V is for…..Victory

25th July 2021

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

H.M.S. Victory perhaps, once Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar. Or Victory V’s, a lozenge. I thought the latter disgusting. No wonder, I checked on line and it seems they once contained chloroform! Perhaps they taste better now. See

Then there is Winston Churchill with his famous ‘V’ sign. This was to show the British people that victory would be theirs in the war against Germany and the Nazis.

And probably to show the Germans that the British had their fingers left to pull the triggers on their guns. Or shoot their bows at the enemy.

Did you know that one intrepid officer took his long bow into battle? See the following link.

As regards his sword it says this.

His sword also served him well later, in 1943.  At the time, Mad Jack was a commanding officer in Salerno when his troops were forced into line fighting—something for which they hadn’t been trained. Churchill went ahead of his soldiers wielding his sword. He leapt out at German sentries from the darkness, blade held high, and the Germans were so frightened by the “demon” that they surrendered. Churchill took 42 prisoners that night with the help of just one other companion and his trusty sword.  This was inline with his philosophy on fighting the Germans, which he described after capturing the 42:

I maintain that, as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do, if you are senior to him he will cry ‘jawohl’ (yes sir) and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation.

Amazing story and another reference to 42, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question in the universe according to Douglas Adams. Does 42 signify victory I wonder?

Against the Germans possibly yes. The Germans are well known for following rules enthusiastically; they like being led like sheep. And sadly to the slaughter in world wars 1 and 2.

Bearing in mind we are still fighting the Nazis at this time, albeit in a war of words, perhaps this is significant. After all, the tide of the war truly turned in 1942 in favour of the Allies. 42 again you see.

But let’s go back to H.M.S. Victory. She is preserved in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK and you can of course visit.

Wikipedia gives something of her history.

On her return to England, Victory was examined for seaworthiness and found to have significant weaknesses in her stern timbers.

This was in Dec 1798. You could say that Victory had a rotten bottom!!

But you could also say the Victory had been resurrected.

Now this has similarities to Jesus and His death on the cross, in reality a ‘T’ or tree with a little headboard.

I have written elsewhere about this, link at the bottom for those who wish to check.

H.M.S. Victory was instrumental in defeating the French and Spanish allied fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar off Cape Trafalgar, as indeed she was at an earlier battle of Cape St Vincent. It is interesting to note that Vincent means ‘to conquer’.

But what does Trafalgar mean? End of the column perhaps according to this site.

Interestingly, H.M.S. Victory was at the head of one of the two columns of British ships that attacked the French and Spanish line. In so doing as she had at Cape St Vincent she raked the enemy’s ships both ahead and astern, crossing the ‘T’ as it is described.

The effect of such fire is always devastating in the hand of well-trained experienced and disciplined crews. The line of the French and Spanish was broken and victory was made complete with the two columns engaging the middle and rear-guard of the allied fleet.

Of course the victory was tempered by the death of Horatio Nelson, but the allied fleets suffered such a defeat that Napoleon could not realise his dream of invading England. And Great Britain ruled the waves up to and including the Second World War.

A pivotal moment for Great Britain and what some historians call the “imperial century” which was to follow in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo.

And Jesus achieved a victory pivotal in human history when he died on the ‘T’. He crossed the ‘T’ and beat Satan.

As did Nelson in the Victory and with the ships that followed, beat the allied fleet that would have helped Napoleon impose a dictatorship on Great Britain.

It is well-known, at least it was in my generation I believe, that Nelson was kissed by Hardy as he lay dying.

Well no one kissed Jesus as He was dying on the ‘T’ or cross as it has been called. Although perhaps the heavenly Father did.

But then, whilst Nelson will have to wait a little longer for his resurrection, Jesus only waited until the third day. At that point He was again able to be greeted and kissed. This was for 40 days until he was taken into the cloud and disappeared from view.

I have talked about kissing the Son in my last post and again I would recommend going to Him and kiss Him as it were in your heart. Greet Him formally or passionately. He will accept either. But He will want you to be passionate and begin to show compassion on those who need it most.

Which is why His death is called the passion. But that’s another story.

As for H.M.S. Victory, she is or at least has been undergoing repairs for a sagging hull. Which could be a saggy bottom, which happens to many people when they grow old!

As for Great Britain ruling the waves, well, she has seen her navy decline over the years. I wonder what leaving the EU will bring, as we escape the clutches of the European empire dominated by Germany and France.

‘God with us Mac Ron’ may want to be a new emperor of Europe as Germany seems to be buckling at last in its domination of the EU.

But we are still struggling with stupid rules, although these are now to do primarily with Covid 19 rather than EU regulations as such.

Time, I think, for Great Britain to rule the waves again.

Only this time, to wave the rules (which as I keep telling anybody who will listen, are only guidance and advice anyway).

So don’t be like sheep like the Germans and follow the ‘rules’ just because government supposedly tells you to. Start thinking and wave goodbye to the stupid rules, whilst following the good rules of love.

Don’t wait for the third wave to end or indeed the fourth wave to start. There will always be waves of ‘flu a.k.a. Covid 19.

Just ride the waves like a surfer, be you a young surfer or a silver surfer.

And have fun whilst loving as best you can in the right way. You can have the victory too like Jesus and conquer the waves!

P.S. Here’s the link I referred to J is for…..Jesus

And if you like, the link to 42.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

For Covid 19 and some answers see this. Covid 19 Summary

And for a victory song to dance to, why not try this.


Sunshine, sunburn and sunstroke

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

22nd July 2021

The sun is shining in the south of England; the midsummer solstice has been. The nights are drawing in again. And so round again we go in the circle of the year.

But in the meantime we have the sun to enjoy. Most of us love the sun, although there are those that struggle or even hate it. Why is that?

This link shares some thoughts.

Well, as for me, I have had some mixed views. I love the warmth of the sun, although you can get a warm breeze without it being too bright. In the UK we are blessed with a variable climate. This varies depending on which bit of the UK you are in.

However, I don’t really want to go into the vagaries of the weather. Only, I would say that in past years come April I would start to burn in full sunlight. Midday was obviously worse and this became more intense as the sun rose higher as we neared the solstice.

So much so that after about 10am and until 4pm I would need to cover up, wear a hat, put on sun cream. My wife got into an Aloe Vera product which I found much better; cools and protects as well as heals.

But that all changed last year as we went into lockdowns. Now, lockdowns are stupid for various reasons, but good has come of them too. Bizarre but true.

You see, I found that I was no longer burning in the full clear skies. I spent 2 whole hours in mid-june 2020, 11am to 1pm approximately. No hat, no lotion, not even aloe vera. I got slightly burnt. I applied some aloe vera gel. I was fine.

The same is happening this year it seems, although the weather has been very mixed, perhaps more like the usual variations we can expect in the south of England.

Two days ago I went out cycling from around mid-day until around 5.30pm. Shorts and T shirt. Hat for the top of my head. I applied no sun cream etc.

Again I would have burnt 2 years ago. I was fine on the day, no effects whatsoever. Yesterday and today I saw/see a slight redness, that is all.

So why is it I am no longer suffering sunburn as I used to? I have worked it out so I will tell you what I have found.

Sunshine – Ultraviolet (UV)

The sun gives off UVA, UVB, and UVC each with a different wavelength. UVC is apparently reflected by the earth’s ozone layer and atmosphere. Just as well, as it is highly damaging to life forms, including our bodies. See link below

The band widths are as follows:

A – 85nm

B – 35nm

C – 180nm

Note that UVB is under half the band width of UVA and understood to be the wavelength responsible for the production of vitamin D.

It seems UVB is reflected back to space by clouds, smog and similar. This leaves the UVA to continue to the ground.

And please note the following.

A/B = 2.42857

B/A = 0.41176

Add 2 answers = 2.84033 then divide answer by 2 = 2.42 to 2 decimal places so 42 again. The ultimate answer to possibly everything it seems. See my link if you wish. 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Note Soft A, intermediate B and hard C on the table in Wikipedia. This reminds me of the beds of the 3 bears of the story with Goldilocks, too hard, too soft and just right!

And it is UVB that is just right for vitamin D production!

Clear skies/cloudy skies

In clear skies with no chemical or other trails to block UVB the two, UVA and UVB come together flattening each other out sufficiently to minimise the burning.

In cloudy skies with alternating cloud and clear skies some UVB is reflected increasing the power of the UVA and increasing the burning effect.

In overcast skies no or very limited UVB will get through and UVA will be much more powerful and you can burn very easily.

Protecting/ shading your self against the intense light of the middle of the day depending on your latitude makes sense. It appears that being nearer the equator will increase the power of the UV light and this makes good sense as the distance through the atmosphere is shorter.

One should not forget that reflected light has an impact. So being by the sea, for example, or an inland lake increase UV light issues, whilst pure snow and altitude have a significant bearing on the UV you can receive.

The W.H.O. website link below is useful but incorrect about UV exposure as my experience shows. Being in the sun a long time is not the issue, there are other factors at play.

This is interesting regarding the Japanese approach to sunshine.

It has been long discussed what form does light take, pulse or waves? Well, why not both? Quantum mechanics seems to indicate this. But then, why not spiral or helical like DNA?

And what was happening with me. Seems straightforward to me.

You see, sound waves are flattened or enhanced by how they are synchronised. They can be enhanced or reduced.

The same applies to UV light. The A & B coming together flatten each other, reduce the power effect; we can therefore take more of it for longer in clear skies than we can in cloudy skies.

With the absence of most air traffic in lockdowns, the skies are much freer of pollution and the scattering effect of vapour trails etc. So again lockdowns have benefits as well as downsides.

But what about protection?


Sunblocks and screens might be fine for reducing UV light from damaging your skin but they also limit or prevent you from gaining the suns energy which helps eventually to build up vitamin D in your body (subject to other factors within your body such as suitable body oils).

I have found in the past that a clear pure aloe vera product has helped enormously and I have not needed the more advertised commercial products/creams.

I once had a secretary who said her sister used olive oil on her skin to help protect her. I am now sure that that is a good alternative to moisturise and protect the skin, without stopping the benefits of sunshine in eventually producing vitamin D in your body. Note this link

As regards sunblocks and suncreams toxicity the following links should be examined.

You should be seriously concerned if you use commercial products containing these ingredients. In any event you should not need them at all if you are sensible and use natural plant products.

And don’t forget that these creams and sunblocks come in plastic containers which then have to be disposed of. Frequently things get dumped. We pay the price in a polluted harmful environment.

After all in somebody wants to sell you something they will tell you how good it is, even if it may be harmful. They may even use fear to prompt you to buy their product. Some people just love money.

They also will go out of their way to try and persuade you that vitamin D is not that important.

Vitamin D

You can find other information on vitamin D on my pages on this. Whilst there is a lot of information on the internet, again there are those who wish this information suppressed so they can sell poisonous drugs and make large amounts of money off the suffering of the human race.

Even many doctors have succumbed to this and have become ignorant of vitamin D’s benefits and have ignored the side effects and ultimate uselessness of most drugs for which there are, and always have been, beneficial and harmless alternatives.

Anyway, this link is useful regarding how sunshine enables us to eventually get vitamin D but is incorrect or at least misleading about how much sunshine can be damaging. If your vitamin D levels are good your protection and healing is also boosted.

The articles say

The American Cancer Society does not support sun exposure for increasing vitamin D

I checked with the website of this society.

Extract from above.

Stay safe in the sun

Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and manmade sources like tanning booths. Protect your skin from the sun when you go outside, especially during the long, warm summer days.

Cover up: When you are out in the sun, wear clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to protect as much skin as possible. Protect your eyes with sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV light.

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Put more on at least every 2 hours, and after swimming or sweating.

Seek shade: Limit your direct exposure to the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV rays are strongest.

Avoid tanning beds and sunlamps: Both can cause serious long-term skin damage and contribute to skin cancer.

Now whilst you need to be sensible about sun exposure, the issues have to do with your vitamin D levels in the first place. If they are poor you will burn badly and will not heal well or quickly.

I suspect the American Cancer Society has a vested interest in telling you what they say. Sunshine is free, cancer treatments are very expensive and a major problem in themselves which I will write about in due course.

However, for now this link below may suffice to give you pause for thought. Some people just love money which is the root of all kinds of evil.

Being in the sun all day is not a problem if you are sensible and protect yourself in the midday as necessary and use a natural plant product as required.

Again please note I have boosted my own vitamin D levels considerably by supplementation by way or experiment. I have explained elsewhere, see links.

D is for…..D. Vitamin D 

More Vitamin D

In essence, you need to consider your own vitamin D levels and get them tested to be sure. Please note that a normal level will be average for a population group and by no means optimal. The actual level you can have can be much higher as I believe I have proved.

But if you start from a low base you need to build up before you can tolerate large amounts of sun.

Please note I am fair skinned so I would normally be especially vulnerable. Now I am not if I am sensible and have regard to the sunshine conditions etc.

The following is very good but quite long. From June 2015.

The following is extracted from above for ease of reference. I have put in extra paragraph spaces for ease of reading the main points.


The full solar spectrum is essential to optimal health and well-being. Humans are physiologically adapted to produce vitamin D in response to sun exposure, specifically UVB radiation; other regions of the spectrum seem to confer benefit as well.

Though some vitamin D comes from our diet (and more recently from supplements), we should not ignore the natural capacity that we possess to produce our own.

We are of the opinion that moderate sun exposure (less than the time required to burn) to the arms, shoulders, trunk, and legs should be sought rather than avoided. Once that limited time has been achieved, we agree that covering the skin or seeking shade may be appropriate.

The benefits of such exposure go beyond production of vitamin D and include other physiological responses to sunlight, still inadequately explored, including release of nitric oxide, production of beta-endorphin, and regulation of circadian rhythms—all important components of lifelong health and well-being.

The current policy of sun avoidance is creating probable harm for the general population. Ignorance of the effects of portions of the solar spectrum at wavelengths longer than the ultraviolet is due mainly to lack of suitable measurement tools for cutaneous and systemic responses to those regions.

We propose therefore that the U.S. Surgeon General’s office, the World Health Organization, the Institute of Medicine, and other health entities, together or separately, engage in an immediate effort both to define and quantify comprehensively the benefits and harms of sun exposure and to develop the measurement methods needed for their detection and quantification.

Following this effort, concrete recommendations for exposure at an individual level that are both safe and beneficial should be created.

We also recommend, as an interim strategy, that both sun exposure and vitamin D supplementation be concomitants of drug therapy for tuberculosis so as to garner both whatever benefits may be due to vitamin D and those of heliotherapy that extend beyond its effect on vitamin D status.

NB If you are in the USA and you are told to stay indoors because of Covid 19, this is a lie. Be sensible, but make the most of the sunshine.


Well, there is not much I need say about this except to repeat that one must be sensible. It is all very well for ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun’ as Noel Coward sang, but not very wise in general as it is much more pleasant to sit in the shade with a cooling drink.

But it is worth noting that a cold drink takes time to warm up in your stomach before it can be absorbed; if it didn’t the shock of the cold might kill you. And in the long run you benefit more by rehydration and evaporation which will cool you more effectively.

I once was helping in a holiday camp bar in Bracklesham Bay to earn some money during the holidays whilst at university. There was a retired man who had been in Hong Kong and he said that tea was more refreshing than water.

It was something I had not considered but I took this on board.

Note the following link.

Mind you, as a keen cyclist there is nothing I find better than a pint of ginger beer shandy, half beer/ale and half ginger beer when I stop for lunch on a hot day.

Should you or someone else get sunstroke then I have noted the following link.

I daresay if someone’s heart is weak that too much cold can shock the body and stop the heart, so this must always be considered.


So there you are, three S’s. Which could be ‘SSS’. These may remind you of the SS of Nazi infamy. Or perhaps the snake or serpent which goes ‘hisss’.

The snake or serpent, like the one in the Garden of Eden. I found this link on line to some unusual lyrics.

“Don’t Be Like The Sun”, the song, talks about ‘king of Mars’ and ‘a gold plated man monkey full of dollar bills’. The question is who is the king of Mars? Well, I associate him ultimately with the Devil who wages war against the children of God.

And the devil mars or spoils everything, a spoil sport.

Who is ‘The Sun’? Well, it might refer to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who I associate with the sun of righteousness

Malachi 4v1-3

The Great Day of the LORD

1“For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble; the day is coming when I will set them ablaze,” says the LORD of Hosts. “Not a root or branch will be left to them.” 2“But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, and you will go out and leap like calves from the stall. 3Then you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day I am preparing,” says the LORD of Hosts.…

It says ‘its wings’ in this translation but the original word in Hebrew suggests ‘her wings’. Jesus is a man.

But He is described in the Greek in the New Testament as mono-genetic. See John 3:16 in Biblehub

The word usually translated ‘only begotten’ is μονογενῆ (monogenē). He, Jesus, is recorded as born of a virgin, so without a man’s sperm. So in a way, Jesus was female, yet he was a man, it says so in the New Testament.

Please note however, that ‘only begotten’ can sound like ‘only big ‘ot one’. Only big hot one, like the Sun!!

It is recorded in Matthew 23:37 that He said ‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were unwilling!’

So like a protective mother, He would have gathered the children of God in Jerusalem under His protection. But they would not come.

You may know of the following by Dorothy Frances Gurney.

“Kiss of the sun for pardon.

Song of the birds for mirth.

You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden

Than any place on earth.”

The Bible also talks about kissing the son in Psalm 2 v.12 and explained here.

And Jesus said ‘Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father.’ John 14:9.

Also “I am the Light of the world” John 8:12.

So I can recommend the sun, God’s good sun as I call it, for vitamin D if you do the right things.

And I can recommend the Son, God’s good Son as I call Him, for showing us the Father, the heavenly Father, or Big D if you like!

As regards the song “Don’t Be Like The Sun” I would say do be like the sun and shine the light of God’s truth on the world.

And be like Jesus, the Son of God, the Light of the World.

P.S. If you need more information on vitamin D, here are my links again.

D is for…..D. Vitamin D

More Vitamin D

If you need cheering up, a dance, a lullaby or humour why not try my suggestions;but I am sure there are many others you can think of.

The Jacksons – Blame It On the Boogie

Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine (Lullaby Version) | The Hound + The Fox

The Beatles-Here comes the Sun.

Noel Coward – Mad dogs and Englishmen.


Ticks and Tocs

14th July 2021

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

I found a tick yesterday. On my leg, the right one. By the knee.

I am not sure how it got there. I suspect my wife, an ex-teacher. She wanted to mark me out of ten and put a tick there to say I was correct. About what I don’t know. I was in cloud cuckoo land at the time, in bed.

However, as I looked closer I saw it move. Strange I thought, I have never seen a tick move.

