2022: A review

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

2022: A review

How as the year for you? Getting worse or improving?

As for me, I can see some improvements in my health despite some ups and downs. For example, I have been off line for the last week due to unforeseen circumstances.

My wife and I were unceremoniously chucked out by her sister and brother-in-law to make way for his son and granddaughter. Well ok, maybe I exaggerate, but we had to find accommodation elsewhere or face driving back from North Wales either to home or my sister’s in the Midlands.

In reality my wife had forgotten she had been told by her sister our brother-in-law’s son was coming and therefore we didn’t plan on anything else.

Anyway, we managed to get accommodation at a Warner Hotel at Bodelwyddan, North Wales. This had once been a girl’s school in an earlier incarnation. In fact, my wife was at the school and was able to show me from the outside where her room had been overlooking what was then a golf course.

Whilst my energy was and is not brilliant by any means, we managed to dance to night away on New Year’s Eve and see the New Year in. Somehow the music energises me as music always has.

However, I have not been very well the last two days. I had a slight temperature and increase in ‘flu like symptoms and had to take to my bed.

To be honest, I have had in essence the ’flu for years as my body was dealing with the sodium nitrite poisoning and the additional toxins kindly inserted by the ignorant NHS doctors and nurses.

Anyway, here I am again, back in the land of living to do battle once more against the evil forces in the world.

Or should that be farces? After all, the whole Covid 19 charade has appeared like a surreal nightmare to those of us sensible enough to retain our marbles.

And if not a surreal nightmare, then a pantomime with an all-star cast of moronic celebrities and bit parts played by the minions. As Shakespeare rightly said

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely Players…”

But what of 2022? Well, I have said we are following a timeline similar to WW2, only 80 years ago, and in the USA it appears that it also follows a pattern of the American Civil War 160 years ago.

I anticipated that 2022 would be a year that the tide turns for the forces of righteousness. So what can be listed?

  • Roe vs. Wade overturned and the enemy is not amused
  • Andrew Bridgen’s speech in House of Commons


  • USA Midterms limited successes
  • John Campbell exposing vaccines side effects. Of course there are those of us like me who said in 2020 before the roll out ‘Don’t take the wretched things!’ and who understood the real battle going on. And there were those well before the Covid 19 crisis trying to warn us.

Vaccine adverse reactions, reanalysis of mRNA trial data

  • And my wife’s sister apologised to my wife for torturing her verbally as a child and my wife apologised to her sister for her envy of her sister’s academic ability. There is still a lot to unravel however.


What of the year ahead? In 1943 the following battles can be noted:

  • Stalingrad retaken by the Soviets at the start of February
  • Battle of Kursk in July when the Axis forces were prevented from reducing the Kursk bulge.
  • The Axis forces driven out of North Africa in May
  • Iconic Dambuster raids take place in May
  • Sicily taken in August, mainland Italy invaded and Italy surrenders in early August albeit then taken over by the Germans
  • Battle of the Atlantic could be considered won against the German U-Boats in May
  • Bombing of V2 facilities


As regards the American Civil War, in 1863 we have the pivotal battle of Gettysburg.


What might we expect from all this?

Well, perhaps Italy might vote to come out of the EU. Perhaps all the EU’s lies about Russia might be exposed, whatever else Russia may be up to of course.

And as the V 2 rocket facilities were bombed hopefully more will come out in the media about the SARS-CoV2 deceit.

We have a way to go but as I said the tide turned in 1942, and it turned in 2022. But then it was 42, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question in the universe.

And 2022 consist of digits 2 and 22. 2 + 2 = 4. So 2 and 4 or 24. In reverse, 42.

Thus a reflection of ’42 the year that the tide turned in WW2.

So that’ my round up and observations. All thoughts welcome in the comments.

P.S. If you haven’t yet seen, here is my timeline of WW3.

Timeline – anticipated events in World War 3

On vaccines

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

On sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite (E250) – the poison in your food and how to remedy it.

on 42

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

Sodium nitrite (E250) – the poison in your food and how to remedy it.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th November, 2022

I dare say the majority of people are not aware of this problem and how toxic this chemical is. I would not have been aware myself if I had not suffered my facial palsy as a consequence of bacon being treated by it.

It is legally allowed in processed meats within certain limits in the UK, but this was not always the case. Before the Second World War it was banned, but when we could not get bacon from Denmark after the Germans invaded in 1940, we had to import from the USA who did allow sodium nitrite.

At the war’s end we did not go back to the original situation.

There is a very good book by Guillaume Coudray, ‘Who Poisoned Your Bacon Sandwich?’: The Dangerous History of Meat Additives. I have a copy. It is detailed and extremely thorough. But as it takes time to read through, I hope my post will summarise the issues as concisely as possible.

The Wikipedia entry on sodium nitrite is good.


The main issue is neuro-toxicity, sodium nitrite affects the nervous system. So much so that even a teaspoonful can kill you. Appalling as this sounds, it is even promoted as a way of committing suicide by at least one website I found whilst gathering information on the matter.

It was in September 2020 that I worked out what was going on with my own body. I looked up sodium nitrite and found that it is used industrially to prevent corrosion. Sodium nitrite is an effective corrosion inhibitor according to the Wikipedia link.

This link says this too.


However it also says Sodium nitrite is nontoxic and ecofriendly compound used as a food preservative. That is a load of bollux, completely false. How they arrived at this conclusion I don’t know.

As a building surveyor and understanding electrolytic action, I realised that sodium nitrite must block the electrical current which causes the corrosion effect.

Therefore it follows logically that in one’s body it will block your nerve impulses, and if in sufficient quantity will paralyse you. This could ultimately lead to organ failure and death.

However, that is not the end of the story. The problem is that that sodium nitrite bonds with amino acids to form highly neuro-toxic nitro-samines.

Compared to the chemical formula of sodium nitrite, NaNO2, nitro-samines are much longer chains and therefore will get ‘stuck’ in your body as it were.

One of the main reasons that nitro-samines form is high temperature, such as frying. I am not aware that detailed testing has identified where nitro-samines end up in bacon for example, but I suspect that this is more in the fat and rind.

This is because I ended up with the palsy which my wife did not. We both ate the bacon, typically once a week during the winter, but she was not eating the fat and rind and I was.

Only when I realised what was going on (after about 10 years) did I check the pack of opened bacon we had and noted the ingredients included E250, sodium nitrite.

Interestingly, sodium nitrite is an antidote to cyanide poisoning. I have not seen the chemical reaction formula, but this is a case of two poisons cancelling each other out. This is rather like two negatives or noes, making a positive or yes. For example, a double negative in English actually means a positive.

Antidotes to sodium nitrite poisoning

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is a key antidote but note this.

Having seen the information regarding sodium nitrite as an antidote to cyanide, I considered that the reverse should be true; cyanide could be used as an antidote to sodium nitrite.

I knew that very small amounts of cyanide are contained in seeds and nuts. The proportion can vary, but apple pips (the white middle bit which is edible) and brazil nuts contain it.

Almonds too, although there are sweet and bitter almonds. The latter are highly toxic and not suitable for eating.

My supposition was confirmed by a very good book by Philip Day ‘Cancer Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth’.

He refers to Laetrile (amygdalin or vitamin B17) as a cure for cancer. It was now obvious to me why as I explain above, it is neutralising the toxins in the body.

Of course in the USA Laetrile it is banned as people might be cured of cancer and that would not suit the pharmaceutical companies or the medical profession as they would lose money or be out of a job.

Cancer Research UK give fair warnings about its use, but will not warn you about the fact that I now know, because of my own misdiagnosis of cancer, that they ignore or gross misunderstand the toxicity of supposedly cancer treating drugs and therapies. 


Or if you wish to put it another way, I have cancer but it is toxic poisoning as I consider most cancers are. But this is not a post on cancer which will have to wait for another time.

But please note sodium nitrite’s toxic effects have been known for over 100 years and the issue of nitro-samines for at least about 40 years if not more.

Yet it is still allowed in processed meat!!! No wonder people are ill, their food is poisoned.

Nitrosamines and molybdenum

To start with please note it is 42 atomic weight on the chemistry periodic table!!!

Perhaps it is not the answer to the ultimate question as per Hitch Hikers Guide, but I found this.


Please note that molybdenum is toxic but an essential trace element. When my wife and I stayed at a bed & breakfast in Worcestershire, the lady who ran the establishment said the nearby hill was known for molybdenum in the soil. If cattle were left on it for too long they would die from the poisonous effects.


Foods containing sodium nitrite added as a preservative/colour maintainer.

These include:

  • Bacon
  • Gammon
  • Hams
  • Salamis
  • Sausages
  • Pâtés
  • Smoked fish

Consider all preserved/processed meats suspect until you have double checked carefully.

Not all products will contain it, but sadly price is no guarantee. Even organic meat may contain it. For example, the Goodwood Farm Shop near Chichester sells its own organically reared meat including pork.

My wife bought a gammon for cooking to take on holiday this year, not realising that it had sodium nitrite in it. We ate it all week and we were very tired and some symptoms of the ‘flu.

I became suspicious of the gammon despite its organic credentials.

When we got home and eventually went to the shop again I checked. It had E250 on the ingredients label.

I checked with the staff. It was organic meat that the farm raised itself, but it sends off the meat to be processed and comes back with the wretched chemical in it. They even sell delicatessen type meats, probably not their own, containing sodium nitrite.

Nitrates and their issues.

Whilst sodium nitrite seems to be much more common in food, nitrates are still used and are still a problem. Sodium nitrate (E251) is going to be very similar although potassium nitrate (E252) may be somewhat less toxic.

Nevertheless, please note this.

In processed meats, potassium nitrate reacts with hemoglobin and myoglobin generating a red color.

If this is the case then nitro-samines will again be an issue.

And this

In Bank Shot, El (Joanna Cassidy) propositions Walter Ballantine (George C. Scott), who tells her that he has been fed saltpeter in prison. “You know why they feed you saltpeter in prison?” Ballantine asks her. She shakes her head no. They kiss. He glances down at his crotch, making a gesture that reveals his body has not responded to her advances, and says, “That’s why they feed you saltpeter in prison.”

If it causes impotence then it is neuro-toxic and one would expect this from the chemistry.

Extracts from


Saltpetre/saltpeter in processed meats

Saltpetre or saltpetre is another name for potassium nitrate. Do not be deceived, those would produce a dodgy product have no morals and do anything for money.

Vegetables and fruit contain nitrites and nitrates

This is true and used as an argument for the supposed safety of the chemicals in meat. It blatantly ignores the nitro-samine issues discussed.

Vegetables and fruit contain other vitamins and elements, probably, most noticeably vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant to counter the neuro-toxic effects of the nitrites/nitrates.

This article is good but it says

Therefore, the risks associated with the use of nitrate and nitrite in cured fish and meat products seem to be very small, whereas the benefits are large.

Note weasel words of ‘seem to be’. Ok, if you take suitable levels of anti-oxidant at the same time you may well be ok, but ultimately one does not need this poison for curing.


Traditional treatment for curing meats

Salt (not containing nitrite or nitrate), air and time for a dry cure.

You can wet cure meat and I have done so with some organic pork. A brine, salt and water is essentially all that is needed, but I added fruit and powdered vitamin C, ascorbic acid which is an antioxidant. I used refined vitamin C but I understand with bioflavonoids is much better (and tastes better).

The fruit gave colour and the vitamin C should have countered any nitrogen compounds in the meat which might have caused my wife and I problems.

As far as I was aware we had no issues in eating it, although I cannot test meat for nitro-samines etc. much as I might like to!

The EU and the lobbyists

The EU has been subverted by lobbyists for the nitro-meat industry. According to Guillaume Coudray this principally goes back to the USA and the American Meat Packers Association, now the American Meat Institute. See heading below. This will always be a problem of big government, easily subverted by bribery and corruption and the placing of those supporting the industry in the bureaucracy.


You can see we have an opportunity to reverse the current situation, but it will require all good men and women to make a stand.

American Meat Institute

Founded in 1906 in Chicago as the American Meat Packers Association



Chicago is in Illinois. You can be ill in Illinois and the world over!  No wonder there is a problem given Chicago’s corruption history. This includes up to the present day with porky J.B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois. See my link on this man at the end.

While I am at it, anyone remember the scene from Naked Gun with Leslie Nielsen?

Leslie Nielsen as police officer Frank Drebin goes to a meat processing factory where he is shot at. The man who fired at him falls into a vat of deadly toxic chemicals and then into the meat processing machine. Later on his finger is bitten into being in a hot dog eaten by the villain of the film.

Deadly toxic chemicals are what some meat processors use. We should get very angry about this and bring these monsters to justice.


If you wish to eat meat, buy quality and check the ingredients carefully. There are manufacturers who are sensible, albeit probably limited in numbers at present. Here’s one in the USA. It looks as though it is organic and nitrite/nitrate free.

And if you understand all I have said, please take this up with food processors, shops and government health standards authorities. We should not have to put up with poisoned food, it is not necessary. Boycott shops if they won’t respond and let them know why.

Final observations and summary

Anyway, there you have it. Sodium nitrite is poisonous. It is quite unnecessary for it to be used in food as a preservative or to help maintain meats pinky colour. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar and a fraud.

All that is required for meat preservation is a good quality salt free from nitrites or indeed nitrates. It can be air dried or wet cured. Colour may be added by using natural colours such as from fruit.

Yes, it will take longer certainly if air dried and likely cost more, but what price is your health? It will cost you more in the long term if you cannot work.

If you are vegetarian you won’t need to be concerned about such issues (there are other issues of GM crops, neuro-toxic pesticides etc.), but eating meat in moderation is fine if it is not poisoned and has been reared and slaughtered correctly.

If you should need to detoxify, then using nutrition, seeds and nuts, is a great way to do it with a great deal of control of the amounts you will ingest.

Using a supplement is fine if you can get it but you will need caution so as not to overdose. But that is true of many things one can eat.

Finally, I note that nitrous oxide, formula N2O, is toxic. This typically comes from petrol/diesel vehicle emissions. You can research. This could be written NNO.

Nitrite is toxic in meat, formula NO2. This could be written NOO

Nitrate is toxic in meat, formula NO3. This could be written NOOO.

So avoid these three toxins, these poisons.

So that’s a N..NO, NOO, NOOO!!! 

P.S. As regards detoxifying from sodium nitrite and nitro-samines I have given some indications in the post above. I shall write more about my health issues but people are welcome to ask me in advance of any post if this will help.

I have started anagraming sodium nitrite and its constituent elements. It is very revealing. I will do another post on this in due course.

This post on cancer may be useful

World Cancer Day

Here is the link on J.B. Pritzker

The Falklands War: 2nd April to 20th June 1982

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th June 2022

Updated 29th June further links.

This took place 40 years ago so rather interesting given that I have noted that WW2 took place 80 years ago and the American Civil War (ACW) took place 160 years ago. So double the time, then double again.

Or perhaps as I noted WW2 first (80 years) then the ACW (160 years) and finally the Falklands War (40 years) ago, that might be time, times and half a time…..Mmm…..very interesting.

Anyway, I am here to look at the Falklands and the war against Argentina who invaded the islands.

I had thought I might do some general background on the islands and the history but others have done things and for the time being I don’t see the point. This Wikipedia link gives useful information if you need it.

As with other battles/wars I have covered so far, I will do my usual play on words and unusual humorous approach. I will probably not include text from the Wikipedia page except where I think it will be particularly useful. I hope therefore you won’t get completely lost in the tangled web of words I weave.

I have decided to use extensive footnotes that you can refer to as required to clarify the persons and places alluded to, although it won’t be slick like Wikipedia I am sorry to say. I won’t  number them yet, but may try and do it later after posting.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

This link forms the basis of my article.

My article may bear some resemblance to the truth but you will need to double check as always. Don’t blame me if you don’t.

1          Prelude

1.1      Failed diplomacy

It all started with a lot of argy-bargy about the Falk Land islands which the Argies or Argy-bargees said were theirs and the islanders saying ‘Oh not their not!’

To which the Argies replied ‘Oh yes they are!’ or I believe ‘Oh si ellas son!’ in Span-ish, the language of the Argentine. This went on for a while.

The Foreign Office in the UK thought the islands were a pain and would have happily seeded them (what type of seeds is not specified).

I should mention that the Falk Lands were called that because they were discovered by Peter Falk who came from Columbo in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon.

In 1980 a knickerless Ridley (no relation to Arnold Ridley of Dad’s Army fame I believe) tried to sell the islanders the idea of a leashback. This was not welcomed as the Bright-ish had a strong sovereignty claim and anyway the islanders wanted to stay Bright-ish and not be dumbed down by being Argy.

Or indeed be tied to Argentina with a leash.

Apparently, Mr Ridley said if we don’t do something they will invade and there would be nothing the Bright-ish could do if they did.

Understandable perhaps, but underestimated the Royal Navy and the capacity of the Bright-ish to be, well bright.


1.2      The Argentine junta

In Argentina there was a junta, pronounced something like hunda or Honda. So either like a German dog (a hund) or a Japanese car then.

The junta, hunda or Honda had a general leopard Guilty-hairy, a hair bridge-a-dear Basil-Low Lamby Dozy and an admirable Georgy Annoyer. The last mentioned was the driving force behind the Argies decision to invade, i.e. he was the driver of the Honda.

They wanted to mobilise the Argies people’s Pat Riot Feelings, whoever he was, and divert attention from the chronic economic problems and human rights violations.

So similar today with José Bideniosodimos (sic) in the USA with the Russia/Ukraine situation.

Or Justine Turdos in Canada.

Or Boris ‘Karloff’ Johnson & Johnson in the UK.

Or Emmanuelle ‘Oh God, is he still with us?’ Machronicos in France.

Anyway, it all kicked off with an ‘invasion’ of South Georgia by some Argy Crap Metal merchants (Crap Metal is a form of Heavy Metal music, but crap of course) who had been infiltrated by some marines. The Crap Metal guys were too stoned to notice.

By the way, South Georgia is not part of the state of Georgia, despite what many people in the USA probably think. Many citizens in the USA think nothing much exists outside their country. There is also a Georgia in the Caucasus, south-eastern Europe.

And this has nothing to do with the caucus in Georgia, state of, please note.

South Georgia is on the map earlier. If anyone in the States wants to know where the state of Georgia is they must also look on another map.

The date of the ‘invasion’ was the 19th March. A covert opera-shun known as Covert 19. A similar thing happened around this date 38 years later called something quite like that, but I don’t recall exactly at the moment.

If anybody is mad enough to want to listen to some Crap Metal music here is a link.


Yes, well, completely crap that was.

2          Argentine invasion

The Argies just barged into the Falk Lands without a ‘by your leave’ as bullies usually do.

This was met by a robust defence by some Royal Marines led by a Mike Norman. Well, I may not have Norman blood in me but he was a Michael so a good man with a good name (I may be biased, although my birth name is not Michael). The Marines were supported by some Falk Land islanders.

The Argies landed some Ann Fibbious Come-and-dos. Ann Fibbious was well known for her awful lies or fibs so reports of only a few casualties on the Argies side were made up.

The Come-and-dos were led by a left-ten-ant come-on-dear Guillemot Sandwiches-Sabotrots or G.S.S. The S.S. may be significant given that many Nazis fled to Argentina after World War Two.


The Come-and-dos successfully attacked an empty Moody Baraks, possibly related to Barak O’Barmy in the USA.

Eventually they attacked the government house belonging to Stanley and lived in by the de facto ‘king’ of the islands, a Sir Rex Hunt. Rex is ‘king in Latin of course. As he didn’t want people’s lives to be wrexed (sic), let alone the house, he Sir-rendered, as sirs will do if necessary to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

2.1      Initial British response

Prior to the invasion the Bright-ish mini stars being reasonably bright decided to send a ‘thought’ called Austin to support the End-your-rants already telling the Argies to stop ranting and to, in navel terms, bugger off back home before we come and biff you one.

No doubt they may have been more diplomatic than that.

Anyway, a new clear Spartan submarine was also sent which was simple and severe, together with a splendid submarine which was simply splendid or spiffing as the Bright-ish were used to saying.

Another submarine which was even better, or superb, went from the altar of G.I. bra where it was enjoying itself. But it wasn’t really going to the Falk Lands as the weather down there wasn’t nearly as great.

But it was useful to pretend it was as this helped put the wind up the Argies.

The next day there was a cry sis meeting headed by the prime mini star Maggie the Thatcher (also known as the ‘Maggie’) who said the invasion was the last straw which she needed to complete the roof she was working on.

An admirable Leech said that Bright-Ann (where the Bright-ish lived) could and should send a task farce to the islands if invaded. On the 1st April he sent orders to a Royal Navel farce which was carrying out excises in the middle of the rainy Ian to prepare to sail south. This was no April Fool of course.

Following the invasion on the 2nd April and after the mini stars looked at a cabinet approval was given for a task farce to retake the islands. This was supported by Ann Emergency who was sitting in a house not far from where the cabinet was.

News of the invasion first reached the UK via an Argy sauce. A BBC journalist called Lorry My-Goal- is (whose ambition was presumably to own a lorry), confirmed with Ann Islander that the Argies farces had taken control of the islands.

The military operations in the Falk Lands War were given the code name opera-shun Cor-poo-rat as the Argy rats had invaded and needed expelling as they were putting poo all over the place. The Come on dear of the Bright-ish farce was to be an admirable surgeon Fieldmouse.

On the 6th April the Bright-ish government (when Bright-ish governments were still reasonably bright) set up a whore cabinet to help prostitute the whore. Apparently the Maggie dominated the whore cabinet (like a dominatrix) but did not ignore the opposition or fail consult others.

Once a decision was reached, she did not look back. Reminding one of the proverbs of not looking back if you are ploughing in a field as your furrows will wobble.

2.2      United Nations Security Council Resolution 502

On the 31st March , the Argies ham-bass-a-door to the UN, an Edward Rocker, attempted to garner support against a Bright-ish Millie Terry Bill Dupp whoever he was. This was to try and thwart earlier UN resolutions which called on both countries to resolve the conflict via discussion.

On the night of the invasion Mr Rocker held a blanket at his house for the US ham-bass-a-door to the UN, a Gene Curt-Pat-Rick and high officials in the US to try and open the door to influencing them against the UK. Understandably, the Bright-ish Di-Plough-Matts were suspicious of Pat Rick.

At the time ‘She was known for the “Kirkpatrick Doctrine”, which advocated supporting authoritarian regimes around the world if they went along with Washington’s aims. She believed that they could be led into democracy by example. She wrote, “traditional authoritarian governments are less repressive than revolutionary autocracies.”’



This seems naïve in reality. They are both as bad/good as each other. After all, they do produce a stability of sorts, but ultimately are ungodly and are oppressive, rule based, with limited flexibility.

And don’t forget the Nazis and Marxists/communists all came out of Germany.

On the 1st April the Don of Lon told the UK ham-bass-a-door to the UN who was also a Parsons (or Parsons unknown), that an invasion was imminent  and he should call an Ur gent (a man from Ur of the Chaldees) to a meeting of the Security Council to get a favourable resolution against Argentina.

The parson had to get nein affirmative votes, i.e. ‘yes’ votes from the 15 council members and to avoid a blocking vote from the other four permanent members.

Following the meeting a re-solution 502 was adopted (as it was all on its own having lost its parents) by 10-1, or 12.50pm. This meant the meeting took about 1 hour 50 minutes as it started at 11a.m New York time.

Pan-a-ma voted against as she had lost her hat, let alone her marbles.

I gather Russia and China abstained as someone might have asked awkward questions about Afghanistan and Tibet.

The re-solution stated 5 things that the council was;

    1. Deeply disturbed at reports of an invasion on 2 April 1982 by armed forces of Argentina – they hadn’t been there themselves so they could be sure it had really happened of course.

      Unlike today in Russia/Ukraine where a majority in the west assume everything is happening as the West’s MSM is reporting;

    2. Determining that there exists a breach of the peas in the region of the Falk Land Islands (Isla’s Mal Vinas), i.e the Argies were taking the peas (sic);

    3. Demands an immediate cessation of host utilities;

    4. Demands an immediate with drawal of all Argy farces from the Falk Land Islands (Isla’s Mal Vinas), i.e. get their draws or pants out of there pronto or face a good kicking in the pants (or draws);

    5. Calls on the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom to seek a diplomatic solution to their different fences and to respect fully the purposes and principles of the carter of the U-knitted Nations, i.e. what they already being trying to do for decades.

Please note that the carter of the United Nations is abbreviated CUN, in other words defining what states cun do. Or cunt do. The Argies were being told in effect you cunt do this. Or something like that.

I believe cun do and cunt do are Esperanto for can and can’t do by the way.

Anyway, this was a significant Wynn for the UK (Wynn is a fine upstanding Welshman I know). The Parson who was not daft had submitted a draft re-solution, avoiding any reference to the dispute over the sovereign tea (Argentina liked coffee, the Bright-ish liked tea).

Instead it focused on the Argies breach of Chapter VII of the UN carter which forbids the use of farce to settle disputes. The Bright-ish could then have some exercise on the islands and get them back by Milly Terry means or any other ladies who fancied the challenge.

2.3      Argentine occupation

The Argies had marked the ears of a unit of 1,000 conned scripts who had been specially selected (yeah, yeah, tell us another one) to represent all Reg Ians of Argentina. They were flown into Stanley’s hairport as soon as the runaway had been cleared of dead hares (sic).

Once it was obvious the Bright-ish were sending their own Ann Fibbious farce, more tropes were sent, meaning Gary’s sons on the island were about 13, 000. He had a lot of sons did Gary.

A bridge-a-dear general Mary-ho Ben-jamming Men-end-Des was appointed by the Milly Terry to be the guvnor of the Mal-viners, which is what the Argies called the Falk Lands.

During the conflict, the population were not generally abused. However, the Argies M.P.’s (Milly Terry’s Police, not members of parliament) arrived with detailed files on many islanders…….excuse me while I am sensible for a bit.

WTF! (What’s Those Files?). What pray had the Argies being doing?? They had clearly been planning the invasion for some time and spying on people. Excuse my language, but what Nazi little buggers they were (bugging people’s conversations/correspondence no doubt).

These files allowed a major Patricia Dow Ling (probably of Chinese extraction) to arrest and interrogate islanders who might lead opposition to the invasion.

Some were expelled but this was counter-productive as they were able to tell the UK what was going on.

I gather the population of Goose Green were detained in the village hall in squalid conditions. If anyone has seen the mess geese can leave you will understand the problem. Similar detentions were given in other out lying settlements. These allegedly included writing 100 lines saying ‘I will not tell the truth about the Argies invasion’. 

In one case an islander died because his medication was denied him. Not unlike in the first lockdown in the UK when people were denied access to care homes and excess deaths were around 30,000. What really happened, eh?

In the closing moments of the war, it is reported that some tropes placed booby traps in civilian homes (presumably to catch the tits referred to later in section 3.), put crap on walls (remember it was opera-shun Cor-poo-rat’s role to remove the poo of the rats), destroyed property and committed Orson (Welles and others) on Holmes (Sherlock and others).

There is a photo in the Wikipedia article where the words ‘Inglese puto’ which the article says ‘…is an insult against people considered weak, unmasculine and contemptible.’ The article writer is being coy

Put the text into Google Translate (Spanish to English) and see what it comes up with.

Some Argy officers were accused of torch-uring their own tropes. Food parcels sent by families were stolen, tropes starved, and punished for minor misdeeds by being steaked (Argentina is known for its beef) to the ground and lie in pools of water for hours. Many were reported to have died of mistreatment by those officers responsible for them.

Some patients in hospitals have been left like that apparently.


And not dissimilar to the stupidity of some care homes that still lockdown the elderly in their care. This is mental abuse pure and simple, Covid 19 is the ‘flu and they are not vulnerable to it, but they will suffer if this cretinous stupidity continues.

It is, was and always will be guidance from the government, so kick these care home owners good and hard from me please. And then bring them to justice for their evil practices.

As for the hospitals, watch this space.

2.4      Shuttle diplomacy

On the 8th April, an SoS was sent in the form of a Haig (a type of Whisky) from the USA arrived in Lon Don on a shuttle from the president Ronald Ray-Gun, to break a peas deal.

He then went to Ben-hos-Hairies the capital of Argentina. There he was met by the Honda and Nick-can-or Costa Lot-to-mend-it. Haig was treated coolly (whisky on ice) and told that the Argies sovereignty was a pre-condition. In other words, they weren’t interested in talking.

He went back to Lon Don and found the Bright-ish cabinet in no mood to compromise, i.e. they did not wish to dilute their whisky.

Apparently, general Guilty-hairy was going to make a concession to the Haig (remove the ice in it), but this was cancelled. The Ray-Gun administration then said on the 30th April they would support the UK, with ray guns etc.

3          British task force

The bright-ish government had no contingency plan to invade the islands. As the islands belonged to the UK this is a bit odd to expect a plan for the UK to invade its own land.

After all, an Englishman’s home is his castle, and one doesn’t expect Johnny Foreigner to try and barge in without an invite, don’t yer know.

Anyhow, needs must, so they assembled whatever was to hand and had a good name. So they had a new clear submarine called Conqueror, a couple of haircraft carriers, the Invincible (which couldn’t be conquered) and the Her me’s, a sort of version of the #her-me’stoo movement.

Then there was the SS Canned bra to deal with the tits who had invaded the islands (it is quite cold down there in the southern hemisphere so these were probably blue tits).

The SS tag was to confuse the Argies who had a number of ex-Nazi SS officers in the nation.

Queen Elizabeth was also requisitioned; I do hope they asked her first. And I do hope they made provision for the Royal Wee.

The retaking of the islands was considered extremely difficult. A her-man said that the US Navy thought it a Milly Terry impossibility. Got that wrong then.

The Bright-ish were limited by the amount of hair cover. I know the feeling; I have my bald patch. However, they did have 42 haircraft, so as this is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, obviously 42 were going to be sufficient. The Hitchhiker’s Guide had been written by then, so it should have been clear.

The haircraft were Hairyers so most suitable for Haircraft operations. The Argies had 122 haircraft.

However, the Bright-ish lacked AEW, i.e. a ew, or ewe, an early warning sheep.

By mid-April, the the Royal Hair Farce had set up a hairbase on Ascension Island where Jesus allegedly ascended. Whilst He could walk on water, the island is in the middle of the Atlantic and it seems an awfully long way to go just to be taken into heaven, so I discount this theory.

The base had a large force of Vulcan bummers who were visiting, having been on a star trek. They were also some handy page Victors for re-fooling and some Dug Less phantoms which you couldn’t always see, but were there nevertheless.

N counters began in April. The Bright-ish task farce was shadowed by 707 boing haircraft which is a lot of planes.

The boings were not attacked because they kept bouncing up and down and were difficult to hit. On the 23rd April a DC 10 (possibly from Washington DC) was intercepted by Bright-ish hairyers who visually identified the civilian plane.

It is reported they said “Ooh, look, there’s a civilian plane, I can tick that off my bucket list”.

3.1      Recapture of South Georgia and the attack on Santa Fe

South Georgia is not part of the state of Georgia, despite what many people in the USA probably think. Many citizens in the USA think nothing much exists outside their country. There is also a Georgia in the Caucasus, south-eastern Europe.

And this has nothing to do with the caucus in Georgia, state of, please note.

South Georgia is on the map earlier. If anyone in the States wants to know where the state of Georgia is they must also look on another map.

Anyway, there was Opera-shun Paraquat or possibly Parakeet designed to take out the Argy-bargees who had taken the island. By the way paraquat is neuro-toxic as it contains nitrogen in its molecular formula which is why it is such a problem to people and animals.

And therefore should not be used, period. Or full stop.

The force to take back the island was under the command of a major guy,  a great guy that is, called Sherry Dan RM. Rather odd to have initials after your name, but never mind. Or indeed a first name Sherry. Sounds more like a girl’s name like Sherry Bliar, Toe-knee Bliar’s wife.

The force he commanded was some Marines from 42 come-and-do. There you are, 42 again. Do think up a suitable question to go with this answer.

They needed a Special Air Service to get there as well as a Special Boat Service. This was because the island is a long way from the Falklands, and they couldn’t make up their minds whether to fly or go by ship.

However, they decided to go on the next RFA spring tide. Part of the force included a Church-hill sub-marine as sending in the Christians first seemed like a good idea. They could spy out the land like the selected Israelites who went into the Promised Land to see what was going on before the invasion by the main Israelite force.

The island was over-flown by a handy page Victor haircraft which happened to be handy, i.e. available.

The S ‘a’ S and the S ‘b’ S tropes got onto the landing on the 21st April, but a Miss Ion on the Four Tuna glazier had to be drawn again after two of Ellie’s copters crashed in the high winds in the bog. I know the problems of wind in the bog all too well.

On the 23rd April an alert sub marine was sounded and opera-shuns shunned. The spring tide receded to deeper water as spring tides do. However, on the 24th April the Bright-ish farces re-groped through the bog or fog and headed in to a tack.

On the 25th April, the fey Santa was spotted on the surface by a West Land  Wes sex, which has a Mark 3 Ellie’s copter, from Ann Trim, a neat lady. The West Land Wessex attacked Santa with depth charges, i.e. he was charged with multiple crimes, including deceiving the masses at Christ-mass.

Ply-mouth, a multi-layer mouth sent a Mark 1 wasp for its lunch whilst someone brilliant sent a Mark 3 wildcat or Lynx.

The lynx threw its lunch, a torpedo, and stray fed Santa with its pintail. This was a case of pinning the tail on Santa, not the donkey. The Wes sex also attacked Santa with its GP. Nice to know GP’s have their uses, although sadly my local surgery’s variety not much good at dealing with diseases.

The wasp from the ply-mouth was joined by two other wasps for some stinging remarks about Santa’s costume, and scored some hits leaving their mark. All these marks, including mark 1, 2 & 3 were to become known as the marks of the best of course.

Santa was so affected by these marks that he was considered ‘sleigh-n’ (sic) and had be abandoned at the King Edward point where the potatoes were grown on Georgia (south).

As the spring tide had now receded far out to sea, and the Argies augmented by the Santa’s crew, Sherry Dan decided to gather the 76 men he had make a direct ass halt. After a short March (although it was now April), and a demon station by two navels (the belly dance), the Argy-bargees, a total of 190 men surrendered.

The navel force sent a massage to the Queen saying in essence that the white N-sign (this was not considered racist in those days) flies alongside the onion jack in South Georgia.

The prime mini ster, Maggie the Thatcher, broke the news. Once it was repaired, she told the me-dear “Just re-Joyce at the nudes and congratulate our farces and the marines!”

Or something like that.

Which shows it’s a great idea to send the marines which Tom Lehrer sung about.

Sadly, the USA has done this for years. These words are relevant.

For might makes right,

And till they’ve seen the light,

They’ve got to be protected,

All their rights respected,

Till somebody we like can be elected.

3.2      Black Buck raids

These started on the 1st May (no relation to Theresa) and involved a Vulcan called Spock. It had been speculated that the intervention of Spock could attack the runaway Stanley. Dropping some bombs to speckle the runaway with holes would reduce the capacity of the runaway to have hair craft use it.

In other words create bald patches on the runaway.

It certainly was a bald move, and involved a round trip journey of 8, 000 naught-tickle miles, despite the fact it was a ticklish exercise to carry out.

Spock ‘flu (said to be a pre-curser of Covid 19 which Spock said was logical) all the way and required re-fooling by victors who had won previous battles.

Apparently they had all been up K-2, a mountain in the Himalayas. Personally, I think it has more to do with the vitamin that goes well with vitamin D-3 to reduce the risk of furring the arteries, but that is just my opinion.

Although the Wikipedia link says that there were 5 raids, in fact there were 7 attempts.

3.3      Escalation of the air war

The Falk Lands had three hairfields where hair could be done. The biggest was owned by a Stanley who went looking for a Living Stone in daftest Africa I believe.

However, the hair field was too short to support fast gits. Therefore the Argy-bargees had to lunch with Major Strikes on the main land. This made their picnic hampers difficult to organise, let alone their wombat hair patrols and close hair support, i.e. they found it difficult to comb the hairy-yah.

Incoming Argy haircraft couldn’t loiter for long as otherwise they would get home loiter than was desirable. They were often compelled to attack the first target of opportunity rather than the most lucrative, which normally meant attacking a dead sheep. Quite baa-me of course.

The first Major Strike of the Argy’s was some sky hooks, some daggers, some English electric canned bras (the mind boggles) and some mirages which turned out to be just that.

Only the daggers found some ships firing at the fences near the islands.

Some C Hairyers and some mirages had a fight. But they refused to fight at the others best attitude. Then two mirages appeared and one was shot down by a side ‘winder’, a window on the side, whilst the other escaped but was damaged and made for Stanley.

This fell into the fire of the Argy-bargees so that was the end of that.

As a result of this experience, the Argy’s Hair Force stuff decided to only send skyhooks and daggers with their teams on strike. The canned bras were only to be used at night (the mind still boggles at this), and the mirages used as decoys. Seeing as mirages don’t exist in reality, this makes sense.

 They also decided to form up a squat Ron Phoenix, which would fly 24/7 to stimulate strikes. One of these a leering jet was shot down, killing the squat Ron in control, a commode of vice, God awful Della Colin. Roughly translated this means ‘King of the Hill’.

This is allegedly what he looked like. Can’t see it myself.

Stanley was used as a strong point, poor chap. Despite raids on him and some overnight shelling which drove him nuts as his shells were removed, he was never out of the action.

Anyway he had Sam Roland and Sam ‘Tiger’ Cat to defend him, together with some canons from the Roman Catholic Church. These were the Law family.

Hercules also came along to lend a hand.

I gather that there was more than one Hercules (understood to be Hercules Pilate) who got lost when he saw a hairyer when looking for the Bright-ish fleet and after Neptune got tired and unreliable.

Apparently, the Bright-ish looked at attacking the Rio Grand  ‘A’ with a light opera-shun called the Mick-Ado, but this was discounted, by how much we don’t know. Buy One Get One Free perhaps.

Anyway, they hoped the Argies would just BOG OFF.

3.4      Sinking of ARA General Belgrano

On 30 April, the British government had brought into force a 200 nought tickle mile erogenous zone, where no tickling was allowed in case someone’s fancy was tickled I suppose.

The admirable Annoyer had given his whore ships three tasks.

The first was to protect the haircraft carrier Vein-tick-in-co de Mayo (a type of salad dressing) and two old Miss Aisled Ahmed des-Troyers from Troyes in France.

The second was to protect three Mod Urns, a type of frig Gates. I gather some people nowadays are saying frig Gates for some reason. I thought frig was like fridge, but I gather that’s not the case. I don’t get out much.

The third was an old light bruiser from WW2, a veteran, called generally Belle Gran-O. She was old, hence gran, short for grandmother, but beautiful apparently. Her large buns (ehem) and heavy amor (she was very amorous) made her a serious threat, a distraction to all the men it the Bright-ish forces.

She had two young escorts, a type of 42 please note, armed with avocet Miss Isles. She was an accompanying ‘bird’ or female.

Now on the first of May, the Bright-ish new clear powered submarine HMS Conqueror found the Belle Gran-O and her escorts and followed it until it was just outside the erogenous zone.

The admirable Wouldwood was aware of the carrier group from the other direction and ordered the bruiser be attacked in case he got pinched. However, he didn’t know that the carrier Vein-tick-in-co de Mayo did not have enough wind for lunch. Should have tried vol-au-vents then, as this means in essence ‘Fly in winds’.

The order to sink the Belle Gran-O was confirmed by the whore cabinet in London and the Belle Gran-O was hit by two torpedoes which sunk her.

I gather some Latin American countries were critical but that is just typical, the usual hypocrisy. There have been consistent problems with the politics of these countries over the years.

Despite the criticism, it eliminated the naval threat as the Argy-bargees returned to port (i.e. the left) and did not leave port again during the fighting.

The only exception was the sane Loo-ee a dies-el, or dead submarine angel.

The controversy over the Bell Gran-O and whether she was manoeuvring or sailing away from the erogenous zone was settled by the captain Heck-tor Bonzo (a member of the Bonzo Dog Gaga Band) when he said she had orders to put any Bright-ish ship she found in the drink.

There was a separate incident when the Bright-ish were engaged to an Argy-bargee called Alf-here-is So-ber-all. A couple of lynxes slinked in and fired four skewers at him which sobered him up a bit. He also turned to port.

I gather Alf was looking for the canned bra but never found it.

3.5      Sinking of HMS Sheffield

On the 4th May the Bright lost the chef, a Mrs Field who was more simply known as Chef Field. She was typing 42 at the time whilst cooking on a gas primus stove.

She was struck by an avocet which knocked over the stove and set fire to her apron. She then panicked as people do such as in a pandemic, and ran over a cliff.

This was not Cliff Richard who was in Portugal at the time allegedly, but the more common sea side variety.

It appears Chef Field was typing out three 42’s in total, making 126, although whether this is significant is debateable.

It seems this all had to do with providing a medium high attitude for a Miss Isle Piquet for the Bright-ish Haircraft Carriers. Perhaps a bouffant style, or beehive, I don’t know.

Apparently Chef Field was struck amid-ships or in the stomach which was clearly devastating. I gather Chef Field was gutted by the experience, with the fire deforming her.

Severely affected by the trauma, they decided to take her to the Ascension where Jesus ascended, or to Yarmouth in the Isle of White, but sadly she sank and expired.

The incident is described in detail by the admirable Sandy Wouldwood who was once in charge of Miss Field. Her loss had a profound impact of the cabinet owned by the Bright-ish people and the people as a whole, as they realised that going to war actually meant people might get hurt.

Fairly obvious that, but people are a bit slow sometimes.

Like when sticking vaccines into human arms when it is likely to cause harm or even death.

3.6      Diplomatic activity

In the first half of May, which is M plus a half of the ‘a’ which doesn’t signify anything in my books, the United Onions were tempted to meditate on a piece. This was rejected by the Argy-bargees.

The Bright-ish made a final offer to the Argies by a general pay rise in a cellar. The Bright-ish had a band on a red line; what type of band it was it not known.

Anyway it had something to do with the drawls of the Argies and that the Bright-ish administration of the Falk Lands should be re-stored once the Argies had finished drawling.  The United Onions thought this a good idea.

I gather the Bright-ish proposed the fairly bright idea that a United Onion administrator should souper-vies the mew-two-owl with drawls of both the Argy-bargees and the Bright-ish farces. He or she would then govern the islands with the representative institutes including the Argies although none of the Argies actually lived there.

This seems like bending over and asking to be walloped or something worse, but the Argies didn’t think much of that. Which shows how stupid one can be when you have dug yourself into a hole.

Perhaps they thought possession was nine tenths of the law. They hadn’t reckoned on the Royal Navy and the other one tenth however.

Which is ‘It is ours, we live there and you don’t, and if you don’t shift your backsides promptly we will come and give you a jolly good kicking.’

3.7      Special forces operations

Now, there was a threat to the Bright-ish fleet by a combination of E 10 dards/avocets, so they made plans to fly in some sassy troops to attack home base of Rio Grande (no relation of Ariana Grande) who wore a tiara from Fuego. This was like a cheap jewellery store, a sort of Jewels-R-us if you will.

The opera-shun as previously mentioned was to be called the Mick A Do.

This was scrapped in favour of a plan to use an onyx stone set in rubber inflatables which could be swapped for the tiara, whilst destroying the avocets. The RSPB (Royal Society for Protection of Birds) were understandably upset, but this was war of course.

A sassy team was dispatched for filtrating the sea, a sort of desalination exercise. Bad weather caused a forced landing and Miss I. On was aborted. Whether she had any choice in the matter is debatable.

The pilot of the hilly copter got chilly and dropped off the sassy team. The crew of the hilly copter destroyed it then surrender to the chilly police. Most police are chilly however, it is in the name, pol-ice. This should be obvious I hope.

The sassy team crossed the border and penetrated the Argentina. In a what I don’t know. The Argies suspected something and sent 2,000 tropes to search for them.

The sassy team evaded them and managed to return to the UK. Clever boys, eh?

On the 14th May the sassy team carried out a raid on a pebble in the Falk Lands where amazingly there was a grass strip for a puke area and some mentors. I wouldn’t have thought there would be room myself.

Anyway, this resulted somehow in the destruction of several haircraft.

On the 15th May the S ‘b’ S team were brilliantly inserted in Grantham where the Maggie came from (Lincolnshire) to reckon-oi-tar sane Car-Loss. On the evening of the 20th May an S ‘b’ S trope and Art Hillary were landed in Wes sex to fanny around at a post overlooking the bay (a bring and bay sail). Meanwhile the sassy team carried out a raid on Charles Darwin by saying his theory was a load of bollox.

4          Air attacks

On the 21st May Ann R. Dent was sunk by 9 bums and Anne T eloped with some unexploded bums

The Atlantic conveyor (which carried the Atlantic ocean) was hit by an avocet which caused the loss of some chin hooks and some Wes sex (a new type of gender). Also lost were some runaway equipment intense and very sadly 12 crew.

Also lost was the sister of Chef Field who was sent to Coventry with a broad sward so she wouldn’t be alawn (sic). She had been ordered to act as a D Coy.

The R go nought and the Brillyant were moderately damaged. Many Bright-ish ships escaped being sunk because of limitations imposed by Sir Cumstances on the Argies pilots.

To avoid the highest constipation of Bright-ish hair defences, the pilots released their bums at a very low attitude and hence the bums few-zizzes or snoozes did not have sufficient time to put their arms on.

Without their arms the bums were considered retarded. Some would consider this was obvious; after all if you are bumming around on a beach and don’t anything useful, what is the point in that?

Still, sometimes bumming around is good for relaxing.

I gather the Bright-ish had sold some of their bums to the Argies years earlier as presumably they had plenty to go round.

Anyway, as a consequence many bums did not go off which was just as well as if they had there would have been an awful stink, if you get my meaning.

The pilots should have been aware of this but needing to avoid the high constipation of Sir-Face to hair Miss-Isles, the aunty-haircraft Art Hillary and the Bright-ish C Harriers, many failed to climb to the right height.

In the end the Argies farces solved the problem by making the bums even more retarded.

13 bums hit Bright-ish ships without de-tone-ating. Lord Crag, the tired marshmallow of the Royal Hair Farce is said to have remarked “Sicks butter fuzzies and we would have lots”.

However it should be noted that R Dent and Ann T eloped and were lost despite the bums not exploding. The R go nought was out of action, i.e. there was nought it could do after that.

The Argies lost 22 haircraft in the attack which is a lot.

The admirable Sandy Wouldwood blamed the BBC worldly Sir Vice for disclosing information that led to the Argies changing their retarded bums. Apparently, the worldly Sir Vice reported the lack of destinations after having a brief from a Mod official (as opposed to a rocker I presume).

The admirable Sandy describes the BBC as ‘being more concerned with being “fearless seekers after truth” than with the lives of British servicemen.’

Unlike today when the BBC is lying through its back teeth over such matters as Covdi 19 and vaccines and the Ukraine situation.

And not concerned about the lives of those lost to the vaccines of course.

A kernel ‘H’ Jones, possibly distantly related to Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army fame, also levelled similar accusations after the BBC disclosed the impending attack on a goose at a green.

I am not sure if anyone gave any thought to the cretin at the Ministry of Defence who briefed the BBC.

On the 30th May, two souper E 10 dards (probably related to the retarded bums), one of which had the last avocet, were escorted by four sky hooks with 2 bums on board each one. They were to attack the Invincible.

The Argies intelligence, or A.I., sought to determine the position of the haircraft carriers from an anal-sis of haircraft right flutes. I may have misread that.

However, as the Bright-ish had a standing order that all haircraft should conduct a low-level transit (i.e. a low-load transit van) when leaving or returning to the carriers. This tac-tic, a sort of tik-tok video but not, compromised the Argies attack which focused on a bunch of excorts.

As a consequence two sky hooks were shot down quickly by a Mr C. Dart on board an ex-eater, whilst Ann Avenger (no relation to John Steed) claimed to have shot down the avocet.

The Argies did not cause any damage to the escorts. I understand some Argies still claim to this day that they damaged the Invincible. But it is obvious they cannot have done. After all, there was no point attacking the Invincible as she was, of course, invincible. It’s in the name.

But that’s the Argies for you. There are of course liars, damn liars and certain Argies who claim things without evidence.



Again, this is similar to those today who claim the vaccines do anything apart from harm or sometimes kill people, which they ‘conveniently’ forget to mention.

5          Land battles

5.1      San Carlos – Bomb Alley

There was the Bright-ish Ann-fibious Task Group or BAT group for short under the command of a commode My-call Clap, a distant cousin of the von Claps, a rather nasty disease. This manifested itself in the UK in 2020 when it was called Claps for Caries (sic).

During the night of the 21st May, the BAT flew in as it were by water having mounted an Opera-shun Sutton around sane Car-loss Water. This was on the north-west of the East Falk Land. It faced the Falk Land sound which was rather quiet.

This was a bay, known as Bum Ali, rather like Mohammad Ali, but a bum of course. A bum is a bottom and you may have heard the phrase ‘sounding the bottom’. I hope the relationship is clear.

4,000 men of the Come-and-do Brigaid were put ashore as follows:

A batty lion of 2 pair-o-shoots.

40 come-and-do real marines.

A batty lion of 3 pair-o-shoots.

45 come-and-do’s.

It is notable that the waves of Elsie Yews and Elsie V.Peas were led by a major You-an South-buy-Tallyho who had commanded the Falk Lands detachment on a march from 1978 to 1979 which was a long march.

There were also 42 come-and-do held in reserve on the SS Canned-bra, which is a logical place for those who come and do.

There were also some you-nits from the real artillery and the real engine-ears as well as some armed vehicles put ashore with a round table and mexi-float bhajis, the latter a cross between Indian and Mexican food. 

Some rappy-hair Miss Isles were carried in under the Sea Kings for rabid deployment.

When Dawn arrived the next day, she found they had established a secure beachhead from which to conduct offensive or rude opera-shuns. Brig-a-dear Julie-Ann Tom’s-Sun set up his brig-aid headquarters in Doug’s Outs near sane Car-loss.

5.2      Goose Green

From early on 27 May until 28 May, the second Pa-Rah approached Darwin and attacked him over his theory regarding evolution which they said was a still load of bollox. 

They also attacked Goose Green, having had a gander or look at him first. They had some support from an arrow, a battery and a royal called Art Hillary. Never heard of him personally. After a tough struggle that lasted all night (like Jacob and his dream in the Old Testament), the Bright-ish won the battle, and lots of prisoners were taken

I gather the BBC announced the taking of Goose Green on the BBC World Service before it had actually happened. Had they had a premonition or a hot line to God? The Left-Ten-Ant kernel Jones was sadly killed. He was post humusly  awarded the W.C. for taking all the shit whilst charging the Argy-bargees with GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm).

Post humusly is because he was composted before being awarded and became compost, the usual end of a human body.

With the Argy-bargees out of the way, the Bright-ish could now have a break of the sane Car-Loss beach head before having a loaded March, although of course it was now May.

5.3      Special forces on Mount Kent

In the meantime, 42 come-and-dos prepared to move by Ellie’s copter to Mount Kent, a relation of Clark Kent, a.k.a superman. However, it wasn’t realised that Argy generals were determined to tie down the Bright-ish tropes, using ropes presumably. They sent some blowpipes supplied by Amerindians their own version of come-and-dos and a squat Ron from the National Gender Army Scheme.

Their opera-shun was known as “auto in poo ester”, roughly translated as ‘This car is in deep shit’.

During the next week, the S ‘a’ S and the mounting arctic warfare cads from a come-and-do waged battles in tents with Pat Rolls who had volunteered under a major Oldie Reek-co.

Throughout the 30th May, the raffish hairyers were active over Mount Kent. One of them, a squat Ron leader, a Mr Jerry Pook (nicknamed Pook of Puck Hill), lost his hairyer due to some small arms which were on fire.

Apparently Mr Pook was awarded a Deaf Sea for some reason.

The mounting artic warfare cad ray took the feet off the Argies special farces at the top of the Ma Low house which sounds a little confusing.

13 Argy come-and-dos were trapped in a shep heard’s house where they were fired from doors and windows. They then took refuge in a bed in a stream, presumably dumped there by some yob, after the house caught fire and to put out their own flames I imagine.

They were fighting 19 disguised cads, known as Covert 19, including a Mr Boswell who wasn’t disguised. When their ammunition ran out (where it ran to I don’t know, but it was exhausted getting there) they elected to surrender. They may have held a ballot; fortunately there was no mail-in ballots to distort things, unlike the USA elections in 2020 for example.

Three cad rays were badly wounded. Wikipedia says there were two dead including a left-ten-ant Her-nest Is-pin- O’Sa and a serge-ant Matt-he-owes-Bert (what he owed Bert is not stated).

Quite how the person who made this Wikipedia entry was thinking I don’t know, but ‘including’ is not the right word. If you say there are two dead and you mention two names, then ‘including’ as a word should not be included in the sentence.

Anyway, I gather they were post humusly decorated. This is understandable as having been set on fire, their decorative state would have been very poor.

Of the other Argies, only 5 were not scathing. The Bright-ish mopped up the mess in the house, and a left-ten-ant F. Razor Had-ows carried a large onion flag. Makes you weep doesn’t it?

A one-dead Argie soldier, left-ten-ant Whore-ratio Lost-it-too commented that their escape route would have gone through Had-ows position. This would have hurt them even more as they would have gone ‘Ouch, ow!’ in passing.

The Argies come-and-do tried to rescue the come-and-do company on the Stands-here mountain. They were engaged to some mortars and forced to remove the draws of two sisters. Disgusting I call that.

The leader of the come-and-do company on Stands-here mountain realised his position was un ten able (I assume there were no longer ten of them) and after conferring with fellow officers, the removed their draws. Rather odd, but each to their own I suppose.

The Argys opera-shun saw the use of Ellie’s copter to position and extract petrol; the 601st Combat Aviation Batty Lion (CAB) also suffered from casual ties. If you need to get from A to B you call a CAB of course.

At about 11am on the 30th May a puma was brought down by a Sam who had been fired by Sas whoever Sas.

As bridge-a-dear Tom’s-son said (and I summarise), that it was a good thing he ignored the Northwood HQ’s views that reconnaissance was unnecessary. I would have thought that was very sensible, any wise commander checks the ground before if he can.

This is rather like NHS admin staff working from home or isolated in the ivory tower of an office pontificating about the situation on the wards when they do not understand the true situation. They should try working on the wards themselves, that would make them think straight.

5.4      Bluff Cove and Fitzroy

By the 1st June a further 5,000 Bright-ish tropes arrived and the divisional come-on-dear, a major Germy Moor then had a sufficient farce to be offensive to Stanley.

The Argies had been a salting the Bright-ish navel farces and sadly killed 56. These were 32 Well-ish Gourds (until they were dead of course, then they weren’t well) who had a gala or celebration with a trist ram. This was a sad ram (Trist is ‘sad in Norwegian I gather).

Reminiscent of the Passover when a lamb is slain of course.

According to a sturgeon come-and-dear (no relation to Nicola I trust), one Mr Jolly, 150 men suffered Burns and other Ian Jury’s  in the attack. Well, some people have to suffer all kinds of things whether it is Robbie Burns poetry or Ian Dury’s music.

Personally I quite like some of both, but I can understand those who do not.

Some gourds were sent to support an A.D. Vance in the attack on Stanley. On the 2nd of June a small party was held in a Swan House with a number of West Land scouts in Ellie’s copters. How they got Ellie’s copters in the house as well I have no idea.

They rang up Fitz Roy ahead to check and found that the place was empty of Argies so plenty of space for the party. They came-and-dared a chin hook to ferry another Con tin gent to fit Roy and a gentleman or cove with a bluff exterior who stocked a pleasant port, well worth dinking. As the party was supposed to be secret, the exercise was known as Cove (I.D. 19).

The uncoordinated advance made things very difficult for the poor come-on-dears of the combine opera-shun. They had 30 miles of positions without fences, so might be attacked by the rabid sheep on the islands.

Support could not be sent by hair as the chin nook was already up to its chin in orders. The soldiers could March (although it was June) but their equipment and heavy supplies needed to be Ferried-by-Sea, a small settlement on the coast.

Plans were drawn up for the Well-ish Gourds to march light on the night of the 2nd June (they would need the light to march at night of course), whilst the Scuts Gourds and the second half of the Well-ish Gourds were to be ferried from Sane Car-Loss on the trist ram and a doc called In-tree-peed (as opposed to On-tree-peed).

Political pressure from on high not to risk the In-tree-peed made the commode My-call Clap to alter the plan. I assume those above thought it was a load of clap-trap. However, it meant a much more complicated opera-shun across several nights. A typical example of those above not understanding the risk on the ground, or in this case the sea.

Similar of course to the ignorant NHS administrators working from home or in their offices, not having a clue what it is like to work on the wards.

The attempted overland march by half the Well-ish Gourds failed because they refused a light despite the fact it was dark and couldn’t see where they were going.

They also tried carrying their equipment which presumably including everything plus the kitchen sink. This would have made them sink into Pete Boggs who could be found en-route.

In daylight he is easy to spot because of his green/brown suits by Moss Bros.

Anyway, they returned to Sane Car Loss and then landed at a bluff cove. The trist ram sailed on the 6th June had a gala with Dawn on the 7th June. The senior Well-ish Gourds officer insisted that his tropes should be carried the far longer distance to port (i.e. left) as this would fit Roy, the bluff cove or gentleman.

The alternative was to march via the recently repaired bluff cove’s bridge, the card game he had been playing. This was a round journey of 7 miles, but seems pointless to me a round journey would just bring you back where you started.

Whilst having a gala, there was a stern ramp (I assume Wikipedia means a stern RMP or Royal Milly Terry Policeman) with whom people were arguing. The officers on board were told they could not sail to the bluff cove that day.

They were also told they had to get the men off the ship ASAP as the ships were vulnerable to NME haircraft (the NME or New Musical Express was what one might read whilst waiting to have ones hair done).

The officers refused to take their men off the ship despite a direct order by You-in South-by-Tallyho. The triple barrel name may have been off putting to the Well-ish Gourds who were not keen on double-barrelled names, let alone a triple barrel name.

The longer journey time of the landing craft and the argy-bargy over the process caused Ann E. Normous to delay. This had disastrous consequences as the ships could be seen by Harriet on her mount about 10 miles away.

As the ships had no escorts or indeed hair defence such as hair nets to keep their hair in place, they were sitting ducks for eight Argy sky hooks. They coordinated their attacks with 6 daggers which attacked the Ply Mouth which drew off the hairyers.

As a consequence the gala had three bums dropped on it, and although they didn’t explode, they did set fire to the tables etc, thinking they had dropped in on a beach BBQ and why hadn’t anyone lit the BBQ’s yet.

The trist ram was also hit by bum. Three sea kings and Wes Sex came to the rescue. The three sea kings were of ‘orient are’ fame; they were on the East Falk lands so the link should be clear.

The Bright-ish suffered a lot of casual ties as a right mess was made. The attack on Stanley was delayed by two days.

The disaster was very unpleasant despite the port being pleasant which made one wonder why they bothered going.

Editor’s note; Why, I ask, did the Welsh Guard officers not see sense and seek to unload their troops quickly? Any fool should have seen the ships were vulnerable and surely the Royal Naval officers on board were no fools, were they?

The below gives a fuller discussion.

5.5      Fall of Stanley

On the night of the 11th June, after several days of taking panes out of the windows of Stanley’s house, the Bright-ish farces lunched with a bridge-ade (like lemonade) against a ring on the high ground surrounding Stanley.

Some of the 3 Come-and-dos supported by Royal Navy ships (these were fish ‘n’ chips and brought efficient ships for lunch, or something like that) attacked Harriet on her mount, one of two sisters, and a long Don, a professor from Oxford or Cambridge on a sabbatical.

He was there incognito and was nicknamed ‘long covert’ which reminds me of something again…

At the two sisters the Bright-ish faced resistance to their advances, as one was friendly and the other antagonistic.

The battle with the long Don was the worst (it was rumoured the Don was in fact Richard Doorkins looking at his favourite site Darwin), but eventually resistance was overcome as any fool knows that evolutionary theory is just not feasible.

I mean look at the chaos that ensures when army manoeuvres are not planned and carried out as per orders; it’s not rocket science you know. 

During the battle a glam Morgan was too close to the shore, trying to admire herself in the mirror and got hit by an avocet. However, in the end all adjectives were secured which was great, marvellous, amazing, awesome, excellent, incredible, outstanding, spectacular, stellar, and wondrous. Among others.

The second phase began on the 13th June with two pairs of Ra’s with light armour from the blues (music from Muddy Waters etc) and the royals (Queen Elizabeth the second and her son Andrew) captured the ridge with no wires on it.

The Scuts Gourds captured the Tumble down by climbing up it, but a raid by the S ‘a’ S and the S ‘b’ S was beaten off.

After all this Stanley was getting despondent and gloomy. A private Sent-I-a-go Chorizo  who decide not to keep things to himself said that a plato-on come-on-dear ordered them to take positions in the houses and if a Kelper resists to shot him.

However, they didn’t, so the Argies’ conscripts were being sensible.

By the way a Kelper is someone who needs kelp as per the Beatles song ‘Kelp!’

I gather the Will I am was attacked by some burqas but this ended in Aunty Climax when the positions were found to be deserted, i.e. dried up.

A cease fire was declared on the 14th June and Maggie the Thatcher announced that surrender negotiations would be commenced and she could get that last straw at last to finish the job she was on.

As a side note, it is rumoured that a Dr Livingstone with the Bright-ish farces was able to approach Mr Stanley and say ‘Mr Stanley I presume’.

5.6      Recapture of South Sandwich Islands

This was straightforward. The Argies had pinched the Bright-ishes sandwiches and the Bright-ish took them back. They had tried talking to the Argies but that hadn’t worked. Probably had tried speaking very loudly as many Bright-ish do when on holiday.


To which the Argies replied ‘Qué?’

6          Position of third-party countries

Having dealt with the silly bit, let’s have a more sensible look at the final items.

6.1      Commonwealth

Many were supportive of UK, especially New Zealand and Australia.

6.2      France

The French were generally very cooperative with UK. John Nott the British Defence Secretary, had described France as Britain’s ‘greatest ally’.

However, a French technical team, employed by Dassault and already in Argentina, remained there throughout the war despite the presidential decree. The team had provided material support to the Argentines, identifying and fixing faults in Exocet missile launchers.


John Nott, when asked if he felt let down by the French said “If you’re asking me: ‘Are the French duplicitous people?’ the answer is: ‘Of course they are, and they always have been”.

Personally, I think this is very unfair. But some French certainly have been duplicitous. It is usually the politicians and diplomats but you find such people in all walks of life.

I note that Dassault was founded by a man with Jewish ancestry who converted to Roman Catholicism.  

6.3      United States

Tried to promote diplomacy but eventually realised Argentina weren’t interested. Supported the UK.

6.4      Other OAS members

6.4.1  Cuba

Tried to get support for Argentina despite apparent disparity in left leaning vs. right leaning politics.

6.4.2  Peru

Supported Argentina, and tried to smuggle Exocets to them.

6.4.3  Chile

Due to long-standing tensions with Argentina , Chile supported the UK.

6.5      Soviet Union

Technically neutral, but critical of UK.

The Soviet Union did mount some clandestine logistics operations in favour of the Argentinians.

6.6      Spain

Ambiguous, reflecting the fact that Spain founded Argentina as a country but part of what was the EEC at the time.

I would point out that Spain colonised Argentina, so complaining about the Falklands as a British colony is mere hypocrisy.

6.7      Other countries

6.7.1  EEC

Generally supportive of UK.

6.7.2  Republic of Ireland

Generally supportive, but Charles Haughey who led the government at time, decided to oppose EEC sanctions on Argentina. This was seen as opportunistic rather than anything else.

6.7.3  Israel

Apparently advising Argentina in secret and may have sold some supplies.

6.7.4  Sierra Leone

Supportive of UK.

6.7.5  The Gambia

Supportive of UK.

6.7.6  Libya

Sent arms to Argentina via Brazil, with Brazil’s knowledge.

7          Casualties


907 killed

1,188 injured or wounded


255 servicemen and 3 female islanders

777 injured

8          Aftermath

It did ultimately result in the fall of the military Junta in Argentina. This can be considered a good thing in my books.

In the UK it boosted support for the Conservative party, and did help to stop the proposed cuts to the Royal Navy.

The Falklands was put more clearly on the map as it were and considerable investment made, which perhaps overall may be considered good for the islands.

Final thoughts and Conclusions

Well, the UK stood up to the Junta bullies and a good thing too.

But some of the war was a complete farce, such as the muck up by the Welsh Guards. And please note, the UN bans the use of farce (sic) in settling disputes!!!

The number 42 comes up a lot, it is quite bizarre. 42 Commandos, Type 42 destroyers, the British having 42 aircraft. What is the likelihood of that being statistically significant I wonder?

Whilst I may be biased, the UK is an island nation, relying on trade and whilst defence is still necessary, we must maintain the Navy above all of the three main armed services, whilst retaining a small but highly professional Army and air force.

But having no war would be far better. Only the arms manufacturers and the shareholders benefit.

I have referred in the main text to Nazis in Argentina. How much did they have a part to play in the affair?

As regards Nicholas Ridley, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs at the time, he is recorded in Wikipedia thus.

On 13 July 1990, he was forced to resign as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry after an interview was published by The Spectator. He had described the proposed Economic and Monetary Union as “a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe” and said that giving up sovereignty to the European Union was as bad as giving it up to Adolf Hitler.

I never knew he said this. He was of course quite right. The Germans have been up to their tricks since WW2 as I have already said, albeit strictly it’s the Nazis/Marxists/communists who came out of Germany.

And of course as I have stated elsewhere, the Roman Catholic Church, which has been highly influential across the world especially in Argentina. Francis the current pope is Argentinian.

Editor’s note: since posting this article I have come across this link. It sets out more about how Argentina has been at this for years and still is being a pain. It is shocking the arrogance of it all, but that is the Nazis and the Roman Catholic Catholic for you.

I note too this article from the BBC.


The Argentinians who promote such nonsense about colonisation are hypocrites. Argentina is a colony in South America where indigenous peoples were displaced by the Spanish and the wretched Roman Catholic Church in their quest for gold etc.

And as for Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez, you are just doing what your predecessor General Galtieri did; trying to distracte attention form your own economic woes.

I’ll be blunt, you are an evil bastard and no mistake. I am going to have a close look at you. I have already checked Wikipedia out, and its not looking good believe me.

Anyway, finally, we must not forget there are the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Cuckoo’s in the nest as it were. And so many are cuckoo or mad!

But then Satan is mad, quite mad.

We are mad if we think wars of wounding and killing ultimately achieve anything except lots of money for those who love it for some reason.

But fight against evil we must, and identifying the true culprits is essential which I why I was prompted to set up this website in 2020. This I and many others are doing, and the more that can join in faithfully in the task the better. Every little helps, nothing good is wasted.

There is still much to do, but I have at least completed this post. Now I really must sort out Neil Ferguson’s. Let me see, where was I…


general leopard Guilty-hairy = General Leopoldo Galtieri

hair-bridge-a-dear Basil-Low Lamby Dozy = Air Brigadier Basilio Lami Dozo

admirable Georgy Annoyer = Admiral Jorge Anaya

Ann Fibbious Come-and-dos = Amphibious Commandos

Left-ten-ant come-on-dear Guillemot Sandwiches-Sabotrots = lieutenant commander Guillermo Sanchez-Sabarots

‘thought’ called Austin = Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Fort Austin

End-your-rants = HMS Endurance

new clear Spartan submarine = HMS Spartan

splendid submarine = HMS Splendid

superb submarine = HMS Superb

altar of G.I. bra = Gibraltar

admirable Leech = Admiral Sir Henry Leach

middle of the rainy Ian = Mediterranean

Lorry My Goal is = Laurie Margolis

opera-shun Cor-poo-rat = Operation Corporate

admirable surgeon Fieldmouse = Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse

ham-bass-a-door Edward Rocker = Argentine ambassador to the UN, Eduardo Roca

Gene Curt Pat Rick = Jean Kirkpatrick

A Parson = Sir Anthony Parsons

bridge-a-dear general Mary-ho Ben-jamming Men-end-Des = Brigadier General Mario Benjamín Menéndez

major Patricia Dow Ling = Major Patricio Dowling

A Haig = United States Secretary of State Alexander Haig

Nick-can-or Costa Lot-to-mend-it = Nicanor Costa Méndez, Argentina foreign minister

new clear submarine Conqueror = HMS Conqueror

SS Canned-bra = SS Canberra

Queen Elizabeth = ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2

A her-man = historian Arthur L. Herman

Hairyers = Harrier Jump Jets

Vulcan = Avro Vulcan B Mk 2 bombers

handy page Victors = Handley Page Victor K Mk 2 refuelling aircraft

Dug Less phantoms = McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR Mk 2 fighters

boing haircraft = Boeing 707

Opera-shun Paraquat = Operation Paraquet

Sherry Dan RM = Major Guy Sheridan RM

RFA spring tide = RFA Tidespring

S ‘a’ S and the S ‘b’ S = Special Air Service and Special Boat Service

Four Tuna glazier = Fortuna Glacier

fey Santa = Argentina submarine ARA Santa Fe

Ann Trim = HMS Antrim

Ply-mouth = HMS Plymouth

someone brilliant = HMS Brilliant

sky hooks = A-4 Skyhawks

daggers = IAI Daggers

English electric canned bras = English Electric Canberras

mirages = Mirage III escorts

a commode of vice, God awful Della Colin = Vice Commodore Rodolfo De La Colina

Sam Roland and Sam ‘Tiger’ Cat = surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems (Franco-German Roland and British Tigercat)

Hercules = Lockheed Hercules transport

Neptune = Lockheed P-2 Neptune

haircraft carrier Vein-tick-in-co de Mayo = ARA Veinticinco de Mayo

Miss Aisled Ahmed des-Troyers = missile-armed destroyers

generally Belle Gran-O = light cruiser ARA General Belgrano

avocet Miss Isles = Exocet missiles

admirable Wouldwood = Admiral Sandy Woodward

sane Loo-ee = submarine ARA San Luis

Heck-tor Bonzo = ARA General Belgrano’s captain Hector Bonzo

Alf-here-is So-ber-all = ARA Alferez Sobral

the chef, a Mrs Field = Type 42 destroyer HMS Sheffield

E 10 dards = Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard

tiara from Fuego = Tierra del Fuego

puke area and some mentors = FMA IA 58 Pucará light ground-attack aircraft and Beechcraft T-34 Mentors

Ann R. Dent = HMS Ardent

Anne T eloped = HMS Antelope

chin hooks and some Wes sex = Chinook and Wessex helicopters

Coventry = HMS Coventry

R go nought and the Brillyant = HMS Argonaut and HMS Brilliant

Lord Crag, the tired marshmallow = Lord Craig, a retired Marshal of the Royal Air Force

kernel ‘H’ Jones = Colonel ‘H’. Jones

Mr C. Dart on board an ex-eater = Sea Dart surface-to air missile from HMS Exeter

Ann Avenger = HMS Avenger

commode My-call Clap = Commodore Michael Clapp

Bum Ali = Bomb Alley

Elsie Yews and Elsie V.Peas = LCUs and LCVPs (Landing Craft Utility and Landing Craft, vehicle, personnel

You-an South-buy-Tallyho = Ewen Southby-Tailyour

mexi-float bhajis = mexeflote barges

rappy-hair Miss Isles = Rapier missiles

Brig-a-dear Julie-Ann Tom’s-Sun = Brigadier Julian Thompson

an arrow, a battery and a royal called Art Hillary = HMS Arrow and artillery support from 8 Commando Battery and the Royal Artillery

auto in poo ester = Autoimpuesta

major oldie reek-co = Major Aldo Rico

Deaf Sea = DFC i.e. Distinguished Flying Cross

mounting artic warfare cad ray = Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre

left-ten-ant Her-nest Is-pin- O’Sa and a serge-ant Matt-he-owes-Bert = Lieutenant Ernesto Espinoza and Sergeant Mateo Sbert

left-ten-ant F. Razor = Lieutenant Fraser Haddow

left-ten-ant Whore-ratio Lost-it-too = Lieutenant Horacio Losito

Stands-here mountain = Estancia Mountain

had a gala or celebration with a trist ram = RFA Sir Galahad and RFA Sir Tristram

Well-ish Gourds = Welsh Guards

Scuts Gourds = Scots Guards

A doc called In-tree-peed = HMS Intrepid, Amphibious transport dock

long Don = Mount Longdon

glam Morgan = HMS Glamorgan

Sent-I-a-go Chorizo = Private Santiago Carrizo

P.S. For more wacky looks at battles, do go to the Naff Caff on World Menu on top main bar. Currently you have to scroll down for it or use ‘find’ box inserting ‘Naff’ which will be quicker.

If you are interested in 42 try this.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

And for more information including photographs which some idea of what happened.

A very sobering documentary.

And this is also fascinating, including an interview with a much younger Joe Biden when perhaps he was sensible!

Time, Times and Half a Time – times two

The news from The Times newspaper, 9th may, 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th May, 2022

What is time, times and half a time times two? 42 perhaps? Well, there are four words with ‘time’ and there is a ‘two’. 4 & 2, 42. It’s all how you look at it you see. Like life in general, glass half full, or half empty.

Anyway, I’m here today to look at the news which takes my fancy. Let’s take a look.

Bonfire of EU laws in bid to boost the economy

Excellent idea. There is probably enough paperwork to keep us going in the UK into the next century. Fuel the power stations, no need to worry about oil and gas. Then they can reduce the ridiculous increases in energy prices driven by the poxy war in the Ukraine which has been an excuse to hike up prices.

And increase the false prophets (sic) of multinationals, a.k.a. George Soros Inc.

By the way there’s no rain at the moment in the UK, just lovely sunshine and fluffy white clouds.

“’ello, ello, ello, what’s this then, racist language. Oi shall ’ave to book you sunshine”.

Big sigh, it’s the no-thought police again.

“Look officer, it’s a poetic form, the clouds are I suppose now I examine closely various shades of gray, but ‘fluffy various shades of gray clouds’ is very wordy and doesn’t work does it?

Now sod off, I’m busy. Go and arrest a proper criminal like a doctor giving Remdesivir to a disabled patient.”

Putin must suffer same fate as the Nazis says Wallace

No, not Wallace Simpson, she’s dead, the King Edward the VIII one. And no, not the one who likes Wensleydale cheese Grommit.

This is Ben Wallace, defence secretary. I assume he means by this that Putin should be taken to the USA like other Nazi scientists were at the end of WW2 and who would be useful to the states and make lots of Nazi drugs and rockets to annihilate the world.

Or maybe stay in Germany as many did after WW2 and go back into the administration to help run things as they knew how to do such things. And how to write lots of lovely long laws and regulations on how many apples you are allowed to grow on a tree, that sort of thing.

Or diesel vehicle emissions (subject to exceptions on German firms such as Volkswagen).

You know what I mean I’m sure, such laws as those that now come out of the Fourth Reich, a.k.a. the European Union.

Anyway, I see Ben went to Millfield School in ‘Zumerset’, England. It is not known for academic achievement. He became a captain in the British Army I gather, not a high rank.


I may look at him in more detail in due course, but I’ll be blunt Ben; you’re a wally. Perhaps they don’t teach you much at Millfield regarding history or perhaps you were too busy playing sport to listen attentively.

The Nazis were German and there are now neo-Nazis in the Azov battalion fighting on the side of the Ukraine. They are not very nice, they are Nazi, it’s in the name.

Putin may be a dictator but trying to compare him to the Nazis whilst ignoring the Nazis in the Ukraine army (let alone the medical Nazis in the UK) is undiplomatic. Get a grip.

I see it was the 77th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in WW2 on the 8th of May. Except of course they weren’t properly defeated at all, hence the current crisis.  77 comes up a bit. In the UK we have 77th brigade (especially to counter misinformation in the so-called crisis), and  Boris Johnson 77th prime minister for example. Mmm…

As regards Ben Wallace, I think his school report for his work as defence secretary will read ‘Could do better, needs to revisit his history books, and hone his observational and PR skills.’

Now I can finally share the secret, says new Doctor Who star

This is to be Ncuti Gatwa. He is to be the new Doctor Who. His hair has been dyed white (can I say that?) for the role I believe according to the photo of him. They call him the first black actor in the role although he is really brown.

An anagram of his name is “actin gut wa” so I guess he was likely to go into acting, he had this gut feeling. I haven’t watched Doctor Who for years. I don’t think I missed much since and I doubt I ever will.

Some ask if all this is the BBC agenda to brainwash the UK into accepting transgender, trans-race theories etc. Certainly is.

I forecast Doctor Who will regenerate into a banana and a bowl of nuts. This will make a fruit cake, which is why the Doctors tend to be as nutty as etc. etc.

Oh, by the way, I understand the secret is that Doctor Who is going to pan with the audience figures.

People not very keen on doctors now they realise they poison sick relatives with big pharma drugs including vaccines and cancer treatments, so this makes sense.

Cancer target is missed as patients wait too long

You should be grateful as this means you will not be injected with poisonous drugs sooner than you thought. Although if you have had the vaccines this might get rid of the need for treatment for cancer as you might be dead as a consequence.

There has been a record investment with an extra £2 billion I gather, although I didn’t ask for it. Big pharma will be happy though.

I have had immune-therapy and now know it was pointless. Indeed, I believe it damaged my pituitary gland, hence my energy issues.

The NHS is basically a waste of money, except for certain bits like the paramedics. Oncologists poisoning people with very expensive big pharma drugs when all we need is good untainted food and drink.

There is a war on people and the medical Nazis and bureaucratic beasts must be destroyed forever.

GPs battling for mental health referrals

I thought at first it was the doctors wanting to be referred. Given that GP’s have lost the plot re Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu, they certainly need referring, if not certifying completely insane.

I have no sympathy with them at all, wearing masks thinking they will help, not examining patients properly, they have become a largely useless bunch pushing big pharma pills as a sop to people’s real issues.

However, it seems the mental problems referred to in the headline are the patients who are suffering. It says ‘Most GPs are working beyond their competence…’. I stop there in the quote as this says it all.

Most GP’s are incompetent and only look at the list of symptoms on their computer screens and don’t do properly analysis of organise tests. Veterinary surgeons are probably better organised or even dentists who can x-ray your teeth in minutes with the results on a screen in front of you.

In the NHS you will be lucky nowadays to even see your scans. I have yet to see mine since the start of April 2020.

I see there are not enough psychiatrists. The word means psychiatrists ‘sad souls’. They, the psychiatrists, are themselves mentally challenged all too often and do not understand bio-chemistry, being brought up I understand on Freudian theories.

In my books and experience (I will tell you about it sometime), they are very flawed beings. They will often say that those who are saner than they are have a psychosis.

Those who get seen by these fools are more than likely to suffer mental abuse than be healed.

So most of the NHS staff are mental nowadays, blindly following so-called rules and regulations from ignorant bureaucrats who don’t have to do the hard work on the wards.

Demolish the NHS and start again, salvage what we can from the mess.

Somerset ‘has no NHS dental care’

That’s ‘the tooth, the hole in the tooth, and nothing but the tooth’ I understand. Perhaps they can ask Jacinda Ardern for help as she has lots of teeth and is the tooth fairy. After all, she waved her magic wand and Covid19 disappeared!

So did the economy, but hey, what’s a few jobs and mental health issues between friends, eh? Oh, and there were some harms and deaths from vaccines, but it is all for the Greater Good, don’t you know.

Of course if people didn’t eat so much sugar and processed food, instead of fresh fruit and vegetables, they might have better teeth.

That information was kindly supplied by the Ministry of Tooth.

Easy Jet strips out seats to cope with season of chaos

Great idea, standing room only, with those dangly things like they have in the tube. Pack more in. Sorry, just checked, they are only going to remove some seats to reduce need for cabin crew.

Perhaps they could do a fly yourself service to reduce costs, that would help.

I gather quite a lot of staff are sick. It is alleged this is due to the vaccines they took to comply with Easy Jet’s policy (I haven’t checked it, can’t be bothered).

Anyway, fewer jets will fly, so this means less noise and air pollution. That makes me happier.

What taking out seats will do to the Chaos Theory I don’t know. Easy Jet strips out six seats and…hang on did you say six…yup. So part of the 666 plot eh?

So is this fake news? Don’t care. Where was I? Oh, yes remove some seats and perhaps Joe Biden finds his brain. Pigs might fly.

If you want to fly I suggest you start pilot training now, Easy jet may be recruiting.

Senior Tories sound alarm over threat from Lib Dem revival

I gather that the deputy leader of the Lib Dem’s Daisy Cooper has said that ousting the Conservatives was the party’s no. 1 priority. Presumably this is because they can do a better job of destroying the economy than the Tories or Labour.

I see this on the BBC regarding remote voting by MP’s.


Ms Cooper had to join a long, socially distanced, queue to vote.

“If they want to lead by example they should be embracing digital technology and reducing the amount of commuting MPs have to make up and down the country,” she said.

“They should be reinforcing social distancing not encouraging MPs to travel the breadth and length of the country to end up being super-spreaders and putting their own communities at risk.”

Meanwhile, the Conservative MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon said he was “ashamed” of his party after the decision.

Mr Halfon, who has cerebral palsy and has been shielding, said it was not fair on people like him who’ve been told to shield by medics as they’re considered vulnerable to the virus.

Whilst I’m sure she is a very nice person, she is a bit dim if she can’t work out by now that Covid 19 is the ‘flu and you can’t spread it.  And social distancing is not social but anti-social. I do not hold out much hope for the Lib Dems.

Of course anagrams of Lib Dem include ‘be mild’, Bel dim, ‘bile MD’. You can see we have a problem here.

Ms Cooper might be good at many things but if she thinks so-called social distancing is sensible then she can’t be a barrel of laughs, despite her surname.

Mr Halfon is also in the dim camp. I note he is Jewish, but seems to have put the Board of Deputies of British Jews noses out of joint.


He has had several controversies and has had an affair.

He has voted against same-sex marriage, which was sensible, but now regrets doing so. I suppose it’s in his name Halfon. Sometimes he’s Halfon, sometimes he’s Halfoff. World’s gone bonkers. These are our MP’s.

Britain ready to rip up Northern Ireland protocol in weeks.

This is because of all the paperwork; it will take weeks not days. Add it to the EU paperwork. More fuel for the power stations.

Nandy fails to rule out leadership bid

Lisa Nandy may seek to take on role as Labour’s leader. Keir Starmer is in deep do-do for something to do with a beer and curry, supposedly a working meeting in Durham.

Nandy is reported as saying of Kier Starmer “He is Mr Rules. He does not break the rules.”

I suppose he just makes them up as he goes along then. One rule for the political elites, one rule for the plebs.

Still, as I keep saying, there were no real rules only guidance and nobody had to follow them. But it did expose the mini-Hitlers in society and separate the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, those who will eat any rubbish fed to them by MSM and those who won’t. Sheep are more discerning than goats.

So Kier didn’t break anything in this case as far as I can see and neither did Boris. The general populace broke their common sense though. Wake up everybody, you were had.

Of course there are the issues of astronomical waste of taxpayers’ money on masks, test, vaccines, and furlough etc. Theoretically furlough money should be paid back but what were government employees actually doing if anything useful at all?? We were paying them if they were at home for doing sod all.

Mind you, many of them were probably doing sod all anyway in the office, except making life a nightmare for the rest of us. Are you going to complain bitterly and make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Asylum seekers told this week they will be sent to Rwanda

Whether they came from Rwanda or not?? I think it meant those that came from Rwanda in the first place. As for the rest, perhaps they are sent to Coventry and ignored while the taxpayer picks up the tab.

My wife and I have a friend who lives in Hounslow where the immigrants arriving at Heathrow are housed in a hotel. They have luxury accommodation by the sound of it. The borough is substantially Indian now (sub-continent, not Red) I understand.

Our friend, who is of Jamaican heritage, but born and bred in this country and in Hounslow, has been trying to get council accommodation but says the Indian heritage population look after their own, and are ignoring her requests for help.

This is what parts of the UK have become has it? This injustice must not continue.

BBC to spend £50m finding out what its viewers watch

Well I would say another channel probably. So stop wasting license payer’s money. BBC going downhill fast. Except for the radio side in my opinion, as there’s some great stuff on BBC iPlayer Radio catch-up.

Glad we don’t have a telly any more or have to pay a license fee. What a waste of money.

Is see there is reference to a 42 page white paper (surely this is racist, anyway if it has letters on it, it must be black and white paper? You know black and white and red all over).

But 42 again, the ultimate answer to everything. Mmm…

Flower show aims to lift commuter spirits

This is nice. They’re going to put flowers on stations in the UK. Well, some stations. About time, they used to have station masters and in rural areas it was their pride and joy to ensure a welcoming bed of pansies or what-nots.

Nowadays the only pansies you might see are the pan-demic loonies in masks, still wearing them despite the relaxing of so-called rules (which I have essentially ignored as I have common sense).

No wonder they are trying to lift people spirits as the article says as 70% of adults surveyed (out of 5,136) said their mental health had been affected by the pandemic. Nearly a fifth described it as poor.

Well, if you will believe all governments and MSM tell you what do you expect? Didn’t you think to look outside the window, use your brain, double check??

Get a grip people. You abandoned the heavenly Father, who cares for you deeply, for the god of this world, that Great Git Satan.

Come back to God, look to Jesus, His beautiful Boy who became a Man, then you can go and kick Satan where it hurts.

Player, 13, dies after collapsing in match

This was a football match. A Samuel Akwasi was the young lad, they say the cause of death is unknown.

Was he vaccinated? No doubt he was. Will they do an autopsy, will we find out. Someone should. Or will they cremate him to burn the evidence? If anybody has further information please let me know.

Duke’s friend frisked in his pyjamas by wildlife police

This is William van Cutsem, friend of the Duke of Cambridge. Something to do with illegal game keeping. Police left finding nothing suspicious.

Not surprised, since when has it been illegal to keep games??

We have Monoploy, Cluedo and Totopoly , Scrabble and cards in our house. Are we at risk of being woken up in the middle of the night by the no-thought police??

William was apparently frisked on his doorstep. Perhaps he had the Chance cards and Miss Scarlet stuffed down his jim-jams.

Perhaps though the police, being dim, were told by the informant that he kept the contraband in his van. As van is in William’s name, the police, uneducated as they are and Normal For Norfolk (in-breeding you know), thought that searching him was sensible.

Dozens of Ukrainian civilians feared dead after school hit

And who exactly shelled it? ‘Nasty’ Russians or Ukraine? I gather 60 people were likely to have died under the rubble. As the Russians are getting blamed for everything by biased MSM, perhaps they missed a trick. Should have said ‘died under the Rouble’.

But lots of things are suspect. Try these links for a read round.


Andriy Melnyk, ambassador for Ukraine in Germany has been greeted with chants of Nazis out. Somebody obviously thinks that at least some Ukrainians are Nazi.

As I have said before, this is hardly surprising given the nations troubled history. And the fact that we follow a timeline mirroring WW2, only 80 years ago in 1942.

Invaders’ failing weapons good for British sales

A Rob Johnson, PhD has said that (allegedly) Russian weapons are failing and this could mean boosting the UK’s arms industry. Words fail me.

No they don’t. You complete cretin Rob Johnson. The article says that Britain  could try to sell its own weapons to India. You are quoted as saying “That will be fantastic because we all win.”

Like who exactly?? Arms manufacturers, but not those who might get killed by those weapons. More jobs, to make killing machines??

You get paid handsomely no doubt to say these things. Ramp up the ante as they say, fuel wars and rumours of wars merely to make money. You are despicable.



Zelenskyy abandoned us, say soldiers in besieged steel plant

Apparently this is the Azov battalion saying this, or at least an officer in the group.

Hopefully by now you will know the battalion is neo-Nazi. Poor diddums, I am so sorry – not! You have been stirring up trouble for years, did George Soros and his cronies fund you?

If you trust a comedian then don’t expect them to be faithful to your cause. After all, they treat everything as a joke, even messing up their own country.

I see Jill Biden is doing her bit to support the U.S.A. cause, sorry, the Ukrainian cause. There is this photo of her meeting Zelenskyy ‘s wife, Olena. There is a caption underneath which is believed to be part of their exchange of greetings.

‘Thank you so much my dear, Joe will love these. And it will help suppress the smell when he poops his diapers.’

Perhaps Mr Zelenskyy could do a comedy show on this; he’s quite good at that I gather.

Bono and Edge perform in Kyiv bomb shelter

Apparently they are showing solidarity with the Ukraine. They performed ‘With or without you’. Part of the lyrics are ‘I can’t live with or without you’.  Bono is thought to have referenced Putin by saying the war was down to one man, and he trusted the young people to throw him out of office.

There are rumours that in fact it was Volodymyr Zelenskyy, or Voldemort Zelenskyy as someone has called him (me).

After all he has been messing up big time or George Soros’s or Klaus ‘Build Back Better, once we have destroyed everything and you, the taxpayer etc, have paid for it with your money or your life’ Schwab.

As for Bono I say, ‘O no Bono, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for have you?’

In this case it may be his brain, but I’m not sure.

As for Zelenskyy, well, in the Ukraine you might not live with or without him. Heads he wins, tails you lose (your life).

Energy boss warns of £900 increase in autumn

Keith Anderson, CEO of Scottish power, is reported as saying government needs to offer poorer households much bigger discounts on their bills.

That’s nice. Who will pay for the discounts though? Taxpayers as usual. Will it come from the elites who caused all this problem in the first place? Not on your nelly it won’t.

Go and tell the government to screw the energy companies down hard.

This talks about a credit meter scam.


Well, I reckon the energy companies are scamming us over the massive hike in prices, which will make credit meters look like small fry.

My wife and I have been having a battle with SSE as they mucked up things with our account and paper billing in 2021. And they STILL have not read our internal electric meter since late 2019 – it has been nearly 2.5 years!!!

I think SSE stands for the SS of Nazi infamy. Their rating on trustpilot.com is abysmal.

Whilst I don’t think one can trust Labour with anything much, I do consider the selling off of the energy supply system was extremely foolish. Look at where we are now, exploited by foreign owners. It was better in public ownership.

And don’t believe all you read about Nazi Putin and Heroic Zelenskyy. Zelenskyy’s the Nazi comedian dragging his country into the abyss of war, supported by the west’s elites who will make money out of the crisis as always.

And as George Soros is reported as supporting the Ukraine you should be deeply suspicious at least.

The panic over such things causes all this upheaval and has helped fuel inflation, just like thinking that Covid 19 was a monster rather than the ‘flu masquerading as a human race terminator.

Keep loving instead as the Lord God has repeatedly reminded you. Perfect or strictly complete love casts out fear.

English Christians told to repent for anti-semitism

This was said in Church of England report in 2019. The C of E is not very bright but has been going downhill for a long time.

As I keep saying, there is no such thing as anti-Semitism towards the Jews, if anything it must be anti- Judaism. The Semitic people are essentially derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah, and not the specific tribe of Judah from whom the Jews essentially come.

But then the Jews do have a habit of distorting words to suit. Or at least the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

For this is the problem, these interlopers within Judaism poison everything. They are the children of Satan and descendants of those who bayed for Jesus’s blood, although He went willingly to show them up for who they were.

He knew that despite the agonies of what he would go through it was worth it for the glory that would arise from it, and to free the children of God from that vile thing that Satan, the great serpent, did in the Garden of Eden to the Most High’s darlings Adam and Eve.

It is those true Jews who are Jews inwardly as Paul the apostle puts it, who suffer from these Satanic self-righteous monsters, and thus they have been hounded and vilified whilst the elites look on in satisfaction in their palaces and castles, including the religious ones, not just the secular.


The Rt Revd William Kenney, the Roman Catholic Auxiliary Emeritus Bishop of Birmingham, led an act of penitence during the service. “God of Israel, we acknowledge with shame and penitence the anti-Semitic decrees of the Synod of Oxford,” he said. “For times when we have witnessed the ill-treatment of Jews and people of other faiths and have not gone to their aid, Lord, we ask your forgiveness.”

This seems on the surface to be fair except for the stupidity of using the word anti-Semitic.

But then he refers to the ‘God of Israel’. Well, you cretin Kenny, have you not heard, have you not seen that the Most High is the Lord of heaven and earth and all that is in it?? He is the one who is God of all the nations.

If Israel has a separate god, then it is not the most High. But she does, and Israel are all of God’s children in Christ, Jew and Gentile.

Those who are not in Christ are not the Most High’s but Satan’s, and they are doomed to go with him into the lake of fire.

They are not true Israelites if they are not in Christ, it is that simple.

Anyway, it is reported that William Kenny calls himself Right Rev, and is a Catholic bishop. Anagrams of his name include

ink in me Wally

Ann mike Willy

ak Minne Willy

inane km willy

ink mean Willy

ink name willy

Ella mine winky

Elly mini wank

lily mein wank

mini yell wank

I my Neill wank

I know that there are problems with paedophile priests who are supposed to be celibate. Never a good idea to restrict the good gifts of God with man-made laws.

These anagrams make me a bit uneasy for some reason.

There is a C of E bishop of Lichfield, Michael Ipgrave who calls himself Right Rev Dr.

This is from the Church Times

“So much anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism can be traced back to distorted Christian teaching,” Dr Ipgrave said. He now chairs the Council of Christians and Jews. “We need to recognise how our history has contributed to the teaching of contempt which generated hostility towards and suffering for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

I have tried finding out a bit more about him. Not very easy. But he has the same issues of using anti-Semitism, so not very bright then.

I tried anagrams of his name. There are apparently 3550 anagrams of letters after word ‘viper’ removed!! Here are a few of the full viper anagrams.

eg malachi viper

he magical viper

hag malice viper

hale magic viper

leach magi viper

am lice hag viper

A viper in the bosom of the Church of England then. I am seriously concerned ; but then as I said, the C of E has been going downhill for a long time.

As for this Right Rev Dr nonsense Jesus says do not use titles such as Father or teacher or Rabbi and He also means these stupid titles too. You religious types love these things to be admired by mankind, but the heavenly Father sees through to the heart and rebukes you for your folly.

I think that will do. There are other things I could look at, but to be honest I just can’t be bothered right now.

Anyway, I am working on posts on the Eastern front around Kharkov in WW2, the Falklands’ war and Neil Fergusson among others, so there is plenty else to do.

Until next time, adieu.

P.S. You may wish to view these links if you haven’t already.

G is for…..guidance

Put In Boots – the UKraine Panto

C is for….Church of England. Or completely EUseless.

George Soros (and the Great Conjunction)

Remdesivir (brand name Veklury) and Covid 19

Malta awarded the George Cross: 15th April 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

15th April, 2022

Today is Good Friday. It is also the day, 80 years ago, that the island of Malta was awarded the George Cross during Siege of Malta in World War II.


This is the contents of the letter from King George VI.

The Governor


To honour her brave people I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history.

George R.I.

April 15th 1942

To which the Governor of Malta, Lieutenant-General Sir William Dobbie replied

By God’s help Malta will not weaken but will endure until victory is won.

We might ask if William Dobbie stayed the course for the whole of the siege. Or as Hamlet might have put it, Dobbie or not Dobbie that is the question!

Well, he didn’t but not for want of trying. You can read this link about him; it is well worth it in my book.


I will highlight the following;

Despite being a Protestant on a Catholic island, his faith became an asset. Admiral Cunningham, commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean Fleet, described him as “an Ironside of a man. His profound faith in the justice of our cause made a great impression on the religious Maltese. The complete and calm faith shown in the broadcasts he made nearly every evening contributed immensely towards keeping up the morale of the people”.



In the above link we see this:

Churchill called the island an “unsinkable aircraft carrier”.

It provided to be an essential base against the Axis forces of Germany and Italy during the war, both for air attack and naval warfare.

This is a useful site for statistics.


This includes:

42 Anti-aircraft guns to defend Malta in the first week of June 1940, as opposed to the 172 that had been recommended by the Committee of Imperial Defence in July 1939.

Note 42 for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans.


282 The largest amount of air raids in a single month came in April 1942, the worst month of the war for Malta, which saw the destruction of countless well-known landmarks, such as the Royal Opera House in Valletta, although scores of people were spared when a bomb which hit Mosta Church failed to explode.


15,000 Tons of bombs dropped on the Maltese Islands, almost 4 times the amount of bombs dropped by the Allies in the notorious attack on Dresden in February 1945.

6,700 Tons of these bombs were dropped in just 1 month – April 1942.


241 Axis aircraft destroyed by anti-aircraft guns. Another 48 were listed as probably shot down but could not be confirmed.

102 Axis aircraft destroyed by Malta’s anti-aircraft guns in just 1 month! This figure was reached in April 1942.

So you can see the significance of this month, April 1942 in the siege. Perhaps this month, April 2022, will be significant now in the Covid 19 ‘siege’ of the earth as I have noted similarities between WW2 and the Covid 19 crisis.

There is a short film, Malta GC 1942, which gives some insight into the island and what it endured.

The etymology of the word Malta is very interesting.

The most common etymology is that the word Malta is derived from the Greek word μέλι, meli, “honey”. The ancient Greeks called the island Μελίτη (Melitē) meaning “honey-sweet”, possibly for Malta’s unique production of honey; an endemic subspecies of bees live on the island.



The honey connection reminds me of Samson, a strong man whom God strengthened, and his riddle, part of which is ‘…out of the strong came forth sweetness.’

Thus we may see in the case of Malta, out of the strong island, the strength of its people relying on the strength of God to endure the hardships and eventually win through.

The other interesting thing is that Malta can be M’altar, my altar if you will. Altar is a high place.

This reminds me of today, Good Friday, when the Man Jesus Christ was hung on what is usually called a cross, but in truth a tree, a ‘T’ tree with a little head board. It was a dead tree is essence, a carpenter’s tree.

It was on a hill, a high place with two other ‘trees’ on which hung two other men, two criminals. One cursed God; the other knew he had done wrong and asked Jesus to remember him.

Malta received the George Cross for ‘…heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history.’

Jesus received the equivalent of the Victoria Cross, or Victorious Cross we might say, the V.C. for heroism and devotion that is famous in history. He endured the cross, in reality a stake from the Greek word stauron. This was because there was so much at stake, the people of the world to be freed from sin by His death, so that forgiveness could be given.

The V.C. might be considered to have been awarded posthumously. But then it is claimed He rose from the dead, so that would not make sense.

And, as the battle was far from over at the time Malta was awarded the George Cross, so the spiritual battle was not over, as those who follow Jesus continue to fight it to this day.

I will end with William Dobbie’s words in a note inserted into copies of the New Testaments given to the troops stationed in what was then called Palestine in 1929. His office over looked Golgotha.

You are stationed at the place where the central event in human history occurred – namely the crucifixion of the Son of God. You may see the place where this happened and you may read the details in this book. As you do this, you cannot help being interested, but your interest will change into something far deeper when you realise the events concern you personally. It was for your sake the Son of God died on the cross here. The realisation of this fact cannot but produce a radical change in one’s life – and the study of this book will, under God’s guidance, help you to such a realisation.

P.S. Please not William Dobbie was GOC, General Officer Commanding, in Singapore before WW2. He made some interesting observations re the defence of the city. If he had been listened to perhaps the island would not have fallen in the way it did.

For my analysis and somewhat amusing take on the fall of Singapore, here is a link.

P.P.S. If you want more on Jesus etc., please see my refectory section in my World Menu.

But then Jesus crops up all over the place, and you will find Him elsewhere too. He is full of surprises!

Some helpful links.

Samson’s riddle.


General Malta info.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malta

Anton Schmid remembered: 13 April. 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

13th April,2022

I wish to remember this brave man today, the anniversary of his death 80 years ago. He was an Austrian like the ‘Führer’ Adolf Hitler, but someone who gave up his life to save others. You can find more about him here. It is not too long.


He was born in January 1900 so was 42 years old at the time of his death. he is said to have been

A devout but apolitical Roman Catholic and an electrician by profession


German historian Wolfram Wette describes him as a non-ideological humanitarian whose opposition to Nazism stemmed purely from his respect for human life.


He was one of only three Wehrmacht soldiers who were executed for helping Jews.

I note

The trial record did not survive, so researchers are unsure who denounced him or exactly what offenses he was charged with.

Please excuse the pun, but he was an electrician and he was put on a charge!

Again I note

In his final letter to his family, Schmid wrote, “I have just acted as a human and I did not want to hurt anyone.”

He made this statement to a Jew he helped.

We all must die. But if I can choose whether to die as a murderer or a helper, I choose death as a helper.

There is a plaque in his memory

“Here Rests A Man Who Thought It Was More Important To Help His Fellow Man Than To Live”.

There is this comment.

Wolfram Wette described Schmid as “one of the gold grains hidden under the heap of rubble” in the history of Nazi Germany, as there were so few Germans willing to risk their lives to help Jews.

It should be noted that

As of 2009, the Third Reich’s treason convictions of Wehrmacht soldiers have not been annulled.

Is this still the case? If so we ought to ask ourselves why.

In this week when many people remember what is called the passion of Jesus Christ, we remember someone else who gave His life to save others, to set an example.

But today remember Anton if you will, who gave his life willingly, a man who obeyed the two great commandments to love God and love his neighbour as himself.

He did not love his earthly life so much that he was not willing to give up his physical life in the service of others, like his lord Jesus.

I bow my head to you dear Anton. Thank you so much.

Yours, Baldmichael.

P.S. See you at the resurrection.

P.P.S. As 42 is the ultimate answer to all ultimate questions, and as Anton was 42 years old when he died what is the ultimate question in this case? Answers on a post card or back of an envelope and mail them to yourself or anyone else you fancy.

Or not, as the case may be. Alternatively try this.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

As to why Germany/Austria seems not to have annulled treason convictions of Wehrmacht soldiers see this, explaining the goings on re Covid 19 and who is behind it.

Covid 19 Summary

Timeline – anticipated events in World War 3

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th February, 2022

I have said this elsewhere, we are in World War 3, but a war of words primarily, not guns, tanks and planes, but buns, thanks and plain speaking!

Buns because food is required to sustain us, and to share with people, even our enemies as this helps to win people over.

Thanks because it is written ‘In everything give thanks’ and this makes our hearts glad as well as others. The heavenly Father and Jesus appreciate this too!

The unseen angels should not be forgotten; they thrive on thanks as they work their cotton socks off for us. I thank them every night as I am eternally grateful to them for their faithful service.

And plain speaking because it is not good hiding the truth even if it is hard. Speak the truth in love. This should be with gentleness as far as possible, but we may be angry (there is a lot to be angry about at the moment), but we must not bottle it up as if we go to sleep angry we will not sleep well and our health is affected.

We may be angry with ourselves and indeed I would rather be angry with myself for being stupid or careless than someone else. But even then I must not dwell on it but learn from my mistakes. Onwards and upwards!

Anyway, as regards timelines we are in the equivalent of World War 2, but 80 years ago, making it February 1942. We are following a similar pattern of events as regards significance although it will not be an exact replica, but similarities may be observed.

I use the following link for reference, but there other links on the net which may be of great use.


The principle events will be of note. For example, the war in Europe on the east front is still in the harsh Russian winter where the Russians were resisting and pushing the Germans back a bit.

In the desert Rommel had made recent advances with the Afrika Korps. But will not resume eastwards for a few months.

In the Far East, the Japanese continue to advance into the Pacific and will take the Philippines, whilst against the British they will take Singapore by mid-February.

I have noted that in the USA, it is undergoing another Civil War, albeit the sides are not Union and Confederate as such. Probably nearer Republican vs. Democrat, therefore more the Red and the Blue than Blue and the Gray!

I’m sure you can Google your own links to see what similarities there are, but it must be noted that Gettysburg was essentially the turning point in 1863. Which took place 1st to 3rd of July. Mmm…just before Independence Day. Mmm…

The timeline is 160 years back. This would mean that the American Civil War (mark II) and World War 3 would both end within 24 hours of each other around 8th and 9th of May 2025. You can check the original dates yourself to confirm.

Fascinatingly, my wife and I married on a 12th April, the same day as it were that the ACW started! Perhaps we have been fighting ever since!

I am not aware of other timelines, but I daresay there might be, so if anybody has any observations I would be pleased to know.

Anyway, I thought this link backs up what I have said.

Mr Anthony Fauci, MD, (don’t call him Doctor Fauci, that is a title that no one should have) said this in December last year it seems.

“You know, we’re in a war, Jon. It’s kind of like we’re halfway through World War II, and you decide, well, I think I’ve had enough of this. I’m walking away.

“You can’t do that. You’ve got to finish it — and we’re going to finish this and get back to normal.”



It would have been about three and a half years from his comment to when I see the war ending. Three and a half years. Mmm…ring any bells people?

And I have seen this which will be of interest.

This is extract from above for easier reference.

Matthew K

21 hours ago

The official U.S government website ‘Clinical Trials.Gov’ states that the ‘phase 3’ clinical trial completion dates for each vaccine are as below.

Moderna: October 27, 2022

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): January 2, 2023

AstraZeneca: February 14, 2023

Pfizer: May 2, 2023

The ‘phase 4’ clinical trial which is the final study regarding the long term side effects will be completed in December 31, 2024

I could point out the links to the significant events in the timelines but I won’t except to say that The Battle of the Bulge took place in 1944 Christmas time. If I told you how it will no doubt play out, then you would groan at the corny-ness of the comparison.

Don’t say God doesn’t have a sense of humour!

Finally perhaps I might point out that as we are in the equivalent of 1942, the number 42 stands out.

The ultimate answer to the ultimate question ‘When will the Covid 19 war tide start to turn?’ Well, in 1942, at the midway point.

The Battle of Midway took place in the Pacific then; the Japanese navy took a severe blow. And the Germans were stalled at El Alamein.

The Germans were advancing significantly in Russia, but Stalingrad occurred at the end of the year and you know or can research what happened.

In November The Second Battle of El Alamein took place and the Germans were pushed back and Libya fell.

In the Far East, the Japanese started to fall back.

So there you have it, something to keep you occupied and hopefully encouraged as you fight this war of words.

Well I am, so I hope you are too. We shall win, so ya, boo, sucks Satan!

P.S. The 42 link.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *  

And Covid 19 Summary for any yet to see it.

P.P.S. 31st May 2022. I came across this site today and this particular post caught my eye. it says among other things:

I notice that most of these signs are completed in 2024. And their completion also refers to the coming of the Lord. So, I expect something major to happen on the word scene in 2024.

Those of you with wisdom should be able to work it out.

P.P.P.S. Do also consider this post.

Second Battle of Kharkov 12th–28th May 1942

End of year round up and thank yous.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

31st December, 2021

Another year passes. And now we have Covid passes or passports. As of 28 Oct 2021 the following countries seem to be using them.


So if you fancy going anywhere sensible which doesn’t require them then you know where to go. But then as we are in the middle of World War Three, you might not be too keen to go anywhere.

World War Three, the war of words as spoken about in the book or Revelation in the Bible.

This war is following a pattern of World War Two, but 80 years ago. I also consider the United States has its own internal civil war, another war of words, only 160 years ago.

This places us today at 31st December, 1941 and 1861 respectively. By checking the time lines on the web you will be able to get a sense of what is going on, what major events are likely to occur and what the end result will be.

Victory of course, a victory for truth and justice, a victory of judgement and mercy, ultimately a victory of Love.

We have undergone various battles; some have been lost others won. Evil is being exposed and light is breaking out across the world. The world has been bought to the boil and the scum, the evil scum, is being skimmed off.

Evil has been hidden, the veil is being lifted. Anagrams of evil include vile, veil, Levi and live. So the vile evil which has been hidden by a veil will be exposed by the Levi, the Royal Priesthood, so that we may live!!

And if you are in Christ you are His royal priests, the heavenly Father’s beloved children, always loved from the beginning of time…

So as regards  WW3, in the coming year I expect the Battle of Midway in the Pacific to be pivotal (this is why it was the Battle of Midway of course). The 4–7th June 1942 that took place, so 4–7th June 2022 we might expect to be equally pivotal and we can work towards the same.

Germany was still making inroads in Russia, but they would be stalled at Stalingrad in the winter. Which is why it is ‘stal(l) in grad’!!

And amazingly ‘grad’ in Bosnian is ‘varosh’. Sounds like ‘virus’ if you use Google translate. The virus is stalled then? The lies I mean, not the ‘flu which we will always have (all other things being equal). Or maybe we won’t. Mmm…

As regards the American Civil War this is a very good Wikipedia link. It is very detailed.


The American Civil War (A.C.S.) was considered to end on May 9th, 1865. World War Two, at least the War in Europe, ended May 8th, 1945. The War on Japan ended 14th August, 1945, but the ending dates of WW2 in Europe and the A.C.S are uncannily close.

As regards the War in Europe (I include the Desert War in North Africa with this), the Axis forces, Germany and Italy, were halted at the First Battle of El Alamein in July 1942.

Please note that El is an ‘angel’, even ‘god’ in Hebrew. Alamein is very similar to ‘Aleim’ or the Elohim, the angels. If you follow the logic you will see why this is so wonderfully significant, all planned, set out as a riddle for you to work out.

And 1942 is significant because of the 42, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question! Which is ‘Which year do we see the tide of war turn?’ ’42 of course!

And 2022 can be 2 and two ‘2’s. 2 0 22. The two ‘2’s make four, 4. Thus 42! Contrived perhaps? Perhaps that is the point of it all.

Anyway, you can take heart from all this and know that the light is at the end of the tunnel and God, the angels, have it all in hand. We must play our parts as well, to the best of our abilities, however great or small. Nothing is too small, however small you may feel.

You have one talent? Do not waste it like the man in the parable Jesus told as a warning.

And we need not fear, as our God is greater than the world, its views and thoughts and opinions or theories. As John says in his letter

“Little children, you are of God, and have overcome them; for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

They are of the world, therefore what they say is of the world, and the world listens to them.

We are of God. Whoever knows God listens to us, and he who is not of God does not listen to us.

By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.”

So I say go hunting for those who will listen, the lost sheep.

And going forward into the coming year we can consider these words which this beautiful website has repeated.

I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year

‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.’

And he replied,

‘Go into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God

That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way!’

Well, I asked last year for everything as I explain in my CV. So I got everything, at least the keys to everything as I also explain. I intend to share all of it as I go. Things have been held back for a very, very long time. It is time they were exposed, revealed.

Which is why we are in the book or Revelation, in the Greta (Sic!)Tribulation, the final War to End all Wars.

Why is why we have Greta Thunberg, the great thunder mountain, thundering at us!

And sic because of the sickness, the plague, Covid 19. Or put more simply the ‘flu, the influenza the seasonal (largely) toxicosis of the body which occurs in the main due to vitamin D deficiency.

Made worse by lockdowns, masks and poison vaccines, poisons and toxins in the whole environment.

Vaccines and vaccinations. Vaccinations, an anagram of which is ‘Icon Vatican’. The icon is an image, the Vatican is a beast, so the image of the beast.

Vitamin D deficiency, D for what exactly? D for Dog, perhaps. The reverse of which is God. The God deficiency then.

Yes, the God, the heavenly Father, deficiency. D for Daddy then. That’s better, D for Daddy, a heavenly Daddy.

A Daddy to hold hands with as you go forward, like Christopher Robin and Pooh, or Pooh and Piglet.

The initial of which are C.R.A.P. or P.P.!! Crap or pee pee!? You think your life is crap do you? You think people are pee pee-ing on you?

Well, the heavenly Father understands. People have done this to Him for many, many years. Just like they did to His beautiful Boy who became a Man.

So, no fear, only Love, perfect Love. Fear destroys Love. But God is Love and

‘Perfect Love casts out fear.’

But I must say my thank yous. Thank you to all those who have given me the great honour of following my site. Thank you to those who comment, which is very helpful and encouraging.

I welcome anything, even if you disagree, because at least then we can reason together as we seek the truth. If we make mistakes we can always apologise, and anyway making mistakes is how we learn and do things better next time.

And thank you to Nelle, who has reblogged some of my posts. I never expected that, you are very kind Nelle.

If anyone thinks I might benefit from a link or information, let me know. I do my best to dig things out, but I rely on angels seen and unseen such as your good selves.

So tonight at the turn of the year I do hope you have yourselves a real good time, dancing , reading, whatever, whether quietly or noisily. Don’t keep the neighbours awake if they need to sleep, invite them round if they are not afraid. Invite them anyway to show you are not afraid.

Do keep looking after people in the best way you can, whatever that may mean.

And I look forward to being with you in the New Year tomorrow. Although when tomorrow arrives it will then be today!

P.S. don’t forget that ‘real’ in Spanish mean ‘royal’. If you are in Christ you can have a ‘real’ or ‘royal’ good time. Whether you are male or female, a king or a queen, why not dance to some Queen. This is a favourite of mine to dance to.


I’m gonna have myself a real good time

I feel alive

And the world, I’ll turn it inside out


I’m floating around

In ecstasy

So turn the world inside out people!

How many managers does it take to change a light bulb?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th September 2021

I see on the following video that Nigel Farage says it is reported that the NHS is to recruit 42 new executive managers to be recruited at up to £270,000 per annum. You can find this at just after 7 minutes.

7 minutes is probably the amount of useful work you will be able to get out of these new managers. I may be optimistic of course.

So, it seems about time I used my leaden rapier like Tom Lehrer to kill the beasts. Here goes.

Question: How many managers does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: None, they don’t know how to do anything practical.

How many managers does it take to have a light bulb moment?

I have taken the stance of an interested member of the public asking this reasonable question of the abilities of the managerial staff. He is speaking to the managerial staff department. This may be HR a.k.a . Human Resources.

“Sorry what’s a light bulb moment? Somebody, Google that for me will you? Well, anybody will do, don’t just sit there looking at me. Ok, ok, let’s see where’s Kevin, he knows these sort of things. Mmm? Transferred to IT? Really when was that? About a year ago you think? Gosh, how time flies. And it was Gavin not Kevin? Well, I knew it was something like that.

How about you Steve? You need to go to the washroom? Well, go then, we don’t want to have to clean up if you don’t make it in time, do we, ha, ha? It’s alright, only joking, we have cleaners to do that. Sorry, I meant housekeepers sounds grander, and helps them accept minimal pay.

Anyway, don’t forget to fill in a form on return, what are they, um, P 1 or SH 1 t. Easy to remember for us. Who did those? Gavin? Really? Mmm? He left them for us before going to IT? Said the second one suited our brains best, did he? Clever chap, sorry he had to move on.

Where was I? What did you ask? How many managers does it take to have a light bulb moment? Oh, yes. Well, how about you Tracey? You’ve done it already? Good girl! And?  It’s the same as an idea. Idea. Mmm, sure I had one of those once. When was it? June I think. Er, 1997 if I’m not mistaken. When Tony Blair won a landslide victory for the Labour party. Or was it the other way round? Can’t remember what the idea was, though.

Right everybody, so now we all understand the meaning of light bulb moment. Yes Frank? You’re not sure everybody does? To be honest Frank, I think you’re pulling my leg. Frank is always the joker.

As I was saying, can you all start remembering when we last had a light bulb moment in this department and then we can come back to this nice gentleman, Neville isn’t it? Melvyn? Sorry, Melville. I’m hopeless with names.

Yes, we’ll come back to you on that one. How about Wednesday? Fortnight’s time?

It’s ok, you think you know the answer anyway now. Oh. Pity, we needed something useful to do. Still, always papers to shuffle I’m sure.

Do pop in again, for a chat and a coffee won’t you?”

How many managers does it take to organise the changing of a light bulb?

I have taken the stance of an a subordinate member of NHS staff asking if it is just possible that the light bulb that has been broken for up to 6 weeks might be replaced anytime soon.

And is there anyone available soon, as the surgeon says he lost his watch inside someone and can’t see to get it out.

“Ooo, let’s see. Mmm…Well, there’s Karen from H.R. and she has how many under her? Mmm, not sure, I’ll have to check with Personnel. Of course, Personnel will have to be involved too. There’s maintenance as well, at least the chief dogsbody, whatever his name is, Richard or Connor. I think it ends with an R. Or starts with an R, one or the other. Anyway, it’ll have to be authorised in triplicate and whilst we can’t trouble the Director (all hallowed be her name), I, as the Vice Director, will have to sign all the forms. And I’ll have to check each one to make sure there are no smelling pisstakes (my little joke!). So all that takes time and as the weekend is coming up, it’ll probably be next Monday. Or Tuesday. Mmm? Oh no, not the changing of the light bulb, that would be silly, you silly man. No, telling how many managers – womanagers really, we’re all female in this department – it takes to organise the changing of a light bulb.

I hope that answers anybody’s question if ever they wondered about this perplexing problem. I shall be writing more about the NHS in due course.

In the meantime if you think spending all this money on managers is a waste of time, and gross waste of money, do write and tell the government, your MP, the NHS etc. what you think.

As taxpayers and their employers it is your right after all.

P.S. If you would like to see something else on the NHS and haven’t already viewed you might like this.

or this

Please note that it said 42 new executive managers at the the start. This could be the number of managers it takes to organise the changing of a light bulb.

If so this shows how mind boggling stupid and wasteful the NHS might become. But then it is already. Stop this madness please.

If you wish to look at more 42 see here.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

V is for…..Victory

25th July 2021

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

H.M.S. Victory perhaps, once Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar. Or Victory V’s, a lozenge. I thought the latter disgusting. No wonder, I checked on line and it seems they once contained chloroform! Perhaps they taste better now. See


Then there is Winston Churchill with his famous ‘V’ sign. This was to show the British people that victory would be theirs in the war against Germany and the Nazis.

And probably to show the Germans that the British had their fingers left to pull the triggers on their guns. Or shoot their bows at the enemy.

Did you know that one intrepid officer took his long bow into battle? See the following link.


As regards his sword it says this.

His sword also served him well later, in 1943.  At the time, Mad Jack was a commanding officer in Salerno when his troops were forced into line fighting—something for which they hadn’t been trained. Churchill went ahead of his soldiers wielding his sword. He leapt out at German sentries from the darkness, blade held high, and the Germans were so frightened by the “demon” that they surrendered. Churchill took 42 prisoners that night with the help of just one other companion and his trusty sword.  This was inline with his philosophy on fighting the Germans, which he described after capturing the 42:

I maintain that, as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do, if you are senior to him he will cry ‘jawohl’ (yes sir) and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation.

Amazing story and another reference to 42, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question in the universe according to Douglas Adams. Does 42 signify victory I wonder?

Against the Germans possibly yes. The Germans are well known for following rules enthusiastically; they like being led like sheep. And sadly to the slaughter in world wars 1 and 2.

Bearing in mind we are still fighting the Nazis at this time, albeit in a war of words, perhaps this is significant. After all, the tide of the war truly turned in 1942 in favour of the Allies. 42 again you see.

But let’s go back to H.M.S. Victory. She is preserved in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK and you can of course visit.

Wikipedia gives something of her history.


On her return to England, Victory was examined for seaworthiness and found to have significant weaknesses in her stern timbers.

This was in Dec 1798. You could say that Victory had a rotten bottom!!

But you could also say the Victory had been resurrected.


Now this has similarities to Jesus and His death on the cross, in reality a ‘T’ or tree with a little headboard.

I have written elsewhere about this, link at the bottom for those who wish to check.

H.M.S. Victory was instrumental in defeating the French and Spanish allied fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar off Cape Trafalgar, as indeed she was at an earlier battle of Cape St Vincent. It is interesting to note that Vincent means ‘to conquer’.

But what does Trafalgar mean? End of the column perhaps according to this site.

Interestingly, H.M.S. Victory was at the head of one of the two columns of British ships that attacked the French and Spanish line. In so doing as she had at Cape St Vincent she raked the enemy’s ships both ahead and astern, crossing the ‘T’ as it is described.

The effect of such fire is always devastating in the hand of well-trained experienced and disciplined crews. The line of the French and Spanish was broken and victory was made complete with the two columns engaging the middle and rear-guard of the allied fleet.

Of course the victory was tempered by the death of Horatio Nelson, but the allied fleets suffered such a defeat that Napoleon could not realise his dream of invading England. And Great Britain ruled the waves up to and including the Second World War.

A pivotal moment for Great Britain and what some historians call the “imperial century” which was to follow in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo.

And Jesus achieved a victory pivotal in human history when he died on the ‘T’. He crossed the ‘T’ and beat Satan.

As did Nelson in the Victory and with the ships that followed, beat the allied fleet that would have helped Napoleon impose a dictatorship on Great Britain.

It is well-known, at least it was in my generation I believe, that Nelson was kissed by Hardy as he lay dying.

Well no one kissed Jesus as He was dying on the ‘T’ or cross as it has been called. Although perhaps the heavenly Father did.

But then, whilst Nelson will have to wait a little longer for his resurrection, Jesus only waited until the third day. At that point He was again able to be greeted and kissed. This was for 40 days until he was taken into the cloud and disappeared from view.

I have talked about kissing the Son in my last post and again I would recommend going to Him and kiss Him as it were in your heart. Greet Him formally or passionately. He will accept either. But He will want you to be passionate and begin to show compassion on those who need it most.

Which is why His death is called the passion. But that’s another story.

As for H.M.S. Victory, she is or at least has been undergoing repairs for a sagging hull. Which could be a saggy bottom, which happens to many people when they grow old!

As for Great Britain ruling the waves, well, she has seen her navy decline over the years. I wonder what leaving the EU will bring, as we escape the clutches of the European empire dominated by Germany and France.

‘God with us Mac Ron’ may want to be a new emperor of Europe as Germany seems to be buckling at last in its domination of the EU.

But we are still struggling with stupid rules, although these are now to do primarily with Covid 19 rather than EU regulations as such.

Time, I think, for Great Britain to rule the waves again.

Only this time, to wave the rules (which as I keep telling anybody who will listen, are only guidance and advice anyway).

So don’t be like sheep like the Germans and follow the ‘rules’ just because government supposedly tells you to. Start thinking and wave goodbye to the stupid rules, whilst following the good rules of love.

Don’t wait for the third wave to end or indeed the fourth wave to start. There will always be waves of ‘flu a.k.a. Covid 19.

Just ride the waves like a surfer, be you a young surfer or a silver surfer.

And have fun whilst loving as best you can in the right way. You can have the victory too like Jesus and conquer the waves!

P.S. Here’s the link I referred to J is for…..Jesus

And if you like, the link to 42.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

For Covid 19 and some answers see this. Covid 19 Summary

And for a victory song to dance to, why not try this.

On this day 29th June 2021 – England 2, Germany 0

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

30th June 1941

Okay, okay, so its 30th June today, but what’s a day between friends? About 24 hours I suppose on the earth. I say about, as a day is not quite this long. See the following link.


And of course if you were on another planet, then a day might vary enormously. If you have read the link you will note they have calculated Venus with a day as 5,832 hours!!

If you were on Venus (and its toxic highly pressurised atmosphere is not to be recommended unless you want to be suffocated, squashed and burnt at the same time), imagine how long before you might be able to go to bed. Lack of sleep can kill, you know!

Although the toxic atmosphere and heat would kill the average human being instantly anyway, so you needn’t worry about that. Venus sounds rather like a lake of fire to me.

But let’s come back to yesterday. Well, England beat the Germany at football for once in the Euros, hooray! Here are a couple of links below from the Guardian which I consider worth reading.


The goals were scored by Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. So Sterling showed he was made of sterling stuff and Kane beat the Germans soundly with a cane as it were!


In the above following the headline it says ‘Locals in Berlin were subdued about their tournament exit as if resigned to being the underdog’

And at the end of the article:

Rainer Hoffmann blamed the coach Jogi Löw, for whom the defeat spells the end of a 15-year career in charge of the German team. “Jogi should have quit before the tournament,” said the 69-year-old pensioner as he finished up his beer. “He’s just the wrong guy, I’ve known that since he got the job in 2006.”

As the final whistle blew, Bruno Farace gave his son another hug. “What do you think, Matteo, will you wear an England shirt the next time around?” Matteo paused to think, and offered a compromise: “Maybe an Arsenal shirt.”

There’s the following too.


“The Euros were meant to be a dignified send-off for national coach Joachim Löw,” said Boris Büchler in a comment for broadcaster ZDF. In his first 10 years in charge of Germany’s national team, Löw had taken his sides at least to the semi-final of every tournament they participated in. In 2014, he came home from Rio de Janeiro with the World Cup.

Yet the dignified send-off was not to be, wrote Büchler. “Instead, the exit in the last 16 is the logical consequence of a downward spiral that began in 2016.”

So you could say poor Joachim Löw’s career ended in a new low!!

Let’s consider other events yesterday, but 80 years ago. The United Kingdom is at war with Germany. The following was listed in this link.


June 29, 1941 (Sunday)

The Defense of Brest Fortress ended in German victory.

The Germans and Finns launched Operations Silver Fox and Platinum Fox, aimed at capturing the key Soviet port of Murmansk.

212,000 children were evacuated from Leningrad.[11]

Hitler issued a secret decree formally designating Hermann Göring as his successor.[61] This is the decree that was referred to in the Göring Telegram of April 1945.

Germans capture the port city of Libau in Latvia.

German submarine U-651 was depth charged and sunk in the North Atlantic by British warships.

Died: Ignacy Jan Paderewski, 80, Polish pianist

The Germans had invaded Russia and were sweeping the Red Army before them. The British Eighth Army (with British, Commonwealth, Indian and Allied contingents) were holding out in North Africa against Rommel and the Axis forces (German and Italian).

And German submarine U-651 was depth charged and sunk in the North Atlantic by British warships.

The last paragraph was a small battle in the struggle against the Axis forces, and a small victory in the scale of things. But small things always count; without them we wouldn’t achieve greater things.

Without these small victories the allies would not have eventually won the war.

The following site has fascinating information about the day.


It talks about the silent generation, a phrase I hadn’t heard before.


Wikipedia explains what this means.


You will note the various people listed in the ‘On this day’ link. Quite fascinating, if not obvious once you think about it.

It says that on this day Joe DiMaggio, extended his hitting streak to 42 breaking Sisler’s record. He is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time, according Wikipedia.


And married to Marilyn Munroe briefly.


You can read all about them if you wish, but it is with some amusement that 42 comes up! 42

It includes the following profile of another Joe.

Joe Biden

Full Name: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Profession: 46th US President, Vice President and Senator

Nationality: United States of America


Political Party: Democratic Democratic Party

Presidential Term: In office since January 20, 2021

Preceded By: Donald Trump

Why Famous: Current US President, who won election with a record 81 million popular votes, becoming the oldest sitting president.

Prior to assuming the presidency, Joe Biden served two terms as the 47th Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama.

A member of the Democratic Party, Biden was a United States Senator from Delaware between 1973 and 2009, until his election to the Vice Presidency.

In April 2019, Biden officially announced he was running to be the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States, his third presidential campaign and the first time he won nomination.

In November 2020 he defeated sitting US President Donald Trump by 306 election votes to 232, winning the popular vote by more than 7 million votes.

Born: November 20, 1942

Birthplace: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 78 years old

Generation: Silent Generation

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Star Sign: Scorpio

Now people will contest that Joe actually lost the election, and that there was wide scale fraud at the ballot box, with dead people voting as it were! That is people whose names were used despite being deceased of course.

Be that as it may, it might be noted that Joe’s star sign is Scorpio. Mmm, a beast with a sting in its tail. Interesting.

Reminds me of the book of Revelation when the tail of the dragon swept a third of the stars to the earth. Mmm.

In the Chinese zodiac he comes under the Horse. Like a horseman of the apocalypse perhaps. Mmm.

And he was born in 1942! Interesting, velly interesting. But stupid. That is a reference to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in, a T.V. programme in the U.S.A.

Of course stupid may refer to Joe Biden and his abilities. Unlike Joe DiMaggio who despite his demons achieved something good with his life.

With reference to the Silent Generation (who seem to me to include many who were far from silent), there is reference to the silent majority which is why the generation is generally defined as silent. This explains.


Simon and Garfunkel wrote about Joe DiMaggio in the song ‘Mrs Robinson’ from the film ‘The Graduate’.

They also wrote about silence in the ‘Sound of Silence’ including the following:

“Fools” said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows.

Hear my words that I might teach you,

Take my arms that I might reach you.”

But my words like silent raindrops fell,

And echoed

In the wells of silence

I have always loved it, the whole song, but now it has much more meaning in the context of today’s crisis with Covid 19 and Coronavirus.

Will the silent majority, of any generation, stay silent against the onslaught of evil and madness going on?

Going back to Germany and the football match I noted reference to national anthems. I checked up on Germany’s. This link helps a lot.


The first stanza is this.

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Maas bis an die Memel,
Von der Etsch bis an den Belt,
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world,
When, for protection and defense,
It always stands brotherly together.
From the Meuse to the Memel,
From the Adige to the Belt,
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world!
Germany, Germany above all,
Above all in the world!

It is said this has been misunderstood to mean that Germany should be foremost to the German people, rather than to mean dominating or conquering the world. Perhaps someone might have pointed that out to them before they started the first two world wars.

It would have saved a lot of bother as we in Britain might say in our understated way!!

The third verse says this:

Anmut sparet nicht noch Mühe
Leidenschaft nicht noch Verstand
Dass ein gutes Deutschland blühe
Wie ein andres gutes Land.

Dass die Völker nicht erbleichen
Wie vor einer Räuberin
Sondern ihre Hände reichen
Uns wie andern Völkern hin.

Und nicht über und nicht unter
Andern Völkern wolln wir sein
Von der See bis zu den Alpen
Von der Oder bis zum Rhein.

Und weil wir dies Land verbessern
Lieben und beschirmen wir’s
Und das Liebste mag’s uns scheinen
So wie anderen Völkern ihr’s.
Grace spare not and spare no labour
Passion nor intelligence
That a decent German nation
Flourish as do other lands.

That the people give up flinching
At the crimes which we evoke
And hold out their hand in friendship
As they do to other folk.

Neither over or yet under
Other peoples will we be
From the North Sea to the Alps
From the Oder to the Rhine.

And because we’ll make it better
Let us guard and love our home
Love it as our dearest country
As the others love their own.

Now that seems more like it. It came from the same pen of August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (there’s a mouthful!).

So who misled the Germans? I blame Prussia myself and its stupid Junkers and mad Kaiser Wilhelm II. There is still a Junker today in the EU. Mmm. What’s his first name?

Anyway, it seems that the Germans have a good anthem although perhaps they might concentrate on the last stanza which seems excellent. Everybody should love their people and homeland and look after them properly.

And love strangers who visit.

Perhaps a last few words from Simon and Garfunkel’s song

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more

This reminds me of the words of the New Testament letter to Jude in the Bible.

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, also prophesied about them: “Behold, the Lord is coming with myriads of His holy ones to execute judgment on everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of every ungodly act of wickedness and every harsh word spoken against Him by ungodly sinners.

Myriads might be 10,000 or even an uncountable number. Myriads could be My-ri-ads as in My smiling (laughing) adverts. The adverts, those who follow Jesus Christ who are adverts for Christ. We do not ‘sell’ Him as a product to be disposed of, but a person to be known and loved as He loves us.

And He comes freely. Freely you have received, freely give, He says.

It also says in the Book of Daniel that

At that time Michael, the great prince who stands watch over your people, will rise up. There will be a time of distress, the likes of which will not have occurred from the beginning of nations until that time. But at that time your people— everyone whose name is found written in the book— will be delivered.

Well, I am only a Baldmichael, with 18 followers at the moment. But I am trying to do my bit along with many others, to bring down the beasts that threaten to destroy the planet and God’s children.

If you don’t follow me yet you are welcome to do so. If you don’t, why not follow another website with the truths exposed.

You are welcome to use and share what I have gleaned in any event.

And don’t forget that following God’s Son, Jesus Christ is above all the most important. He is much more important than many think, vital in fact. He said that He had come that you (that is all God’s children) might have life and have it to the full.

Otherwise there is the lake of fire of Revelation to consider. Rather like Venus which I mentioned at the start.

And I think a good game of football would be better than that, don’t you?

P.S. Here is link to

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

if you would like it.

Or should you wish to understand about Covid 19, my summary.

Or go see something useful/funny about Joe Biden. Lost Property He can be found near the bottom.

Why are so many German cities Bad?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th May 2021

Well, why? Because ‘bad’ in German means bath or spa. In England there is the fair city of Bath. The railway station is called ‘Bath Spa’. Strictly this could be ‘Bath Bath’ or ‘Spa Spa’.

It seems rather a repetitious thing to do, but rather fun I suppose to call it ‘Bath Spa’; it has a gentle sound to it, imitating the gentle washing of waters, the soothing effects of a bath.

The English used to have baths rather than showers as a general rule to wash themselves. And a spa was a place for a special treatment, so it makes sense to advertise it in this way.

Calling the station just plain Bath perhaps loses some romance. I mean who wants to go to a place for an ordinary bath when you can have a bath spa?

In Germany they have bad places to go to have a bath or spa. Which sounds rather odd. But that’s, Germany for you, rather odd.

Anyway I thought we could look at least some of the places in Germany which are Bad.

Seaside resorts


It transpires it’s not the places so much as the waters they adjoin that are bad. As follows:


– meaning ‘imperial bath’.

It is rather confusing, but as I understand it, now a single municipality formed of three that the Kaiser (Emperor/Caesar), Wilhelm II visited. I understand these are Ahlbeck, Bansin and Heringsdorf.

These three places were apparently known as the ‘bathtub of Berlin’. So, perhaps Berliners only washed thoroughly when they visited these places. The smell in Berlin may well have been very bad as a consequence.

Wilhelm II essentially started WWI, and was a nutcase with a stuffed bird on his head so Kaiserbad makes sense.

He was essentially mad. Says it all.


Again not a place, but generic term meaning ‘sulphur bath’. Presumably a bath smelling like farts, so therefore bad.

The following are waters:

Nordseeheilbad – Literally North Sea salvation bath

Nordseebad – Literally North Sea bath (obviously from above)

Ostseeheilbad – Literally East Sea (Baltic Sea) salvation bath

Seebad – Sea bath. Seebad refers to North Sea I believe, but why it is called sea bath rather than North Sea bath I don’t know.

Anyway, it seems to the Germans that the North Sea is bad, the Baltic Sea is bad, and the sea generally is bad. Perhaps this is why the German navy, whilst having some good ships, has never performed well, except when underneath it with U-Boats.

After all if your view of the sea is that it is bad, why should you want to sail on it?

Inland resorts



Bad Aachen – officially this but likes to be first on list so just called Aachen. Why not Aachen Bad? A very good name as ‘ache’ in the middle of Aachen.

So if you have an ache why not go here for a bath?

Alexisbad – well, it looks like Alexis is bad. If this is your name are they slandering you? Or do the Germans know something we don’t?


We now enter the realm of the bad. A large majority of the spas are bad. If they are not, the region they are in is bad, or the type of spa is bad. Thus:

Types of Spa

Moorheilbad – 40 spa towns. The word apparently means ‘Mud salvation bath’ or ‘Mud healing bath’. So, have a bath in mud, and go home dirtier than you came. Sounds mad to me.

Why not instead play rugby football on a lovely wet day and get thoroughly muddy? Then have a bath.

Mineralheilbad – 42 spas towns. ‘Mineral salvation bath’ or ‘Mineral healing bath’. Minerals can be good for health. Can’t see that is bad. Note 42 by my reckoning. Answer to everything. See

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Surely that’s good? Oh well, move on.

Heilbad – 37 spa towns. ‘Salvation bath’ or ‘Healing bath’. Sounds ok to me, not bad.

Thermalsoleheilbad – 4 spa towns. ‘Thermal brine healing bath’. Warm and salty. Sounds good to me, not bad. Are these Germans mad?

Kneippheilbad – 24 spa towns. Kneipp was a German Catholic clergyman and healer; a water healing method developed by him. See



The latter says ‘The five pillar Kneipp philosophy contains these elements – water, herbs, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management.’

This does not sound bad to me, in fact rather sensible.

Jod-Sole-Heilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Iodine-brine medicinal bath.’ Iodine salty bath. Not bad in my books. Yod sound like God, like the Hebrew Yod or Yodh for God. Is God salty or does he use salty language? Yes of course He does.

And He thinks Satan, a.k.a. Loopy Lucy, is a sod. Obviously.

Solebad – 2 spa towns. ‘Brine bath.’ See above.

Soleheilbad – 25 spa towns. See above.

Schwefelheilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Sulphur bath.’ See above and quite a lot earlier above.

Radonheilbad – 2 spa towns. ‘Radon bath’ NB! Radioactive bath!! I have inserted warning symbols.

Some have associated the bottom symbol with Satan. Well, hazard warnings point to Satan being dangerous. Green can be green for envy. Satan all over. Envy is stupid, therefore Satan is a burke.

 Or maybe a burka which you can hide behind. Satan likes hiding. QED.

Felkeheilbad – 1 spa town. ‘Peoples healing bath’ or carnation healing bath.

As I understand it this was after Emanuel Felke (meaning ‘God with us people’).


Sounds more sensible than bad. It seems he dispensed his remedies free of charge, unlike the doctors of the time, who objected to him and his methods. Not surprising when their livelihoods were being undermined and their ability to make large sums of money.

Not unlike today of course, mainstream doctors deriding those offering sensible alternatives to vaccines, masks etc. etc. Ultimately all good things come from God and He gives them freely. Freely you have received, freely give His Son said.

Jodbad – 1 spa town. As I have mentioned before, Jod relates to God, so God bad. This is slander of the basest kind. Satan is bad, not God. Germans are mad, and by all accounts bad.

NB. Some bads can be both mineral and thermal. Sounds ok to me.


Baden-Württemberg – 59 spa towns in this region. Whatever the meaning of Württemberg is (and berg means mountain), it is still bad. Despite being an attractive tourist area. Contains the Black Forest.

Black may be bad if it means lack of light. Might explain things.

Landkreis Bad Kissingen – 3 spa towns in this area. Bad kissing. Not good, but kissing is good (in general).

Gemeinde Bad Boll – 1 spa town in this area. Bad boll, is bad ball. Not good.

Landkreis Bad Dürkheim – 1 spa town in this area. Can’t see what Dürkheim means except heim is home. Durk may mean tough. Tough home, a tough home may be bad. Something is bad in any event.

Stadt Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel – 2 spa towns in this area I believe. Phew what a mouthful! Well, Gott is God. Übel is evil. Looks like it might be ‘pour bucket’ for erggießhübel. Perhaps it rains buckets rather than cats and dogs as we say in the UK.

However, I see the local police laws are rather strict. Try Google translate for text.

Personally, I can see why the area is bad. How on earth can you stick to these rules? Bad, very bad in my books. A.k.a load of bollux.

Landkreis Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – 2 spa towns. Now, wolf rats must be bad surely? No dispute there.

Stadt Bad Driburg – 1 spa town. Driberg maybe third mountain. Sounds like dry mountain. Not sure what’s wrong with that.

Landkreis Bad Kreuznach – 3 spa towns. Kreuznach means cross after or similar. Cross after what exactly? Bad if you worship cross rather than God.

Stadt Horn-Bad Meinberg – 1 spa town. Horn bad clearly. But what type of horn? More information required.

Gemeinde Bad Saarow-Pieskow – 1 spa town. Sounds in part that pies cow is bad. Perhaps cow pies or cow pats. Why should they be bad? Not exciting to tread in one though, but not that bad unless the place is littered with them.

I haven’t been, so I wouldn’t know.

Stadt Bad Teinach-Zavelstein – 1 spa town. Meaning ‘Linden (tree)-Chessboard stone’ possibly. Not sure what’s wrong with that.

However, the following may offer some other clues.


Roman Catholic, cabbalistic? Well, I not surprised it is bad. And in the Black Forest. It all makes sense.

Stadt Bad Doberan – 1 spa town.


The link says

Bad Doberan was one of the first cities that appointed Adolf Hitler in August 1932 an honorary citizen. On 2 April 2007, the city council formally withdrew his honorary citizenship.

Do I have to explain? Why did they take so long to withdraw his honorary citizenship? Wasn’t Adolf dead by then? Do they know something we don’t? I found something a while back which might explain it. But not telling, so there.

But Herman Wirth was born in the town and the following is interesting. See if you can spot a four letter word in the text, part of another word.


Stadt Bad Wildungen – 1 spa town. Sounds like the dung is bad. Oh dear.

Stadt Bad Elster – 1 spa town. Bad magpie it seems. Elster is magpie. Magpies steal things. Stealing is bad. Fair enough.

So just to sum up this section we have:

State – 1.  Out of the 16 states in the German Federal Republic, this is the only one it seems. Baden-Württemberg. This has the most bad places (and the Black Forest).

Stadt – 7. German for city.

Landkreis – 4. German for district.

Gemeinde – 2. German for parish or nearest equivalent.


Bad Abbach – this may indicate that the town does not like Abba, the pop group. Well, people are free to disagree, but why emphasise the point? I quite like Abba myself.

Bad Aibling – sounds like the jewellery here is cheap. That’s bad, who wants cheap jewellery?

Bad Alexandersbad – well, we have had Alexisbad, but it seems Alexander’s even worse. They clearly don’t like Alexander for some reason. And he’s doubly bad. Poor chap.

Bad Arolsen – not sure who Arolsen is or was. Arol is welsh for ‘after’. Might have originally been Carolsen, perhaps son of Carol. Further research required.

Bad Bayersoien – located in the  Pfaffenwinkel, ‘Priests corner’ with moorland around. Bayer again sounds like a dog which bays or howls. So maybe wolves in the area. A corner for priests doesn’t sound much fun to me, especially when one hears what the Roman Catholic ones sometimes get up to. Explains bad anyway.

Bad Bederkesa – perhaps the beds are bad here? As an anagram of Bederkesa is Baedeker the following may make sense.


Anyay, if the beds or perhaps bedding is bad, who would wish to stay the night?

Bad Bellingen – In this case I suppose the Bell people are bad. Try ringing them and find out.

Bad Belzig – whatever this means it must be bad. Wikipedia entry states that ‘Since 2003, when 14 surrounding villages were incorporated into Bad Belzig, some of them voluntarily’. Not all of them voluntary then; that sounds bad.

Bad Bentheim – sounds like the home is bent. Not a good thing to have a bent home.

Hanna Krabbe, and her sister, Friederike, were born and grew up in Bad Bentheim, they were Red Army Faction members according to Wikipedia.

Whilst I can’t find details of their family life, I suspect the reason lies with the family as so often the case. Something for someone to follow up.

Bad Bergzabern – this could be ‘mountain blabber’ according to Google translate. Possibly a hill of rubbish or crap.  But bern means bear in German. So maybe ‘mountain of bear’. Perhaps the inhabitants couldn’t bear the mountain of blabber. That’s sad (and bad I suppose).

Bad Berka – I would have thought this obvious. Berks are stupid or bad. Berkas (sic) that some women wear are stupid or bad, unless you are keeping out the sandstorms or similar. See M is for…..Masks for further explanation.

Bad Berleburg – it seems Lewis Keseberg was born here. He was accused  of cannibalism. Wikipedia gives a history.


Not conclusive but might explain something about the place.

Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge – Something bad in the Fichtel mountains. Not sure what. However, Ulrike Meinhof lived here for a little bit. She was part of the Red Army Faction (a.k.a. Baader Meinhof gang) as described earlier. Oh dear.

Adolf Hitler also stayed here sometimes. Need I say more?

On the other hand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulrike_Meinhof suggests some interesting thoughts on her life.

Bad Bertrich – It is bad that Bert is rich. Obvious. Whoever Bert is. I this this is Bertist, discrimination against Berts.

Bad Bevensen – does this mean they think Bevens are all bad? Or just the son (sic) of Beven? Perhaps they didn’t like Aneurin Bevan or maybe Ernest Bevin?

A case of Bevenism (sic) perhaps.

Bad Birnbach – Well, it seems it’s bad. Birn maybe from burn like a stream in Scotland. Can’t see why a birn should bad. Anyway, the name would mean bad stream stream, as bach means stream in German.

However, Google translate suggests pear from birne in German. So ‘pear stream’. What’s bad about that? Sounds more mad than bad.

Bad Blankenburg – bad blanken mountain? Blanken means ‘bare’ it seems. Maybe everybody there gives you a blank look. That can be bad.

Bad Bocklet – This might have to do with ‘einen Bock schießen’, to make a blunder. Scheißen with the ie the other way round means ‘to shit’. Is Bock a buck like a dollar? Bad little dollar? I suppose a big dollar better than a little one.

As to big or little shit, you tell me. Not that I want to know, mind you, that’s your affair.

Bad Bodendorf – this is near the Golden Mile, a fertile part of the Rhine valley. There was a prison camp in WW2 where German prisoners were held near the end of the war. See


It says at the end ‘In spite of this relatively low death rate of under 1%, many survivors returned from imprisonment traumatized by their experience.’

Mmm, well seeing as Germany started the war I think this is a bit rich don’t you? The entry seems to suggest the Allies were at fault, despite the fact they had to fight a war and try and help clean up the mess afterwards.

Still, when you want to distract from murdering a few (sic) people in the holocaust, it helps to point out how bad someone else is.

Jesus said something about that, regarding planks in your own eye as I recall.

In this case I think I would say a wood yard full of planks in Germany’s eye versus a speck of sawdust in the Allies. That is bad (on the Germans part).

The village lies close by Sinzig. Sin is bad, enough said.

Bad Bodenteich – Boden means ‘ground’ and ‘teich’ means pond as far as I can make out.

There is a video in German I have noted. I wouldn’t bother watching except very briefly to see what I mean. See

All rather depressing. Would explain the bad. Next please.

Bad Boll – Boll could be like ball. A bad ball then. Okay, so what? Perhaps that’s it.

Bad Brambach – One of the radon bath spas. As radon is supposed to be injurious to health that would make sense. But makes no sense of having a spa for health reasons.

Maybe that’s the Germans for you; after all if you are Ger-manic you sound mad. Starting three world wars (current war of words included) is also mad.

Avoiding radon baths might help avoid future wars perhaps.

Bad Bramstedt – There are two people listed in the notable persons list on Wikipedia, Golden Mile and Kurt Gustav Wilckens. See


Karl Lagerfeld sounds a bit odd in his Wikipedia entry. He lost 42 Kg in 2001. 42 the ultimate answer to everything. He also apparently lied about his age.

It seems his parents lied too.


Kurt Gustav Wilckens was an anarchist. Not good then.

But Charles I. D. Looff sounds ok. Except perhaps his name which sound like a toilet. If a ‘loo’ is ‘off’, is it not working correctly I wonder?

Then there are Augusta Louise zu Stolberg-Stolberg  and Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg. Presumably they were so good that they were named twice (Stolberg – Stolberg) like New York in the song by Gerard Kenny. The song reached No. 42 in the UK singles chart apparently. 42 again.

Anyway, all these entries suggest lots of bad things about Germany, and why there are a lot of bad places. Frankly mad would be as good a term.

In any event, there are rather a lot more bad places to look at.

But not today, I think. After all, there is only so much bad you can take at one go. Too much and it will drive you mad.

Like the Germans perhaps?

P.S. Here is the link on 42 again if you need it.

And M is for…..Masks

Mark of the Beast

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th April 2021

Here we are at last. I am indebted to a faithful follower how has worked hard to assist me in this task.

Before I start I would mention that I believe that to a certain extent history is repeating itself and that we are in 1941, 80 years ago, in some aspects. The World war against Germany. Which will be significant when you read below.

One event was that the Germans attacked and were repulsed in North Africa at Tobruk. The Australians were defending it. Well done them!


The Germans were led by Erwin Rommel, the lieutenant general at the time. His nick name was’The desert fox’. It amused me to note from my Cloud for the first time this year, an old Fox cross the rear of my garden yesterday.

And my wife has been having organic food delivered by an Australian over here in the UK!! Honestly, scouts honour and all that. Amazing!

Be that as it may, lets get on with the main task which I set out. Do respond once you have checked it out. And do pass on or post yourselves if you wish, include a link to my site etc. Feel free.

I am not too bothered how except I would like more people to view and know the truth so they can be free. The truth will set you free. So let’s get on with it.

But if you wish to view my page first on 666 go there. Another reminder at end of this post if you wish to go there after.


This is a well-known phrase striking fear into many, but few understand its full meaning. I kid you not to say that I now do. At least, that is I have uncovered the depth of meaning, and expose the fact that the interpretation over the years has been too narrow.

I do not demean all the good hard work others have put in over the years; just that I am not aware that anyone has addressed it as I have. If you know better let me know. There are no doubt further aspects to explore. I will keep  an open mind to other details.

In truth, it has had more than one meaning and has applied in different ways across history from the day John first penned the words. Whilst it might be useful to look at the history, I will not trouble to set out that side when we need to know how it applies now in the end times.

We need the original Greek words to be sure of its meaning and to analyse those first. Then the truth will be revealed.

Original Greek

Charagma – χάραγμα – mark.  A neuter noun. Note seven occurrences of this word, all in revelation, plus further 1 Charagmati, χαράγματι,  meaning a graven thing, an engraving or etching, or something stamped, an impression.

However, Google translate gives Chara as ‘Joy’. Char could be tank as in French, but can refer to chariot as in ‘your chariot awaits’ which might be said of a motor vehicle, to someone by a person else waiting to give the someone a lift.

Gma – I struggle to understand this suffix. I have the following link.


I note 12 words listed, reminds me of Satan as this is typically his number. Includes stigma. An anagram of this is M Gaits. Sounds like M-(elinda) Gates. Mmm, now there’s a thought. Who wears the trousers in that family?

We then have ‘joy of the Gates’. Does that ring a little bell? Or a dirty great big bell? Don’t forget you may have heard it here first. Tell people, they would like to know.

However, my first thought in internet research was initials of Good Morning America. And where you can find Melinda Gates video.


First thoughts can often be correct. But second thoughts can be useful too it seems. Although I put the second first in this case, to show my reasoning.

Tou – τοῦ – of the

Thēriou – θηρίου – beast. . Note 16  occurrences of this word, all in revelation A neuter noun. Strictly wild beast, but not an animal in the sacrificial sense, rather an object or organisation. See below link.


Definition: Note 23 and 42. See 42 link if interested, link again at end of post. 23 is the total of mark and beast references. May be significant, the number no doubt refers to 50% of the human chromosome which is 46.

What is the beast?

If the beast is neuter then this cannot be a person as such (unless perhaps they have been neutered like a eunuch!). However, I have just had the thought that that is possible, especially nowadays when transgender people have in effect been ‘neutered’. Like Rachel Devine, the United States assistant secretary for health perhaps?

However, I believe the primary meaning is institution or organisation or even a group of people. (NOTE: Added 16th April 2021. However, as I am a stupid git, I missed the blindingly obvious until I double checked something just now . See Mr Mark heading later).

I said elsewhere there are three principal groups behind the evil in world, which Satan uses to further his ambitions to rule the world. Not that he will succeed of course.

One I have exposed as Germany, strictly Prussia, although more broadly this encompasses Germanic peoples. The other two I will leave in the wings as it were for latter.

In a way the beast is the EU, essentially a Franco-German affair. As the Franks were/are Germanic I understand this makes sense. Not all French are Franks by the way. But it is the Germans who run the show in reality.

So in this post I will deal with Germany which as you will see has mark clearly stamped all over it!

The Mark

Germany was essentially brought about by Otto von Bismarck. Wikipedia says;

Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (born von Bismarck-Schönhausen; German: Otto Eduard Leopold Fürst[2] von Bismarck, Herzog zu Lauenburg; 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), known as Otto von Bismarck (German: [ˈɔto fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] (About this soundlisten)), was a conservative German statesman who masterminded the unification of Germany in 1871

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_von_Bismarck

Bismarck essentially means ‘to mark’

What was Germany’s currency? The Mark.

Note the following:


‘Wild beasts’ include – panther, puma, tiger, elephant, lion. Also maus which means mouse in English! The Germans do have some sense of humour!

Also rhino and mule. There is a Marder = Marten, a type of weasel.

There is also leopard for modern day tanks.

Note the various Marks (Mk) of tanks.

Note Churchill called Tirpitz “the beast”, and ordered that no effort be spared to hunt her down.

Are you in any doubt about this now?

Motor vehicles

But what about the reference in the Bible to mark being on the right hand/forehead?


Well, strictly this is front rather than forehead, right (hand side) rather than right hand. Which opens up a different possibility, not human at all.

In fact it refers to the front of the vehicle. The word is ‘met-o-pon’ in Greek. –  Think pon as in pont like bridge in Welsh for example. Could be bridge of nose, like a bumper. A car has two eyes, think of cartoons like ‘Cars’ etc.

The Mark is the number plate!!!

And can be on the right hand or right hand side!!!

See photograph below.

Please note that going back to Charagma, Char can mean ‘to burn, a burn mark’, like the burn marks of tyre on tarmac or asphalt. Etc.

And who is implied as the king of Tyre as set out in the Bible. Why, the old enemy, Satan!!

Again, the mark on the ground is like a brand on the earth as it were.  Or what about the latest brand, the latest fashion. Each year many people like to buy the latest model.

Yet again, vehicles can be ‘wild beasts’ as they are out of control unless we steer it (self-drive models not withstanding as is currently being researched/marketed).

The wild beast can be thought of as the motor vehicle which pollutes and all associated by products – mountains of old tyres to deal with, for example.

Who first really developed the motor car? Karl Benz. A German. Who has many of the car models in the world? Germany. There’s a surprise – not!!

Including Roll Royce which as far as I can tell is essentially in German hands. Marks (!)  or brands include ‘The spirit of Ecstasy’. Joy of the beast would make sense here.

This will all lead on to other matters and the interpretation of Revelation which is opening up to me as I turn the keys I have been given. Keep a look out.

Merck of the Beast

A German pharmaceutical company. See


Note it says at today’s date it is in 66 countries!!

Note also Bayer AG, a chemical etc manufacturing company.

What do some wild beasts like wolves do? They bay, and could be described as bayers!!

Another mark

There is another mark, a different mark. You see Charagma can be an etching, which sounds like itching or a scratch mark. Or a little prick. Like with a needle.

What does the nurse say say if she is taking blood as I experienced in recent years? ‘Just a little prick.’ Now in one sense I find that funny, and those with ears to hear may do so too, but it can be related to injections.

Such as for insertion of a drip for saline, or chemotherapy.

Or vaccines.

Now there’s a thought. Side effects of vaccines for some? Well these include soreness in the arm.

Or feeling rather unwell. Or very unwell for several days.

Or death.

If you can call that a side effect. Death is rather terminal to the physical body, so I’m not sure it counts. Just as well there is a resurrection of the body.

I will have to look at this in more detail, but please do research re German involvement. Pfizer and Merck seem to be at or near top of list for annual revenues from vaccines. Pfizer was founded by German immigrants.

As to other companies here is link which may be of use.

Anagrams of ‘Mark of the beast’

For some alternative thoughts, mediate on the following:

Be ok after maths – after counting all fraudulent votes in USA presidential election perhaps

Mask of the beat – masks worn by those beaten down or cowed by governments – but not by people who will not fear man but God. Remember perfect love casts out fear.

Some related thoughts below.

Mask of the Beast

The wearing of masks has become compulsory it seems unless you are British and have read the guidance and advice from the government and understood it correctly like me.

But I believe that mask wearing does vary from country to country and state to state. Still utterly pointless against a virus unless you are trying to keep out diesel fumes, for example.

Diesel, invented by hmm, let me think, ooh it’s on the tip of my tongue – no don’t rush me…..ah! Yes, a German. There’s a surprise – not!

Sadly, few others have checked over this and so many people and firms have followed blindly the advice on masks in the UK without due diligence to legislation in general. Like risk assessments for those you are trying to inflict them on.

Anyway, the beast in this instance is the faceless bureaucracy that you struggle to fight in your attempts to get sense into people.

But we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, and authorities, the cosmic powers of darkness, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

However, having looked more closely at the original text just now, I realise that we have been missing the point. Rather badly. Oh dear, silly me.

Still, that gives me something else to do. As if I haven’t enough already. If you want something done properly do it yourself. Honestly, I don’t know.

Anyway, look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page sometime I hope and tell you where to look.

Marx of the Beast

Karl Marx was a German Jew who came to England. He was the author of ‘Das Kapital’, essentially as I understand it, promoting a communistic materialistic view of life.

I will need to analyse in more depth, but he was responsible for it, along with Fredrick Engels, (Engels means ‘angel’) for the ideas that lead to the communists and Nazis (who are both ultimately socialist). And of course three world wars that led to millions of deaths.

Please note that the communists in Russia were funded by Germany to get the Russians out of the First World War and relieve the pressure of a second front. I have yet to research in detail, but my wife told me this and I believe it to be correct as well as making sense.

Again I say three World Wars as we are in the third war now, a war of words which I have explained elsewhere.

The Beast in this case is his country of origin; Prussia, now Germany. There’s a surprise – not!

I am repeating myself but ‘look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page and tell you where to look’.

Angela Merkel

I am sure you know who she is. Chancellor of Germany.

What does her name mean? ‘Angel Notice’. Or perhaps ‘angel mark’ would do.

Now there’s as surprise – not!!

Mr Mark (added 16th April 2021)

Who I hear you cry? Mr Mark. Who’s he?

Well, that’s obvious, I had thought about it without full attention. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

M. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron that’s who. Or Mr ‘God with us Mark’. Yup, macron means mark! He may be a closet Scotsman as in Mac Ron, but that is just funny.

He has a nice smile, married his mother, sorry mother figure, just like Oedipus Rex. And he’s a wanker, sorry  banker, (in a dark or black suit) among other things. He is French but we can forgive him that. Possibly. Or perhaps not.

And the pope likes him. That’s Francis the Jesuit by the way, the man in the white suit, not the other one from Germany, Benny Dick or something like that, who’s not dead yet.

The pope, or pape or papa, who likes to pretend he’s the holy Father. More holes than gorgonzola I say. Somebody says he’s been arrested a while back. Mmm, interesting.

The Most High will have something to say about pretending to be the holy Father. He thought He was the highest cheese in the universe.

We will have to await developments. Or preferably get out there and tell the Truth, all of it.

This site is worth looking at, extremely informative.


I thought I might just set out a better interpretation of Mr Mark’s name as a result. Italics from ‘An excellent article’ in above link.

Monsieur – My Sir – In his case ‘Mon Sewer’. A place where you put crap.

Emmanuel – God with us – In his case Cod with us because he is fishy.

Or ‘Vichy’ see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46129990

In either case he stinks and is controlled by Germany.

Jean – gift from God – In his case ‘Git from Cod’. A youngish git and still fishy (or Vichy).

Michel – who is like God? – in his case W.H.O. is like Cod? All very fishy. (and still Vichy). See:


Frédéric – peaceful ruler (“Prince of Peace” is the title for Jesus Christ – Isaiah 9:6-7) – In his case ‘Pees full ruler’ or ‘Prince of Pees’. Prince of Piss perhaps? No, not perhaps, definitely.

Macron – a written or printed mark (Revelation 13 tells us “the mark… is the name of the beast (Antichrist)”. Coincidence or incredible play on words?)

The blogger in the quoted article has asked a question. The second part is correct. Did anyone ever doubt that the heavenly Father loves plays on words?

Me for one. At least, I didn’t think about it as such. I thought He must have a sense of humour though. I didn’t realise how awful (in a good sense) His jokes could be. But then I have always loved puns, plays on words. Now I just adore them (in a good way I hope).

The bible is full of them if you look. Much funnier book than anyone, myself included, ever realised.

Conclusion (amended 16th April 2021)

I do hope it is blindly obvious. Germany, with a capital G, one of the beasts, with lots of Marks.

Motor vehicles, ‘beasts’ which can go out of control and injure or kill. With number plates and brands, various Marks.

Communists with their Marx!

And governments’ generally with their stupid Masks!!

And let us not forget ‘Mon Sewer Cod with us Git from Cod W.H.O is like Cod Full of piss ruler Mark On.’ King of France, the Franks (mainly) who are Germanic, and potential world leader. A stinking sewer, stinking fish, git, etc. etc.

There is also a word for someone who marries someone old enough to be his mother, I forget what.

And wanker, sorry banker.

Easy when you know how, seemly impossible when you don’t.

Do pass on, the good thing about truth is it is precious, like jewels and gold and silver that don’t wear out.

I hope you can treasure these things, but sharing them will bring you additional joy.

More joy for another ‘wild beast’, wild hair anyway.

Like me perhaps?!

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

P.S. You may well wish to view my page on 666. Or 42

P.P.S or perhaps the following. Covid 19 Summary

P.P.P.S Or even this which might explain the problems with Germany.

Why are so many German cities Bad?

That Was The Year That Was – 2020-2021

31st March 2021

I am counting the year that has just passed as from 1st April 2020 to today 31st March 2021.More like the years that the Romans counted.

Not unlike the years that the Chinese calculate. The year that has just passed was their Year of the Rat. And not the Year of the Cat which is an Al Stewart album which I have; in my opinion, an excellent album.

I really think that year of the Rats is more appropriate. Rats of all sorts exposed and coming out of the woodwork. Uncivil Service rats, Health Service rats, police rats, you name it, they all came out.

Political rats as well, except they have been out and about for years anyway. There are other rats too. Germany for instance. In German a rat can be: advice, council, counsel, piece of advice, or a senior official.

The senior officials in Germany live in a rathaus, or town hall. Haus is a house in English. So German ‘rats’ live in a rathouse. Obviously.

Anyway, enough of rats for the time being. How about the events of the last 12 months? Well, in my books it really started with 1st April, April Fools’ day. This day has not yet ended, so we have had a year of April Fools.

I think of it as the Day of the Lord as He is using foolishness to expose the frauds and lies, fraudsters and liars, murders and murderers.

Who are the Fools? All those fooled by the goings on all year of course.

Now, it has pointed out that there is a very serious virus going around. It has been around for millennia in reality, but this year it struck with a vengeance.

There are early warning signs; stopping shaking hands or hugging loved ones; wearing of masks on boiling hot days; walking on the other side of the street to avoid people who they think may well be carriers or super spreaders. That sort of thing.

Yes, I am talking about Stupid 20, a mutated version of Stupid 19, Stupid 18 etc., etc. I have written about this here if you need to check if you have a serious form.

I have observed that people are starting to get over it. Some at least. Online forums and YouTube comments indicate improvements in the nation’s (UK) mental health.

It is difficult to judge however what percentage of the population is seriously infected. All too many I fear. Still, improvements are an improvement so that is encouraging.

Stupid 20 is a world-wide phenomenon. I am not sure if any nation is worse than another; it is hard work trying to keep up.

The USA is sorely afflicted. It managed to elect a president who has had the disease for decades. Quite how they managed to do this is difficult to explain. Not impossible, just difficult you understand.

It has been a long process; first you need to poison the public mind with lies about how the world was made. Then you poison their bodies with toxic chemicals in food and drink, air, soil and water.

And toxic drugs, both legal and illegal. Sold on the streets by shady dealers and by many doctors in surgeries and hospitals, among others. Not much difference between them.

You gain control of the media so you can spread more lies and misinformation. Despite this there have been those who have tried to make it clear that standards are declining.

But if you take control of the tutorials and classrooms in universities and schools, and get them young as it were, you can easily raise a generation of idiots who don’t think for themselves.

Then you get them to believe that Democrats are generally good and Republicans generally bad, that dark brown is black and pale skin is white, that men are horrible and women are virtuous.

Make everything extreme and the world is your oyster to take advantage of. Then you can elect a demented senior pale male to be president, whilst the real power lies with the women who tell him what to do and say.

Which includes a darker shade of pale vice-president – Kamala Harris is hardly black after all, except in her heart.

Of course you do this fraudulently, and use dead people and postal votes to do this. What else explains the inexplicable?

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on and wonders how the hell it happened.

It is a comedy show, the greatest pantomime on earth seeing poor old Joe Biden making an ass of himself on a daily basis. I say poor, but he seems to have done quite well financially over the years. It won’t do him any good of course.

I wonder how long the charade will last? Needs someone to wake America up.

Oi, America wake up!

Perhaps that will help. But then if the poisoned food and drink and drugs have made you obese and sluggish, do you have the energy? If you do have the energy you must ‘gird up your loins’ as the old saying goes.

Or another way ‘gird up your lions’ and roar with rage at those who threaten your lives. Put the fear of God into them and regain control of your lives and common sense.

After all, the public is the common man (and woman) who deserve far better than they are getting. But don’t because they let their standards slip. And forgot the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

In the UK we managed to get out of the EU, sort of anyway. There is still a long way to go, because the Nazi/comms have infiltrated our society in depth. Indeed, the whole world.  It takes time and effort to get them out.

And lockdowns help perhaps. Those who are innocent won’t/don’t wear masks and those who are not innocent do wear them. Easy to tell then. Unless you want to use masks yourself to try and slip in unnoticed among the criminal classes and get the real leaders of evil.

Also useful for removing useless uncivil servants of varying types and exposing useless bloated organisations like the NHS for example. Or how the police have become biased and lost much of the common sense that made our country the envy of the world once upon a time.

Lockdowns also useful for showing that we don’t need to rush round like demented chickens from one place to the next, that slow can be good and productive.

Indeed, more productive than fast most of the time, if matters are attended to with good planning and efficiency and proper training.

It seems to me we will be locked down in the UK until we learn the valuable lessons we should have retained years ago. Sadly, it seems there is still a long way to go.

Still, as I have pointed out on a number of occasions, the so-called rules are merely guidance and advice; if they are useful and make sense follow them if not don’t. It’s very easy. Just be prepared to have to argue the case with those infected by Stupid 20 or the latest variety that’s all. And support one another.

Another way of putting this is ‘love one another’ as has been said over many, many centuries by various people.

Even the Most High just wants to be loved, not worshiped. He would have said worship in the two greatest commands otherwise.

Sadly, the churches in the UK had largely forgotten this, which is why they were much targeted in the advice and guidance. Having become dull and stupid, they did not see the truth and hid themselves away out of fear. They need never have hidden, and it is to their shame that they did.

But perfect love casts out fear.

And you have a heavenly Father who loves all His children very much. Just as His Son Jesus loves them who gave His life for them, which Christians especially remember around this time of year.

And last year the rats came out, the year of lockdowns, masks, anti-social distancing and ‘R’ rates. The year of herd immunity, ‘R’ rates and of course vaccinations. The latter everybody wants, apparently.

Well, apparently not. More and more people are asking sensible questions about the sense in these when actual deaths from Covid 19 are really no more than the annual ‘flu. And total deaths have only increased because of lockdowns.

More depression, more suicides, more self-harm. More deaths in care homes than we would care to mention. How did they die, anybody know? Anybody care? Anybody asking tough questions of those responsible for the care of those in care homes?

Whose fault was it? The government’s for locking us down, or ourselves for believing the government could do this?

By and large it was ourselves, or at least those who did not wake up early to what was going on as I did. Because it was all guidance and advice, but carefully arranged to make us fear if we didn’t check carefully, which most people didn’t. Or if they did have not ‘got it’, as it were, as I did..

So don’t put all the blame on the government if you didn’t have the sense to double check. You should have double checked. Then you could have organised yourselves to act appropriately.

As to the virus Covid 19 I have written about this here where you will find the links to those pages I think will give you the information you need.

If you need statistics I have put my summary here for the UK and here for the USA. I may deal with other issues re other countries but statistics are rather tedious and I can think of better things to do.

If you should have any questions though just ask me and I will seek to answer them.

So that was the Year that was. They should make a film of it; a sequel to Dumb and Dumber. I would call it Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, reflecting the fact that people have been the most absolute dumbest they could possibly be over the ‘flu.

Still, the rats are out and being caught so something good is coming of it. I wonder how many rats there are in Germany? Mmm. Lots I imagine. I must write about Germany before too long. An interesting history to research.

This year in China is now the Year of the Ox. I wonder what that means? The year of service perhaps, putting ones shoulders to the plough to get the fields ready. We’ll see. And I must do some detailed research and post something on China, it deserves attention.

If you are mentally exhausted by all that, why not try listening to ‘That was the week that was’ on Youtube, there is lots of good stuff.

Interestingly, there are two sets of double words (that & was) and two single words (the & week). A set of 4 and 2 perhaps. Or 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything – click to follow link if you are interested.

I like the updated version from The Two Ronnies – 2000 Today

When you are rested you can then get yourself ready for battle against the powers that be to defeat the wild beasts that threaten our lands and our sanity.

And look out for the sign of Baldmichael, he will be back!

John of God

8th March 2021

I have been struggling with my energy of late. Personally, I blame the Germans who 80 years ago were pushing back the British forces in North Africa at this time. As I have referred to elsewhere, we seem to be following a repeat of World War 2, only in a different format.

Which may sound mad, put perhaps not as mad as John of God was at times it seems. You can find out about him on Wikipedia. All quotes from the article.


I have not tried to double check other documents as it might not be true and then I wouldn’t be able to have some fun with this. And I could do with some more fun.

He apparently died on March 8, 1550. He was born ‘João Duarte Cidade’, in Portugal, so he was a ‘Port you geezer’ (geezer is slang for man).

Wikipedia says

One day, when John was eight years of age, he disappeared. Whether he had been deliberately kidnapped, or whether he had been seduced from his home by a cleric who had been given hospitality in the home, is not clear.

Given what goes on in the Roman Catholic Church today I am not surprised.

He was later abandoned and eventually taken in by Francisco Mayoral who must have been a kind man.


The farmer was so pleased with Cidade’s strength and diligence that he wanted him to marry his daughter and to become his heir. When he was about 22 years of age, to escape his master’s well-meant, but persistent, offer of his daughter’s hand in marriage

John refused, presumably because a hand wasn’t much good to him as he had two already. Or more likely as he had some memory of his family’s once prominent position and thought he could do better.

Anyway, he became a soldier and was at one time ‘…appointed to guard an enormous amount of loot, much of which had been rifled by the time he was relieved. Suspicion naturally fell on Cidade; even if he had not been involved in the theft, at the least he was guilty of dereliction of duty. He was condemned to death, and that would have been his fate had not some more tolerant officer intervened to win his pardon.’

It does seem rather odd; if he stole it, surely he might have run away. Or was he just easily distracted and taken advantage of? Or is the whole thing concocted?


Cidade experienced a major religious conversion on Saint Sebastian’s Day (January 20) of 1537, while listening to a sermon by John of Ávila, a leading preacher of the day who was later to become his spiritual director and would encourage him in his quest to improve the life of the poor.


At the age of 42, he had what was perceived at the time as an acute mental breakdown.

Note the age of 42, the ultimate answer to everything, apparently. See link if you are interested.  42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything


Moved by the sermon, he soon engaged in a public beating of himself, begging mercy and wildly repenting for his past life.

Now, I can see repenting is a good idea for past misdemeanours but public beating is taking things a bit far.

Still better than the treatment which was to be

…. incarcerated in the area of the Royal Hospital reserved for the mentally ill and received the treatment of the day, which was to be segregated, chained, flogged, and starved.

Which was very kind of the hospital. It is marginally better nowadays I believe. They tend not to chain you, flog you or starve you.

However, they do try poisoning you instead with drugs like risperidone though which all too often leaves you constipated in mind and body. Try looking this up and you will see what I mean.


Cidade was visited by John of Avila, who advised him to be more actively involved in tending to the needs of others rather than in enduring personal hardships. John gained peace of heart, and shortly after left the hospital to begin work among the poor.

John of Avila seems a sensible chap. I can imagine the conversation from an English point of view. ‘ Now look here old chap, the public beating was all very well, but others seem to take a dim view of it and are rather more adept at it than you are. Why not try looking after the poor instead, there’s a good fellow?’

Cidade then apparently had a vision of Mary (I assume the article means Mary who gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth) who encouraged him to work with the poor.


When John began to put into effect his dream, because of the stigma attached to mental illness, he found himself misunderstood and rejected.

Typical. Try to do something kind and people don’t understand. Jesus of Nazareth had the same problem. Mind you he also told them the truth, and there are some people (usually so-called authorities) who don’t like this.

Which is partly why Jesus was flogged and crucified.

We read

To put a stop to his custom of exchanging his cloak with any beggar he chanced to meet, Sebastian Ramirez, Bishop of Tui, had a religious habit made for him, which was later adopted in all its essentials as the religious garb of his followers, and the bishop imposed on him for all time the name given him by the Infant Jesus, John of God.

Presumably the ‘religious habit’ was so uncomfortable that any beggar took one look at it and said in effect ‘No thanks, I’d rather be cold’.

Eventually John of God founded Brothers Hospitallers. As a consequence

One mark of honour to his labours is that this Order has been officially entrusted with the medical care of the pope.

Not sure what the current pope is up to then if the following is correct


Perhaps the Francis is suffering from mental illness.

Anyway, it says later that John was ‘canonized by Pope Alexander VIII.’ I thought this meant fired. But apparently not.

Well, there you are. João Duarte Cidade a.k.a John of God. Rather mad perhaps initially, but if you have been abducted and perhaps abused at 8 years old is one surprised. Takes time and healing to get over that.

For his legacy the article says

The Order maintains a presence in 53 countries, operating more than 300 hospitals, services, and centers serving a range of medical needs in addition to mental health and psychiatry. The Family of Saint John of God, as those who commit to his vision are called, is made up of more than 45,000 members, Brothers and Co-workers, and supported by tens of thousands of benefactors and friends who identify with and support the work of the Order for sick and needy people across the world.

Jesus says

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.’

So Jesus’s true followers still doing that it seems. Perhaps raising the dead as in physical bodies may or may not be true. But as far as I am concerned, trying to wake those dead to what’s going on in the world today is true.

And uncovering the madness and lies going on. I consider the world has gone mad these last 12 months over the ‘flu as I have said elsewhere.

So do ponder over John of God and his experiences.

I reckon some of it must be true.

Joe Biden – the first 13 days

4th February 2021

It’s official: Kamala Harris has been sworn in as president. Well, ok I’m a bit slow. It is 15 days now, but I started two days ago and I don’t suppose much has changed.

Mmm? Joe Biden was sworn in and Kamala Harris is vice-president? Are you sure?

It’s just that as Joe Biden was unfit to be president even before the presidential race started. Anyway, just because he has already signed 42 Executive Orders in the period that doesn’t make him president, does it? Really? Oh well, just shows how wrong you can be.

So, well done Joe, you have managed that very well. I think you deserve a rest after that. And you are ahead of Donald Trump in the signing orders stakes.

After all, he only managed 7 in 13 days. How lazy is that, eh?

Of course he may have been thinking about the impact of the orders first before signing, but hey, that’s a waste of effort isn’t it? Sure thing Joe.

Anyway since when have Democrats wasted time on thinking.

Probably not since Jimmy Carter came up with his own ideas in his presidency from 1977 to 1981.

This link is interesting.


It says elsewhere that the Carter’s stayed at home and missed the inauguration. It was rumoured that they didn’t miss it, but had an old T.V. set up on their shooting range. When Joe came on they took pot shots and were surprisingly accurate.

This is all alleged you understand. Unlike all the things said about Donald Trump which were clearly true, according to the mainstream media. And without needing to do things like double check the facts first. I mean, who does that nowadays?

And Joe made president in the end, so what the heck?

Third time lucky

Of course, like Robert the Bruce of Scotland, persistence pays off. Joe Biden has succeeded in becoming president on the turd third time. He didn’t make the grade at all before.

Rather like his time at law school it seems. Although to be fair, he came 76th in a class of 85 in that case, so he must have achieved something. Go to bottom of page of link below.


76th from the top sounds better than 9th from the bottom in a class of 85 (turd and bottom apparently related).

A class of what we are not told. Humans, monkeys? Both?

So it must have been luck to get into the presidency this time. That or lying inaccuracy. Easily done Joe, easily done. Lying Inaccuracy, that is. Especially if you practice it for long enough. Lying Inaccuracy, that is.

You can see from the above how easy it is for me to make mistakes too.

Even war stories are not exempt. ‘What did you do in the whore war, daddy?’ To Joe details are irrelevant, apparently. See link below.


As I said earlier, no point bothering about double checking facts.

Or worrying about exaggerating. A lot.


Which proves my point that it must have been lying luck to get into power.

I see in the article earlier that there was controversy over a comment Joe Biden made re Obama.

Biden drew controversy when in February 2007 he called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” He later apologized, but the remark was not forgotten.



I assume when he apologised that he said that what he meant was “the first mainstream African-American who is inarticulate and dim and dirty and a horrible-looking guy.” Easy to make mistakes Joe, as I said before.

Personally, I think that Obama is all of the things Joe first said about him, except not the first, of course. What you call mainstream may be debatable, so I might just say Obama is ‘An African-American who etc, etc’.

It has been said he, Obama rather than Joe, is the Anti-Christ. I consider that to be a load of baloney. Or something else beginning with ‘b’, I forget.

Whereas he, Joe rather than Obama that is, is certainly not for Christ. And certainly not in a fit state to run a car, let alone a country. So that rules Joe out of being the anti-Christ, who as I understand it, is likely to have something left of his brain.

Anyway, I see that where the money comes from is of little concern, to Joe.


And whilst we are talking about numbers Joe has said apparently

He called his vaccine plan a “wartime effort”, as more than 400,000 Americans have died since the pandemic began in March 2020.

“This is a wartime undertaking, this is not hyperbole,” he said. From


Apparently verified by the following link where he said.

This is an aggregate plan that doesn’t leave anything on the table or anything to chance, as we’ve seen happen in the past year. I’ve said before, this is a war-time effort. When I say that people ask, “War time?” I say, “Yeah,” more than 400,000 Americans have already died, I think it’s 411 or 12, have died in one year of this pandemic. More than all the people who died and all the Americans who died in World War II.

This is a war-time undertaking, it’s not hyperbole. From


Well Joe, it is not hyperbole, not even superbole (might be Hollywood Superbole as Hollywood likes to exaggerate things to improve ratings). It is hypobole as in under exaggerating (think hypodermic as in under skin and needles).

This is because the following says perhaps 3.2 million may have died in 2020.



Perhaps you meant from Covid 19. That makes better sense. But sense is something missing, I think, in your speech.



Which means as Gordon Brittas might have said ‘May I have a word, Joe? I think we have a teensy, weensy problem, doh-n’t we?’ At least Gordon should have said it even if he didn’t quite say it that way.

Yes, perhaps just under all the Americans who died (depending on who that includes; from USA, North/South America??).

But definitely an awful lot less than those who died in World War 2. And you can double check that yourselves (you must always double check).

We mustn’t forget the issues of Neil Kinnock’s speech and Curtis C Dunn either, which I have referred in my earlier post Joe Biden.

Executive Orders

But I have wandered into irrelevancies such as accuracy. I intended to look at the Orders. I make the total 42.

Which happens to be the ultimate answer to everything if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan.

They are listed here as of 2nd February 2021.


I make it 16 rescinding or reversing Trump’s orders, the rest 26 in total being new.

I haven’t looked at them all in detail (I don’t want to go to sleep just yet), but I would highlight the following:

Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government

I think this possibly means lending more money to certain groups who can’t afford to pay it back. In other words, more debt. Certainly more bureaucracy.

It may in fact mean racial equality in government agencies. But not among the common people, i.e. rest of USA population.

Executive Order on Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform

It says among other things

It is my conviction as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that gender identity should not be a bar to military service. Moreover, there is substantial evidence that allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military does not have any meaningful negative impact on the Armed Forces.


immediately prohibit involuntary separations, discharges, and denials of reenlistment or continuation of service, on the basis of gender identity or under circumstances relating to their gender identity;

So if you identify as something other than a man or woman, that’s fine. If the sergeant should say to you ‘You are a horrible little man/woman, what are you!?’, you can say, for example ‘I am polyamorous, sir!’

Or perhaps ‘I am Intersex, sir!’. He may reply, ‘I don’t care if you are into sex, I said what are you!?’ You can then roll your eyes (sergeants are not always that bright) and say ‘I am in between sexes, Sir!’

He may then say ‘So, your either a he-it or a she-it, what are you!?

If you should happen to be a woman becoming a man you might reply ‘A she-it, Sir!’

All of which makes sense. A she-it or sh-it, as the army likes to keep things brief and to the point.

Which makes sense of my earlier comment regarding Joe Biden and turd third time lucky.

Executive Order on Establishing the COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board and Ensuring a Sustainable Public Health Workforce for COVID-19 and Other Biological Threats

This includes the words:

It is the policy of my Administration to control coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by using a Government-wide, unified approach that includes: establishing a national COVID-19 testing and public health workforce strategy; working to expand the supply of tests; working to bring test manufacturing to the United States, where possible; working to enhance laboratory testing capacity; working to expand the public health workforce; supporting screening testing for schools and priority populations; and ensuring a clarity of messaging about the use of tests and insurance coverage.

Which I think means more bureaucracy and bureaucrats and thinking about what we are going to do about things and making sure the message is clear.

Just not using good sentence structure, that’s all. Or full stops at least. I believe in the USA you call full stops ‘periods’.

Perhaps the lack of periods is due to the women at the top of the Democratic Party who don’t like to talk about that sort of thing or be reminded of that unseemly part of being a woman.

Personally, I don’t see why they should be ashamed, it is natural after all.

Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce

That seems straight forward. It says:

Sec. 5. Progress Toward a Living Wage for Federal Employees.

The Director of OPM shall provide a report to the President with recommendations to promote a $15/hour minimum wage for Federal employees.

So more bureaucracy. And promoting (but not necessarily enacting)  a living wage in government agencies. But not among the common people, i.e. rest of USA population (not that Federal employees are necessarily going to get a living wage, so don’t be jealous – yet).

Possibly he means promoting a $15/hour minimum wage for Federal employees. As in ‘We haven’t got any more money and all Federal employees will get that amount’. Fair’s fair, that seems reasonable in a communist demoncratic democratic state. I got the word eventually, sorry about that.

I assume the wage will be the same for presidents, vice presidents, presidents of vice, leaders of the House of Representatives etc. A reasonable assumption, I think. Someone like to ask Joe? If he is taking questions of course.

Executive Order on Reforming Our Incarceration System to Eliminate the Use of Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities

It says among other things:

Sec. 2. Contracts with Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities. The Attorney General shall not renew Department of Justice contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities, as consistent with applicable law.

So, it seems to mean either let all the criminals out (121,718 people in 2017 apparently). From


Or possibly stuff them. Sorry, stuff them into existing jails.

If they have been non-mask wearers, or if they have imprisoned for lack of anti-social (sic) distancing, you should be very worried.

But if it’s only looting, murder, fraud etc no doubt this will be of little concern.

Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing

That seems straightforward. Protect the Federal Workforce and perhaps the common people, i.e. rest of USA population.

So more bureaucracy. And pointless mask wearing.


As I am now getting near to supper time, I think I will stop. You may have fallen asleep anyway.  But I note the following paragraph at the end of a number of orders.

This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

Which roughly translates as:

Sod the common people, we the government are not responsible for our actions, so yah boo sucks.

And don’t forget the executive orders largely amount to:

    • More bureaucrats
    • More bureaucracy
    • More debt.
    • More masks

Or, as I might say, more Stupid 20 (there’s a lot of it about).

If for some reason you object to these very reasonable proposals, or didn’t vote for them, you might consider doing something about it.

Or as sergeant might say;

‘Get off your arses and get going, men!(and women!).

P.S. Remember it was 42 Executive Orders? As in 42 the ultimate answer to everything if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan?

Try looking at this link if you are interested. 42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

And if you don’t know what stupid 20 is about try this. Stupid 20



16th January 2021

Hooray! I have my highest number yet. I have had double figures for a little while, but now I have the same number as Jesus had disciples.

Mind you, I can tell you that two appear to be websites. Not sure what that means. I can’t see Jesus having two websites following Him around Galilee!

Still, I’m on my Cloud, so that’s different.

Anyway, I had been looking forward to achieving this milestone, and now I have. I have my suspicions though.

After all, one disciple betrayed Jesus, so perhaps I have a viper in my midst, like Judas Iscariot, or Judas ‘the Carrot’ as I like to call him.

Not that I have anything against carrots; indeed I like carrots, the vegetable that is. Nice juicy fresh raw carrot, pulled out of the ground, like Peter Rabbit would enjoy in Beatrix potter’s wonderful books which I read as a child.

And I don’t have to worry about Mr McGregor to chase me off!

I didn’t realise until checked just now, that he is in fact Michael McGregor. Perhaps I am related!! Baldmichael McGregor, as it were. No McGregor’s in my family as far as I am aware.

But I do like carrots, and I can sympathise if rabbits threaten to eat the carrots you have planted for your dinner.

There are other carrots I like too, like Jasper Carrot who is very, very funny. I am not sure if I can choose a best moment. His stand-up routines were excellent, and his partnership with Robert Powell in ‘The Detectives’ was brilliant.

Well, I can’t talk about my followers more than I have already told you as that may be breaching data protection. Although I might, at some point, indicate the direction of their websites if they have one.

So, while I’m here let’s have look at Jesus’s followers.

They were a mixed bunch. Not quite a butcher, baker, a candlestick maker of nursery rhyme fame, but from various trades or professions. We have fishermen, a tax collector (boo, hiss), a zealot (whatever that is when it’s at home) and a thief/banker – same difference.

Well Judas ‘the Carrot’ was a thief and apparently he looked after the money bag for Jesus and the disciples. So said John, one of the 12, in his gospel.

The following website is good for names in the bible and Judas.


You will see reference to ‘city slicker’. That sums up Judas nicely. The ‘wide boy’ in the suit. Looks good, but underneath a nasty piece of work. Sell his grandmother.

I jokingly call him ‘The Carrot’, but there are other carrots. Like carat, the measure for the purity of gold. And he loved gold no doubt, although the Pharisees only gave him silver for betraying Jesus. Perhaps that pissed him off, particularly when he realised what he done to Jesus, an innocent man.

He threw down the money in the temple in disgust, and took his own life. And that is the ultimate cowardly thing to do.

As to the zealot, this probably refers to a freedom fighter, seeking to free Israel from the oppressive Romans. Whether he was more proficient at it than Monty Python’s motley crew of the ‘People’s Front of Judea’ in the ‘Life of Brian’ is a moot point. It is not recorded.

But he must have thought Jesus a better bet for some reason.

And we mustn’t forget Paul, once called Saul who had a ‘Damascus experience’ on the road to Damascus (logical). He was a tent maker but also an academic of the Jewish religion, so a practical academic, unlike all too many academics today.

He replaced Judas ‘the Carrot’, not Mathias. The disciples cast lots which suggests throwing the dice or similar. This was done before the Holy Spirit fell on those assembled in the upper room.

There was no specific word from God on the issue, and Jesus had not left instructions. He told them plainly that one of their number would betray Him, so if it was important He would have made sure of the matter.

It was Peter who suggested the action, impetuous Peter, who didn’t think that perhaps Jesus might have His own 12th man lined up in the changing rooms, His own substitute (but for a team of 12, not 11).

So I should have said 13th man. And that will be another post or page in due course no doubt.

It should be abundantly clear that Matthias was not meant to replace Judas. I have been aware of this for a long time. I wonder how many decisions those who follow Christ make on the basis that Matthias was chosen?

As regards the 12, they were also called apostles which according to the link below means ‘one who is sent out’


This is however obvious to an English speaker. Apostle is ‘A post le’ or even ‘a post el’. An ‘el’ is an angel in Hebrew, and ‘le’ is masculine in French. Therefore you have ‘a post angel (male)’, or ‘a postman’.

Yes, a postman, a man who delivers news, hopefully good news, all being well rather than a bill, tax or otherwise. In the apostles’ case they were delivering ‘good news’ about God’s love in Jesus Christ.

And like the word ‘news’ they went in all directions – North, East, West and South.

They considered it well worth the cost, and all but one lost their life as a consequence.

But only their physical bodies, as their souls were and are immortal, as ours are. John, who apparently died of old age in Ephesus, ‘lost’ his life in a different way by humbly submitting it to the will of God.

Of course the others did it too, and the ‘church’, followers of Jesus grew in number as a consequence of their teachings and example.

So perhaps my followers will grow in numbers and tell others. Not that I am too bothered about numbers, it is precious individuals who matter. It is just there are rather of lot of precious individuals. A few billion in fact.

The book of Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 talks about ‘an uncountable number’. Apparently in English this is ‘umpteen’. I tried anagramming it. A six letter word is ‘meet up.’

So there will be an awful lot of people there. And we will meet up with our friends and loved ones.

I hope you will follow Jesus and be there too.


PS If you are stuck for something to do, you could do worse than look at the following. Make you smile hopefully if nothing else will.

Jasper extract best of Carrot Gold


Jasper Carrot The Detectives rhyming slang


Alternatively if you want you can find out why I think 42 is The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything click the link below.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Happy New Year!

1st January 2021

Welcome 2021! Which looks a bit like 20211.

Which could be 42. 2 + 2 = 4, 1 + 1 = 2, 4 & 2 or 42 if you take the ‘&’ away.

42, the ultimate answer to life, the universe, everything, according to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

So perhaps this year we might get somewhere. Mind you, I got quite few answers last year to my questions.

Such as the meaning 666 in the Book of Revelation. I have notes which I will write up and post.

Or Covid 19, which I have already put up on my site under Covid 19 Summary.

And, of course, why is 6 x 9 the ultimate question to the ultimate answer, 42. If it isn’t the ultimate question, what is the question to the answer? A good question. So I will seek to answer that too. I have extensive notes already, and am preparing a draft.

There are a number of websites out there with explanations already which are very helpful, but I thought I should add my pennies worth. Helps me if it helps no one else.

So if you are interested in these questions and my answers go take a look.

There are others under World Menu set out as pages rather than posts. I may well put some up as pages in due course.

As regards 2020 just gone, I hope you have regained a more balanced vision as in 20/20 vision as others have said. I know I have.

To be honest, I was aware of many things already, but activity, busy-ness if you will, obscured the truth. My summary might be the following;

    • You don’t need to rush everywhere.
    • There is much more beauty in your local area than you realised.
    • The wildlife is happier and visits you more often when everywhere is calmer.
    • There is much more beauty and kindness in people, your neighbours, than you realised.
    • You can work from home and have the space to do other things as well during the working day. You are not rushing to work and not stuck in rush hour traffic getting frustrated and polluting the atmosphere, let alone polluting your body.
    • You can shop locally and not rush to the shops.
    • You can do without certain shops, lots of shops perhaps.
    • You can make a lot yourself and with food it can taste a lot better.
    • That governments are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That bureaucrats are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That the NHS is useless, a ‘monster’ eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That many doctors are useless, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever except to themselves and their families.
    • That the internet is a more useful ‘doctor’.
    • That much of our food is ‘doctored’ by poisons, food additives and chemicals that are not necessary, but harmful to good health.
    • That the nazi/communists are alive and kicking, but that we can kick back, and will boot them back.

Of course, when I talk about large sums of money being of benefit to certain groups, it assumes that money has any real benefit. Large piles of it just get you constipated, or give you ‘piles’ which are uncomfortable to sit on.

There some like the George Soros’s or Bill and Melinda Gates of this world who seem to like large piles. Pillocks. They have their reward. And they will get their just desserts.

Which I will put under ‘Desserts’ perhaps. Or perhaps somewhere else. I have written about George Soros, I have yet to do the Gates. So much to do, so much time to do it in.

Yes really, because time seemed to slow for me last year. So I wonder what this year will bring.

Wait and see. And do come and see here on my site. You will be very welcome.

But if you want a prophecy, I have noted close similarities with World War II. So looking at main events that happened then may give clues as to what might occur. And I put us in the start of 1941. Something for you to ponder.

And Happy New Year again!

If you fancy something wacky try this.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything