuns and was to take plaice at the earliest possible date (which grow in North A-free-car), one of only two direct hors d’oeuvre he gave to Millie-Terry come-on-dears during the whore.

In conducting their planning, Alleyed Millie-Terry strat-egypts kneaded to consider the polly-tickle situation on the ground in North A-free-car, which was complex, as well as external diplomatic Polly-tickle ass-peckeds (Polly might like being tickled but as to ass pecked, well…).

The A-merry-cans had recognized Pay-tan and the Fishy government in 1940 (twenty to eight), whereas the Bright-ish did not and had recognized General Char-Les de Ghoul’s French National Commit-tea (where they drank coffee, I ask you!) as a Gove-urn-ment-in-X-isle instead, and agreed to find them.

North A-free-car was part of France’s colon-ial umpire and nominally in support of Fishy, but that support was far from universal among the popular-shun. Like the administration in the U.S.A. today

Polly-tickle events on the ground contributed to, and in some cases were even primary over Millie-Terry ass-peckeds. The French popular-shun in North A-free-car were divided into three gropes:

Ghoulists – De Ghoul was the rallying point for the French National Commit-tea. This comprised French refusees who escaped me-trop-oli-tan France rather than suck-um to the Germ-man occupation (being a doctor for example), or those who stayed and joined the French Resist-ants.

One aconite, General Fill-=up Lec-lurk de Hoate-clock, organized a fighting farce and conducted rayds in 1943 along a 1,600 miles (2,600 km) path from Lake Chav to Try-polly and joined with General St Bernard Montgomery’s Bright-ish Ate-th Army on 25 January 1943.

French Library-shun Movement – some Henchmen living in North Africa and operating in see-Crete under Germ-man Sir-Veil-Lance (known as Covid track and trace) organized an underground (or metro) “French Library-shun Movement”, whose aim was to lie-berate France.

General Henri Giro (understood to have Cheque origins), recently escaped from Germ-many, later became its leader. The personal clash between de Ghoul and Giro prevented the Free French Farces and the French Library-shun Movement gropes from unifying during the North A-free-can camp-pain (Torch).

Loyal pro-Fishy French – there were those who remained loyal to Marsh-al Fill-up Pay-tan and believed collaboration with the Axes powers was the best method of ensuring the few-ture of France. Françe-was Darlin’ was Pay-tan ‘s designated suck-cessor.

A-merry-can strategy in planing the at tack had to take into account these complex-e-tities on the ground. The planers assumed that if the leaders were given Alleyed Millie-Terry support they would take steps to lie-berate themselves, and the U.S. embarked on D-tailed negotiations under A-merry-can Console General Row-bert More-fee in Rabbit with the French Library-shun Movement.

Since Brighton was already diplomatically and finance-shall-he committed to de Ghoul, it was clear that negotiations with the French Library-shun Movement would have to be conducted by the A-merry-cans, and the inn-vasion a swell.

Because of divided loyal-ties (a type of forked tie) among the gropes on the ground their support was uncertain, and dew to the knead to maintain sea-Crecy (the battle in 1346 for which the French had never forgiven the Bright-ish), detailed plans could not be shared with the French.

Editor’s note: I suppose that is in part the result of previous centuries of antagonism behind the two countries, how sad it all is.

1.4      Allied plans

Allied convoys heading from the British Isles to North Africa

Planers identified Oran, Algae-rears and Casa-blanca as quay targets (you can land at a quay of course). Ideally there would also be a landing at Tune-is to secure Tune-is-here and facilitate the rapid interdiction of supplies traveling via Tree-polly to Erwin Rome-el’s A-free-ka Korpse farces in It-a-lie-Ian Lib-yah.

However, Tune-is was much too close to the Axes hairfields in Si-silly and Sir-Dinner-here for any hope of suck-cess. A compromise would be to land at Beaune in he-stern Algae-rear, some 300 Miles (480 km) closer to Tune-is than Al-jeers.

Limited resources dick-tated that the Alleys could only make three landings and Ice-in-how-er —who believed that any plan must include landings at O-Ran and Al-jeers—had two main opshuns: either the we-stern opshun, to land at Casablanca, O-Ran and Al-jeers and then make as rapid a move as possible to Tunis some 500 miles (800 km) east of Algiers once the Fishy opposition was suppressed; or the he-stern opshun, to land at O-Ran, Al-jeers and Beaune and then advance overland to Casablanca some 500 Miles (800 km) west of O-Ran.

He favoured the he-stern opshun because of the advantages it gave to an early capture of Tune-is and also because the Atlantic* swells (these were swell fellas but had a habit of upsetting things when they suffered from the wind) off Casablanca presented considerably greater risks to an Ann-Fibious landing there than would be encountered in the Mediterranean.

*Editor’s note: this may be reference to the Atlantic, the left wing newspaper which like many newspapers of all persuasions if in printed form should be used for starting fires or toilet paper rather than read.

The Combined Chefs of Stuff, however, were concerned that should Opera-shun Torch precipitate S-pain to abandon new-trality and join the Axes, the Streets of GI-bra-altar could be closed cutting the entire Alleyed farce’s lines of commune-E-Kaye-shun.

Then making Spain a complete pain.

They therefore chose the Casablanca opshun as the less rusky since the farces in Algae-rear and Tune-is-here could be supplied overland from Casablanca (albeit with considerable difficult-tea) in the event of clos-sure of the streets.

Marsh-al’s opposition to Torch (similar to Washington DC today where those in ‘the swamp’ object to the light on their shenanigans) delayed the landings by almost a month, and his opposition to landings in Algae-rear led British Millie-Terry leaders to question his strategic ability; the Royal Navy controlled the Strait of GI –bra-altar, and Spain was unlikely to intervene as Francis-co Frank-co was hedging his butts to prevent anyone kicking him the rear.

The More-occo landings ruled out the early occupashun of Tune-is-here. Marsh-al did convince the Alleys to a-band-on the planed inn-vasions of Mad-dear-ra and Tan-jeer in preparashun for the landings, which he maintained would lose the element of Sir-Prize and draw large Spanish Millie-Terry content-gents in Spanish More-occo and the Can-hairy Islands into the whore.

However, Hairy Hopkins convinced Pressy-dent Frankly D. Roose-felt to agree to the General Plan, whoever he was. Ice-in-how-er told Pat-Ton that the past six weaks were the most trying of his life. In Ice-in-how-er’s acceptance of landings in Algae-rear and More-occo, he pointed out that the D-cession removed the early capture of Tune-is from the probe-a-ball to only the remotely posse-able because of the extra thyme it would afford the Axes to move farces into Tune-is-here.

And because the posse would be unlikely to get there in time, ye hah!

1.5      Intelligence gathering

In Julie 1941, My-colesław Słow-I-cow-ski (using the codename “Rygor”—Polish for “Rigor”) set up “A-gent-see A-free-car”, one of the Second World Whore’s most successful in-telly-gents organ-nazi-ations. His Polish alleys (which were well polished) in these end-evers included Lt. Col. Gwe-do Longer and May-jaw Makes-a-million Church-key.

N.B. His real name Ciężki sounds like church key and means apparently heavy in English. As church keys are typically old and heavy perhaps this is significant.

The information gathered by the A-gent-see was used by the A-merry-cans and Bright-ish in planning the Ann-fibious Know-vember 1942 Opera-shun Torch landings in North A-free-car.

1.6      Preliminary contact with Vichy French

To gage the feeling of the Fishy French farces, More-fee was appointed to the A-merry-can console-ate in Algae-rear. His Covid Miss-Iron was to determine the moo-ed of the French farces and to make contact with elephants (A-free-can of course) that might support an Alleyed inn-vasion.

He suck-seeded in contacting several French off-icers, including General Char-les Mast, the French come-and-er-in-chef in Al-jeers. N.B. He was one of the Mast’s of the Beast.

These off-icers were willing to support the Alleys but asked for a clan-D’Estine (French off-shoot from Scotland to which Emmanuel Mac Ron belongs) con-ference with a Señor Allied General in Algae-rear. May-jaw General Mark W. Clerk—one of Ice-in-how-er ‘s señor come-man-ders—was dispatched to Churchill in Algae-rear aboard the Bright-ish submarine HMS SeRAF and met with these Fishy French off-icers on 21 October 1942.

With help from the Resist-ants, the Alleys also suck-seeded in slipping French General Henri Giro out of Fishy France on HMS SeRAF—passing itself off as an A-merry-can submarine—to GI-bra-altar, where Ice-in-how-er had his head- courters, intending to offer him the post of come-man-der in chef of French farces in North A-free-car after the inn-vasion.

N.B. The French make very good chefs.

However, Giro would take no position lower than come-and-er in chef of all the invading farces, a job already given to Ice-in-how-er. When he was refused, he decided to remain “a speck-tator in this affair”.

A speck is a sausage and a ‘tator a potato, so if he couldn’t be the head chef he preferred to be the food. Barmy if you ask me.

2          Battle

2.1      Casablanca

This was the invasion of the Casa Blanca or White House. Quite whether anything is going on today in the USA I don’t know, but given the mid-term elections were due on the 8th November 80 years ago, it is all very interesting.

There were three landing points.

Operation Blackstone – the operation against Blackrock and Blackstone of course, once part of George Soros’s empire.

Operation Brushwood – the operation to make a clean sweep of the trees.

Operation Goalpost – the operation to try and stop the Democrats moving the goalposts of election results, i.e. Democrats don’t like the results so make up the results instead.

The landings were successful without too much difficulty (although I suspect the Democrats of cheating again).

2.2      Oran

Here the U.S. 1st Ran-ger Batty-lion ran ashore as you might expect, and quickly captured the sure battery at Arse-yew.

An attempt was made to land U.S. infant-tree at the arbour directly, in order to Quigley prevent Des-truck-shun of the port facile-ities (where port wine was made as the officers needed their after dinner port) and scuttling of chips (to go with the fish).

The French tropes defended Stub-Bornly, refusing to believe that Covid 19 was the ‘flu, but bumbardment by the British bottle-ships brought about O-Ran’s Sir-Render on 10th Know-vember.

N.B. The Royal and the US navies brought along their own bottles to fill up with the port wine.

2.2.1  Airborne landings

Torch was the first major hair-borne ass-salt carried out by the United Stats.

The 2nd Batty-lion, 509th Para-shoot Infant-tree Reggie-meant, aboard 39 C (the temperature in Africa) 47 Da-coaters. Despite the high temperature, they still had to wear da coater’s as they would double up as para-shoots.

The landings were all rather chaotic and had minimal impact but lessons were learned it seems.

2.3      Algiers

2.3.1  Resistance and coup

As agreed at Churchill, in the early hours of 8 Know-vember, the 400 mainly Due-ish French Resist-ants fighters of the Géo Gras Grope (known as 3G, a precursor to 4 and 5G) staged a coo in the city of Al-jeers.

Starting at mid-knight, the farce under the come-and of Henri Dastlier de la Vigoury and Hosé Abulker seized quay targets, including the telephone exchange (where the telephants lived), Ray-D’O station, Gove-rnor’s house (were Gove lived) and the head-courters of the 19th Corpse (from which Covid 19 took its name it is alleged).

Row-bert More-fee took some men and then drove to the residence of General Al-phones Jew-in, the Señor French Army off-icer in North A-free-car. While they Sir-Round-Dead his house (making Jew-in a host-age) More-fee attempted to persuade him to side with the Alleys.

Jew-in was treated to a Sir-Prize: Admirable Françe-was Darlin’—the come-man-der of all French farces—was also in Al-jeers on a Private Visit. Private Visit was his chauffeur.

Jew-in insisted on contacting Darlin’ and More-fee was unable to persuade either to side with the Alleys. In the early morning, the local Gender-army (serial number LGBTQ+2AA) arrived and released Jew-in and Darlin’.

2.3.2  Invasion

On 8 November 1942, the inn-vasion commenced with landings on three beeches—two west of Al-jeers and one east. The landing farces were under the overall come-and of May-jaw-General Char-Les W. Rye-duh, come-and-ding general of the U.S. 34th Infant-tree Di Vision.

The 11th Brig-aid Group from the British 78th Infant-tree Di-Vision landed on the right hand beech; the US 168th Reggie-mental Wombat Team, from the Infant-tree Di Vision, supported by 6 Come-and-do and most of 1 Come-and-do, landed on the middle beech; and the US 39th Regimental Wombat Team, from the US 9th Infant-tree Di Vision, supported by the remaining 5 troops from 1 Come-and-do, landed on the left hand beech.

The 36th Brig-aid Grope from the Bright-ish 78th Infant-tree Di-Vision stood by in floating reserve (like a reserve port). Though some landings went to the wrong beeches, this was hymn-material because of the lack of French opposition. All the coastal butteries had been new-tralized by the French Resist-ants and one French come-man-der defected to the Alleys.

The only fighting took place in the port of Al-jeers, where in Opera-shun Terminal, two British Des-Tryers attempted to land a party of US Army Ringers directly onto the duck, to prevent the French Des-Trying the port facilities and scuttling their chips.

Heavy Art Hillary fire prevented one Des-Tryer from landing but the other was able to disembark 250 Ringers before it too was driven back to sea. N.B. The term is ‘steered’ not driven as it is a ship. Obviously Wikipedia writers are not sailors. The US tropes pushed Quigley inland and General Jew-in surrendered the city to the Alleys at 18:00.

3          Aftermath

Well, Germany invaded Vichy France but failed to capture the French fleet at Toulon on the Mediterranean when the vast majority of ships were scuttled.

Tunisia was taken by the Axis forces as the limited Vichy French forces did not/could not put up any effective resistance, although they did cause some delaying effects.

The influx of Axis forces would mean that the war in North Africa would continue until May the following year.

Summary and final thoughts

There is not a lot to say, but I have compared the Torch campaign to shining a light on the corruption and lies in the world.

Given that Casablanca means white house, this should have meant shining a light on all that goes on in the White House in Washington DC and the idiot Joe Biden and his cronies.

But please also note ‘AC cabal NSA’ which could refer to the anti-Christ cabal of the National Security Agency in the U.S. Interesting…

An anagram of National Security Agency is ‘agency routinely Satanic’. Well, what do you know!!!

Anyway, I have said we follow a timeline similar to WW2 so we had the mid-terms which were hardly a roaring success for the Republicans despite indications to the contrary in polls.

But then as I have commented elsewhere, the Democrats do seem to be able to raise the dead when it comes to election time. And I thought only God could do that!

I am well aware that corruption exists in both parties, but that is always Satan’s plan to set one against another. He can then take advantage in setting one group against another whilst he buggers up the world as he did from the beginning because of his arrogance.

It has made it one party against another and black against white (although as I say it is dark skin against pale skin as there are no truly black and white people except in the heart and mind).

He will set rich against poor and male against female, anything to create chaos out of order. He is quite mad.

But in Christ there are no such distinctions; we are all children of God, part of His body. We have differences of course and varying parts to play; life would be very boring without them.

Nevertheless, in Christ we are united and why He died and rose again that we might be free. Free to love of course, as love is the best ammunition in the war of words, speaking the Truth in Love.

I have a fascinating incite re love and ammunition which needs another post, but there is only little me running this site.

Plus a lot of help from the angels seen and unseen of course, but I must do the typing!

Onwards and upwards into the light, the Torch Light!

P.S. The Stalingrad campaign in Russia is on-going, and so of course today the assault on Russia and Putin continues.

On the 19th this month 80 years ago Operation Uranus will be launched and in 5 days the Germans were surrounded in the city. I wonder what we will see this time? Somebody’s ass is going to get kicked, that’s for sure!

I will in any event do a post in similar fashion to this one.

If you haven’t seen already and are interested in more whacky approaches to wartime exploits, go to World Menu and look for the Naff Caff heading.

World Menu


Vaccination industry in a nutshell

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th November, 2022

I posted this as a comment on a Steve Kirsch newsletter. There was a very good video he attached, see link near end.

I said:

“It is a long video. I prefer to keep it simple.

1. vaccines cause harm (and sometimes death), for which the customers pay

2. harm means more customers who will have big pharma drugs for which the customers pay

3. big pharma drugs cause harm  which ‘need’ (ahem) big pharma drugs for which the customers pay

4. customers become very ill and need end of life care including (coughing fit) big pharma drugs for which the customers pay

5. Customers die and need burying or cremating (big pharma prefer the later as this destroys the evidence) for which the customers pay.

Or at least their nearest and dearest if big pharma have not managed to remove them from the earth already.

When I refer to customers, this tends to mean taxpayers.

So pay to be poisoned, pay to be ill, pay to die.

That in my humble opinion is the vaccination industry business model in a nut shell.”

And don’t forget that you can pay again if you seek compensation from the government. The government will pay this from taxes/borrowed money on taxpayers behalf.

So in essence you will be asking yourself in part to fund your compensation.

Sue big pharma and individuals instead.

Don’t forget too that there are lots of lawyers out there who will gladly help you for a fee. If it is legal aid in the UK then the government will pay on your behalf.

Which means the taxpayer, which will include you if you live in the UK.

And please note that if you have a pension, including a state pension, it is likely that some of the money will come via big pharma investment which are no doubt doing rather well at the moment.

So you will get a small amount back from them for poisoning you in the first place, although that will not be of much comfort.

It has never been about health, it has been about money.

Here’s the video.

371 – Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination – Raymond Obomsawin

Aug 21, 2013

Why do vaccine shots pose serious physical, mental, and behavioral dangers in humans? Raymond Obomsawin gives a historical overview of human attempts to create immunity, artificially, via vaccination. He explores the issues surrounding these artificial attempts to protect human health. Raymond Obomsawin shows the real causes of some of the more recent health issues and how vaccines, among other artifical chemicals and pharmaceutics, cause harmful and, oftentimes, lifelong health damage. He shows, via statistical and historical facts, that vaccines have no positive impact on the decline of disease. Watch this video expose the truth about vaccines.

Video is nearly 1.5 hours long but I find particularly helpful section around 50 minutes of so re essentially little or no benefit form vaccines. And this video is from 2013!! The evil agenda and fraud is grossly wicked that has hidden all this.

NB Please note Raymond Obomsawin says around 1:10 whist referring to vitamin C effectiveness in reducing death rates in First nations infants who had vaccines that vaccines are a powerful agent in reducing toxicity in human system. He must mean vitamin C of course.

Vaccines will increase toxicity in human system if anything other than saline in them.

I will add that I had BCG vaccine in 1975 for tuberculosis. It was of course completely unnecessary. But I had a very bad case of what they called German measles (it would be German!). I am certain it was the vaccine which caused it, and I was very ill for two weeks in the boarding school sanatorium.

I was too weak to continue the athletics I enjoyed and took all summer to recover fully, although I did manage my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award expedition.

P.S. For those who haven’t seen it, my main vaccine link.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.


‘They’re Doing It Again!’ – Funeral Director

John O’Looney On The Deadly UK Flu Jabs

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

13th November, 2022

Despite being a Looney he is not mad. You can sense the righteous anger in his voice. The care home people are taking the elderly supposedly in their care for a potential death ride. Here’s the video.

P.S If you haven’t seen it, here’s my link on what’s in the vaccine as far as we know (excepting other ‘special’ added ingredients).

What’s in the vaccines seen?


The Second battle of El-Alamein: 23 October – 11 November 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th November, 2022

Today is Armistice Day, a day of remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives that others might live freely.

Although what was the point in all the bloodshed really? I have said this before but as Pink Floyd sang “With, without. And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about?”

Anyway, I am here today to tell you the story of the Second battle of El-Alamein.This took place 80 years ago in North Africa in Egypt between the coast of the Mediterranean and the Qattara Depression.

The battle was between the United Kingdom and its Imperial and commonwealth forces including India, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, plus Free French and Greek Brigades, and the Axis forces comprising German and Italian troops.

Both the sea and the depression formed a boundary which could not be readily by passed.

The Axis forces of the Panzer Army Africa (Panzerarmee Afrika) (included the Afrika Korps under Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erwin Rommel), whilst the United Kingdom forces were the Eighth Army under Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery.

The Axis forces were very close to Alexandria, about 66 miles, the main naval base at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, and the cities of Egypt and the Suez Canal.

The battle resulted in the destruction, but not complete annihilation, of the Axis forces which were too far from their main base at Tripoli to be readily supplied, about 1,400 miles by road. Today I understand this is less as there have been road alterations.

So here is my take on the battle in my usual fashion. If you just want my summary, then go to the end. I shall add some fascinating observations for those who have understanding in these matters. Some of these I have mentioned before but not all.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

This link forms the basis of my article.

And some other links which may be of interest.

By Noclador – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

1          Background

Now we have discussed the First Battle of El-Alamein in an earlier post but we need to set the scene for the second battle.

On the left hand side of the map above we see the Axes farces which had been under the command of Her-win Rome-El, the angel of Rome a.k.a. the Dessert Fox. This is because it was the Vatican in Rome acting behind the scenes.

Rome-El was called Her-win because he was used to winning. Her was because he was Herr Rome-El but he dropped the extra ‘r’ for effect.

You will note that the Axes were on the left and therefore left wing which explains the problems with the Axes who were in essence Nasties (sic).

On the right wing were the Alleys who were of course right. And being right they would win, despite Rome-El being called Her-Win.

The Alleys were led by a great Saint Bernard Montgomery who did not have a barrel of brandy under his chin, but nevertheless used his experience and knowledge gained in two world whores to revive the more-al of the Alleys tropes.

His middle name was Law and in some respects he was a Law unto himself, but he did submit himself to the Almighty God as he knew God knows a thing or two about battles.

It is written the battle belongs to the Lord for example.

As we have seen before, the Axes consisted of Germ-men and It-a-lie men.

The Alleys consisted of a wide mixture of tropes from the common wealth. These included Ind-ians who were in d army, men from Say Lon who said yes we will fight, The Austria-lions who fought like lions, the New Zeal-anders who had great zeal for the battle, the South Afri-cans who can and could fight and did, the Three French who were free as long as they had free meals a day and plenty of garlic, and men from Grease who were the ones that I would want in my team, and you need plenty of greece to keep the vehicles on the move.

The Axes farces where hampered by lack of hampers and supplies as they had a long trip to go to Tri-poly where the main port was. And don’t forget the three parrots (let the reader understand).

Rome-El had been taken sick and had flown back to Germ-many and had been replaced by Georg  Stumme. They tried to keep this quiet or Shtum as he wasn’t as good a general as Rome-El.

They say he was a pleasure loving general and as an anagram of his name is ‘gems gourmet’ I can believe it. Of course Georg’s tumme (sic) was well known and a large tumme (sic) often indicates a love of food and drink.

2          Prelude

2.1      British plan

2.1.1  Operation Lightfoot

This was an operation on the foot by an orthopaedic surgeon.

Montgomery expected a 12-day battle in three stages:

  1. the break-in – this was entering by the back door like a thief in the night.

  2. the dogfight – between the St. Bernard Montgomery

and the Dessert Fox.

  • and the final breaking of the enemy – i.e. the break-out.

2.1.2  Operation Bertram

This was an operation on Bert who had an unfortunate accident with a ram. So he said.

Before the battle the Commonwealth forces practised deceptions,… they dumped waste materials (discarded packing cases, etc.) under camouflage nets in the northern sector, making them appear to be ammunition or ration dumps.

The same thing goes on today, only with recycling our waste

The government makes it appear that we are improving our recycling rates. Yeah, yeah, tell us another.

‘Vaccines really, really help against the monster virus Covid 19’.

No, I was being sarcastic you morons!

Anyway, just as we are deceived today, so the Axes forces were back then.

2.1.3  Operation Braganza

This was a preliminary operation  attacking the pair-a-tropers of the Division “Fol Gore” (pronounced ‘Gory’), an Italian relation of Al Gore (pronounced Gore) on the night of 29/30 September in an attempt to capture the dear L. Man-ass-I-be area.

The allied tropes were repelled, probably by Fol Gore climate change rhetoric i.e. global warming. In this link it says

…there had been a great many casualties from heatstroke in the 131st Brigade.

Like other Gore’s they lied as the desert is hot, duh.

2.2      Axis plan

This was to defend their position. Being Nasties they created Devil’s gardens which contained “miens alles miens!” in German, or “mines all mines!” in English.

This is because they contain lots of mines, the ones that explode, not the ones where you dig holes. Although you do need to dig a small hole to bury a mine.

Mind you, as mines will possibly kill you, a hole will also need to be dug to bury your body. And the Devil’s gardens were not far from the River Nile and which would of course an-Nile-ate you if you were by one when it exploded.

Editor’s note: Anagram of Devil’s gardens is ‘dds graves Nile’!

3          Battle

3.1      Phase one: the break-in

The thief makes his move and launches a 1,000 bun garage or vice versa. This was led by a General Bumbardment who was in charge.

About 529,000 shells were thrown over the walls of the defences, the nearby beaches having been stripped of all shells to supply the buns.

The infant-tree had to establish a bridgehead before Dawn at the imaginary line in the dessert. I imagine it was difficult to imagine an imaginary line in the dessert before Dawn gets there and it was dark at the time.

Rather like your sister eating more than her share of the pudding but imagining she is entitled to more than you.

3.2      Phase two: the crumbling

Dawn made an Ariel reconnaissance as part of her washing routine which showed the Axes positions had not changed much.

The mourning of the 24th brought morning to the Germ-men’s headquarters, and the Axes farces were stunned by the Bright-ish attack. And their massages became confused and hysterical.

Rather like the Democratic press hysteria in the USA. This included “… one Italian unit communicating to Germans that it had been wiped out by “drunken negroes with tanks“.

The Democrats tend to blame everyone except themselves for the mess they get themselves into. They call everyone racist but in reality hate dark skinned people (unless they are wealthy). George Soros is Black but they don’t object to him because he is wealthy and pays their salaries (allegedly).

The Stumme went to see what all the fuss was about, but got stummack ache and died of a heart attack. It wasn’t the vaccine, honest!

Despite being ill, the Rome-El ‘flu (or Covid19) back to Africa but there was little he could do although the Axes morals improved.

The Alleys were still clearing the meins from the Axes meinfields. The amour was held at the Oxalic Line where the spinach eaten by the Axes made the line very strong like Popeye.

Art Hillary and the Dessert Air Force were making the crumble for the desert to which the Axes would succumb as they loved a good desert, especially the Germ-men. Black Forest gateau would have been made but as the dessert is dry with no trees this wasn’t possible.

There was a thanks battle near the Kidney feature where the steaks were high, or a stake and Kidney pie. Apparently the Kidney feature was a depression not a ridge as some thought. This was a type of bipolar disorder. Many suffer this today as up is down, black is white, right is wrong and Joe Biden is doing a wonderful job.

Of shafting the USA.

3.2.1  D + 2: 25 October

The Alleys had made an inroad or Alley-way into the Axes meinfields and they were on top of the Mighty-rear ridge, i.e. standing on the Axes bottom ready to give it a good kicking.

In the meantime, the Pansy Army of the Axes probed for a weakness with a rather Nazi looking probe but it was a relief to the Alleys that they had provided protection against such an event. Rather like a chastity belt as it were.

At midnight the 51 Hi-landers lunched three at-tacks but no one knew where they were. Pan-demon-I-hum and car-N-age occurred as the demons ran amok in their cars. Similar to parts of Rome I imagine.

3.3      Phase three: the counter

3.3.1  D + 3: 26 October

The Axes were taking a heavy beating and losing their cutting edge as it was blunted by the Alleys’ thrust. The Rome-El thought the main thrust would come in the north and determined to retake Point 29.

He hors d’oeuvred 15 Pansies, 164 Lights and part of an XX It-a-lie-Ian corpse but the at-tack came to nothing. And nobody knew where nothing was so they were not aware when they got there.

Nevertheless, the Rome-El said the attack met with some success, taking part of Hill 28. Which is one less than 29.

Personally I would say that if you fall short you fall short, as in all have fallen short of the glory of God.

Or as it is hot in the dessert, all the shorts (worn by tropes) have fallen down.

The Rome-El decided to constipate his amour to the north but due to shortage of fool this could not be reversed. This shortage was due to the tomfoolery caused as much as anything by the DAFT bumbers of the Alleys.

The Bright-ish failed to take advantage of the absence of Axes thanks and when they did try to move forward they were stopped by anti-thank buns. So the Bright-ish were not being very bright.

Nonetheless, some Bristols of 42 squat-ron (please note 42) and 3 Wellingtons, believed to be a pair and one odd one,  sunk two Ollie thankers at Two-brook which put paid to any hope of the Axes getting more fools for their thanks etc.

3.3.2  D + 4: 27 October

The main battle of the day constipated around Telly-lacka-queer and the Kidney feature. Also in the area were a wood cock (mmm…) and a Snape although I profess not to know who the Snape was.

The long and the short of it is that a Rival Brig-aid and a King’s Real Rival Corpse advanced and Doug in. The Rome-El decided to lunch his Major At Tack at 1600 hours, a very late lunch in my books, and was sniping at Snape, or vice versa.

Germ-men and It-a-lie-Ian thanks at tacked the Rival Brig-aid who had anti-thank buns as well as rivals to shoot with. 22 Germ-men thanks and 10 It-a-lie-Ian thanks were lost, but the Bright-ish were not being very bright and withdrew without a replacement farce being brought up.

The moral of this story is always have a spare joke or two up your sleeve as you never know when you might need them.

The following was allegedly written about the engagement.

The dessert was quivering with heat having only just come out of the oven. The bun detachments and the plates and spoons squitted in their pits and stenches, the sweet running in rivers down their dust-caked faeces. There was a terrible tench. The flies warmed in black clods upon the dead Bidens and Lucretia (Lucifer’s sister) and tormented the undead (vaccinated zombies). The plaice was strewn with burning thanks and carry ons, wrecked buns and vehicles, and overalls drifted the smoke and the bust from Durstin’s (a journalist on The Daily Beast) high expletives and from the blasts (and other profanity) of buns.

3.3.3  D + 5–6: 28–29 October

Among other things, 9 Austria-lions were hors d’oeuvred to make a set peace at tack including taking Thompson’s Post which needed to be sent off somewhere. Probably back to Germ-many.

Some of the Austria-lion tropes rowed on Valentine thanks even though it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. They suffered a lot of casual-ties and whilst not a massacre as such it wasn’t good.

But then as it wasn’t Valentine’s Day we wouldn’t expect a Massacre.

Any road, by the end of October the Bright-ish still had 800 serviceable thanks and the Pansy Army 81 serviceable Germ-men thanks and 197 It-a-lie-Ian thanks. This is a ratio of 3:1, the going rate for a breakthrough.

The St Bernard knew from the Rome-El’s at tacks that he had committed his preserve and had nothing else to jam in the cracks in his D fences. The St Bernard therefore decided to at tack further south as the Rome-El had little gas left to disengage, i.e. words were failing him.

Editor’s note: please remember that ‘to gas’ is slang for ‘to talk’.

3.3.4  D + 7–9: 30 October – 1 November

On the 30th The Austria-lions third attempt saw them astride the road and railway making the Axes Say-lea-Ent pre-Carey-us. 21 pansies made four at tacks but these were repulsive.

Rome-El had given Albert Kettle a ring for some more fool which Albert ‘flu in, but most of this ended up in Ben’s Khasi, too far to the west to be of much use.

By now the Rome-El had only 90 thanks left against the Bright-ish 800, a ratio of nearly 9:1.

3.4      Phase four: Operation Supercharge

3.4.1  D + 10: 2 November

The opera-shun was known as Super-Farage.  And here he is in action. And see end of section for a couple of links.

This faze of the opera-shun had the objective to destroy the NME’s amour (although there wasn’t much left), farcing the NME to fight in the open (there was a lot of open left), reducing the Axes stock of pet-trolls (although there weren’t many of these left), at tacking and occu-pie-ing NME supply roots (there weren’t many of these anyway), and causing the disintegration of the NME’s army.

N.B. disintegration is the opposite of integration in pure maths.

The initial thrust of Super Farage was carried out by 2 New Zeal-enders. Left-ten-ant General Burn-hard Freeburg (like an over done beef burger), their come-and-er, was not impressed as they had suffered a lot in July earlier that year.

Rather like New Zealanders today suffering under the Moron Jacinda ‘Eat’s all for your saifety’ Ardern.

Apparently, the Rome-El had 102 Germ-men effective thanks and the It-a-lie-Ian’s 65 thanks. This does not match up with Wikipedia’s earlier comments but never mind. They didn’t have a lot, that’s the point.

Super Farage began with a seven hour hairy-el, i.e. a hairy angel bombardment on Telly-lacka-queer and Sid-he ‘ave Del Raw Man. This was followed by a four and a half hour Farage of 360 buns firing 15,000 shells collected from the beach.

The New Zeal-enders cleared 5 lanes through the meinfields which allowed the Royal Dragons to slip out and rayed the Axes commune-E-Kaye-shuns.

The 9 Amour Brig-aid started out from L Alley-main Station but when it arrived at its start line (which was different from where it started out), they fancied a Curry so were delayed for half an hour whilst they ate it.

The Germ-men and It-a-lie-Ian anti-thank buns opened fire upon the charging thanks silly-WHO-wetted by the rising sun. Which seems a bit silly to me, obvious targets, but there you are.

The Bright-ish amours suffered heavy casual-ties but did cause a lot of damage and 35 buns and several dread-Huns were taken poisoner.

The Axes counter at tacked but the 9 Amour Brig-aid and the Thirst Armour Di Vision had Doug in with anti-thank buns, Art Hillary and in-ten-sieve hair support  who/which as usual did the trick of de-feeting the Axes farces.

The Axes lost some 100 thanks and should not have had more than 65 odd thanks left, Wikipedia article notwithstanding.

Whilst the X Corpse had not broken out, it had achieved its objective of finding and destroying NME thanks. This became known as the “Hammering of the Pansies”. Today this would be known as the “Hammering of the snowflakes”.

On the night of 2 Know-vember General John Thomas told the Rome-El that he would have at most 35 thanks the next day and his anti-thank wee-upons reduced to a turd.

The Rome-El wisely concluded that to four-stall a breakthrough and complete destruction of the hole army he must withdraw to Fuka.

Or in his alleged words “Ach Fuka, I’m off to Fuka, anybody who wants to join me had better hurry up.”

His mobile farces (such as Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel) were ordered to make a fighting withdrawal while his other four-mations were to withdraw as best they could with the limited trans-port available.

N.B. trans-port is what the trans-gender use to get around.

Here are the articles with Super Farage in action.

3.4.2  D + 11: 3 November

Not much of use happened this day. Boring.

3.5      Phase five: the break-out

On the 2nd Know-vember the Rome-El had signalled to A Doll F Hitter that in essence the Axes were stuffed.

A Doll F Hitter is alleged to have replied:

To Field Marsh-angel Rome-angel. It is with rusting conference in your leadershit and the courage of the Germen-It-a-lie-Ian tropes under your command that the Germ-men people and I are following the heroic straggle in Egypt (from the relative safety of our bunkers/herr raid shelters).

In the situation which you find yourself there can be no other thought but to stand fast as quickly as you can, yield not a yard (Hitter didn’t like metric) of ground and throw every gun and every man into the battle (as the Rome-El had run out of ammunition, i.e. try throwing the guns/comrades at the enemy instead).

Considerable herr farce reinforcements are being sent to C.-in-C South (which may or may not reach you in time). The Duck and the Come-and-do Super-remo are also making the utmost efforts to send you the means to continue the fight (whilst eating pasta and drinking red wine to keep up their figures).

Your enemy, despite his superiority, must also be at the end of his strength (cross fingers). It would not be the first time in history that a strong Willy has triumphed over the bigger batty-lions. As to your tropes, you can show them no other road than that to victory or deaf (as the explosions will burst your ear drums) – A Doll F Hitter.

So in essence A Doll F Hitter replied ‘Hear no, see no evil’ or in other words everything’s fine don’t worry, the enemy is collapsing as well as you, just stay where you are and die damn you!

Rather reminiscent of the Democrats in the USA at the moment I would say. Please add your comments below if you have any thoughts on the matter.

The Rome-El was understandably stunned and didn’t know what to do but being Germ-men they obeyed without question.

Like people obeying governments without question and having vaccines which they know make them ill but without them they can’t travel, have a job, have sex, etc. etc. But on the bright side they’re not dead.


3.5.1  D + 12, 4 November

By Noclador – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

As often is the case, the Ate-th Army plan for purr-suit (a type of fur worn by a pussy cat) began at Dawn. Dawn is a great lady to start the day with.

The advance took plaice with the Thirst and Sven-th Amoured Di Visions along with Laurie Brig-aids from New Zeal-and. The later took time to get going as they were constipated.

The plan to trap the 90 Lights of the Germ-men Miss-Fired; she is often to blame for these things.

Thirst Amoured met 21 Pansies and had to push them back for most of the day.

The Sventh Amoured met Harriett, the It-a-lie-Ian Amour, and destroyed her after a determined resistance. The story of Sven and Harriett may be recounted in full someday.

However, the Rome-El did write this in his dairy it is alleged:

Enormous lust-clouds could be seen south and south-east of headquarters [of the DAK], where the desperate struggle of the small and ineffishent It-a-lion thanks of XX (N.B. female chromosomes) Corpse was being played out against the hundred or so British heavy thanks which had come round their open right flank.

I was later told by May-jaw von Luck, whose batty-lion I had sent to close the GOP between the It-a-lions and the Afreaka Korpse, that the It-a-lions, who at that thyme represented our strong-guest motorised farce, fort with exemplary courage. Thank after thank split as-under or burned out, while all the thyme a tremendous British Farage lay over the It-a-lion infant-tree and Art Hillary positions.

The last signal came from the Harriett at about 15.30 hours “Enemy thanks penetrated south of Harriett (the mind boggles). Harriett now encircled (Sven had his Armies around her). Location 5 km north-west Burr e-l A-bed (Sven and Harriett were having a ‘lie down’, ahem). Harriett thanks still in action”. […] In Harriett we lost our oldest It-a-lion cumraides, from whom we had probably always demanded more than they, with their poor armament, had been capable of performing.

Crocodile tears from the Rome-El I think.

Anyway, watch it you men, don’t ask so much of your wives if you won’t help them out.

The 133  Amour Lothario and the 101 Motor-ties Tree-est were also destroyed. I gather Berlin Radio claimed that in this sector the “Bright-ish were made to pay for their penetration (!) with enormous lasses in men and Matt Aerial. The It-a-lions fought to the last man.”

Unlike the Germ-men who had scarpered. Much like today when Germ-many gets its allies to fight on its behalf whilst it rakes in the profit.

Anyway, the Bright-ish took many poisoners, mostly It-a-lie-Ians.

The Bologna Di Vision and the remnants of the Trent Division (part of Trent Water) tried to fight their way out and marched into the dessert without water, food (or Bologna sauce) or trans-port before surrendering, exhaust-Ted and dyeing from D hydration.

Lack of vitamin D one of the main causes of Covid 19/the ‘flu of course.

It was reported that Kernel Harry-go Da-low-lio, commanding the 40th Infant-tree Reggie-meant of the Bologna Di Vision, surrendered saying, “We have ceased firing not because we haven’t the desire but because we have spent every pound”. In a symbolic act of defiance, no one in the 40th Infantry Regiment “Bologna” raised their Hans.

This is because Hans had scarpered along with the rest of the Germ-men to the Fuka escarpment.

I dare say the Italians nowadays feel abandoned by the Germans in the EU.

At the end of the article (from 2020 mind) it says:

On the Facebook page of the German Embassy in Rome, there has been a storm of outraged comments from Italians.

Under an interview with the ministers Heiko Maas and Olaf Scholz a user has said: “Germany has always wanted to take control of our Italy.”

Another user wrote, “they let us bleed to death”

Well, not all Italians feel that way judging by other comments, but the fact of the matter is that history has been repeating itself, and it is the Nazis/Marxists all over again as I keep saying.

3.5.2  D + 13, 5 November

“Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Except not a lot happened to remember this day 80 years ago in the desert. Let’s move on (unlike the British armour which didn’t move much).

3.5.3  D + 14, 6 November

Fool problems plagued the Bright-ish amour (tell me about it, I still see fools around in the street or online who think, I use the term advisedly, that Covid 19 is a ‘thing)’.

It rained mid-day (yes, it really does rain in the desert sometimes) and supply vehicles got stuck in the bog – tell me about it, why only this morning – ahem, sorry, where was I?

Ah yes, the 2 New Zeal-and-ers advanced toward Sid I Han-ish (like Spanish only from Han) while the 8th Amoured Brig-aid, 10th Amoured Di Vision, had moved west from Gall-al to occupy the landing fields at Fucka and the escarpment.

It was difficult to define bumb lines (a.k.a. builders’ bottoms) as usual but US heavy bumbers attacked Two-brook, sinking Ethiopia and later attacked Ben’s khazi, sinking Mars and setting the tanker Portofino (a very fine port wine) alight.

N.B. sinking Mars was a bonus as they didn’t planet.

3.5.4  D + 15 onward, 7 to 11 November

Waterlogged ground and lack of fool stranded the Thirst and Sventh Amoured Di Visions. The  Amoured Di Vision, on the coast road and with ample fool, advanced to Mere-sa Ma-true while its infant-tree mopped up on the road, as it was so wet.

Rommel intended to fight a delaying action at Sid I Bar-any, 80 Miles (130 km) west of Ma-true, to gain time for Axes tropes to get through the battlenecks at Half-a-ya and So-lum.

The last rearguards (lederhosen which are leather and protect one’s rear) left Ma-true on the knight of 7th/8th Know-vember but were only able to hold Sid I Bar-any until the evening of 9th Know-vember.

By knightfall on 11th Know-vember, the Hegypt-Ian wall was clear but the St Bernard was forced to order that the purr-suit should temporarily be continued only by amoured cars and Art Hillary, because of the difficult-tea in supplying tea to the lager formations west of Bar-dia where they had run out of beer, let alone lager and tea.

By Stephen Kirragetalk – contribs – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

4          Aftermath

4.1      Analysis

To quote Wikipedia:

El Alamein was a British victory, although Rommel did not lose hope until the end of the Tunisia Campaign. Churchill said,

It may almost be said, “Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat”.

Well I suppose he did say “it may almost be said”, but in reality that was not so. After El Alamein there were no real defeats that seriously reversed the fortunes of war, but before El Alamein there were victories in such things as sinking the Graf Spee and the Bismarck, the taking of Madagascar, the defeat of the Italians in East Africa, the winning of the Battle of Britain, and the defeat of the Italian armies in Libya by the British and Commonwealth forces under General Wavell who I think is underestimated.

In the last case, he achieved with relatively little a considerable victory against much larger Italian forces.

As Wikipedia says The Allies frequently had numerical superiority in the Western Desert but never had it been so complete in quantity and quality. With the arrival of Sherman tanks, 6-pounder anti-tank guns and Spitfires in the Western Desert, the Allies gained a comprehensive superiority.

Montgomery envisioned the battle as an attrition operation, similar to those fought in the First World War and accurately predicted the length of the battle and the number of British and Commonwealth casualties. British artillery was superbly handled and British air support was excellent, in contrast to the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica, which offered little or no support to ground forces, preferring to engage in air-to-air combat. Air supremacy had a huge effect on the battle. Montgomery wrote,

The moral effect of air action [on the enemy] is very great and out of all proportion to the material damage inflicted. In the reverse direction, the sight and sound of our own air forces operating against the enemy have an equally satisfactory effect on our own troops. A combination of the two has a profound influence on the most important single factor in war—morale.

In the end Rommel and the Axis forces over extended themselves just as they were doing in the vast spaces of Russia, and it was only a matter of time with the USA in the war before its military and economic might would have full effect and bring down Germany.

Montgomery understood the principles of infantry warfare due to his WW1 experience yet also understood the need for mobility. He would not attack until he and the army was good and ready, and preparations made for the pursuit, the long term goal to drive the Axis forces from North Africa.

Previous commanders had not done this, although they were hampered to a degree by lack of decent anti-tank weapons and tanks.

The armoured forces never really got it together very well against the Germans and many still had the cavalry attitude of “charge at ‘em” like at Balaclava in the Crimea War 80 years earlier, although they were beginning to learn.

Rommel and a cadre of German mobile forces survived to continue the fight in Tunisia, and Rommel would go on to confront Montgomery again in the Battle of Normandy.

4.2      Casualties

You can read about these yourself but it may be reasonable to list these as mainly:


25,000 men killed or wounded (including 5,920 Italians killed)

30,000 prisoners (20,000 Italians and 10,724 Germans),

510 tanks and 2,000 field guns, anti-tank guns, and anti-aircraft guns.

64 German and 20 Italian aircraft.


13,560 casualties, of whom 2,350 men had been killed, 8,950 wounded and 2,260 were missing of which;

58 percent of the casualties were British,

22 percent Australian,

10 percent New Zealanders – note high percentage relative to the small population of New Zealand at the time. You can check yourselves but relative population of Australia to New Zealand was about 4:1.

So New Zealand had about double the casualties relative to those suffered overall.

6 percent South African,

1 percent Indian

3 percent other nationalities.

332 to 500 tanks, although by the end of the battle, 300 had been repaired.

The artillery lost 111 guns

77 British and 20 American aircraft.

Final thoughts

It was the 8th Army under Bernard Montgomery that defeated the Afrika Korps and the Italian forces under Rommel. So note that 8 is Jesus Christ’s number. This link is helpful I consider.

And, I stand amazed but not surprised, ‘He Ra mighty’ is an anagram of Eighth Army!!!

For indeed, Jesus Christ is ‘He Ra (or God) mighty’, a mighty God.

By contrast, ‘AZ camper fairy RNA’ is anagram of Panzer Army Africa.

As is ‘AC Nazi framer pray’. Which is rather interesting.

As is ‘American AZ fry rap’. Which is very interesting given many Nazis went to America north and south.

I have written much of the following in my post on the First battle of El Alamein but worth repeating albeit modified as required.

I anagrammed the name ‘El Alamein’. Fascinatingly, I found this.

‘Élan Aleim’, meaning ‘The spirit of God’ or ‘The spirit of the angels’, or ‘The force of God’ etc.

It is written

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

For it is God who works in you to will and to act on behalf of His good purpose.

Philippians 2:13

As regards the new Zealanders I note it is written in Isaiah 9 v.7

Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish and sustain it with justice and righteousness from that time and forevermore.

The zeal of the LORD of Hosts will accomplish this.

We might note the role of the New Zealanders. And their zeal is noticeable!

As regards Rommel, the Rome-El or Rome angel, well, as vaccination is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’, it is the Vatican in Rome at the heart of the matter, albeit it is the evil ones within it and elsewhere behind it all.

But in today’s world I see the children of God, men and women, rising up to halt the wave of evil trying to swamp the nations. The swamp creatures are being halted and will be driven back.

And the spirit of the Lord will achieve this with all His angels seen and unseen.

Keep going, and look up, your redemption draws near!

Or as Winston Churchill might say

P.S. If you wish you can read my post on

The First battle of El-Alamein: 1–27 July 1942

Or if you like war history and can cope with my whacky approach, go to The Naff Caff via World Menu for more tasty menus!


Rishi Sunak memes

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

9th November, 2022

Having given some consideration to the matter, I thought I would try my hand at some memes. See if we can’t put to death the idea that Dishy Fishy Rishi will be good for the UK having got us into the current mess we are in financially by borrowing money from the taxpayer.

Who borrow from the banks; well, the government does this kindly on our behalf having taken its percentage of course.

Rishi used to work for a bank, Goldman Sachs, but doesn’t like to mention it.