But it wasn’t that kind of a tick. It was the biting, blood sucking variety. The ones that like to take the life out of anything right. Like my right leg. It explains why it wasn’t my left leg.

I therefore suspect it was a left leaning tick or democrat/Nazi/communist tick. Look, Nazis are strictly socialist so not really right wing at all, despite attempts to make them so. Nothing right about them anyway, they’re all wrong.

There are various types of tick; these are listed in the following link.

There is also tic as in tic-toc which are those annoying videos we have seen in the past year or so. Especially the ones trying to make out how wonderful the NHS is.

People have wondered at the nurses as they perform these videos. If they are so busy as alleged, how did they find the time to do them?

But then how do we know they were nurses, eh? How about out of work actors, with theatres shut they needed something to earn a crust. Easy to dress up you know; I have done some amateur acting myself.

The links above give some perspective on what people have thought over the pandemic of tic-toc videos, sorry, make that pandemic of vitamin D deficiency, masquerading as Covid 19 deadly planet threatening disease.

I think these videos are ridiculous, and a complete waste of time. Perhaps that’s the point distract the masses from what is really going on.

Which, among other things is the poisoning of the planet and poisoning of the human race via various chemical poisons.

And vaccines of course.

Maybe the tic-toc videos are also democrat/Nazi/communist tics, or tic-toc ticks.

A young lad did a tic-toc video of him calling Chris Whitty a liar about the Covid 19 cases. There is a link within this link if you are interested.

The use of the word mandem in the context seems to suggest an enemy, not a friend. Chris Whitty is an enemy of the people. This makes sense.

Many comments on social media condemn the lad’s action. I don’t. He is quite right, Chris Whitty is no friend of the people that is for sure. I have yet to analysis him in detail and do a post but no doubt I will.

Anyway, back to the tick. Much as the tick is rather fascinating as such things go, I didn’t really want it sucking my blood. So I decided I would try and remove it with a plastic tick removal tool from the pack which we have.

Firstly though, I thought I had better try and disinfect the area. I had some green Chartreuse in a small vial which once contained Bach rescue remedy. You might be interested in my post on this. I’ll put link at the end.

It came with a small pipette (the vial, not green Chartreuse) and I thought ‘Why not try on the tick, might knock it out?’. So I did, I placed a few small drops on the tick and surrounding area.

For good measure I also put some Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce from the kitchen on it as well.

So hopefully the tick was dead drunk, if not dead, presumed drowned. I think the stickiness of the green Chartreuse might block its ability to breath.

Anyway, the recommendation on line is applying rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant, but that is poisonous whereas in moderation you can drink green Chartreuse (it is very strong).

It is much more expensive but was available to me without a visit to the shops or waiting for online purchase to arrive. In the latter case I suspect the tick would have finished guzzling my blood and fallen out.

I dare say that olive oil and vinegar or cheap wine would have been good, much like the Good Samaritan might have used on the man who was attacked by thieves. You know, on the way down to Jericho.

Anyway, having disinfected/drowned the area/tick I took the small plastic implement to the tick, and gently twisted it slowly in a clockwise direction (looking at my leg) three complete revolutions as recommended.

I then lifted up slowly and bingo out it came, mouthpiece and all.

So that was it. The spot where it was is healing nicely and should disappear in due course.

I have had no ill effects as much vitamin D levels are high due to having boosted them enormously recently with supplements (which I take to overcome my current health issues).

I attach photographs below to show the tick.

So that’s another experience I can tick off my list.

A tick for a tick as it were.

P.S. If you want more information on Covid 19 see here. Covid 19 Summary

And this link is very useful indeed.


I have listened to it all and I think it is basically right, but again note my Covid 19 Summary. She has a rescue remedy at the end.

A herbal Rescue Remedy link as referred to earlier. Rescue Remedy

Should you wish to drink green Chartreuse after the trauma of removing tick then be my guest. With all the herbs in it I daresay it will be of some help (in moderation of course).

But I’m not buying you any as I’m on my Cloud and can’t.


Happy 4th of July!

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th July 2021 (of course!)

The following was set up as a page last year, and a few viewed it. I am trying it as a post this year, with minor alterations and additions.

4th July 2020

‘Good mornin’, Good mornin’, we’ve talked the whole night through, Good mornin’, Good mornin’ to you’.

So sings Debbie Reynolds in ‘Singing in the Rain’. Well, I hope it is a good mornin’ for ya’ll in the U.S. of A. Howdy from Baldmichael in good ol’ Ingerland.

Am I teasing you? Perhaps, but you can say ‘Hey, Baldy’ back to me, and we will be quits. Which comes from the French verb ‘quitter’ to leave. So in this case, we can leave it at that. We’re evens. Or Even Stevens as we might say in England. Which rhymes – we like rhyming, there’s something in the tune of the words. I see Disney did a movie of that name. I didn’t know until just now. You learn something every day.

Back to greetings. If you are young, you might say ‘Yo’ when you meet someone. Or even ‘Yo man’. Which in England sounds like ‘Yeoman’. And that means primarily ‘a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate’. Or a smallholder. In the States, a homestead. A homestead conjures up the image of a steady home, somewhere secure, welcoming.

So if you say ‘Yo man’ to your friend, what you are saying is here is my ‘Yeoman’, someone who makes me welcome, a steady guy to rely on. And that is an encouragement, I hope you think so too.

Of course, you may have woken up full of woe. A bad night perhaps. Noisy neighbours, baby kept you up, that sort of thing. I have changed the words to the intro from ‘Oklahoma’ specially for you. Eh, hem, here goes.

‘Oh what a horrible mornin’

Oh what a horrible day.

I put my foot through the ceiling,

And someone has stolen my hay!’

Well perhaps you put your foot on a child’s toy which made you swear. Or perhaps you feel someone has stolen your liberty with lockdown. Or perhaps your presidential election? See P.S. at bottom of page.

And to misquote the song, maybe your ‘…corns are as high…’ because your feet feel as though an elephant had trodden on them and they are excruciatingly painful.

And if you can’t reach your feet to look after them properly, perhaps someone else can help. You could ask. Or if your neighbour, ok neighbor to you, has corns and you know they struggle, ask them if you could help. Perhaps you are afraid they may bite you? People often bark only because they are hurt or afraid like you can be.

Covid 19 a problem? It’s no worse than the ‘flu. And because I know what it really is, you have nothing to fear whatsoever. Baldmichael says so. He only knows because he did a bit of research, and thought, and spoke to our Heavenly Father about it. No problemo. In Spanish, No hay problema.

Which brings us back to the song. Someone has stolen your hay. You have a ‘no hay problem’. Well, if someone has stolen your hay or in this case of lockdown, liberty, you are perfectly entitled to go and take it back (you never lost it really, you just thought you did). After all, you can’t buy another load of liberty as you can with hay.

You need ammunition in a battle of words, or polemic, as the Greeks might say. I am giving you the words, if you don’t already have them, on this website. And I am only distilling what I am gleaning from websites around the world, and from what I have observed during my life. You are perfectly capable of doing what I have done. It just takes patience and time.

And trust in the One who made this beautiful world. A Yeoman in the best sense. But His holding is not small, but huge. The whole wide world and beyond. The great beyond. As a song puts it ’He’s got the whole world in His hands’.

‘I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand.’

Those are the words of Jesus. If you trust Him you need have no fear. You will be safe in His hands.

Have a nice day.

No, on second thoughts don’t have a nice day. Have a gloriously wonderful day.

And Happy 4th of July, happy Independence Day!

P.S. There are those who believe that the presidential election was stolen by the democrats. I am not surprised. If you do, why not do something about it? Go on a march round the Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. I did a post with a song you might wish to use. March for the Beast


On this day 29th June 2021 – England 2, Germany 0

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

30th June 1941

Okay, okay, so its 30th June today, but what’s a day between friends? About 24 hours I suppose on the earth. I say about, as a day is not quite this long. See the following link.

And of course if you were on another planet, then a day might vary enormously. If you have read the link you will note they have calculated Venus with a day as 5,832 hours!!

If you were on Venus (and its toxic highly pressurised atmosphere is not to be recommended unless you want to be suffocated, squashed and burnt at the same time), imagine how long before you might be able to go to bed. Lack of sleep can kill, you know!

Although the toxic atmosphere and heat would kill the average human being instantly anyway, so you needn’t worry about that. Venus sounds rather like a lake of fire to me.

But let’s come back to yesterday. Well, England beat the Germany at football for once in the Euros, hooray! Here are a couple of links below from the Guardian which I consider worth reading.

The goals were scored by Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. So Sterling showed he was made of sterling stuff and Kane beat the Germans soundly with a cane as it were!

In the above following the headline it says ‘Locals in Berlin were subdued about their tournament exit as if resigned to being the underdog’

And at the end of the article:

Rainer Hoffmann blamed the coach Jogi Löw, for whom the defeat spells the end of a 15-year career in charge of the German team. “Jogi should have quit before the tournament,” said the 69-year-old pensioner as he finished up his beer. “He’s just the wrong guy, I’ve known that since he got the job in 2006.”

As the final whistle blew, Bruno Farace gave his son another hug. “What do you think, Matteo, will you wear an England shirt the next time around?” Matteo paused to think, and offered a compromise: “Maybe an Arsenal shirt.”

There’s the following too.

“The Euros were meant to be a dignified send-off for national coach Joachim Löw,” said Boris Büchler in a comment for broadcaster ZDF. In his first 10 years in charge of Germany’s national team, Löw had taken his sides at least to the semi-final of every tournament they participated in. In 2014, he came home from Rio de Janeiro with the World Cup.

Yet the dignified send-off was not to be, wrote Büchler. “Instead, the exit in the last 16 is the logical consequence of a downward spiral that began in 2016.”

So you could say poor Joachim Löw’s career ended in a new low!!

Let’s consider other events yesterday, but 80 years ago. The United Kingdom is at war with Germany. The following was listed in this link.,_1941_(Sunday)

June 29, 1941 (Sunday)

The Defense of Brest Fortress ended in German victory.

The Germans and Finns launched Operations Silver Fox and Platinum Fox, aimed at capturing the key Soviet port of Murmansk.

212,000 children were evacuated from Leningrad.[11]

Hitler issued a secret decree formally designating Hermann Göring as his successor.[61] This is the decree that was referred to in the Göring Telegram of April 1945.

Germans capture the port city of Libau in Latvia.

German submarine U-651 was depth charged and sunk in the North Atlantic by British warships.

Died: Ignacy Jan Paderewski, 80, Polish pianist

The Germans had invaded Russia and were sweeping the Red Army before them. The British Eighth Army (with British, Commonwealth, Indian and Allied contingents) were holding out in North Africa against Rommel and the Axis forces (German and Italian).

And German submarine U-651 was depth charged and sunk in the North Atlantic by British warships.

The last paragraph was a small battle in the struggle against the Axis forces, and a small victory in the scale of things. But small things always count; without them we wouldn’t achieve greater things.

Without these small victories the allies would not have eventually won the war.

The following site has fascinating information about the day.

It talks about the silent generation, a phrase I hadn’t heard before.

Wikipedia explains what this means.

You will note the various people listed in the ‘On this day’ link. Quite fascinating, if not obvious once you think about it.

It says that on this day Joe DiMaggio, extended his hitting streak to 42 breaking Sisler’s record. He is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time, according Wikipedia.

And married to Marilyn Munroe briefly.

You can read all about them if you wish, but it is with some amusement that 42 comes up! 42

It includes the following profile of another Joe.

Joe Biden

Full Name: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Profession: 46th US President, Vice President and Senator

Nationality: United States of America


Political Party: Democratic Democratic Party

Presidential Term: In office since January 20, 2021

Preceded By: Donald Trump

Why Famous: Current US President, who won election with a record 81 million popular votes, becoming the oldest sitting president.

Prior to assuming the presidency, Joe Biden served two terms as the 47th Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama.

A member of the Democratic Party, Biden was a United States Senator from Delaware between 1973 and 2009, until his election to the Vice Presidency.

In April 2019, Biden officially announced he was running to be the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States, his third presidential campaign and the first time he won nomination.

In November 2020 he defeated sitting US President Donald Trump by 306 election votes to 232, winning the popular vote by more than 7 million votes.

Born: November 20, 1942

Birthplace: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 78 years old

Generation: Silent Generation

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Star Sign: Scorpio

Now people will contest that Joe actually lost the election, and that there was wide scale fraud at the ballot box, with dead people voting as it were! That is people whose names were used despite being deceased of course.

Be that as it may, it might be noted that Joe’s star sign is Scorpio. Mmm, a beast with a sting in its tail. Interesting.

Reminds me of the book of Revelation when the tail of the dragon swept a third of the stars to the earth. Mmm.

In the Chinese zodiac he comes under the Horse. Like a horseman of the apocalypse perhaps. Mmm.

And he was born in 1942! Interesting, velly interesting. But stupid. That is a reference to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in, a T.V. programme in the U.S.A.

Of course stupid may refer to Joe Biden and his abilities. Unlike Joe DiMaggio who despite his demons achieved something good with his life.

With reference to the Silent Generation (who seem to me to include many who were far from silent), there is reference to the silent majority which is why the generation is generally defined as silent. This explains.

Simon and Garfunkel wrote about Joe DiMaggio in the song ‘Mrs Robinson’ from the film ‘The Graduate’.

They also wrote about silence in the ‘Sound of Silence’ including the following:

“Fools” said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows.

Hear my words that I might teach you,

Take my arms that I might reach you.”

But my words like silent raindrops fell,

And echoed

In the wells of silence

I have always loved it, the whole song, but now it has much more meaning in the context of today’s crisis with Covid 19 and Coronavirus.

Will the silent majority, of any generation, stay silent against the onslaught of evil and madness going on?

Going back to Germany and the football match I noted reference to national anthems. I checked up on Germany’s. This link helps a lot.

The first stanza is this.

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Maas bis an die Memel,
Von der Etsch bis an den Belt,
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world,
When, for protection and defense,
It always stands brotherly together.
From the Meuse to the Memel,
From the Adige to the Belt,
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world!
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world!

It is said this has been misunderstood to mean that Germany should be foremost to the German people, rather than to mean dominating or conquering the world. Perhaps someone might have pointed that out to them before they started the first two world wars.

It would have saved a lot of bother as we in Britain might say in our understated way!!

The third verse says this:

Anmut sparet nicht noch Mühe
Leidenschaft nicht noch Verstand
Dass ein gutes Deutschland blühe
Wie ein andres gutes Land.

Dass die Völker nicht erbleichen
Wie vor einer Räuberin
Sondern ihre Hände reichen
Uns wie andern Völkern hin.

Und nicht über und nicht unter
Andern Völkern wolln wir sein
Von der See bis zu den Alpen
Von der Oder bis zum Rhein.

Und weil wir dies Land verbessern
Lieben und beschirmen wir’s
Und das Liebste mag’s uns scheinen
So wie anderen Völkern ihr’s.
Grace spare not and spare no labour
Passion nor intelligence
That a decent German nation
Flourish as do other lands.

That the people give up flinching
At the crimes which we evoke
And hold out their hand in friendship
As they do to other folk.

Neither over or yet under
Other peoples will we be
From the North Sea to the Alps
From the Oder to the Rhine.

And because we’ll make it better
Let us guard and love our home
Love it as our dearest country
As the others love their own.

Now that seems more like it. It came from the same pen of August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (there’s a mouthful!).

So who misled the Germans? I blame Prussia myself and its stupid Junkers and mad Kaiser Wilhelm II. There is still a Junker today in the EU. Mmm. What’s his first name?

Anyway, it seems that the Germans have a good anthem although perhaps they might concentrate on the last stanza which seems excellent. Everybody should love their people and homeland and look after them properly.

And love strangers who visit.

Perhaps a last few words from Simon and Garfunkel’s song

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more

This reminds me of the words of the New Testament letter to Jude in the Bible.

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, also prophesied about them: “Behold, the Lord is coming with myriads of His holy ones to execute judgment on everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of every ungodly act of wickedness and every harsh word spoken against Him by ungodly sinners.

Myriads might be 10,000 or even an uncountable number. Myriads could be My-ri-ads as in My smiling (laughing) adverts. The adverts, those who follow Jesus Christ who are adverts for Christ. We do not ‘sell’ Him as a product to be disposed of, but a person to be known and loved as He loves us.

And He comes freely. Freely you have received, freely give, He says.

It also says in the Book of Daniel that

At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. But at that time your people— everyone whose name is found written in the book— will be delivered.

Well, I am only a Baldmichael, with 18 followers at the moment. But I am trying to do my bit along with many others, to bring down the beasts that threaten to destroy the planet and God’s children.

If you don’t follow me yet you are welcome to do so. If you don’t, why not follow another website with the truths exposed.

You are welcome to use and share what I have gleaned in any event.

And don’t forget that following God’s Son, Jesus Christ is above all the most important. He is much more important than many think, vital in fact. He said that He had come that you (that is all God’s children) might have life and have it to the full.

Otherwise there is the lake of fire of Revelation to consider. Rather like Venus which I mentioned at the start.

And I think a good game of football would be better than that, don’t you?

P.S. Here is link to

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

if you would like it.

Or should you wish to understand about Covid 19, my summary.

Or go see something useful/funny about Joe Biden. Lost Property He can be found near the bottom.


As I was going to St Ives

written on 16th June 2021

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

Here is a short post. I had hope to do one on the Battle of Waterloo but it is turning out to be rather longer than expected and other things needed doing.

So I thought I had at least better do something. I hope it may be of interest or amuse. It is reflecting the fact that Joe Biden has apparently been in Cornwall with the G7 summit. I don’t suppose the Cornish were asked about how they felt having their cuntry invaded by a count.

Or is it the other way round?

I wonder if Joe was asked if he would like to go. I think he doesn’t mind where he goes as long as he has his nappies changed and gets fed and watered by his carers.

Anyway, here is a poem based on the well-known (in the UK) old rhyme.

As I was going to St Ives

I met a man who had two wives

One was dead

The other still lives*

He had four children it is said

Three were living

One was dead.

The living had brains I’ll have you know

Except for Biden, his first name Joe.

What colour socks was Joe wearing?

Answer: Depends on whom one is asking. If it is Joe, he will probably mumble something like ‘rainbow coloured’ as he is thinking about sex, not socks.

If it is his carers then probably black for the funeral. Joe is a zombie, the walking dead, so it is his own funeral we are talking about.

If it is anyone else, then any colour you like. Make it up like the Democrats do to such things like voting ballot papers, policy etc.

Make it black and white if you like. Take it to extremes like the Democrats do. It helps to divide people and helps Democrats rule the U.S.A.

If you ask Putin he will probably just smile and say нет, which sounds like kneeyet. Which probably means he would like to knee Biden somewhere where it hurts. We might sympathise with him. Putin that is.

Well, that’s about it. Except perhaps to say that on the 22nd June in 1941, 80 years ago Germany invaded Russia. I wonder if we shall see a real battle of words between Russia and the USA? Or maybe Germany and Russia? We’ll see.

Bye for now.

*Poetic license – to rhyme with ‘wives’


Lies you’re told about the COVID vaccine (NHS approved)

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

11th June 2021

The following is on a YouTube video done by Leena Norms. See  Link below if  you are at all interested.

She talks about paying lip service. Hmm, interesting.

lip service


Verbal expression of agreement or allegiance, unsupported by real conviction or action; hypocritical respect: 


And she is using make-up, as she explains the issues. Are these being made-up? Hmm, interesting.

GP Nikki Kanani is medical director for NHS England and NHS improvements who is providing support on the video.

There is reference to NHS facts. This is rather confusing as the headline indicates the NHS approves the lies.

The following is based on the drop down list when you click on read more button just under the video.

Here are my comments on that list. RED for danger – beware NHS lies.

Lies you’re told about the COVID vaccine (NHS approved)

NHS lies are approved then? The NHS approves of lying. Makes sense.

Fantastic assumptions and where to find them (timestamps):

00:00​ intro

02:23 It’s got a GPS tracker/ Bill Gates put a nano chip in it

Very unlikely. Bill Gates couldn’t put one in every vial, he’s not that clever.

03:13 It will change your DNA

Unlikely. Vaccine makers not that clever.

04:18 The vaccine can GIVE you COVID

True. Overloads your immune system, and you get the ‘flu, a.k.a Covid.

05:34 Vaccines are unnatural

True in the sense you should not put poisons into your body unless you like playing Russian roulette

06:30 Vaccines are just profitable, we can just do ‘herd immunity’

Yes to first half, no to second half, it doesn’t work (unless we improve our vitamin D etc.)

07:44 If you’ve already had COVID, you don’t need it

True. Why risk getting Covid again.

08:10 If you’ve had a normal flu vaccine, that’s enough

True, if you mean that’s enough poison already (if the normal ‘flu vaccine contains anything of course).

09:11 It contains mercury/embryos/pork gelatine/it’s not halal

Who knows? It is helel, however. Helel Hebrew name for Lucifer now called Satan who perpetrated this fraud ultimately.

11:07 If you have an auto-immune disease, it can kill you


12:15 It can cause more harm to non-white communities / BAME communities are being experimented on

Generally true. BAME communities have overall low vitamin D levels in northern hemisphere, especially USA. I believe they also do in UK.

13:38 People have died from taking the vaccine and it’s being covered up

Yes to first part, partly to second part. Mainstream media seems to be quiet on the issue as far as I can tell. Other sources tell the truth. That makes sense.

14:28 If you get a strong reaction to the vaccine that means you’ve had COVID before

False. It means the vaccine is particularly poisonous to you.  That is probably because your immune system is weak and your vitamin D levels are low. I say probably. Hopefully too, otherwise a lot of people are going to suffer.

14:42 It hasn’t been tested properly and some of the ingredients are ‘new’

True to first part. Seems to be true to second part as well as far as we’re told.

/ It’s been rushed and we don’t yet know the full effects (we’re guinea pigs)


16:59 It can affect your fertility

Apparently true. In any event, poisoning yourself never a good idea, let alone your baby.

17:35 It causes misciarriage/isn’t safe for pregnant people

Apparently true. In any event, poisoning yourself never a good idea, let alone your baby. Isn’t safe for pregnant women, (men can’t be pregnant).

18:19 It can cause issues with breastfeeding

Depend on what issues you are referring to. In any event, don’t be a tit (or booby), and have a poisonous vaccine to poison your tits (or boobies) if you have tits (or boobies).

18:29 The Oxford vaccine is less effective than the Pfizer/ some COVID vaccines are more effective than others

False. All vaccines are pointless. Unless you mean some vaccines are more effective at poisoning people, in which case true.

19:10 Once you have the vaccine, it’s safe to go out as normal

False. It was always generally safe to go out as normal (unless you live in an unsafe neighbourhood etc.). Taking the vaccine is unsafe as it is pointless, and could be poisonous (depending on what is really in it).

Taking the vaccine is however only safe if it contains saline or vitamins. Who knows what is in it? It’s anybody’s guess. Ingredients not on side of vial as far as I am aware, and one would need to test vials to be sure.

If anybody has tested the vials perhaps they can let us know.

20:05 It won’t stop the spread, it will just stop people dying

True to first part. False to second part. People are dying from it. See earlier.

20:40 You should call the NHS if you want one and haven’t been invited

True if you want to play Russian roulette with the ‘shot’. This is why it is called a shot.

21:29 The effects wear off fast and we’ll have to keep taking it/COVID mutates too fast for it to be of use

False. Depends on the individual regarding effects. Can last for weeks. Covid doesn’t mutate that is false. Lies are mutating however. Wonderful what people can make up (probably why Leena is putting on make-up so we get the point).

22:48 It works better on some age groups more than others

True if you mean poisons elderly more than younger people (generally speaking that is, because elderly probably have lower vitamin D levels).

23:03 The three month gap between vaccines will be detrimental to its effectiveness

False. Three month gap will give you time to get over effects, if any, of first ‘shot’. In any event will still be effective in poisoning you, if indeed it contains anything at all.

23:58 Once you get it, you won’t need to use a mask

True if you are dead. You don’t have to use a mask anyway unless it is sensible. See my suggested links at bottom of post in Covid 19 Summary.

24:54 You get a sticker at the end after you get your jab!

Depends on what you mean by sticker. If you mean label I wouldn’t know. If you mean barb as in thorn, then false. You have had the prick from the jab already.

This may be a spelling mistake and should have read ‘sicker’. In which case possibly true. Some people have been sicker after the jab.

For more info please see my website.

And don’t forget government guidance and advice.

Well, I hope that clears up those points.

The NHS has approved lying. GP Nikki Kanani is approving these lies. The NHS is in a mess and needs dismantling and then rebuilding from scratch.

Those administrators, doctors and nurses etc. who have approved lies should be hauled before the courts.

Once we have dealt with Matt Hancock, Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valence of course.

I have done post on Matt Hancock if you haven’t seen it.


Matt Hancock

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th June 2020

Matthew John David Hancock. Good set of biblical names. Except Hancock of course. I’m not aware of anything related to that in the Bible .

His first three names mean the following apparently. ‘Gift of God, God is gracious, beloved (or possibly uncle)’.

As to Hancock the meaning is rather more obscure but probably relates to ‘strutting like a cock(erell)’. The han bit may be ‘hand’.

That makes more sense. Handcock, or maybe ‘Hand Cock’, the mass debater in the Houses of Parliament. Or should that be mess debater? Perhaps they are the same thing. Anagram in his full name includes ‘ankwa’. Rearrange to make better sense.

A lot of people are not keen on him at the moment. They would no doubt leave out the ‘f’ in ‘Gift of God’ and the whole of his two middle names.

He may think he is God’s gift of course. Lol.

He is married to Martha Hoyer Millar, an osteopath, according to his Wikipedia entry. Apparently she is the granddaughter of René de Marees van Swinderen – meaning possibly:

Reborn (French), the (Dutch), Tides or star of the sea (French), of (Dutch), Swindle (German).

Well, those names sound okay except swindle. Which is German. ‘Interesting velly interesting.’ Remember this?

Anyway, Matt Hancock is also 42 years old at the moment. Do we think he is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question as in Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Not according to people comments on YouTube we don’t. What the question actually  was is not stated. Probably ‘Will Matt Hancock’s actions and leadership as health secretary bring us out of the Covid mess?’


That’s answered that one, what’s next?

I have said the meaning of John is ‘God is gracious’. In the USA a ‘john’ is a toilet. Which one applies to Matt Hancock? You choose.

As regards David the following link is of interest. Please note American Sign Language, scroll down page in the link.

All but one could be giving the finger (or two fingers). Okay, it’s not the middle finger, but why be fussy when it’s Pratt Matt Hancock we are talking about?


These are always useful. There are rather a lot that are useful in my books.

Choanotaenia – meaning tapeworms.

The above link says ‘…affected adult birds were depressed and had diarrhea prior to death.’ This makes sense. Nation depressed by Matt Hancock.

Contaminated – no doubt true

Cachinnated – to laugh loudly or immoderately – see below.

cachinnate – To express amusement, mirth, or scorn by smiling and emitting loud, inarticulate sounds: from

I think he has been laughing at the general public.

Cacodemonia: a condition marked by the delusion of being possessed by evil spirits. From

I don’t know about evil spirits, but delusional yes. If it just said ‘possessed by evil spirits’ I would agree.

Dentinomata – related to benign tumours. I don’t know about benign, tumours will do nicely.

Non-academic – well he has a first degree and an MPhil so that’s not right. Perhaps he is not a good academic despite that. Love of money can cause problems I hear.

And when you become a wealth secretary, creating wealth for big pharma.

Deathwatch – perhaps refers to excess deaths on his ‘watch’ as Health Secretary.



in·​cho·​ate | \ in-ˈkō-ət  , ˈin-kə-ˌwāt \

Definition of inchoate

: being only partly in existence or operation : INCIPIENT

especially : imperfectly formed or formulated : FORMLESS, INCOHERENT

misty, inchoate suspicions that all is not well with the nation


Catenoid – sounds like he’s annoying a cat. Annoying more than the cat, believe me.

Comedian – he may think current crisis is funny, I don’t.

Daemonic – I hope I don’t have to explain.

Demoniac – see above.

Havocked – caused havoc. Yes, that explains it.

Hijacked – he has hijacked the nation?

Katowice – a city in Poland. Possibly related to the following link.

I note the following from it.

When the Paris Agreement was adopted in December 2015, much to the joy of all the delegates, it was clear that this success would bring even more hard work. The negotiations would take three more years.

That’s nice, lots more work for bureaucrats, travel/jobs for politicians, expenses etc. More taxes for taxpayers, not so nice.

Mendicant – meaning the following:

Swop the ‘a’ of mendicant for a ‘u’ and I will agree.

Definition includes ‘a beggar’.

Swop the a’s for a u’s and I will agree.

Sorry, my mistake, that should read first ‘a’ and the ‘e’ for u’s and I will agree. And perhaps replace the last a for an e just to make sure.

Nematoid – like a worm. Fine with that.

Avoidance – avoiding the truth perhaps?

Windhoek – wind corner in German. See

As Germany is and has always been best friends with the UK, this makes sense. Mmm? You say that’s not quite true? Oh well, perhaps you are right.

Wanked – yes, well enough said.

Cheat – quite.

Omaha – like the beach where thousands of American G.I.s died. Excess deaths again.

Henchman – it’s not looking good Matt.

Hoodwink – definitely not looking good.

Economic – he studied economics. There’s a coincidence.

Economical with the truth maybe. That’s not a coincidence. No ‘l’ in his name though.

China – everybody blames China nowadays.

Convicted – not yet but there’s always hope. Bring back hanging I say.

Damnation – yup.

Injectant – you couldn’t make this up!

Toothache – more pain than that he’s causing.

Connived – no doubt.

Conceit – yes.

Etonian – only those who support him like Boris the P.M.

Vomited – makes you sick doesn’t it?

Joke – see comedian earlier.

Novocain – a drug in dentistry, an anaesthetic. Drugging the nation.

And finally (although there are probably more helpful suggestions)


Anagram phrases

Just a few in case you haven’t quite got the point yet.

WHO Vaccinated Toad

Dick head

He mad

Vatican hatched

Jew damnation havoc

Contaminated wacko

Death vomit hand cock

China death havoc monk

And to think Boris Johnson is still supporting him. Hasn’t he checked?

Various Links

General for reference

COVID-19: Matt Hancock fighting for his political life after Dominic Cummings’s brutal demolition job

Covid: Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over pandemic contracts

Matt Hancock vaccine: Which Covid jab did the UK Health Secretary receive?

From the above, Matt said:

“Learning from science has been central this last year more than ever, so it felt fitting to be at the museum.”

Museum defined as:

an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value

American Museum of Natural History

also a place where objects are exhibited

an art museum

Above from Merriam-Webster online.

Is Matt Hancock to be of lasting interest or value?

No. Unless he gets stuffed of course.

Next link please.

GPs ‘are swamped by patients tsunami’: Health chiefs hold crisis talks with Matt Hancock as doctors warn they can’t cope with huge demand following Covid pandemic

My comment is that my local surgery seems unresponsive to correspondence from Brighton Hospital on my health issues. The surgery is closed to visitors.

Perhaps Daily Mail meant ‘huge salami’ not tsunami. Sounds dodgy, but might make more sense. Anybody else make sense of this comment? See also

Extra £3 Billion for NHS not enough to reduce back log, Doctors warn. Scroll down in the page if you don’t want to read the whole page.

Matt Hancock runs away from reporters asking questions about Dominic Cummings – and towards a camera giving opportunity for photo shot.

Get the vaccine Matt says. Yes, why not? But don’t get it shot into you, take it and get it tested for what is actually in it.

Alternatively give it back to Matt by sticking it somewhere suitable. I’m sure you will have some good ideas.

Matt Hancock says he has been busy ‘saving lives’ ahead of grilling by MPs

Saving lives eh Matt? Do we believe you? Bollux I say. What about you, dear reader?

Note Robert Jenrick comment in above

Asked how he felt about being called a donkey, communities secretary Robert Jenrick told BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning: “Well I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of what happened.”

Donkeys are asses. Perhaps arses more suitable. That’s my fair (polite) assessment. What about you, dear reader?

Matt Hancock called to Parliament to explain new Covid rules today

Please, please note they say ‘guidance’ – which is not law –

See my earlier posts – I have been saying for nearly a year it is all guidance. Do check it out.

Matt Hancock Holds Shares In Sister’s Firm Who Won NHS Contracts

I hope he doesn’t love sister better than his wife, like Joe Biden said he did.

What Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on pandemic regrets during visit to Teesside

Matt Hancock offers no apology over law breaking and PPE contracts

Matt apparently said “On average, we published them just over a fortnight later than they should have been, and there’s a reason for that, and the reason is that there was a global shortage of PPE and we needed to buy PPE to save lives.”

PPE has been a complete waste of money. This should be deducted from Matt Hancock’s bank account; bankrupt him if necessary. Then hang him for murder (subject to a fair trial of course).

Time-traveller Matt Hancock visits past to build hospital that already exists

Matt Hancock must be a moron if he said that. Does Boris know this? Has he checked?

The following is completely useless but goes to show the crap websites out there.

Note it says he is single then says he is married.

Note above his sexuality is N/A – not applicable or not available. Is he a robot then? A clone? Any ideas anybody?

Matt Hancock (Neighbours)

It says Tom Adair of The Scotsman was not a fan of the Hancock family and cheered their departures. He described them as “boring, whinging, plot-clogging, wastes of space”

Sounds fair to me. But I would use stronger words to say about the current Health Secretary.

Again if you wish to look at his Wikipedia entry there are numerous issues with Matt. Including the following:

Hancock has announced that he has dyslexia, a fact that first became apparent while he was at Oxford.

Perhaps all the problems are down to this; he has just got the words muddled up.

I say bollux. Why is he still at the helm of the Health Department?

Sack him, bankrupt him and try him for murder among other things. Then hang him (subject to the fair trial of course).

P.S. Should you be a Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan why not look at

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Or indeed anything in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe at the end of world menu.

Or if you want to know about Covid 19 try this. Covid 19 Summary

A Favourable Year

8th June 2021

I put this as a page on my site last year. I thought I would resurrect it. Might be useful to somebody. Saves me doing a detailed post. I have lots in the pipeline, nearly complete, half complete, a headline, that sort of thing.

But the sun is shining today and I really ought to try and get outside. I also have to try and deal with cretinous SSE, the electrical and gas company supposedly providing a ‘service’.

Well, yes, it does sort of, but it is bloody awful at the moment as they have mucked up the billing procedure and I am going to have to try and ring them to get them to sort it out and recompense me for wasted time etc.

Anyway, here is a new post. Hope it helps.

11th August 2020

To the church in the world, the chosen and called of God

‘The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
    because the Lord has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour’

Well, the Lord’s favour has been upon us already. Since the beginning of lockdown we have had the most wonderful weather. Warm sunshine, gentle rain when we needed it, and only light winds. At least, here in Sussex that has been the case.

The Lord knew we would need it, for we have largely forgotten what our forefathers knew, at least instinctively if not in fact. We need the sun to make vitamin D for our bodies. And when we needed to get back to work, He sent cooler weather to encourage us!

And His favour is on me. For I died last year. The last bit of dirt on my soul was finally washed away. Then this year He filled me with the Holy Spirit, His breath. I had never experienced it before. It was like hyperventilating. I had waited years for this.

My 60th birthday came. My Father, my heavenly Father asked me what I wanted, anything at all. I thought of Elijah. He did 8 miracles. Elisha, his apprentice as it were, asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. He did 16 miracles.

So I thought why not 3 times the spirit of Elisha? But the king of Israel struck the ground with arrows only three times. Elisha was angry it was not more, as the enemy would then have been completely routed.

So why not 7 times, a perfect number, a number of completeness? Then I thought ‘You said anything? Why not everything then. Anything you can give me. All of it.’ So, of course, He did. And He gave me the Truth, the beautiful diamond hard Truth.

Now I have keys, a whole bunch of keys. Keys to life. I want you all to benefit. I cannot keep them to myself. So do come and ask, ask me for whatever key you need.

And I will always point you to Jesus Christ, the key and the door to the Most High, the heavenly Father.

I came to Christ because of the evidence and I could not avoid it. He had to be who he said he was, and I embarked on a quest to seek out all the truth, if that were possible. And I have found it is possible to find all the answers one needs, even the difficult ones.

The latter are like sharp swords, but in Jesus’s hands they are the surgeon’s knife, cutting out the rotten bits that the Devil, implanted in our genes 6,000 years ago.

When at last I saw the truth, of what really happened at the beginning of our world, I was appalled. There is much buried in scripture, that is in the original Hebrew and Greek, which has been badly translated in a number of areas. God has been gracious and not allowed the general sense to be lost, but the texts need a lot of work to get the best that the Lord wants for us.

For those on the quest for truth, there is one thing I must mention. Especially for the Angels in the United Kingdom. The revolting Relationships and Sex Education regulations which threaten the innocence of our nation’s little ones. It is of course, couched in soothing tones, with just that touch of hiss (you know where the sound comes from).

Many are on the case, but I suggest reminding the Minister for Education about millstones and who he will answer to. Lionesses are probably best for this, as they will be especially protective of their cubs. For the lions I suggest the Home Office to start with. I am sure you get the idea.

It is said that the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion. I have been foolish enough to miss the point. Like. Not as. Like. He is an excellent imitator, and will scare the children. But not the mature who recognise the sound.

No, WE are the lions, the lions and lionesses of Judah, and we have a Great Lion as our king, The Lion King. And he is returning soon, after the harvest of souls which is rapidly approaching.

Do read your children ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ if you haven’t recently.

And tell them Aslan is coming.

With much love


Sink the Bismark!

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th May 2021

40 years ago today the Bismarck was sunk, the pride and joy of the German navy. Along with the Tirpitz, her sister ship, they were quite a formidable threat to the UK and its supply routes.

The Bismarck’s career was short, and the Royal Navy pulled out all the stops to see her demise, especially after the ‘Hood’, a battle cruiser, was destroyed. Winston Churchill gave the order to ‘Sink the Bismark!’ as a consequence of her loss with over 1,400 men.

Winston Churchill was also obsessed with sinking the Tirpitz which he apparently called ‘The Beast’. But that’s another story.

The Bismarck itself was a tough beast, well, armoured, fast and well-armed. But in the end she had a lifespan of two years and three months from launch, and only one excursion to the high seas of what I make nine days.

Perhaps it was a bit of a nine day wonder?

As regards the title of this piece, this refers to the film of the same name, a good stirring war film in 1960 based on a book by C.S.Forester, who is probable better known for his Hornblower series set in the Napoleonic era.

In my opinion, the film is well worth watching, and is said to have been generally historically accurate. It has plenty of drama and an understated ‘romance’ for the lead roles taken by Kenneth More and Dana Wynter.

Perhaps romance is too strong a word, but I can’t think how else to phrase it. Possibly it is in my imagination, but then a good film can do that; a dream can be made to seem reality.

Anyway, a follower thought that my having done a post on the Graf Spee, he ought to do something on the Bismarck in similar vein. Rally the troops as it were for the current on-going fight with the EU and Germany. Thank you sir.

So here it is, I have topped and tailed it and edited as necessary. I hope you enjoy it.


Once upon a time there was a chap called A Dolt Hitler. He was running a fair sized European country in the middle (top) part of the continent. He thought it a good idea to try and bully the other countries around him as he wanted more space for his people, the Douchelanders.

These will be known as ‘the other side’ if required, as opposed to ‘our side’, the Great British or United Kingdom.

If you have read the Battle of the River Plate article written about earlier, then you will know the Douchelanders were a right shower. Actually, as the party they had gone to was nasty (sic) and on the social list, left-shower might be more accurate.

Although people did say they were all fash(ion)istas, it is contended that they were both at the bottom of the political circle, so really one and the same.

Anyway, A Dolt had started a small argument with Great Britain, a small but not insignificant set of islands off the mainland of Europe. A Dolt was boasting that the Douchelanders were superior and would beat the Great Britishers in a fight any day.

So he thought he would send two of his best men off to duff us up as it were (I count myself as a Great Britisher although I wasn’t alive at the time).

The two involved were B.I. Smirk and his smaller side kick, ‘Prince’ O’ Gin. The latter was sometimes known as ‘Oy, gin!’ as he fancied a good strong drink to maintain his spirits. The name was of course due to his calling the bar-girl to bring him his favourite tipple.

They set off into the North Sea in a north-westerly direction and headed for the back of Iceland. They hoped to raid this freezer store, but the security was tight, so they continued on to Denmark Streets (Iceland was on the east side of town).

Denmark Streets

Here they encountered a patrol which included ‘The Hood’ as he was known, a big hitter, and fast despite his age, but was getting very bald on top with not much to protect his upper parts.

He did bulge rather and had put on rather a lot of weight in recent years. This is said to have weakened his frame, and put a strain on his heart, which would explain later events.

With him was the youngster, P.O’Whales (nick name ‘The Prince’), who was keen but inexperienced in fighting. He was however still a big hitter with a lot of clout, if not that accurate. He had far better all-round protection, and was still quick on his feet to keep up with the older man.

We mustn’t forget the other two with them, shorter in stature but experienced and able to provide some support nearby if called upon. These were a pair of the county set people but not snobbish.

They were friends at school but not in the same class. There was N.Orfolk who was in the Norfolk class which was logical. The other was ‘Su’ Folk who was in the Kent class which wasn’t logical. They were both related, being of the East Angle family. They were upright fellows and of course therefore right Angles.

It was actually they who first caught sight of B.I.Smirk and ‘Prince’ O’ Gin. ‘Su’ Folk greatly benefited from the assistance of Ray Darr who could see in the dark, let alone the mist which was around.

The Hood and Prince were on the streets keeping a weather eye out for Mr Smirk and his smaller side kick, ‘Prince’ O’ Gin. Their boss, the admirable John Two ‘V’ (so-called for imitating Winston Churchill’s ‘V’ sign, only with both hands) had declined to interfere with how they operated on the streets of Denmark. See footnote 3.

It may be noted he later became barren Two ‘V’, as he and his wife had no children, and which is rather sad.

As ‘The Hood’ took the lead, this meant that he was potentially vulnerable to the blows from B.I.Smirk who was a head taller, if not quite as fast. It may have made sense for the older man to lead, but this had consequences as you will see shortly.

Visibility in the streets was relatively poor and when The Hood and ‘Prince’ encountered B.I.Smirk and ‘Prince’ O’ Gin, they were placed somewhat at a disadvantage. They decided to concentrate on Mr Smirk.

Nevertheless the enthusiastic ‘Prince’ O’ Whales and ‘The Hood’ started raining blows on B.I.Smirk. Indeed, the ‘Prince’ landed some effective blows. One broke the catapult B.I.Smirk was carrying. Another hit him on the nose and made it bleed, slowing old Smirky down.

B.I.Smirk for some reason did not respond very quickly. However, he was heard to utter the immortal phrase ‘Ich lasse mir doch nicht mein Schiff unter dem Arsch wegschießen. Feuererlaubnis!’

Roughly translated this apparently meant ‘I’m not going to have my ship shot under my ass. Fire permit.’ Scholars have debated whether this is correct.

Some say it should be ‘I’m not going to have my chip shop under my ass. Fire permit.’ This seems unlikely as no one was aware he owned a chip shop.

Others said, no, no ‘I’m not going to have my chip shot under my ass. Fire permit.’ This seems to make no sense either as he was not playing golf at the time.

Yet others have said ‘I’m not going to have my shop shit under my ass. Fire permit.’ As you can see opinion is divided.

In any event it is not clear why a fire permit was required when common sense would say just get in there and start lashing out. Still, that’s the Douchlanders for you, forms for everything (in triplicate).

Nevertheless, when B.I.Smirk got in there, he landed effective blows. Sadly for The Hood one of these hit the magazine he was reading before the encounter and ruined it completely. This annoyed him so intensely that he just ‘blew up’, had a heart attack and sank to the ground.

But defiant to the last, he was last seen with his hand raised and giving the finger to B.I.Smirk. He bowed his head and died.

This all came as a shock to ‘Prince’ O’ Whales, let alone the other side. Prince gamely carried on but eventually saw the sense in abandoning the fight after suffering bruising blows and not getting in any more blows in return.

The Chase

Well, B.I.Smirk and Prince’ O’ Gin headed off into the wilds of Atlantis, a very wet and extensive side of town. Meanwhile N.Orfolk and ‘Su’ Folk kept a wary eye on them, trying hard to not let them out of their sight but out of range of B.I.Smirk who had a much longer reach than Prince’ O’ Gin.

In due course, it was decided by the Douchelanders that Prince’ O’ Gin should go on and make a nuisance of himself elsewhere in Atlantis, whilst B.I.Smirk should go and himself patched up in a place called Breast. This was a suitable place for tits like Mr Smirk to go to, one of A Dolt’s biggest as it were.

B.I.Smirk had been found to be losing rather a lot of blood from his nose and was leaving a trail behind him which could be tracked, so ultimately the decision made sense.

The admirable John Two ‘V’ had decided that all the stops should be pulled out to stop B.I.Smirk in his tracks, and consequently got Victor Pious, known as a ‘carrier’, so send out his scouts.

These were known as the fairies, due to their lightness and fragility. And also the strings bags in which they carried their shopping. They had bought some swordfish recently and upping the stakes, when they found the B.I.Smirk, they launched their steaks at him.

Sadly, they all missed except one which hit him in the belt and did no appreciable harm, although it probably scared him a bit.

Our side were rather alarmed to lose track of B.I.Smirk for over 31 hours, until he was spotted by a cat roaming Atlantis. This was despite the wet weather and the fact that cats don’t like it. This cat was actually in the Great Britishers employ and reported the location of Mr Smirk back to his boss.

The cat was part of the Flying Squad by the way.

Another team had been sent to intercept B.I.Smirk. This included the Park Royal. It was a bit like Noah’s Ark which at around 500 feet long and 50 feet beam or width was a good size (despite some people’s childish view of it as a little toy bath tub).

Anyway, ‘The Park’ was another ‘carrier’ and also had some fairies available. They went off with their string bags and swordfish steaks, which seemed to be a favourite of theirs, to attack Mr Smirk and try and wipe the smile (let alone the smirk) off his face.

The first attempt was an abject failure as they mistook one of our side for B.I.Smirk. They attacked a light bruiser, ‘Chef’ Field, a willing helper in the fight against the Douchelanders.

All the sword fish steaks missed; indeed, some of these exploded on impact on the wet ground, indicating they were rotten. This enabled the fairies to go back and complain and get new ones as replacements free of charge (although it is understood they had explosives, or charges hidden inside, which is why they could do rather more damage than you might suppose).

It is reported that despite being attacked by his own side, ‘Chef’ Field was very restrained and did not try to attack the fairies in retaliation.

When the fairies realised their mistake they went home, but not before one of the politer ones apologised saying ‘Sorry for the kipper’. As the steaks were swordfish this seems strange, but may have been a joke.

The fairies returned to the fray with their replacement steaks, this time with much better success. Three hits were achieved and one was crippling, hitting Mr Smirk in the bum, causing B.I.Smirk to go round and round in circles like a dog chasing its tail.

‘They don’t like it up ’em’ as Corporal Jones would say.

The last round

The end was in sight for Mr Smirk and others of our side closed in for the kill. These included ‘King’ George (whose call sign was V) and Rod Knee, or ‘Hot Rod’/’Rodders’, his nicknames.

The latter had enormous hands, 16” in span, which could do tremendous damage if they landed. Let alone his knees which he wasn’t adverse to using.

It has been said in the fight, which lasted around one and a half hours, that Hot Rod suffered some flak from his missus who was close by and the blast effects of her buns – it is believed this was mis-quoted or fake news as no one said his missus was around at the time. See footnote 1.

It didn’t take long to reduce B.I.Smirk to a quivering wreck, although he refused to sink to the ground, which showed the tough stuff he was made of, despite his smirking.

And this was despite the tinned fish that was thrown at him by Mr D’Orsett, a shyer man it has been said, but a heavy bruiser nevertheless.

In the end it seems Mr Smirk decided it was over and, holding the scuttle he was carrying for some reason, sank down never to rise again.

Post Script

An honourable mention should be given to ‘Orp’ P. O’ Run.  He was from or of Troy it was said, and well-polished. His nickname was therefore ‘The Des-troyer’. See footnote 5.

During the chase he constantly darted in and out of cover to try and annoy B.I.Smirk and keep him awake so that he would get no rest.

It is said that ‘Orp’ kept repeating ‘I am a pole’, a possible reference to what he felt about Mr Smirk and the Douchelanders who had invaded his country in September 1939. It might have been ‘I have a pole’, referring to the weapon he had.

It is believed he wished to stick it up Mr Smirk’s stern, but that may be conjecture.

In any event, his bravery cannot be over emphasised as he was considerably smaller than Mr Smirk and a single blow could have demolished him. Still, speed counts for a lot, which ‘Orp’ had, and just because one is small, people should not discount your assistance or tenacity.

Or indeed that if you are small and light like a fairy you cannot do significant damage if you kick someone in the right place.


There you have it. The price of war and the stupidity of war. Indeed, the arrogance of war of those whose pride is in trying to bully other nations into submission by force of arms. Here is a roundup of the battle

Germany – Lost one very modern Battleship and 7 supply ships, with over 2,000 men killed.

United Kingdom – Lost the aging ‘Hood’ and the destroyer HMS Mashona with just under 1,500 men by my calculation.

Operation Rheinübung, the German name for the ‘excursion’, was a failure as no merchant ships were sunk, the original purpose of the raid being to do this and seriously disrupt the convoys keeping the United Kingdom going.

The Germans would have been better off concentrating on their submarine fleet, but that’s what stupidity does to you when you decide to be a bully. You make poor decisions and as a consequence history repeats itself as no one listens.

Just as well the Germans didn’t learn as the United Kingdom and the world would have been a different place.

Of course the Germans, strictly the Nazis/communists are still at it today as I have indicated elsewhere. You can browse my website to see what I mean if you are not already in the picture.

Otherwise I hope to have you visit my site again, when I hope to do a post about Matt Hancock.

Bye for now.

NB Footnotes and links pending, hopefully in tomorrow sometime – or maybe the next day – sometime soon anyway I hope.

P.S. In sinking the Bismarck, a ‘Mark of the Beast’ was sunk. See post of the same name. Mark of the Beast

Main ships involved and referred to above.


Bismarck                               – B.I. Smirk

Prinz Eugen                          – Prince O’ Gin

H.M.S. Hood                        – ‘The Hood’

H.M.S. Prince of Wales     – Prince O’ Whales (The Prince)

H.M.S. Norfolk                    – ‘Nor’ Folk

H.M.S. Suffolk                     – Sue Folk

H.M.S. Victorious               – Victor Pious

H.M.S. Ark Royal                – Park Royal

H.M.S. Rodney                    – Rod Knee (Hot Rod or Rodders)

H.M.S. King George V       – ‘King’ George (V)

H.M.S. Dorsetshire            – Mr. D’ Orsett

H.M.S. Sheffield                 – ‘Chef’ Field

ORP Piorun                          – ‘Orp’ P.O’ Run

Fairey Swordfish                – The Fairies (various)

PBY Catalina                         – The cat

Links etc

The film.!

Commander in chief of the Home fleet,_1st_Baron_Tovey

Vice Admiral Holland – commander of Hood and Prince of Wales

Bismarck’s and Prinz Eugen’s ‘Operation Rheinubung’ (Rhine exercise)

footnote 1

Rodney was lightly damaged by near-misses and by the blast effects of her own guns.

Footnote 2

Several Bismarck survivors spoke afterwards of a sailor on Dorsetshire, Midshipman Joe Brooks, who leapt into the water in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue a German sailor who had lost both his arms. In a 1989 National Geographic documentary on Bismarck, one of the survivors said, “the name Joe Brooks meant something to us; our government should’ve given that man a medal for humaneness.

Over 2,000 died, including Captain Lindemann and Admiral Lütjens.


Footnote 3

Aware of Hood’s inadequate protective armour, distant to the southeast of where the battle took place, Holland’s superior (Admiral Sir John Tovey) deliberated on ordering him to have Prince of Wales sail ahead of Hood. With the ships in this position, Tovey concluded the better-protected Prince of Wales could draw the German battleships’ large-shell gunfire. Ultimately, Tovey did not give the order, later saying “I did not feel such interference with such a senior officer justified.


My own comment is why did he not suggest to Vice-admiral Holland that Prince of Wales sail ahead. At least he could then say he advised this approach. As a commanding officer I do not see why everything has to be an order which must be followed as opposed to advice which should be considered.

Footnote 4


The armoured belt consisted of face-hardened Krupp cemented armour

A proposal was made to increase the armour over the forward magazines to 5 inches and 6 inches over the rear magazines in July 1919 in response to these trials. To compensate for the additional weight, the two submerged torpedo tubes and the armour for the rear torpedo warheads were removed, and the armour for the aft torpedo-control tower was reduced in thickness from 6 to 1.5 inches (38 mm). However, the additional armour was never fitted pending further trials.


My own comment is whether Krupp armour was completely Krupp?!!

Had the deck armour been upgraded it seems likely Hood would have survived, but the following is interesting. Was Vice Admiral Holland’s judgement at fault?

Footnote 5

ORP Piorun

A Polish Destroyer.

ORP Piorun– ‘Lightning’

Another often repeated story, possibly an embellishment, mentions that the Piorun constantly signaled “I am a Pole” using her signal lights for the entirety of the engagement; this account is worth mentioning, but its reality is suspect as first-hand accounts mention nothing of the signal’s duration, although it could have been the case, considering the engagement lasted approximately an hour and in fog. The light would not have given the Piorun’s position away as the Bismark still had fire control radar; however, whether the crew of the Piorun knew of this is doubtful. It is possible the message was repeated to ensure it was correctly received. The time for a single transmission of “I am a Pole” is approximately 8 seconds, meaning the transmission would have been sent 450 times in a single hour, by hand. An unreasonable feat, but not impossible.

My own comment is that it seems perfectly reasonable that they were signalling this. The Poles sought revenge for their country’s invasion and if you were mad enough about that, it would be unnerving for an opponent to have this signaled for so long.

I also whether or not it would have been possible to have used depth charges against the Bismarck. That may sound ludicrous, but given that what in effect were a type of depth charge caused her sister ship to be severely damaged by x craft, the damage might have also been significant.

A great risk to so small a ship, but again the Poles sought revenge for their country’s invasion. I think they might have done so if that was the only way to stop the Bismarck.

Why are so many German cities Bad?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th May 2021

Well, why? Because ‘bad’ in German means bath or spa. In England there is the fair city of Bath. The railway station is called ‘Bath Spa’. Strictly this could be ‘Bath Bath’ or ‘Spa Spa’.

It seems rather a repetitious thing to do, but rather fun I suppose to call it ‘Bath Spa’; it has a gentle sound to it, imitating the gentle washing of waters, the soothing effects of a bath.

The English used to have baths rather than showers as a general rule to wash themselves. And a spa was a place for a special treatment, so it makes sense to advertise it in this way.

Calling the station just plain Bath perhaps loses some romance. I mean who wants to go to a place for an ordinary bath when you can have a bath spa?

In Germany they have bad places to go to have a bath or spa. Which sounds rather odd. But that’s, Germany for you, rather odd.

Anyway I thought we could look at least some of the places in Germany which are Bad.

Seaside resorts

It transpires it’s not the places so much as the waters they adjoin that are bad. As follows:


– meaning ‘imperial bath’.

It is rather confusing, but as I understand it, now a single municipality formed of three that the Kaiser (Emperor/Caesar), Wilhelm II visited. I understand these are Ahlbeck, Bansin and Heringsdorf.

These three places were apparently known as the ‘bathtub of Berlin’. So, perhaps Berliners only washed thoroughly when they visited these places. The smell in Berlin may well have been very bad as a consequence.

Wilhelm II essentially started WWI, and was a nutcase with a stuffed bird on his head so Kaiserbad makes sense.

He was essentially mad. Says it all.


Again not a place, but generic term meaning ‘sulphur bath’. Presumably a bath smelling like farts, so therefore bad.

The following are waters:

Nordseeheilbad – Literally North Sea salvation bath

Nordseebad – Literally North Sea bath (obviously from above)

Ostseeheilbad – Literally East Sea (Baltic Sea) salvation bath

Seebad – Sea bath. Seebad refers to North Sea I believe, but why it is called sea bath rather than North Sea bath I don’t know.

Anyway, it seems to the Germans that the North Sea is bad, the Baltic Sea is bad, and the sea generally is bad. Perhaps this is why the German navy, whilst having some good ships, has never performed well, except when underneath it with U-Boats.

After all if your view of the sea is that it is bad, why should you want to sail on it?

Inland resorts


Bad Aachen – officially this but likes to be first on list so just called Aachen. Why not Aachen Bad? A very good name as ‘ache’ in the middle of Aachen.

So if you have an ache why not go here for a bath?

Alexisbad – well, it looks like Alexis is bad. If this is your name are they slandering you? Or do the Germans know something we don’t?


We now enter the realm of the bad. A large majority of the spas are bad. If they are not, the region they are in is bad, or the type of spa is bad. Thus:

Types of Spa

Moorheilbad – 40 spa towns. The word apparently means ‘Mud salvation bath’ or ‘Mud healing bath’. So, have a bath in mud, and go home dirtier than you came. Sounds mad to me.

Why not instead play rugby football on a lovely wet day and get thoroughly muddy? Then have a bath.

Mineralheilbad – 42 spas towns. ‘Mineral salvation bath’ or ‘Mineral healing bath’. Minerals can be good for health. Can’t see that is bad. Note 42 by my reckoning. Answer to everything. See

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Surely that’s good? Oh well, move on.

Heilbad – 37 spa towns. ‘Salvation bath’ or ‘Healing bath’. Sounds ok to me, not bad.

Thermalsoleheilbad – 4 spa towns. ‘Thermal brine healing bath’. Warm and salty. Sounds good to me, not bad. Are these Germans mad?

Kneippheilbad – 24 spa towns. Kneipp was a German Catholic clergyman and healer; a water healing method developed by him. See


The latter says ‘The five pillar Kneipp philosophy contains these elements – water, herbs, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management.’

This does not sound bad to me, in fact rather sensible.

Jod-Sole-Heilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Iodine-brine medicinal bath.’ Iodine salty bath. Not bad in my books. Yod sound like God, like the Hebrew Yod or Yodh for God. Is God salty or does he use salty language? Yes of course He does.

And He thinks Satan, a.k.a. Loopy Lucy, is a sod. Obviously.

Solebad – 2 spa towns. ‘Brine bath.’ See above.

Soleheilbad – 25 spa towns. See above.

Schwefelheilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Sulphur bath.’ See above and quite a lot earlier above.

Radonheilbad – 2 spa towns. ‘Radon bath’ NB! Radioactive bath!! I have inserted warning symbols.

Some have associated the bottom symbol with Satan. Well, hazard warnings point to Satan being dangerous. Green can be green for envy. Satan all over. Envy is stupid, therefore Satan is a burke.

 Or maybe a burka which you can hide behind. Satan likes hiding. QED.

Felkeheilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Peoples healing bath’ or carnation healing bath.

As I understand it this was after Emanuel Felke (meaning ‘God with us people’).

Sounds more sensible than bad. It seems he dispensed his remedies free of charge, unlike the doctors of the time, who objected to him and his methods. Not surprising when their livelihoods were being undermined and their ability to make large sums of money.

Not unlike today of course, mainstream doctors deriding those offering sensible alternatives to vaccines, masks etc. etc. Ultimately all good things come from God and He gives them freely. Freely you have received, freely give His Son said.

Jodbad – 1 spa town. As I have mentioned before, Jod relates to God, so God bad. This is slander of the basest kind. Satan is bad, not God. Germans are mad, and by all accounts bad.

NB. Some bads can be both mineral and thermal. Sounds ok to me.


Baden-Württemberg – 59 spa towns in this region. Whatever the meaning of Württemberg is (and berg means mountain), it is still bad. Despite being an attractive tourist area. Contains the Black Forest.

Black may be bad if it means lack of light. Might explain things.

Landkreis Bad Kissingen – 3 spa towns in this area. Bad kissing. Not good, but kissing is good (in general).

Gemeinde Bad Boll – 1 spa town in this area. Bad boll, is bad ball. Not good.

Landkreis Bad Dürkheim – 1 spa town in this area. Can’t see what Dürkheim means except heim is home. Durk may mean tough. Tough home, a tough home may be bad. Something is bad in any event.

Stadt Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel – 2 spa towns in this area I believe. Phew what a mouthful! Well, Gott is God. Übel is evil. Looks like it might be ‘pour bucket’ for erggießhübel. Perhaps it rains buckets rather than cats and dogs as we say in the UK.

However, I see the local police laws are rather strict. Try Google translate for text.

Personally, I can see why the area is bad. How on earth can you stick to these rules? Bad, very bad in my books. A.k.a load of bollux.

Landkreis Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – 2 spa towns. Now, wolf rats must be bad surely? No dispute there.

Stadt Bad Driburg – 1 spa town. Driberg maybe third mountain. Sounds like dry mountain. Not sure what’s wrong with that.

Landkreis Bad Kreuznach – 3 spa towns. Kreuznach means cross after or similar. Cross after what exactly? Bad if you worship cross rather than God.

Stadt Horn-Bad Meinberg – 1 spa town. Horn bad clearly. But what type of horn? More information required.

Gemeinde Bad Saarow-Pieskow – 1 spa town. Sounds in part that pies cow is bad. Perhaps cow pies or cow pats. Why should they be bad? Not exciting to tread in one though, but not that bad unless the place is littered with them.

I haven’t been, so I wouldn’t know.

Stadt Bad Teinach-Zavelstein – 1 spa town. Meaning ‘Linden (tree)-Chessboard stone’ possibly. Not sure what’s wrong with that.

However, the following may offer some other clues.

Roman Catholic, cabbalistic? Well, I not surprised it is bad. And in the Black Forest. It all makes sense.

Stadt Bad Doberan – 1 spa town.

The link says

Bad Doberan was one of the first cities that appointed Adolf Hitler in August 1932 an honorary citizen. On 2 April 2007, the city council formally withdrew his honorary citizenship.

Do I have to explain? Why did they take so long to withdraw his honorary citizenship? Wasn’t Adolf dead by then? Do they know something we don’t? I found something a while back which might explain it. But not telling, so there.

But Herman Wirth was born in the town and the following is interesting. See if you can spot a four letter word in the text, part of another word.

Stadt Bad Wildungen – 1 spa town. Sounds like the dung is bad. Oh dear.

Stadt Bad Elster – 1 spa town. Bad magpie it seems. Elster is magpie. Magpies steal things. Stealing is bad. Fair enough.

So just to sum up this section we have:

State – 1.  Out of the 16 states in the German Federal Republic, this is the only one it seems. Baden-Württemberg. This has the most bad places (and the Black Forest).

Stadt – 7. German for city.

Landkreis – 4. German for district.

Gemeinde – 2. German for parish or nearest equivalent.


Bad Abbach – this may indicate that the town does not like Abba, the pop group. Well, people are free to disagree, but why emphasise the point? I quite like Abba myself.

Bad Aibling – sounds like the jewellery here is cheap. That’s bad, who wants cheap jewellery?

Bad Alexandersbad – well, we have had Alexisbad, but it seems Alexander’s even worse. They clearly don’t like Alexander for some reason. And he’s doubly bad. Poor chap.

Bad Arolsen – not sure who Arolsen is or was. Arol is welsh for ‘after’. Might have originally been Carolsen, perhaps son of Carol. Further research required.

Bad Bayersoien – located in the  Pfaffenwinkel, ‘Priests corner’ with moorland around. Bayer again sounds like a dog which bays or howls. So maybe wolves in the area. A corner for priests doesn’t sound much fun to me, especially when one hears what the Roman Catholic ones sometimes get up to. Explains bad anyway.

Bad Bederkesa – perhaps the beds are bad here? As an anagram of Bederkesa is Baedeker the following may make sense.

Anyay, if the beds or perhaps bedding is bad, who would wish to stay the night?

Bad Bellingen – In this case I suppose the Bell people are bad. Try ringing them and find out.

Bad Belzig – whatever this means it must be bad. Wikipedia entry states that ‘Since 2003, when 14 surrounding villages were incorporated into Bad Belzig, some of them voluntarily’. Not all of them voluntary then; that sounds bad.

Bad Bentheim – sounds like the home is bent. Not a good thing to have a bent home.

Hanna Krabbe, and her sister, Friederike, were born and grew up in Bad Bentheim, they were Red Army Faction members according to Wikipedia.

Whilst I can’t find details of their family life, I suspect the reason lies with the family as so often the case. Something for someone to follow up.

Bad Bergzabern – this could be ‘mountain blabber’ according to Google translate. Possibly a hill of rubbish or crap.  But bern means bear in German. So maybe ‘mountain of bear’. Perhaps the inhabitants couldn’t bear the mountain of blabber. That’s sad (and bad I suppose).

Bad Berka – I would have thought this obvious. Berks are stupid or bad. Berkas that some women wear are stupid or bad, unless you are keeping out the sandstorms or similar. See M is for…..Masks for further explanation.

Bad Berleburg – it seems Lewis Keseberg was born here. He was accused  of cannibalism. Wikipedia gives a history.

Not conclusive but might explain something about the place.

Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge – Something bad in the Fichtel mountains. Not sure what. However, Ulrike Meinhof lived here for a little bit. She was part of the Red Army Faction (a.k.a. Baader Meinhof gang) as described earlier. Oh dear.

Adolf Hitler also stayed here sometimes. Need I say more?

On the other hand suggests some interesting thoughts on her life.

Bad Bertrich – It is bad that Bert is rich. Obvious. Whoever Bert is. I this this is Bertist, discrimination against Berts.

Bad Bevensen – does this mean they think Bevens are all bad? Or just the son (sic) of Beven? Perhaps they didn’t like Aneurin Bevan or maybe Ernest Bevin?

A case of Bevenism (sic) perhaps.

Bad Birnbach – Well, it seems it’s bad. Birn maybe from burn like a stream in Scotland. Can’t see why a birn should bad. Anyway, the name would mean bad stream stream, as bach means stream in German.

However, Google translate suggests pear from birne in German. So ‘pear stream’. What’s bad about that? Sounds more mad than bad.

Bad Blankenburg – bad blanken mountain? Blanken means ‘bare’ it seems. Maybe everybody there gives you a blank look. That can be bad.

Bad Bocklet – This might have to do with ‘einen Bock schießen’, to make a blunder. Scheißen with the ie the other way round means ‘to shit’. Is Bock a buck like a dollar? Bad little dollar? I suppose a big dollar better than a little one.

As to big or little shit, you tell me. Not that I want to know, mind you, that’s your affair.

Bad Bodendorf – this is near the Golden Mile, a fertile part of the Rhine valley. There was a prison camp in WW2 where German prisoners were held near the end of the war. See

It says at the end ‘In spite of this relatively low death rate of under 1%, many survivors returned from imprisonment traumatized by their experience.’

Mmm, well seeing as Germany started the war I think this is a bit rich don’t you? The entry seems to suggest the Allies were at fault, despite the fact they had to fight a war and try and help clean up the mess afterwards.

Still, when you want to distract from murdering a few (sic) people in the holocaust, it helps to point out how bad someone else is.

Jesus said something about that, regarding planks in your own eye as I recall.

In this case I think I would say a wood yard full of planks in Germany’s eye versus a speck of sawdust in the Allies. That is bad (on the Germans part).

The village lies close by Sinzig. Sin is bad, enough said.

Bad Bodenteich – Boden means ‘ground’ and ‘teich’ means pond as far as I can make out.

There is a video in German I have noted. I wouldn’t bother watching except very briefly to see what I mean. See

All rather depressing. Would explain the bad. Next please.

Bad Boll – Boll could be like ball. A bad ball then. Okay, so what? Perhaps that’s it.

Bad Brambach – One of the radon bath spas. As radon is supposed to be injurious to health that would make sense. But makes no sense of having a spa for health reasons.

Maybe that’s the Germans for you; after all if you are Ger-manic you sound mad. Starting three world wars (current war of words included) is also mad.

Avoiding radon baths might help avoid future wars perhaps.

Bad Bramstedt – There are two people listed in the notable persons list on Wikipedia, Golden Mile and Kurt Gustav Wilckens. See

Karl Lagerfeld sounds a bit odd in his Wikipedia entry. He lost 42 Kg in 2001. 42 the ultimate answer to everything. He also apparently lied about his age.

It seems his parents lied too.

Kurt Gustav Wilckens was an anarchist. Not good then.

But Charles I. D. Looff sounds ok. Except perhaps his name which sound like a toilet. If a ‘loo’ is ‘off’, is it not working correctly I wonder?

Then there are Augusta Louise zu Stolberg-Stolberg  and Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg. Presumably they were so good that they were named twice (Stolberg – Stolberg) like New York in the song by Gerard Kenny. The song reached No. 42 in the UK singles chart apparently. 42 again.

Anyway, all these entries suggest lots of bad things about Germany, and why there are a lot of bad places. Frankly mad would be as good a term.

In any event, there are rather a lot more bad places to look at.

But not today, I think. After all, there is only so much bad you can take at one go. Too much and it will drive you mad.

Like the Germans perhaps?

P.S. Here is the link on 42 again if you need it.

And M is for…..Masks

Abyssinia a.k.a. Ethiopia

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

5th May 2021

Why am I looking at Abyssinia/Ethiopia? Why not? Actually, I wanted to look at it because Haile Selassie, one time Emperor of the country, came home this day, 80 years ago, after the British had pushed the Italians out of the area in world war two.

The last Italian troops in East Africa were defeated at the Battle of Gondar in November 1941 but guerrilla warfare continued until Italy surrendered to the allies in 1943.

I have always thought of Haile Selassie as ‘Highly the lassie’. And he came home like ‘Lassie’ the dog which was a story and film around the same time.

Anyway, Ethiopia is a fascinating country with a rich and varied landscape. Ethiopia now is strictly part of what was Abyssinia as Eritrea is now separate. I have never been to this area, but friends have in more recent years. Wikipedia entries on Ethiopia are certainly extensive. See

Apparently Ethiopia means ‘Burnt face’ from the Greek. Well, I suppose if your face is dark then perhaps it is like a form of sunburn to those who are paler in shade.

But interestingly, pia as a name means ‘pious’. As the country seems quite religious, whatever that really means, this seems appropriate. Thio is very similar to theo deriving from ‘theos’ in Greek meaning ‘god’.

Which only leaves the ‘E’ of Ethiopia. This might make the name mean ‘Out of god pious’. This makes some sense in the context of what Ethiopia is like.

For it is very religious in at least the sense of a reverence for God. It is split roughly into 2/3 adherents to a form of Christianity and 1/3 to a form of Islam.

As regards Abyssinia, well, you can see it seems to mean ‘Government of Ethiopia’ in Amharic, one of the languages spoken.

In Arabic the translation is Al-Habash which seems to mean ‘The Ethiopians’. As ‘al’ means ‘the’, from my interpretation it could well mean ‘The godly’.

However, I find that Habash could mean ‘Guinea fowl’ as it is a boy’s name in Arabic. See

The fowl is native to sub-Saharan region so includes Ethiopia. You might even say that the outline of the country is rather the shape of the guinea fowl!

The area is understood to have been known as Cush. See

Why Cush? Well, it seems this could be related to the cannabis plant Kush. Or perhaps it is short for cushion, a gentle place to lie down and rest.

Addis Ababa is the Capital city. This apparently means ‘new flower’, ‘natural spring’ or ‘shaggar’. These sound rather pleasant, although the last one I’m not so sure about. Hopefully this means ‘shaggy’ as in woolly or perhaps hairy.

Of course Lassie the dog was rather hairy or shaggy, and Haile Selassie was bearded, albeit neatly trimmed!

The new flower and natural spring remind me of the Garden of Eden. It has been said that perhaps the area was this Garden. Well, certainly seems to suggest beauty and rest.

But the original Garden of Eden would have been buried under tons of rock and silt in the world wide flood, which you might know as Noah’s flood or the Great Deluge.

Not to be confused with the Greta flood, the flood of words from Greta Thunberg over climate change.

The Blue Nile rises in the country to eventually join the White Nile at Khartoum in Sudan where it becomes just the Nile to go onto Egypt.

The Great Rift Valley passes through the country. This may be a symbol for the rift in the politics of the country over recent years. Still, the area is very beautiful from photographs I have seen, and is both very mountainous whilst it has some large areas of flattish fertile lands. Plus desert like conditions in the East.

Its economy is mainly agricultural, and sheep and goats very important. The following video is interesting, and the text to the lead in is enlightening. See

I wonder about the comment re buying from supermarkets. Will this put control of food into more limited numbers of organisations who might exploit the people?

However, here is a photo I have been sent that shows a market.

Looks a like a street market that could be the same in the UK, except for dirt track rather than tarmac. No goats or sheep I can see.

The sheep and goats remind me of Jesus of Nazareth telling of what will happen when the ‘Son of Man comes in his glory’ in Matthew 25:31–46

Going back to Abyssinia and its meaning I note the following:

History and Etymology for abyss

borrowed from Late Latin abyssus, borrowed from Greek ábyssos “bottomless, unfathomable, (as noun) bottomless gulf,” from a- A- entry 2 + byssós “depth of the sea,” probably going back to *byth-yos, derivative of bythós “depth, deepest part, bottom,” probably of pre-Greek substratal origin     From

Abyssinia does rather sound like ‘Abyss in here’ meaning ‘No bottom in here’. A bottomless something or other in here. Or maybe just ‘no bums here’!!

There is a lot of oil underneath the country, which seems to be why the Chinese government are very keen to exploit it, and maintain good relations with Ethiopia.

They may also be very happy to have a former Marxist as head of the W.H.O., who just happens to be from Ethiopia. Just saying.

Yes, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Tedros might refer to ‘Ted the red’ as ros can mean ‘red’. Like the red for China and communism. Just saying.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, which can anagram to ‘O smug bogey hardheartedness’. Just saying.

No doubt I shall have a closer look at him in due course.

But back to Abyssinia again. There is no other country in the world I know of with something similar to this name. If the meaning is ‘Abyss in here’, could this be a teensy weensy pointer to the book of Revelation in the bible and reference to the ‘Abyss’?

Yes, it could and is. But I’ll keep that for another post in due course to keep you on tenterhooks.

Indeed, the country is so fascinating I think it could do with several posts to explore all its diversity.

In the meantime I will leave you with Haile Selassie’s address to the Ethiopian people as recorded in the Wikipedia entry.

Today is the day on which we defeated our enemy. Therefore, when we say let us rejoice with our hearts, let not our rejoicing be in any other way but in the spirit of Christ. Do not return evil for evil. Do not indulge in the atrocities which the enemy has been practicing in his usual way, even to the last.

Take care not to spoil the good name of Ethiopia by acts which are worthy of the enemy. We shall see that our enemies are disarmed and sent out the same way they came. As Saint George who killed the dragon is the Patron Saint of our army as well as of our allies, let us unite with our allies in everlasting friendship and amity in order to be able to stand against the godless and cruel dragon which has newly risen and which is oppressing mankind.

In these end times we see a new godless and cruel dragon oppressing mankind. Really this is the same old serpent, Satan at his works again, one time Lucifer. Or Loopy Lucy as I call him in case you haven’t read that elsewhere.

So let all peoples of good heart stand in the spirit of Christ and deal to Satan and his cronies the fatal blows which will rid the world of them forever.

P.S. If you are interested try this link regarding Haile Selassie

Mark of the Beast

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th April 2021

Here we are at last. I am indebted to a faithful follower how has worked hard to assist me in this task.

Before I start I would mention that I believe that to a certain extent history is repeating itself and that we are in 1941, 80 years ago, in some aspects. The World war against Germany. Which will be significant when you read below.

One event was that the Germans attacked and were repulsed in North Africa at Tobruk. The Australians were defending it. Well done them!

The Germans were led by Erwin Rommel, the lieutenant general at the time. His nick name was’The desert fox’. It amused me to note from my Cloud for the first time this year, an old Fox cross the rear of my garden yesterday.

And my wife has been having organic food delivered by an Australian over here in the UK!! Honestly, scouts honour and all that. Amazing!

Be that as it may, lets get on with the main task which I set out. Do respond once you have checked it out. And do pass on or post yourselves if you wish, include a link to my site etc. Feel free.

I am not too bothered how except I would like more people to view and know the truth so they can be free. The truth will set you free. So let’s get on with it.

But if you wish to view my page first on 666 go there. Another reminder at end of this post if you wish to go there after.


This is a well-known phrase striking fear into many, but few understand its full meaning. I kid you not to say that I now do. At least, that is I have uncovered the depth of meaning, and expose the fact that the interpretation over the years has been too narrow.

I do not demean all the good hard work others have put in over the years; just that I am not aware that anyone has addressed it as I have. If you know better let me know. There are no doubt further aspects to explore. I will keep  an open mind to other details.

In truth, it has had more than one meaning and has applied in different ways across history from the day John first penned the words. Whilst it might be useful to look at the history, I will not trouble to set out that side when we need to know how it applies now in the end times.

We need the original Greek words to be sure of its meaning and to analyse those first. Then the truth will be revealed.

Original Greek

Charagma – χάραγμα – mark.  A neuter noun. Note seven occurrences of this word, all in revelation, plus further 1 Charagmati, χαράγματι,  meaning a graven thing, an engraving or etching, or something stamped, an impression.

However, Google translate gives Chara as ‘Joy’. Char could be tank as in French, but can refer to chariot as in ‘your chariot awaits’ which might be said of a motor vehicle, to someone by a person else waiting to give the someone a lift.

Gma – I struggle to understand this suffix. I have the following link.

I note 12 words listed, reminds me of Satan as this is typically his number. Includes stigma. An anagram of this is M Gaits. Sounds like M-(elinda) Gates. Mmm, now there’s a thought. Who wears the trousers in that family?

We then have ‘joy of the Gates’. Does that ring a little bell? Or a dirty great big bell? Don’t forget you may have heard it here first. Tell people, they would like to know.

However, my first thought in internet research was initials of Good Morning America. And where you can find Melinda Gates video.

First thoughts can often be correct. But second thoughts can be useful too it seems. Although I put the second first in this case, to show my reasoning.

Tou – τοῦ – of the

Thēriou – θηρίου – beast. . Note 16  occurrences of this word, all in revelation A neuter noun. Strictly wild beast, but not an animal in the sacrificial sense, rather an object or organisation. See below link.

Definition: Note 23 and 42. See 42 link if interested, link again at end of post. 23 is the total of mark and beast references. May be significant, the number no doubt refers to 50% of the human chromosome which is 46.

What is the beast?

If the beast is neuter then this cannot be a person as such (unless perhaps they have been neutered like a eunuch!). However, I have just had the thought that that is possible, especially nowadays when transgender people have in effect been ‘neutered’. Like Rachel Devine, the United States assistant secretary for health perhaps?

However, I believe the primary meaning is institution or organisation or even a group of people. (NOTE: Added 16th April 2021. However, as I am a stupid git, I missed the blindingly obvious until I double checked something just now . See Mr Mark heading later).

I said elsewhere there are three principal groups behind the evil in world, which Satan uses to further his ambitions to rule the world. Not that he will succeed of course.

One I have exposed as Germany, strictly Prussia, although more broadly this encompasses Germanic peoples. The other two I will leave in the wings as it were for latter.

In a way the beast is the EU, essentially a Franco-German affair. As the Franks were/are Germanic I understand this makes sense. Not all French are Franks by the way. But it is the Germans who run the show in reality.

So in this post I will deal with Germany which as you will see has mark clearly stamped all over it!

The Mark

Germany was essentially brought about by Otto von Bismarck. Wikipedia says;

Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (born von Bismarck-Schönhausen; German: Otto Eduard Leopold Fürst[2] von Bismarck, Herzog zu Lauenburg; 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), known as Otto von Bismarck (German: [ˈɔto fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] (About this soundlisten)), was a conservative German statesman who masterminded the unification of Germany in 1871


Bismarck essentially means ‘to mark’

What was Germany’s currency? The Mark.

Note the following:

‘Wild beasts’ include – panther, puma, tiger, elephant, lion. Also maus which means mouse in English! The Germans do have some sense of humour!

Also rhino and mule. There is a Marder = Marten, a type of weasel.

There is also leopard for modern day tanks.

Note the various Marks (Mk) of tanks.

Note Churchill called Tirpitz “the beast”, and ordered that no effort be spared to hunt her down.

Are you in any doubt about this now?

Motor vehicles

But what about the reference in the Bible to mark being on the right hand/forehead?

Well, strictly this is front rather than forehead, right (hand side) rather than right hand. Which opens up a different possibility, not human at all.

In fact it refers to the front of the vehicle. The word is ‘met-o-pon’ in Greek. –  Think pon as in pont like bridge in Welsh for example. Could be bridge of nose, like a bumper. A car has two eyes, think of cartoons like ‘Cars’ etc.

The Mark is the number plate!!!

And can be on the right hand or right hand side!!!

See photograph below.

Please note that going back to Charagma, Char can mean ‘to burn, a burn mark’, like the burn marks of tyre on tarmac or asphalt. Etc.

And who is implied as the king of Tyre as set out in the Bible. Why, the old enemy, Satan!!

Again, the mark on the ground is like a brand on the earth as it were.  Or what about the latest brand, the latest fashion. Each year many people like to buy the latest model.

Yet again, vehicles can be ‘wild beasts’ as they are out of control unless we steer it (self-drive models not withstanding as is currently being researched/marketed).

The wild beast can be thought of as the motor vehicle which pollutes and all associated by products – mountains of old tyres to deal with, for example.

Who first really developed the motor car? Karl Benz. A German. Who has many of the car models in the world? Germany. There’s a surprise – not!!

Including Roll Royce which as far as I can tell is essentially in German hands. Marks (!)  or brands include ‘The spirit of Ecstasy’. Joy of the beast would make sense here.

This will all lead on to other matters and the interpretation of Revelation which is opening up to me as I turn the keys I have been given. Keep a look out.

Merck of the Beast

A German pharmaceutical company. See

Note it says at today’s date it is in 66 countries!!

Note also Bayer AG, a chemical etc manufacturing company.

What do some wild beasts like wolves do? They bay, and could be described as bayers!!

Another mark

There is another mark, a different mark. You see Charagma can be an etching, which sounds like itching or a scratch mark. Or a little prick. Like with a needle.

What does the nurse say say if she is taking blood as I experienced in recent years? ‘Just a little prick.’ Now in one sense I find that funny, and those with ears to hear may do so too, but it can be related to injections.

Such as for insertion of a drip for saline, or chemotherapy.

Or vaccines.

Now there’s a thought. Side effects of vaccines for some? Well these include soreness in the arm.

Or feeling rather unwell. Or very unwell for several days.

Or death.

If you can call that a side effect. Death is rather terminal to the physical body, so I’m not sure it counts. Just as well there is a resurrection of the body.

I will have to look at this in more detail, but please do research re German involvement. Pfizer and Merck seem to be at or near top of list for annual revenues from vaccines. Pfizer was founded by German immigrants.

As to other companies here is link which may be of use.

Anagrams of ‘Mark of the beast’

For some alternative thoughts, mediate on the following:

Be ok after maths – after counting all fraudulent votes in USA presidential election perhaps

Mask of the beat – masks worn by those beaten down or cowed by governments – but not by people who will not fear man but God. Remember perfect love casts out fear.

Some related thoughts below.

Mask of the Beast

The wearing of masks has become compulsory it seems unless you are British and have read the guidance and advice from the government and understood it correctly like me.

But I believe that mask wearing does vary from country to country and state to state. Still utterly pointless against a virus unless you are trying to keep out diesel fumes, for example.

Diesel, invented by hmm, let me think, ooh it’s on the tip of my tongue – no don’t rush me…..ah! Yes, a German. There’s a surprise – not!

Sadly, few others have checked over this and so many people and firms have followed blindly the advice on masks in the UK without due diligence to legislation in general. Like risk assessments for those you are trying to inflict them on.

Anyway, the beast in this instance is the faceless bureaucracy that you struggle to fight in your attempts to get sense into people.

But we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, and authorities, the cosmic powers of darkness, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

However, having looked more closely at the original text just now, I realise that we have been missing the point. Rather badly. Oh dear, silly me.

Still, that gives me something else to do. As if I haven’t enough already. If you want something done properly do it yourself. Honestly, I don’t know.

Anyway, look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page sometime I hope and tell you where to look.

Marx of the Beast

Karl Marx was a German Jew who came to England. He was the author of ‘Das Kapital’, essentially as I understand it, promoting a communistic materialistic view of life.

I will need to analyse in more depth, but he was responsible for it, along with Fredrick Engels, (Engels means ‘angel’) for the ideas that lead to the communists and Nazis (who are both ultimately socialist). And of course three world wars that led to millions of deaths.

Please note that the communists in Russia were funded by Germany to get the Russians out of the First World War and relieve the pressure of a second front. I have yet to research in detail, but my wife told me this and I believe it to be correct as well as making sense.

Again I say three World Wars as we are in the third war now, a war of words which I have explained elsewhere.

The Beast in this case is his country of origin; Prussia, now Germany. There’s a surprise – not!

I am repeating myself but ‘look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page and tell you where to look’.

Angela Merkel

I am sure you know who she is. Chancellor of Germany.

What does her name mean? ‘Angel Notice’. Or perhaps ‘angel mark’ would do.

Now there’s as surprise – not!!

Mr Mark (added 16th April 2021)

Who I hear you cry? Mr Mark. Who’s he?

Well, that’s obvious, I had thought about it without full attention. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

M. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron that’s who. Or Mr ‘God with us Mark’. Yup, macron means mark! He may be a closet Scotsman as in Mac Ron, but that is just funny.

He has a nice smile, married his mother, sorry mother figure, just like Oedipus Rex. And he’s a wanker, sorry  banker, (in a dark or black suit) among other things. He is French but we can forgive him that. Possibly. Or perhaps not.

And the pope likes him. That’s Francis the Jesuit by the way, the man in the white suit, not the other one from Germany, Benny Dick or something like that, who’s not dead yet.

The pope, or pape or papa, who likes to pretend he’s the holy Father. More holes than gorgonzola I say. Somebody says he’s been arrested a while back. Mmm, interesting.

The Most High will have something to say about pretending to be the holy Father. He thought He was the highest cheese in the universe.

We will have to await developments. Or preferably get out there and tell the Truth, all of it.

This site is worth looking at, extremely informative.

I thought I might just set out a better interpretation of Mr Mark’s name as a result. Italics from ‘An excellent article’ in above link.

Monsieur – My Sir – In his case ‘Mon Sewer’. A place where you put crap.

Emmanuel – God with us – In his case Cod with us because he is fishy.

Or ‘Vichy’ see

In either case he stinks and is controlled by Germany.

Jean – gift from God – In his case ‘Git from Cod’. A youngish git and still fishy (or Vichy).

Michel – who is like God? – in his case W.H.O. is like Cod? All very fishy. (and still Vichy). See:–ZHP5LYqFDq/index.html

Frédéric – peaceful ruler (“Prince of Peace” is the title for Jesus Christ – Isaiah 9:6-7) – In his case ‘Pees full ruler’ or ‘Prince of Pees’. Prince of Piss perhaps? No, not perhaps, definitely.

Macron – a written or printed mark (Revelation 13 tells us “the mark… is the name of the beast (Antichrist)”. Coincidence or incredible play on words?)

The blogger in the quoted article has asked a question. The second part is correct. Did anyone ever doubt that the heavenly Father loves plays on words?

Me for one. At least, I didn’t think about it as such. I thought He must have a sense of humour though. I didn’t realise how awful (in a good sense) His jokes could be. But then I have always loved puns, plays on words. Now I just adore them (in a good way I hope).

The bible is full of them if you look. Much funnier book than anyone, myself included, ever realised.

Conclusion (amended 16th April 2021)

I do hope it is blindly obvious. Germany, with a capital G, one of the beasts, with lots of Marks.

Motor vehicles, ‘beasts’ which can go out of control and injure or kill. With number plates and brands, various Marks.

Communists with their Marx!

And governments’ generally with their stupid Masks!!

And let us not forget ‘Mon Sewer Cod with us Git from Cod W.H.O is like Cod Full of piss ruler Mark On.’ King of France, the Franks (mainly) who are Germanic, and potential world leader. A stinking sewer, stinking fish, git, etc. etc.

There is also a word for someone who marries someone old enough to be his mother, I forget what.

And wanker, sorry banker.

Easy when you know how, seemly impossible when you don’t.

Do pass on, the good thing about truth is it is precious, like jewels and gold and silver that don’t wear out.

I hope you can treasure these things, but sharing them will bring you additional joy.

More joy for another ‘wild beast’, wild hair anyway.

Like me perhaps?!

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

P.S. You may well wish to view my page on 666. Or 42

P.P.S or perhaps the following. Covid 19 Summary

March for the Beast

5th April 2021

What’s this then?? Well, I know it’s not March any more but April. Perhaps I should have got this in earlier, but I am struggling with my energy at the moment. However, today I have solved the puzzle of the Mark of the Beast and we ought to celebrate with a ‘March for the Beast’.

In this instance the beast is not the beast of Revelation as such. Unless it is in there anyway. No, I was thinking of me, who looks like a wild beast. My hair is wild after 12 months of lockdown and no haircut. My face is dropped down on one side due to the palsy, so I look a bit of sight.

Now I know that sounds arrogant, that is, marching for me, but really it’s a bit of fun. You would not be celebrating me.

However, you might like to celebrate with me. Sadly, up on my Cloud I cannot join in with my proposed march on the ground.

What are we celebrating? Well. I have cracked the code to 666 and the Mark of the Beast which I referred to earlier. To be fair, lots of people have already solved certain aspects, it’s just I have dealt with the final parts after nearly 2000 years after John wrote the words.

I have to put it all together in suitable form to publish but it should be quite clear when you see it. In the meantime, I think a march is in order in April.

A march especially round the Capitol fencing in Washington DC I think. Where Joe Biden and his cronies, including the female triumvirate are holed up I believe. I assume they are there, but perhaps they are not. Nevertheless a march may do a lot of people a lot of good now the weather is warming up and the blossoms are coming out.

My suggestion is the following:

Marching round the perimeter fencing which I assume is still up.

Like the Israelites marched round Jericho, go round it once for 6 days consecutive.

Then on the 7th day march round 7 times. All being well the fencing will fall down or be taken down. You can then march on the public buildings and see what’s going on.

You can blow Trumpets to summon Donald Trump if you wish. How about righting his name on your foreheads or right hand? You know, Trump Won, Biden nil, Biden’s blown it, Biden’s lost it.

Or maybe ‘Kamala, Kamala chameleon’, like Boy George’s song.

Or perhaps ‘These boots are made for walking all over you, Nancy Pelosi’.

That sort of thing. The last is a bit long so perhaps a placard instead will do.

If you want to wear masks, why not have one in black on your right arm, as you might at a funeral. To show respect for the dead who died as a result of the Demoncrats actions. And for Joe Biden who is for all intents and purposes is brain dead.

Or perhaps wear a mask on your forehead. You can again have something appropriate written on the masks.

But you can do whatever seems suitable; you are all very creative I know. God’s children are always that.

I have created a suitable song if you want to sing, based on the tune ‘John’ Brown’s body’. The original is very good though as is the hymn ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord’.

I have also a song ‘Donald the Elephant’ you can find here. Elephant because they Trumpet of course. And because the Republican symbol is an elephant. Elephants are supposed not to forget. Donald has not forgotten the American people.

And don’t forget the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms. So roll your sleeves ups (and trouser legs if you don’t have shorts and it is warm enough, or  you are brave, which you can be of course with the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit of love and the angels with you).

Why not be like Superman and Woman and wear your briefs outside your pants or shorts? (In England this would be wearing two pairs of pants as pants are briefs to us, not trousers – and you think we are eccentric; honestly, I don’t know what the U.S. of A. is coming to!).

You might like this informative link.

If you think it a good idea, then if you start tomorrow you should finish on the 12th April which is when my wife and I would normally celebrate our wedding anniversary.

So there you are. Up to you now as you chose. I hope to publish pages/posts on 666 and the Mark of the beast in the next two days (now up and running see links at end). They will go in as static pages in any event in The Restaurant at the end of the Universe in any event.

And quite possibly elsewhere as a good recipe is worth sharing.

P.S. here are links to Donald the Elephant again and Joe Biden’s lies, two songs you can use as you see fit

666 is now on the menu in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe here.

And mark of the beast here.

Easter Day

4th April 2021

The day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are plenty of websites which will tell you about this.

You can of course go back to the original story, which you will find recorded in the four gospels of the New Testament. A good translation helps, although I know of none that make a hash of the original Greek to any great extent at least.

But if you have any knowledge of the ancient Greek, best to check the original Greek text if you want to be sure the translations are correct. I find Biblehub very good, although its translations in English are very variable.

I assume the original Hebrew or Greek text is faithful to that originally recorded in the ancient manuscripts. However as I have no access to these I cannot confirm this.

The day is not necessarily the day that Jesus rose from the dead in a transformed body, albeit still a man and still recognisable, although some were confused for some reason which I hope to explain later in another post.

When I say the day that Jesus rose from the dead, I mean not like our birthdays. That is when we celebrate (perhaps!) another passing year of our lives on the same numbered day of the month as when we were born.

His resurrection is related to the Passover of Israelite tradition. I won’t bother to try and explain why the date of Easter varies as defined by the churches, I am sure other websites can explain it well enough, as they do regarding the Passover.

There are those who say that Easter should not be celebrated as it refers to Eostre, a Saxon goddess of fertility, allegedly.

There are those who say the goddess and the pagan festival, Eosturmonath, were made up by the Venerable Bede.

Now Baldmichael put his thinking cap on and started to look more closely at this. I tried anagramming. Most enlightening as usual.

Eostre – ‘Eros et’, Eros meaning ‘god of love and sex’ and et meaning ‘and’ from the French.

Eosturmonath – ‘anoestrum hot’ – meaning anoestrum ‘no sex’ and hot meaning hot! Strictly anoestrum means between heat periods as in animals ‘in heat’ or sexually active. You can look it up.

Or possibley ‘Eostur’ and ‘monath’. As anagram ‘Eros tu’, meaning Eros you, tu as in French ‘tu’ meaning you. Thus ‘Eros you’ or ‘you Eros’.

Monath may be as in ‘monathtry’, like monastery, but with a lisp!!

Now perhaps the Bede was not thinking quite along those lines, but I think he was ‘taking the pith’ as the lisper might say. Therefore I conclude he was making a joke which helps pass the time when there is no sex in a monastery (supposedly)!

Traditionally there has been a period of fasting during Lent, a period of 40 days before Easter when food was often scarce any way. But fasting can be very useful to get rid of toxins built up during the winter months when sunlight is low and vitamin D levels are severely depleted (usually).

Anyway, overtime such jokes made by bored monks or others get magnified by so-called academics who take the story seriously, or those who get the joke and wish to embellish it and see how many fall for it. Which is funny in itself.

Easter eggs and bunnies are associated with Easter. Well, there seems much sense in saying that eggs tend to be laid again by the chickens who take the winter off given half a chance. And rabbits who start producing their litters of babies.

We mustn’t forget that the eggs themselves tend to hatch out and produce cute chicks (cute chicks can be pretty women, but that’s another story!).

These matters are a fact of life, and can be readily observed by those with access to the countryside and farming.

Talking of countryside, there are the villages of High Easter and Good Easter in Essex, part of the Roding valley up which I have cycled; a long time ago it seems now. Good Easter is quietly attractive I believe, as I imagine is High Easter. I love the Essex countryside. It is a lovely calm backwater of England, my beloved England.

Apparently Easter means ‘sheep fold’ – see

High means just that, high up, or relatively high as there are not many parts of Essex that can be considered of any great height.

And Good means, well, good as far as I can tell. So a good part of England then. Makes good sense to me. I say it is good anyway.

But what about Jesus Christ? Well, Easter could be ‘e aster’ as in ‘He a star’ – aster means ‘star’.

And so He is, he is a star. He is one of the Morning Stars who sang together at the dawn of time. He rose again in the morning, at dawn. Perhaps just before dawn so he could see her again, Dawn with a capital ‘D’. He had missed her for 3 days it seems.

And as He is still so well known about in the world, despite the best efforts of Satan and his cronies to hide the facts, He may be considered a star. Like a celebrity only far better than most who are given the title nowadays.

This is because He is humble yet strong, upright and compassionate, a real man among men. And because He is bright, witty, intelligent, a real gent, a royal gentle man. A king of kings, of the throne of King David’s line in Israel.

You can look these statements up yourselves to check what I say, as others have said much about him.

And He came to life again, raised up on the command of the heavenly Father who would not let His Son’s body decay in the tomb.

Such a life He promises to those who follow Him, into His sheepfold, the High and Good Easter. Which is why we have much to celebrate this Easter, which we can do every day in any event.

But it is good to have special days when the weather improves after the cold and relative greyness of winter. And giving gifts is always a good thing, as long as they do not become our ‘gods’.

After all why give thanks to things which are only things, rather than the giver who is God. But who is God?

Why, the heavenly Father who loves to give good things to His Children, despite Satan and his children’s attempts to denigrate Him. How does He give us these things?

Why, through His children, the angels low, of course, both those you see (you and I) and His unseen children, the angels high, who guide us when we listen. So you can and should thank the giver always. If you should be given something you can’t use, pass it on to someone who needs it.

If the gift is not useable for some reason (which is sometimes the case), try being gently honest with the giver so that you encourage them to give something more suitable next time.

But the Father gave His Son that we might have life and have it to the full as Jesus says. A new life, a bit like that we see around us at this time of year, especially if we live in the countryside.

Simnel cakes are often baked at this time and served at Easter. I see from my Cloud and can just smell that my wife down below has baked one. I heard her say that it has risen well.

Like Jesus, The Star, The Celebrity, the Bright Morning Star. He has risen. Hallelujah, He is risen.

Hallelujah indeed!

P.S. I like chocolate – indeed I have written about it in a page C is for…..Chocolate

I like bunnies and chicks too (of both kinds of course as I am a Man!). Men do not have to be macho to be strong.

I like eggs as well. So I have no problem with Easter gifts. I just won’t make them my gods, that’s all.

If you wish to find out about Good Friday which I had hoped to post on the day I will have a page link here shortly all being well.

And look out for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ coming soon!

That Was The Year That Was – 2020-2021

31st March 2021

I am counting the year that has just passed as from 1st April 2020 to today 31st March 2021.More like the years that the Romans counted.

Not unlike the years that the Chinese calculate. The year that has just passed was their Year of the Rat. And not the Year of the Cat which is an Al Stewart album which I have; in my opinion, an excellent album.

I really think that year of the Rats is more appropriate. Rats of all sorts exposed and coming out of the woodwork. Uncivil Service rats, Health Service rats, police rats, you name it, they all came out.

Political rats as well, except they have been out and about for years anyway. There are other rats too. Germany for instance. In German a rat can be: advice, council, counsel, piece of advice, or a senior official.

The senior officials in Germany live in a rathaus, or town hall. Haus is a house in English. So German ‘rats’ live in a rathouse. Obviously.

Anyway, enough of rats for the time being. How about the events of the last 12 months? Well, in my books it really started with 1st April, April Fools’ day. This day has not yet ended, so we have had a year of April Fools.

I think of it as the Day of the Lord as He is using foolishness to expose the frauds and lies, fraudsters and liars, murders and murderers.

Who are the Fools? All those fooled by the goings on all year of course.

Now, it has pointed out that there is a very serious virus going around. It has been around for millennia in reality, but this year it struck with a vengeance.

There are early warning signs; stopping shaking hands or hugging loved ones; wearing of masks on boiling hot days; walking on the other side of the street to avoid people who they think may well be carriers or super spreaders. That sort of thing.

Yes, I am talking about Stupid 20, a mutated version of Stupid 19, Stupid 18 etc., etc. I have written about this here if you need to check if you have a serious form.

I have observed that people are starting to get over it. Some at least. Online forums and YouTube comments indicate improvements in the nation’s (UK) mental health.

It is difficult to judge however what percentage of the population is seriously infected. All too many I fear. Still, improvements are an improvement so that is encouraging.

Stupid 20 is a world-wide phenomenon. I am not sure if any nation is worse than another; it is hard work trying to keep up.

The USA is sorely afflicted. It managed to elect a president who has had the disease for decades. Quite how they managed to do this is difficult to explain. Not impossible, just difficult you understand.

It has been a long process; first you need to poison the public mind with lies about how the world was made. Then you poison their bodies with toxic chemicals in food and drink, air, soil and water.

And toxic drugs, both legal and illegal. Sold on the streets by shady dealers and by many doctors in surgeries and hospitals, among others. Not much difference between them.

You gain control of the media so you can spread more lies and misinformation. Despite this there have been those who have tried to make it clear that standards are declining.

But if you take control of the tutorials and classrooms in universities and schools, and get them young as it were, you can easily raise a generation of idiots who don’t think for themselves.

Then you get them to believe that Democrats are generally good and Republicans generally bad, that dark brown is black and pale skin is white, that men are horrible and women are virtuous.

Make everything extreme and the world is your oyster to take advantage of. Then you can elect a demented senior pale male to be president, whilst the real power lies with the women who tell him what to do and say.

Which includes a darker shade of pale vice-president – Kamala Harris is hardly black after all, except in her heart.

Of course you do this fraudulently, and use dead people and postal votes to do this. What else explains the inexplicable?

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on and wonders how the hell it happened.

It is a comedy show, the greatest pantomime on earth seeing poor old Joe Biden making an ass of himself on a daily basis. I say poor, but he seems to have done quite well financially over the years. It won’t do him any good of course.

I wonder how long the charade will last? Needs someone to wake America up.

Oi, America wake up!

Perhaps that will help. But then if the poisoned food and drink and drugs have made you obese and sluggish, do you have the energy? If you do have the energy you must ‘gird up your loins’ as the old saying goes.

Or another way ‘gird up your lions’ and roar with rage at those who threaten your lives. Put the fear of God into them and regain control of your lives and common sense.

After all, the public is the common man (and woman) who deserve far better than they are getting. But don’t because they let their standards slip. And forgot the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

In the UK we managed to get out of the EU, sort of anyway. There is still a long way to go, because the Nazi/comms have infiltrated our society in depth. Indeed, the whole world.  It takes time and effort to get them out.

And lockdowns help perhaps. Those who are innocent won’t don’t wear masks and those who are not do. Easy to tell then. Unless you want to use masks yourself to try and slip in unnoticed among the criminal classes and get the real leaders of evil.

Also useful for removing useless uncivil servants of varying types and exposing useless bloated organisations like the NHS for example. Or how the police have become biased and lost much of the common sense that made our country the envy of the world once upon a time.

Lockdowns also useful for showing that we don’t need to rush round like demented chickens from one place to the next, that slow can be good and productive.

Indeed, more productive than fast most of the time, if matters are attended to with good planning and efficiency and proper training.

It seems to me we will be locked down in the UK until we learn the valuable lessons we should have retained years ago. Sadly, it seems there is still a long way to go.

Still, as I have pointed out on a number of occasions, the so-called rules are merely guidance and advice; if they are useful and make sense follow them if not don’t. It’s very easy. Just be prepared to have to argue the case with those infected by Stupid 20 or the latest variety that’s all. And support one another.

Another way of putting this is ‘love one another’ as has been said over many, many centuries by various people.

Even the Most High just wants to be loved, not worshiped. He would have said worship in the two greatest commands otherwise.

Sadly, the churches in the UK had largely forgotten this, which is why they were much targeted in the advice and guidance. Having become dull and stupid, they did not see the truth and hid themselves away out of fear. They need never have hidden, and it is to their shame that they did.

But perfect love casts out fear.

And you have a heavenly Father who loves all His children very much. Just as His Son Jesus loves them who gave His life for them, which Christians especially remember around this time of year.

And last year the rats came out, the year of lockdowns, masks, anti-social distancing and ‘R’ rates. The year of herd immunity, ‘R’ rates and of course vaccinations. The latter everybody wants, apparently.

Well, apparently not. More and more people are asking sensible questions about the sense in these when actual deaths from Covid 19 are really no more than the annual ‘flu. And total deaths have only increased because of lockdowns.

More depression, more suicides, more self-harm. More deaths in care homes than we would care to mention. How did they die, anybody know? Anybody care? Anybody asking tough questions of those responsible for the care of those in care homes?

Whose fault was it? The government’s for locking us down, or ourselves for believing the government could do this?

By and large it was ourselves, or at least those who did not wake up early to what was going on as I did. Because it was all guidance and advice, but carefully arranged to make us fear if we didn’t check carefully, which most people didn’t. Or if they did have not ‘got it’, as it were, as I did..

So don’t put all the blame on the government if you didn’t have the sense to double check. You should have double checked. Then you could have organised yourselves to act appropriately.

As to the virus Covid 19 I have written about this here where you will find the links to those pages I think will give you the information you need.

If you need statistics I have put my summary here for the UK and here for the USA. I may deal with other issues re other countries but statistics are rather tedious and I can think of better things to do.

If you should have any questions though just ask me and I will seek to answer them.

So that was the Year that was. They should make a film of it; a sequel to Dumb and Dumber. I would call it Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, reflecting the fact that people have been the most absolute dumbest they could possibly be over the ‘flu.

Still, the rats are out and being caught so something good is coming of it. I wonder how many rats there are in Germany? Mmm. Lots I imagine. I must write about Germany before too long. An interesting history to research.

This year in China is now the Year of the Ox. I wonder what that means? The year of service perhaps, putting ones shoulders to the plough to get the fields ready. We’ll see. And I must do some detailed research and post something on China, it deserves attention.

If you are mentally exhausted by all that, why not try listening to ‘That was the week that was’ on Youtube, there is lots of good stuff.

Interestingly, there are two sets of double words (that & was) and two single words (the & week). A set of 4 and 2 perhaps. Or 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything – click to follow link if you are interested.

I like the updated version from The Two Ronnies – 2000 Today

When you are rested you can then get yourself ready for battle against the powers that be to defeat the wild beasts that threaten our lands and our sanity.

And look out for the sign of Baldmichael, he will be back!

Cressida Dick

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

28th March 2021

Her full name is Cressida Rose Dick or even Dame Cressida Rose Dick according to Wikipedia.

I like the name Rose. A pretty name, reminds me of my niece who is also pretty.

As regards Dame, well all ladies are dames if you are the U.S.A. It appears she was awarded the ‘honour’ for public service in Theresa May’s resignation honours list 2019 according to Wikipedia.

I will probably write about such so-called honours in due course, but it seems she was awarded it for doing her job. And not very well of late it appears, as I will explain later.

The internet suggests Cressida means ‘golden’ which I find rather hard to believe. If I use Google Translate, translate into Hebrew, Hebrew into Greek and then back to English, it apparently means ‘Crisis’.

As one of the anagrams of Cressida includes this, I think it makes sense.

Makes me think of Supertramp’s  ‘Crisis, what crisis?’ album which I have. Superb in my book, and as I am of the same generation as Cressida Dick, she might know of it too.

I have tried anagramming her full name. Words include:

Microcardia – abnormal smallness of the heart. (From The medical dictionary)

Ascaricides – Ascaricides are drugs to treat ascariasis that is caused by infections with parasitic nematodes (roundworms) of the genus Ascaris (giant intestinal roundworms). The large roundworm of pigs (Ascaris suum) typically infects pigs (from Wikipedia – infects pigs, mmm, now where I have I heard that in relation to the police?)

Disordered – Definition of disordered 1obsolete a: morally reprehensible b: UNRULY

2a: marked by disorder a disordered room; b: not functioning in a normal orderly healthy way; a disordered mind From Merriam-Webster

Irksome – Annoying

arse oiks discarded – oiks in Manx language are officials including police.

arse oiks dramedies – dramedies are a mixture drama and comedy apparently

All of which are rather interesting to say the least. See some of my later comments.

Wikipedia says of the meaning of Cressida:

In later culture she becomes an archetype of a faithless lover.

I am not sure Cressida Dick could be said to be a faithless lover, except perhaps that she has no real faith in God. If she had, she would have sought healing. Perhaps though she is searching for Him.


Information on this can be found from Cressida’s own lips in her Desert Island Discs interview, available to download here.

Her life was not easy in childhood. Parents divorced when she was eight and her father died when she was 11 according to Wikipedia. That’s hard, very hard. Events like that cause a lot of damage, and need healing before you can move on in life and be effective.

Apparently she was educated at Dragon School, Oxford, a preparatory school. All boys at the time, she got in because her brother went there. The school website lists her as an Old Dragon!

She might be many things, but she does not strike me as the archetypal old dragon though!

The Dragon School was a boys’ school for many years and she said in her interview that she was one of 2 girls of 60 in her year.

But she seems to have enjoyed her time there. Perhaps being the youngest of three children with an older brother it was all fairly easy to get along with the boys and join in all the games as she did. My wife has the same older brother and sister arrangement and I can see that is reasonable.

She talks in the same Desert Island Discs about dancing round and round to Swan Lake on the lounge pink carpet, presumably like a ballerina (she had just been to the ballet). I understand that; I was transfixed as a child by music. My mother said I used to dance round and round myself even at age two years old!

At university she studied Agriculture and Forest Sciences. The Wikipedia entry says she ‘gained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Agriculture and Forest Sciences in 1979.’

I doubt that; in 1981 seems much more likely. She no doubt went up to Oxford as they say in 1979 which is what Balliol College’s website states – see link below.  It seems a pity she didn’t get to follow this up in the job market. She might have had a better life ultimately.

I note that anagram’s of letters of Balliol College include ‘illocable’. The word is defined here.

As her father taught at the college, I find this significant.

She doesn’t seem to have been highly distinguished in her academic career; I have not found anything to indicate otherwise at the moment. I don’t hold that against her though. Lots of people can do well by learning on the job once they find something they truly love doing and from which they get satisfaction.

I consider that my career in surveying was rather like that; not always easy, but I found it very interesting and I seemed to do reasonably well, and some clients were very grateful. I made some mistakes but I believe I learnt from them.

But I don’t get the sense that Cressida has learnt from her’s.

Metropolitan police

Anyway, she ended up becoming a policewoman and climbing the ladder in promotions. Her history in the Met police is reasonably documented. She became Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis having retired from the

The following link indicates a police source as saying she had ‘not been appointed because she was a woman but because she was the best candidate’ – perhaps she was, but given her record this indicates how bad the police service has become.

Cressida Dick is no hero

Please note I used the words ‘police service’ above. Police force suggests they use force rather being there as public servants to serve us, the public, who pay their wages through taxation.

But then perhaps the words are part of the problem. If you join a force you expect to use force. If you join a service you expect to serve. There is a world of difference in the two meanings.

Desert Island Discs interview

Again the link below is interesting re her Desert Island Discs interview.

She makes the statements:

She said she hoped the that (Sic – poor BBC editing!) a lot of women are among the new recruits, to ensure a more balanced male/female divide.

“In the long term, in order for us to have the best of the best, I would like it to be 50/50,” she told Lauren Laverne, who hosts the show.

As Spock of Star Trek might say ‘Illogical’. A.k.a as ‘Bollux’.

To have the best of the best you recruit the best, not try to achieve a so-called equality which is meaningless.

Again Cressida says

“There is something about putting a uniform on and thinking ‘people are looking to me to make decisions and to look after them’ that makes you feel capable.”

Feel capable? Yes, but are you capable that is the question? Ok, I am a man, and no doubt I would say this, but that is a subjective female assertion. What are the results of your actions, that is how you should judge your work. In other words, are you really doing a good job?

This will of course depend on the level you are at; you may do a good job at one level but not in another.

Yet again in Desert Island Discs, “What I can say is that if I take you to see my response teams, there are people of all shapes and sizes and lots of lots of openly gay people, and the guys and girls just don’t think twice about it.”

Fine, but are they competent? All shapes and sizes? A silly comment, you can never have ALL shapes and sizes, only some. Otherwise it means the obese among others who will not be able to do the job of a response team, which I assume means firearms unit.

Police Record and Comments

Her record has been marred by various errors, frankly gross errors in my book.

Jean Charles de Menezes death

She is recorded as saying “I wish, wish, wish it hadn’t happened, of course, but if anything it has made me a better leader, a better police officer and it has made me more resilient,” the officer said.

Jolly good, but Jean Charles is dead, Ms Dick. So the means justifies the end, improving your leadership qualities, etc??

Operation Midland looking into child sex abuse – see link below.

The following is quoted from above.

“She said she realised the senior detective had made ‘a mistake’ and she ‘felt for him’.”

What about Lord Brittan’s wife? Did Cressida feel for her? Perhaps she said something that isn’t in the Mail’s article. But why was he, the senior detective, not severely sanctioned? He should have lost his job at least. Cressida did nothing it seems.

The following says she only had ‘limited involvement’, whatever that means.

The link below makes grim reading the appalling allegations made without proper evidence.

I have not double checked regarding the Daily Mail’s list of officer’s involved but it does not surprise me. Our money, taxpayers’ money, down the drain on people who don’t deserve it.

They should be compensating the victims of their incompetence, not us.

London Bridge Attack – see link below.

The comments section in the middle of link post says it all. Yet she can feel for the senior detective mentioned earlier, but not the victims and their loved ones who mourn their loss? Perhaps she said something else that isn’t in the article.

Even so, this is plainly a stupid comment by Cressida.

BAME bias in the Met Police – see link below.

It is interesting to read, although as I have said elsewhere ALL lives matter and there is no racial discrimination only discrimination between nations, tribes and families. We are one human race.

And there is no true black and white skin, only various shades from pale flesh to dark brown flesh.

In the incident referred to regarding Tottenham and Soho, I wonder if the real issue is that Soho is a haunt of the LGBTQi+ brigade. And that Cressida does not wish to offend them. That would be more consistent.

2020 Christmas – see link below

There is reference to ‘I have no intention in any way of encouraging my people to be barging through people’s doors or knocking on people’s doors unless you’ve got, as we sometimes do – and then they can’t barge, they may knock – a huge party going on, which is clearly very, very dangerous and causing lots of concern with the neighbours.’

This is a bit thick, Dick. What do you mean? A huge party? Perhaps all the neighbours are there. Parties can be large without being dangerous, let alone ‘very, very, dangerous’.

Unless they are political parties of course. They can frequently be dangerous, but I don’t see them all being arrested.

Perhaps the government has asked her to overegg the fear, just to keep the pressure on poor old Joe public.

Sarah Everard vigil

Interesting post. Even Diane Abbott is saying something sensible for a change!

A further very long post with lots of pictures below.

It says in the text The force had warned those still intending to show up that ‘current Covid-19 regulations do not permit large gatherings’.

Did they really warn those intending to show up? Have they bothered to check the ‘regulations’? If you should happen to be a policeman or woman I will put this in capitals as you may have trouble reading this.


There now, that didn’t hurt did it? Do what you should have done in the first place and look it up. And take a dictionary with you, or use the online versions if you need to understand words of more than 2 syllables.

If you should be one of those people who have a brain and use it, I apologise for that, it is not aimed at you.

There are pictures of people laying down, clearly a sign of how dangerous Covid 19 is, completely taken out huge swathes of the public.

Or perhaps not.

Cressida is recorded as saying in the link ‘Most of them would have been at those vigils and I guarantee also that my officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm last night, they will have been lighting their candles or pausing, and it’s something we care about very, very deeply.’

More feelings, but no substance, no critical analysis. No understanding that the so-called regulations are advisory.

And she can guarantee that her officers up and down London and beyond, if they weren’t working, will have been thinking of Sarah at 9:30pm.

Really? I would have thought most of them might be thinking ‘Thank God it’s the end of another shift’ or ‘Where’s the beer’ or zzzz because they are asleep.

You’re a bit thick, Dick.

I have heard the phrase ‘Thought police’ used of today’s police – no thought police would be better. They no longer seem capable of right judgement and will therefore be judged themselves.

They have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, to put it mildly.

Another interesting article, including ‘Taking the knee’. As it is said in the article, people may take the knee for all sorts of reasons. Including stretching their legs, for example. Cressida did ban the gesture however.

I hate to say this (or maybe not!) that if the police don’t watch it they may end up taking the knee where it hurts, if you get my drift!

As regards Wayne Couzens, the police officer under arrest for the suspected murder of Sarah Everard, these are interesting links.

Wayne Couzens looks rather a hard man. Reminds me of Roxy music’s ‘A hard rain’s a-gonna fall’. You may make your own minds up, but I prophesy ‘A hard Wayne’s a-gonna fall’. Very sad, a beautiful girl murdered, a police career ruined and a family unit broken.

Further thoughts

There is a funny story re her inability to smell cannabis.

Well, it seems her father drank and smoked a lot, as Cressida states in her Desert Island Discs interview. This might explain her inability to smell cannabis. Possibly he might have smoked cannabis himself, but the smell of smoke may just be something Cressida’s sensory glands have been overwhelmed with, and she can no longer pick up similar smoke smells in general.

The link below suggests some information on her father but I haven’t tracked the sources. Might be useful to read.

There are two contrasting views in the comments in the link below.

Personal reflections from CD – possibly best overall summary so far – note she loves the interest of it not perhaps about solving crime?? I would wish to do myself out of job.

It seems to be all about what she could get out of it rather than what she achieved. I find this significant.

The Spectator says something interesting; there is a reference to Cressida in there if you look:

To Finish

I thought we could lighten the mood a while with ‘There is nothing like a dame’ from Morecombe and Wise.

And from South Pacific movie.

The final verse says:

There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a dame
There are no books like a dame
And nothing looks like a dame
There are no drinks like a dame
And nothing thinks like a dame
Nothing acts like a dame
Or attracts like a dame
There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any man here
That can’t be cured by putting him near
a girly, womanly, female, feminine dame

I wonder if Cressida Dick would have liked to be a dame like that rather than what she has become, which is rather male. She has lost sensitivity in many areas, But without much gain in efficiency it seems.

Sir Peter Fahy former the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police says the following regarding the Sarah Everard protests:

“But this is a really complex unprecedented situation of a pandemic – pandemic legislation cuts across the basic human rights and people are feeling – obviously – very emotional about that but then getting involved in a protest which then breaches those regulations.

“And as I say, there is an argument they [the Metropolitan police officers] should’ve just completely stood back and ignored the breaking of the law, but then other people would’ve criticised that and say ‘you intervened in other places, why didn’t you intervene here?’” Peter remarked. From

Yet his Wikipedia entry says:

In July 2011, Fahy commanded his officers to use their common sense and criticised police policies which prevents the police from helping victims or protecting the public in certain cases.

I refer you to my earlier comments regarding GUIDANCE.

The following link seems to sum up Cressida Dick’s career in responsible positions in the Metropolitan Police.

And for good measure, a dose of Shakespeare.

Troilus, farewell! One eye yet looks on thee,
But with my heart the other eye doth see.
Ah, poor our sex! This fault in us I find,
The error of our eye doth direct our mind:
What error leads must err. O, then conclude
Minds swayed by eyes are full of turpitude.

In her Desert Island Discs interview she chose the hymn‘Lord of All Hopefulness’. This contains the following words;

Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,

Your hands swift to welcome, Your arms to embrace.

Be there at our homing, and give us, we pray,

Your love in our hearts, Lord,

At the eve of the day.

Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm,

Whose voice is contentment, whose presence is balm,

Be there at our sleeping, and give us, we pray,

Your peace in our hearts, Lord,

At the end of the day.

I have observed over my life that too many women rely on feelings rather than facts and their judgement is consequently seriously flawed. This is the case with Cressida Dick. She never was competent for the role she is now in, let alone some of her earlier posts of responsibility.

I am of the opinion she would have been better off in Forestry. I am not aware we know why she didn’t go down that route, except that she says in the Desert Island Discs interview she was ‘never going to be a star’ with that.

She has been promoted well above her pay grade as they say, and should stand down immediately. If there is no one suitable to take up the role, well what hope for all of us then?

Perhaps though it should not be a police officer, but someone with common sense, if you can find anyone with that nowadays.

As for hope, well the hymn says it for me. And for Cressida and for you as well if you want it.

Anyway, I have written the following for Cressida. P.C. stands for Politically Correct and Police Constable respectively. Larmes are ‘tears’ in French.

Cressida Dick

She makes me sick

With gender equality arithmetic

I really think she must be thick

This P.C. P.C. Cressida Dick

Cressida Dick she makes me cry

For my country by and by

And even though she seems to try

It doesn’t work, I wonder why

This Cressida Dick who looks like a guy

But Cressida Dick she has her charms

Despite her many and varied qualms

For underneath she looks for balms

And healing for years of larmes

Which she will find her Father’s arms

The heavenly Father is waiting, dear Cressida, to embrace you. Please don’t delay.


Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Government Guidance and Advice – reviewed

24th March 2021

I thought I would post something I have had as a page for some time. It might be of use. it is not up to date, but I don’t think it has really ever changed that significantly.

Or even amuse you. Rather than copy and paste, I will add the link below, so if you are at a loose end and want to understand something of what is going on in the government’s collective mind, as it were, do go and have a look.

I am still working on Cressida Dick’s post which is a bit of a struggle as it needs care and attention as always to get it right and as fair as possible.

And I can’t be bothered to do anything new at the moment.

But I must look at Boris’s road map out of ‘Another fine mess we have got ourselves into’ government.

However, as I make clear in the page link the general public have much to answer for in not checking the GUIDANCE and realising that is all it is.

And you don’t have to follow it. Here’s the link. G is for…..Guidance

Various Twits or Tweets (including Joe Biden)

18th March 2021

I thought we ought to examine the (relatively) recent tweets. Why not? I’m bored of looking at Cressida Dick’s post I’m building, and I’m flagging. This is easier for now.

Comments on following link; I clicked on the tweet to get at people’s comments:

1. There is a picture in the link, second photo (bottom right). I thought it said something rude at first. Then I zoomed in. I see it says thank you, so that’s nice. Not sure who is taking the photo – is it Joe? Is the photo merely staged? Let’s move on.

2. ‘I’m so happy he went to Chester’. @FL_mocha_mom Mar 16

Does she live in Chester? Perhaps she is glad he went to Chester rather than where she lives as she’s seen images of him and young girls at conventions. Who knows?

3. The White House Tonight, the White House was illuminated green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the rich bond between the United States and Ireland.

I think they meant the ‘bond of the rich’ where the rich fund various activities in Ireland (like the IRA – so they say).

Green is symbol of environment. And feeling sick. Just saying.

4. Today, Ireland Prime Minister Micheál Martin presented a bowl of shamrocks to President Biden

I gather Joe thought shamrocks were artificial diamonds, although he struggled to express his words of gratitude and said something like ‘Shimfcks’.

I wondered if the White House was currently green as you usually grow plants in a greenhouse. It would save the risk of transmitting Covid 19 from Ireland to the states if they had been grown in the now Greenhouse. Perhaps it’s a secret virus bomb? Do you think someone had better warn Joe? Just a thought.

5. Vice President Kamala Harris – Vice President of the United States. Wife to the first @SecondGentleman

It’s such an honor to have a sculpture of Frederick Douglass in my office. His words and wisdom inspire me every day: “The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous.”

I assume he was only referring to the nation, not its leaders, so Kamala wouldn’t have to bother about that sort of thing.

However, I’m confused. If she is Vice President does she have two husbands or one? Mmm, I suppose Joe’s wife is First Lady, so Kamal’s husband is Second Gentlemen?

Yes, but it’s Lord and Lady, and Gentleman and Gentlewoman. So he should be second Lord , maybe.

And who was the first, FirstGentleman? Anybody help me on this?

6. President Biden @POTUS

As a descendant of the Blewitts from Mayo County and the Finnegans from County Louth, I’m wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Now I know the Irish like a good joke, so perhaps that’s why they like Joe being in the White House.

He seems a little slurred in the video. I assume he has had little tipple. Or another stroke.

Or perhaps he blewitt (sic).

His smile seems crooked, but I guess his teeth are straight. About the only thing that is. Well ok, his tie also.

7. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to reaffirm our nation’s close partnership with Ireland, I hosted a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Micheál Martin. We’re committed to working together to combat COVID-19, address global challenges, and increase our shared prosperity.

Bilateral meeting? I see two individuals. Where are the other members of the two groups. Hiding in case of Covid 19 infection? Or is it a case of Lesbe’aving a Gayabandon Bilateral TransAtlantic meeting? Abreviated to LGBT of course.

8. Bo Erickson CBS @BoKnowsNews Mar 17 Sweet moment at @FLOTUS event:

4th grader started to cry (happy tears) while introducing Dr. Biden. “I really wanted to meet you. I adore you because you embrace change from my generation and the ones to come. I look up to you.”

Cute. I am glad they explain it was happy tears, as I had my doubts. Not sure who Dr Biden is. Understand Joe Biden’s wife is not medical doctor but has a EdD, a lesser award than PhD.

And should NOT be called Dr Biden.

Unless of course she helped ‘doctor’ the presidential election results, in which case that is ok.


No one should have to lay awake wondering if they will have a roof over their head the next day. The American Rescue Plan provides emergency assistance for rent, mortgage, and utility payments. Help is here to keep Americans in their homes.

And stop them interfering with us destroying America.

Well, that will do for now.

Goodnight from the UK.

From the Public Eye

11th March 2021

The following extracts have been taken from somewhere and adapted for use following the time honoured tradition of many journalists who like to poke fun at goings on around the world. The public readership who prefer a laugh then are more likely to read the articles to try and work out what is really going on as there may be some nugget of truth hidden away.

There are some links to pages on this site which may be of further interest to those who are in need of additional humour. These can be found at the end of the five pieces below. And just as some truth may be hidden away, you may find Joe Biden hid’en away.

It should be stated that this emphatically does not mean that Joe Biden is being truthful as we would not wish to defame his character, merely that references to him are occasionally made.

Shelling Kills Eight in Kabul

The market in Kabul was the scene of chaos as indiscriminate shelling took place yesterday. ‘It was dreadful’ said Ahmed. ‘All these shells started raining down on people’s heads’.

‘As soon as we took cover the shelling would stop,’ he explained. ‘But as soon as we went back to our stalls, it would start again.’

When asked who was responsible, he explained it was the monkeys who pinched the pistachios from his father’s stall, then went up onto the roofs of nearby buildings to eat them. They then pelted passers-by with the empty shells.

The monkeys were unavailable for comment, despite tempting them with figs.

The casualties were 8 Taliban fighters who ran for cover but fell into an open latrine and were drowned. The locals, who did not wish to be named, said this was despicable as there was enough dung in the latrine already.

Four unknown Constables Found

Several unknown drawings have been unearthed in Lewes, Sussex, England. They have been taken to Sussex Police Headquarters for analysis.

They are believed to be the work of four constables who have been wandering the corridors there for some time. The constables may be trainees who lost their marbles when they started wearing masks and refused to take them off, even when eating.

The Chief Constable has reliably informed us that Sid (sic) is looking into the case, drawing on his long experience to solve the problem.

We have said we can provide Sid with paper to draw on instead. The Chief Constable declined to comment further.

Extra £3 Billion for NHS not enough to reduce back log, Doctors warn

Leading medics said the extra £3 Billion promised for the NHS is a ‘stop gap’ to deal with the mammoth waiting list.

An insider in the NHS, who refused to give his/her name, said that as far as he/she was aware, no mammoths had ever been treated by the NHS.

In any event, the ‘back log’ was a jargon medical term for constipation.

‘It’s a serious problem, really serious’ he/she explained. ‘And it’s not a stop gap, that’s the last thing the poor patients want. They need Senokot or Picolax – that’s really good, shift a whole field of constipated horses that would’.

Se’ville Society reports health bosses receiving bonuses for hitting targets

It has been reported that health bosses are receiving large bonuses (a.k.a. large sums of money) for hitting targets. The targets are understood to be the customers who are now black and blue from the bruising caused by the hitting.

Customers are also understood to be called patients for patiently enduring being hit and not fighting back.

Public Eye has questioned various health bosses as to what they would get if they murdered the customers/patients instead. They declined to comment.

However, a whistle blower, a.k.a. a referee, has informed us that they are already murdering people with Nazi (sick) (sic) drugs.

He/she explained that these drugs can take a while to act, so murder is slow and painful for the recipients which has always pleased the Nazis.

When asked why people have not spoken up about this earlier and the perpetrators brought to justice, the whistle blower hung up.

Black flags flying at White House

It is reported that black flags are flying at various public buildings in Washington D.C. (D.C. apparently stands for Demoncratic Controlled). The reason for this is unclear.

It is believed these are the POW*MIA veterans flags. It is said they show a silhouette of Joe Biden’s head in the white circle below the initials. It is understood that the initials stand for Prisoners Of War* Missing In Action.

Someone has also said the prisoners refer to those in lockdown across the USA, mainly in Demoncratic Controlled States. And that Missing in action refers to Joe Biden’s head or brain, they are not sure which.

We are reliably informed that he tried to use it recently and lost it (again). However, it appears to the editor that he may have been born without a brain as it is possible, apparently, to exist without one.

The flags are being flown at half-mast to indicate that someone is dead. It is rumoured that the most likely person is Joe Biden. We are keen to have further information on this subject to confirm or deny these rumours.

Further links

As stated earlier here are some links. Again I consider these to be funny or humorous; but then I am easily pleased.

Please note the order of the list is deliberate to indicate what many governments around the world are like at the moment. As in ‘jamming’ up the economies and ‘spouting rubbish’ to the public. I’ll leave you to work it out.

G is for…..Guidance

U is for…..Union. European Union

M is for…..Masks

S is for….. States of the U.S.A.

Covid Marshals

Rule of Six 

A is for…..Anti-social distancing

P is for…..Planets

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson