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Toilet cleaner: Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th October 2020

What is our privacy policy? Well, I break it down thus. The word is Privy with ac in it. So it is an air conditioned outside toilet.

You will find a small picture of this wooden structure on the red wax on the certificate of madness which you should be able to search for. It is air conditioned by the love heart opening in the door and by the fact that the door does not fit all that well.

And by being well away from nearby buildings, although you can’t tell from the picture of course.

So this is a reasonable policy, if anyone has need for the privy. Any smells generated should be wafted away eventually, and if mechanical ventilation is required, we find waving the hand helps.

You should normally find old newspapers too. As well as being interesting to read (you can catch up on items you missed the first time round), one of these can be waved around instead.

Toilet roll should be provided as standard, but in an emergency the newspapers are an excellent standby. Or sitby, depending on whether you stand or sit to use them. Or shit if you are Sean Connery (he may stand of course, but that is his affair, I do not want to know).

Somebody has informed me that the issue is actually to do with Data. Well, we do not keep androids on our website.

Personal data you mean? Well, we don’t ask for it, we don’t want it, we don’t need it. We are not selling anything as it is all free, although you have to use your own brain power to read it and you need a device to access this establishment. All of which will cost you something.

Should you decide to follow me, in certain circumstances that will be stalking and unpleasant and illegal. Unless you are merely seeing where I am going. And you can speak to me, as it were, by email and that is like talking, not stalking.

As regards clicking the Follow button, this tells me someone wants to follow me or at least what I am saying. I receive an email from WordPress telling me, and the email address of the person. I assume it is an automated email from WordPress.

Unless you are a website, although I do not understand how that works, I am just told the address.

So theoretically I could annoy you by emailing you, not that I would want to I suppose. Any emails are private to me. If some oik (remember this is Manx for official) or other person tries to hack my account, that is their fault not mine. I have done my best with my password.

I may delete the automated emails from WordPress, but at the moment I am rather lonely on my Cloud and I only have four followers at present. It gives me some consolation to look at the emails and think at least somebody loves me.

I hope that all makes sense. If not, please feel free to contact me (but do remember this gives me your email address which is data).

Should you want your emails deleted you can let me know. By sending an email via the contact form. Which I will also have to delete.

My head hurts with all this thinking.

Adieu for now.

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