Of course Goldman Sachs was founded by Jews and a David Michael Solomon now is of Jewish heritage.

But of course there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

I have already done a post on Rishi Sunak the ‘hi risk anus’, the anagram of his name which should have warned people about him.

I see somebody agrees with my analysis.

Some people think he got some things right as chancellor. I don’t.

Paste the following into your browser I you want to read as link doesn’t seem to work.

By the way ‘U R Snaki-ish’ is also an anagram of Rishi Sunak, as in ‘You are snaky-ish.

Anyway, here goes.

P.S. If you haven’t read this yet, here’s my assessment of Rishi Sunak prior to Liz Truss’s appointment as P.M.

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:


Why does it appeal?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

8th November, 2022

Well, I look at it this way.

Ap = ‘son of’ in Welsh.

Peal = as in a peal of bells.

So ‘son of a peal of bells’ might be a ring, a telephone call perhaps.

To appeal to is seek help, maybe to the courts for justice, a call for help. Of course in French, ‘appeler’ is ‘to call’.

An anagram of appeal is ‘a apple’. Apples are appealing, appealing to the eye.

And you may wish to, er peel an apple!

In the Garden of Eden it is said a fruit caused the downfall of Adam and Eve, even an apple.

Well, apples are not the only fruit…

But that is some of the reasons why ‘it’ may appeal.

Whatever ‘it’ is.


Avian ‘flu – more lies

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

3rd November, 2022

I saw this extract text in an email from Andrew Griffiths Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs

Be on the look out for Avian Flu

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has recently announced that Horsham and a surrounding 10 km area are now a monitoring zone for Avian Influenza, also known as bird flu.

This is a fatal strain of the virus in many species of birds that has spread across Europe and is now arriving here. Wild birds as well as poultry are affected. This week I met with the Government’s top vets to understand how the action they are taking to tackle this outbreak will affect our local agricultural industries. Specific advice will be directed to our local farmers by the Government but for households the guidance is clear.

Those who keep pet birds at home must keep a close watch on them for illness and their cages should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. It’s also worth remembering that if you’re out and about and you spot dead birds, call the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77, and keep dogs and little ones well away.

Please excuse my French as they say, but I am getting exceedingly pissed off with all these lies and deception.

This is merely another excuse to blame anything on the coming wave of vaccine harms and deaths this autumn/winter if it is not already upon us, the wave that is. I haven’t checked.

Editor’s note: as someone correctly pointed out in the comments below and I quote her, this is also “…to terrify people away from the idea of self-sufficiency and destroy those who have already started keeping chickens.”

They talk about ‘fatal strain’ but it is straining credulity that people will still believe the government after all the lies since 2020. Let alone those before, although they pale into insignificance by comparison I suppose.

The extract talks about spotting dead birds and keeping dogs and little ones well away. Gordon Bennett, what drivel! Now a rotting bird is hardly something one want to pick up. And if it is poisoned by a Nazi chemical, certainly not.

But you will not become ill by going near it. Dogs might want to eat them so that is a risk, but not because of some so-called ‘flu or germs as people like to refer to them.

Mind you, a bird is slang for a female, and as I see a number of females (there are men but I observe mainly females) still falling for the Covid 19 nonsense, perhaps steering well clear of them is sensible, whether you are a dog, a little one or an adult.

Anyway, just to be clear:

      1. Virology is fundamentally flawed as you cannot catch the virus however you define it.

        Viruses are either poisons, chemical poisons, or as seems to be the case as viewed by virologists who don’t know what they are looking at, the exosome, the body’s own defence system about which I have written previously.


      2. As viruses are the same for animal/birds, albeit if they also have exosomes they may vary, then they can’t catch a virus.

Based on this I wonder what’s up. Are they going to try and poison some birds and say ‘Oo look they’re dying, we’d better lock down again.’

No, far more likely it will be the fact that the bivalent booster borsch soup they have concocted for the terminally dim is not receiving the desired take up.

So roll up, roll up (your sleeves) and get pricked again like you did last summer to misquote Chubby Checker.

Or put another way; get your ‘Little Red Booster’ as the Rolling Stones could have sung.

My advice is don’t fall for the scam, if Andrew Griffiths is reading, please note, if you have friends/neighbours with chickens please advise them.

If there are still battery hen houses then I am not happy as having seen the wretched condition of hens in one of these in my 20’s, I know they should have gone long ago.

But don’t shut up your hens because of this existential idiocy, use your common sense and shut them up/protect them from the obvious predators, foxes, storm winds, toxins, government advisors/vets etc.

Anyway, I like eggs and as long as they, the hens, want to lay an eggy (organic please), I can enjoy them for my tea, and boost my vitamin D.

Which rhymes rather nicely I think.

To finish this ‘meal’ I think some Rolling Stones.

NB. Grit is necessary for chickens in their digestion so Rolling Stones is a perfect segue.

And note the bivalent booster is prowling round like to Devil so watch out!

My alternative lyrics:

Little Red Booster

I am the little red booster

Too crazy laid low for days

I am the little red booster

Too crazy laid low for days

Keep everything in the pharma yard upset in every way

The men begin to bark and women begin to howl

Men begin to bark and women begin to howl#

Watch out strange cat people#

Little red booster’s on the prowl

If you see my little red booster

Please drive it home*

If you see my little red booster

Please drive it home

Ain’t had no peace in the pharma yard

Since my little red booster’s been gone


# Madness from vaccines side effects

* As in drive it home into someone’s arm

P.S. My links on viruses and exosomes.

V is for…..Virus

E is for…..Exosomes

And remember the USA and Mid-terms. The evil Democrats must be removed , as well as any RINO’s.

Operation Torch occurred in 1942, 8th to 16th November 80 years ago about which I will write. I am very hopeful therefore.

The British and Commonwealth forces are breaking through at El Alamein this week 80 years ago. Hurray!

And the Soviet Union is turning the tide at Stalingrad against the Nazis.


In the News – The Daily Telegraph Tuesday, 11th October, 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

1st November, 2022

3 weeks late, but as I struggle to keep up with things, who can blame me? Lots of people no doubt.

Anyway, my usual take of events in the news. Might be helpful to you. Keeps me busy in any event.

My selected headlines from The Daily Telegraph in which I ‘ape light-heartedly’.

Which is an anagram of The Daily Telegraph. Who would have thought it?

Nurse used insulin to kill babies, trial told

That’s different, makes a change from vaccines. I wonder what the headline would be if Telegraph journalists wake up to the fact that doctors and nurses administering or recommending vaccines are harming and killing people? How about

Doctors and nurses used vaccines to kill babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

I’m not sure that’s snappy enough. What about

Doctors and nurses playing Russian roulette with our bodies

Better I think. And this

Medical Nazis murder XXXXX, 100, 000 people in the world

The Guardian reminds us of a Telegraph article 80 years ago.

It says “The British public averted its gaze”. Today they are being distracted by the Ukraine etc., but where are the Daily Telegraph journalists ready to stand up against the evil genocide of today?

Russians turning on Putin over war, says GCHQ chief.

Allegedly. I dare say some are though. But I wouldn’t trust GCHQ to tell the truth. The whole things a charade as I have said before, a circus to distract the brain dead from the other evils in the world.

I really doubt that Russian forces are in a “desperate situation”. But it sounds good.

And one should remember that 80 years ago the Soviets were fighting like mad to retain control of Stalingrad so that Hitler could not claim to have defeated Stalin.

Or ‘Putin’ it another way, the Russians were ‘Stalin’ for time, until winter came and they could launch a counter attack.

I keep telling you we follow a timeline matching that of 80 years ago so the media have to make things look about right.

And we are under a week from the 5th November when the Germans reached the furthest point they would get to in the Caucasus 80 years ago.

From Wikipedia

5: German III Panzer Corps and Romanian 2nd Mountain Division capture the town of Alagir, which is the furthest south the Axis would reach on the Eastern Front.

Footnote article for more information.

‘Putin’s plan has hit the brave reality of Ukrainian defence’

This is a continuation of the front page leader.

Anyway, yeah, right, tell me another.

‘Neo-Nazis put up brave defence against the nasty Russians.’ More accurate I think.

Or perhaps the Russians are not so nasty after all. As the Nazis came out of Germany and the Ukraine was rather Nazi in WW2 and was Nazi (sic) to its citizens back then including the Jews, one might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps not much has changed.

Here’s a website that indicates this, an alternative to the Zelenskyy good, Putin bad spin by western media which a majority seem to have soaked up without critical thinking or research.

And another

And another

Rayner’s partner blocked from running as Labour M.P.

This is Angela Rayner’s boyfriend who is called Sam Tarry. Whether he is tarry in that he is late to things or he is tarry as in covered in tar is debatable.

As he was brought up in the east London area one might have thought that he might have been suitable to remain as Labour’s candidate for Ilford South (he is currently M.P. for this area) in the next general election.

However, he has been deselected by members of the constituency Labour party for supporting a rail strike picket.

The Guardian ran an article saying

Tarry, who is in a relationship with Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has alleged serious concerns about the conduct of the campaign against him to Labour HQ, claiming that he had discovered “ghost members” who had left the constituency or died.

Perhaps someone is taking a leaf out of the USA Democrats copy book.

Smugglers offer cut-price Channel crossings

‘Roll up, roll up, buy one get one free!’. Wonderful news. For only £3,000 you can cross the channel illegally. Children can go for £2,000.

I don’t think life belts are included. Added excitement and on-board entertainment is achieved buy having the boat leak so that everybody has to bail out the water. This also helps them keep warm and avoid hypothermia.

Entering the country illegally also means that all being well you won’t be pestered by GP letters saying ‘You haven’t got the vaccine, why not give it a go, it’s free? Or words to that effect.

I am not sure which is more risky or indeed cheaper, crossing the channel in this manner or having the shot. Possibly the former, but I haven’t seen the stats so this is pure guesswork.

Vodafone worker wins sex discrimination case

A homosexual young woman has won compensation form Vodafone after her male manager asked her ‘How do lesbians have sex?’

I don’t know why he didn’t Google it if he was really that interested. Would have saved a lot of bother.

Anyway, apparently the lady was ‘humiliated’ by remarks from her manager who apparently said she ‘looked like a normal lassie to me’.

I would have thought that was a complement to look normal. Plenty of people look weird. I have a facial palsy and a lockdown pony tail and I think I look weird.

Still, my wife seems to cope.

On the other hand, some people look normal on the surface but are weird underneath. Such as those taking the vaccines and wearing masks in odd situations. It takes all sorts I suppose.

Oliver: I’m a better chef if I think like a woman.

He is quoted as saying this is “Easier said than done”. Indeed. I don’t know how my wife thinks when it comes to cooking, but her mother didn’t like cooking. Nevertheless I understand achieved good results nevertheless.

My wife can struggle as a consequence. I have a more relaxed approach, an instinctive style if you like. My mother and grandmother were both good cooks so I guess I had a good start.

And my great grandmother wrote a children’s cook book.

Of course I may be in touch with my feminine side as they say. I have X and Y chromosomes (at least I must assume so as a man, albeit I have not been formally genetically tested) so have male and feminine traits. These are part of the male psyche.

When these are out of balance, men can go peculiar.

Man confessed to killing in 1980, court hears

He confessed recently, not in 1980 by the way. The murder was 42 years ago.

The murdered was A Bird. That is not a bird but a man called Anthony Bird. A bird is slang for a female, but this was definitely a man.

This man was 42 years old at the time of his death. Two sets of 42. Are we being teased again with this number, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question?

Protestor closes major road to port of Dover.

Police took nearly 8 hours to remove a protestor from the A2 Jubilee Way in both directions. He was complaining of torture by Kent Police according to the banner he held. ‘Withheld my legal rights’ was part of this banner. The man had tied himself to bridge railings.

What the police were doing in the time I don’t know. Writing out risk assessment reports perhaps. It is nice to know that Kent Police care about the individual and don’t rush into things.

Sometimes. But they didn’t bother to think about the Covid 19 measures or GUIDANCE.–covid-19-measures/

Kent Police has obviously not woken up to the fact that vaccines are harming and killing people. Are they not going to protect people from the crimes that are being committed against them?

The Police are hypocrites and fools. They will be judged severely for their wilful ignorance.

Man arrested over triple stabbing in London

At first I hoped it was Man arrested over triple jabbing in London, but sadly not. One day there will be more than one man arrested. There will be quite a few women too. Vaccine jabs of course, three jabs already, a fourth in the pipeline and 7 probably in total if all goes to the medical Nazis plan.

Dotty decision

This is a photo of the artist (I use the term loosely) Damien Hirst of pickled half a cow fame. He is going to burn thousands of his artworks I gather. I trust he has done this. I would hope he would burn the lot but I suppose burning some of his work will improve the price of the remaining ones on a rarity basis.

I have never taken an interest but much of his artwork reminds me of a kaleidoscope and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds which was a reference to LSD, the drug which causes hallucinations.

His artwork has made him very rich and given him lots of LSD. That is pounds, schillings and pence in old money.

His mother was Irish and Jewish I gather. That probably explains things.

Anagrams of his name, Damien Steven Hirst, include

admen reinvest shit

Vienna shits termed

Vienna shit deems RT

Atheist dens vermin

That probably explains things too.

He did a piece with a human skull covered in diamonds.

Reminds me of Lucifer, now Satan who was covered in jewels. Beauty on the outside but dead underneath.

Automation and robots tipped to end growing pains

No need to build robots as I suspect vaccines are turning people into mindless zombies. The powers that be can send control signals via the air waves ‘ Work for low wages, feed the plants’ etc. etc.

Sturgeon doubles down on plan for referendum reprise next year

She won’t give up will she? Buggers up Scotland, but hey, let’s have a referendum to distract from the chaos she causes. All being well the Supreme Court will see sense and turf her out.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the Scottish people might too come Election Day.

Archbishop unease over British embassy switch to Jerusalem

But not about moral decay, vaccine harms, etc. Welby the wally (I am being polite).

Promise to build 300,000 homes ‘dead in the water’

Probably because many people will be dead from the vaccines and we won’t need all those homes. We don’t want them anyway, we need the good earth (unpoisoned of course) to grow food.

It may be that of course global warming will cause sea levels to rise as they have been telling us for decades and the houses will all be flooded.

It’s alright, only kidding, I know it’s a scam. Like the vaccines.


‘Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales leaves Portsmouth …’

I despair. The picture is of the ship under the Forth rail bridge in Scotland near Rosyth. Which idiot in The Daily Telegraph wrote this?

Calling old people ‘elderly’ is ageist.

Okay, how about calling them silly old farts instead? And while we are at it call young people ignorant twats. Then we can have a good ding battle to rival the Ukraine situation whilst the elites look on rubbing their hands as they rake in the moolah (slang for money if you don’t know).

Alternatively stick with young and elderly. Simpler I think.

Tfl is all aboard for gender-neutral lingo in new guide

Transport for London’s latest lunacy. A possible reason is in the name. An anagram is ‘Trans frond poltroon’. A poltroon is a coward or contemptible person.

There are at least 10,000 phrases that can be made including ‘Trans’. Whether they make good sense I don’t know as I haven’t checked.

But Tfl’s new guide makes no sense. I see this.

Online reviews of scented candles give first whiff of a Covid spike

Wonderful, now my wife and I can tell if we are getting the ‘flu. Of course this I probably a ploy to encourage people to buy these things for Christmas. As if some of us haven’t got enough already.

My wife, retired teacher, used to get them from grateful pupils/parents.

As regards the Covid spike this is to get people ready for the illness striking the UK this autumn/winter.

Which may be the normal ‘flu.

Or the abnormal ‘flu caused by vaccines.

Gaming can lead to at-risk children having heart attacks

That’s it, blame computer games for myocarditis caused by vaccines.

Still, sitting in a chair all day looking at a screen is not a good thing.

But neither are the vaccines.

Ban on petrol and diesel cars ‘to cost £15k per household’

I am not a great fan of driving because of the pollution and I prefer to cycle or walk, but banning petrol and diesel cars will be barmy. Make the engines much cleaner and fuel efficient, we have not significantly improved fuel consumption for years.

But many people overuse their cars and we have far too many.

And at least we don’t put lead in the petrol any more, although I am not sure what else they put in that may be toxic.

Perhaps we should go back to horses like the traditional Amish in the USA. They have done well against Covid 19/the ‘flu because they live a healthy life and I believe avoid vaccines on the whole.

And you can put horse shit on the rhubarb for example. When it’s in the vegetable plot of course, not when it’s cooked.

Fire and fury of revenge rocket attacks mask weakness of a man unwilling to co-operate.

This is by Mark Almond an author and once a lecturer at Oxford University.

I assumed he might be writing about Joe Biden. Apparently not. Mark seems to think Putin is the main problem. Has Mark not observed Biden’ mental deterioration?

He calls Joe ‘Sleepy Joe’ in the article above so he must do.

He ends the article with this.

But perhaps president Emmanuel Macron could take this opportunity to turn a long-held French dream of leading a European army into reality.

Neither Americans nor the British are going to abandon their commitment to European security but it would make sense for France, the only EU nation with nuclear weapons, to act as the leader for European Nato.

This is very interesting, end times stuff. I wonder if Mark Almond is being put to say this, controlled opposition as some might say.

Personally, I think he’s a bit of a nut; it’s in his name of course. Such is the problem with many Oxford University types, ivory towers and all that.

Nevertheless, according to his Wikipedia entry he criticises the activities of George Soros so not that blind.

He can be considered a ‘don’ as a professor. An anagram of his name includes ‘arm lad monk’. He is around 64 years old so might be considered aged.

Arm, aged and don make ‘Armageddon’.  This off course links to Revelation in the Bible. I have understood this for a while when at last I had ‘ears to hear’ in 2020.

‘Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!’ said by another Marc.

And the aged dons to stoke up the rhetoric.

More Mark’s and Marc’s of the Beast then.

Further articles if anyone is interested.

STOP PRESS: Truss ousted, Rishi Sunak new P.M.!

Oh dear. I thought I had dealt that ‘Hi risk anus’ (anagram of his name) a fatal blow. Apparently not.

Of course this is relatively old news now. Still, I had better get my thinking cap on before he does even more damage. Lets’ see now…


Battle for Henderson Field, Guadalcanal: 23rd to 26th October 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

31st October, 2022

80 years ago this had recently ended in the Pacific. Guadalcanal is an island in the Solomon Islands, located in the south-western Pacific, northeast of Australia.

It was well known for the fierce fighting between the Japanese and the U.S. marines, as well as naval battles in the nearby sea channels.

As this approaching the mid-terms in the U.S.A. I thought I should cover this turning point in the island war against Japan. Whether anybody can see any comparisons with the various elections please let me know. One is for sure, the elections will be crucial.

I do see though a strong pushback against the jabs which Steve Kirsch among others is doing in the States. He is on Substack and I have done an earlier post with links.

Anyway, having said that, I am going to proceed to offer my take on the proceedings in my usual wacky approach. You know, ‘Let him who has an ear to hear, let him hear.’ I hope it will make you laugh and think. I have used the following as a basis.

Maps extracted from here

And I think this time I shall rename the Japanese, Jab-an-knees, not that the Japanese have anything directly to do with the jabs you understand, but that it fits the narrative as they say. Indeed, I suspect the Japanese may have been more sensible than the USA.

But then they don’t have Kamala Harris, sorry Joe Biden, as president.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

It is long as I retain original text in Italics from the website link for comparison. If you wish you can of course ignore those parts and read mine only.

Or vice versa.

There is an aftermath summary at the end if you would rather skip to the final observations.

Further links for reference.


The fortunes of war had already swung back and forth several times between American and Japanese forces on Guadalcanal by late October 1942. The greatest danger point for the United States up to that time had come during the Battle of Edson’s Ridge on September 11-13, when a depleted battalion of Marine Raiders reinforced by a handful of parachutists had stemmed a fierce assault by the Kawaguchi Brigade. The last major Japanese effort, and the only other counterattack that had a real chance of recapturing Henderson Field from the 1st Marine Division, began on October 24. On the first night of that battle, only a single battalion stood between the Japanese Sendai Division and the vital airstrip. Luckily for the Americans, the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines (1/7), was commanded by one of the toughest and most determined leaders in the Corps–Lieutenant Colonel Lewis B. Puller. Nicknamed ‘Chesty’ for his barrel torso, bulldog demeanor and readiness to speak his mind, he would more than earn his third of five Navy Crosses for his steadfast leadership during the fighting that would soon be christened the Battle for Henderson Field.

The four-tunes of war, We’ll Knock the Jabs Right into the Laps of the Nazis,  You’re a Sap, Mr. Jab, Senyu and Battotai,  had swung back and fourth several thymes between Amerry-can and Jab-an-knees farces on Gull-a-canada1 by late October 1942. Thus the music became known as Swing Music although this was declining in the 1940’s as the pendulum swung in favour of the allies after 1942.

The greatest danger point for the United Stats up to that time had come during the Battle of Edison’s Fridge on September 11-13, when his light bulb went out and a depleted battalion of Margerine Raiders reinforced by a handful of parashitists had stemmed a fierce ass-salt by the Kawa-guchi  ‘Shoe Tree’ Brigade.

The last major Jaban-knees effort began on October 24.

On the first knight of that battle, only a single batty-lion stood between the Jab-an-knees Send-eye Division and the vital hairstrip. Luckily for the Amerry-cans, the 1st Batty-lion, 7th Marines (1/7), was come-and-dead by one of the tuffest and most determined leaders in the Corpse; Left-ten-ant Kernel Le-wis Bee. Puller. He was a Bee Puller as he could pull the sting out and stick back in the enemy.

Like many of us would like to do with the vaccines to those administering them.

Nicknamed ‘Chesty’ for his cough (not in this case a precursor of Covd 19/the ‘flu), this was to reflect that when he coughed you jumped, the regulation 6 foot to maintain the social distancing requirement. This gave better protection when the enemy was going to stick you with his bay-and-net.

Or needle as today, although I advise 2 mile exclusion zone around any vaccine centre.

Puller and his battalion had arrived on Guadalcanal with the rest of the 7th Marine Regiment on September 18. Although Chesty had trained his men well, the green unit did not get off to an auspicious start. The first night ashore, Japanese ships inflicted several casualties when they bombarded the coconut grove in which the regiment had bivouacked. During a battalion-size patrol over the next two days, Puller lost a few more men and was incensed when his battalion joined in unprovoked nighttime shooting with other men of the regiment. At the Second Battle of the Matanikau later that month, the Japanese thwarted 1st Marine Division commander Maj. Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift’s effort to gain control of the Matanikau River. In the process, a good portion of the 1/7 (under the command of Puller’s executive officer) was trapped for a time behind enemy lines. Only Chesty’s daring efforts in commandeering a destroyer and supervising an amphibious withdrawal under fire saved the force from annihilation. Having suffered more than 10 percent casualties (including the battalion executive officer and all three company commanders) at the end of 10 days on the island, the morale of the 1/7 was at a low ebb.

Puller and his batty-lion had arrived on Gull-a-canada with the rest of the 7th Marine Regiment on September 18. Puller didn’t need a Puller-over as it is quite warm in the Solo-mons. Although Chesty had trained his men well, the green unit (the eco unit) did not get off to an auspicious start despite being green for go as they were not red-y.

The first knight ashore, Jab-an-knees ships inflicted several casual-ties when they shelled the coconut grove in which the Reggie-meant had biv-who-whacked. Several coconuts fell off hitting men on their nuts.

I am not aware of any men’s nuts falling off as a result of the shelling.

During a batty-lion-size petrol over the next two days, Puller lost a few more men and was incensed when his batty-lion joined in unprovoked knight thyme shoe-ting with other men of the regiment.

At the Second Battle of the Ma-tan-I-cow later that month, the Jab-an-knees the-war-Ted 1st Marine Division commander Maj. Gen. Alex-and-er A. Van-de-Graft’s effort to gain control of the Ma-tan-I-cow River.

By the way, Ma-tan-I-cow is a brown cow.

In the process, a good portion of the 1/7 i.e. a seventh (under the come-and of Puller’s executed officer) was trapped for a time behind enemy lions. Only Chesty’s daring efforts in come-and-earing a des-troyer and supervising an Ann-Fibious withdrawal under fire saved the farce from Ann I. Halation.

Having suffered more than 10 % casual-ties (including the batty-lion executed officer and all three come-penny come-and-ers) at the end of 10 days on the island, the morals of the 1/7 were at a low ebb.

Note ebb has 2 ‘b’s. So they were asking themselves ‘Two b or not 2 b, that is the question.’

And whether they would ‘b’ in one piece at the end of the war.

Division gave Puller’s battalion no time to contemplate the results of the battle. On September 28, Vandegrift issued orders for the 1/7 to move up and replace Lt. Col. Herman Hanneken’s 2/7 on the perimeter. The assigned zone was south of Henderson Field in jungle flatlands. On the right flank was the 3/7, occupying Edson’s Ridge. On the left was the 1st Marines sector, which looked out over a field of kunai grass and then curved north till it reached the coast. The new home of the 1/7 had been largely unoccupied until the arrival of the 7th Marines, and Hanneken’s men had been building defensive works there for the past week. Chesty immediately directed his Marines to improve upon what they found.

Di Vision gave Puller’s batty-lion no time to contemplate the results of the battle. On September 28, Van-de-graft issued hors d’ouevres for the 1/7 (roughly 14%) to move up and replace Lt. Col. Her-man Heineken’s 2/7 (roughly 29%) on the perimeter.

The ass-signed zone (saying Stay Alert, Stuff the CDC and Sod off you Jabs) was south of Hen-der-son Field in jungle flatlands. This was rather like a block of flats in an urban jungle.

On the right flank was the 3/7 (roughly 43%), occupying Edison’s Ridge. On the left was the 1st Marines sector, which looked out over a field of can-I grass and then curved north till it reached the coast.

They had hope to flatten the grass as it curved like Covid 19/’flu today, but as with Covid 19/’flu it didn’t work.

The new home of the 1/7 had been largely unoccupied until the arrival of the 7th (not to be confused with 1/7) Marines, and Heineken’s men had been building de-fen-sieve works there for the past weak. The week being made stronger of course. Chesty immediately directed his Marines to improve upon what they found.

The troops carved out the undergrowth to create wide, interlocking fire lanes for their machine guns and anti-tank guns, which they placed in bunkers covered by logs and sandbags. They strung double-apron barbed-wire fences and attached ration cans containing pebbles to prevent intruders from silently cutting through the barriers. The riflemen’s deep fighting holes stretched along the entire sector; many of them sported overhead cover as work progressed. Roughly 100 yards to the rear, the men hacked out a path paralleling the front line, so they could move from flank to flank without being observed by the enemy. In the west, this narrow lane tied in with the dirt road snaking down from Edson’s Ridge and leading back to the airstrip. In the opposite direction it connected with a similar communications trail in the 1st Marines’ zone. About 50 yards farther back from the trail, near the left end of the line, was a log- and sandbag-covered bunker housing Puller’s command post. Each day, while two-thirds of the battalion dug and cut and built, a company-size patrol penetrated the jungle in search of signs of the Japanese.

The tropes carved out the undergrowth (like underpants when you have worn them too long and they start to go mouldy) to create wide, interlocking fire lanes for their Mac-Hine buns and anti-tank buns, which they placed in bun-kers (where else would buns go) covered by dogs and handbags (for the hello sailors).

They strung double-apron (2 pinafores) bar-bra-wired fences ( a type of underwired bra) and attached Russia cans containing pee-balls to prevent intruders from silently cutting through the bar-rears at the front.

The riflemen’s deep fie-ting wholes stretched along the in-tyre sector; many of them sported overhead cover as work progressed. Roughly 100 yids (it was the Solo-mon Islands so they work in yids or Yiddish) to the rear, the men hacked out a path paralleling the front lion, so they could move from flunk to flunk without being observed by the enemy.

In the vest (it was hot and humid so  a vest was easy to work in), this narrow lane tied in with the dirt road snaking down from Edison’s Ridge and leading back to the hairstrip.

In the opposite direction it connected with a similar commune-E.Kaye-shuns trail in the 1st Marines’ zone. About 50 yids farther back from the trail, near the left end of the line, was a log and handbag-covered bun-ker housing Puller’s come-and post where he posted his b-log.

Each day, while two-thirds of the batty-lion Doug and Kut and Bild, a come-penny-size petrol penetrated the jungle in search of the signs of the Jab–an-knees.

Which are alleged to have said something like:




If you want to know what is said copy and paste into Google translate. But be warned; it is likely to be rude.

With the passage of time and the establishment of some semblance of routine, the officers and men of the 7th Marines began to adjust to their surroundings. According to one member of the regiment, they found Guadalcanal ‘hotter, more mountainous, more rugged, wilder’ than Samoa, but they were growing used to the’strange jungle noises’ that permeated the night. Mosquitoes and midnight nuisance raids by enemy aircraft, however, continued to rob everyone of precious sleep. Food remained in short supply despite the stores brought in by the regiment. Even with the supplement of captured Japanese rations, there were just two meals a day. One officer noted in his diary: ‘Everybody more than hungry. The men can’t seem to get enough to eat.’ Water also was hard to obtain, since it had to be lugged in 5-gallon cans hundreds of yards from the nearest river. The 7th Marines soon began to look like the other veterans of the campaign, gradually acquiring the rail-thin appearance of the undernourished and the hollow-eyed visage of the exhausted.

With the passage of thyme and the establishment of some semblance of root-teen, the off-ice-ers (why they were off ice given it was hot we shall never know) and men of the 7th Marines began to adjust to their Sir-Roundings.

According to one member of the Reggi-meant, they found Gull-a-canada ‘hotter, more mountainous, more rugged, wilder’ than a Samosa, but they were growing used to the ’strange jungle noises’ that permeated the night.

I gather that the staff in the White House suffer the same problem, but it is rumoured that this is Joe Biden’s bowels, and not the CIA looking for bugs in the drainage system.

Mosque-e-toes (belonging to the local Imam) and mid-knight nuance raids by enemy haircraft, however, continued to rob everyone of precocious sleep. Food remained in shawt supply despite the stores brought in by the Reggie-ment.

Even with the supplement of captured Jab-an-knees Russians, there were just two meals a day. One off-ice-er noted in his dairy: ‘Everybody more than Hungary. The men can’t seem to get an oeuf to eat.’ Eggs-actly what I would say in French.

Water also was hard to obtain, since it had to be lugged in 5-gallon cans hundreds of yids from the nearest river.

Ed’s note: If they had worn the cowboys’ 10 gallon hats perhaps it would have been quicker.

The 7th Marines soon began to look like the other veterinarians of the camp-pain, gradually acquiring the rail-thin appearance of the undernourished and the hollow-eyed visage of the exhaust-Ted.

Perhaps you are looking like this after all the pressure of lockdowns and incessant government propaganda.

During this lull, Puller tried to maintain the mental and physical well-being of his force. He had the companies dig wells and then ordered the men to start shaving. Doctor Edward L. Smith, the 1/7’s surgeon, also noted his commander’s emphasis on the spiritual: ‘Not an outwardly religious man himself, he encouraged divine services to be held frequently up on the front lines for the men who wanted them. Puller would much sooner have given services himself than not to have any. On several occasions he was dissatisfied with a chaplain’s talk, and he grumbled to me that maybe it was time he tried his hand.’ Smith noticed, as well, that ‘it was the colonel’s wish always to keep the men well informed with whatever news there was.’ Every day Puller moved among the growing defensive works and stopped to chat with the troops. An officer noticed that ‘the boys are beginning to feel better.’

During this lull, Puller tried to maintain the mental and physical well-being of his farce. He had the come-pennies dig wells (these had to be dug far so were known as Wells Fargo) and then ordered the men to start saving, but save what we don’t know.

Doctor Edward L. Smith, the 1/7’s Sturgeon (no relation to Nicola), also noted his come-and-er’s emphasis on the spirit-ewe-all: ‘Not an outwardly religious man himself, he encouraged divine Sir Vices to be held frequently up on the front lions for the men who wanted them.

N.B. Divine Sir Vices help you to be well rooted (see wells earlier) and help you keep a grip on yourself. As Jesus said I am Divine and you are D’branches. Something like that.

Puller would much sooner have given Sir Vices himself than not to have any. On several occasions he was dissatisfied with a Chaplin’s talk (he thought them right Charlie’s sometimes), and he grumbled to me that maybe it was thyme he tried his hand.’

Smith noticed, as well, that ‘it was the Kernel’s wish always to keep the men well infourmed with whatever news there was.’ Every day Puller moved among the growing D-fen-sieve works and stopped to chat with the tropes. An off-ice-er noticed that ‘the buoys are beginning to feel butter.’

So they were being buttered up and boyd up.

While the division strengthened its defenses in early October, patrols from the 5th Marines revealed a continuing buildup of Japanese forces west of the Matanikau River. Vandegrift launched the 1/7 and several other battalions in a much larger version of the late-September operation that had gone awry. Puller’s outfit played a significant role in the renewed action, this time handily defeating an enemy battalion and nearly wiping it out. The tables had turned decidedly in favor of Chesty and the rest of the division.

While the Di Vision strengthened its D fences in early October, petrols from the 5th Marines revealed a continuing Bill d’Up of Jab-an-knees farces (like knees up Mother Brown) west of the Ma-tan-I-cow River. Van-de-graft lunched the 1/7 and several other batty-lions in a much larger version of the late-September opera-shun that had gone a-rye.

Puller’s outfit played a significant roll in the renewed action (what he was wearing we are not told, but presumably it scared the life out of the Jabs), this time handily de-feeting an enemy batty-lion and nearly wiping it out.

One would have thought de-pawing a batty-lion was the correct term but there you go. But paws or feet should always be wiped outside to stop the dirt coming into the house.

Anyway, the tables had turned decidedly in favour of Chesty and the rest of the Di Vision. N.B. In a fight tables are often turned, viz bar room brawls in the Hollywood movies.

The Third Battle of the Matanikau was only the prelude to a rapid-fire series of major actions in the seesaw campaign for Guadalcanal. Off Cape Esperance on the night of October 11-12, an American fleet defeated an enemy naval force escorting a reinforcement convoy to the island. The victory was not complete, however; the Japanese landed four large-caliber artillery pieces to shell Henderson Field. In addition to manning the main defensive lines, the division would occupy a position astride the Matanikau to keep Japanese guns out of range. The key to this scheme was the arrival of a U.S. convoy on the morning of October 13. It disgorged the Army’s 164th Infantry Regiment, a North Dakota National Guard outfit with a proud heritage from previous wars. With that added manpower, Vandegrift could afford to establish a two-battalion, horseshoe-shaped outpost along the Matanikau.

The Third Battle of the Ma-tan-I-cow was only the pre-lewd to a rapid-fire series of major actions in the sea-sore campaign for Gull-a-canada. Off Cape Appearance (this is not what Chesty was wearing by the way)  on the knight of October 11-12, an Amerry-can fleet de-feeted an enemy navel farce escorting a reinfarcement convoy to the island.

The victory was not complete, however; the Jab-an-knees landed four large-Khyber Art Hillary peaces to shell Henderson Field. In addition to manning the main D-fen-sieve lines, the Di Vision would occupy a position astride the Ma-tan-I-cow to keep Jab-an-knees buns out of range.

The key to this scheme was the arrival of an U.S. convoy (as opposed to an-us convoy which is scrapping the bottom) on the morning of October 13. It disgorged the Army’s 164th Infant-tree Reggie-meant, a North Da-coata National Gourd outfit (though as it was hot they would not need da-coata’s) with a proud her-it-age from previous whores. With that added manpower, Van-de-graft could afford to establish a two-batty-lion, hoarse shoe-shaped outpost along the Ma-tan-I-cow.

Please note hoarse shoes help prevent you being de-feeted.

As part of the reshuffling of forces, the 3/7 would head out to the new position in the west, the 1/7 would go into reserve near the main airstrip and the 2/7 would take over responsibility for the entire 7th Marines sector. Chesty’s Marines knew their new location would put them into the Henderson ‘V ring’–the center of the bull’s-eye for Japanese air and naval bombardments. What no one foresaw was the vast increase in the scale of enemy attacks. Puller’s battalion luckily avoided the worst of it. During his men’s last night in the front lines on October 13-14, Japanese battleships Kongo and Haruna pounded the main field and the recently opened auxiliary fighter strip with nearly a thousand 14-inch shells. For the balance of the night Japanese planes harassed the perimeter. The deluge of steel put much of the so-called Cactus Air Force out of commission, destroyed nearly the entire stockpile of aviation gas and killed 41 men.

As part of the reshuffling of farces, the 3/7 would head out to the new position in the west, the 1/7 would go into a reserve near the main hairstrip and the 2/7 would take over responsibility for the in-tyre 7th Marines sector.

Chesty’s Marines knew their new location would put them into the Henderson ‘V ring’–the center of the bull’s-eye for Jab-an-knees hair and navel bumbardments. What no one foresaw was the vast increase in the scale of enemy at-tacks. Puller’s batty-lion luckily avoided the wurst of it.

During his men’s last knight in the front lions on October 13-14, Jab-an-knees bottleships Kango and Ha-runner pounded the main field (if you have ever handled a Kango you will know the pounding they can give to a concrete apron). The recently opened Hawks -Hilary fighter strip was hit with nearly a thousand 14-inch shells. Here is an example of the shells.

For the balance of the knight Jab-an-knees plains Harrissed the perimeter. Like Kamala Harris harassing people to get vaccinated. Or at least encouraging people to pester others to get vaccinated.

The deluge of steal (like the election steal) put much of the so-called Cact-us Hair Farce out of commission, destroyed nearly the in-tyre stockpile of aviation gas and killed 41 men.

Large-scale air raids and the first shells from the enemy’s 150mm guns added to the devastation the next day, though measures had been taken to disable the guns. Puller’s outfit threaded its way down to the airfield between attacks and went into reserve. That night two cruisers fired more than 750 8-inch shells into the perimeter, one of which killed a 1/7 Marine. The following evening another task force hit American positions with nearly 1,300 5- and 8-inch rounds. An intelligence man in Chesty’s command post recalled the battleship bombardment as ‘the most terrifying night of [his] life.’ Captain Charles Kelly, the battalion executive officer, spent the night in the dugout with Puller and afterward said ‘there is nothing more demoralizing than naval gunfire–you can hear each round leave the ship and come in like a freight train.’ A sergeant in the 1/7 recorded in his diary: ‘I shook and trembled all through the first night, more afraid [for] my life than I’ve ever been before.’

Large-scale hair raids and the first shells from the enemy’s 150mm buns added to the devastation the next day, though measures had been taken to disable the buns. Puller’s outfit threaded its way down (it was beginning to get threadbare) to the hairfield between a-tax and went into a reserve.

That night two bruisers fired more than 750 8-inch shells into the perimeter, one of which killed a 1/7 Marine. What happened to the 6/7 bit of the Marine we can’t tell, although if you kill the heart bit you are dead of course.

The following evening another task farce hit American positions with nearly 1,300 5- and 8-inch rounds. An intelligent man in Chesty’s come-and post recalled the bottleship bumbardment as ‘the most Terry-fying knight of [his] life.’

Like Sir Ghastly-had, knight of the Round Table of King Arthur.

Captain Charles Kelly, the batty-lion executed officer, spent the knight with the Dug Out and Puller and afterward said ‘there is nothing more demoralizing than navel bunfire–you can hear each round leave the ship and come in like a freight train.’

A freight train coming at you will give you a terrible freight (sic) which can make you sic (sic) with fear.

A Sir-gent in the 1/7 recorded in his dairy: ‘I shook and trembled all through the first knight, more affrayed [for] my life than I’ve ever been befour.’

Same as some actors have on stage for the first time. But then that is why they called it the Pacific Theatre.

Through herculean efforts, the Cactus Air Force managed to get some planes aloft to attack a six-ship convoy unloading troops and supplies on October 15. American fliers were able to destroy three of the transports, but not until most of their contents were deposited on the beaches west of the perimeter. The reinforcements included about 4,500 men and more 150mm howitzers. The routine runs of the nightly ‘Tokyo Express’ during October added another 9,000 troops and additional supplies to those totals. With this fresh manpower and materiel, Japanese leaders planned a new offensive that would dwarf their previous efforts to retake the airfield. Their scheme called for a two-pronged diversionary attack along the Matanikau. A tank company and two infantry battalions would strike across the river mouth, while three infantry battalions moved to turn the inland flank of the 3/7. Those twin assaults would be coordinated with the main thrust by Lt. Gen. Masao Maruyama’s Sendai Division, which would hit the southern side of the Marine perimeter. Despite the experience of the Kawaguchi Brigade at Edson’s Ridge, the Japanese were certain that the southern sector was undefended. They conducted no reconnaissance to verify that assumption. The scheduled date for the three attacks was October 22.

The attacks

Through her-cul-Ian efforts, the Cact-us Hair Farce managed to get some plains a loft to at-tack a sex-ship convoy unloading tropes and supplies on October 15. Amerry-can fliers were able to destroy three of the trans-sports (belonging to the trans-gender), but not until most of their incontinence were deposited on the beeches west of the perimeter.

The reinfarcements included about 4,500 men and more 150mm how-itz-ers. The root-teen runs (hence the incontinence) of the nightly ‘Toe-key-O Express’ during October added another 9,000 tropes and additional supplies to those totals. With this fresh manpower and Matt-Aerial, Jab-an-knees leaders planned a new off-N-sieve that would dwarf their previous efforts to retake the airfield.

Don’t forget an off-N-sieve places great strain on the enemy.

Their scheme called for a two-ponged Di Versionary at-tack along the Ma-tan-I-cow. A thank come-penny and two infantry batty-lions would strike across the river mouth, while three infant-tree batty-lions moved to turn the inland flank of the 3/7. Those twin ass-salts would be coordinated with the main thrust by Lt. Gen. Ma-sow Ma-rumour’s Send-eye Di Vision, which would hit the southern side of the Marine perimeter.

Despite the experience of the Kawaguchi ‘Shoe tree’ Brigade at Edison’s Ridge, the Japan-knees were certain that the southern sector was undefended. They conducted no reconnaissance to verify that ass-umption. Thus they were asses like the majority of the Democrat voters in the U.S.

And which of course is like people not double checking guidance on Coronavirus. Or the case history of vaccine harm and deaths.

And made them complete asses. Make an assumption without double checking then you are an ass.

Before the Sendai set out toward Edson’s Ridge, Maruyama apprised his officers and men of the stakes: ‘This is the decisive battle between Japan and the United States in which the rise or fall of the Japanese Empire will be decided. If we do not succeed in the occupation of these islands, no one should expect to return alive to Japan. [We] must overcome the hardship caused by the lack of material and push on unendingly by displaying invincible teamwork. Hit the proud enemy with an iron fist so he will not be able to rise again.’

Before the Send-eye set out toward Edison’s Ridge, Ma-rumour apprised his off-ice-rs and men of the steaks:

‘This is the decisive battle between Jab-an and the United Stats in which the rise or fall of the Jab-an-knees Umpire will be decided. If we do not suck-seed in the occupation of these islands, no one should expect to return alive to Jaban (N.B. land of Pfizer etc.).

[We] must overcome the hard-ship caused by the lack of Matt-Aerial and his bottleships and push on unendingly by displaying invincible seam work. Hit the prowed enemy with an iron first so he will not be able to rise again, and his ironing will be undone’

This was with reference to the outfit Puller was wearing.

The lead elements of the division began their approach march over a hilly, narrow jungle trail on the 16th. In addition to normal loads, each soldier carried extra food plus an artillery shell for the mountain guns being manhandled in pieces over the rough terrain. Despite their general’s exhortation, the mood of the Sendai was downcast. The troops were limited to a half ration or less per day; often they could not even cook their rice. The hungry men only grew weaker as they fought up and down steep ravines and endured sleepless nights amid the tropical rains. One lieutenant recorded in his diary, ‘Many soldiers fear the enemy gunfire, and the morale of the soldiers is very poor.’

The lead elements of the Di Vision began their approach March (still in October) over a hilly, narrow jungle trial on the 16th. In addition to normal loads, each soldier carried extra food plus an Art-Hillary (Clinton Mark of the Beast variant) shell for the mounting buns being manhandled in Pisces over the rough terrine.

And a lot of lead, as they were the lead elements, atomic symbol Pb.

NB. Buns in Pisces are like fish in a bread bun, similar to what would have taken place during the feeding of the 5,000 by Jesus.

Despite their general’s ex-whore-station (like a brothel), the mood of the Send-eye was downcast. The tropes were limited to a half Russian or less per day; often they could not even cook their rice.

And half a Russian would be of no use if it was only the bottom half as there would be no hands to help cook the rice.

The Hungary men only grew weaker (what about the Jab-an –knees?) as they fought up and down steep ravines ravenously, and endured sleepless knights (whose creaking armour kept them awake) amid the topical rains.

One left-tenant recorded in his dairy, ‘Many soldiers fear the enema’s bunfire, and the moral of the soldiers is very paw.’

On October 20, the 1/7 moved back into the lines, reassuming responsibility for the left half of the 7th Marines sector, while the 2/7 contracted into the right half. The men went to work again improving their defenses, which Puller considered only 30 percent complete. Despite his low estimate, it was a formidable position. In addition to the fire lanes, barbed wire, bunkers and fighting holes, both battalions were generously equipped with heavy weapons. Each had its normal complement of mortars (six 60mms and four 81mms) and .30-caliber machine guns (24 heavy and six light). Infantry battalions also rated a pair of .50-caliber machine guns. The regiment had three anti-air, anti-tank platoons, each with five .30-caliber and two .50-caliber machine guns and four 37mm anti-tank guns. The 7th Marines had emplaced all of those platoons in the front lines of its sector in September and kept them there throughout the movements of the battalions. Enterprising members of the regiment may also have scrounged some extra machine guns from wrecked aircraft or other sources. As a result, the defenses bristled with automatic weapons and direct-fire cannons. In terms of manpower, the 1/7 was in good shape by Guadalcanal standards, with 80 percent of its authorized strength on hand and reasonably fit for duty. (Malaria, the worst threat to health on the island, had a relatively slow gestation period, so few men in the 7th were affected at this time.) One officer in the battalion believed that ‘not since WWI had there been such a picture-perfect example of a fixed military defensive position.’ Vandegrift described it as ‘a machine gunner’s paradise.’ The division commander asserted, ‘I feel confident that if we can have fifty to one hundred yards of cleared space in front of us, well wired, mined, and booby-trapped, that our fire and grenades will stop any assault they can make.’

On October 20, the 1/7 moved back into the lions, reassuming response-a-Billy tea for the left half of the 7th Ma-insect-or where the Mosque-key –toes were, while the 2/7 contracted into the right half. The men went to work again improving their D-fences, once more boosting their vitamin D, which Puller considered only 30 purr-cent complete.

That’s a bit low with the winter coming on.

Despite his low esti-mate (a short friend), it was a formidable position. In addition to the fire lanes, bar-bra wire, bun-kers and fighting wholes, both batty-lions were generously equipped with heavy wee-upons. Each had its normal compliment (which was very nice, thank you) of more-tars (six 60mms and four 81mms, and one ‘mmm…, I’m not so sure’) and .30- Khyber machine guns (24 heavy and six light).

Infant-tree batty-lions also rated a pair of .50-Khyber machine guns. The regiment had three anti-air, anti-tank Plato-ons, each with five .30- Khyber and two .50- Khyber Mac-Hine buns and four 37mm anti-thank buns.

Please note they were called Khyber because the enemy shall not pass.

The 7th Marines had emplaced all of those Plato-ons in the front lions of its sector in September and kept them there throughout the movements of the batty-lions. Enterprising members (i.e. USS Enterprise members) of the Reggie-meant may also have scrooged some extra Mac-Hine buns (beam them up Scottie) from wrecked haircraft or other sauces.

As a result, the D-fences bristled with automatic wee-upons and direct-fire canons (from the Church of England). In terms of manpower, the 1/7 was in good shape by Gull-a-canada standards, with 80 purr-cent of its author-eyes-ed strength on hand and reasonably fit for duty. (Mal-area, the worst threat to health on the island, had a relatively slow jestation period like a shaggy dog story, so few men in the 7th were affected at this thyme.)

One off-ice-er in the batty-lion believed that ‘not since WWI had there been such a picture-perfect example of a fixed Millie-Tarry D-fen-sieve position.’ Van-de-graft described it as ‘a Mac-Hine bunner’s pair-a-dice’.

The Di -Vision come-and-er ass-hurted, ‘I feel confident that if we can have fif-tea to one hun-dread yids of cleared spice in front of us, well wired mind, and booby-trapped (boobies live in bar-bra wire of course), that our fire and green-aides will stop any ass-salt they can make.’

In other words, the boobies would stop the Jab-an-knees from pinching their asses – please note ladies.

On the 21st, Colonel Amor L. Sims, commanding officer of the 7th, told Puller to place a platoon-size observation post (OP) on a knoll 1,500 yards south of the left flank of his lines. Chesty and his operations officer, Captain Charles J. Beasley, were not happy with the order. In the event of a major attack, they assumed the small OP would be overwhelmed. Nevertheless, Puller sent a platoon to the site and thereafter replaced it with a fresh group each day. The outpost held terrain that dominated a large, flat grassy area. The open field was a few hundred yards wide and stretched south for about 2,000 yards from the very left front of the 1/7’s position. The 164th Infantry, which now held the sector to Chesty’s left, aptly nicknamed this narrow plain the ‘Bowling Alley.’

On the 21st, Colonel Amour Else Hymns, come-and-ding off-ice-err of the 7th, told Puller to place a Plato-on size observation post (OP) on a troll 1,500 yids south of the left flank of his lions. Chesty and his opera-shuns off-ice-err, Captain Charles J. Beastly, were not happy with the hors d’oeuvre and sent them back.

In the event of a major at-tack, they assumed the small OP would be overwhelmed. Nevertheless, Puller sent a Plato-on to the site and thereafter replaced it with a fresh grope each day. The outpost held terrine that dominated a large, flat greasy area. NB. fat or grease necessary in a good terrine.

The open field was a few hundred yids wide and stretched south for about 2,000 yids from the very left front of the 1/7’s position. The 164th Infant-tree, which now held the sector to Chesty’s left, aptly nicknamed this narrow plane the ‘Boleyn Ally’ as heads were likely to roll once the shitting started. See Henry the Eighth of England for further details.

The regiment continued to run daily patrols, but now it was using several squad-size elements rather than a single company. They uncovered a few small signs of the enemy. Those bits of information notwithstanding, Vandegrift and his staff were convinced even on October 23 that ‘all signs point to a strong and concerted attack from the west.’ Division decided to reorganize its forces and place troops from a single regiment in the Matanikau OP. Marine leaders were finally learning from earlier difficulties along that river–they wanted to fight the next battle with a cohesive unit operating under its normal commander. The 7th Marines drew the assignment, but the reshuffling of forces required a juggling act to keep every mission covered. The 164th Infantry would continue to hold the eastern flank of the perimeter, with its right tying in to the 7th Marines sector in the south. The 1st and 5th Marines remained responsible for the areas southwest and west of the Lunga River. Both the 164th and the 5th had a battalion in regimental reserve, while the 3/2 served as the division reserve. Vandegrift elected to send Sims and the 2/7 west on October 24, where they would join the 3/7 in the Matanikau OP and relieve the 3/1 for reassignment to Hanneken’s former position. While that swap was underway, the 1/7 would defend the entire southern sector by itself, supported only by a rump regimental command post under Lt. Col. Julian Frisbie, the 7th’s executive officer. It was a calculated risk, but Division was confident there was no immediate threat to that zone. The chief of staff, Colonel Gerald C. Thomas, actually thought it would be an opportunity for Chesty’s battalion to avoid another battle and rest up after ‘two pretty rough shows.’

The Reggie-meant continued to run Dai Lee patrols (Dai Lee was a Welsh/Chinese interpreter), but now it was using several squat-size elephants  (GOP variety) rather than a single come-penny. They uncovered a few small signs of the enema, although others thought the mess came from the elephants.

Although some say it might have been rhinos (sic).

Those bits of information notwithstanding (as they were shitting down), Van-de-graft and his staff decided to shit down and were convinced even on October 23 that ‘all signs point to a strong and concerted at-tack from the vest.’

Di Vision decided to reorganize its farces and place tropes from a single Reggie meant in the Ma-tan-I-cow OP. Marine leaders were finally learning from the earlier difficult-tie along that river–they wanted to fight the next battle with an adhesive unit opera-ting under its normal come-and-er.

The 7th Marines drew the ass-signment, but the reshuffling of farces required a jungling act to keep every Miss Iron covered. The 164th Infant-tree wood continue to hold the eastern flank of the perimeter, with its right tying in to the 7th Mar insect-tor in the south.

The 1st and 5th Marines remained responsible for the areas southwest and west of the Lung a River (and watch out for new-monia which can affect lungs). Both the 164th and the 5th had a batty-lion in Reggie-mental reserve, while the 3/2 (150%) served as the Di Vision preserve. Van-de-graft elected to send Sims a card, and the 2/7 vest on October 24, where they would join the 3/7 in the Ma-tan-I-cow OP and relieve the 3/1 (300%) for reass-signment to Heineken’s four-ma position.

While that swap was underwhey, the 1/7 would defend the in-tyre southern sector by itself, supported only by a Trump Reggie-mental come-and post under Lt. Col. Julian Frisbee, the 7th’s executed off-ice-err. It was a calculated rusk, but Di Vision was confident there was no immediate treat to that zone.

The chief of stuff, Kernel Ger-old C. Thomas, actually thought it would be an opportunity for Chesty’s batty-lion to avoid another bottle and rest up after ‘two pretty ruff shows.’ There are only so many ruffs one can wear in one go.

Upon receipt of the change in plans, Puller and his executive officer conferred and decided it would be too complicated to shift the entire battalion to spread it over the 2,500 yards of frontage. They also figured that the high ground of Edson’s Ridge presented a more defensible position. So Kelly would take one platoon from each rifle company, plus a slice of the weapons company and the battalion command post, and occupy the 2/7’s old position (where half of the regiment’s heavy weapons remained in place). Puller also sent the majority of his headquarters personnel up to bolster the line. The battalion settled into the new arrangement on the afternoon of the 24th. From left to right, it was Able, Charlie and Baker companies and Kelly’s provisional outfit. That tactical layout had one grave weakness–there was no reserve–but Puller could do nothing else, given the small number of troops at his disposal.

Upon receipt of the change in plans, Puller and his executed off-ice-err conferred and decided it would be too complicated to shit the entire batty-lion to spread it over the 2,500 yids of frontage, i.e. they didn’t have the necessary muck spreader.

They also figured that the high ground of Edison’s Ridge presented a more D-fence-able position. So Kelly would take one Plato-on from each rifle come-penny, plus a slice of the wee-upons come-penny and the batty-lion come-and post, and occupy the 2/7’s old position (where half of the Reggie-meant’s heavy wee-upons remained in plaice).

Puller also sent the Ma Jawitea of his headquarters personnel up to booster the lion. The batty-lion settled into the new arrangement on the afternoon of the 24th. From left to right, it was Able, Charlie and Baker come-pennies and Kelly’s provisional outfit. Kelly just couldn’t make up his mind what to wear for the show. The ladies will understand.

That tactical layout had one gravy weakness; there was no preserve.  One does need redcurrant or apple mint jelly with the roast lamb gravy for example. But Puller could do nothing else, given the small number of tropes at his disposal.

Captain Regan Fuller was especially uneasy about his part in the setup. His Company A had only one rifle platoon in its ’sadly undermanned’ zone, since one was with the battalion executive officer and the other was at the OP for the night. Adding to the captain’s concern, a jeep trail led out from his position to the grassy field. But Battalion had this likely avenue of approach into the Marine lines covered with at least four heavy machine guns, two 37mm cannons and preregistered mortar targets. It was, remembered one Marine, ‘an awesome concentration of coordinated fire.’

Captain ‘Ray-gun’ Fuller was especially uneasy about his part in the setup. His Come-penny A had only one rifle Plato-on in its ’sadly undermanned’ zone, since one was with the batty-lion executed off-ice-err and the other was at the OP for the knight.

Adding to the captain’s concern, a cheap trail led out from his position to the grassy field. But Batty-lion had this likely ‘avin-you of approach into the Marine lions covered with at least four heavy Mac-Hine guns, two 37mm canons and preregistered more-tar targets. It was, remembered one Marine, ‘an or-some constipation of coordinated fire.’

The Japanese were also making their final deployments. The diversionary force continued its successful efforts to deceive the Americans, with artillery fire on October 18 and a probe by tanks on the 20th. The main force, however, was falling behind schedule as it struggled over the forbidding terrain south of Henderson Field. On the 21st, Maruyama received permission to delay the attack of his Sendai Division until the night of October 23. But things only grew worse as time passed. The plan called for an assault by two regiments, with the 29th Infantry striking at Edson’s Ridge and the 230th Infantry punching through just to the east. The 16th Infantry would follow up in reserve. During the day on October 23, the commander of the right wing argued for a shift farther to the east and moved his force in that direction. Maruyama promptly relieved his unruly subordinate. The general also discovered he was not as close to the Marine lines as he had thought, and his units were becoming disorganized as they spread out into attack formation and pushed through the dense vegetation. Again he sought and was granted a one-day delay. That word did not reach the diversionary force, which launched a tank assault across the mouth of the Matanikau on the evening of the 23rd. Marine anti-tank guns destroyed the armor; artillery killed hundreds of infantrymen in assembly areas on the west bank. The cost to the Americans was 13 dead and wounded. The other wing of the diversionary force did not attack–it also had failed to reach its jump-off point on time.

The Jab-an-knees were also making their final deployments. The Di Versionary farce continued its successful efforts to deceive the Amerry-cans, with Art-Hillary fire on October 18 and a probe by thanks on the 20th. The main farce, however, was falling behind shed-duel as it struggled over the four-Biden terrine south of Hen-der-son Field.

One Biden is enough, but four, well really!

On the 21st, Ma-rumour received permission to delay the at-tack of his Send-eye Di Vision until the knight of October 23. But things only grew werse as thyme passed. The plan called for an ass-salt by two Reggie-meants, with the 29th Infantry striking at Edison’s Ridge and the 230th Infantry punching through just to the east. The 16th Infant-tree would follow up in reserve.

During the day on October 23, the come-and-er of the right wing argued for a shit father to the east and moved his farce in that direction. Ma-rumour promptly relieved his unruly subordinate. One would have thought he could relieve himself, but there you are.

The general also discovered he was not as close to the Marine lions as he had thought, and his units were becoming dis-organ-Nazied as they spread out into at-tack formation and pushed through the dense vegetarian.

And lost their organs of course. This would result in them having to face the music.

Again he sort and was granted a one-day delay. That word did not reach the Di Versionary farce, which launched a thank ass-salt across the mouth of the Ma-tan-I-cow on the evening of the 23rd. Marine anti-thank buns destroyed the amor; Art-Hillary killed hundreds of infant-tree men in ass-embly areas on the west bank. The cost to the Amerry-cans was 13 dead and wounded. The other wing of the Di Versionary farce did not at-tack as it also had failed to reach its jump-off point on thyme.

The next day, the Sendai Division prepared for its assault, now scheduled for 1900 hours. Late that afternoon, as the two lead regiments moved toward Marine lines, torrential rain began to fall. A Japanese admiral out at sea considered it ‘a heaven-sent phenomenon’ that would mask the final approach of his army colleagues. Maruyama and his men were not so ecstatic. The combination of slippery footing and thick foliage, plus the onset of absolute darkness, slowed and confused the deployment of forces. In a repeat of earlier mistakes by the Kawaguchi Brigade, the Sendai had also failed to reconnoiter and mark approach lanes leading to the American perimeter. As a result, the right wing veered off to the northeast over the course of the evening. It would end up largely missing the Marine defenses. The left wing drifted eastward as well; instead of making contact at Edson’s Ridge, it headed toward the center and left of the 1/7’s position.

24th October

The next day, the Send-eye Di Vision prepared for its ass-salt, now scheduled for 1900 hours. Which is over eleven weeks. Late that afternoon, as the two lead Reggie- ments moved toward Marine lions, torrential rein began to fall. A Jab-an-knees admirable out at sea considered it ‘a heaven-sent fey-no-men-on’ that would mask the final approach of his army colleagues. Like a mask of the beast.

Ma-rumour and his men were not so Asiatic. The combination of Slippery Foo-ting (a well-known Chinese con man) and thick Fo-lee-agi (his rather dim side kick), plus the onset of Absolute Darkness, slowed and confused the deployment of farces.

In a repeat of earlier Miss Takes by the Kawaguchi ‘Shoe tree’ Brigade, the Send-eye had also failed to reconnoiter and mark approach lanes leading to the Amerry-can perimeter.

As a result, the right wing veered off to the northeast over the course of the evening. It would end up largely missing the Marine defenses.

Please note that is not good for the right-wing to veer off because if you are right, and veer off then you are becoming wrong.

The left wing drifted eastward as well; instead of making contact at Edison’s Ridge, it headed toward the center and left of the 1/7’s position.

As the Japanese floundered forward, their presence finally came to the full attention of the defenders. Around 1600, native scouts entered the right flank of the 164th Infantry sector and reported that they had observed about 2,000 enemy soldiers not far from the lines. A Marine scout-sniper also arrived at Division with news that he had earlier observed what appeared to be ‘the smoke of many rice fires’ to the south. The final confirmation came around 2100, when Platoon Sergeant Ralph M. Briggs, commander of the 1/7 OP, telephoned the command post that he could hear large numbers of enemy soldiers moving past the knoll. The platoon was ordered to stay put until the Japanese were clear of the area; after that, Briggs could attempt to move his men across the Bowling Alley and out of the line of fire. Puller passed the word to hold fire until the last possible moment. That would give the men in the OP time to escape and would maximize the effect of Marine heavy weapons.

As the Jab-an-knees floundered forward, their presents finally came to the full attention of the D-fenders. Around 1,600 native scuts entered the right flunk of the 164th Infant-tree sector and reported that they had observed about 2,000 enemy soul-jerrs not far from the lions.

A Marine scout-sniper also arrived at Di Vision with news that he had earlier observed what appeared to be ‘the smoke of many nice fires’ to the south.

The final confirmation came around 2100, when Plato-on Sir Gent Ralph M. Briggs, come-and-er of the 1/7 OP, telephoned the come-and post that he could here large numbers of enema soldiers moving past the troll.

The Plato-on was hors d’oeuvred to stay put until the Jab-an-knees were clear of their rear; after that, Briggs could attempt to move his men across the Boleyn Ally and out of the lion of fire.

Puller passed the word to hold fire until the last possible moment. That would give the men in the OP time to escape and would maximize the effect of Marine heavy wee-upons.

But burnt their hands a bit, as holding fire requires asbestos gloves which they did not possess.

This was not the only threat that evening. During the morning, Marines in the 3/7 had briefly observed the second wing of the diversionary force moving toward the left, or southern, flank of their position along the Matanikau. The battalion immediately began working over the likely routes of approach with airstrikes and artillery. Division command also changed the mission of the 2/7. Instead of replacing the 3/1 on the seaward side of the Matanikau outpost, Thomas directed Hanneken to form a south-facing line to cover the left flank of the 3/7. The battalion was in position by dusk.

This was not the only threat that evening. During the morning, Marines in the 3/7 had briefly observed the second wing of the diversionary farce moving toward the left, or southern, flank of their position along the Ma-tan-I-cow.

The batty-lion immediately began working over the likely routes of approach with hairstrikes and Art-Hillary. Di Vision come-and also changed the Miss Iron of the 2/7. Instead of replacing the 3/1 on the C-ward side of the Ma-tan-I-cow outpost, Thomas directed Heineken to form a south-facing line to cover the left flunk of the 3/7. The batty-lion was in position by dusk.

Around 2130, Briggs and his OP unit reached the jeep road bordering the Bowling Alley. There they observed an enemy battalion silently moving down the track toward the 1/7. Briggs ordered the platoon members to break into smaller groups and make their own way back to friendly lines. By that time the rainstorm had passed and bright moonlight filtered down through openings in the jungle canopy. Occasional cloudbursts continued, however, throughout the night.

Around 2130, Briggs and his OP unit reached the cheap road bordering the Boleyn Ally. There they observed an enemy batty-lion silently moving down the track toward the 1/7. Briggs ordered the Plato-on members to break into smaller gropes and make their own way back to friendly lions.

By that time the reinstorm had passed and bright moonlight filtered down through openings in the jungle can-o-pee. Occasional loudbursts continued, however, throughout the night.

Which can happen in the middle of the night – I know the problem. One used to have chamber pots for that sort of thing.

The first of the Japanese units reached the American perimeter around 2200. This outfit (probably the one that had passed Briggs) attacked from the vicinity of the jeep road toward the junction of the 7th Marines and 164th Infantry sectors. The Japanese poured forth from the shadows at the edge of the jungle, running headlong toward the double-apron barbed wire and the muzzles of American guns. The defenders opened up with everything they had and called down mortar and artillery barrages. The division devoted two battalions of howitzers (a normal supporting complement for two infantry regiments) to answer the repeated calls from forward observers working with the 1/7. The adjoining units of the 164th added the weight of their mortars and machine guns against the enemy flank. The bullets and shells did their usual deadly work, but the 37mm guns added an extra dimension. Their crews employed canister rounds–essentially huge shotgun shells spraying small steel balls, designed specifically to deal with massed infantry in the open. More than one Marine was awed by the devastation wrought by these cannons. One recalled, ‘It really blows the living hell out of everything around.’ The courageous but foolhardy Japanese charge simply dissolved in the face of this overwhelming firepower.

The Jab-an-knees poured forth from the Shadows (English instrumental band, but what they were doing there is anybody’s guess) at the edge of the jungle, running headlong toward the double-apron bar-bra wired and the muscles of Amerry-can buns.

The D-fenders opened up with everything they had and called down more-tar and Art Hillary bar-rages. The Di Vision devoted two batty-lions of how-itz-ers (a normal supporting compliment for two infant-tree Reggie-meants) to answer the repeated culls from four-ward observers working with the 1/7.

The adjoining units of the 164th added the weight of their more-tars and Mac-Hine guns against the enema flunk. The bullettes (little bulls) and shells did their usual deadly work, but the 37mm buns added an extra Di Men-shun. Their crews employed can-I-star rounds–essentially huge shogun shells spraying a load of steal balls, designed specifically to deal with massed infant-tree in the open.

Editor’s note: I find this particularly effective myself as I spray a load of balls in my posts.

More than one Marine was awed by the de-vast-station wrought by these canons. One recalled, ‘It really blows the living hell out of everything round’  (i.e. targeting the obese particularly). The cur-rage-us but fool-Hardy (Oliver Hardy) Jab-an-knees charge simply dissolved in the face of this overwhelming firepower.

The sudden, unanticipated threat to the southern perimeter worried Marine leaders. Puller’s men had fended off one thrust, but there were almost certain to be more before the night was over. The lines of the 1/7 were spread thin, and the battalion had no reserve, so there was a real chance the Japanese might punch a hole in the defenses. Any sizable enemy force breaking into the rear areas could quickly shut down the artillery and air power that were the linchpins of American strength. The division command post was still distracted by the ongoing battle at the Matanikau, but it nevertheless took immediate action to deal with the situation. As a first step, Thomas ordered the 164th’s 2nd Battalion to provide its local reserves to the 1/7. Soon after, three platoons of E and G companies were moving along the communication trail that led to Puller’s zone. When the Army units reached Captain Fuller’s rear area, he promptly brought them into his lines, where they occupied empty fighting positions or replaced casualties in Marine-manned bunkers.

The lions of the 1/7 were spread thin, and the batty-lion had no preserve, so there was a real chance the Jab-an-knees might punch a whole in the D-fences. Any sizable enema farce breaking into the rear areas could quickly shut down the Artillery and hair power that were the linchpins of Amerry-can strength.

If you are jabbed in the rear or bottom you can understand how this can upset your plans.

The Di Vision come-and post was still distracted by the ongoing bottle at the Ma-tan-I-cow, but it nevertheless took immediate action to deal with the situation. As a first step, Thomas hors d’ouevred the 164th’s 2nd Batty-lion to provide its local preserves to the 1/7 to get them out of the jam they were in. Soon after, three Plato-ons of E.G. companies for example, were moving along the commune-E.Kaye-shun trail that led to Puller’s zone.

When the Army units reached Captain Fuller’s rear area, he promptly brought them into his lions, where they occupied M.T. fighting positions or replaced casual-ties in Marine-manned bun-kers.

Puller was glad to have the extra firepower of these soldiers, but he knew he needed many more men to hold the battalion’s long line. Around 2300, Chesty got on the phone to Frisbie and requested additional reinforcements. A little before midnight, Thomas agreed to up the ante and Lt. Col. Merrill Twining (the division operations officer) directed the 164th to dispatch its reserve battalion to reinforce the 1/7. Lieutenant Colonel Robert K. Hall left for the front immediately. His 3rd Battalion formed up in its bivouac site near Henderson Field and was headed south by 0200. The recent arrivals on the island did not know exactly where to go, but Frisbie, Puller and their staffs already had worked out that problem. The regiment’s Catholic chaplain, Father Matthew Keough, had been to the perimeter on numerous occasions. He guided the soldiers up to Edson’s Ridge and then onto the communications trail. As the long column moved along that path, Marines came back from the front lines–and each led an Army platoon through the last hundred yards of jungle. In the same fashion as the first wave of reinforcements from the 2/164, the men of the 3rd Battalion filled the empty bunkers and fighting holes. The process was largely complete by 0330. The additional men made an audible difference; all along the line, one participant recalled, the sound and tempo of firing picked up tremendously.

Puller was glad to have the extra firepower of these soul-jurrs, but he knew he needed many more men to hold the batty-lion’s long lion. Around 2300, Chesty got on the phone to Frisbee and requested additional reinfarcements.

A little before midnight, Thomas agreed to up the auntie and Lt. Col. Me-Rhyl Twining (the division opera-shuns off-ice-err had a brother, but it is not clear if they were twins) directed the 164th to dispatch its reserve batty-lion to reinforce the 1/7.

His 3rd Batty-lion formed up in its biv-who-whack site near Henderson Field and was headed south by 0200. The recent arrivals on the eye-land did not know exactly where to go, but Frisbee, Puller and their stuffs already had worked out that problem.

The Reggie-meant’s Catlick chap-lane, Farther Mat-thew Cough, had been to the perimeter on newmerous occasions. He guided the soul-jerrs up to Edison’s Ridge and then onto the commune-E-Kaye-shuns trail.

As the long column moved along that path, Marines came back from the front lions–and each led an Army Plato-on through the last hundred yids of jungle. In the same fashion as the first wave of reinfarcements from the 2/164, the men of the 3rd Battalion filled the MT bun-kurs and fighting wholes.

The process was largely complete by 0330. The additional men made an audible difference; all along the lion, one participant recalled, the sound and tempo of firing picked up tree-mend-us-Lee, a native tree surgeon.

The Japanese had been busy with their own maneuvering. The second significant assault of the night came about a half hour after midnight, when lead elements of a battalion of the 29th Infantry reached the edge of the cleared zone directly in front of Able Company. The first company crawled across the open space and began to cut through the barbed wire. This stealthy attempt failed when a few soldiers recklessly revealed themselves before the breach was complete. The combined Marine-Army force blazed away again with all available weapons and slaughtered the exposed unit in less than half an hour. Subsequent assaults were made with equal bravery but much less skill or tactical thought. There was little or no attempt by Japanese commanders to coordinate efforts; most units attacked as soon as they came to the cleared zone that marked the Marine lines. The Japanese also failed to bring much supporting firepower to bear. Very few rounds were fired from Sendai mountain guns and mortars, and machine guns were seldom employed to duel with their American counterparts. One 29th Infantry company launched a typical charge against the 1/7’s Charlie Company at 0115. The Japanese infantrymen rushed forward, aided only by their own shouts of ‘Banzai!’ and ‘Blood for the Emperor!’ Within the space of a few minutes, all were dead or dying in front of the double-apron fence. Kelly later remarked, ‘It could not have been a more ideal situation from the defense standpoint.’

The Jaban-kees had been busy with their own man-over-ring. The second significant ass-salt of the knight came about a half hour after mid-knight, when lead elephants of a batty-lion of the 29th Infant-tree reached the edge of the cleared zone directly in front of Able Come-penny.

The first come-penny crawled across the open space and began to cut through the bar-bra-ed wire. This steal-thy attempt failed when a few soul-jerrs recklessly exposed themselves before the beach was complete.

They had been told that no flashers were allowed until all the sand was in place.

The combined Marine-Army farce blazed away again with all available wee-upons and slaughtered the exposed unit in less than half an hour. Subsequent ass-salts were made with equal bravery but much less skill or tactical thought.

There was little or no attempt by Jab-an-knees come-and-errs to coordinate efforts; most units at-tacked as soon as they came to the cleared zone that marked the Marine lines. The Jab-an-knees also failed to bring much supporting firepower to bear. Very few rounds were fired from Send-eye mountain buns and more-tars, and Mac-Hine buns were seldom employed to dual with their Amerry-can counter-parts (from Ikea).

One 29th (about 3.5%)  Infant-tree company launched a typical charge against the 1/7’s Right Charlie Company at 0115. The Jab-an-knees infant-tree-men rushed forward, aided only by their own shouts of ‘Bonsai!’ 盆栽 and ‘Bloody Emperor!’  ブラッディエンペラー.

Within the space of a few minutes, all were dead or dying, in front of the double-apron fence. This is what happens when weed killer is used on bonsai trees.

Ed’s note: It should be noted weed killer. The Marines had use urine in their machine guns to cool them (see later); machine guns kill, the marines weed, hence weed killer.

It should also be noted the Japanese were relatively small compared to the marines, and people can be compared to trees; we have trunks for example.

So the Japanese were like small trees, hence bonsai.

Puller and his staff counted six major assaults on their lines by 0330. So far the Marines and soldiers had held, but the continuous attacks were taking their toll. Ammunition was running low, and weapons were wearing out. Sergeant John Basilone, leader of two sections of heavy machine guns in the Charlie Company zone, performed magnificently in keeping his weapons operating. When a pair of guns was knocked out of action, he brought up a replacement for the surviving crew members, repaired the other one and then operated it himself until additional men arrived on the scene. In the midst of enemy attacks, he moved along the line doling out fresh belts of ammunition. The high rates of fire boiled away the water in the cooling jackets of the guns, and Basilone told his men to urinate in them to keep them going. Not far to the rear, mortarmen were using brief lulls in the action to dig out and resite tubes pounded down into the rain-soaked soil by the recoil of nearly continuous firing.

Puller and his staff counted six Major ass-salts on their lions by 0330 (a toll free dialling code in the USA I understand). So far the Marines and soldiers had held, but the continuous at-tacks were taking their toll (despite the toll free number).

Ammunition was running low, and wee-upons were wearing out. This caused a lot of swear in. They tried in out, in out, shake it all about, even the hokey-pokey (hokey-cokey in the UK) to try and help matters.

Sir-Gent John Basil-one, leader of two sexshuns of heavy machine buns in the right Charlie Company zone, performed magnificently in keeping his wee-upons opera-ting.

When a pair of buns was knocked out of Acton, he brought up a replacement for the Sir Viving crew members, repaired the other one and then opera-Ted it himself until additional men arrived on the seen.

In the midst of enemy at-tacks, he moved along the lion doling out fresh belts of ammunition. The high rates of fire boiled away the water in the cooling jackets of the buns (should have turned the gas down then), and Basil-one told his men to urinate in them to keep them going. Thus the immortal words ‘To pee or not to pee, that is the question’ asked the men.

To which John Basil-one said ‘Yes, make it so’.

N.B. I would not wish to touch a bun after it had been peed in, but needs must I suppose.

And to point out the obvious, the wee-upons were such because they had been weed on, strictly in.

Not far to the rear, more-tar-men were using brief lulls (a variant of a type of briefs, underwear that is) in the action to dig out and resite tubes pounded down into the rain-soaked soil by the recoil of nearly continuous firing.

The tubes were made out of some yew wood which is hard wearing. These tubes were of course known as Yewtubes. You had to keep a close eye on them though, as some Yewtubes can be complete rubbish and are considered a ‘Fail’ in some quarters.

Through it all, Puller remained calm. For most of the night, he and a very small group of staff officers and enlisted men worked by flashlight in the command bunker while Japanese rounds pierced the jungle above. They supervised the flow of reinforcements and ammunition up to the front and kept Frisbie and Division abreast of the action. When the 3rd Battalion arrived on the scene, Chesty went out to the communications trail to greet Hall and bring him into the command post. The two lieutenant colonels conferred briefly and agreed that Puller should continue running the show, since he already had a handle on the situation. More than once the Marine commander’s bulldog attitude steadied his hard-pressed men. At one point Regan Fuller called back to the command post with the news that he was running low on ammunition. Chesty replied in his typically brusque, devil-may-care manner, ‘You’ve got bayonets, haven’t you?’ Puller knew ‘there was no such thing as falling back.’ His troops were in the best possible defensive positions, and there was not much ground to give in any case before the enemy reached the vital airfield. A Marine on Frisbie’s staff voiced the opinion of many in the perimeter that night: ‘Christ, I’m glad Colonel Puller is there!’ Twining later would say, ‘Puller’s presence alone represented the equivalent of two battalions.’

Through it all, Puller remained calm. For most of the knight, he and a very small grope of staff off-ice-rs and enlisted men worked by flashlight in the come-and bun-ker while Jaban-knees rounds (note buns are typically round, so this why rounds are fired from them) pierced the jungle above.

They supervised the flow of reinfarcements and ammunition up to the front and kept the Frisbee and Di Vision a breast of the action. Di Vision played Frisbee and had to be careful of her breasts of course.

If any lady has been hit in the chest by a Frisbee I am sure they will concur.

When the 3rd Batty-lion arrived on the scene, Chesty, who was keeping a careful eye on the action of the breasts, went out to the commune-E.Kaye-shuns trail to greet Hall and bring him into the come-and post.

The two left-tenant kernels conferred briefly and agreed that Puller should continue running the show, since he already had a Handel on the situation.

Handel’s Water Music was very helpful for all the fireworks going on.

More than once the Marine come-and-err’s bulldog attitude steadied his hard-pressed men. At one point Ray-gun Fuller called back to the come-and post with the news that he was running low on ammunition. Chesty replied in his typically brusque, devil-may-care manner, ‘You’ve got bay-o-nets, haven’t you?’

Puller knew ‘there was no such thing as falling back.’ His tropes were in the best possible D-fen-sieve positions, and there was not much ground to give in any case before the enemy reached the vital hairfield.

A Marine on Frisbee’s stuff voiced the opinion of many in the perimeter that knight: ‘Christ, I’m glad Kernel Puller is there!’ Twining later would say, ‘Puller’s presence alone represented the equivalent of two batty-lions.’

This reminds me that others might have said ‘Colonel Puller, I’m glad Christ is there!’ After all, if 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, and some certainly were Christians in the battle, then He would have been there certainly.

Which, believe it or not, He is today, fighting in the heavenly realms.

The final Japanese assaults of the night came just around dawn. Colonel Masajiro Furimiya, commander of the 29th Infantry, led one attack, accompanied by the regimental colors and the company charged with guarding them. In the last minutes of darkness, he led his small force across the open ground and through the battered wire. The defenders were tired, short of ammunition and distracted by a large simultaneous thrust just to the west. Casualties also had thinned the line. The Americans exacted a toll, but Furimiya and about 60 of his men made it past the bunkers and into the jungle behind the line. It was the only significant penetration of the night. It also proved futile, since the Japanese had not stopped to destroy the defenders’ fighting positions and thus create a hole for follow-on forces to exploit. Instead, the colonel’s force constituted a small pocket in the American rear. Another attack just after sunrise failed miserably. In addition to Furimiya’s enclave, a few dozen other Japanese soldiers had infiltrated in ones and twos. Maruyama wisely called off further attempts and pulled back his forces. The Sendai would try again that night.

Night assaults

The final Jab-an-knees ass-alts of the knight came just around Dawn, i.e. they just managed to get round her as she was a rather large lady. Kernel Mass-a-giro Furry-mire, come-and-er of the 29th Infant-tree, led one at-tack, accompanied by the Reggie-mental colours and the company charged with garding them.

In the last minutes (very small bits) of darkness, he led his small farce across the open ground and through the battered wire (like battered fish). The D-fenders were tired, short of ammunition and distracted by a large simultaneous Truss just to the west. Casual-ties also had thinned the line. The Amerry-cans exacted a toll ($2.50), but Furry-mire and about 60 of his men made it past the bun-kers and into the jungle behind the line.

It was the only significant penny-tration of the knight. It also proved few-tile, since the Jab-an-knees had not stopped to destroy the D-fenders’ fighting positions and thus create a whole for follow-on farces to exploit. Instead, the kernel’s farce constituted a small packet in the Amerry-can rear, i.e like a suppository.

Another at-tack just after son-rise failed my-Sir-Risibly. In addition to Furry-mire’s enclave, a few dozen other Jab-an-knees soldiers had infiltrated in ones and twos. Ma-rumour whyslea called off further attempts and pulled back his farces. The Send-eye would try again that knight.

Daylight on October 25 brought clear skies above and revealed a scene of utter carnage on the ground. Hundreds of bodies carpeted the narrow cleared strip fronting the eastern half of Puller’s sector. In a few spots the corpses were stacked two and three deep. Near Company A’s left flank, the dead lay in windrows, scythed down by 37mm canister rounds as their formations had moved along the jeep road and emerged from the Bowling Alley. The debris of war was everywhere: broken weapons, ripped-open ammunition containers, lost equipment, dirty bandages, bits of uniforms and lengths of broken barbed wire. In the midst of that charnel house, American officers and NCOs automatically began the process of reorganizing their men, resupplying ammunition and responding to occasional small-arms fire from Japanese stragglers in front of and behind the lines. Marines and soldiers moved in on Furimiya’s small force and squeezed it out of existence, killing 52 enemy troops in the process. American infantrymen accounted for an additional 43 enemy scattered about the perimeter.

Daylight on October 25 brought clear skies above and revealed a scene of utter car-nage on the ground. Hundreds of bodies car-petted the narrow cleared strip fronting the eastern half of Puller’s sector. There were lots of cars, like a motorway pile-up.

In a few spots the copses were stacked two and three deep. Bear in mind that the Jab-an-knees infant-trees went around in copses, which are small woods.

And that if you go down to the woods today, you may be surprised to find all the bears that ever there were. But it was no picnic, believe me.

Near Company A’s left flank, the dead lay in windrows (Ed’s note; it actually says this in the original text!!!), scythed down by 37mm can-I-star rounds as their four-mations had moved along the cheap road and emerged from the Boleyn Ally.

The de-brie of whore was everywhere: broken wee-upons, ripped-open am-munition containers, lost equipment, dirty bandits, bits of unicorns and lengths of broken bar-bra wire.

In the midst of that char-knell house, Amerry-can off-ice-rs and NCOs automatically began the process of reorganizing their men, resupplying ammunition and responding to occasional small-arms fire from Jab-an-knees strugglers in front of and behind the lions. You know what it’s like when you are on your knees, it’s a struggle.

Marines and soldiers moved in on Furry-mire’s small farce and squeezed it (i.e. re-juiced it) out of exist-tents, killing 52 enemy tropes in the process. Amerry-can infant-tree-men accounted for an additional 43 enemy scattered about the perimeter.

Chesty walked his lines and conservatively estimated there were more than 300 dead in the fire lanes, plus hundreds more inside the jungle beyond the cleared ground. The Americans had decisively won the first round, but Puller dispatched a hastily scrawled report that gave no cause for immediate celebration. He was certain the enemy had a strong reserve and was ready to use it: ‘Believe Japanese will assault with large forces tonight.’ Chesty was still trying to determine the extent of his losses, but knew he had more than the one dead and 12 wounded already counted. There was one bit of positive news. Early in the afternoon, men in Company A’s zone observed the Japanese shooting at someone in the kunai grass of the Bowling Alley. Seeing that the targets were survivors of the OP, Regan Fuller ordered his men to provide covering fire while he drove a jeep out to get them. A mad dash left the vehicle riddled with bullet holes, but he brought in a few of the Marines. Soldiers from the 164th duplicated that feat with a weapons carrier and rescued the remainder of the group. Much of the platoon was still missing, but it seemed a miracle that anyone had made it through the Japanese encirclement.

Chesty walked his lines (if you are an actor this is what you do in rehearsals to get the feel of the role you are playing) and conservatively estimated there were more than 300 dead in the fire lanes, plus hundreds more inside the jungle beyond the cleared ground. The Amerry-cans had decisively won the first round, but Puller dispatched a hastily scrawled report that gave no cause for immediate selly-bration.

He was certain the enemy had a strong preserve and was ready to use it: ‘Believe Jab-an-knees will ass-salt with large farces tonight.’ Chesty was still trying to determine the ex-tent of his lasses, but knew he had more than the won dead and 12 woun-dead already counted.

There was one bit of positive news. Early in the afternoon, men in Come-penny A’s zone observed the Jab-an-knees shooting at someone in the can-eye grass of the Boleyn Ally. Seeing that the targets were Sir Vivors of the OP, Regan Fuller hors d’ouevred his men to provide covering fire while he drove a cheap out to get them. A mad dash (here’s an example: —-mad—-) left the vehicle riddled with bullet wholes, but he brought in a few of the Marines.

Soul-jerrs from the 164th duplicated that feet (so at least four feet) with a wee–upons carrier and rescued the reminder of the grope. Much of the Plato-on was still Miss-Ing, but it seemed a mirror-call that anyone had made it through the Jab-an-knees encircle-meant.

Briggs was one of those who had run the gantlet. Chesty called for him and asked for details about the enemy. The platoon sergeant recounted as much as he could and noted that the battalion commander ‘digested [it] calmly, as though he was sitting in his tent in New River, instead of in the mud and blood.’ Puller already was focused on preparations for the coming night. With most of the Japanese infiltrators liquidated, he and Hall were beginning to sort out their forces. They decided that the Army battalion would take over the left half of the sector, while the 1/7 consolidated astride Edson’s Ridge.

Briggs was one of those who had run the gantlet (a gantlet is a little gant or glove from the French, ‘gant’) Chesty called for hymn and asked for de-tails about the enemy. De tails would be information about the outfit the enemy would be wearing, such as coat and tails.

The Plato-on Sir-gent re-counted as much as he could and noted that the batty-lion come-and-er ‘digested [it] calmly, as though he was sitting in his tent in New River, instead of in the mud and blood.’

I suppose better to have a tent in the river as opposed to mud and blood, but if there were a flood you might drown and be dud (sic).

Puller already was focused on preparations for the coming knight. With most of the Jab-an-knees infiltrators liquidated (turned into mud and blood), he and Hall were beginning to sort out their farces. They decided that the Army batty-lion would take over the left half (from the communists who are left wing) of the sector, while the 1/7 constipated astride Edison’s Ridge.

It was a trying time for everyone on Guadalcanal. The Cactus Air Force struggled all day to get planes off the ground from shell-pocked Henderson and the muddy fighter strip. Enemy air attacks were heavier and more frequent than usual, and Imperial Japanese Navy destroyers put in a rare daylight appearance off Lunga Point. American and Japanese artillery also traded fire. Both sides drew blood in the air, at sea and on land during the course of what would come to be called ‘Dugout Sunday.’ The Japanese directed most of their effort against the airfields, but a few planes bombed and strafed the perimeter defenses, and the 150mm guns lobbed shells in that direction.

It was a trying time for everyone on Gull-a-canada. The Cact-US hair Farce struggled all day to get plains off the ground from shell-pocked Hen-der-son and the muddy fighter strip. Enemy hair a-tax were heavier and more frequent than usual, and Imperil Jab-an-knees Navy destroyers put in a rare daylight appearance off Lunga Point.

Amerry-can and Jab-an-knees Art-Hillary also traded fire. ‘Hey bud, you have blue fire, I have Red fire, howsa ‘bout youse and me doin’ a deal?’ Both sides drew blood in the air, at sea and on land during the course of what would come to be called ‘Doug out Sunday.’ This was because Doug was out at a church meeting.

The drawing of blood was to test for Covid 19 (a.k.a. the ‘flu), the version back then.

The Jab-an-knees directed most of their effort against the hairfields, but a few plains bumbed and strafed the perimeter D-fences, and the 150mm buns lobbed shells in that direction.

Here is an example of a 150mm shell. Note the spiral effect to help spin within the rifled barrel.

While the fighting raged elsewhere, the Sendai Division regrouped in the jungle and prepared for its second attempt. The much-depleted 29th Infantry again would serve as the spearhead, despite having its 3rd Battalion practically annihilated the previous night. In recognition of that regiment’s losses, the 16th Infantry would reinforce the effort. The 230th was destined to miss the fight a second night in a row. The regimental commander feared a flanking counterattack by the Americans, so he deployed his force in a defensive posture facing toward the east. The Japanese were attempting to rectify some of their errors. This time Lt. Col. Watanabe, commander of Furimiya’s 2nd Battalion, reconnoitered the front himself prior to leading the renewed assault. And the Sendai mustered its few mountain guns and mortars for a preparatory bombardment of the American lines.

While the fighting raged elsewhere, the Send-eye Di Vision re-groped in the jungle (so would you, can be bad enough in the nettles and brambles at the end of the garden) and prepared for its second attempt.

The much-depleted 29th Infantry again would serve as the spearhead, despite having its 3rd Batty-lion practically Annie-hi-lated the previous knight. The moral being don’t be late for a knight, he won’t like it.

In recognition of that Reggie-meant’s lasses, the 16th Infantry would reinfarce the effort. The 230th was destined to miss the fight a second knight in a row. The Reggie-mental come-and-er feared a flunking counterattack by the Amerry-cans, so he deployed his farce in a D-fen-sieve posture facing toward the east (the rising Son).

The Jab-an-knees were attempting to wreck-tif-eye some of their errors. This time Lt. Col. Wannabe, commander of Furry-mire’s 2nd Batty-lion, re-con-no-it-red the front himself prior to leading the renewed ass-salt. And the Send-eye mustard its few mounting buns (let’s hope they were savoury buns) and more-tars for a pre-para-Tory bumbardment of the Amerry-can lions.

The American reorganization of the southern sector was complete by evening, and the defenders girded themselves for another rough night. They did not have long to wait. The Sendai Division fired its limited supply of shells in a weak barrage beginning at 2000. Then Japanese infantrymen surged out of the jungle in an attempt to cross the few dozen yards of deadly open ground in front of the American lines. Their focus seemed to be the point where the jeep road from the Bowling Alley entered the perimeter. The assaults lasted all night long, but none came against the 1/7’s positions. Puller’s battalion was on the receiving end of only a handful of shells and some minor sniper activity. The 164th Infantry, with the assistance of elements of the 7th Marines Weapons Company, repulsed every attack and inflicted hundreds of fresh casualties on the Japanese. The inland wing of the diversionary force finally launched its attack against the line occupied by Hanneken’s outfit. That enemy effort fared no better than the others.

The Amerry-can reorganization of the southern sector was complete by evening, and the D-fenders girded themselves for another rough night. They were lions so they had to gird up their loins. They did not have long to wait. The Send-eye Di Vision fired its limited supply of shells (there weren’t any more on the beach where you normally find shells) in a week bar-rage beginning at 2000.

And then working backwards. Yes, start with 2000 and count down until the last shell is gone.

Then Jab-an-knees infant-tree-men surged out of the jungle in an attempt to cross the few dozen yids of deadly open ground in front of the Amerry-can lions. Their focus seemed to be the point where the cheap road from the Boleyn Ally entered the perimeter.

The ass-salts lasted all knight long (as Rainbow sang), but none came against the 1/7’s positions. Puller’s batty-lion was on the receiving end of only a handful of shells and some minor snider activity. Minor sniders were even smaller than the infant-trees.

The 164th Infantry, with the assistance of elements of the 7th Marines Weapons Company, repulsed every at-tack and inflicted hundreds of fresh casual-ties on the Jab-an-knees. The inland wing of the diversionary farce finally lunched its at-tack against the line occupied by Heineken’s outfit. That enemy effort fared no better than the others.

Maruyama admitted defeat the next day, October 26, but some survivors of the Sendai continued the action that night. The 164th repulsed several nighttime assaults, and a brief evening mortar barrage hit the left flank of the 1/7, killing five men. A few of these probes were attempts to reclaim the colors of the 29th Infantry, though given the state of Japanese communications, several units may not have received the order to withdraw. It would take time for the exhausted Japanese to disengage fully and begin the arduous return march to the sea, but the battle was over.

Ma-rumour admitted de-feet the next day, October 26, but some Sir Vivas of the Send-eye continued the action that knight. The 164th repulsed several knight-time ass-salts, and a brief evening more-tar bar-rage hit the left flunk of the 1/7, killing five men.

A few of these probes were attempts to reclaim the colours of the 29th Infantry (like the rainbow flag colours of the LGBTQ+ which God Most High says are all His, so yah, boo, sucks), though given the state of Jab-an-knees commune-E.Kaye-shuns, several you-nits may not have received the hors d’ouevre to withdraw.

It would take time for the exhaust-Ted Jab-an-knees to disengage fully and begin the arduous (adjective, similar to Ardern the noun, meaning a right pain. Although in Ardern’s case a left pain would be more suitable) return March (it was still October though) to the C, but the battle was over.


The Sendai Division’s losses were heavy. On October 27, the 164th began the gruesome job of supervising the burial of enemy corpses, many of them already decomposing after two days of tropical heat. The task was so large that bulldozers and dynamite were employed to assist the Japanese prisoners assigned to the job. Among the dead were a general and two regimental commanders.

It is not straightforward to assess the Japanese losses, but seems to be at least over 2,500 dead.

Against this the USA forces lost less than 100 dead and around 150 wounded or missing.

The article lists several factors for the lopsided victory.

  • The strong perimeter fortifications proved critical,
  • barbed wire
  • overhead cover in the American fighting positions
  • paucity of Japanese indirect fire.
  • ‘intense machine gun and mortar fire’
  • Americans ‘had excellent detectors set up which discovered our (Japanese) movements.’
  • ‘cooperative firing’ of the Americans, who ‘never fight without artillery.’
  • Puller himself implied in an October 28 note that mortars and howitzers had inflicted most of the casualties.
  • Years later, he would state, ‘We held them because we were well dug in, a whole regiment of artillery was backing us up, and there was plenty of barbed wire.’
  • A staff officer from the Japanese theater headquarters laid the greatest blame on ‘poor command and leadership.’
  • He also emphasized the middling quality of his own forces:
  • ‘The [Sendai] Division had little hard combat experience, as it had engaged only in the easy Java campaign.
  • Though high-spirited, they were not expert fighters. The [29th Infantry] knew nothing but bayonet charges.’
  • Advantages in firepower and field fortifications notwithstanding, the Marines and soldiers had done much more than their duty. And they had been well trained and well led by men like Puller, Basilone and Hall.

Although the 164th had borne the brunt of the fighting during the last two days of the battle, the 1/7 had stood alone during much of the crucial first night and barred the way when American defenses were thinnest.

Puller was proud of his battalion’s performance, but he gladly credited the Army’s assistance. Considering that the inexperienced reinforcements had been thrown into a confusing situation in the middle of the night, he thought the conduct of the soldiers had been ‘exemplary.’

He also believed they had arrived just in time, and he told reporters a few days later, ‘I was damned glad to see them.’ Marines and Army men fighting side by side had deflected the enemy’s strongest blow.

There were months of hard fighting ahead, but never again would there be serious doubt about the outcome on Guadalcanal.

My observations are the that the 1/7 were magnificent and so I will label them The Magnificent Seven(th)!

And the Japanese were brought to their knees. What a pointless waste of lives, ultimately as the behest of their Emperor God.

Note the D-fenders, vitamin D is the best D-fence for the body, just as the heavenly D or Daddy, the Father, is the best D-fence for the soul.

And my reference to United Stats as the stats or statistics come out about vaccine harms and death.

So today as you continue the fight against all the evil in the world not this battle as a turning point 80 years ago and check to see if our victory this time is not evident also. Although the war is not yet won.

Don’t forget the second Battle of El-Alamein is raging and breakthrough is imminent so what will happen I wonder for the UK and the commonwealth?

And the Russians were bravely resisting the Nazis at Stalingrad and would soon turn the tables in November.

Look up for the signs of the times and wonder as your redemption draws near.


Gull-a-canada1 – Anagram of Guadacanal

P.S. Here are some links to the four-tunes!

Soundie – Slap the Japs Right Into the Laps of the Nazi’s

Murphy Sisters (Carl Hoff) – You’re a sap, Mr. Jap

Battotai – Imperial Japanese Army March

Senyu — Russo-Japanese War Military Song (with lyrics)

As a bonus and some silly fun try this cartoon

Popeye The Sailor – You’re a sap, mr jap

And a couple of further links which may be of interest

Briggs Outpost – Battle for Henderson Field

‘Chesty’ Puller Wounding Incident – Guadalcanal


Joe Biden’s lies

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th October, 2022

This is a post of a page I did last year. Some have viewed but other might like to see it. Sing it if you will, share freely if of use. Everything was free in the beginning; that’s the heavenly Father for you.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

5th April 2021

To be sung to the tune of John’s Brown’s body. Hanging the Demon-rattys may seem unfair as hanging might be considered too good for them. Perhaps  throw them in prison until they pay back all that is due – that might take forever of course. Hanging is cheaper than keeping them in prison or the madhouse.

Mind you the White House presumably contains the mad at the moment, or at least the senile and mad. Anyone seen Joe lately? Just wondered that’s all. Not so much as ‘Where’s Wally?’ as ‘Where’s Joe?’.

On second thoughts, that’s the same thing (I don’t don’t know if wally means the same as in England). Have fun anyway.

Joe Biden’s lies are boldly molding all the U.S. slaves

Joe Biden’s lies support the de-mon-cratic knaves

Joe Biden’s lies are from Pel-osi’s silly raves

His soul has almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

He raptured harpies scary with his Covid 19 brew

He cheated old Virginia with his feministic crew

We’ll hang him for a traitor, and all demon-rattys too

Their souls are almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

Joe Biden lied to make you slaves and that you all should see

Joe Biden lied so Kammy Harris presi-dent will be

Joe Biden lied to give more power to Nancy, Nancy Pee

His soul has almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

Good citizens of U.S.A. strike, strike and have your say

Get off your arses now, get up and don’t, yes don’t delay

Love all you meet with kindness ‘long G.W. park-way#

And your souls will grow more strong.

The angels up in heaven they are looking kindly down

The Father loves you madly, He will never let you down

And Jesus He goes with you, and He will wear His crown

To bring the bar–sturds down!

Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!

The demoncrats no longer fool ya

Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!

Their souls are almost gone

By Baldmichael the grave (or maybe gravey because it is brown like John Brown’s body!)

# G.W. park-way – George Washington Memorial Parkway

P.S. More songs can be found here.


I am still working on the Battle for Henderson Field, Guadalcanal but it’s coming together so maybe tomorrow.


111 Not Out – One Day International Cricket

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th October, 2022

Tee hee! Actually, this post is not about crickets or the game of cricket, but to celebrate the fact I scored 111 hits on my site in one day, yesterday in fact.

If you don’t like cricket then perhaps you said ‘That’s a relief!’

If you are a cricket then perhaps you said ‘That’s a green leaf!’

If you are Buddy Holly and the Crickets then perhaps you said ‘We had lots of hits!’

Anyway, my ‘hits’ came from all over the world, so it was international for me.

Isn’t wonderful? I know, I know little things please little minds, but I have to keep my moral up.

Anyway, I am aiming to finish my Battle of Henderson’s field post for tomorrow when the battle ended 80 years ago, so I must press on.

‘See y’all’ as they can say in the States.

P.S. here’s proof of the stats.


Why is homosexuality a thing in Germany?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

23rd October, 2022

Well an anagram of Germany is

‘R Gay men’ which sounds like ‘are gay men’.

I see this says homosexuality is a German invention.

Which is interesting but ignores Sodom and Gomorrah which was rather a lot longer ago. And where Lot resided, the silly billy.

But then Lucifer, now Satan, was a silly bugger, hence the problems now.

There is a lot more that could be said but not today.

P.S. The opening salvoes in the Second battle of El-Alamein started today, the 23rd October, 80 years ago, as well as the battle for Henderson Field in the Pacific. I am preparing posts.

In Russia Stalingrad is being fought. I hope to do a post perhaps before Christmas.

The fight is on, the tide is going to turn and the Mid-Terms in the US are at hand. Onward and upwards people, into the light!


(I never promised you) Jacinda Ardern

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

21st October 2022

I have turned a page into a post as I thought I would do something on this damp and windy, but warm, night in the south of the UK.

And Friday night is music night!

I thought I would give my take down of Jacinda “the tooth will set you free” Ardern for all you Kiwis in New Zealand or any other sympathisers with their predicament.

If you feel like supporting the resistance against The Tooth Fairy Ardern then you could do worse than visiting this site.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th October 2020

I thought I would do some alternative lyrics to that beautiful song by beautiful Lynn Anderson. Perhaps she is related to me somewhere along the line!!

Not because I am beautiful you understand, but because her name has some similarities to mine.

I do not want to spoil your appreciation of it but given Jacinda’s sin in her mal-administration of New Zealand and the Covid 19 crisis I thought it only fair to give it my best shot.

Perhaps Jacinda should be shot too for her trashing of the economy. Anyway, here it is.

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

Away with you sunshine, you really are a little pain sometimes

When you’re fake, you gotta give, so live and let live and go, go, go, go, go, oh

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

You played our heartstrings with more houses and things

But you don’t find money growin’ on stalks of clover

So you better think it over

Well, if sweet talking you could make it come true

You promised to the world you would make Covid flatter

But it’s all gone splatter.

So smile for a while and let’s be jolly; somebody’s making lots of lolly

Come along and put the good times in the can

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

Away with you sunshine, you really are a little pain sometimes

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

You sung us a tune and promised us the moon

But as you are fake about the old ‘flu, we’d just as soon see you go

But there’s one thing I want you to know

You’d better look before you leap; corruption runs deep

And there won’t always be Marxists there to pull you out

You don’t know what you’re talking about

So smile for a while and let’s be jolly; somebody’s making lots of lolly

Come along and put the good times in the can

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

Away with you sunshine, you really are a little pain sometimes

I beg your pardon, I never promised you Jacinda Ardern

Away with you sunshine, you really are a little pain sometimes

This is attached to Jacinda Ardern if you haven’t seen the post.


Steve Kirsch on Substack – useful information and observations re vaccines

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

20th October, 2022

I subscribe to his email updates which I find very helpful, albeit I know what to expect. It is all about the overwhelming evidence that the current vaccines for Covid 19 are harmful.

Of course I knew they, in fact all vaccines ever, were/would be pointless at best since June 2020. Others have been sounding the warning well before me.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen these already and need any more persuading or want something to send to those who have yet to see the light here are some links.

    1.      Miscarriages and infertility 31 second video from doctor

I note another doctor Eric Topol, has said it isn’t the vaccines. So I have checked him out.

The evidence is he supports the vaccines but didn’t think they should have been rushed. He mistakenly believes vaccines have saved millions of lives.

This is in fact hearsay and there has never been evidence of vaccines having saved millions of lives, there can’t be of course as no one has followed up on vaccine long term alleged benefits with proper studies.

Let alone thought about it properly and logically at all.

Poison in, poison out as I say (vaccines are poison if anything).

The single word full anagram of Eric Topol is ‘coprolite’. This is fossilized excrement. Oh dear, this might explain matters.

The next word on single word anagrams is ‘leprotic’ which is to do with leprosy. Not looking good Eric.

‘Loopier’ is another word meaning slightly mad. Yep agreed.

‘Politer’ is another so that means at least he is polite. But this doesn’t stop him being wrong on vaccines.

I also note ‘erotic’ but you’ll have to ask his wife about that.

‘Loco tripe’ is a full anagram phrase. Some people like tripe but we talk about a load of tripe as being rubbish. To be loco can mean ‘mad’.

‘Police ort’ is a phrase too. As in police ort to be looking into why doctors are promoting grievous bodily harm and murder on the nations.

Other Steve Kirsch links

    1.     USA department of Justice

It wanted to pursue criminal action against the vaccine makers, but didn’t. Why?

I suggest you write and ask why. If you pay taxes in the States you fund the organization and have a right to know why your money is misspent.


    1.     Ryan Cole pathologist video 

On looking at signs that vaccines caused death. 11mins 16 video interview.

Mobeen Syed, a doctor and CEO of Drbeen Corp. About him below

Mobeen Syed is the CEO of Drbeen Corp, a modern online medical education marketplace. Mobeen is a medical doctor and a software engineer. He graduated from the prestigious King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has been teaching medicine since 1994. Mobeen is also a software engineer and engineering leader. In this role, Mobeen has run teams consisting of hundreds of engineers and millions of dollars of budgets. Mobeen loves music, teaching, and doing business. He lives in Cupertino CA.


Steve is going to have an interview with him. Steve says ‘He’s a class act.’

I say he is a bottom of the class act if he thinks vaccines are of any use whatsoever.

But they no doubt make Mobeen Syed a lot of money which is of use to many people including Bill ‘the kill’ Gates.

Anagrams of Mobeen Syed include:

Bede moneys

Be enemy sod

Be ye demons

By demon see

As someone once said, ‘Houston, we have a problem’.


    1.     On solar power not being the answer to energy crisis.

Tom Blees is referred to as he supports IFR, Integral Fast Reactors. The oil companies don’t support them as they will lose out and make less money.

As the link says, solar farms destroy valuable agricultural land and look horrible anyway. And will affect local climate. See this link for discussion on likely effects..

Sadly Tom Blees supports vaccines and won’t read the electronic book on them which Steve Kirsch sent him. Why is it seemly intelligent people will not consider the evidence?

Top single word anagram of ‘Tom Blees’ is ‘emboles’. This is to do with clots. Ergo, Tom Blees is a clot or perhaps suffers from brain clots. Or both.

Seemingly intelligent people are just that; they seem intelligent but are lacking in some regard. I wonder if Tom Blees has ever bothered to check the evidence out on vaccines for himself.

I had to do that to understand what was going on, so why won’t you Tom?


    1.    ACIP committee will likely add the COVID vaccines to the childhood         vaccination program on Thursday

You can comment on this proposal and fight back against the insanity.


    1.     Reference is made to a Paul Offit, a doctor with the FDA. 

He is not getting the booster for some reason.

Top anagram of his full name, Paul Allan Offit, is ‘fallopian fault’. His Wikipedia entry says he suffered from a club foot as a child. Perhaps this is why.

‘a lallation puff’ – lallation is to do with infantile speech. As his pronouncements on vaccines are infantile this makes sense.

However on the plus side

In 2002, during a period of fears about bioterrorism, Offit was the only member of the CDC’s advisory panel to vote against a program to give smallpox vaccine to tens of thousands of Americans. He later argued on 60 Minutes II and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer that the risk of harm for people getting the vaccine outweighed the risk of getting smallpox in the U.S. at the time.

 So not a complete idiot then.

But I am not surprised he is a figure of hatred among those whose children have been harmed by his stupidity. He should be tried for his crimes against humanity. He is guilty of promoting grievous bodily harm and murder.


    1.     This is the alleged manufacture of a new Covid 19 strain.

It is 80% fatal. How nice.

And they have tested it on mice. Poor mice, not nice.

However, I suspect as usual it is a load of bollux, more fear. Avoids people suspecting the vaccines.

You see, it comes at the time when the bivalent booster is being rolled out. Make the link. Honestly, do they think I was born yesterday?


I hope that is of use. I get lots more newsletters each day, but those will suffice for now. There may be things you can do to fight against the madness as suggested.

Apart from not having vaccines, wearing mask unnecessarily and not being tested etc. And not letting your taxes be used for genocide.

Steve Kirsch is doggedly pursuing the authorities in the Covid 19/vaccine fraud, but is not up to speed on everything as I understand he still thinks vaccines are of use, just not the latest.

Nevertheless, well worth reading if you don’t have other sources you refer to.

P.S. If you haven’t seen here’s my link on vaccines which has various sub links to related issues, statistics, masks, tests etc.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.


Countries of Asia; an alternative view

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

16th October 2022

I have done something similar on Europe and it is high time I completed this. Asia is a big continent, the largest in the world; hence this is quite a long post.

However, as it is attached to Europe and Africa I don’t quite understand why it is separated in the name, except perhaps its people do vary from the other two continents.

Apparently I’m in good company as Wikipedia says

Herodotus comments that he is puzzled as to why three women’s names were “given to a tract which is in reality one” (Europa, Asia, and Libya, referring to Africa)

China and India dominate it in terms of area and population. But don’t forget Russia which straddles Europe and Asia and is very large in terms of land mass.

As regards why it is called Asia there seems some debate. As a girl’s name it means “sunrise” I gather.

Phonetically it is ‘a shah’, and a shah is in essence a monarch such as the once shah of Iran.

Asia could be broken down into ‘As I a’. ‘As I a what’ you might say. But it sounds rather like ‘as ‘igher’, i.e. ‘as higher’.

As Asia contains the Himalayas which has the highest mountain in the land masses of the world, this substantiates the meaning of Asia. 

Anyway, I may well look more broadly at the continents in due course, but here is my sideways look at the individual countries of Asia. There may be some truth in what I say, see what you think. Comments welcome of course.


  • Afghanistan – ‘Afghan is tan.’ One of seven ‘stans’, one of eight ending in ‘tan’ where the people have tans, i.e. have a brown colour to their skin.

It lies in a mainly mountainous region with valleys and its capital is Kabul. This is a ‘head bull’ of course, K as in king.

It is currently run by the Taliban. There are a lot of things you cannot do under the Taliban. But then it is an Islamic state and anyway it’s in the name, Tali-ban, no you can’t do that, it is banned.

A ‘tal’ is valley in German, so maybe it is things banned in the valley. Mind you the Germans like their rules to excess and lots of things are banned and regulated.

Afghanistan is said to be the heart of Asia. It has been fought over for a long time which is very sad. Perhaps this is why Asia suffers various problems.

But then an anagram of Afghanistan is ‘Hi fang Satan’. This explains an awful lot.

  • Armenia – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe      
  • Azerbaijan – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe


  • Bahrain – The people sneer at rain, ‘Bah! Rain!’ Not sure why, as rain very useful. Perhaps they are saying rain is barred or forbidden instead as it is very dry in the country.  

It is an island country, an archipelago. I have not met Archie Galop who might live here as this is an anagram of archipelago.

Another anagram is “ape oligarch”. Considering there is oil in the country this is quite interesting. Although all archipelagos would have the same anagram.

  • Bangladesh – ‘Bang la desh’. If you are a school pupil, then try banging the desk.

There are a lot of school pupils in Bangladesh. It must be very noisy if the all bang their desks. No doubt it would be so loud it would cause an avalanche in the Himalayas to the north.

And this might cause problems for those ‘aving a lunch at the time.

Its capital is Dhaka. Why they want a car as a capital I don’t know.

Looks like it’s not just cars, but coaches too. So it’s not just desk banging, but traffic horns honking I imagine.

  • Bhutan – this is where Asia gets its bhuttons to do up its shirt-ans of course. One of 8 ‘tan’ countries in Asia. The landscape might be rather tan or brown but only in part, so somewhat confusing.

Bhutan should not be confused with butane according to Wikipedia.

Apparently butane can cause “Sudden sniffer’s death” syndrome. Perhaps this was the cause of the deaths in Bhutan referred to here.

Apparently some so-called experts blamed ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)’. They always blame Sid when it is really their fault. SIDS is an unexplained death.

Duh, it’s the vaccines stupid.

  • Brunei – Where the brown eyed come from. In the Wikipedia entry it says

According to legend, upon landing he exclaimed, Baru nah (loosely translated as “that’s it!” or “there”), from which the name “Brunei” was derived.

Well, as most of its inhabitants are brown eyed this explanation seems rather farfetched to me. Mind you, most of the population of Asia has brown eyes. This gives some interesting information. Whether it’s all correct is another matter.

  • Burma – This is the ‘beurre ma’ or ‘butter mother’. Although you might think butter would melt in the heat there, perhaps it is normally in the form of ghee, clarified butter.

And if you are from the States, I guess you might ‘gee, shucks, well what do you know!’ You learn something every day, don’t you?

Also referred to as Republic of the Union of Myanmar or RUM for short. If you fancy a short drink or wearing shorts that’s up to you.

Myanmar sounds rather like ‘My own mother’. However, Wikipedia says ‘Both names derive from the earlier Burmese Mranma or Mramma’. Now, it seems obvious to me that this is ‘Mr am ma’ or ‘Mr and Ma’.

That is Mr and Mrs or maybe Mr is a mother. Sounds transgender to me and rather confusing. I’ll stick with Mr and Mrs as this makes good sense.

But then we do talk about fatherland or motherland. All very interesting.


  • Cambodia – the Cam body, or body of the Cam. Or possibly the ‘Cam body here’. Perhaps Cambridge has some influence.

It has suffered dreadfully over the years, including from interference by the USA. It is currently struggling in many ways from its turmoil.

It is also known as Kampuchea. An anagram of this is ‘a muck heap’. This explains a lot.

But it has great potential and has come on in more recent years.

Angkor Wat is a main tourist destination. ‘a grot wank’ is an anagram. I wonder how many people knew that.

  • China – this is the place of the foot lady, hence Chi-na. Chi meaning ‘foot’ and ‘na’ being lady (ladies say ‘Na’ or ‘No’ quite a lot you see).

Chinese ladies tend to be small or petite. They therefore have small feet.

Of course it might alternatively be ‘Chin a’ as in chin on the face. There are a lot of Chins in china.

Chi also means energy or force. A foot can be forceful when applied to someone’s backside. Especially when you are a mother and your son will not get out of bed.

Or if you are a wife and your husband will not get out of bed.

China’s capital in Beijing, formerly Peking. I assume the capital is beige in colour. Having had look at some photos this might be partly the case. But then a lot of cities can be beige and boring in parts.

Of course pollution is bad and this makes everything look beige, if not dull and lifeless.

It also makes people very ill, or even kills them.

The same thing happened in Wuhan in 2020. Which is why Wuhan ‘Flu came along. Only it wasn’t a lab escape or bat, just pollution causing SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Why it has to be me to point out the blindingly obvious I don’t know?

Or maybe I do, and I’m not telling.

The country is also known as the People’s Republic of China. It is run by elites in the communist party who know best what is good for the people.

The people can disagree with this, but may have to spend time in a secure place afterwards to reflect upon their words and realise their mistake. When they do they can be let out.

But China is an amazing country with many varied landscapes. And its peoples do some things wonderfully well, like tea, silk, china (of course) and medicine.

Indeed, they have understood much more than western medicine with all its poisonous Nazi drugs.

But I am not sure about its engineering.

See what I mean?

  • Cyprus – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe


  • Georgia – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe


  • India – This lies underneath the Himalayas on an atlas or map. It looks rather diamond like in shape with a bit attached to the east.

I gather Bharat is also used as a name. Sounds like a ‘bar rat’.  I dare say there are quite a lot of bar rats in India. Some may say they run the country. But not everyone will like them saying that, especially those who run the country.

Hindustan is also used but strictly applies to the northern parts and Pakistan which is separate. Who Hindu Stan was is not known. But I assume he is a cousin of Paki Stan and Afghani Stan.

It’s capital in New Delhi. This replaced the old one which is called Old Delhi of course. The Old Delhi was selling lots of good things to eat in its emporiums and markets, and these were known as delhis or delis.

We have them in the UK as well. We call them in full delicatessens, or delicate eatings, as in ‘essen’ from the German.

In French essence means petrol or gasoline. You wouldn’t want to eat that. But then they do use crude oil products in all sorts of foodstuffs.

They say you are what you eat. Perhaps this explains spontaneous combustion. And why funeral pyres on the banks of the Ganges, a major river of India, can be exciting.

  • Indonesia – This consists of a lot, and I mean a lot, of islands. It is ‘In don is here’.

Jakarta is its capital. Sounds like they may use a lot of carts to take things round.

But it looks as though they use cars and lorries nowadays.

I like bicycles. You can carry a lot on a bicycle with a bit of imagination and common sense, or perhaps uncommon sense.

However, sometimes people are basket cases.

  • Iran – ‘I ran’. I ran what precisely? This is not clear. As it used to be known as ‘Purr sher’, perhaps it was cats.

            Try declining ‘I ran’. Very difficult as they may issue a fat wa, (as opposed     to a fin, or thin, wa). Also known as Islamic Republic of Iran.

            Or ‘Is lamic re public of Iran’. Not sure how much the public are allowed        to be involved in running the country, as the ‘Higher Toller’, or the ‘One            who rings the bells loudest’, seems to run the show.

It is quite a country with varied, but much mountainous, landscape. It has been the source of many peoples who have come out of the area and occupied the Mesopotamian area.

Its language is Persian also known as Farsi. It is considered to be a beautiful language according to Wikipedia. There have been many prophets from the area but then it is in the word Farsi. Sounds like ‘far see’.

As I said, Persia sounds like ‘purr sher’. It seems cats are considered typically feminine in character.

I like cats and perhaps their purring is beautiful. It is certainly comforting.

The country has been ruled by shahs over many years. This may explain why they have a strategic relationship with Rushah which is currently lead by Putin.

  • Iraq – ‘I Raq’. Seems meaningless to me. However, it could be ‘I Ra q’, that is I Ra’s q or tail (a ‘q’ sounds like queue meaning tail in French).     

It might be ‘I wrack’ as in wrack and ruin. The country has been fought over for millennia, civilizations have come and gone. The region has been known as Mesopotamia or Me so pot am I a.

In other words, I am so potty and the whole world has gone mad as a consequence.

The UK used to control the area because of the oil. The USA has sought to do this for the same reason and invaded Iraq, wrecking the country again.

Madeleine Albright was U.N. ambassador in 1996 for the USA. She said this apparently.

The show’s correspondent Lesley Stahl asked Albright about the effect that U.N. sanctions were having on Iraqi society, saying, “We have heard that a half-million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

Albright responded with chilling equanimity: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.”


I gather she was Jewish but raised a catholic. And in Czechoslovakia during WW2. Perhaps this explains things.

  • Israel – ‘Is ra el’, or ‘Is ra el’, i.e. ‘Is Ra’s or God’s angel’. Many people consider the nation special. Many people consider the nation especially annoying. Indeed, the Arab nations have tended to want to destroy Israel

But it seems not all Arabs in Israel may feel that way.

There are lots of people who equate Israel with the Jews, forgetting that Israel had 12 tribes, only one of which was Judah from which the name Jew derives.

There are lots of people who say that attacking the Jews is anti-Semitic, forgetting that the Semites descend from Shem and are one third approximately of the world’s population. So please, use the word anti-Jewish if you must.

There are lots of people who also forget that there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Many of these are running the USA at the moment and in charge of much of the world’s media, banking and financial institutions etc. etc.

This is why the world is in a teensy, weensy bit of a problem at the moment.

There are many people who blame the Jews for everything forgetting that there are two types of Jews; those who obey God’s laws from the heart and those who don’t.

Discerning this is rather important if you care about the truth.


  • Japan – this is Ja pan as in ‘God pan’ from Ja or Ya as in Yahweh. A pan is used for cooking so perhaps a wok, although woks originated in China.

It is called ‘Nippon’ phonetically by the Japanese. This is because you can nip on a bus or train very easily.

It is a beautiful country judging by the online pictures, and consists not just of the main island but thousands of other islands although most are very small.

It has had a rather militaristic history, being run by Sam You Are I. Sadly, because of being isolated from the world for so long and its militaristic society, Japan had a disagreement with the world for a while.

Things seem to have settled down now although the two atomic bombs dropped left a painful legacy.

Despite this, Japan has nuclear reactors. There was an earthquake and Tsunami which damaged the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Whilst the Japanese are very polite, it is rumoured they were not very happy about this and were saying Fuk-u-shima about nuclear power.

Mount Fuji is the second highest mountain in Japan and much photographed. There is some dispute over the meaning of Fuji. Personally, I think it was named after the photographic company as it is much photographed.

  • Jordan – not to be confused with Katie Price in the UK who has a large chest. What she keeps in her chest I wouldn’t know. Precious jewels I suppose. 

However, the King of Jordan probably has lots of chests to keep his wealth in. Although he only has one wife.

The River Jordan flows though Jordan which is why Jordan is called Jordan apparently. Who’d have thought it, eh? I am not aware that Katie Price is called Jordan because of the river.

Wikipedia says it is most plausible that it derives from the Hebrew word Yarad (Hebrew: ירד), meaning “the descender”, reflecting the river’s declivity.

Well, as Katie Price has declivititties, this suggests she might have chosen the name for this reason. After all she has some Jewish blood according to Wikipedia.

The capital of Jordan is apparently A man. We don’t know who this man is unfortunately.

It is not John the Baptist who baptised (immersed) Jesus in the Jordan. This was the river, not Katie Price of course.

This link for more information on Jordan. The country not the river.


  • Kazakhstan – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe, but note Satan in the name.

  • Kuwait– ‘Queue wait’. You have to stand in line and wait your turn of course. But then that’s Australia’s fault, not Kuwait. The Australian government is rather thick.

It has a lot of crude oil. Whether it has a rude coil I wouldn’t know. I dare say there were a lot of rude words when Iraq invaded in 1990  under Saddam Hussein .

Which had been supported by the USA. And which I gather also sent arms to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.

Always good to have both side beat the crap out of each other whilst making money from arms sales.

And it did distract them from attacking Israel, as Israel is not much liked by many in the surrounding nations.

So a win-win all round. Except for the inhabitants of Kuwait.

I gather they are currently struggling economically and the Covid 19 nonsense has not helped. I suppose somebody will come and help them but in the meantime they will just have to stand in the queue and wait.

Or Ku-wait

  • Kyrgyzstan – Literally, Kyrgyz means “We are forty”. So here are 40 Stan’s maybe.

Apparently, there is one exclave, the tiny village of Barak lying in Uzbekistan close by to the country. It is rumoured that an US president came from here, but I can’t remember who.

Traditionally the people lived in yurts, a type of tent. Yoghurts tend to be eaten as you might expect. Whether yogs hurt is debatable. Too much of a good thing can upset your stomach.

Ala kachuu is the traditional form of marriage in Kyrgyzstan where the bride to be, willing or not, is abducted. The full term is ‘kys ala kachuu’.

The phrase means “to take a young woman and run away”.

However, there is a more obvious understanding in the English phonetics. ‘Kiss I’ll a catch you’. So you catch your intended, kiss her and all being well she will come with you.

I don’t hold with forcing a girl to be abducted unwillingly, but then some women like to play hard to get and that can be attractive to men. Of course the man may regret his decision once they are married for a while, but marry in haste repent at leisure so they say.


  • Laos – According to Wikipedia its name in the Lao language means ‘Lao country’. Which sounds like ‘low country’ although in fact is mainly mountainous and not ‘low’.

The Me-kong River flows through it and is a trans-boundary river. I suppose this is like the transgender movement and like most rivers it is free to call itself what it likes.

They have festivals including ‘Bun Pha Wet’ and ‘Bun Nam’. In English we would calls bun fights. No doubt a good time is had by all.

  • Lebanon – This is ‘the ban on’ but ban on what it is not clear. If they had banned artificial fertilizer then the city might not have suffered the dreadful explosion when ammonium nitrate in storage at a quayside warehouse in Beirut, the capital, blew up.

I gather that modern Lebanon was founded in the early eighteenth century by Maronites who look to the pope, and Druze who look rather confused as far as I can tell.

Not to be confused with Macronites who look to Emmanuel Macron as their saviour or the Jews who look to the God of Moses among others.

Unless they are Jews who say they are Jews but are not and look to Satan. Many of these are running the USA at the moment as I mentioned.

Lebanon is famed for its Cedars of Lebanon. There are not many left after being cut down over the centuries. They are now protected and reforestation is taking place, so that’s good.

But they do have a serious garbage or rubbish issue. So does the rest of world though. It is called lies, damn lies and Covid 19 is going to kill us all garbage.

But it is waking people up to the various matters in the world which need to be taken in hand, so again that’s good.


  • Malaysia – this is said to be the home of the lazier, the bad lazier as mal is bad in French. Some say this is unfair, some say it’s reasonable, at least up to a point

This is an outsider’s view.

This used to be Malaya however, as it was the layers of ma or my in French. This is relatively low lying by comparison to the Hi-Malayas which are high, a great deal higher of course.

Perhaps it would be better to go back to the earlier name.

Malaysia might be ‘Ma lays here’, as in ‘mother lays here’. Most mothers work very hard.

And sometimes they need a lay down and rest. Make sure they get it, won’t you.

The capital city is a Lumpy Koala. Why it should be lumpy or whether there are or were Koala bears is unclear.

However, I gather the city has the Titiwangsa Mountains. So easy to go from the city to the Titi. Tities are lumps I suppose. Thus lumpy now makes sense.

As to Koala bears it seems there are none. But there is the sun bear which has some similar traits.

Perhaps this is the forebear of the Koala bear.

  • Maldives – these are islands, but the name suggests bad diving.

However, it looks as though this is not the case.

As the islands are very low lying they have been considered under threat from sea level rises. The authorities have been saying for some time they fear the islands will be swamped soon. Wikipedia says this was said in 1988 and ‘within 30 years’.

I gather this has not yet occurred.

            The Wikipedia article on the country indicates that

In 2020, a three-year study at the University of Plymouth found that as tides move sediment to create higher elevation, the islands, and also Tuvalu and Kiribati, may rise instead of sink.

That’s a bit of bummer then. Wikipedia says

Environmental issues other than sea level rise include bad waste disposal and beach theft. Although the Maldives are kept relatively pristine and little litter can be found on the islands, no good waste disposal sites exist. Most trash from Malé and other resorts is simply dumped at the Thilafushi landfill.

As I keep trying to point out, this is the real issue, pollution. Lets’ get a grip and deal with it and not be so silly as to push the ‘carbon dioxide will kill us all’ agenda.

Toxic poisons might though.

  • Mongolia – ‘Mon goalie here’. Useful if you are playing football to have a goalie. Its capital is Ulaanbaatar which sounds better. I gather it is now simply referred to ‘khot’ meaning ‘city’.

But it is not hot, but the coldest capital in the world. It can be known as UB. It should be noted that K is short for Kelvin among other things. Kelvin in this case relates to temperature.

So it is reasonable to say “UB or k-hot UB, that is the question”.

To which the answer is “It B jolly cold it B”.

I see that ovoo are sacred shrines, essentially piles of rocks or poles of wood stacked neatly.

By Popolon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Ovoos are often found at the top of mountains and in high places, like mountain passes.


When travelling, it is the custom to stop and circle an ovoo three times, moving clockwise, in order to have a safer journey. Usually, rocks are picked up from the ground and added to the pile. Also, one may leave offerings in the form of sweets, money, milk, or vodka.

The same thing happens in the UK of course. On top of mountains one will also find heaps of stones sometimes neatly arranged as a shrine where walkers can shelter out of the worst of the driving rain and wind.

If they have a mind to, they will add stones to the heap. They often leave offerings in the form of sweets, fruit and fizzy drinks.

However, by the time others arrive the gods have usually consumed the contents and left the chocolate wrappers, orange peel and empty cans behind.

As you can gather, gods are not very tidy and have not caught up with the trend to recycle.


  • Nepal – this indicates that you will find no friends or ‘pals’ here.

However, there are those that think it means ‘nipple’. This would make sense from all the peaks of the Hi-malayas referred to earlier. 

According to Gopalarājvamshāvali, the genealogy of ancient Gopala dynasty compiled c. 1380s, Nepal is named after Nepa the cowherd, the founder of the Nepali scion of the Abhiras. In this account, the cow that issued milk to the spot, at which Nepa discovered the Jyotirlinga of Pashupatināth upon investigation, was also named Ne.

Well, milk comes from cows’ teats or nipples, so this all makes sense.

Kathmandu is the capital although I knew it as Katmandu. There are a lot of stray dogs in the city, so this doesn’t not make sense, otherwise it would be Dogmandu.

However, cats are increasing in Nepal so perhaps someone has seen the light and seeks to remedy the problem.

Mount Everest lies on the border of Nepal with China. One would not wish to rest here for ever I don’t suppose, but is a suitable name for the highest point of the Him-a-layers where the Most High God lies down for a rest.

And Mount Everest is the most high mountain in the world.

  • North Korea – The northern part of a once united country. Not a good place to be it would seem, and no place to start a career, despite the name.

Sounds like Chorea, a type of involuntary movement or dance.

It says ‘Not to be confused with Korea’. Mind you, I wonder how many of the North Koreans want to march up and down to the sound of military music.

Life seems rather basic for many in the country. Still, much of what the west values is worthless. Here’s an interesting link.

I am aware that persecution of Christians goes on in the country via the organisation Open Doors.

It is not the only country of course, persecution goes on of all sorts of people and Christians even suffer persecution the UK and the USA.

North Korea is formally the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but is not so much a democracy but a totalitarian dictatorship.    

The current beloved leader according to Kim Jong-un is Kim Jong-un. His father, the previous beloved leader, was his father, Kim Jong-il.

His father is dead of course, and hadn’t been very well. But then it was in his name, Kim Jong-ill (sic). Or Kim Jong was sick, therefore he was il, Kim Jong-il.


  • Oman – Where the O’Men come from, originally from Ireland. Whether there are any O’ Women is uncertain as they can’t be seen. If they are hiding under burkas you can’t tell anyway.

Officially it is the Sultanate of Oman. What the Sultan ate we don’t know, but probably fish and dates judging by Wikipedia article.

Its capital is Muscat. This may be a type of feline animal or a wine.

If the latter then it may be a complaint about the dates. These complaints are made when a man has a date with a woman in a burka and finds out too late she is not a woman after all.

Covid 19 seems like a good excuse for some people to wear burkas. Apparently the picture below is of a traditional mask for a woman in Oman. I should think Darth Vader would be proud of it.

I gather Oman is one of two regions in the Middle East that have a variant of bullfighting. However, I say we all have to fight a load of bull nowadays with all the bull from governments etc. on Covid 19.

This is probably more dangerous than fighting a real live bull, but I don’t fancy testing this theory.


  • Pakistan – Also known as ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. Its capital city is Islamabad. Quite why they should think Islam is good when the capital city clearly says it is bad is beyond me. Look, Islam-a-bad, it’s in the name.

Very sadly, an anagram of Pakistan is ‘kip Satan’. This suggests Satan sleeps there as to ‘have a kip’ is slang in the UK for ‘have a sleep’.

This may explain the problems with Pakistan over the years and why Islam-a-bad, or at least exploited by bad people. But then all good things get spoiled by Satan who is very, very bad, to put it mildly.

Its main river is the Indus. Hence you will find a lot of Indus-try in the region. There is a wide diversity of trees in the country, although how many are by the Indus I don’t know.

But not a lot as far as I can tell from some photographs.

Pakistan seems to have suffered dreadfully from political assassinations.

Corruption has been an issue too. But then as I said Satan sleeps there in the country. Although he seems to be awake not asleep as he is a murderer and liar and has been from the beginning.

However, you will find Satan and his cronies all over the world, not just Pakistan. He likes walking the earth and causing mayhem wherever he can.

  • Philippines – ‘Philip pines’. Does he? What for or who for? A corruption free government probably.

Its capital is Manila. What the Man is ila from we don’t know. But probably malnutrition.

Or vaccines of course. And this is not just the Covid 19 vaccines.

Public trust and the COVID‐19 vaccination campaign: lessons from the Philippines as it emerges from the Dengvaxia controversy


Yeah, right. Let the medical experts take the vaccines. Let us check they are taking the right poisons, not saline placebos. Then we can wait. I am happy to wait decades to see if they work.

There is misinformation about the vaccines. Here is a misinformation site.

It is authored by Yvonne Su and Sivakamy Thayaalan. They are young, so perhaps it is merely their youth that makes them so dumb.

Dr. Yvonne Su is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Equity Studies at York University. She is an expert on post-disaster recovery, forced migration and poverty and inequality.

Sivakamy Thayaalan is a research assistant at York University. She holds a Master’s in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Or perhaps it is their qualifications which have nothing to do with what we call science or chemistry. Probably both.


  • Qatar – this is a peninsular. Qatar is like quarter, hence the name. Like the Empty Quarter further south.

However scholars dispute this meaning. Some say it was Gitar like guitar where old gits play guitars. In the Gutar by the side of the road which is another possible meaning.

Article 88 of Qatar’s criminal code declares that the penalty for adultery is 100 lashes


These lashes are false eye lashes which the adulterers have to wear. Makes them look rather silly of course, and hopefully they won’t do it again.

Masks are also used to make people look silly. Here is an example.

This is Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani with the alleged U.S. President Joe Biden in January 2022.

Joe Biden doesn’t need a mask to look silly though.

Please not the Emir has a white mask and Joe a black mask. Obviously Black Masks Matter. Joe is wearing a mask of the beast so we get the point.

I have said before that George Soros is really George Black. Joe and George must be related.


  • Russia – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe


  • Saudi Arabia – ‘The Arab Kingdom of the house of Saud.’ ‘Sau’ sounds like sow as in female pig, but as the people are typically Muslim they don’t eat pigs so that makes no sense.

The name referred to above ‘Al-Mamlakah al-ʿArabīyah’ is apparently the transliteration from the Arabic المملكة العربية السعودية

Arabic is of course a biro that God uses, that is A Ra Bic. Whether or not one can write Arabic properly with a biro is debatable. I rather doubt it myself, as per the link below, but perhaps someone can let me know.

Here is a picture from the Wikipedia link showing U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, 21 May 2017.

It should be noted the men are touching a ball. I don’t know who it belongs to. However, men do like touching their balls and having photographs of the event.

Melania look mildly amused but whether she is also touching their ball I can’t tell.

  • Singapore – ‘Singer poor’. Well, they may have been poor but not any longer. Its capital is, well, Singapore. It consists of one main island and a lot of smaller ones.

Stamford Raffles set up the established Singapore as an entrepôt trading post of the British Empire in 1819. It is believed he did this by selling raffle tickets.

It was a gamble of course, but it paid off. And now Singapore is very wealthy. It should be renamed Singarich.

  • South Korea – the opposite of North Korea of course. Where you can make a career of course as it is a democracy with a president.

I heard that one of the presidents was called Kim Die Young. He was 85 years old when he died, so that seems an unsuitable name.

They say only the good die young so perhaps he was bad. But he was said to be the equivalent of Nelson Mandela so that makes no sense. Perhaps I heard wrong and he was young at heart.

The capital city is Seoul which is the life and seoul of the party. This could be Rhee’s party, Chun’s party, or People Power Party. What these parties are like I don’t know, but I hope they are fun.

South Korea is technically still at war with North Korea after the Korean War from 1950-1953 which saw so much loss of life and destruction.

The two countries ‘claim complete sovereignty over the entire peninsula and outlying islands’ according to Wikipedia. Well, that seems obvious, but I think what Wikipedia means as they both claim complete sovereignty independently of the other country.

As it is written ‘You crave what you do not have; you kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask.’

They have however been seeking reconciliation over the years. Nevertheless, the situation has been tense due to North Korean Miss Isle tests. What this young lady has to do with anything I am not sure.

Indeed, what they are testing her on I really don’t know.

Possibly mathematics due to South Korean government’s pledge to “definitely join” the Proliferation Security Initiative.

You see the Proliferation Security Initiative has to do with preventing the shipment of Weapons of Maths Destruction. At least I think that’s what it means.

  • Sri Lanka – It was once Ceylon from ‘say lon’ as opposed to ‘don’t say lon’.

It is an island, a sort of pear shape. Its capital city is Colombo. What Peter Falk had to say about this is not recorded. Possibly “Oh, there’s just one more thing…”.

In 2004 I gather an Asian Sue Nami killed 30,000 people in Sri Lanka. That’s pretty good going for one woman. In fact she killed over 200,000 people by drowning them I gather.

Of course there are other murderers about, including those who stick poisons into people via needles and syringes. These include vaccines. It is likely they have killed many more than 200, 000 but the authorities are not bothered about that as the deaths are not always obvious.

Anyway, poisoning can be slow, so that other things can be blamed instead.

There are various ethnic groups. These include:

The Sinhalese who are the majority of the nation’s population. I assume they may find sinning easy.

Then there are the Tamils, who are a large minority group. They may be ill a lot.

Then there are the Moors who may be murderers like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the Burghers who started a fast food chain, the Malays (see Malaysia), the Chinese (see China), and the indigenous Vedda.

The Vedda are believed to be so named as they were always talking about de vedda, and vedda it was going to rain or not.

Which would normally be regarding the monsoon, which arrives sooner or later. And why it is mon-soon of course, as they are always looking forward to rain which is needed for crops to grow and water to drink.

  • Syria – where the syrious come from as they take matters syriously. This is no joke.

Indeed, John McEnroe is said to have exclaimed when he spoke to the umpire at Wimbledon ‘You cannot be Syrious! I am not sure where the umpire came from, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t Syria.

It is possible the syrious came via Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky.

Apparently, the area was included in the ancient land of Assyria. This was where serious asses came from.

I understand from Wikipedia it is the only country that ‘politically espouses the Arab nationalist ideology known as Ba’athism’. Its aims are to have baths of course. Aims bath is an anagram so perfectly logical.

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say. But no good cleaning the outside and not the inside. So said Jesus to the Pharisees.

“Now then,” said the Lord, “you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness.”

By the way He said this in Israel which is next door to Syria.

The country is home to various ethnic and religious groups and has been in a multi-sided civil war since 2011. Huge numbers of people have been displaced.

This is a very serious matter and it is no joke.

Vanessa Beeley, an independent journalist explains some of what is going on.


  • Tajikistan– there is a lot of discussion over the meaning of the name. According to its Wikipedia link It is covered by mountains of the Pamir range, and most of the country is over 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) above sea level.

As an anagram of its name is “I Janka tits” and mountains can be considered like the breasts of the earth this is a possibility.

An alternative is “Jainist kat”. Jainism comes from India not so far away so there may be a relationship.

However, tajine or tagine as in the Arabic cooking pot may be more appropriate. Wikipedia says

The term “Tajik” itself ultimately derives from the Middle Persian tāzīk, the Turkic rendition of the Arabic ethnonym Tayy, denoting a large tribe of Arabs who emigrated to Transoxiana in the 7th century.

They would no doubt have bought their cooking pots and as the region is typically hot and dry like an oven, the link is possible.

Of course it may simply be that ‘Tajik is tan’, i.e Tajik is tan or brown. The land is after all typically dry and desertified in many parts. And the people are of a tan colour.

I’m sorry to say that Satan must live here too as his name is part of the name Tajikistan.

  • Thailand – ‘Tie land’. Bit like Poundland in the UK where things are supposed to cost no more than a pound. And where they wear ties, obviously.

“Tieland for the Ties.” Is a common cry in the adverts for the country. It refers to it here.

So come and buy a tie here if you wish. I am sure you get other things too like diarrhoea. But you can get that anywhere when your diet changes and you are not used to it.

Bangkok is its capital city, I am told this is where men run into each other accidently and shout ‘Bangkok’ in agony.

Phuket is another town. I am told this is where men run into each other accidently and exclaim something else. I have not been told what they shout for some reason.

  • Timor-Leste – Tim or lest, lest what we don’t know. Indeed, who is Tim? However, in reality it is Timor of the east from the Portuguese.

I gather in a language of the island, which is the eastern half of the other bit (on the west of course), the name is ‘Lorosa’e’ meaning ‘Rising sun’. Makes sense as the sun rises in the east. And you would appreciate this most across the sea in the morning.

Lorosa’e is also an anagram of ‘lo arose ‘. But then split Lorosa’e into ‘Lo rosa’e’ and it is not much different.

Dili is its capital. Di relates to father as in daddy and Li as in angel. Daddy’s angel. Here are two of daddies angels from Wikipedia entry.

By Graham Crumb – on Flickr

Dill the herb is delicate aromatic and adds a lovely flavour to fish dishes. Dili is a port so fish would be important. All makes good sense to me.        

  • Turkey – the country is also considered part of Europe. Please see E is for…..Europe
  • Turkmenistan – simply a place where there are Turkmen or men who are Turks. These presumably would have come from Turkey.

Again they are tan in colour so ‘Turk men is tan’. All very simple.

It is a temperate desert zone with a dry continental climate, so rather brown or tan overall.

Its capital city is Ashgabat. It used to be Ashkhabad phonetically in English before 1991. This reminds me of Ashkenazi. Perhaps this people group came from here originally.

Ashgabat literally means “city of love” or “city of devotion”. Personally it just sounds bad to me. Whether it is bat or bad I am not sure. In Germany where there are a lot of Bad places and has had a lot of batty people over the years, perhaps there is a relationship.

And the Ashkenazi Jews do live in Germany of course, among other places, including about a half of the total estimated population in the world in the USA.

I gather that the Ashkenazi intermarry a lot. It is known that this can lead to peculiarities in people.

This may explain some of the problems with the USA today as Joe Biden’s cabinet has 25% who claim Jewish ancestry. Things aren’t going too well I gather.


  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – or al-ʾImārāt al-ʿArabīyah al-Muttaḥidah as pronounced in the Arabic. Meaning possibly ‘Al, I’m a rat, Al, a buyer, Al mutter hider.’ Quite.

‘Mutter hider’ is presumably the hiding of mothers, among others, under the burqa. Though how you can tell if these are mothers is anybody’s guess. Could be the Carry On team from ‘Carry On up the Khyber.’

The United Arab Emirates is an elective monarchy formed from a federation of seven emirates, consisting of Abu Dhabi (the capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

I gather you can get flogged or stoned in the UAE. They flog or sell a lot of things in Dubai. No doubt they may even flog a dead horse.

However, Khalid Mohammed Sharif Al Awadhi, the director of Dubai Municipality’s food control department assures us that he was 100 per cent certain there were no meat products contaminated with horse meat in the emirate.


You can get stoned for various offenses but not for drinking or using alcohol for which you can be flogged. So should you get stoned from drinking alcohol you cannot be stoned, if you see what I mean.

But you can presumably flog alcohol, but at the risk of being flogged. This may seem confusing.

I gather that Kissing in certain pubic places is illegal. I should think so too, whatever next! Mmm?…..Oh, I do beg your pardon, Kissing in certain public places is illegal.

Seems a bit harsh. I wonder what sort of kissing? I mean, what is a kiss anyway?

I note that an anagram of United Arab Emirates is ‘Satan buried meatier’. I wonder if they know?

  • Uzbekistan – Us Becky’s tan. As to who Becky is scholars are unsure. It is possible that she was Rebekah, the wife of Isaac of Old Testament fame. She obviously had been out in the sun and got rather browned off with something.

Its capital is Tashkent. This is where the Kent’s have tashes or taches as in moustaches. But not Clark Kent as he is souper man and does not have a moustache. Look, if he did he would get soup in this moustache.

Any way the country contains part of the Aral Sea.

It has become desiccated and desecrated by over extraction of water as a result of soviet irritation projects so I heard. Pollution by the pesticides and fertilizers has destroyed its ecosystems. A complete disaster due to greedy people who didn’t care.

But is any of it our fault too I wonder? Does our greed ultimately lead to others exploiting God’ good resources?


I see there are some glimmers of hope for restoration of the sea. Perhaps Covid 19 has helped us wake up to such things. Mmm…of course, silly of me not to see this earlier.

Covid is an anagram of ‘C void’, that sounds like a sea void (of life).

I suggest we humble ourselves before God and examine our hearts so that matters are put right.


  • Vietnam – sound like‘Ve ate nam’. Perhaps nam is a type of bread, like nan bread. It seems that Amman was its name until 1945 according to Wikipedia. And that is ‘am man’. So maybe men lived here. Well, that seems obvious, they must have done.

Could it be they ate men? That is cannibalism so I hope not.

But is odd that Jesus talks about himself as the bread of life and He could be eaten. But then he was talking about His words as these give life.

After all, our souls are made up of words and it matters what our souls ‘eat’.

But I don’t think ‘R’ souls eat, that doesn’t sound nice at all.

Interestingly, ‘nam’ means male in Vietnamese according to Google Translate. The reverse of ‘nam’ is ‘man’.

Annoy is its capital city. Why it should annoy I can’t imagine.

However, I see they use insects in their cuisine. And dogs although the later tradition is dying out. I think one would have to be barking mad to eat a dog.

Perhaps if you wolf it down you wouldn’t mind though. But I think I’ll pass on that.


  • Yemen – Another place of men where ‘Ye men’ come from as in ‘Ye Olde England’ etc. Again, whether there are any Yewomen is uncertain as they can’t be seen. If they are hiding under burkas you can’t tell anyway.

In England we have Yeomen but no Yeowomen as far as I am aware. Except perhaps in the Yeo Valley in Somerset.

Yemen has had quite a history. In more recent times I see the following in Wikipedia.

After the invasion of Kuwait crisis in 1990, Yemen’s president opposed military intervention from non-Arab states. As a member of the United Nations Security Council for 1990 and 1991, Yemen abstained on a number of UNSC resolutions concerning Iraq and Kuwait and voted against the “…use of force resolution.” The vote outraged the U.S. Saudi Arabia expelled 800,000 Yemenis in 1990 and 1991 to punish Yemen for its opposition to the intervention.

A civil war has been on-going since 2014 between the government which I understand is predominately controlled by Sunni Muslims and the Houthis which are predominately Shia Muslims.

As a consequence the country is suffering terribly from famine and disease, including a cholera outbreak due to the breakdown in the water supply.

The US has intervened in the region but nothing has changed. Under Joe Biden’s administration the situation seems to have worsened.

Meanwhile the people suffer terribly. The people of Yemen, men, women and children. They are not the only ones in the world, but nevertheless this is grievous and vile.

I say what is an example of the evil and greed in the world? Yemen. It is true and I say Amen.

He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

P.S. Regarding Joe Biden’s cabinet and the Jews (pretend Jews that is) see here.

Team Biden Unwrapped Part 1

Team Biden Unwrapped Part 2

George Soros (and the Great Conjunction)

E is for…..Europe


Amita Kuttner: Green party of Canada

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th October, 2022

Amita Kuttner according to Wikipedia is a Canadian astrophysicist and politician who has been the interim leader of the Green Party of Canada since November 24, 2021.


As far as I can judge from information online she is female who is very confused about what she is sexually. I suspect she hasn’t checked recently whether she has a willy or not.

However, she should be aware anytime she needs a pee. These simple things are obvious to some people.

If she should find that she is in fact a male, perhaps he could confirm.

Which just goes to show how confusing it all is.

The picture suggests she has breasts so I think the pronoun ‘she’ is on the face of it correct. Her face looks female too. But I may be wrong.


By the way, just to be clear I am identifying as ‘I’ in this article as I always do. Eye have an I for detail you know. Or vice versa.

My attention to this individual was drawn by this article.

So I thought I had better check her/him out. The Wikipedia article uses they/them pronouns. It is rather confusing as a consequence. If you read it you will see what I mean.

She (or he) clearly suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Or in layman’s (or laywomen’s) terms, barking mad.

Not that she (or he) doesn’t say some sensible things sometimes. Even the mad have their lucid moments.

But I will go with ‘she’ as this seems sensible based on the evidence.

The question is how did she get where she is? Well, her mother died when she was 14 years old. Her mother was from Hong Kong, presumably of Chinese origin whilst her father was from the UK. With a surname like Kuttner I would have thought he had German origins. And this confirms it.

Her mother was killed by a mudslide and her father sustained serious injuries. She was in boarding school at the time of her mother’s death.

She suffered trauma as a consequence and says in response to an interview how she copes.

A: Good counselling.… I have PTSD and I’ve been working with therapists for years on trauma counselling, but it’s difficult and … you know, I’m listening to people tell the stories of watching their homes be swept away. And it hits very deeply. You know, it’s one thing to empathize with people whose experiences you don’t recognize, and another to know exactly how they feel.


Part of the trauma is that the mudslides apparently occurred in an area known to be vulnerable and development was allowed without forethought and planning.

But given that it had rained for days before hand might have been an indication of likely problems ahead so why did not people think there might be a problem and make sensible contingencies to evacuate.

Being away at boarding school wouldn’t have helped I daresay, one can think that if one had been there, the family might have been saved from the disaster. I certainly found boarding school emotionally difficult, which can occur when you are away from ‘normal’ family life as it were.

Anyway, it is no wonder she suffers as a consequence and is currently confused as to who she is.

It seems rather bizarre that, whilst no doubt useful, she went through a French immersion program where I understand you are ‘thrown in at the deep end’. She was expected to ‘sink or swim’ as it were in the tidal wave of French.

Given that her mother had been killed by an immersion of mud and her father seriously injured perhaps there’s a link.

Kuttner attended the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), where they earned a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics and studied black holes in the early universe with Anthony Aguirre.

As you can see the article is rather confusing here. If ‘they’ earned a Ph.D, shouldn’t that be Ph.D’s?

As regards black holes, there is a rumour that they (whoever they are or is) that they, the black holes, were the budget deficits of governments.

Or possibly the holes in the hearts of those who say there is no God.

They were a member of the Women in Physics and Astronomy group and co-founded the university’s 314 Action group, which seeks to elect more scientists to public office in the United States.studied black holes in the early universe

Again ‘they’ is confusing as this might be both Kuttner and Aguirre, although as I assume Anthony Aguirre is male. He has a beard according to Wikipedia photo, but you can’t be too sure nowadays.

But then it says Women in Physics and Astronomy group, so I guess men aren’t allowed. But that would be sexist and discriminatory which is not allowed.

Unless the women say it isn’t sexist and discriminatory of course.

I see Kuttner’s Wikipedia link says at the bottom

Heather Leung was dropped by the Conservative Party of Canada after past homophobic remarks were made public, but still appeared on the ballot papers.

This is the footnote article on the matter.

It says

“How can Scheer allow Heather Leung to run as a candidate under the Conservative banner when her words show her hatred for LGBTQ2S Canadians?” Svend Robinson asked in a news release earlier on Friday.

Svend Robinson is a homosexual. He is also very stupid. Conservative means conserving the good, not kowtowing to the latest imbecility of LGBTQ2S etc. etc.

Top single word anagram from his name is ‘broodiness’. Perhaps this explains it.

Here is his Wikipedia link.

In 2004 He stole an expensive ring and although he returned it he was charged. The link says The Crown and defence agreed that he was undergoing major personal stress and mental health issues at the time

It looks as though he has been mental for some time then. Also

He terminated his candidacy and was replaced by his longtime constituency assistant Bill Siksay, who won the election.

Bill Siksay is a homosexual and has a ‘partner’ who is a Burke. Brian Burke that is. Brian calls himself a Reverend. The heavenly Father calls him a Burke.

Bill Siksay is an active member of the United Church of Canada. Basilisk is one of two top single word anagrams. Basilisk is a venomous creature. This explains an awful lot.

Satan is like a basilisk. He has a lot to answer for.

Anagrams of her name

As usual, I examine the anagrams for clues. Here’s the best of the list in my opinion.

Amita Kuttner

Antimatter – well she is an astrophysicist so very appropriate

Antietam – when I first researched her I had just done my post on the Second Battle of Antietam which was a remarkable coincidence

Titanate – to do with titanium oxide which among other things is used as a food additive. Perhaps this explains the peculiar behaviour of people including Ms kuttner.

And Svend Robinson.

And a lot of other Canadians.

I see the EU has been sensible enough to ban it, whilst the UK authority disagreed and hasn’t. Or Canada of course.

Uratemia – to with ureic acid, which with water becomes urine.

Too much poisons the body with various neuro-toxic side effects including hallucinations, but you must get rid of it all as it is produced. It is the cause of most diseases.

Martian – one slightly wonders if she isn’t an alien given her peculiarities re pronouns and self-mutilation.

Full anagrams

a.k.a. nutter Tim – also known as nutter Tim. Well, as she is uncertain about her gender she may well consider a new name. Perhaps we can call her nutter Tim or Tim the nutter.

Tam tt Ukraine – Ukraine is in the news a lot as a distraction.

Antietam Kurt – see earlier re Antietam but Kurt is German name.

Antietam Turk – see earlier re Antietam but Turk is of Turkey of course. The Germans and Turks have been allies for some time. There are a lot of Turks in Germany. Perhaps the Germans are really Turks in disguise.

Antimatter UK – not sure what the UK has to do with things

Katie tantrum – the tantrum she throws when she is referred to by the incorrect pronoun.

Kitten trauma – the trauma she suffered as a child

Kraut Minetta – what the Germans have to do in this case is not clear. But it seems her father was German with a surname like that, so perhaps that’s it.

Kraut essentially means cabbage in German I gather, like sauerkraut is ‘sour cabbage’.

And Minetta has Germanic origins too. And means ‘”determined protector”. So there you go.

At mkt urinate – I hope she doesn’t, the stall holders might object.

Tamika nutter – Tamika can mean several things. Perhaps ‘friendly’, a friendly nutter then.

There are various marks. Bear in mind in is recorded she has had her breasts or tits removed.

A tit tune mark

Eat tit UN mark

Tea tit UN mark

It nut tea mark – probably a mark of the beast, a nut tea or nutty mark, completely nutty in my humble opinion. However I always retain hope she will be healed and full mental capacities restored.

Final words and conclusion

Amita Kuttner, of Chinese and presumably German extraction. The Chinese are currently communist and Germany is Nazi although people may not think so.

As I have said before, both Nazis and communists arose out of Germany. And then there is the Turkey link in anagram of her name. Interesting…

Her scientific background is great, and more people should study sciences although they are currently warped by evolutionary theory.  Thus many people take the poisonous vaccines and ignore how badly the planet and the inhabitants are corrupted by the numerous toxins.

I haven’t tried to research all she might have said but I have no doubt she has sensible things to say. But she has gone quite nutty over the transgender situation and abused her beautiful body.

So the whole thing is very sad. Those who thought giving her surgery appropriate should be hauled over the coals. Slowly. She needed love and counselling, not physical bits removed.

Perhaps someone can talk to her quietly and gently and lead her to the light.

Which in my books will be found in the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.


Shalom and Aleichem shalom

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

8th October, 2022

Which means ‘Peace’ and ‘to you peace’. This is a Jewish salutation at the beginning of a meeting with someone or at the end of the meeting.

Now you may think that you have to remember the meaning to associate it with the Hebrew words.

However, if you haven’t observed this already, the meaning can be extracted from the phonetics and a bit of lateral thinking.

It is quite simple. ’Shalom’ is like ‘shall om’. The Buddhists go ‘Om, om’ when they mediate I understand. And to ‘om’ is to hum, the Buddhists hum.

So we have ‘Shall hum’. We hum when we are at peace.

As for Aleichem this sounds like ‘I like ‘em’ or even ‘I like ‘um’, that is ‘I like hum’.

Therefore the person coming and giving the greeting says in effect ‘Shall hum?’ to which the reply is ‘I like hum, shall hum.’

So the two shall come together and hum together. They are at peace, they hum together, they harmonise together, and they are at peace together.

Which is all rather amazing for the meaning is in the words and in the beginning was the Word.

But wait there’s more.

How about anagrams? Let’s see some selected.


Alms ho – as in alms house where there are gifts.

am hols – am holidays when you can rest and relax.

And there is a halo in the middle of the word. A halo is a circle of light and  ‘the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing’


And of course a common greeting when meeting someone is ‘halo’ (sic)!!


E Michael – do you like um Michael??

Acme el hi – the best of God on high.

Ace hi Mel – a top greeting to Mel perhaps whoever he or she is.

Ah ceil me – ceil is ceiling in French, the top part of a room, but has the equivalent of ‘Wow’ in English when used by the French is a slang form. I hope you see the connection.

Aleichem shalom

Chamomile heals – amazing! Chamomile brings peace.

Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and settle stomachs. In the U.S., chamomile is best known as an ingredient in herbal tea.


Ahem Michael sol – Ahem, Michael the sun. Who is Michael? Not Jesus according to this site.

But the sun brings light and in its way understanding and dispels the dark, just as Jesus brings light and dispels the dark. And that leads to peace as fear is dispelled.

ACM Elohim heals – ACM could stand for many things, but Elohim is the name of God in Genesis’s first verse. The God who heals.

As he calm Elohim – to be calm is of course to be at peace, God brings peace.

Home lech salami – salami to eat at home, food to share with those at peace. On a slate plate perhaps as lech means ‘slate’ in Welsh. Perhaps you may be at peace with your enemy if you eat with him or her. But not pork if you/they are Jewish.

This link on slate plates.

That is just a taste of some of the things that can be found in the words  ‘Shalom’ and ‘Aleichem shalom’.

So I will leave you with ‘Shalom!’

And I hope you like ‘em and shall hum!!

P.S. On the subject of humming, I just thought of Winnie the Pooh who likes humming. So here’s something from YouTube if you are interested. It might take you back to your childhood when perhaps you were peaceful.

Hum’s Of Pooh Medium


Bocage – why do the French use this word?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th October, 2022

Bocage country, Calvados department, France

If you haven’t been to Normandy in France, then you are unlikely to have heard the word bocage. I owned a part share once in a house in Lower Normandy or Basse-Normandie as it is in French.

This link explains well bocage’s meaning although essentially it is enclosed country, enclosed that is by hedges, normally on an earth bank.

I gather it can be applied to other countries, although in my travels in the British Isles I have never heard the word used. Nevertheless it is very appropriate.

But the interesting thing which I had not considered is the etymology, in particular as is my want, looking at the anagrams. So here are some thoughts and observations.

Bocage anagrams

Ego cab – a cab is an enclosed vehicle like the London black cab. In the bocage you can escape and be yourself away from the madding crowd.

Geo cab – ‘geo’ for earth and ‘cab’ again from an enclosure like cabinet, somewhere you put things, such as in a drawer, or where you have meetings of minsters of governments.

So an enclosed earth area as it were.

As an aside whether government cabinets are any good is debatable. Sometimes they are cab-inepts! Adding a ‘p’ says it all. After all when you have a p you are getting rid of a waste product, if you understand me! No point in keeping the p in!!

Ace bog – the best bogs in Ireland perhaps, although bog country is not strictly bocage.

The bogs are essential places for wildlife and help regulate water runoff and flooding. Here is a very interesting link.

Cob age – Cob is a

natural building material made from subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (typically straw), and sometimes lime.


The suffix -age means “a general thing”. From Bocage link earlier.

The earth banks on which the hedges grow are essentially a type of cob.

And of course you may grow ‘cobages’ (sic) in your field within the bocage!

Eco bag – a bag containing an eco-system or even a bag for the economy as the bocage can be very productive. A bag is an enclosure of sorts.

Those who have been to Normandy will know of the marvellous range of products from the bocage area. Cider, cheese, Calvados the latter an apple brandy.

I have seen the coppicing of the trees which produces fire wood without cutting down the whole tree. It is a very effective way of generating fuel and helps stimulate growth for future years.

You can therefore get fuel and therefore energy from your own land if you have it.

BO cage – a body odour cage. An area where you can smell the country, from the bodies of the animals. And the humans perhaps!

But here is a salutary warning against the large scale factory farming which is threatening our planet.

This trend is unsustainable and frankly inhuman. It is human greed at its worst. We must resist it and reverse it.

Anyway, you see bocage contains its own etymology in another way. It is enclosed, a cab, and a cage built in part with cob. It has its own eco-system, a good economy if well managed. As I like to say, it is in the word.

And in the beginning was the Word…


Why do they say ‘No pain, no gain’?

A lite bite

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

29th September, 2022

The simple answer could be as it is written in the book of Hebrews

“Our fathers disciplined us for a short time as they thought best, but God disciplines us for our good, so that we may share in His holiness. No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it yields a harvest of righteousness and peace to those who have been trained by it.”

But here’s another way of looking at it.

‘Pain’ in French is bread.

Jesus is the bread of life. He says

I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never hunger, and whoever believes in Me will never thirst.

P is son of as in Welsh e.g. Pritchard, a surname, is P-Richard, originally Ap Richard, son of Richard.

Ain is ‘own’. It is also the first department in France on an alphabetical list, number one.

So pain is ‘Son of own’ or ‘Son of one’. Jesus is the one. Number 1 Son. The Father’s Son.

G is first letter of God but also represents the earth as in geo.

So gain is ‘God own’ or ‘God one’. Or perhaps ‘g-own’ or ‘g-one’ as in ‘gown’ and ‘gone’.

‘No’ in Greek can be ‘a’. Thus our English word from the Greek agnostic is a-gnostic, not knowing.

So we can have ‘No pain, no gain’ as ‘A pain, a gain’.

So if you don’t have Jesus, the bread of life you won’t gain life.

And Jesus who has gone out of sight into the cloud said He would come again.

So ‘No pain, No gain!’

It’s in the word or words.

And in the beginning was the Word…

P.S. Bonus  information.

Bread in Greek is ‘artos’

Anagrams of ‘artos’ include taros. Taro is a staple food like bread.


R is for…..Racism

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th September,2022

Another post that has been a page to follow on from my R is for…..Racism. This should now make a seven day streak. How exciting!

However, I think I shall give up streaking after this. We’ll see what WordPress does with 7 days in a row.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

1st September 2020

It seems that the term is relatively recent in the history of the world. Wiktionary says it was coined in 1902 by the French. And defines it as:

      1. ‘Belief that there are distinct human races with inherent differences which determine their abilities, and generally that some are superior and others inferior. 
      1. The policies, practices, or systems (e.g. government or political) promoting this belief or promoting the dominance of one or more races over others. 
      1. Prejudice or discrimination based upon race or ethnicity; (countable) an action of such discrimination.’ 

It goes on to say that a racist is ‘A person who believes in or supports racism; a person who believes that a particular race is superior to others.’

All very reasonable it seems. However, it assumes there are distinct human races as opposed to one human race. And as you will hopefully have read in R is for…..Race, I have said there is only one human race.

So we should be saying people are being ‘familyist’ when talking about differences between the pale faces and the dark faces, the pale skinned and the dark skinned. Or perhaps nationalist or tribalist. But not racist.

Using the word racist is just trying to divide where there is no division, and is therefore foolish. So if someone says there are different human races just call them an idiot instead.

The root cause of the use of the word in modern terms actually comes from the theory of evolution. You only have to read Charles Darwin’s views to see it. It has resulted in the two World Wars. Germany made a big thing of it, especially under Hitler. But that’s what happens when you believe a lie, that there are different human races.

But it is self-evident there are differences between tribes and nations, men and women.

And there will be problems within families. Right at the start of history it is recorded that Cain killed his brother Abel. And all because Cain wouldn’t do the right thing and Abel did.

Cain was jealous and wanted to take what wasn’t his. Pink Floyd sang ‘With, without, and who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about?’ on their classic album Dark Side of the Moon.

And James, the half-brother of Jesus, says:

‘What causes conflicts and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from the passions at war within you? You crave what you do not have. You kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight.’

It comes from chapter 4 of James letter in the New Testament. I recommend reading the whole chapter to get the full picture.

If you do what James says and humble yourself before God, then your problems will become resolved and you can be at peace with your brother, or sister, pale skinned or dark skinned, or anything in between.

And don’t use the word racism or racist, please.

P.S. If you have not seen it, here is my page on Race. R is for…..Race 

P.P.S I have recently read this post on Scatter Wisdom and I consider well worth reading.


Ashish Jha: the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

26th September, 2022

Above is Ashish Kumar Jha, his full name. Smooth skin, smooth talking.

Like a snake, Sir Hiss from the Robin Hood film or Kaa from the jungle Book film from Disney.

I read Steve Kirsch say he should be fired for making stuff up about Coronavirus. Here is a link which contains Steve’s post.

And here’s some information about him. He was born in India.

He has apparently said ‘I really believe this is why God gave us two arms, one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot’. There is a video with a lady doing sign language for the deaf.

The lady raises two fingers at one point. Whether this is the number of arms or what she thinks about the shots is unclear. The commenters in the Twitter feed think the latter.

So do I. He is a truly ignorant man at best, when you know that Covid 19 is the ‘flu then all his comments on the matter will probably be flawed at best, outright lies at worst.

Meaning of his name

As regards the meaning of his names this is interesting.

Ashish – blessing

Kumar – male child

Jha – difficult to get much information but indications are possibly beautiful, lake, waterfall.

To me thought it seems obvious as it is like Jah in Hebrew, the short name for God. And an anagram of Jha.

So as a whole, blessing of a male child of God. Ashish Jha may think he is a blessing and God when it comes to Covid 19. Excuse me while I laugh like a drain………………………………………………………………………………………

That’s better. Now what is interesting is how anagrams of his full name reveal his character and background in certain regards. My selection.

What is interesting is how anagrams of his full name reveal his character and background in certain regards. My selection.

Part anagrams

Hashish – what drug he is on presumably, a derivative of cannabis.

Please note the side effects which might explain matters.

Kashmir – a province in the Himalayas, the India connection

Aarika – the goddess of money, that figures. Who is paying him for his lies apart from the taxpayer?

Asmara – means ‘beautiful butterfly’.

I note the Urdu connection and India, but beautiful butterfly?? I think not.

Amusia – a musical disorder caused by brain damage. Yes, brain damage definitely.

Ashram – a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions, again the India connection.

Hamish – probably not Scottish boy’s name, but ham-ish, like a ham. That is a ham actor, he is obviously a bad actor and only the terminally dim will not see this.

Hashim – means “breaker”, “brave destroyer of evil”.

I think not. More probably ‘hash I’m’, i.e. making a hash or mess of things.

Harass – harassing the public to do something foolish and get the clot shot. Only clots, a.k.a. the terminally dim, will do so,

Karmas – in Indian religions, the term more specifically refers to a principle of cause and effect


In other words you fall over dead or suffer side effects after the vaccines. This is karma.

Also big pharma sell vaccines (the cause) and make large amounts of money (the effect) from causing harm (another effect). Or more simply put the karma of pharma causing harma (sic).

Kumara – these could be the Four Kumaras. The Kumaras are four sages (rishis) from the Puranic texts of Hinduism who roam the universe as children


Kumara should not be confused with Kamala who roams the White House as a child laughing maniacally.

Kumara is also apparently a boy’s name meaning ‘youthful’. In my opinion Ashish Jha is not so much youthful as youthless (sic), completely youthless (sic)!

I have just noted sages are rishis. Like Rishi Sunak. Except he is the last person I would call sage. At least he is not prime minister in the UK which is something to be grateful for.

Kumiss – the fermented milk of a camel.

But not the fermented milk of a Kamala. The mind boggles at the thought.

Marika – A girl’s name. Depending on the country you are from it can mean different things.

Aboriginal meaning: Maori: Quiet and careful

Czech meaning: Bitter disappointment

Many countries go for the latter. Which may be a bitter disappointment to you if your name is Marika and you are from one of those countries.

Personally, I would suggest this meaning.

Ma meaning my

Ri meaning smile or laughter

Ka meaning  head.

So ‘my smiling head’. Which is much better than bitter disappointment.

Which is what Ashish Jha is, a bitter disappointment. Who may bite you, the bitter biter.

Marisa – similar to above

Marius – as a name for boys has its root in Latin, and Marius means “manly; dedicated to Mars”. Marius is an alternate form of Mario (Latin) and its source form. Marius is also a derivative of Mark (Latin).


Perhaps Ashish Jha likes chocolate, including Mars Bars. Alternatively perhaps he is a Mars of the Beast. Mars the god of war. The beastly government making war on us. Makes sense.

Markus – see above. Yes, Markus the Beast definitely. Mark U.S. please note.

Marsha – apparently this means ‘warlike’, i.e. like Mars, the god of war (and chocolate allegedly).

Personally, in Ashish Jha’s case I would say it was ‘a marsh’, i.e. a swamp. He is therefore a swamp creature in Washington D.C. I would say that was obvious.

Russia – Russia link eh? What is he up to I wonder? But don’t rusha to getta da vaccines. Unless you like ‘Rushan’ roulette.

Rajahs – to do with Indian monarchs. Ra is a father, like Rra in Botswana and Jah like the Yahweh of Hebrew meaning God.

Ashish Jha many not be a father but seems to think he’s god of the advice on vaccines. God the Father thinks he is god awful and needs a kick up the backside and out onto the street.

Preferably into East New York or somewhere ‘safe’ like that. Or a hospital in the States nowadays.

Rakish – dissolute, lacking restraint. Could also be known as lying through your back teeth.

Sahara – the desert. It is hot, dry and one can suffer from hallucinations if you don’t get enough water. Such as in some hospitals or care homes.

Where you may go after having had a poisonous vaccine perhaps.

Shamus – n. Slang

1. A police officer.

2. A private investigator.

Possibly from Seamus which is pronounced this way. From

Personally I would prefer ‘sham US’, i.e. he is a sham in the United States He should also be ashamed.

Sharia – as in sharia law from Islam. That is not very encouraging as some aspects are debatable or dodgy or wrong. I haven’t checked it all.

Sharks – sharks gotta swim, but keep them in the sea, not on land. For example, such as presently in Washington DC, especially the White House and other federal buildings.

Shirks – shirking responsibility for promoting a toxic vaccine when you know this is what they are.

Smirks – whilst saying “I really believe this is why God gave us two arms, one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot”. He has been ridiculed for saying this.

Except possibly by Biden lovers who are too dim to see that possibly, just possibly, he might be seeing who is stupid enough to believe it’s true.

God says He gave us two arms to help people, not to be shot into. Two arms to rescue people from danger.

And two arms to hold down the evil ones who promote harm on the children of God whilst someone injects the poison brew into the evil ones to see if their claims are true about them working for health.

Assam – north eastern province of India where tea is grown.

Amass – wealth amassed by big pharma and corporations over Covid 19 scam.

Amish – not sure what the Amish have to do with Ashish Jha. Except perhaps they have done better by not locking down etc. and by being suspicious of the medical establishment. Very sensible people the Amish.

Of course there are lots of misinformation sites out there on the internet. They say the Amish haven’t done that well. But that’s the fact check sites for you, born liars most of them.

And helps if you get a fat check for it, lubricate the wheels of commerce and greed.

As regards Ashish Jha he gets paid for the tosh he spouts I presume.

And something is wrong, something is amish (sic), that’s for sure

Amiss – see, told you.

Auras – he has that aura of believability does he not? If you are a Biden loving Democrat, yes. Otherwise no, unless you are completely dense.

Hakim – an administrator or physician in a Muslim country.

I didn’t think the USA was a Muslim country. Perhaps I am mistaken.

Hiram – It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Hiram is “my brother is exalted”. From

That is ‘Hi Ram’ as in ‘Hello Ram’, or ‘High Ram’, like an exalted male sheep. Easy when you see it like that.

Ashish Jha wants to butt ewe (sic) or jab you in your butt (ok, the arm, whatever) like a ram. He can go stick his jab where the sun don’t shine.

There are lots of places like that of course.

Hairs – the hairs on your head are all numbered. Ashish Jha ideas on vaccines and God are hare-brained. God and His angels made hares, hairs, brains and numbers.

But not vaccines, that’s the lunatic Satan’s idea along with his cronies.

Harms – from the vaccines, duh!

Harsh – he is a complete harsh (sic).

Harum – ‘fragrant’ according to

Possibly also genitive feminine plural of hic, also from above link. This makes better sense.

Look, Harum is ‘Ha, rum!’ the drink. You can get drunk on rum. Then you might hic(cough).

Marks – we’ve dealt with that, but you will have marks on two arms if you are stupid enough to have both shots. You will be half stupid to have one shot. This could be ‘stu’.

As in stew which you will be in if you take one or both and it poisons you.

Masks – ah yes, Masks of the Beast. Let’s all wear a mask because we are scared of monster Coronavirus coming to eat us!

Let’s not be scared of a little prick from the vaccine which contains nothing…..more than poison if not saline.

Little pricks administered or promoted by bigger ones such as Ashish Jha

Murks – murks of the Beast, something murky. ‘What’s in the vaccines? Ooh, not much, just trust me, I’m a doctor.’ Alleged quote from Ashish Jha.

Sensible people, more typically Republican voters: ‘Ah, no thanks.’

Stupid people, more typically Democrat voters: ‘Ooh, ooh, yes please, yes please, I can’t wait, I’m so excited! I was quite ill for a week after the booster, but it could have been much worse, the government told me so and it never lies!’

Over 91% Democrats vaccinated, while only 60% Republicans have taken one shot, data reveals

I despair of some people, I really do. And I do mean most Democrats although stupidity is not limited to them, it has universal appeal for some reason.

Musk’s – Musk’s of the Beast. Elon Musk?

Risks – play Russian roulette if you must with your body by having the vaccines if you are stupid or mad or both. It will at least possibly cull the herd of the inbred stupidity. But it might not.

I had hoped common sense would prevail, but it’s not looking good for the Democrats in particular.

Whether it will make any difference to the mid-0terms is debatable. But then I gather it doesn’t really matter if people are dead or not, they can still vote nowadays.

This is equal opportunities for you, isn’t it just wonderfully American for you? No discrimination to the dead or the living.

Sikhs – from India of course.

Saris – from India of course.

Shahs – from Asia. India is in Asia for those that don’t get out much and only watch reality TV.

Uriah – ‘ever so ‘umble I am’ as in Uriah Heep, Charles Dickens. Yeah right, tell us another Ashish Jha.

Husk – the shell of a person, harmed by the vaccines.

Asia – from Asia, obviously.

Hiss – like a snake. No surprises there, the ancient serpent’s brew. Note double ‘S’ as in ‘SS’. I’ll give you three guesses as to that possible meaning.

Haj – haj is pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, but not the gambling company.

But it is a gamble whether or not the vaccines will harm or kill you. Life is such fun isn’t it?

I can think of much better fun myself though. I am not convinced that Biden lovers know the meaning of fun, but I could be wrong.

Kaa – like the snake from the Jungle Book film!!!

Full anagrams

Make of these what you will:

Am hashish raj UK

Aah huh jam risks

Ha hah juri masks

Huh I mask rajahs

AI haj hush marks –

AI haj harms husk

haj harms Kiah US

AI haj harms sh UK

AI haj hum sharks

Jam Sharia shh UK

Hah his karma jus

Haj hiss karma uh

Kaa Hashim hr jus

Kaa Harsh him jus

Summary and conclusions

I hope that gets the point across. He is dodgy in the extreme, a liar and a fraud. A snake who will gladly give you a snake bite or two, one in each arm.

Containing snake jus or juice hence the snake like blot clots. Which reminds me of juice who say they are juice but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan, the ancient serpent. Let him who has ears to hear let him hear.

And fascinating how his name brings up so many India references. Is this usual? What do you think? Let me know if you have any thoughts.

But he certainly should be fired as Steve Kirsch says.

In India rebels were killed by being strapped to the muzzle of cannon and blasted to smithereens. I gather that this was done by the British in India. But they were not the only ones and the practice went back much earlier it appears.

In this case though, as Ashish Jha is in effect calling for grievous bodily harm (GBH) and attempted murder, this type of firing would be very appropriate.

But personally, whilst quick no doubt, I think karma would dictate that being strapped to a chair and injecting with the vaccines (in both arms of course) would be far more suitable.

We can then see whether the vaccines work. We may have to wait a bit and try more vaccines if the first don’t work.

But I am patient, the world has waited long enough for justice and it will come assuredly.

And there is the lake of fire for Satan and his angels, the evil ones who have harmed the children of God who are a far larger number than many suppose.

P.S. I you want more on the current administration see

Team Biden Unwrapped Part 1

Parts 2 and 3 also available.

If you want more on Covid 19 and the various aspects see

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

And while I’m at it, a bonus link.


R is for…..Race

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th September 2022.

I got another badge from WordPress for a 4 day streak. Wonderful! It’s getting colder now the nights are drawing in so keeping moving is helpful to stay warm, especially if you have no clothes on!

Seriously though, I wonder how many days streaking I can do and whether you can get a weekly streak badge too?

Anyway, here’s another page turned into a post as I am working on new things to post.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

1st September 2020

Human race. Are we winning it yet? Now there’s a good question. To be honest we are not playing fair in this race. Some of us have unfair advantages.  Up on my Cloud I have an advantage. I can see all that’s going on, and make my observations, whilst being perfectly safe in my fluffy white Cloud.

Others have an advantage of being incredibly wealthy, so much so they can hardly know what to do with all their wealth. If, of course, one can call it truly theirs.

Look, in the beginning, God, the angels, created the heavens and the earth. So by rights it’s His. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. All of it, not some of it. So the wealth of the wealthy is not theirs outright, only borrowed or a gift from God, the Most High.

But what is wealth? All of us have something, if only our bodies. And of course our souls, our precious souls. The Most High gave us those too. He particularly values those as they will live on after death.

What do you do with yours? Do you treasure it or do you think it worthless? Some, many even, seem to care very little for themselves, their souls. And they abuse others in various ways; murder, rape, adultery (of all kinds), lying, etc.

Especially lying. People of the human race seem particularly to lie in all sorts of ways. White lies, black lies and 50 shades of grey in between. At least, not just, 50. I think there must be an infinite number of shades.

Men and women lie to get advantage. They may pretend they are someone else, a con man. They may pretend to have qualifications they haven’t got. Prospective employers are taken in and don’t check the records.

They may lie in bed and have sex with someone, like a bribe, to get advancement in a firm, or in the film industry, for example.

Or just pay money to achieve their aims. And people do love money for some reason. Despite the fact you can’t take it with you when you die.

So what then? When you face the Most High and He asks you what you did with your life and your precious soul. ‘Well your Most Highness, er, um, I did get lots of money.’

He will not be impressed. And you will be cast out into outer darkness, to wail and gnash your teeth.

On the other hand, you may wish to reconsider your position, and do something useful with what you have. Look after those who don’t have the good things you do.

There was a man called Zacchaeus who changed his mind. A small man who had to climb a tree because of the crowd, to get a glimpse of a man called Jesus of Nazareth.

Zacchaeus, whose name means ‘pure’ apparently, was a tax collector and very wealthy.  But when Jesus said ‘I must stay with you today’ he was glad. The crowd grumbled at Jesus for wanting to stay with a man they regarded as not worth it.

But Jesus thought he was worth it. And Zacchaeus when he heard the crowd grumbling said he would give away half of his possessions to the poor and pay back four times the value of whatever he had defrauded from anybody.

So Zacchaeus changed and it seems gave away more than his small change!

 And Jesus says he, Zacchaeus, is a son of Abraham. Which means he was of Abraham’s family, which is part of the human race.

Jesus also says to certain Jews ‘You are of your father the Devil’. So there are at least two families in the world.

But we are all of the human race, be it from Abraham or the Devil, or another father. We all descended from Adam and Eve, as the bible says.

Of course, you may not believe that, and think that we evolved from apes. In which case you may agree that there is more than one human race, and some races are better than others.

But if you believe what the bible says is true, then it is clear there is only one human race. Then it’s a question of which father, or family you belong to. And families are different, and some families are better than others for various reasons. So how do you tell which is which?

It was a chap called John who said:

 ‘By this the children of God are distinguished from the children of the devil: Anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is anyone who does not love his brother.’

So whose child are you? God’s or the Devil’s?

It’s your choice.

* For a supplement you can turn this into a Mains course. But as everything in this establishment is free it won’t cost you anything. Just remove the ‘e’, add an –ism and see R is for…..Racism


Why an Editor is called an Editor? A lite bite

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th September, 2022

Not a very interesting question you may think or perhaps you know the answer already.

But it warrants a closer look if you have a mind to. And an editor must have a mind of course.

I have to do my own editing on my site, on my ‘tod’ as they say, and I can get ‘tired’. Nevertheless, it is important to get things right or ‘droit’ as they say in French.

I have ‘tried’ to make sure that everything is not ‘dire’, remove any ‘dirt’ as it were.

Reading my own articles can be a ‘riot’ and possibly some of it I do my ‘rote’, remembering what I have done before.

The flow or ‘tide’ of an article is critical for something for people to enjoy and obtain something of use from it, even if it is the enjoyment!

In past articles I ‘trod’ carefully and will continue to do so lest I ‘die’ from embarrassing myself with an error.

In my ‘ire’ at initial mistakes at least I can get ‘rid’ of them, remove the ‘rot’ as it were.

One of the problems of editing is one must ‘reid’ it, sometimes missing then fact that one has misspelt something although it can sound ok on first glance. Like ‘reid’ it, back in the last sentence rather than ‘red’ it which I went back and did. Which is also wrong of course!

Now hopefully you will have noticed that the words in inverted commas are part anagrams of editor. Which perhaps give some insight into what an editor does.

But as to the heading question ‘Why an Editor is called an Editor?’, this is because when he or she proof reads an article or book he despairs and hits his ‘ed or head, that’s why. He’s a head hitter of course!

It’s in the word and in the beginning was the Word.

Even if it’s the sound of the word.

P.S. if you want more lite bites try my Tappers Bar in World Menu page.



By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

23rd September, 2022

I have this as a page on my website, but I am being lazy again and anyway nobody looked at this yet so I thought I would give it a try.

It should give me a three day streak, and no, I am not running around in my nothings. It is three posts in a row over three days. I have my badge for earlier successes!

Well ok, not a badge exactly but WordPress think it is great and told me so. Little things please little minds as they say.

What will happen if I do a post a day over a week I don’t know. WordPress will probably wet itself. Talk about dopamine hits.

Mind you, I just looked at the chemistry and it has made me think. Mmm…

Anyway, here’s the page.

20th June 2020

No need to shout, I can hear you. Of course they do. All lives matter. For we all came out the same original humans, Adam and Eve. People like to scoff and say that’s a fairy story. But if it is true, and it is, then that makes black and white, and any colour of human in between, cousins.

And yes, families do quarrel and fight. But that’s no excuse to riot and make a mess. Somebody will have to tidy up behind you and if that’s your father or mother they will be annoyed with you to say the least.

As to those who orchestrated these shenanigans, well they should be. Strung up or castrated. There are always the ring leaders who are behind such nonsense and they are the ones we must concern ourselves with.

Anyway, those who identify as black are not, as far as I can observe, coal black, or perhaps, as Flanders and Swann put it, ‘telephone black’ when phones were plain black. And neither are those called white, pure white. Rather a pinky white perhaps.

What’s all the fuss about? Do you think you been singled out by Covid 19? Have you not seen those at risk from it, whatever it is, include BAME and it’s to do with vitamin D? I paste a link.

That’s why people died. And a large proportion of BAME people. You can read all about it if you bother to research, it is all there on the internet. Of course, there has been a plot, but not against BAME. You have just been used that’s all. It’s not funny at all, for they have been plotting against all of us, all God’s children, black or white or better, chocolate brown to pinky white.

For they plan to divide and rule, and they don’t care how much mayhem they cause. But I have seen their game and I know who they are and am closing in. I promise you they will not get away with it. And because I died, I have no fear.

There are three main groups at work. The one we shall concern ourselves with for now took Darwin’s theory of evolution, and used it as an excuse to make a ‘pure’ race. Except pure evil was the result. You know who I mean.

Perhaps things would have been easier if we, the Allies in the second world war, had been able to pursue justice to the bitter end. I was not alive then, but I suppose people were tired of all the death and destruction and it was enough to deal with the ringleaders. But the canker remained and still exists.

The Guardian ran an article on Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary to Joseph Goebbels

She is reported as being unrepentant. She says “Those people nowadays who say they would have stood up against the Nazis – I believe they are sincere in meaning that, but believe me, most of them wouldn’t have.”

And I believe her. I read ‘Three Men on the Bummel’ (a cycling story in Germany in 1900) by Jerome K Jerome some time ago. Not as fun as ‘Three Men in a Boat’ but far more enlightening in current circumstances. See this link.

Editor’s note: Since posting the original link will not work I have been informed. The site seems to have been taken down. Here is another link instead.

It says quoting from the book

Generally, the country is portrayed as clean and orderly, yet heavily policed, with the authorities strictly enforcing even the most trivial of a vast number of laws and regulations (this causes the three men to frequently be in minor trouble with the law). The German people are described as amiable, unselfish, homely, kind and egalitarian; yet they are also placid and obedient, eager to obey those in authority.

“The German citizen is a soldier, and the policeman is his officer. The policeman directs him where in the street to walk, and how fast to walk. At the end of each bridge stands a policeman to tell the German how to cross it. Were there no policeman there, he would probably sit down and wait till the river had passed by. At the railway station the policeman locks him up in the waiting-room, where he can do no harm to himself. When the proper time arrives, he fetches him out and hands him over to the guard of the train, who is only a policeman in another uniform. The guard tells him where to sit in the train, and when to get out, and sees that he does get out. In Germany you take no responsibility upon yourself whatever. Everything is done for you, and done well.”

— Chapter XIV


“Hitherto, the German has had the blessed fortune to be exceptionally well governed; if this continues, it will go well with him. When his troubles will begin will be when by any chance something goes wrong with the governing machine.

— Chapter XIV

Well there you have it. Reminds you of the current situation, doesn’t it. I shall have more to say somewhere. But stop rioting and start thinking, whatever colour you think you are.


P.S. I have done articles on the following.

R is for…..Race

R is for…..Racism

A is for…..Anti-Semitism


Medication and decimation

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

22nd September, 2022

I found out yesterday that ‘medication’ is an anagram of ‘decimation’. The only full anagram in English. ‘Bloody hell!’ I thought. It explains it all, it’s in the word.

Why does it explain it all? Well, the fact that big pharma medications are by and large problematic and cause more harm than good. They decimate the population.

This can be seen in vaccines, and in the various neuro-toxic drugs they sell. Some drugs are useful, although it is questionable whether these would be truly necessary if we weren’t being poisoned by the various toxins produced by the big pharma companies in the first place.

And I mean not just medications but the chemicals they put into the air, food and water which end up in our bodies. And animals and plants of course.

Thus the world is decimated.

Decimation means the removal of a tenth of the target group. Its original use was the execution of a tenth of the soldiers in a Roman legion as a punishment. See her for more details.

Nowadays it doesn’t necessarily mean a tenth exactly, but nevertheless a significant amount.

As regards medication there are further interesting anagrams. I comment as applicable.

AI demon tic

A demonic it

Act demon ii

CIA demon it – the CIA connection apparently.

EC Domitian – the EC could be European Community, a.k.a. the EU, European Union. Domitian was a Roman emperor, who “…believed that the Roman Empire was to be governed as a divine monarchy with himself as the benevolent despot at its head” according to Wikipedia.

I/C dominate

I MD aconite – a flowering plant, aconite or aconitum is part of a species which are mostly extremely poisonous.

Aconitum deceives the body into shutting down your nervous system. It’s in the word. ‘Um, it a con’ is an anagram.

Incited MAO – Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (also called MAO inhibitors or MAOIs) block the actions of monoamine oxidase enzymes.


Am I noticed – I inserted this only because it is interesting. But then do some people take drugs because nobody notices them, nobody loves them and they get depressed.

Yes, some do.

I Dem action – medication pushed by the Democrats

ie MD action – the doctors push medication, but so often fail to root out the real cause of the disease.

I it co admen – you can’t sell medication without the admen, the advertisers.

Com idea nit – medication is the idea of a company of nits who don’t know what they are doing. Except they know they make money.

mt icon idea – an ‘mt’ (empty) idea. Icon is a mark or brand. Buy the latest improved brand. Improved as in will make more money for big pharma, not improve your health.

AC idiot men – anti-Christ idiot men

A/C idiot men – account of the idiot men holding the money

AC it monied – see above

A/C it monied – see above

To inc media – you need the media to push your adverts

Comet India – a sign of the times in India? There is a website, nothing to do with medication. I have no connection.

But India did see a comet.

CEO India mt – it is not just CEO’s of India making false profits. A sign or article of the Times of India.

To die manic – people die mad or delirious from medications/drugs.

AC Eton midi – the anti-Christ’s of Eton College perhaps. I will include the triumvirate of David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg.

I say if you are going to deal with the drugs problems you must deal with big pharma, the king supplier of drugs.

Funded by the banks of course who must also be dealt with.

Mi acid Eton – what drugs were some Etonians on?

cio DNA time – damage to our DNA, the instructions within our cells.

I mad tie con – medications are basically a con and you would be mad to take most of them.

I made tonic – just buy our tonic and you will be cured. Like a pig which is dead.

ie mad tonic – just buy their tonic and you will go mad possibly. Mad when you realise it doesn’t work and you wasted your money. Or mad because it is poisonous and your mind is destroyed.


As regards vaccines, a type of drug or medication this chap Sucharit Bhakdi, a doctor, has given an impassioned speech. There is a video in the link.

In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine’s Senior Editor Alex Newman, world-renown German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and that the COVID “vaccines” are set to cause a global catastrophe and a decimation of the human population. Starting off, he explains that the PCR test has been abused to produce fear in a way that is unscientific. Next, he explains what the mRNA vaccines are going to do to the human body in terms and using analogies that anyone can understand. Among other concerns, he expects massive deadly clotting as well as immune system responses that will destroy the human body. Finally, Bhakdi, who warned of impending “doom” during a Fox News interview that went viral, calls for criminal prosecutions of the people responsible and an immediate halt to this global experiment.

He says in essence ‘For God’s sake, don’t get vaccinated’.

I say don’t get vaccinated or indeed take any neuro-toxic medication. Inform yourselves and double check. Only the terminally dim will not do this and they will suffer the consequences.

P.S. Article for further consideration.

NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth – I am not certain when this was written but I assume 4-13-5 means 13th April 2005.

If you have yet to see this on vaccines and Covid 19 here’s a link.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

I have included some research on anti-virals in sub-links.


In the news – The Daily Telegraph Friday 16th September 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

21st September, 2022.

Here are my observations on some articles in the above publication. A mixed bag of wry humour and truth I hope.

If you think it rubbish, I am sorry you can’t burn it like the printed version. Unless you print it out yourself of course.

It is the autumn equinox tomorrow. 80 years ago today the Soviet Union was fighting to stop Stalingrad on the River Volga from being captured by the Germans.

The Germans were stalled in the desert at El Alamein and the Japanese were being frustrated in their attempts to expand their territorial gains in the Pacific.

In China some 300,000 Chinese died at the hands of the Japanese soldiers, 250,000 said to be civilians, part of a massacre involving chemical and biological weapons from mid May to early September 1942.

NHS doctors and nurses to walk ahead of coffin

Now I can’t find any other info on this which is slightly odd. Other newspapers/articles on line do mention this but no other details. However, I do note that this comes as hospital appointments have been cancelled or postponed because of the funeral.

As to why NHS doctors and nurses are to walk ahead of coffin I don’t know. Aren’t other ‘key workers’ available?

Still, they are not leading the procession which is a relief, the Canadian Mounties will do that.

As to why the NHS should be chosen it beats me. Given its dismal performance over the past two and a half years they should be in the coffin not leading it.

After all, how many deaths have been caused by the gross ignorance of doctors especially believing Covid 19 was anything more than the ‘flu.

And promoting largely neuro-toxic big pharma drugs.

Also let us not forget the vaccines, the death sticks to some, harmful to others. And utterly pointless to the majority .

When I first read the heading I thought the reason they were there was because ‘coffin’ is one of the first signs of the ‘flu/Covid 19. And if the queen is not in fact ‘not dead but sleeping’ perhaps the doctors and nurses will be able to resuscitate her.

The whole thing is a sham, the NHS is useless and unfit for purpose, yet many seem not to see this or don’t voice it if they do.

I would say let the dead bury the dead, but get on with looking after the living and making their lives better.

However, on the bright side it seems some NHS services continued.

Including vaccination, which as I say may well cause harm or even death. But at least the dead can wait in the morgue for a bit.

What else the NHS can harm or kill people with needs more explanation. Big harma (sic) drugs is the main one.

And the Queen awarded the NHS the George Cross for its work in the pandemic.

“We are delighted to give you this award in recognition of your work to reduce the surplus pollution, and maintain big pharma profits in which one has shares.”

But as I have pointed out before somewhere, most people have a stake in big pharma even if indirectly via pensions etc.

Funerals postponed as Britain braces to grind to a halt on bank holiday 

I am not sure why Britain’s braces are going to grind to a halt. Not many people wear braces nowadays anyway. I suppose the editor thought adding ‘itself’ after ‘braces’ wouldn’t fit in.

I don’t suppose funerals will be much fun if they are postponed and you had all the food ready. Curled up sandwiches at the wake etc. I have noted the following anagrams of funeral.

Lear fun – the king has fun as in King Lear (although his life seemed to be not much fun)

Earl fun – the nobles have fun

Real fun – a funeral can be really fun. Like the funeral procession in the James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’

Arne flu – Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger’s got Covid a.k.a. the ‘flu

Well, he got the ‘flu/Covid jab.

He supported Joe Biden. Oh dear. Some people are rather dim. But his origins are Germanic and his father was in the Nazi party and Catholic.

Schwarzenegger means ‘black negro’. Who’d have thought it?

Flu eRNA – what you might get from the eRNA vaccine which is alleged to be the latest development to cure Covid. E for exterminate, like the Terminator in Mr Schwarzenegger’s movies.

It might exterminate you, but hey, it’s all for the greater good.

er an flu – what people say about Covid 19. ‘It’s er an (sic) ‘flu’. A ‘flu to make you sick. I wonder how many people will go down with Covid and then they will blame all the mass gatherings for the Queens’ funeral?

Rather than vaccines, or pollution etc.

British Cycling backpedals over instruction not to go on bike rides

The main text says ‘issuing guidance’, not instruction. That’s the press for you, misleading you as always. Like they have done over Covid 19/the ‘flu.

What British Cycling has apparently said it strongly recommends that bike rides should be limited to outside the funeral. Odd, as if you ride a bike perhaps you might wish to cycle to the funeral. After all save all that CO2 which is supposed to be causing global warming.

And it does save polluting the atmosphere. Not that trying to lock your bike up near the event might be a problem.

Still, I gather it has recanted of its stupidity and that it is up to individuals whether they cycle or not.

Just like it is up to the individual whether they adhere to the GUIDANCE from the UK government on regarding Coronavirus/Covid19/the ‘flu.

Assuming the individual has lost common sense and needs to check.

Whether the UK government will recant of its stupidity re guidance or so-called rules is debateable.

But as I keep repeating, if you don’t double check and think you need Nanny State to tell you everything, what do you expect?

Cambridge ‘ban’ for Christian group

Apparently a Christian group has been blocked from holding a conference at the university as its beliefs are “not compatible with the values of the college”.

The case is being heard at the high court. Christian Concern has accused the

Fitz Events, the conference business of Fitzwilliam College, declined an out-of-term, five day, private, commercial booking of residential facilities for September 2022, requested by the Wilberforce Academy (, a ministry of Christian Concern ( in February 2022.

Legal representatives of Christian Concern contacted the College at the end of March regarding the decision to decline the booking. The College reconsidered its decision and then offered the organisation to host its event on new dates, since fixed, College-related events (Graduations and a Reunion) had now filled the facilities available.

Christian Concern did not take up this offer made by the College.

Christian Concern submitted a Claim Form seeking leave to apply for judicial review with the Court in May 2022.  The Court dismissed the claim in July 2022 and awarded an element of the costs to the College. Christian Concern submitted a renewal notice in relation to the claim. An oral hearing took place on 15th September 2022, which again refused Christian Concern permission to bring a judicial review claim but stated they could transfer a claim to the county court.

15th September 2022

From Fitzwilliam College website.

In February this year, a senior member of staff at the college justified the cancellation of the booking to host the event on the grounds that the group was not “inclusive”, did “not believe in gay marriage” and that Christian Concern’s “general beliefs” were “not compatible with the values of the college.”

The case comes following Worcester College, Oxford, admitting that it ‘misled’ its students after cancelling the Wilberforce Academy for similar reasons in September 2021

From Christian Concern’s own website as below.

Worth reading the link, but it says

The actions of Fitzwilliam College are also at odds with the universities’ commitment to free speech, which states:

“In exercising their right to freedom of expression, the University expects its staff, students and visitors to be tolerant of the differing opinions of others, in line with the University’s core value of freedom of expression. The University also expects its staff, students, and visitors to be tolerant of the diverse identities of others, in line with the University’s core value of freedom from discrimination. While debate and discussion may be robust and challenging, all speakers have a right to be heard when exercising their right to free speech within the law.”

Even David Starkey, historian and radio and television presenter, a homosexual himself and atheist and has described the Catholic Church as being “riddled with corruption”. However, he has often defended the right for Christians to hold their beliefs, arguing that they should have the right to their views and penalising them for it is “intolerant, oppressive and tyrannical”.


He correctly says the Catholic Church is “riddled with corruption”. But then all churches are to a degree as ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’. This is the meaning of the parable of the leaven in the book of Matthew where the leaven or yeast puffs up and corrupts the flour. I will explain in more detail in due course elsewhere.

Society as a whole will be no better, and if those who follow Christ are not salt and light to the world then we are worthless and will be cast out.

Anagrams of Fitzwilliam College include:

Glitz lowlife malice

Glitz maleficio well – N.B. Maleficio – evil curse (from Italian)

AZ fellow illicit Meg

Elite illogic flaw zm – zm might stand for zombie mode.

Perhaps this is why there is a problem.

Many prominent figures in Britain’s police force are associated with Fitzwilliam including Cressida Dick. She was mediocre at best, promoted well beyond her abilities. I have written about her in detail. Perhaps this says something about the college.

‘Revolutionary’ eczema treatment passes trials.

A drug treatment to treat moderate to severe eczema in young children has been shown to be “safe and highly effective” in clinical trials.

But then they have been saying that about the vaccines haven’t they?

Well, ok, maybe not highly effective, but very effective.

Ok, not so much very effective, but effective.

Mmm? Oh, yes, then let’s say reasonably effective.

No? Some use then? No?

A completely bloody waste of time?? (Furious nodding of head going on).

Here is a doctor in the USA saying as much. And she knew this would be the case.

I have said it before, but some are born Birx, some achieve Birxness and others have Birx thrust upon them.

As regards the eczema treatment this is called Dupilumab. It has side effects of course including

In clinical trials, people receiving dupilumab had decreased levels of T helper cells.

T helper cells are part of the immune system. So to put all this in plain English, avoid at all costs. It will bugger you up.

I found this chemical formula for it. It contains nitrogen and I note a CN molecule. The latter is not cyanide but cyanide is essentially a bonding of carbon and nitrogen. And poisonous of course.

Would you trust this drug?

I see from the Birx article she continues with

So that’s why I’m saying even if you’re vaccinated and boosted, if you’re unvaccinated right now, the key is testing and Paxlovid. It’s effective. It’s a great antiviral. And really, that is what’s going to save your lives right now if you’re over 70, which if you look at the hospitalizations, hospitalizations are rising steadily with new admissions, particularly in those over 70. And so if you live in the South – I know people keep talking about the fall – I’m worried about the South.

Paxlovid is neuro-toxic. Avoid like the plague.

Birx says she’s worried about the south. South of what? Perhaps she’s concerned about Afro-Americans, or those who don’t double check. Like many Democrat voters.

Push Paxlovid and finish them off then is obviously what she’s thinking.

Would you trust this Birx?

Policemen sacked for touching women officers

Apparently two officers had a night out in Derby with junior female colleagues. I gather they pinched the ladies bottoms. Where they took them to, I don’t know. I thought the police were supposed to prevent thieving, not do it themselves.

But then I don’t think they’re too bothered about that nowadays. Old ladies not social distancing or wearing a mask yes. But not burglary, pinching things.

Like bottoms.

Former bouncer ‘who laundered €200m’ Arrested on Costa del Sol

Johnny Morrissey, nicknamed Johnny cash, has been arrested is suspected of this crime. There is a picture of him being arrested in Spain with a female Guardia Civil officer holding him. She is wearing a mask.

This could be because Johnny is a big man and she is shorter than him. This puts her nose in line with his armpit.

On the other hand she could be afraid of catching Covid 19 from him.

Or not wanting to be recognised. Her image is a bit blurred.

Or stupid. There’s a lot of it about.

Police whistleblower sacked over warning on gun checks

I grew up when police had and used whistles. They were phased out but seem to be making a small return at least in Cambridge.

But it seems the police are not too keen on being shopped by their own for their misdemeanours. I see it reports that it is claimed a colleague of Tim Lumb, the whistleblower, was on his mobile running a business, presumably in his/her police work shift. This is in the Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

This would not surprise me. With shift work, many police can and probably do work other jobs. I met a young policeman who had been in tree surgery, and was planning to do it again once he had settled into being a policeman. In his own time of course.

But I know firemen have done this too, for example working as builders. I worked with one sometimes in my building surveying life.

Anyway, it seems that Mr. Lumb claims that basic checks were not being carried out re firearm licensing. Given that the police in many areas seem ignorant of the law and are incompetent in many respects this would not surprise me.

But then they have all the nonsense equalities business and form filling to contend with, rather than getting on with keeping the peace and making sure people don’t murder each other.

Like doctors and nurses injecting people with vaccines provided by big pharma. Why aren’t the police arresting them on suspicion of GBH and attempted murder? Others are working on the case, why not the police?

Give potatoes and bread the chop to lower risk of diabetes

Joan Taylor, Professor of pharmaceutics at De Monfort  University, Leicester

has said that the current advice of about one third of diet should be carbohydrates should be nearer 10%.

Well, Joan how about looking at the problem of toxins in the potatoes and bread?

It says Jeff Moyer, CEO at the Rodale Institute and former chair of the National Organic Standards Board, has been quoted as saying “I’ve talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals.”

I don’t know if it is exactly the same in the UK but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Item 9 in the list of health issues refers to diabetes.

Now of course if you eat carbohydrates which contain toxins, avoiding these are very advisable. I strongly suspect that the celiac disease is related to toxins/poor gut health as much as anything. Eliminate the toxins, deal with your gut and any immune system issues and perhaps celiac problems would be sorted.

And Joan, what about big pharma drugs eh? Are you not aware of their largely neuro-toxic make up? Haven’t you checked?

She’s into artificial pancreas research. Turn us into Borg I reckon, part machine part human. Poison people then come up with an artificial organ which can be inserted at great expense (taxpayers’ no doubt).

It’s a great money spinner. Wakey, wakey everybody! You’re being taken for a ride.

Civil servants object to Coffey’s ban on jargon, double negatives, and the Oxford comma

Initially I thought this was the civil servants objecting to the banning of coffee. Quite reasonable I thought, otherwise how would they keep awake writing some of the endless drivel they produce.

When they can be bothered to turn up for work of course.

Anyway I agree that documents should be simple and straightforward minimising jargon, and double negatives. As regards the Oxford comma I thought perhaps this was a variety of butterfly.

Comma butterfly

But no, it has to do with the positioning/use of the punctuation mark in a list. This provides a good explanation.

But in any event I consider that the administrators of the governmental civil service in their capacity of interpersonal dialogue via written communications in the form of electronic or wood-pulp based media, should, on no account, subject to senior ministerial oversight, notwithstanding the said lack of motivational skills, be allowed to not attend in person, be they male, female, and other sexual preferences (note use of what I understand to be the Oxford comma after female) or face the consequences of their actions.

Or in plain English, sack the lot of them they’re useless anyway.

Putin admits Xi has concerns about invasion

There is a picture under the article with a horseshoe shaped table and Putin and Xi facing each other across what looks like a big distance. They do not have to shout at each other as there are microphones for them.

Though they could use hand signals if they break down.

But that might end in war if they use the wrong ones.

They are not wearing masks, but their staffs (I assume that is who they are) are. Putin and Xi are probably 2.0m from the nearest person whereas the staffs aren’t, so that would explain it. A severe case of stupidity all round.

There is a coffin shaped structure in the middle of the room covered in flowers. I don’t know why. Probably contains common sense which died at the start of lockdown 2020.

It looks very big but then a lot of people lost common sense so it would have to be.

German general ridiculed for ‘second Russian front’ claim

General Eberhard Zorn, Germany’s most senior military chief has been criticised for a “stunningly poor analysis” of the Ukraine war. He has claimed that Russia is capable of opening a second front against NATO.

More fear porn no doubt.

I have said though that Russia could easily have dealt with the Ukraine and taken it if it had a mind too, although perhaps more casualties would have occurred. I have said before, the whole Ukraine business is a charade to divert people attention away from other evils and give an excuse to USA to send arms at taxpayers’ expense whether they, the taxpayers want to or not.

Apparently Lt-Gen Ben Hodges, commander of US forces in Europe is the one who has been critical of Herr Zorn. He endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 election. His judgment can be faulty then.

Herr Zorn has question the significance of the territorial gains by Ukraine over past week saying he would be careful to describe it as a counter offensive. He said the Ukraine lacked the manpower to sustain a counter offensive.

Anyway, I don’t suppose Germany wants to send more arms to the Ukraine as that would mean spending money. Why bother when you can get Joe Biden to do it, courtesy of the US public purse?

Swedish PM resigns with plea to keep far Right out

Sweden’s outgoing prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, doesn’t want her rivals to work with the far Right. These are the Sweden Democrats, as opposed to the Social Democrats which Magdalena heads. The rivals referred to are the Moderate party.

Apparently the Sweden Democrats are tainted by the neo-Nazi movement of the 1980’s. Of course one must remember that the Nazis were Socialists as per their full name. ‘Socialists’ contains the word Social, like the Social Democrats for example.

Of course the far left wing always like to make the other side far Right so that everybody looks away from failed far left wing policies.

But then extreme far left and far right are very similar, both being at the bottom of the political circle.

The problems for the Social Democrats have arisen with mass immigration from Syria, Somalia, Eritrea and Afghanistan which has caused ghetto areas to form where criminal elements run rife I gather. The usually tolerant ethnic Swedes are getting fed up with this.

Jimmie Akesson, the Sweden Democrats leader, wants to reduce number of asylum seekers close to zero. And polling shows that voters identified most with this stance on immigration.

Magdalena Andersson reminds me a bit of Greta Thunberg, a single child ranting and refusing to accept working with others with whom she disagrees.

Anagrams of her name include:

Armageddons anneals – anneals to reduce brittleness

Adana Denna gormless

Adana anglers demons

A mad angel Sanderson

Angela madness Ronda

Adorne glans maenads – maenads go rather mad, see here

Mandates for vaccines etc.

Adana German oldness

These may have a bearing on her character.

The top single part anagram of the following should be noted.

Social Democrats

Sacerdotalism – to do with priests such as in mode of Roman Catholic Church.

Sweden Democrats


Perhaps the Social Democrats think they are the only ones with a hotline to God. They are wrong of course.

Despite being labelled as far Right perhaps Sweden Democrats might be known for moderateness. They may be happy to work with anybody in parliament. Any further information gratefully received on this.

As regards immigration, Magdalena Andersson admitted in April that things weren’t working out.

It should be obvious to anybody with half a brain that large numbers of people from a different culture arriving all at once will cause a problem of integration.

Apparently Magdalena said this in 2015, so not that mad or gormless after all.

Andersson told newspaper Dagens Nyheter that Sweden’s housing and teacher shortages mean the country should not receive more asylum seekers than it can integrate. Refugees would be better off, she said, applying for asylum elsewhere.

They’ll have more opportunities if they go to another country.”

Andersson, a Social Democrat, pointed to the difficulties that newly arrived immigrants have in finding work and housing in Sweden and she said that integration is not working.

As she is left wing, I assume nobody accused her of racism over her comments or called her a Nazi. In the USA the Democrats like to accuse the Republicans of being racist or Nazi, but what do you expect from hypocrites.

And like Magdalena Andersson who then says the Moderate Party should not work with the Sweden Democrats. Perhaps she really is mad after all.

Florida governor flies migrants north to Obama’s island haven

Republican Ron DeSantis chartered a plane to take migrants north to Martha ’s Vineyard, an island off the south of Massachusetts, USA. The island is used for holidays by the very wealthy. They need somewhere to go, away from the hoi polio and the smoke and stir. Don’t we all?

But the islanders seem to have stepped up to the mark and provided beds, food and clothing etc. I don’t suppose the Obama’s were there, but they wouldn’t want to fly there as this would add more to greenhouse gases of course.

But he and his family along with other climate change elites were happy to go the Queen’s funeral instead.

Anyway, once the islanders got over the shock that immigrants could make it that far, they had a bus take the immigrants somewhere nicer and more suitable. Possibly East New York.

The Telegraph article says that Texas also sent up to 100 migrants to Washington and dropped them outside Kamala Harris’s residence. I don’t think she was in to welcome them. But as she is not as dark skinned she might have felt a bit uncomfortable.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, has apparently accused the Republicans of using the migrants as political pawns. She has said that it is a cruel way of treating people who are fleeing communism.

She is quite right of course. Sending them to the left wingers who are becoming more tyrannical and communistic by the day is cruel and shameful.

Of course, the migrants presumably didn’t appreciate that they would also be entering what is becoming a fascist state as well. But that’s the current Democrat government for you.

Some people think Karine has a slight problem.

Perhaps they are right. As opposed to the Democrats in power who are left.

I gather the White House was given no advance notice of migrants being dropped at the vice president’s residence. This would have been helpful as the White House could have then called in the National Guard to deal with them.

But they couldn’t have called the immigrants insurrectionists as this would have been untrue and racist in left wing speak. And Democrats never lie (according to the Democrats).

Letters to the Editor

Government subsidies for EV drivers

There is a letter making the point that subsidies wealthy electric vehicle drivers. The clue is in the title above of course. This means in essence the taxpayers in general subsidising the wealthy who can afford these vehicles.

Nothing new there sadly.

The letter writer also seems to think that Lt-Gen Hodges is right to worry about the scaling down of economic sanctions against Russia. He, Lt-Gen Hodges, seems to think this should only in return for a massive decommission of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

Russia has a lot of nuclear warheads, and rather more than the USA, which is second on the list of biggest arsenals under Russia.

However, perhaps the USA could agree to do the same. But then the USA would not make so much money from arms. If they can keep the war in the Ukraine bubbling away, then they are on to a nice little earner as Del Boy from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ sit com might say.

For some reason Lt-Gen Hodges reminds me of Mr Hodges the air raid warden of Dad’Army, another sit com. He was a bit dim too.

I consider the article below worth reading.

It says

The government of Russia bears full responsibility for invading Ukraine. However, U.S. and European governments share blame for causing the conflict. Filled with arrogance and self-righteousness, they were determined to treat Moscow of no account. For that, the world is now paying a high price.

The allies should not make a similar mistake at the end of this war. Let them moralize about their inherent goodness and the Kremlin gang’s perfidy. Let them fantasize about Vladimir Putin in the dock at Old Bailey in London or, better yet, before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Let them rhapsodize about the good they intend to do for the world by extinguishing Russian autocracy. And then let them join with Ukraine, seeking to end this terrible war and create a peace settlement likely to last—which is what the people of Ukraine, Russia, and Europe all desperately require.

Amen to that.

P.S If you want more news discussions go to World Menu and The Bog Standard sub heading for discussion on various papers articles.


Covid 19: what’s it all for, why the pain? A lite bite.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

18th September, 2022

Many things. primarily

    1. Expose the evil ones in the world
    2. Bring healing to the world

I gather, according to Cherie White, that Ovid , the Roman poet, said this:

“Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.”

Ovid, from Wikipedia link

This is her website. Worth visiting.

Her tag line on her website is “Exposing Bullies and Liberating Targets to Make The World a Safer Place for All”. This fits in with the two points I mention.

But someone, or something else, said the same as Ovid

“Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.”

– C Ovid –

a.k.a Covid 19 or SARS-CoV-2

P.S. C Ovid may be a descendant of Pūblius Ovidius Nāsō a.k.a. as Ovid in English. See here for more details.

If you want to know more about Covid 19 and what is going on, see link below.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.


Battle of Antietam or Battle of Sharpsburg: 17th September, 1862

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

17th September, 2022

Minor amendment 18th September, 2022 for error in photo of Dunker church.

I thought I ought to cover this American Civil War battle (ACW) due to its significance and bearing in mind the upcoming midterm elections in the USA. As I have said, the USA follows a timeline similar to the ACW, only 160 years ago making it 1862.

It might prove relevant to what is going on in the US right now. There is often more truth from the past relevant to the present than meets the eye. After all, history repeats itself; nobody listens (except a few).

This is what the online Encyclopaedia Britannia says.

Battle of Antietam, also called Battle of Sharpsburg, (September 17, 1862), in the American Civil War (1861–65), a decisive engagement that halted the Confederate invasion of Maryland, an advance that was regarded as one of the greatest Confederate threats to Washington, D.C. The Union name for the battle is derived from Antietam Creek, which flows south from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to the Potomac River near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. In the South the encounter was referred to as the Battle of Sharpsburg because the main fighting took place near the town of that name. (Civil War battles often had one name in the North, which was usually associated with a prominent nearby physical feature, and another in the South, which was usually derived from the town or city closest to the battlefield.)


I intend to use the article as a basis for my usual quirky take on battles. I may well use the Wikipedia article too, but it does have a lot of detail and I would like to keep my post reasonably concise.

As I say at the start of these types of posts, please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

Here the Wikipedia link

And here’s a link which sets out the relative significance of each battle in the ACW.

Text in italics from Britannia link unless otherwise stated. If you want to try and understand what on earth I am talking about you can read it first. Images from Wikipedia.


The battle of Antietam, or aunty Tam as it was more commonly known was fought in Maryland where the cookies come from. There was also an uncle Tam too. He was written about by Harry-ate Beecher Stove I believe. The book was, I think, Uncle Tam’s Cabinet.

For more information on two Tams see Post Script (P.S.).

Lee’s invasion of Maryland

Following the defeat of Union Gen. John Pope’s Army of Virginia at the Second Battle of Bull Run, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee crossed the Potomac and moved into Maryland, occupying Frederick on September 7. Lee’s invasion was carried out partly to “shift the burden of military occupation from Confederate to Federal soil,” but he also held some hope of capturing the Federal capital of Washington to the southeast. Beyond the immediate military objectives, Lee had concrete political goals: to influence the approaching Congressional elections in the North, to impress Europe with a sense of Southern military power, and to detach Maryland—a slave state that had rejected secession—from the Union.

Following the de-feeting of the Onion Pope’s army of virgins at the Second Battle of the Bull with the Runs, Confecterate general Roberty Lee crossed the potty mac and moved into Maryland. This was not potty but a sensible move to him as he fancied some cookies from Maryland and fancied a change from the Onions stores he had at the earlier battle. See Battle of the Second Bull Run post, link at end.

He occupied Frederick on September 7th, but what with we are not told, and we don’t know Frederick’s sirname.

The invasion was, I understand, carried out partly to “shift the burden of military occupation from Confederate to Federal soil,” as well as the hope that his farces would capture the Feral capital of Washing Tun.

Somewhat like the Democrats today trying to pin the blame for everything on Donald Trump and MAGA supporters.

Lee did have concrete political goals. This was fine as long as you kicked your balls between the posts, but whilst wooden goals would still give you a very nasty headache if you hit your head against them, concrete ones are even more painful.

Anyway, as you can see from the Britannia text, these goals included “to influence the approaching Congressional elections in the North, to impress Europe with a sense of Southern military power.”

Now it should not be rocket science to make the link with the upcoming midterms in November in the USA. As to impressing Europe, well from my perspective on current form, the Democrats are scoring some impressive own goals. Including that awful Joe Biden speech on the 1st September.

Finding his line of communications up the Shenandoah Valley threatened by a strong Union garrison at Harpers Ferry, on September 9 Lee issued Special Order 191, in which he detailed the division and disposition of forces for the campaign ahead. Gen. Thomas (“Stonewall”) Jackson would lead one of three columns that were tasked with the capture of Harpers Ferry, while the remainder of Lee’s forces would advance to Boonsboro, Maryland, behind South Mountain, a ridge that ran parallel to Antietam Creek. Once the Union force at Harpers Ferry had been neutralized, Lee proposed to reunite his army and invade Pennsylvania.

Finding his line of communist nations up the She ‘Nan’ Doer Valet threatened by a strong Onion Gary’s son at Herpes Fairy, on September 9th Lee issued a Special Hors d’oeuvre where he detailed the disposition of farces for the camp pain (known as LGBTQ+) ahead when he expected a lot of paign and suffering.

Tom-arse ‘Stonewall’ Jacks’ son (Stonewall being part of the camp pain or LGBTQ+) would lead one of three columns to capture the Herpes Fairy (who was possibly LGBTQ+), whilst the remainder would advance to Boonsborrow where he could borrow a boon which would be a good thing of course. This lay behind a mountain and parallel to Aunty Tam’s Greek, who was a friend of hers.

Once the Onion farce at Herpes Fairy had neutral eyes, Lee would re-unit his army and invade Pencil-Van-Hire.

Within days of the Union disaster at Second Bull Run, U.S. Pres. Abraham Lincoln sacked Pope and placed Gen. George B. McClellan in command of all Union forces in Washington. McClellan took the field on September 7, and, not knowing what Lee’s next move might be, he advanced with characteristic slowness. During this time Lee again divided his army, and on September 11 he and Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet occupied Hagerstown, Maryland, a city just 5 miles (8 km) south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The stubborn Federal garrison at Harpers Ferry bought McClellan additional time, however, delaying the bulk of the Army of Northern Virginia for several days longer than had been budgeted in Lee’s timetable. Already sensing that his invasion plan had gone awry, Lee began to withdraw to the south. Confederate scouts had observed massive columns of Federal infantry on the move, and Lee ordered Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill to guard the passes at South Mountain. If McClellan could drive through these passes before Lee could reunite his army, the Army of Northern Virginia could be destroyed in detail. On September 13 Federal troops moved into Frederick, and members of the 27th Indiana infantry regiment recovered a copy of Lee’s Special Order 191 wrapped around a bundle of cigars. Although the “Lost Orders” were four days old, McClellan felt emboldened enough to remark, “Here is a paper with which, if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home.”

Within days of the Onion disaster at Second Bull Run when the Onion lost all its onions (how could they make soup for example, nothing souper about that), the A-bra-ham Lyn-Con gave the Pope the sack. This was, as referred to elsewhere, because he wasn’t infalla-bull after all.

He placed Gorge Bee ‘Mac’ Clellan in command of all the Onion farces in Washing-tun. ‘Mac’ Clellan took the field in September 7th, and not knowing what Roberty Lee’s next move might be, he advanced with a char asterix sloe ness.

What he expected I don’t know, but if you will take the field, especially if it is ploughed, this will slow you right down as fields weigh a lot believe me.

Here’s a picture of him. He has his hand in his jacket as Napoleon is sometimes portrayed. The Pope’s picture in the Battle of the Second Bull Run was the same. Mmm…

During this time, Lee again divided his army, and on the 11th September, or 9/11 as it became known, he and the Long Street occupied a Hag in a Town. Witch doesn’t seem like a good thing to me.

The town lay 5 Miles south of Ma’s son and Dick’s son’s line, two sons who walked the line according to John E. Cash before he went card only.

However, the stubborn Feral Gary’s son defence of Herpes Fairy had bought more thyme for the Onions , delaying the bulk of the Army of the Northern Virgins for several days longer than Bud-get Ted in Lee’s time’s table.

Sensing that his planes had gone a rye, Lee took his draws to the South. Confecterate scuts had observed mass sieve col-hums of Feral infant trees on the move. What they were humming we don’t know, but hazarding a guess probably ‘John Brown’s body’.

An updated version is available with lyrics.

Lee hors d’oeuvred D.H. Hill to gourd the passes at South Mountain. I am not sure that using a hill to protect the passes is necessary as they are already in the mountain.

Perhaps these were the equivalent of vaccine passes, pointless when you can go round the back. Or indeed make a South Mountain out of De (Mole) Hill.

Anyway, apparently if ‘Mac’ Clellan could drive through these passes before Lee could re you-knight his army, the Army of Northern Virgins would be Des Troyed in detail.

In September, 13 Feral tropes moved into Frederick who gave members of the Indy Anna Reg E Ment of Lee’s special order 191 at the local burger bar which was wrapped round a bundle of cigars.

In the UK we used to use old newspapers, but in the US they do things different. Though why cigars, not the burger and fries, beats me.

The last orders were 4 days old, so maybe it was just as well it wasn’t burger and fries as they would be rather suspect.

I gather ‘Mac’ Clellan was emboldened to remark “Here is a paper witch and if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go to Homer”. This is understood to mean that if he didn’t have the intelligence and wisdom to beat Lee, he would be as dumb as Homer Simpson. Or if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (the terminally dim that is).

On September 14 McClellan’s army struck the passes at South Mountain. The Battle of South Mountain was a convincing Union victory, but the Confederate defenders managed to delay the Union advance long enough for Lee to begin the consolidation of his scattered forces. On the morning of September 15, the 12,000 beleaguered defenders of Harpers Ferry finally capitulated. At the cost of fewer than 300 Confederate casualties, Jackson had won one of the great unheralded victories of the American Civil War. Leaving Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill to complete the surrender arrangements, Jackson, with two divisions, hastened back to the new Confederate defensive line at Antietam Creek. McClellan’s forces streamed through the South Mountain passes to find Lee’s army, which numbered perhaps 11,000 men on the afternoon of September 15, occupying the heights north of Sharpsburg. McClellan had estimated that total Confederate strength in the area amounted to “not less than 120,000 men”—an estimate that more than doubled Lee’s actual strength—and he spent September 16 engaging in reconnaissance of the Confederate positions. Jackson, by way of an overnight forced march, reached Sharpsburg on the afternoon of September 16, effectively doubling Lee’s strength. Late in the day, elements of Union Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker’s I Corps crossed the upper Antietam on the Confederate left. There a brief but sharp skirmish erupted with Jackson’s men, but night soon put an end to the contest.

On September 14th, ‘Mac’ Clellan’s army struck the passes which was a convincing Onion victory. So hope yet for the final removal of the silly idea of vaccine passes or passports then.

However, the Confecterate defenders managed to delay the Onion advance long enough for Lee to begin the con-soiled-ation of his scattered farces who had gotten rather grimy on the road.

On the morning of September 15th, the 12,000 bee-laagered defenders of Herpes fairy final cap-it-you-late Ted, as Ted was too late to save them and they had to remove their caps. These were nightcaps as they had just woken up in the morning of course.

At the cost of only 300 Confecterate casual ties (neck scarfs), Jack’s son had one won of the grate un-her-Aldi’d Vic-Tories of the A-merry-Can Seville Whore.

Leaving Ape Hill to arrange the Sir Render arraignments (the Hill said in effect the Mountain is yours, you can keep it), Jack’s son, with 2 Di Visions has-ten-Ed back to the new Confecterate de-fence line at Aunty Tam’s Greek. Here he built his stone wall as he usually did on de-fence (a stone wall is stronger than a fence obviously).

‘Mac’ Clellan farces streamed through the passes using online streaming services to find Lee’s army, which numbed perhaps 11,000 men on the afternoon of the 15th September, och-you-pie-ing the heights north of Sharp’s burger.

‘Mac’ Clellan had estimated that total Confecterate strength in the area amounted to “not less than 120,000 men”, an estimate that more than dub-balled Lee’s actual strength.

This proving what a silly burger (sic) he was.

He spent the 16th September N-gauging in recon-nay-sense of the Confecterate positions. I say ‘nay sense’ as the Wikipedia article states Although an immediate Union attack on the morning of September 16 would have had an overwhelming advantage in numbers,…

So as I say, what a silly burger (sic).

Jack’s son by way of an over knight farced morch (or vice versa), reached the Sharp’s burger on the afternoon of the 16th, effectively Dublin Lee’s strength.

Late in the day, elephants of the Onion Hooker Eye Corpse (these entered the prospective battlefield by the trunk road of course) crossed the Up-her Aunty Tam on the Confecterate left.

There was a brief but sharp s-cur-mesh or dog fight over Aunty Tam’s briefs which were drying in the afternoon son, but a knight soon put an end to the contest. After all, trying to take your aunt’s briefs is a very un-gentlemanly thing to do.

Who the gallant knight was we don’t know. It has been suggested it was Sir Cwm Stancis. Sir Cwm Stancis always gets in the way of things.

As this site indicates.

Examples include

‘You can blame circumstances, but backsliding always begins in the heart.’

Aiden Wilson Tozer

‘Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power.’

Benjamin Disraeli

‘Circumstances in the world of politics contribute substantially to whether or not you can be successful.’

Willie Brown

The Civil War’s bloodiest day

On September 17, 1862, the Army of Northern Virginia occupied a position which, in relation to the surrounding country, could be compared to the string of a bow in the act of being drawn. Lee’s left wing, commanded by Jackson, formed the upper half of the string and his right, commanded by Longstreet, the lower. The Potomac, at his rear, was the bow itself. The town of Sharpsburg represented the fingers of the archer drawing the bow. The right wing of the position was covered by the Antietam as it approached the Potomac, and the upper course of that stream formed no part of the battlefield. A.P. Hill’s division had remained at Harpers Ferry, but on the morning of the 17th Hill received orders to rejoin Lee with all haste. The Union II Corps (under Maj. Gen. Edwin Sumner) and XII Corps (under Maj. Gen. Joseph Mansfield) followed Hooker across the upper stream while McClellan’s left wing (Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside’s IX corps) drew up opposite Lee’s extreme right. McClellan, fearing a counterattack from a phantom Confederate juggernaut, intended to hold back his centre while pressuring Lee’s flanks. In practice, McClellan’s piecemeal commitment of forces negated his own overwhelming numerical superiority.

By Map by Hal Jespersen,, CC BY 3.0,

On September 17th, the Army of Northern Virgins occupied a Position Witch, in relation to Sir Round Inck Untree, could be compered to the string of a beau in the act of being drawn. That beau is Sir Round Inck Untree having his portrait done.

Sir Round Inck Untree often casts a spell on you which is due to the Position Witch referred to earlier.

To return to the story, Lee’s left wing, commanded by ‘Stonewall’ Jack’s son (Stonewall is essentially left wing of course) formed the upper half of the string. His right, not just to bear arms, was commanded by the Long Street forming the lower.

The Potty Mac at his rear, was the beau itself.

Or put another way, the string was a ‘G’ string round his rear, and it you are going to have a potty or chamber pot, best place it at the rear or bottom. If you do not understand this by now then you are clearly not potty trained.

The town of Sharp’s burger. represented the fingers of the Archer drawing the beau. So now we know the artist’s name, Mr Archer. This is believed to be a distant relative of Phil Archer as can be heard about in the Archers on Radio 4.

The right wing of the position was covered by Aunty Tam as she approached the Potty Mac.

A Phil’s Di Vision had remained at Herpes Fairy, but on the morning of the 17th Phil received hors d’oeuvres to re-join Lee with all paste (Lee’s army was falling off and needed sticking on).

The Onion eye-eye Corpse (under Ed win Summer) and eggs-eye-eye Corpse (under Joe’s ‘F’ Mans Field) followed the Hooker across the upper stream while ‘Mac’ Clellan’s left wing (Ambrosia Sideburn’s eye-eggs corpse) drew up opposite Lee’s extreme right (the Nazi or fascist wing).

Editor’s note: if you want to know how to draw ‘Up’, then look up and then draw it. If you want to know how to look up, then try Google or another search engine.

‘Mac’ Clellan, fearing a counterattack from a fan-Tom Confecterate juggernought, i.e. a jogger who doesn’t exist, intended to hold back his centaur while pressuring Lee’s banks. In practice, ‘Mac’ Clellan peas-meal commitment of farces negated his own overwhelming Americal superiority.

In other words, if you are going to present a farce, make sure you have lots of them all at once, the enemy will not know where to start.

Such as at the beginning of 2020 with the lockdowns which happened all at once over the world in a coordinated attack on the human race.

Which, if you think about it, is a jogger-nought in a way. Keep up now!

Battle for the Cornfield and Bloody Lane

The battle began at dawn with a furious assault on the extreme Confederate left by Hooker’s corps. After a brutal struggle over what came to be known as the Cornfield, Hooker was repulsed with the loss of a quarter of his men. Hooker himself was shot in the foot and was carried from the field. Command of his corps passed to Brig. Gen. George Meade. Jackson’s divisions suffered even more severely, losing nearly all their generals and colonels. It was only the arrival of Brig. Gen. John B. Hood and D.H. Hill which enabled Jackson’s corps to hold its ground near the Dunker Church. Had other Federal corps been at hand to support Hooker’s attack, the outcome of the battle might have been very different. Maj. Gen. Joseph Mansfield’s XII Corps next attacked farther to the left and with better fortune. Mansfield, however, was mortally wounded, and his command passed to Brig. Gen. Alpheus Williams, who led the corps well; after heavy fighting, Hood and D.H. Hill were driven back. Again, want of support checked the Federals, and the fight became stationary, with both sides losing many thousands of men.

By Map by Hal Jespersen,, CC BY 3.0,

The battle began at Dawn, the local red head, with a fur-I-us as salt on the extreme Confecterate left (also known as Antifa) by the Hooker Corpse.

There was a brutal struggle over what came to be known as the Cornfield, i.e. where lots of puns or corny jokes were made. These include the man whose legs were blown off who said ‘I took up arms but now I’ve lost my legs!’

Or the officer who exclaimed ‘When they gave me my uniform and said you will be able to go to lots of balls, I didn’t know they meant cannon balls!’

The Hooker was repulsed with a quarter off the men (as opposed to a dime as no buddy could spare a dime) and shot himself in the foot. This made him hopping mad of course.

Command of his corpse passed to Gorge Mead. Jack’s sons Di Visions suffered even more severally, losing all their general kernels which drove them nuts.

It was only the arrival of a Hood and a Hill which enabled Jack’s son’s corpse to hold its ground near the Dunker Church.

It should be noted that the objective of the Hooker corpse was the Dunker church where people got dunked in the water. This building belonged to a local sex, indigenous to the area of Germ-men Bap-tits or something like that. Bap-tits liked dunking people in the water.

And here’s the building at the time. Editor’s note: I had used a photo in my first issue of this post of the Lutheran church to the east of Sharpsburg by mistake. My apologies

Dunker church

But I don’t suppose they would have been too pleased about having a Hooker turn up.

Anyway, had other Feral corpses come to the aid of the Hooker’s attack, the outcome of the battle might have been different.

Joe’s F’s Mans field (next door to the Corn field and presumably where they grew men) attacked the father on the left, but we don’t know whose father. He had a better four tune, i.e. a better set of battle songs.

However, he was more-tally-whoon-dead and died of course. His command passed to Alpha us Will I ams (possibly God himself, although the Omega is not mentioned). He led his corpse well and after heavy fighting, drove the Hood and the Hill back.

Which just goes to show how a corpse can defeat a hood and indeed a mountain if you have enough guts and even a little faith to remove it.

Which might remind you of someone and something that happened long ago.

The want of support checked the Ferals, and the fight became stationary, with both sides losing many thousands of men.

In other words, the fight became letters and envelopes which the Royal Male, Parcel Farce etc. managed to lose.

Sumner now came into action, and overhaste involved him in a catastrophe. Attacked in front and flank, his troops were driven back in great confusion with nearly half their number killed and wounded. The remnants of Mansfield’s corps would be pulled back in the retreat that followed. Soon afterwards the Federal divisions of Brig. Gen. William French and Maj. Gen. Israel B. Richardson attacked D.H. Hill, whose men were now exhausted by continuous fighting. Here occurred the fighting in the “Bloody Lane,” a sunken road north of Sharpsburg, which French and Richardson eventually carried. D.H. Hill’s men had fought the Battle of South Mountain and had already been fully engaged three times on this day; Hill would lose some two-thirds of his entire command, including 25 of 34 field officers. Proper support would have enabled the Federals to crush Lee’s centre, but VI Corps (under Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin) and V Corps (under Maj. Gen. Fitz-John Porter), held in reserve, were not allowed by McClellan to move forward, and the opportunity passed.

By Map by Hal Jespersen,, CC BY 3.0,

Summer now came into action (although it was strictly late summer being September), and overhaste involved him in a cat-as-trophy. The cat might have been Tom-arse Jack’s son.  At tacked in front and flank, his tropes were driven back in great confusion with nearly half their killed and wounded number, i.e. numb.

The remnants of Man’s field’s corpse would be pulled back in the re treat that followed. Soon afterwards the Feral divisions of brigand general Will I am French and may-jaw general Is-real bee Rich-hard’s son at tacked De Hill, whose men were now exhausted by continuous fidgeting.

Here occurred the fidgeting in the “Bloody Lane,” a sun ken road north of Sharp’s burger, which French and Rich hard’s son eventually carried, although where to we don’t know.

De Hill’s men had fought the Battle of South Mountain and had already been fully engaged three times on this day, which is quite some going. Imagine being engaged to three people and breaking it off three times all on one day.

De Hill would lose some two-thirds of his entire command, including 25 of 34 field officers. The field officers are another name for ploughmen who got buried in the field. What on earth they were doing is not recorded, but once they were in the earth they were dead we assume.

Proper support would have enabled the Ferals to crush Lee’s centre, but Vi’s Corpse (under ma jaw general will I am ‘bee’ Frank Lyn) and V Corpse (under ma jaw general Fits-John Poorter), held in reserve, were not allowed by ‘Mac’ Clellan to move forward, and the opportunity passed.

Editor’s note: interestingly anagrams of ‘opportunity’ include

‘Put yr option’ – you have the option in an opportunity to put your case, attack etc.

‘Try up option’ – similar to above.

‘Option RT yup’ – you have the option to listen to Russia Today if you can but I believe it may have been cancelled in today’s cancel culture in the western world.

‘Or Putin typo’ – but of course it may be a spelling mistake by the current Russian president!!!

The battle for Burnside Bridge

Burnside, on the southern end of the Union lines, had received his orders late and acted on them later still. The battle was over on the Confederate right before Burnside fired a shot, and Lee was able to shift nearly all of his troops from his southern wing to support Jackson in the north. At last Burnside moved forward, but his advance was immediately checked by a handful of men left to oppose him at what came to be known as Burnside Bridge. Fewer than 500 Georgia sharpshooters covered nearly a mile of ground from the bridge south to Snavely’s Ford, the only other practicable crossing of the Antietam in the area. These men turned the stone bridge into a killing zone, and Burnside spent more than three hours trying to force a crossing of the creek. With their ammunition all but exhausted, the Confederate defenders were at last driven back by a Federal bayonet charge.

Sideburns, on the south urn end of the Onion lines, had received his hors d’oeuvre late and acted on them later. Still, the battle was over on the Confecterate rite before Sideburn fired a shot, let alone any of his men.

Lee was a-bull to shit (sic) nearly awl of his tropes from his south urn wing to support Jack’s son in the gnawth. At last Sideburns moved forward, but his ad vance was immediately checked by a handful of men left to oppose him at what became to be known as Sideburns Bridge.

Fewer than 500 Georgia sharpshitters (sic) covid nearly a mile of ground from the bridge south to Snively’s Ford, a very early Ford production vehicle. It was called Snively as it was covid, i.e. the common cold or ‘flu. It was quite fast by comparison to walking and it was reported that it ‘flu along.

Anyway, this was the only other way to get across Aunty Tam. These men turned the stone bridge into a killing zone (Covid is responsible for most deaths nowadays so similar situation back then no doubt).

Sideburns spent more than three hours trying to force a crossing of the Greek. It was reported that his name was ‘Mr. Keepyourbuttsoffoursideoritsyourloss’.

With their ammunition all butt exhaust Ted (Ted had a few rounds left), the Confecterate  D fenders were at last driven back (in the Ford) by a Feral bay-and-net charge ($9.99).

It might be observed that a burn is a stream in Scotland and Sideburns was trying to get to the other side.

Burnside now crossed the Antietam with over 8,000 men, and at about 3:00 PM he launched an attack on the 2,000 or so Confederate soldiers who had retired to the heights east of Sharpsburg. Burnside began to roll up Lee’s right flank, and it seemed that the Army of Northern Virginia would not survive the day. It was then that the rebel yell erupted from a force on Burnside’s left flank. A.P. Hill’s troops, freshly armed and resupplied from the stores at Harpers Ferry, had marched 17 miles (27 km) in just eight hours, arriving, as Hill reported, “not in a moment too soon.” In some cases, Union troops, seeing soldiers in blue uniforms, held their fire, only to realize too late that these were Hill’s men in clothing that had been taken from Harpers Ferry. Hill’s attack shattered the Union advance, and by 4:30 PM the Federal left flank was in full retreat. The repulse of Burnside effectively ended the battle. Pressure was brought to bear on McClellan to renew the engagement, but he refused, and Lee crossed the Potomac unmolested. This ended the fighting on what would be the single bloodiest day in the history of the U.S. armed forces.

This above is Sideburns. Please note the sideburns.

Sideburns now crossed aunty Tam with over 8,000 men, and at about 3 P.M.’s (Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and David Cameron) he lunched an attack on the 2,000 also Confecterate soulgers who had re-tyred to the heights east of Sharp’s burger.

Sideburns began to roll up Lee’s rite flank (like rolling up his sleeve) prior to jabbing into him (like the vaccines). It seemed that the army (which had the sleeve) of the Northern Virgins would not survive the day.

It was then that the rebel Yell, from, erupted from a farce on Sideburns’ left flank. A Phil’s troops, freshly armed and resupplied from the stores at Herpes Fairy, had marched 17 miles (27 km) in just ate hours (presumably having had no chance to eight anything), arriving, as Phil reported, “not in a moment too soon.”

Mmm… how about ‘Just in time’? Bit simpler to say that I think.

In some cases (suitcases the confecterates were carrying with the looted stores), Onion tropes, seeing soulgers in blue unicorns, held their fire, only to realize too late that their hands were burning. And that these were Phil’s men in clothing that had been taken from Herpes Fairy.

I thought Fairy clothing was pretty and flowery and therefore obvious, so really the Onion tropes must have been a bit dim.

Phil’s attack shattered the Onion ad vance, and by 4:30 PM the Feral left flank was in full retreat. The re pulse, or lentil, of Sideburns effectively ended the battle, i.e. they were fected.      

Pressure was brought to bare on ‘Mac’ Clellan to renew the engagement, but he refused having been rejected too often. Perhaps you have had the same experience. Anyway, Lee crossed the Potomac un-mole tested, and ‘Mac’ Clellan wasn’t into stalking.


Confederate dead lie in the “Bloody Lane” after the Battle of Antietam, 1862.

Wikipedia says

Antietam ranks fifth in terms of total casualties in Civil War battles, falling behind Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Chancellorsville, and Spotsylvania Court House.


12,410 casualties with 2,108 dead.

This represented 25% of the Federal force.

1,910 Union Confederate troops died of their wounds soon after the battle.

225 Union troops listed as missing were later confirmed as dead.


10,316 casualties with 1,547 dead.

This represented 31% of the Confederates.

1,550 Confederate troops died of their wounds soon after the battle.

306 Confederate troops listed as missing were later confirmed as dead.

Aftermath & conclusions

Thus ended the fighting on what some consider to be the single bloodiest day in the history of the U.S. armed forces.

As regards the assertion that this was the single bloodiest day in the history of the U.S. armed forces I note that

‘anemia tt’ is an anagram of Antietam. The root word ‘anemia’ has to do with loss of blood. Makes you think.

Makes you think what a bloody waste of time it all was.

Anyway, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t pleased with McClellan for not being more aggressive in his approach when this could have meant a decisive tactical victory, although strategically the outcome of the battle meant that Lee withdrew across the river Potomac ending the campaign.

Interestingly, today we have an article from MSN copying a Daily Mail article headed

‘I wasn’t arrested’: Joe Biden admits he was never detained in South Africa despite previous claims

The fact that MSN have posted this is unusual for them I would say. Perhaps this will affect the Democrat campaign for the mid-terms.

The Battle of Antietam was considered a turning point in the war, although I have always thought that Gettysburg was the pivotal point.

But I note that Confederate offensives in Mississippi and Kentucky were also defeated in the fall of 1862 so I can see why it was such a significant event.

Wikipedia says

The results of Antietam also allowed President Lincoln to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, which gave Confederate states until January 1, 1863, to return or else lose their slaves.

Wikipedia also says

The Union victory and Lincoln’s proclamation played a considerable role in dissuading the governments of France and Britain from recognizing the Confederacy; some suspected they were planning to do so in the aftermath of another Union defeat.

When the issue of emancipation was linked to the progress of the war, neither government had the political will to oppose the United States, since it linked support of the Confederacy to support for slavery.

Both countries had already abolished slavery, and the public would not have tolerated the government militarily supporting a sovereignty upholding the ideals of slavery.

Of course slavery was technically abolished in 1865 in the USA as Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution when The amendment was passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, was ratified by the required 27 of the then 36 states on December 6, 1865, and was proclaimed on December 18.

I note it was the 13th, the number considered unlucky by many although I don’t believe in luck. But 13 is actually considered lucky by the Chinese among others I believe.

But slavery still exists and peoples are still oppressed, and war is still vile. I end with this photo from Wikipedia article.

“Confederate soldier who after being wounded had evidently dragged himself to a little ravine on the hillside where he died”. Photograph by Alexander Gardner.

P.S. Link to Battle of the Second Bull Run.

On this day 82 years ago Operation Sealion, the proposed invasion of Great Britain by Germany in 1940, was postponed. Editor’s note: sight amendment as I had said ‘cancelled’ which is incorrect, although in effect of course it never happened.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral takes place Monday 19th in Westminster Abbey. I gather Joe Biden is attending. Is there room for two in the coffin I wonder?

As regards ‘aunty Tam’ this may be Theresa Tam. She is the second-in-command of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). She is from Hong Kong originally when it was under British administration, and brought up in the UK. You can find out more here.

The first link talks about a conflict of interest, hence the battle of aunty Tam!

This shows the stupidity of Theresa.

Uncle Tam may be Jonathan Van-Tam. He was a Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England on 2 October 2017. He was born and brought up in the UK. You can find out more here.

As you will see he has worked in big pharma. Another conflict of interest like the Battle of Antietam!

Further useful links on conflict of interest, including other parties.

Conflicts of Interests – just how deep is the swamp?

In conflicts of interest, battles must be fought to expose and bring these people among many others to justice for their crimes against humanity, against all the nations of the world.

Let us continue the good fight.


B is for….Blood

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th September, 2022

I have this below as a page on my site under the World Menu in LE CAFÉ. I am posting now as I am lazy and want to post something before the 17th when I plan to post on the Battle of Antietam.

Please note that that will not be your usual historical take, but my sideways look at the madness and bizarre humour that might arise despite the terror and bloodiness of it all.

But perhaps it is fitting we should have this piece on blood. There is a follow up More Blood via a link at the bottom. I might turn that into a post as opposed to a page.

25th June 2020

Out of a stone. Or as I recall Barry Cryer once said on ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’, ‘You can’t bloody get out of Estonia!’ Thanks Barry.

It is quite hard getting blood out of a human too. Yes, really. I know you can run one over with a steam roller (don’t try this at home or anywhere else, please) and that would extract it all. About 9-12 pints I gather. It varies of course.

However, a steam roller would not be a good way of collecting blood. It would go on the road, track or whatever and be rapidly soaked up. I understand the cops in the U.S.A. use concentrated coca cola to clean up the stains after an accident. Makes you keen to drink coca cola doesn’t it?

Mind you anything concentrated would not be good for you. Even too much water can be problem. After all Doctor Foster went to Gloucester, in a shower of rain. When he got there, the cupboard was bare, so he never went there again.

The cupboard was probably bare because of panic buying for the next outbreak, sorry, second wave, of Covid 19. Hang on, I think I have got in a muddle. Wasn’t it Old Mother Hubbard who had the cupboard? And Doctor Foster, didn’t he step in a puddle, right to his muddle? Or step into a piddle right up to his middle?

But a piddle can be a river like the one in Dorset. Beautiful valley. I must go and look again from my Cloud. And the village of Plush just off it. And a low thatched pub, The Brace of Pheasants. Typically English. At least how we imagine the idyll must be.


But pubs are still closed (except the more enterprising who have offered takeaway food). Still, I see that they will be ‘allowed’ to open from the 4th of July. So, is that inclusive of the 4th? Happy 4th of July. If there are any Americans stuck over here, perhaps they will be able to celebrate with a pint of good old English ale, from the pump.

However, has anyone checked the rules? Anyone?? What does the Government website say children? Let’s have a look, shall we? That’s right. Search for Gov UK. Carefully now, you might catch something if you’re not alert. Stay Alert, that’s the motto.  ‘Businesses and self-employed people’. Under >>>Guidance<<< and support. That’s right. Now ‘Getting financial help and keeping your business safe’. Well done!

Next ‘Reopen your business safely during coronavirus (COVID‑19)’ Ehxcellent, as Mr Brittas might say. Second paragraph. Now remember what I told you about stress the vowels (No dear, vowels, and no, you cannot go to the toilet, hold it in a bit longer). So, let’s try, ‘eU-z… th-hiss… guy-d-aunts. Once more, bit quicker. Use..this..guidance. There now, not difficult, was it.

There now follows >>>guidance<<< from the HSE. ‘The text underneath is not considered suitable for small children. Or adults with small brains’. I apologise if you have already understood this, and certainly some have. You don’t need to read this.


Whatever have you been thinking about? Anything? Anything at all?? By all the Gordons of Bennet (little know Scottish clan, but seen everywhere). So that means you can decide. For yourself. Shall I, shan’t I?

What are you afraid off? Bogeyman going to get you? No he snot! Policeman? Well if he comes round ‘’ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what ‘ave ‘we ‘ere?’ ‘Well officer, we have done our Health and Safety checks and we have come up with the following assessment. We had ‘flu last year, and the year before, and the year before ….’

And it is possible that if you go on in this fashion, if you have been in business some time, that he will get bored and go away. Or you could offer him a cup of tea or something. And have a chat. You know, my name is, what’s yours sort of thing. Busy? ‘Well, no getting bored actually. No one to chase, all locked down’.

Brightening. ‘Managed to apprehend two felons, standing too close to each other ‘tho’. But if he arrests you, why not enjoy it? Try their tea at the Nick. They will offer you a cup eventually, I imagine. They don’t usually like to have inmates die of thirst, bad for business you know.

You get the picture. And if you don’t, all being well, one day they will say….

Sorry? Oh, really? I must interrupt my discourse. It is reported that the government have just issued latest GUIDANCE as follows:

Scientists have just discovered, that probably, they’re not quite sure, but on balance, that if we all jump off Beachy Head Covid 19 will be over by Christmas. Possibly. That will leave the animals etc but they have reasonable levels of intelligence (apart from lemmings from which most of the world is descended, apparently).

However, I see a problem with that. I have been thinking. Mmm? What’s that? Thinking?! Big sigh. Thump, thump, thump. That’s better, head hurts, but plaster was coming loose and needed repair anyway.

Where was I? Oh, yes if we all jump off at the same time there will be a pile up on the beach below. I haven’t calculated if all the people in the UK did this what the volume would be (doubt anyone in government, civil service, NHS has checked either).

But at some point, the pile could reach the cliff top. And then you would be walking on to bodies (the last people alive, but groaning). And then you would have to find another cliff. And do a Health and Safety Risk Assessment first of course.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png


P.S. Cliff Richard (thanks for all the music, Cliff) is not a suitable cliff for jumping off. He is not that tall for a start, and he is not quite as young as he was. Just listen to his records instead. Might stop you jumping off cliffs because someone told you it was a good idea. Possibly.

P.P.S. Forgot what I was going to talk about. See B is for….(more) Blood

P.P.P.S. If you want to know about the current issues with Covid 19 try this

Covid 19 Summary


Stop Press: The queen is dead, long live the king!

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th September, 2022

But how long for that is the question? After all Prince Charles, now Charles III, is 73 years old and counting. But his father lived to be nearly 100, but missed out on that magic number and getting a telegram from the Queen.

Mind you, he would have needed to apply for one, unless she had been prepared to do one herself.

As regards the queen everyone is sad she is gone. Well, not everyone.

I note Jeff Bozo (sic) is trying to make himself look good by making a tweet. As he is a hypocrite with his abuse of Amazon monopoly I am not impressed.

This is a very good piece from Tucker Carlson. He says fairly ‘The British Empire was not perfect, but it was far more humane than any other ever,’

But others are critical and see the queen as a colonialist.

As regards prince Charles he is now King Charles III, but could have been King George VII or King Arthur.

If he had chosen King Arthur perhaps he would fulfil the prophecy to rule a united Britain.’s_messianic_return

But as to saving Britain I do wonder about kings called Charles in Britain as the first was a schemer who married a Roman Catholic (as prince Charles has), and the second was a philander who did not interest himself seriously in the kingdom.

You can find out more in general about prince Charles, now Charles the third.

As regards the queen, I am not aware what she died of. Presumably Covid 19 as most deaths seem to be down to that nowadays. I doubt it was the vaccines as she probably had a placebo like the elites generally.

As regards Covid 19 I note this from her Wikipedia entry.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place in England at the time, the Queen sat alone at Philip’s funeral service, which evoked sympathy from people around the world.


Assuming this actually happened in this way as opposed to a set up photo (there have been so many media lies it is difficult to tell), I have no sympathy. I worked out in 2020 that it was all faked and social distancing utterly pointless. If she was truly an intelligent women she might have worked this out.

Unless she was in on the scam.

Of course you don’t see her face due to the mask, the whole thing is dodgy.

Wikipedia says

Her reign of 70 years and 214 days is the longest of any British monarch and the longest recorded of any female head of state in history.

As far as I am concerned, I have known no other monarch, although I never met her. I did see her at a distance in Brighton from the office window (I assume it really was her, and not an actor!). I did see Prince Philip close up though when I received my Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award at Buckingham Palace.

I thought the formal entry hall excessive with all its gold leaf. I am not surprised the queen preferred something more homely.

Am I sad at her passing? Well, it is the end of an era and it seems there will be a lot of upheaval. I did wonder if she thought that it would not be good to have two Elizabeths in charge of the UK, a Windsor and a Truss!

What I am really sad about is the fact that not once in her long reign did she refuse to sign Bills of Parliament into law that were against God’s laws.

I quote this from my post K is for…..Kings

“She made a promise to God at her coronation. It is recorded that, amongst other things, the archbishop asked of her ‘Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?’ To which, amongst other things, she replied ‘All this I promise to do’.

So, I wonder why she has never refused to sign a Bill of Parliament, of all those contradicting God’s, the Most High’s, laws? There have been a very great many. So, I would like to ask her, why? Why did you sign?”

Indeed, a friend of ours who we hadn’t seen for a few years came round the other day. He said the same thing, he would have liked to ask the queen the same question. Too late now of course.

I understand it would have caused a constitutional crisis in theory but we did not have a referendum on these serious issues and who knows what the silent majority would have thought at the time.

When we did have a referendum on Brexit the remainers went wild trying to overturn the result they didn’t like. I daresay the same thing would have happened. Evil doesn’t like it when right stands up for the truth.

As far as we know she lived rightly herself, although her children have made a bit of a mess, with 3 out of 4 divorced, and even her own sister Margaret divorced. There is of course the on-going saga with Prince Andrew and even rumblings about Charles and the cause of Diana’s death

But she didn’t stand up and be counted when the evil bills were passed legalising same sex intercourse for males over 21 and the relaxing on abortion in 1967 let alone the Same sex Couples Act in 2013.

She signed these into law and her signature was required to make them law.

The individual bills may have seen small steps that weren’t meant to go further, but give the Devil an inch and he will take a mile. In fact he will take any miles he can get. He hates the human race and will do anything to destroy and control it.

And he uses his minions to do so, both Nazis and Marxists/communists who both sadly came out of Germany as I have said before. They have sought to destroy the UK and the legacy of its Empire, the Commonwealth, which is why those countries have been particularly targeted in the Covid 19 era.

What Charles III will be like as king remains to be seen. I don’t dislike him per se, and I think he has had a lot of bad press. He has done a lot of good via the Duchy of Cornwall and promotion of organic food. We have been poisoned too long by big pharma and the big farmer using artificial fertilizers and pesticides on the soil.

We are what we eat, and if we eat poisoned things we die, maybe even become poisonous ourselves as our bodies and minds are upset and we do things we shouldn’t.

Accepting evil laws into the country has the same effect on our spirits, the words corrupting our very hearts.

So I am sad the queen has gone, but far sadder at the legacy she left behind with the legislation she signed into law.

But I do wonder if it was necessary to bring about these end times as evil is exposed and the true culprits revealed for the entire world to see, to separate the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats.

After all, all things work together for good for those who love God, and these are a far bigger number than those who don’t despite appearances to the contrary.

P.S. I might write a lot more about Charles III including the World Economic Forum etc, but not now.

Of course today is 9/11 when the twin towers fell in New York. Therein lies another story which opened the millennium.

And if you haven’t seen my different and mainly amusing take on the kings and queens of England.

K is for…..Kings


Factcheck: Is Joe Biden the new Nero?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

6th September, 2022

This is Joe Biden

This is Nero

This is Nero

Personally I can’t see the likeness. Except that Nero is a bust and so is the USA as far as I can tell, $30+ trillion and counting.

But I saw this video and felt I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to examine more closely the assertion that Joe ‘Burn down the USA’ Biden is acting like the emperor Nero of Rome.

Ron DeSantis: Biden is the American Nero

Now, you may know I like anagrams, so let’s take a look, they may help.


Well, there are apparently at least 10,000 short phrases associated with Nero. Here are some good ones. I will comment as I feel necessary.

Biden’s full name Joseph Robinette Biden

Inept jobbed shite Nero – yes, quite.

He bi BP jettisoned Nero – possible reference to the Border Patrol although perhaps the BP is jettisoning Biden rather than the other way round.

It says

When asked what Biden and his administration can do to prevent the agency from continuing to operate as if the president doesn’t make policy, her answer was simple. “He has to decertify the union,” she said.

Perhaps decertifying the union of the United States of America is what she meant. This would solve the problem and remove Federal power.

Apparently Joe said

“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped – it’s outrageous,” Biden said, making a whipping motion with his hand. “I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

I assume this is exactly what he said. Perhaps someone can help me with ‘…horses barely running over…’ This doesn’t make much sense, but then quite a lot of what Joe says nowadays doesn’t seem to make much sense. That’s dementia for you.

Benet dope jib shit Nero – The Daily Mail says 5 members of Joe Biden’s family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse

Mind you, according to this article around 50% of the citizens of the USA are on drugs. Or medications if you prefer, but it’s the same difference, they are still by and large harmful as a majority are neuro-toxic.

Bebe Jon shit tepid Nero – yes, quite.

Indebt job pee Nero shit – given the huge indebtedness of the USA I think that’s fair.

The national debt was over $30.8 trillion in August 2022.

According to

It is argued that the government spending programs help boost the economy. But don’t necessarily make people’s lives better of course.

Most of Joe Biden’s programs are to boost the bureaucracy.

Since when have bureaucrats been any good in large numbers?

Jibbed poteen shit Nero – poteen is illicit Irish whisky.

I wonder what Joe has been drinking.

beep bidet Jon Nero shit – well, a bidet is very useful for washing one’s bottom after going to the toilet. Although it will take more than water to wash away the crap of Joe’s maladministration.

Pure water of the Word of God springs to mind.

beep debt join Nero shit – more of the same

jobbed pee tin Nero shit – more of the same. Note pee tin, not poo tin, which sounds like the president of Russia.

BE BHP jet sedition Nero – I am not sure if this has anything to be with this.

BHP Group Limited

Of course BHP might possibly stand for Biden Harris Partnership. Or Braindead Hyena Partnership.

bet jibed phoniest Nero – some people think him a phony. I question if we actually see him on the screen or a look alike.

debt jibe phoniest Nero – more of the same.

debt jibe siphoned Nero – siphoning off taxpayers money maybe

or petrol

or the Ukraine

both Epstein jibed Nero


Epstein hit jobbed Nero

Not Joe but his second wife, Jill.

I don’t think anybody should use doctor in front of their name whether they deliver babies or not.

She doesn’t think he is very well. There’s a surprise.

Bebe Jedi pith snot Nero – ‘May the farce be with you!! Joe Biden is great!’

‘Oh not he’s snot!’

Etc. etc.

Look, I keep saying we are witnessing a pantomime. This is part of audience participation.

He be jib nit despot Nero – the de-spotty one, complete potty.

But no longer potty trained allegedly.

Or maybe not.

Epithet jobbed sin Nero – quite so. His sins will find him out.

He’s bent be PJ idiot Nero – sums it up nicely in my books. As to what PJ stand for, well this could be Practical Joke or Poor Joke. Again, we are in a pantomime.


Well, I think we can say the comparison with Nero is fair don’t you? Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Joe Biden fiddles the books while the USA burns.

He is another Nero as DeSantis says.

Factcheck rates that 100% (and I have not received a fat check or cheque for it!).

P.S. More on Joe Biden can be found in Lost Property towards the bottom of that page.


Why is ‘Schäfer’ German for shepherd?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

5th September, 2022

Afghan shepherd

Why indeed? Apparently ‘hirte’ is also a word for shepherd which seems rather odd.

However, it is in the phonetics you see. ‘Hirte’ sound similar to ‘herder’, someone who herds or protects the flock.

‘Gute Hirte’ means ‘good shepherd’ in German. I thought I would look at the anagrams. And as Jesus said he was the good shepherd, I thought I would consider the results in that context.

True eight – Jesus says He is the way the truth and the life. And eight is a number associated with Him.

eg hurt tie – He binds up the wounded – Ezekiel 34 v. 16

eg ruth tie – He binds up with compassion (Ruth means compassion) – Matthew 9 v. 36.

When He saw the crowds, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.,-Of-Christ

Er thug tie – He binds up the strong man who would attack the flock – Ezekiel 34 v. 16

I greet hut – He and the Father will make their home with you, whether it is a hut or not!

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

eg ie truth – He is truth and is an example of truth.

Hug it tree – He is the Tree of Life whom we can hug!

This is a useful link about Jesus being the good shepherd.

Going back to the German, hirte can sound like hurter, someone who hurts. And there are the evil shepherds, those who hurt the flock. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing which Ezekiel 34 talks about as Jeremiah in 23 v. 2.

Therefore this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says about the shepherds who tend My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your deeds, declares the LORD

Interestingly, Francis Schaeffer’s surname derives from Schäfer. He was of part German ancestry which should not be surprising. He co-founded the L’Abri community in Switzerland with his wife Edith.

In the article it says of his legacy which includes the Covenant Theological Seminary establishing the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute, and ‘The purpose of the school is to train Christians to demonstrate compassionately and defend reasonably what they see as the claims of Christ on all of life.’

But why is Schäfer German for shepherd? Because you are ‘safer’ with a shepherd, a good shepherd than without!

In fact an anagram of Schafer is Chr safe. Chr is the first letters of Christ, so you could say in Christ you are safe.

It’s in the phonetics, and in the word.

And in the beginning was the word…


A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

Part 2. Liz Truss

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th September, 2022

If you haven’t seen it you may wish to examine part 1: Rishi Sunak. Anyway with Boris Johnson gone, the Tory party are looking for a new leader.

I wasn’t sure about the two remaining, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, until I looked at Rishi Sunak who you will see I discard very definitely. But I thought I must also take a closer look At Liz Truss. I have used Wikipedia entries as a starting point. Text in italics extracted from these entries.

Liz Truss

She was born in Oxford, UK, in July 1975 so she is now 47. Her parents may be UK nationals and there is no evidence to suggest they are not.

Her father is an emeritus professor of pure mathematics at the University of Leeds, while her mother was a nurse, teacher and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Truss has described her parents as being “to the left of Labour”.

She has moved around a bit and appears to have had a state school education so probably more in tune with the general population than Rishi Sunak, although a public school education does not necessarily make somebody ignorant of the populace as a whole.

She has been Liberal Democrat but joined the Conservative Party in 1996, which would have been at around age 21, so something must have changed her mind.

Professional career

She has worked in large businesses having qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant. I don’t have anything against accountants per se but running a country is not just about the numbers.

Political career

Parliamentary candidatures

Shortly after her selection, some members of the constituency association objected to Truss’s selection, due to her failing to declare a prior affair with the married Conservative MP Mark Field.

I am not sure why she should have declared her affair, as I don’t know how she presented her case for selection. But is does seem the central party intervened, possibly David Cameron himself. I have no affiliation to any party but I am none too keen on seeing centralised control over such matters. The local association should have the ultimate say.

The prospective member of parliament will represent to constituency first and foremost, that is what parliamentary democracy is supposed to be about.

Parliamentary career

She has been the co-author of a book which said “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor.”

I am not sure how true this is, although in certain sectors no doubt it is true. But productivity has nothing to do with how long people work. Much time at work is technically ‘wasted’. What the end result is what matters, is it of good quality and useful is the question that should be asked.

Lots of stuff gets made which is essentially crap and doesn’t last. As to the various documents and reports that get churned out by civil servants etc. the bulk of it is filler and pointless garbage.

Truss has campaigned for improved teaching of more rigorous school subjects, especially mathematics. She noted in 2012 that only 20% of British students studied maths to 18, and called for maths classes to be compulsory for all those in full-time education. Truss herself studied maths and further maths at A level. She argued in 2011 that comprehensive school pupils were being “mis-sold” easy, low-value subjects to boost school results: comprehensive school pupils were six times as likely to take media studies at A-level as privately educated pupils. Truss also criticised the over-reliance on calculators to the detriment of mental arithmetic.

I have to say I thoroughly agree with her on this. Whilst I don’t think anybody needs any more than a good ‘O’ level grounding in maths to be competent in life and indeed, a decent primary school level will suffice most of the time, I did take Maths and Further maths at ‘A’ level myself although I dropped the latter after my first year in sixth form due to struggling with the pure side (statistics I quite enjoyed).

Over reliance on calculators is a very good point, we need to stimulate our brains and expecting a machine to do things for us is not good.

As to media studies, these are a farce by and large.

Ministerial career

Junior ministerial career (2012–2014)

She sought to improve British standards in maths for fear that children are falling behind those in Asian countries,

Understandable as an accountant she should wish for this. And in my books very reasonable.

Environment Secretary (2014–2016)

In November 2014, Truss launched a new 10-year bee and pollinator strategy to try to reverse the trend of falling bee populations, including a strategy to revive traditional meadows which provide the most fertile habitat for pollinators. In July 2015, she approved the limited temporary lifting of an EU ban on the use of two neonicotinoid pesticides, enabling their use for 120 days on about 5% of England’s oil seed rape crop to ward off the cabbage stem flea beetle; campaigners in 2012 warned that pesticides were shown to harm bees by damaging their renowned ability to navigate home.

The problem with falling bee populations is that they have been poisoned by the many toxins in the environment introduced by the chemical industries/big pharma to big farmers!!

These chemicals are neuro-toxins as they are designed to suppress the nervous systems of insects, but all that ultimately happens is that the toxins accumulate in bees and the hive is poisoned.

This is not rocket science and is yet one more instance of big pharma harming the life on this planet.

I am surprised Liz Truss has not grasped this.

Truss cut taxpayer subsidies for solar panels on agricultural land, as her view was that the land could be better used to grow crops, food and vegetables.

I agree with her on this. I despair when I see the solar panels littering the landscape. We need to grow as much food as we can, but we don’t need to use agro-chemicals and pesticides to do it. We need quality not quantity and we certainly do not need to poison ourselves as we currently do, courtesy of big pharma.

Justice Secretary (2016–2017)

She has been criticized for “…failing to support more robustly the judiciary and the principle of judicial independence.”

Apparently this was regarding the R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union case which ruled “…that the British Government (the executive) may not initiate withdrawal from the European Union by formal notification to the Council of the European Union as prescribed by Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union without an Act of Parliament giving the government Parliament’s permission to do so.”

Technically this may have been correct but given that Gina Miller, who was one of the main claimants in the case, was and presumably still is, an ardent remainer, one can sympathise with those who thought the judges were being unreasonable.

It is reasonably argued that we were misled into joining the EEC as it was when we joined and we had no proper legality anyway as a consequence.

Vernon Coleman is very good.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury (2017–2019)

Some of her civil servants were reported as finding her tenure as Chief Secretary “exhausting”, because of her demanding work schedule and her habit of asking officials multiplication questions at random intervals.

It amuses me that some officials should apparently struggle with multiplication questions. One wonders quite what level of multiplication they were. Officials in the treasury should have a firm grasp of numbers.

My father tells me his grandfather could add up three columns of figures in the old pounds schillings and pence in his job as a stockjobber in the stock exchange. In today’s age I wonder how many could add up two columns in their heads.

This link from the Wikipedia article expands on Liz Truss.

It says

Few dispute that she would have been able to do the job (of chancellor of the exchequer) effectively. But Johnson discarded her as his chancellor-designate in part because of the row the tax plans caused, and in part because Javid was more willing to spend freely.

That’s a pity. We needed sensible spending, not the free for all that we see and the enormous waste of taxpayer’s money that goes on.

In June 2018, Truss gave a speech outlining her declared commitment to freedom and individual liberty. She criticised regulations that get in the way of people’s lives and warned that raising taxes could see the Tories being “crushed” at the polls; in particular, she criticised ministerial colleagues who should, in her view, realise “that it’s not macho just to demand more money. It’s much tougher to demand better value and challenge the blob of vested interests within your department”.

Good for her. About time the vested interests got a great big boot up their backsides. Bleeding Britain dry is what they have done at the expense of those who work hard for peanuts.

International Trade Secretary (2019–2021)

She seems to have done some useful work on trade deals post Brexit, including Japan.

This was followed by newly negotiated trade deals with Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

I am not quite sure how significant a trade deal with Liechtenstein will be. It is rather small!! Still, every little helps as they say.

In December 2020, Truss made a speech on equality policy in which she stated that the UK focused too heavily on “fashionable” race, sexuality, and gender issues at the expense of poverty and geographical disparity. In the speech, she announced that the government and civil service would no longer be receiving unconscious bias training.

“no longer be receiving unconscious bias training.” Hooray, about bloody time. Mind you, what is unconscious bias anyway? Possibly Antifa or LGBTQ+ activists knocking you unconscious for disagreeing with their lunacy!

Everybody is biased. One can be biased towards truth or biased towards lies. But let’s have plain robust speaking, no cover up of the truth. And cut the crap of the civil service which in my books has become the uncivil service as it does not serve the people as it should.

You may have heard the phrase “the bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.” attributed to Oscar Wilde.

The civil service should be heavily streamlined along with many other administration jobs. Liz Truss might well take up the cudgel as P.M.

Foreign Secretary (2021–present)

Russia and Ukraine

I am not impressed with her as Foreign Secretary in this context.

She made a cock-up regarding Russia’s sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov regions, two Russian provinces where Russian troops are deployed.

I suppose one can’t expect her to have studied the WW2 Eastern Front but a bit of geography would have helped. Is this the mentality of an accountant?

She has supported people wanting to help the ‘struggle’ which shows great naivety and ignorance of what is actually going on let alone the fact this is apparently illegal anyway.

She wants to push Russia out of the Ukraine and the Crimea, yet seems blissfully unaware of history and the proxy war that has been going on and the Nazi Azov battalion.

2022 Conservative Party leadership election

She pledged to cut taxes on day one if elected, and said she would “fight the election as a Conservative and govern as a Conservative”, adding that she would also take “immediate action to help people deal with the cost of living.” She said she would cancel a planned rise in corporation tax and reverse the recent increase in National Insurance rates, funded by delaying the date by which the national debt is planned to fall, as part of a “long-term plan to bring down the size of the state and the tax burden”.

Well, I am all for what she proposes. Bringing down the size of the state is a mammoth task but essential. I am not adverse to reasonable taxes as such but governments just waste the money horrendously. People get given a budget and have no incentive to give value for money or save it to be put aside for something better at the year end.

If we don’t have people who actually care and will be honest (let alone have the mathematical skills) then waste and corruption will continue.

Political positions

Economics and foreign policy

She supports free trade. I am generally for this provided what we get is good quality. All too often free trade can mean the lowest common denominator and we end up with rubbish goods – or should that be bads?!


She voted to remain but changed her mind in 2017. I was unsure myself about which way to vote, but voted leave in the end.

As remainers then went ballistic and I now understand that the EU is the German Fourth Reich planned all along if WW2 didn’t go according to plan for Nazi Germany, I now realise I was right to vote the way I did.

We were warned decades ago about Germany before we joined but siren voices persuaded people we must join. Germany has been stuffing us ever since.

Anyway, at least she now sees sense. She is quoted as saying “I was wrong and I am prepared to admit I was wrong”. That is something in a politician to be humble enough to admit ones mistakes and seems rare to me.

But then who does like admitting their mistakes?

Social and cultural issues

On culture, Truss has said that the Conservative Party should “reject the zero-sum game of identity politics, we reject the illiberalism of cancel culture, and we reject the soft bigotry of low expectations that holds so many people back”. She has also suggested that Britain should not ignore the history of the British Empire, but should embrace the country’s history “warts and all” if it is to compete with hostile states.

I agree with this. It has destroyed much of what is good. It has been a concerted campaign by the Nazis and Marxists to destroy this country.

On LGBTQ+ rights, Truss, according to Reuters, voted for gay marriage and has never voted against LGBTQ+ rights, but has also moved to limit trans rights. She spoke against gender self-identification, stating that “medical checks are important”. She said that she agreed that “only women have a cervix”. She also stated that the government departments should withdraw from Stonewall’s diversity champions scheme. Despite initially supporting single-sex services being restricted on the basis of biological sex, she later said in February 2022 that the Government was not interested in enacting such a measure.

I am sorry she voted for homosexual marriage (gay was a word stolen by homosexuals to make their actions more acceptable to people at large, so I avoid using in this context).

It has always been obvious that marriage is between a man and a woman. Living together is one thing, marriage is quite another.

But at least she sees sense on the gender self-identification issue. The whole thing is a mental health issue due to psychological pressures exacerbated by the various toxins in the environment. Including probably female hormones in the water.

Environmental policies

On 25 July 2022, during the first head-to-head debate on the BBC, Truss said: “I was an environmentalist before it was fashionable. I was a teenage eco-warrior campaigning against damage to the ozone layer.” She also said that we should save our resources by using and wasting less which would help the environment and singled out food waste as being a massive problem in the UK.

Again I agree with her. We should return to mend and repair which helps create jobs locally and increases social cohesion as we interact on such things, rather than buying yet another dubious quality product via the internet.

But we do need to make products that are good quality in the first place and can be reasonably repaired.

We cannot afford to go on dumping rubbish in landfill or littered about on land or sea.

In 2022, Truss suggested that she would end the UK government’s moratorium on fracking,[169] which has been in place since 2019,[170][171] to permit it “in parts of the country where there is local support for it”.[172] Truss views fracking as a way of reducing the UK’s dependence on Russian energy sources.[173] While Environment Secretary in 2015, Truss was urged by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas to apologise to communities facing fracking for “holding back” evidence of the risks for rural areas.

I am not convinced about fracking being sensible. The issue of water quality is serious, we already have problems with nitrate run off, let alone the poisons we add to water when ozone treatment would be much better and not toxic.

Of course we have to accept higher costs, but if we don’t we pay more for health problems. You have to look at the global costs, not just the immediate issue.

While not against the use of solar panels, in 2022 Truss said: “I think one of the most depressing sights when you’re driving through England is seeing fields that should be full of crops or livestock, full of solar panels.” She has proposed that solar panel use should be restricted to commercial roofs.

Agreed, I hate seeing these panels myself. There are large areas of commercial roofs unused in this way. Not that I like the big shed developments mind, they are as bad as solar panels as an eyesore and take agricultural land.

At a hustings in Exeter in August, Truss has said that she would give her support to the construction of small modular reactors and large nuclear power facilities.[176] While Foreign Secretary, Truss has cautioned against Chinese involvement in British infrastructure, including nuclear power stations.

Again I consider this reasonable. I am not convinced that nuclear power is as dangerous as we are told. I am suspicious that vested interests have tried to make out it is dangerous so they can make more money, or perhaps keep people buying oil.

As reported in The Daily Telegraph, Truss plans to axe an environmental rule called the “nutrient neutrality” requirement.[178] This rule “requires developers to detail the impact in terms of pollution of their proposals on rivers and wetlands” and is implemented by the non-departmental public body Natural England.[178] UK Government support for nutrient neutrality is outlined in a policy paper from March 2022 “Nutrient pollution: reducing the impact on protected sites”.

As I consider we have too many houses I would rather see restrictions on housing. Nobody seems to take a real look at the issues. Much of the problem has been the splitting up of the family unit due to divorce etc. This means more housing units and increased travel when kids have to be shuttled between their parents.

This also means more pollution from vehicles and increased demand on the road network. It has been blindingly obvious to me for decades that this is what happens. The costs to society are enormous and unsustainable.

Personal life

She has married another accountant, Hugh O’Leary. I find this rather depressing. We need accountants, but running a country is not just balancing the books (although heaven knows we need to do that even if Rishi Sunak doesn’t).

If he husband had done something else perhaps her views would be better balanced.

She has had an extra-marital affair with another M.P. but her marriage survived.

In 2022, Truss said: “I share the values of the Christian faith and the Church of England, but I’m not a regular practising religious person”.

I am not sure what she means by ‘values of the Church of England’. The C of E doesn’t stand for very much nowadays which is why my wife and I abandoned it in 2013 (I always thought the pomp and show mere foolishness; I have always been more concerned about the people and their hearts, not the outward appearance).

World Economic Forum (WEF) links

Tory leadership candidate Liz Truss has told fellow Conservative Party members that she will not allow the implementation of a fully cashless society, emphasising that she will back people being able to pay for goods and services using physical tender for now.


I am relieved. The move to a cashless society is about control and while people are evil this just means it is open to abuse by a few technocrats. This is part of what has been going on through Covid 19.

Pretend that cash can spread diseases (it can’t) and ramp up the fear. ‘I’ve touched some cash which someone else has touched, we’re all going to die’. No we’re not, get a grip.

Here is another link saying Boris could crush the two candidates in vote for Tory leadership.

But Boris is WEF also so where do we stand? More thought required.

Other matters

Tory leadership hustings: Smart motorways ‘experiment’ has failed and should stop, says Liz Truss


I agree with that heading. Complete waste of money from the start. Like HS2 in my books, which ruins perfectly good countryside and takes agricultural land merely for a slightly quicker journey to Birmingham or London.

I see in the article Rishis Sunak says he has been an appalling husband and father over the last two years.

He forgot to add ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer.’ Easy mistake to make. As easy as buggering up the UK economy by gross borrowing and filtering off taxpayers’ money to somewhere indeterminable.

Meaning of her name

Mary – my smile or my laughter

Elizabeth – el is a beth – God is a house (like bed)

Truss – a support, but also a constraint.


Always a fruitful source of truth, if not amusement. See what you make of these.

Mary Elizabeth Truss = 18 letters total

Mary Elizbth us = 13 individual letters

Full name anagrams

My selection:

Beastliest mazy Ruhr

May brutalises hertz

brutalises ezra myth

Breathalyzers I must

amateur blitzes Rhys

baresthesia Luz my RT – Barognosis, or baresthesia, is the ability to evaluate the weight of objects


This might suggest she has the ability to weigh up situations correctly and in many instances I think she has.

Tzar yum establisher

bruise hazy maltster

bra hurl systematize

ahems blitz treasury

bestial mhz treasury – she has fought with the treasury ‘beast’

blitz shame treasury

blitzes ham treasury

Amby Austerlitz hers

Austerlitz barmy she

blusterers mazy Thai

Alzheimer bats rusty

Alzheimer batty USSR

Alzheimer busty tsar

Alzheimer busy start

ahem brazes trustily

ahems trustily zebra

amaze herbs trustily

Baez mislayer truths

Bayer hazel mistrust

austere blitz marshy

Blair seem hazy trust

brassiere mhz tautly

Summary and conclusions

Well, I certainly think she is better than Rishi Sunak by a long chalk. He is a real globalist and not interested in the welfare of the people of the UK as a whole, only his own self-interest and wealth.

I consider her to be more interested in the UK generally and better balanced, even if she is wrong in certain respects.

But overall, I think Liz Truss would be better as Chancellor of the Exchequer. We need someone to balance the books and get us out of the financial mess which Rishi Sunak has exacerbated enormously.

Given that anagrams of her name include the word ‘treasury’ and as she worked there and clearly gave the civil service some stick, this seems reasonable to me. ‘Blitz shame treasury’ is a great anagram of her name and certainly ‘blitzing’ the treasury is a good thing, along with the civil service as a whole.

Whilst I do not like Boris Johnson and he has a lot to answer for, he seems preferable as leader in the interim and others have said they want him. We are still having to deal with the stupidity of the EU and Emmanuel ‘God, is he still with us?’ Macron the Moron.

However, I have yet to do any detailed analysis of Boris in a post. In my books his judgment in shacking up with Carrie was clearly flawed. If we could get rid of Carrie it would be a lot simpler.

We shall see. Perhaps we will have Bring Back Boris even if this seems on the surface to be a bad idea.

You see, I have been saying that we follow a timeline similar to WW2. Now I know the idea that Boris might be equated with Winston Churchill seems ridiculous and I agree it does.

But then the whole Covid 19 farce is ridiculous. People going stark, raving bonkers over the ‘flu. So why not one more bizarre thing. After all, Shakespeare did say ‘All the world’s a stage and all the people merely players in it.”

Only it is a pantomime not a straight play, so anything goes. If you think about it carefully you will understand why I say this.

As regards Boris’s situation and Winston Churchill, consider this article. I hope you will ponder it carefully and at least wonder a bit that I, Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson, may have a point.

So maybe we will see Boris back.

P.S. If you didn’t read about Rishi Sunak and wish too now, here’s the link.

Part 1. Rishi Sunak

If you don’t, well I don’t blame you. There must be something better to do…

Which could be the timeline I mentioned.

Timeline – anticipated events in World War 3


Second Battle of Bull Run or Battle of Second Manassas and why is it more commonly known as the former.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

31st August, 2022

Given that the USA is undergoing a second civil war right now, albeit a battle mainly with words rather than guns, I thought it about time I did a post on a significant battle in the first American Civil War or ACW.

According to Wikipedia, the Second Battle of Bull Run or Battle of Second Manassas was fought August 28–30, 1862, 80 years ago. I have been trying to use Wikipedia as a basis but I think there is too much detail to work with regarding the actual battle, so I have decided to focus on the Encyclopaedia Britannia article instead which is more concise.

I will however, refer to the Wikipedia link for introductory matters.

This is of general interest.

The Britannica article.

From the above link.

Second Battle of Bull Run, also called Second Battle of Manassas or Second Manassas, (August 29–30, 1862), in the American Civil War, the second of two engagements fought at a small stream named Bull Run, near Manassas in northern Virginia. (Civil War battles often had one name in the North, which was usually associated with a prominent nearby physical feature, and another in the South, usually derived from the town or city closest to the battlefield.) The Confederate victory drove the Union army from eastern Virginia and laid the groundwork for the Confederate invasion of Maryland.

I am going to proceed to offer my take on the proceedings in my usual wacky approach. That is, ‘Let him who has an ear to hear, let him hear.’ I hope it will make you laugh and think. I shall leave in the Wikipedia/Britannia text which may help you understand what on earth I am talking about.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

1          Background

After the collapse of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign in the Seven Days Battles of June 1862, President Abraham Lincoln appointed John Pope to command the newly formed Army of Virginia. Pope had achieved some success in the Western Theater, and Lincoln sought a more aggressive general than McClellan.

The prescient A-bra-ham Lyn-Con (who kept a ham in his bra), appointed the Pope to form a virgin army. These became known as ‘The Virgin Soldiers’, which the author Terry Thomas wrote about allegedly.

This was all a con, hence Lyn-con, as the Pope was a Roaming Cathaholic and the virgins probably not virgin anyway. The whole thing was virgin on the ridiculous.

1.1/1.2          Military situation & Plans

Pope’s mission was to fulfill two basic objectives: protect Washington and the Shenandoah Valley; and draw Confederate forces away from McClellan by moving in the direction of Gordonsville.[18] Based on his experience fighting McClellan in the Seven Days, Robert E. Lee perceived that McClellan was no further threat to him on the Virginia Peninsula, so he felt no compulsion to keep all of his forces in direct defense of Richmond. This allowed him to relocate Jackson to Gordonsville to block Pope and protect the Virginia Central Railroad.[19]

The Pope’s mission was twofold; protect the washing tun, i.e the laundry, and the woman who looked after it who was known simply as she ‘Nan’ doer; and to draw the Confecterate Farces away from a scot known as ‘Mac’ Clellan by moving in the direction of Gordon’s Villa where another scot lived.

Roberty Lee considered ‘Mac’ Clellan was no threat to him on the virgin’s penicillin, so he felt no need to keep all of his farces sitting on the fence in Richmond. (N.B. This is not the same place as in Yorkshire, England where Rich Tea Sunak is an M.P.)

This enabled Roberty Lee to relocate Jack’s son to Gordon’s Villa to block the Pope and protect the virgin’s central rail rod.

Lee had larger plans in mind. Since the Union Army was split between McClellan and Pope and they were widely separated, Lee saw an opportunity to destroy Pope before returning his attention to McClellan. He committed Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill to join Jackson with 12,000 men.

Roberty Lee had larger plans in his mind as the Onion Army was widely separated, and he saw an opportunity to destroy the Pope before dealing with ‘Mac’ Clellan. He committed A Phil to join Jack’s son with 12,000 men.

By Map by Hal Jespersen,, CC BY 3.0,

1.3      Initial movements in the Northern Virginia Campaign

On August 3, General-in-Chief Henry Halleck directed McClellan to begin his final withdrawal from the Peninsula and to return to Northern Virginia to support Pope. McClellan protested and did not begin his redeployment until August 14.[20]

On August 3rd, the general inn chief, i.e. landlord of a pub, Hen-ree Hall-like, directed ‘Mac’ Clellan to begin his final with drawl from the pen-in-the-sewer to support the Pope. ‘Mac’ Clellan protested presumably because he was not a Roaming Cathaholic and the Pope was.

Nevertheless, he did begin his red ploy meant on the 14th August.

On August 9, Nathaniel Banks’s corps attacked Jackson at Cedar Mountain, gaining an early advantage, but a Confederate counterattack led by A.P. Hill drove Banks back across Cedar Creek. Jackson’s advance was stopped, however, by the Union division of Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts. By now Jackson had learned that Pope’s corps were all together, foiling his plan of defeating each in separate actions. He remained in position until August 12, then withdrew to Gordonsville.[21] On August 13, Lee sent Longstreet to reinforce Jackson.

On August 9th, The National Banks Corporation attacked Jack’s son at see der mountain (you could hardly miss it) and gained an Early advanced age. However, a Confecterate counter attack led by A Phil drove the Banks back across the see der creek (the creek was less obvious).

Jack’s son’s advance was stopped by the Onion division of James Briquettes who built a wall using small bricks. There are those who say he suffered from vitamin D deficiency in the form of rickets and didn’t have a leg to stand on, therefore he used briquettes instead.

By now Jack’s son had learned that the Pope’s corpse was in the all-together, i.e. nude, foiling his plan of de-feeting each in separate actions. Removing the feet would stop the Pope running around, although I have yet to see a corpse walk on its feet.

Although on second thoughts there are the brain dead who go around like zombies saying “Give us the vaccine, they only make us ill, but we are much better for them, really, because if we hadn’t had them we could be dead!”

Anyway, he remained in position until August 12th (when the shooting season starts in the UK) and then with Drew went to Gordon’s Villa for a nice cup of tea. On the 13th, Roberty Lee sent a Long Street to reinforce Jack’s son.

1.4      Prelude to battle

From August 22 to 25, the two armies fought a series of minor actions along the Rappahannock River. Heavy rains had swollen the river and Lee was unable to force a crossing. By this time, reinforcements from the Army of the Potomac were arriving from the Peninsula. Lee’s new plan in the face of all these additional forces outnumbering him was to send Jackson and Stuart with half of the army on a flanking march to cut Pope’s line of communication, the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. Pope would be forced to retreat and could be defeated while moving and vulnerable. Jackson departed on August 25 and reached Salem (present-day Marshall) that night.

From August 22nd to 25th, the two armies fought a series of miners along the Rapper Hammock River.

Reinforcements from the Army of the Potty Mac were arriving from the pen-in-the-sewer. Roberty Lee’s new plan was to send Jack’s son and Stew’s art with half an army (forearm or upper arm is not clear) to cut the Pope’s line of communication, i.e. to excommunicate him.

As it is normally the Pope doing the excommunicating, this seems strange but perhaps Roberty Lee just wanted to get his own back.

Anyway, this would force the Pope to go to a retreat and who could then be de-feeted while moving and then have no feet to move on.

On the evening of August 26, after passing around Pope’s right flank via Thoroughfare Gap, Jackson’s wing of the army struck the Orange & Alexandria Railroad at Bristoe Station and before daybreak on August 27 marched to capture and destroy the massive Union supply depot at Manassas Junction. This surprise movement forced Pope into an abrupt retreat from his defensive line along the Rappahannock. During the night of August 27–28, Jackson marched his divisions north to the First Bull Run (Manassas) battlefield, where he took position behind an unfinished railroad grade below Stony Ridge.[23] The defensive position was a good one. The heavy woods allowed the Confederates to conceal themselves, while maintaining good observation points of the Warrenton Turnpike, the likely avenue of Union movement, only a few hundred yards to the south. There were good approach roads for Longstreet to join Jackson, or for Jackson to retreat to the Bull Run Mountains if he could not be reinforced in time. Finally, the unfinished railroad grade offered cuts and fills that could be used as ready-made entrenchments.[24]

On the evening of August 26th, after passing round the Pope’s right side, Jack’s son wing of the army struck the orange and Alex And’s rear at Bisto Station where the gravy was.

He then marched on August 27th to capture and destroy the massive onion supply at Man Ass Has Junk shun which was another rear area or bottom like Alex’s mentioned earlier.

Scholars are unclear if it was the onions which were massive or if there were just an awful lot of them. I suspect both.

In any event the action was surprising as the Pope didn’t think people would be interested in his bottom or rear areas. Nevertheless he had to retreat quickly from the Rapper Hammock as no one want’s their bottom pinched let alone their onions destroyed – after all, onions are the basis for all good meals.

During the night of the 27th and 28th August, Jack’s son marched his divisions north to the first Bull Run, where a man ass has (rather than a bull). Somewhat confusing I know. He took a position behind an un-Finnish rail rod grade below a stony ridge where there was a stony silence.

This was a good defensive position as the heavy Woods (containing Tiger Woods with his golf clubs) allowed the Confecterates to conceal themselves (or vice versa). The also had a good view of the war-ring-tone turn pike, a type of aggressive fish.

There were good approach roads for the Long Street to join Jack’s son and possibly good long streets for Rhodes to join Jack’s son too, whoever Rhodes was. Jack’s son could also retreat to the Bull Run mountains if he could not be reinforced in thyme or other herbs.

The un-Finnish rail rod grade made for N-trenchments provided you had your trench coats of course.

In the Battle of Thoroughfare Gap on August 28, Longstreet’s wing broke through light Union resistance and marched through the gap to join Jackson. This seemingly inconsequential action virtually ensured Pope’s defeat during the coming battles because it allowed the two wings of Lee’s army to unite on the Manassas battlefield.

In the Battle of Tho’ rough fare Gap (where the fare or food was rough or basic) on August 28th, a Long Street’s wing broke through a light onion resistance (probably a late sowing of a spring onion) and Marched (although it was August) to join Jack’s son.

This seemed inn consequential but virtually ensured the Pope’s de-feet during the coming battles because it allowed two wings of Roberty Lee’s army to join and become a proper bird.

Second Bull Run Campaign, August 17–30, 1862

2          Opposing forces

2.1      Onion

These were led by the following:

The Pope – a Roaming Cathaholic in charge of the Virgin Soldiers. You tell how important he is as he has hand in his jacket. He may be checking if his heart is still beating or he may have an itch.

A France Seagull – providing the wings of the army

The Nat P Bank (possibly the National Provincial Bank which merged with the National Westminster Bank in the UK)

Her vin Muck Dowel, a type of wooden peg.

A Sam Heinz-el Man, one of the 57 varieties.

A Jesse L Renault, who came from Wheeling in what is now West Virginia, not Renault (sic), Nevada. Wheeling is necessary on a Renault of course otherwise it can’t move.

2.2      Confecterate

These were led by the following:

Roberty Lee although some say it should be Roberta Ely, but with a beard and moustache this seems unlikely given the era. Nowadays of course anything is possible with imagination.

A Long Street (how long we don’t know).

Stonewall Jack’s son (understood not to be related to LGBTQ+ etc)

A Stew art – who was the war artist.

Second Manassas

The armies gather

Jackson began his march around the right of Pope’s army early on August 25. The column passed through Thoroughfare Gap on August 26, and it reached Bristoe Station, directly in Pope’s rear, that evening. Jackson’s “foot cavalry” had covered an astonishing 54 miles (87 km) in just two days. A Confederate detachment drove the Federal defenders from Manassas Junction; after thoroughly plundering the Union supply depot there, Jackson’s men set fire to the rail yard and the remaining Federal stores. When Pope became aware of Jackson’s departure, he arranged for an immediate attack on Longstreet, thinking that Jackson had withdrawn his force to the Shenandoah Valley. However, when the direction of Jackson’s march on Thoroughfare Gap became clear, Pope fell back in order to engage him.

Jack’s son began his March in August early on the 25th (August). March is of course very early for August but Jack’s son liked to be early for everything as the early bird gets worms, or something like that.

Anyway, he Marched round the Pope’s army on his leggies. The column passed thorough Throughfare Gap (or vice versa) on the 26th August and reached the Bisto Station which was a very gravy situation for the Pope as this was in his rear. Gravy in one’s rear is unpleasant I can assure you.

Jack’sons “foot cavalry” as they were known (none of this Napoleonic “meter cavalry” nonsense) had Covid for an astonishing 54 miles (87 km if you must know) which is quite a distance to have Covid for. After all it is roughly 2.8 times Covid 19. Yet they had it for two days which is also an extremely short time. Perhaps the PCR tests they had were faulty.

A Confecterate D-tache-ment (these were men with taches i.e. moustaches) drove the Feral defenders from the Man Ass Has junction. Here is a link to men of the civil war and their moustaches.

The Confecterates thoroughly plundered the Onion supply depot as they knew their onions and when they were onto a good thing. It made the Feral defenders weep, but that’s what happens when someone cuts up your onions.

The Confecterates then set fire to the rail yard (again none of this rail meter nonsense) and the remaining Feral stores which made the Feral defenders even wilder.

When the Pope became aware of Jack’s son’s departure, he arranged an immediate attack on the Long Street, thinking that Jack’s son had taken his draws to She ‘Nan’ doer’s valet for repairs.

However, when the Di wreck shun of Jack’s son’s March became clear, the Pope fell back in order to be engaged to him (although Jack’s son had no intention of marrying him of course).

On the evening of August 27, Union Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker’s division met Brig. Gen. Richard Ewell’s division of Jackson’s corps near Bristoe Station. A private with the 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment said of the ensuing encounter, “If I had held up an iron hat I could have caught it full of bullets in a short time.” The brief but brutal engagement left the Union attackers bloodied, and Ewell retired to Manassas. Pope now realized that he had Jackson’s entire corps in front of him at Manassas Junction. At once he took steps to concentrate all of his forces for a decisive strike against Jackson. When he arrived at Manassas on August 28, however, Pope found nothing but the charred ruins of his supplies.

On the evening of the 27th, an Onion Hooker met a Rich-Hard You-well of Jack’s son’s corpse near Bisto Station. A 15th Allah Bama private (believed to be distant relation of a more recent USA president) said of the ensuing encounter “If I had held up a hot iron I could have caught it full of pullets in a short time.”

The engagement (strictly a liaison) was briefs as they were all taken and left the Onions bloodied (i.e. they became red onions) and You-well re-tyred to Man Ass Has.

The Pope now realised that he had Jack’s son’s entire corpse in front of him which was a rotten thing to have to contemplate. He therefore took steps (to help him mount his horse) and constipate all his farces for a decisive strike against Jack’s son.

However, when he arrived at Man Ass Has on August 28th he found nothing but charred remains of the Onion supplies which spoiled his plans for meals for some time. Or to put it more bluntly, his ass at Man Ass Has Junction had been thoroughly kicked.

Jackson had no intention of awaiting Pope at Manassas. Having made several feints to mislead Federal scouts, Jackson withdrew to a hidden position in the hills between Groveton and Sudley Springs, northwest of the 1861 battlefield. There he awaited the arrival of Lee and Longstreet, who, taking the same route as Jackson, arrived on August 28 at Thoroughfare Gap. There Longstreet engaged a hopelessly outnumbered Union division under Brig. Gen. James Ricketts, driving it back to Gainesville. That evening Jackson’s corps held a 2-mile (3.2-km) line from Sudley Springs to Groveton, with his right wing near Groveton opposing Union Brig. Gen. Rufus King’s division. Longstreet held Thoroughfare Gap, facing Ricketts at Gainesville. On Ricketts’s right was King near Groveton, and the Union line was continued by the remaining division of Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell’s corps and by Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel’s corps to the Stone Bridge.

Jack’s son had no intention of waiting for the Pope at Man Ass Has. He fainted several times to mislead the Feral scuts, and then took his draws and hid them in the hills between Groveton and Suddenly Springs, north west of the earlier battle of Bull Run.

There he awaited for Roberty Lee and the Long Street who were taking the same route as Jack’s son and arrive at the Throughfare Gap on the 28th.

There the Long Street was engaged to a hopelessly outnumbered Onion Di Vision which had Ricketts, a vitamin D deficiency, which meant it was driven back to Gainsville where they had to review their losses, not their gains.

That evening Jack’s son’s corpse held a 2 mile line from Suddenly Springs to Grooverton, with his right wing opposing the Onion brigand general Roofer’s King and his Di Vision.

The Long Street held the Throughfare Gap facing the Ricketts who had the King on his right, and the Onion line was continued by the remaining Di Vision of Her vin Muck Dowel’s corpse and France Seagull’s corpse to the stoned bridge. 

Pope was at Centreville, 7 miles (11 km) away, with three divisions; a fourth was northeast of Manassas Junction, and Maj. Gen. Fitz-John Porter’s corps was at Bristoe Station. Thus, while Ricketts continued to occupy Longstreet at Gainesville, Pope could concentrate a superior force against Jackson, who he now believed to be meditating a retreat to Thoroughfare Gap. However, a series of misunderstandings resulted in the withdrawal of Ricketts and King, so that no force now remained to oppose the union of Longstreet and Jackson. Meanwhile, Sigel and McDowell alone remained to face Jackson until such time as Pope could bring up the rest of his scattered forces.

The Pope was at the centre of the ville or town 7 miles away with three Di Visions; a fourth was northeast of Man Ass Has Junction and Fits-John Poor Tar’s corpse was at the Bisto Station.

Thus whilst Ricketts continued to occupy the Long Street and cause issues with his deficiency, the Pope could constipate a souper rear farce against Jack’s son, who he believed was meditating at a retreat in the Throughfare Gap.

However, a series of Miss Understandings, some unmarried girls who were causing understandable distractions to the Onion farces, resulted in Ricketts and the King taking their with drawls, so that no farce remained  to oppose the Onions of the Long Street and Jack’s son (bear in mind Jack’s son had taken the onions of the Onion farces).

In the meantime the Seagull and Muck Dowel alone remained to face Jack’s son until the Pope could bring up the rest of his scatty farces.

The first day

Jackson was now prepared for battle, on the ground of his choosing. On the morning of August 29, the Confederates, posted behind a high railway embankment, repelled two sharp attacks made by Sigel. Pope arrived at noon with his divisions from Centreville, which, led by the general himself, Hooker, and Maj. Gen. Jesse Reno, made a third and desperate attack on Jackson’s line. Jackson repulsed it with difficulty, carried his counterstroke too far, and was in turn checked by Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover’s brigade of Hooker’s division. Grover then made a fourth assault but was driven back with terrible loss. The last assault, delivered by two divisions under Maj. Gen. Phil Kearny and Brig. Gen. Isaac Stevens, drove the Confederate left out of its position; a Confederate counterattack, led by Brig. Gen. Jubal Early, dislodged the Union soldiers with a bayonet charge.

Jack’s son was now prepared for battle on the ground of his shoestring. On the morning of the 29th, the Confecterates posted behind a high railway embankment (this was sending mail to their loved ones such messages as “Having a swell time, glad you are not here, the Onions are making us cry.”, that sort of thing).

They repealed two sharp at tacks made by the Seagull who used his beak. The Pope arrived at noon with his Di Visions from the centre of the ville, and, led by the Pope, the Hooker and the Jesse, made a desperate third at tack on Jack’s son’s line.

Jack’s son repulsed it with Di Fick Culty, but went too far with his stroking and was in turn checked by a brigand Coo-ve-‘er Groover who was attached to the Hooker (no doubt in a groovy kind of love).

The Groover made a fourth ass salt but was driven back with a terrible loss when his salt cellar was badly damaged.

The last ass salt under Fill K Ernie and I Sack Stevens drove the Confecterate left out of its position; however, a  Confecterte counter at tack, led by Jew Ball Early, dislodged the Onion soldiers with a bay and net charge.

By noon of August 29 the lead elements of Longstreet’s corps had begun to deploy on Jackson’s right. Porter and McDowell, acting on various orders sent by Pope, approached the area and observed an enemy force of unknown strength. Porter had been ordered to attack Jackson’s right flank, but it was now clear that Pope was wholly ignorant of the arrival of Longstreet. To the north, the sound of Sigel’s guns indicated that he was closely engaged with Jackson. McDowell and Porter assessed the situation. The former marched off to join Sigel, while the latter remained to hold Longstreet in check. In this Porter succeeded, for Longstreet, though far superior in numbers, made no forward move, and his advance guard went into action alone. On the night of the 29th, Lee reunited the wings of his army on the field of battle. He had forced Pope back many miles from the Rappahannock, and, expecting that the Federals would retire to the line of Bull Run before giving battle, he now decided to wait for the last divisions of Longstreet’s corps, which were still approaching.

By noon of August 29th the lead elephants (as in the metal) of Long Street’s corpse had begun to deploy on Jack’s son right having come down the trunk road of course. Poor Tar and Muck Dowel, acting on various hors d’oeuvres sent by Pope, approached the area and observed an enemy farce of unknown strength.

Poor Tar had had been hors d’oeuvred to at tack Jack’s son right (possibly his so called right to abortion, i.e. abort an at tack), but it was clear that the Pope was holy ignorant of the arrival of the Long Street.

To the north, the sound of the Seagull’s guns indicated he was engaged to Jack’s son. Guns were obviously being used rather than bells to celebrate the event. Muck Dowel and Poor Tar ass essed the situation. The farmer marched off to join the Seagull, while the latte remained to hold the Long Street in a check and preferably a coffeen (sic).

In this Poor Tar suck seeded, for the Long Street, though father superior in Numbers, made no attempt to Exodus his lines, except for his advance gourd which went into Acton on a lawn.

On the knight of the 29th, Roberty Lee re-yew-knighted the wings of his army. He had forced the Pope back many Miles from the Rapper Hammock, which meant the Pope wouldn’t sleep very well, and, expecting that the Ferals would re-tyre to the line of the Bull Run before giving a bottle, he decided to weight for the last Di Visions of the Long Street’s corpse which were still approaching.

The second day

Pope, still optimistic that he held the upper hand, mistakenly believed that Jackson was retreating and ordered a “general pursuit” of the Confederates on August 30. There was some ground for his suppositions, because Jackson had retired a short distance and Longstreet’s advance guard also had fallen back. McDowell, who was in charge of the pursuit, soon recognized Pope’s error and attempted to secure his exposed flank by occupying the Bald and Henry House hills. An attack on Jackson’s right, which Pope had ordered Porter to make, was repulsed with great losses due to devastating enfilading artillery fire from Longstreet.

The Pope was optimistic that he held the upper hand as you can see here although he is not holding that hand with his other hand of course.

He mistakenly believed that Jack’s son was on a retreat and ordered a “general hairsuit” which is why his generals were hairy. There were grounds for his suppositories because Jack’s son had re-tyred in his shorts by putting new tyres on his wagons, and the Long Street’s advance gourd had also fallen on its back.

Muck Dowel who was charging the hairsuit, soon recognised the Pope’s error, i.e that he was not infallible, and attempted to sea cure his exposed phalanx by occupying the Bald and Henry’s House hills. Of course, being a general hairsuit this made sense to try and cover the bald hills. Henry’s house looked like this.


An at tack on Jack’s son right (right to what we are not told, possibly freedom of speech), which the Pope had told Poor Tar to make, was repulsed with grate losses due to devastating Ethel-made Art Hillary fires from the Long Street.

Shortly after 4:00 PM Lee ordered the entire Confederate army forward in a grand counterattack. Longstreet bore down on the Federal left with 28,000 men in one of the largest massed charges of the war, while Jackson pressed the right toward the Warrenton Turnpike. The left flank of the Union army was driven successively from every position it took up, and Longstreet captured Bald Hill. Jackson, though opposed by the greater part of Pope’s forces, advanced to Matthews Hill, and his artillery threatened the Stone Bridge. The Federals, driven back to the banks of Bull Run, were only saved by the spirited defense of Henry House Hill by the Pennsylvania Reserves Division of Brig. Gen. John Reynolds and the 2nd Division under Brig. Gen. George Sykes.

Shortly after 4.00p.m., Roberty Lee hors d’oeuvred the N-tyre Confecterate army forwards in a grand counter at tack to pin down the Onion farces. The Long Street boar down on the Feral left with 28, 000 men in one of the largest mass charges of the war. This should have pleased the Pope who liked masses (in this case he didn’t however).

In the meantime Jack’s son pressed the right towards the War-ring-tone Turn pike. The left flank of the Onion army was driven from every positron it took up, and the Long Street captured the Bald Hill in a bold hair raising at tack, although this was the hair on the soldiers not the hill of course.

Jack’s son, though opposed by the grater part of the Pope’s farces, advanced to Ma Thew’s Hill, and his Art Hillary threatened the Stone Bridge which didn’t fancy becoming part of Jack’s son stonewall.

The Ferals were driven back to the banks of Bull Run (I have never heard of these banks but may be merchant banks to launder the money stolen from USA taxpayers to fund the war in the Ukraine). They were only saved by the spirit of the fence of Henry’s House by the Pens of Sylvia re serves of the brigand general John Ray an’ Olds and the 2nd Di Vision under brigand general Gorgeous Ikes.

Pope withdrew under cover of night to Centreville. There he received fresh reinforcements, but Jackson was already marching around his new right. At Chantilly (September 1) Pope lost two of his ablest commanders when Kearny and Stevens were killed in action, and the whole Federal army fell back to Washington. Lee and his army were the masters of eastern Virginia, the Union army was in disarray, and the door was open for Lee’s planned invasion of Maryland.

The Pope with Drew under the cover of night to the centre of the villa. There he received fresh reinfarcements, but Jack’s son was already marching around his new right. At Chant Hilly on the 1st September the Pope lost K Ernie and St. Evens killed in Acton, and the hole Feral army fell back to the Washing tun to wash their uniforms which were by now very filthy.

Roberty Lee and his army were the masters of the E Stern Virgins, the Onion army was in disarray, and the door was open for Mr Lee’s planned invasion of Maryland where he could pinch all the cookies (which would make a nice change from the onions).

Casualties and assessment

The Union forces present on the field on August 29–30, 1862, numbered about 70,000, while the strength of Lee’s army on the same dates was about 55,000. Total casualties for the battle topped 22,000, with Union losses numbering 13,824. Confederates killed, wounded, or missing numbered 8,353 men, Longstreet’s massive charge on the second day having accounted for the bulk of that total. While the attack was successful in collapsing the Union left flank, Longstreet lost over 4,000 men in roughly four hours.

For comparison, this information from Wikipedia.

Union forces

Nearly 14,000 killed and wounded out of 62,000 engaged (22.5%).

Confederate forces

About 1,000 killed and 7,000 wounded out of 50,000. (16%)

This was a catastrophe for the Union forces, considered a decisive and strategic victory for the Confederates.

Pope blamed Porter rather than himself, but ultimately it was obvious he was at fault and being relieved of his command indicates this. When I note on the photographs on the commanders in the Wikipedia link the fact that he has his hand in his jacket it says it all; the mark of arrogance like Napoleon (although Napoleon did at least win battles).

It is very sad that Porter was court-martialled and found guilty and it took most of the subsequent quarter century for him to be pardoned and exonerated.

So there you have the Second Battle of Manassas or Bull Run. My overall summary on it is the following:

Robert E Lee’s strategy was commenda-bull and pursued a bull-ish fight.

Stonewall Jackson was generally incredi-bull. He made good use of the defensi-bull terrain and proved how capa-bull he was.

James Longstreet’s performance was varia-bull and certainly debatea-bull.

John Pope’s tactics were abomina-bull, and proved that the Pope was not infalla-bull. His orders were lamenta-bull. He was blamea-bull for the defeat and was culpa-bull.

If you think all of this was a load of bull, well you’re welcome.

But that is why the battle is more commonly known as the Second Battle of Bull Run.

And as the commanders were hairy as was the fight, here is a hairy bull. Do you think it looks terri-bull?!

P.S. If you need more insanity, try looking at The Naff Caff under World Menu towards the bottom of the page where there are various battles explored or verbally massacred depending on your point of view.

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Snowdon or Yr Wyddfa; what’s in a name?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

28th August, 2022

Snowdon from northwest
Snowdon from Moel Siabod

I gather John Pughe Roberts, a county councillor, called for the Snowdonia National Park Authority to refer to the mountain only by its Welsh name and also to drop “Snowdonia” in favour of the Welsh Eryri. This was back in 2021 according to this article.

Well, I am English with some Welsh roots and I love Wales or Cymru as it is known in Welsh. I have visited Wales on holiday for many years and love the mountains.

But I am not convinced that trying to refer only to Snowdon by its Welsh name only will be necessary. It should not be lost from maps, but its English name is still going to be used by many. As long as we don’t lose the history, I don’t think the Welsh should be too concerned.

In any event, I am aware even the Welsh are not too sure about its meaning anyway. I made the following comment on this website with which I am unaffiliated. I don’t know the site author’s name but having walked the horseshoe myself it is well worth reading the whole article.

“As regards the name Yr Wyddfa, they never seem to be very sure about it. There is a lot of romance in the mountains, the Welsh are very poetic and in fact the mountains can tell a story which no doubt kept people entertained when the TV and radio were not invented.

I consider that Yr Wyddfa is the wide father, rather as in the phonetics of the words. It is after all wide and it is the father of the mountains, the highest of Snowdonia.

As regards not calling it Snowdon, well it does see the snow in winter and it is the don, or lord of the mountains. Thus it is the snow lord in winter. You can even say it gets snowed on or snow’d on!”

I think that is very reasonable.

Interestingly an anagram of wyddfa is ‘dad fwy’. Fwy can stand for freeway which is a wide road. The Llanberis route up to the top of Snowdon is rather like a freeway nowadays as so many use it. As it is on the whole an easy walk, weather permitting, I consider this reinforces my point.

So in my books it is dad’s freeway, the free way to the father of the mountains in Snowdonia (or Eryri if you prefer).

As regards Eryri the Guardian article says this.

Eryri (pronounced Eh-ruh-ree) had long been thought to refer to the Welsh name for eagle – eryr – but is now believed to originate from the Latin oriri, meaning to rise.

The thing is the word is very close to eyrie meaning among other things the nest of an eagle or any high isolated position or place. The latter is due to the high place being aerie or even airy, plenty of air or wind for an eagle’s wings to gain lift.

Snowdonia is airy, a wonderful landscape of high, airy hills where you can have the cobwebs blown away as it were and where you can think away from the smoke and stir of the city.

All these words are good and should not be lost. But there is no need to be too legalistic about it. Just make sure people understand the meaning and poetry of the words. I hope the Welsh would be happy about that.

P.S. If you haven’t seen this link of mine and have an interest in Wales why not take a look.

W is for…..Wales


A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

Part 1. Rishi Sunak

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th August, 2022

With Boris Johnson gone, the Tory party are looking for a new leader. Personally I am not sure about either of the two remaining, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss so I thought I would take a closer look. I have used Wikipedia entries as a starting point. Text in italics extracted from these entries.

I will probably make some fun of their names where I can; some of it may well be appropriate!

Rishi Sunak

Born in Southampton in the UK, May 1980 this makes him 42 years old. 42, now where have I come across this before? Oh, yes, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. What the question is in this case we shall have to see.

His parents migrated to the UK from East Africa, and are originally of Punjabi Hindu descent. His father is an NHS GP in Southampton, and his mother runs a pharmacy locally there I understand.

This sounds like a conflict of interest, not uncommon with GP’s. You will see that as a husband Rishi has used his position as chancellor to benefit his wife.

He is MP for Richmond, Yorkshire. Richmond sounds like ‘rich mond’, or ‘rich monde’ as monde means ‘world’ in French.

And Rishi Sunak’s world is rich. He is married to Akshata Murty who is also 42!

She is the daughter of N. R. Narayana Murthy who is a billionaire and therefore exceedingly rich.

Sunak and Murthy are the 222nd richest people in Britain, with a combined fortune of £730m as of 2022.

He supported Brexit which in my books is a good thing, although he may have done this for other reasons than the EU is bureaucratic and inefficient and a German ploy to control Europe.

He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022, resigning after his economic policy differences with Boris Johnson.

Here’s a link to his letter as printed in full in the Guardian

Well, he says “I will always be proud of how during the pandemic we protected people’s jobs and businesses through actions such as furlough.”

Well Rishi, given that you are lying about the pandemic as this was a panic over the ’flu, the money you ‘borrowed’ to pay for furlough was not protecting people’s jobs and businesses.

Although I daresay it helped your wife make money and ‘protect’ her businesses.

The borrowed money has been a huge amount.

In the first year of the pandemic, from April 2020 to 2021, it borrowed £299bn, the highest figure since records began in 1946.

The government is expected to borrow less in the current year, April 2021 to 2022, though the figure could still be more than £200bn.


As an aside the BBC article says “As the country starts to emerge from lockdown, the impact it has had on the economy is becoming clearer.

The damage is enormous, but not as bad as feared last year, partly because the vaccines have been so effective.”

We have eye-watering amounts of debt, and the vaccines have been effective at making eye-watering amounts of money for big pharma etc.

He also says

However, the public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

Quite so. Given that you have acted incompetently and improperly, you should have gone a long time ago. But then your wife would have lost out, wouldn’t she?

It says The Treasury said: “The PM’s independent adviser on ministerial interests is completely satisfied [Mr Sunak] has followed the ministerial code to the letter.”

Which letter this is not made clear. Probably the one which says you can pinch as much as you like from the British taxpayer.

This gives further insight into Mrs Sunak.

Rishi Sunak apparently said

“I have friends who are aristocrats, I have friends who are upper class, I have friends who are working class… well, not working class”

This is a man out of touch with the masses of the people. The following link may be of use but it looks a thought you will have to paste into your browser to make it work.

He was issued a fixed penalty notice for attending a party during lockdown. As the so-called Covid 19 regulations were guidance, this is meaningless and stupid. I still see people who did not check themselves making asinine comments about this. Why did you believe the lies, why did you lock yourselves down?

COVID-19 pandemic

Job retention scheme

HM Revenue and Customs officials believed that £3.5 billion may have been paid out in error or to fraudsters.

Including his wife no doubt.

Fraud against the schemes

The UK government estimated that £4.9 billion of bounce back loans may have been lost to fraud.

This is no surprise.

Future Fund

The Future Fund, is a £1.1 billion investment portfolio set up by Sunak in May 2020 and managed by the British Business Bank. The fund invested in 1,190 mainly early-stage companies at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. One director overseeing the portfolio described the companies as mostly “zombie businesses”, leaving the fund with “a significant tail of dormant companies”.[78] Future Fund investments include sex-party firm Killing Kittens[79] and events start-up Pollen, which fell into administration in August 2022.

Sunak is a moron.

Eat Out to Help Out

Eat Out to Help Out was announced to support and create jobs in the hospitality industry.

As there was no need to close down in the first place, this was a complete waste of money.

On 26 September, Sunak was said to have opposed a second lockdown with the threat of his resignation, due to what he saw as the dire economic consequences it would have and the responsibility he would have to suffer for that.

A pity he didn’t resign anyway. But lockdowns were always going to be economically dire; anybody with half a brain could work that out.

March 2021 budget

he announced that the deficit had risen to £355 billion in the fiscal year 2020/2021, the highest in peacetime.

This is hardly surprising is it? He helped cause it.

Register of ministers’ interests

In November 2020, Sunak was reported by The Guardian to have not declared a significant amount of his wife and family’s financial interests on the register of ministers’ interests, including a combined £1.7 billion shareholding in the Indian company Infosys.


The independent adviser on ministers’ interests investigated and concluded that Sunak had not broken any rules.

However, as the independent advisor was Lord Geidt his independence is highly debatable. Looks like a white wash to me.

He is known as Baron Geidt. An anagram is ‘bad git Nero’!!!! Alternatively, an anagram of Lord Geidt is ‘dodgier lt’ or even ‘le dirt God’.

Proposed green levy

As Chancellor, Sunak privately lobbied to impose a green levy, which would have led to higher petrol and diesel prices, to help pay for the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.[97] The proposed Fossil Fuels Emissions Trading Scheme, drawn up by the Treasury, sought to levy pollution from road transportation, as well as shipping, building heating and diesel trains, which together make up more than 40% of UK carbon emissions.[97] The proposal was ultimately rejected by Boris Johnson, who instructed officials that he did not want to increase costs for consumers.

As the net zero plan is merely an excuse for billionaires to make even more money, Boris has shown some common sense unlike Sunak. As I keep saying, the issue is not one of carbon emissions but of pollution.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, plants need it to grow, but the heavy metals and plastics etc. are and these are present in increasing quantities. Chopping down the rainforests without thought destroys sensitive habitats, and leaves the ground vulnerable to erosion. I won’t say more as this requires a separate post.

Cost of living crisis

Sunak continued with a plan to increase national insurance. A waste of money if it is spent on the NHS which as I have said before is broken and unfit for use. The money wasted in the NHS is already appalling and has been for many years as it has got worse and worse.

In April 2022, the Labour leader Keir Starmer said that Sunak was out of touch with the struggles of ordinary people due to the cost of living crisis.

This is certainly true, Sunak hasn’t got a clue. But then Keir Starmer is no better.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

As Chancellor, Sunak was pushing ahead with a new law that would pave the way for stablecoins to be used for everyday payments, despite fears from the Bank of England about the financial stability of the technology.[106][107] In April 2022, Sunak ordered the Royal Mint to create a UK government-backed non-fungible token (NFT) to be issued by summer 2022

Another scam which if you research will expose how fraudsters will exploit anything. Sunak is an idiot.

Non-domiciled status of his wife; US green card

His wife has apparently been saving £20 million in UK taxes and only because it was exposed has agreed to pay UK taxes on her global income.

There is supposed to be an investigation as to who leaked his wife’s tax status. Frankly it is a good thing we know, these globalists should not get away with it.

Reporting around this time also revealed that Sunak had continued to hold the U.S. permanent resident card he had acquired in the 2000s until 2021, including for 18 months after he was Chancellor, which required filing U.S. tax returns.[114][115] An investigation into both his wife’s tax status and his residency status found that Sunak had not broken ministerial rules.

Again this is Lord Geidt in action so we know where he can shove it.

Personal life

Sunak is a Hindu, and took his oath as an MP at the House of Commons on the Bhagavad Gita.

The Jesus is recorded in the Bible as saying “But I tell you not to swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is His footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. Nor should you swear by your head, for you cannot make a single hair white or black. Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything more comes from the evil one.”

No one should swear by or on anything, a bible or Bhagavad Gita. Utterly meaningless if someone lies anyway (most politicians do).

World Economic Forum (WEF) links

Infosys is listed as an official partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been accused of seeking to develop the technological infrastructure to implement a global “social credit score” system.

This is very good I think.

However, the article says That he and his family are indeed all respectable and decent people in fact makes this story even more alarming.

I think that words ‘respectable and decent’ are highly misleading. What people look like on the outside does not reflect what they are like on the inside. In any event Rishi Sunak’s actions speak louder than words.

Meaning of his name

Rishi – Sage, ray of light, a sage.

Hardly suitable given his lack of wisdom stuffing the UK economy.

Sunak – this link suggests ‘altar’

Meaning can be seen by splitting up the word thus; Sun-ak. Sun as in sun in the sky and ak as in a ‘k’, k for kaput in German, the head or chief. Again as in arch the chief support.  

This may explain his quest after leadership. He was head boy at Winchester College.


Always a fruitful source of truth, if not amusement. See what you make of these.

Rishi Sunak = 10 letters in total

Rish unak = 8 individual letters

Single words

Here’s a couple.

Krishna – the name of one of his children

“the all attractive”.

shrinks – Sunak’s brother Sanjay is a psychologist.

Full anagrams

I in shark US

I is shark UN

Anus hi risk

Anus I shirk

Ah Niki USSR

Sinks Uriah

AI run Sikhs

A ruin Sikhs

Ah ruins ski

Ha kiss ruin

Iran kiss uh

Iran Sikh US

I Krishna US

AI shrink US

husk raisin

hair sins UK

hiss Iran UK

hiss rain UK

IRA shins UK

IRA sinks uh

IRA Sikhs UN

ankh Sirius

Kahn Sirius

ASN Irish UK

A Irish sunk

I nark sushi

I sun rakish

skins Uriah

akin hi USSR

ii khan USSR

ah I kin USSR

AI Hun risks

What about his wife/ Here’s a few anagrams for you.


amy kraut shat

aka trashy tum

ah Kama trusty

aah musky tart

Hatty karma US

asthma rat yuk

Asa myth rat UK

Summary and conclusions

Well. I call him Rich tea Sunak – he is very rich and he takes the biscuit as they say.

Others have called him Fishi Rishi.

However, I think ‘hi risk anus’ says it better. He is a high risk and an arsehole. He has crippled the UK economy with his incompetence, but in truth he is an evil man and no mistake.

He should be thrown into prison and his assets confiscated and not let out until he has paid back everything.

P.S. If you are interested in 42 try this link.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

By the way, I am not sure Boris is really out of the equation, bizarre as it seems. I wondered this at the time of his resignation which seemed rather contrived. The matters leading to the resignation seemed trivial by comparison to what should have been leveled at him.


Why is Himmel the German for heaven?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

20th August, 2022

Okay, why? Well, in English this might be ‘him Mel’. Mel is part of the word ‘Aleim’ meaning God or angels in Hebrew. Who is Mel?

Mêl means honey in Welsh. Heaven is a place of honey perhaps, a land of milk and honey maybe. Perhaps God is a honey.

And out of the strong comes forth sweetness of course, honey from the strong lion that Samson slew.

Of course, most of us who believe in God as the Father call Him, a Him.

So if the Germans call ‘Him Mel’, He must be a He!!

And He lives in heaven, which can be ‘He aven’ (aven is another word for avon meaning ‘river’).

An anagram of ‘Aleim’ is ‘I male’.

Even the alternative form ‘Elohim’ is ‘Elo him’ as in ‘Hello him’

I rest my case.


What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

Standard text for defeating the argument that vaccines help the human body.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th August, 2022

This is my standard text I use around the internet. Please use as you see fit if it helps, adapt to suit your own needs and way of dialogue with others. If you disagree with any of it I am happy to discuss but please make sure you have read my text in full first.

If you do use it and refer to me, please make sure you do not misquote me or take me out of context.

As a Chartered Building Surveyor in the UK with a broad knowledge of many subjects in science and language I have been well placed and trained to set out the case that the world has been deceived over many decades as to the supposed usefulness of vaccines. Here’s the text.


“I have had my fair share of vaccines, including polio I believe. I used to think vaccines were of some use until, at 60 years of age in 2020, I researched properly.   I changed my mind.

Covid 19 and the ‘flu

Covid 19 is the ‘flu, renamed or re-branded if you will at the end of 2019 and dressed up as a monster to scare people. This helps big pharma etc, control the populace and make more money.

The ‘flu is the internal toxicosis of the body, mainly via urea, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water. The ‘flu cannot be transmitted to someone else as it is individual to each person.

Unless your blood is given to someone in a blood transfusion, for example.

In essence urea is a neuro-toxin due to the nitrogen which the body may use up to a point but must ultimately excrete as it is from ammonia which is highly toxic.

Injecting poisons such as via vaccines merely adds to the toxicosis problem. Vaccines have never been of any use, it is merely that constant and persistent ‘advertising’ persuaded people that they were of use. The various deaths and harm have been well-documented over the decades. It is being documented now.

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic due to indoor working and living away from the sunshine which, if we do the right thing things, will give us vitamin D (free!). Big pharma etc. are not keen on free as they don’t make much money out of it.

Vitamin D levels drop in the winter months, depending on latitude, due to reduced sunshine levels and as any gains in the summer months are depleted.

Lack of vitamin D causes rickets among other things. Polio was merely rickets re branded again for big pharma to make money. The polio vaccine was pointless. A good dose of vitamin D such as was once given via cod liver oil in a spoon (a disgusting taste I understand). You can now get this in capsule form of course.

Vaccines are neuro-toxins

Vaccines are neuro-toxins, if there is anything in them at all, as are most big pharma drugs. The toxic drugs contain nitrogen and can be readily identified as a consequence if you know the chemistry.

Therefore they are at best pointless, suppressing symptoms and not dealing with the real issue. Indeed, they usually merely add to the issues, hence the ever increasing cycle of drugs to treat side effects of drugs etc.

This ever increasing cycle is good for big pharma business, but not for the human body.

Vaccines and immune system

If your immune system is in good order then by and large you will tolerate a poisonous vaccine. If weakened you will suffer various side effects. If your immune system is very poor you may die.

Boosting your immune system with vitamin D can go a long way to protecting you against the toxicosis, but vitamin C is very good as an anti-oxidant to help flush the toxins out of your system. By and large you should be able to gain your vitamins etc from good, untainted food. Highly processed foods will not help.

Vaccines and alleged correlation to benefits

I have seen the statistics on Australia since February 2020. These show a close correlation between Covid cases and vaccination. It is abundantly clear the vaccines are causing the case numbers rise, as would be expected. Look at other statistics and you will no doubt see the same correlation. It is not rocket science.

Vaccine makers will say that correlation is not causation, although try telling that to those who fall ill immediately after the shot (or die!).

However, they use the same argument for justifying that vaccines do any good, that because people don’t fall ill or not so badly, it is the vaccines which have helped. Pure nonsense, and unsubstantiated at that. Lots of factors change over time and each person is an individual, not a herd.

Links to further discussions and outside references

I have done much on Covid 19 etc., here is my link to my summary. That gives access to the various other issues. I cover the statistics in the UK and USA and more recently those in Australia.

The following explains the variants. These are merely fear techniques to fool the gullible.

The propaganda fear

The following explains the media fear campaign.

A useful website on the deceit.

Fear is a major problem in health. It should be noted that fear tends to ‘freeze’ the body’s immune system from functioning correctly and can stop people doing sensible things. Like avoiding having foreign bodies injected into their systems.

So when your soul or spirit is at peace your health will tend to be better. However, this does not mean you will avoid the side effects of chemical poisoning on your body if you don’t eat and drink cleanly.

Vaccines are not ‘free’

And I wonder how many people would choose to have a vaccine if they had to pay for them directly rather than via their taxes (vaccination is not free)?

Deceit of governments changing the goalposts and playing Russian roulette with our bodies

As regards vaccinated/unvaccinated I gather the goal posts keep changing so unvaccinated currently means not fully vaccinated in at least some countries. This means people who have had vaccines are lumped in with those who have not had recent vaccines. Therefore the people of the world are being duped into having something nasty put into their bodies.

Unless they like playing Russian roulette with their bodies of course. But then that is both sad and mad.

Variance of symptoms – the causes

As regards reasons of variance of symptoms, if any, between those who are vaccinated the problem lies in not knowing what exactly in each vial; sadly people will sell nothing for something and the vial might contain only saline, it is impossible to tell without testing each vial.

Each person is an individual in any case, circumstances can vary enormously, and each person must be considered on a case by case basis. Even within family groups no one person is exactly the same.


There are various ways of dealing with the toxins in your body but prevention is better than cure. However, ultimately the root to good health is in eating, drinking, sleeping and living well.

I say in my Covid 19 summary the cure (and indeed the defence) is in the name Covid.

C Or VItamin D. Stress on the capitals. These two vitamins are critical

Final observations and conclusions

Vaccines are causing the issues by and large nowadays and case numbers and deaths will rise as a consequence. I recommend avoiding vaccines like the plague.

As regards dying with, by, from, through etc. etc. Covid 19/the ‘flu, in essence the body organs are poisoned and then fail one by one. The ultimate cause is poisoning, but the symptoms, the cormorbidities, are what people are seen to die with.

Even the poisoning in itself is a deceit on the body’s defence systems and persuades them not to act, thus hastening sickness and death.

Some people have had the vaccines and are then promptly ill for a while, often very ill. I even know people who I would call friends. I warned them and they did not listen. Quite mad they are.

As I have said I used to think vaccines were of some use. But they were only ever said to be of some help preventing ‘infection’ or reducing severity of the disease.

In reality this is a whopping lie, and because it is so large a whopper, it is a bitter pill for many to swallow that that they have been right royally had as the saying goes.

To repeat, correlation is not causation. This applies to big pharma ‘advertising’ that vaccines work when in fact this is all lies.

As regards vaccines not doing any good, there is a trail of evidence as long as your arm as it were or even longer. This goes back decades regarding big pharma and the corruption and injury it has caused.

As regards any reports from vaccines companies saying their products will be effective, well they would say, that wouldn’t they? They know there are suckers out there who trust anything they are told without double checking properly.

I note that vaccination is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’ or even ‘I con Vatican’. Referring to the icon, brand or mark of the Vatican, a Beast of Revelation. ‘I con’ refers to the fraud and deception that Covid 19 is anything more than the ‘flu.

As regards the ‘believers’ who place their trust vaccines as their saviour, they are seriously deluded. Their religion will not save them. It is very sad.

Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required. I am not PC.”

The fraud behind vaccines is so vast that many people struggle to comprehend it, but is like the tip of a very big iceberg; you only see a tenth above the surface.

What is below is the damage caused by the other big pharma drugs which cause harm.

It’s in the name pharma. P-harm-a. It really is that obvious.

P.S. This article will be placed in The Arsenal section on my World Menu


Why is the seaside good for us?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

15th August, 2022


We do like to be beside the seaside don’t we? I suppose most people do, even if we might prefer to be ‘Far from the madding crowd’ rather than crammed in on a beach with the hordes.

But nevertheless why is the seaside touted as beneficial? It’s simple.

Seaside is an anagram of disease, the only full one word anagram that I can find.

I could say that was easy, or ‘dat’ was easy. As opposed to ‘dis’ was easy.

Which could become ‘dis’ easy. Or dis-eas-e. Quite simple when you see it in the word, the English, the language of the angels.

In the beginning was the Word…

P.S. I note that ‘I sad see’ is an anagram. When you have a disease you see sadness.

‘esse aid’ is an anagram. Esse means ‘to be’ in Latin and Corsican. When you are at the seaside it is an aid to health.

If you are interested, here is that old music hall favourite ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’.


Why is it a bad thing for men to lend money?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th August, 2022

Eyes rolling upwards, here we go again.

“Ok, why is it a bad thing for men to lend money?” (Kenneth T knows this already).

Because God said ‘It is not good for man to be a loan’ in Genesis 2 v. 18

Mind you, my translation’s the NQR Revised Version. This is the Not Quite Right version, so that may explain things.

Still, it is said ‘Neither a borrower or a lender be’ so maybe it does make some sense after all.

P.S. The Bible translations all have some flaws, even the best versions. You have to go back to the original text. I am trying to sort out some of the issues, although others may well have got there before me.


Mary had a little lamb…

A lite bite.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th August, 2022

My wife and I have been having a short break. It is very hot in the UK at the moment, 30 degrees centigrade or more this afternoon where we are.

So i was wondering what might do to cool us down a bit. Not sure this will work, but it’s too hot for strenuous thinking, so how about this, written before our break?

4th August, 2022

Mary had a little lamb

Her cheeks were white as snow

For she’d stuck them in the freezer

A little while ago.

For she’d eaten quite a lot of food

More than ought she should

Her insides were discomforted

She wasn’t feeling good.

Her tummy was a-gurgling

And things seemed about to run

So congealing all was needed

albeit not much fun.

Thus on a stool she stood

And op’d the freezer’s door

She was not tall I gather;

Being short’s a bore.

And so she stuck her bottom in

She wished to chill her butt

But freezing’s not the answer

The silly little mutt.

The cheeks I mentioned at the start

Were not those on her face

But those upon the nether parts

Down low, the other place!

She sat there for an hour

Then found that she was stuck

Her brother found her later

‘Oh dear’, he said, ‘bad luck.’

He went and told their mother

Who exclaimed it wasn’t nice

To stick your bum in there

To turn it all to ice.

They managed to extract her

And sat Mary in the sink

To defrost very slowly

As her cheeks returned to pink.

So chill out, stay cool and be careful where you sit!


Why are lawns a bad thing for men? – A lite bite.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

3rd August, 2022

“I don’t know, why are lawns a bad thing for men?”

Because God said ‘It is not good for man to be a lawn’ in Genesis 2 v. 18

Mind you, my eyesight’s not very good at the moment, so I might have misread it.

P.S. If you are after more lite bites then you could do worse than go to the TAPPER’S BAR for a light bight to eat. You will find it in World Menu, just scroll down to find or use ‘find’ on the page.


The First battle of El-Alamein: 1–27 July 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

31st July, 2022

This took place 80 years ago in North Africa in Egypt between the coast of the Mediterranean and the Qattara Depression. The battle was between the United Kingdom and its Imperial and commonwealth forces including India, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, and the Axis forces comprising German and Italian troops.

Both the sea and the depression formed a boundary which could not be readily by passed.

The Axis forces  of the Panzer Army Africa (Panzerarmee Afrika) (included the Afrika Korps under Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erwin Rommel), whilst the United Kingdom forces were the Eighth Army under General Claude Auchinleck.

The Axis forces were very close to Alexandria, about 66 miles, the main naval base at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, and the cities of Egypt and the Suez Canal.

The battle was a successful halting of the Axis forces which were too far from their main base at Tripoli, well over 1,000 miles by road today I understand, although in 1942 this was I believe more as there have been road alterations.

So here is my take on the battle in my usual fashion. If you just want me summary, then go to the end. I shall add some fascinating observations for those who have understanding in these matters.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

This link forms the basis of my article.

My article may bear some resemblance to the truth but you will need to double check as always. Don’t blame me if you don’t.

Having gone through the battle in detail I rather wonder if it was worthwhile to do a ‘mad’ version like this. It seems a bit much. But then war is mad, why do we do it?