R is for…..R Rate or Number

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

6th October 2020

Or reinfection rate. Might even be ‘What do can you do when there is an R in the month?’. Eat shellfish apparently


Also I have heard it said in relation to pork. Seems there are good reasons for this, even if today refrigeration and freezers may mean that you can still eat these foods safely. Something I may expand on in due course.

But back to R number. How is it defined? The Wikipedia entry seems rather confusing and I consider the BBC News have explained it nicely.

‘The reproduction number is a way of rating coronavirus or any disease’s ability to spread.

It’s the number of people that one infected person will pass on a virus to, on average.’  From    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52473523

Now if you have read my pages on V is for…..Virus, F is for…..’Flu, I is for…..Immune System, H is for…..Herd Immunity and E is for…..Exosomes, you may be realising that there is an issue with this definition.

The main concern of course is with viruses as I have yet to seriously look at bacterial infection.

But it should be clear that, as viruses are chemical and not biological, there is no way our own poisons or viruses in our bodies can be passed on to others by touch.

Indeed, even coughing and spluttering over someone, whilst highly unpleasant, will not transfer sufficient poison to make anyone ill. The person so coughed upon may get worried that they will get ill; this can make them stressed which can in turn cause their body to toxify.

This may lead to a build-up of toxins, including from other sources such as poor diet or nasty chemicals from things in your food that shouldn’t be there. These include nitrites and sulphites which can found all too often in our food and drink. And artificial sweeteners.

And of course you may be on some drugs kindly prescribed by doctors in the N.H.S. These are essentially poisons and the vast majority will do you no good. All too often people end up on a cocktail of drugs, each one trying to compensate for the bad side effects of another.

I hope I have made it clear elsewhere that if our immune systems are compromised, then we are at greater risk of being ill. We are unable to deal effectively with the poisons our bodies create, or to deal with external poisons

As I have said before, the principal ways we can get poisoned are by being injected, gassed or ingesting unsuitable things.

So viral disease cannot ‘spread’ unless we are going to try and extract the poisons from our own blood system and force it into someone else.

It may appear that disease is spreading between people, but that is it; appear to be spreading. As the saying goes ‘Appearances can be deceiving’.

The truth is people go down with the same type of viral disease because they are all suffering from compromised immune systems. The variations in severity depend on how compromised is the immune system.

Most viral diseases seem to occur towards the end of winter when we are low in vitamin D. We may well suffer from over indulgence at Christmas when we eat too much white sugar and white flour etc.

Or poisoned bacon and sausage meat, or gammons, ‘treated with sodium nitrite. A January purge or ‘fast’ may well help remove such poisons.

Or even a trip to the sun, a holiday in a sunny spot, where a week or two will hopefully boost the vitamin D. And no doubt help you chill out and relax to de-stress your mind and body.

So please realise that R number, as far as viruses go, stands for Rubbish number. It is completely meaningless regarding ‘infection’ because there is no such thing. Injection, ingestion but not infection.

You cannot infect someone else with a virus except by the means described. So you may shake hands, hug people all you like and not ‘catch’ anything.

And you may hold the hands of your loved ones when they are at the end of their lives in this world. This without fear of passing on a virus. Sadly, this usual affection has been denied to so many in lockdown. Although as I have made clear, we locked ourselves down and locked the care homes down to our great shame.

I have said elsewhere that there are infections things, but the worst is lies. These are easily spread from person to person by word of mouth or such platforms as Twitter.

Lies and stupidity, which still hold their grip on the nation. The remedy is truth which I and others are disseminating as best we can.

So when you see on the news or on Youtube a clip about the latest R figure, I suggest you merely say something suitable like ‘Rubbish’. Or look at Ingredients in this establishment and chose a word or two if you wish. And use those instead.

Then go and find something worth watching or reading. And don’t forget that all souls are precious to the Most High.

Even those who believe in the ‘R’ number who are, of course, ‘R’ souls.

P.S. If you wish to know more about Covid 19 please go to Covid 19 Summary.

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