By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

10th June 2022

I wrote this last year. I have had a reasonable number of views in the scheme of things. As I am struggling with my next post and wish to infill for the time being, I thought I would turn what was only a page into a post and see if anyone else reads it. I live in hope.

Please note there are other aspects which others have covered, but I believe you you not generally find these all stated in this way, at least as part of main stream understanding.

6th April 2021

The number of the beast, strictly wild beast in the book of Revelation. Everybody wants to know its meaning. Well, quite few anyway. I did. I asked for everything earlier last year, all of it.

I didn’t fully understand the implications of that request. Now I do. I was given the keys to unlock all the truth, and now I can reveal all. At least, an awful lot of it. So here it is.

The truth is firstly that there is no one meaning, rather a series of linked meanings. People have been looking for a man, rather than an organisation, the ‘wild beast’ that is untameable. Not that there isn’t a man, it’s just that is not the whole story.

I say organisation, really organisations, plural. There are three main organisations, as per the three groupings I have referred to elsewhere.

With, of course, Loopy Lucy, a.k.a Satan at the bottom of it. Sitting on his fat bottom. Pillock.

Just as there is an individual behind all the world’s problems, so there are men (and women) involved; it is just that the organisations are as much the problem as anything.

There is also another individual, I believe, another man or wild beast, a counter to Satan.  I have identified Satan in George Soros in an earlier post. See here

Of course the Book of Revelation has applied since it was written all those years ago, so the number will have been relevant to each generation. It’s just that as we are at the end now and matters are coming to a close (and a new beginning), it is particularly relevant to us.

Six Bureaucrats

Anyway, Six hundred and sixty six. Sounds like ‘six Hun dread and six tea six’.

Let’s try the first, six Hun dread for some individuals, bureaucrats really. That ‘wild beast’, the European Union. Here are six individuals.

Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Frans Timmermans, Martin Schulz, Mario Draghi, Federica Mogherini. From the link:


Well, perhaps only four of the six count strictly as Huns as in Germanic, but I don’t think we need be too fussy at this stage. I don’t think I need to explain further, except perhaps to point out that Federica Mogherini was apparently a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation. You can look up the all the details on line.

Six political foundations

And I see the Germans hard at work with the following:

What Are the Konrad Adenauer and Hanns Seidel Foundations?

“Political foundations” are a key feature of German political life. They are state-subsidized foundations affiliated with German political parties. In other words, they are financed with the money of German taxpayers. Currently, there are six political foundations in Germany. The Konrad Adenauer political foundation is the foundation of the CDU, Angela Merkel’s party. The Hanns Seidel political foundation is the foundation associated with the CSU, which operates only in Bavaria, and is an ally of the CDU. On paper, all of these foundations have very noble goals – they claim to promote democracy, freedom, justice, etc. In countries like Bulgaria, however, they seem to engage in different activities.



I recommend you read the link an make up your own mind as to what’s going on.

Six leadership styles

Note these are all top down. In God’s kingdom it is the other way round; Jesus came as a servant, so has the Father. Would you expect otherwise?

Rule of Six

How about this?

666 can be read as six, six, six in English. This Christmas in UK we could meet as three households of groups of six.


This below refers to the original ‘cunning plan’, apparently.


I kid you not; this is God’s sense of humour, after all He guided the hands that wrote Revelation! I say God’s, I do not mean Boris Johnson and his cabinet are ‘Gods’, even though they may act like it.

However, as I keep telling people this was GUIDANCE and not mandatory, so common sense should prevail. Sadly, common sense left much of the church, and a substantial proportion of the world, some time ago.

So don’t blame the government (too much) if you followed the GUIDANCE without any thought.

God Himself shakes His head in disbelief that His children can be so cretinous as to believe everything they are supposedly told to do.

Rule of Sex

666 can be read as sex, sex, sex in Latin. This is thrust of evil’s moves in today’s society. Pornography, LGBTQi+ etc etc.

And I am not surprised brothels and prostitution are legal in Germany, one of the 3 beasts I have identified in Revelation.



Rule of Hex

666 can be read as hex, hex, hex in Greek. Hexes and witchcraft, another branch of evil. But all smoke and mirrors, never really real as such.

But not like Harry Potter which is about the destruction of evil by faith, hope and best of all love, a sacrificial love.

As Jesus said ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.’

Two Popes

And try this.

666 is the number of the two popes Franciscus (pope Francis) and Benedictus (Pope Benedict XVI) in the ASCII code. See pdf link below Note it is Italian names.



Please note that one pope (the ‘retired hurt’ one), is German, one comes from Argentina where the Nazis escaped to at the end of World War 2.

Nero Caesar

Nero means black or dark. Apparently Gematria in Hebrew gives in Greek 666.

George Frederick Soros is in reality George Frederick Schwartz, or George Frederick Black.

He is the Man of sin or lawlessness. He may be so-called white but his heart is black, like Satan who inhabits him.

You will know about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. The only person who really matters to him is himself, his own ‘black life’!


We should also note:

666 is the distance of Mecca from Jerusalem in nautical miles.

Mecca is also a gambling company.


A number associated with Solomon. Which is rather like Solo man, a man who goes it alone, perhaps who wants to the only man to be worshipped. This is helpful


Note reference to ‘man of peace’ and then see below.




The number 666 relates to the carbon atom, and man. Carbon-12; one of 5 elements in the human DNA is composed of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, which equates to 666.

From https://gnosticwarrior.com/science-of-666.html


The 666th word defined in Strong’s concordance. Described as meaning absence.


Expanded by Biblehub as meaning ‘a being away’.


Used in the sense of ‘absence, deficiency, waste’.

Phonetically ‘ap-oo-see’-ah’. Strictly ‘A poo see here’. In other words, ‘Find a shit here’ perhaps. Applicable to the genetics (see later).

LGBT etc

The rainbow flag has been used by them to justify their actions. They use only 6 of the 7 rainbow colours. Violet is omitted. 3 of the 6 have 6 letters each in English: orange, yellow and indigo.

 I anagrammed the letters of these three. The list generally mixed positive and negative words but include:

wood graining – an imitation of quality woods

All six include:

Boondoggling – something of no real value to nation, see


bewilderingly – their behaviour is bizarre.

rollerblading – not bad in itself but interestingly associated with ‘Gays’, i.e. homosexual men.




biodegrading  – useful in compost but not when society gets rotten


Grey colour, think ‘50 shades of grey’.


Grey is useful as shadow to highlight objects, but can be deadly boring. Satan is many things, including a murderer and a liar; but he is also a deadly bore and makes life dull and lifeless. He is a moron.

Car number plates

You can look these up, but see image below which I saw the other day.

And see also Mark of the Beast coming shortly to a restaurant near you! My restaurant set up in memory and in tribute to Douglas Adams. I make not money out of it, but do read his books; they are very funny and enlightening.


We mustn’t forget that there is an alternative number to 666 in some translations. This is not a mistake or alternative. It is another significant number.

For Covid 19.

Covid 19 in Roman numerals is 100 + 5 + 1 + 500 = 606. 1 + 9 =10. Total 616.

Covid 19  means several other things of course, I have referred to the medical side, and will expand elsewhere in due course.


There you have it. Well, almost. There is one other associated with 666. You see, we now have the Human Genome, an amazing resource. I thought I’d check, or at least an angel suggested it.

I searched for the 666th gene. Here is a link which describes it.


‘…induces apoptosis in transfected cells.’

Please note the word ‘transfected’ used. The meaning of feck is related and explained in link below. See other links for explanations of meanings.




As far as I can tell, we all carry the mark of the beast in our genes; the 666th gene in the human genome project and what I call the death gene.

This came down from Eve, after Satan did the unspeakable act of which I shall speak about elsewhere. Then the truth shall set you free. As the Father’s beautiful Boy, who became a man called, pointed out some time ago.

I think that will do for now. I do have some more, including the mark of the beast which I believe is not as usually supposed. At least, as far as the present situation is concerned.

And now you know, I hope you are freed to act on the final leg of this world order under the rat bag Satan and his cronies.

Any other thoughts just let me know, if you be so kind. I will be glad to give you credit if you wish.

There is in one sense, no one answer. But the genetic one is the prime one as genes are a written code, and ‘In the beginning was the Word’. I have more to say on this in due course but there is only one of me so please be patient!

Won’t be too long now, now that we know, I promise.

And do pass it on, people need to know.

Thank you.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

P.S. No doubt if you have read the above and think it worth anything you may be interested in this. Mark of the Beast

Or perhaps this. Covid 19 Summary

Team Biden Unwrapped Part 3 (final)

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

17th November 2021

If you haven’t read part 1, here’s the link. Team Biden Unwrapped Part 1

If you haven’t read part 2, here’s the link. Team Biden Unwrapped Part 2

19. Avril Haines

Director of National Intelligence


Bachelor of Arts in physics then studied law

Below is Lloyd Austin with Avril.

They are wearing masks but within 2 meters??

She is half the size of him Lloyd Austin III.  This is probably in the ratio 4:2. Like 42 the ultimate answer to everything.

Was an employee of WestExec Advisors

she also committed to collaborating with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to evaluate the public threat of QAnon, a conspiracy theory promoted by some supporters of President Donald Trump.

There is a conspiracy theory going round that the Biden Team is presiding over the destruction of the USA. That they are raising debt to new heights, forcing mask and vaccine mandates on the people and generally buggering up the system (again) as democrat governments tend to do I gather.

As I say, this is a conspiracy theory. I am from the UK, so I cannot confirm or deny. That’s what they say isn’t it, when a conspiracy theory is fact? Or have I got that wrong? Do let me know.

20. Katherine Tai

Trade Representative

Bachelor of Arts degree in history then studied law

She is called Tai but isn’t wearing one here.

Her parents, who were both born in mainland China, grew up in Taiwan and later immigrated to the United States.

Tai is fluent in Mandarin

Mandarin is very suitable for a bureaucrat, at least in the UK it is.

But not Satsuma or clementine? ‘Oh my darling Clementine’ is a well-known American western folk ballad. Perhaps someone should teach her the words and music.

Tom Lehrer did a great version on his album An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer. Tom is Jewish. I think some of the best comedians are Jewish. Tom is one of the best. I have two of his albums, my father has another.

becoming the only member of Biden’s cabinet to receive unanimous support.98-0

Which is rather more than Joe Biden had for his election to president. Which I gather was less than Donald Trump, but small issues like that don’t seem to bother the democrats.

described her as a “problem-solving pragmatist on trade policy”

This sounds like a good thing. A reasonable person as Trade Representative then.

21. Linda Thomas-

Ambassador to the United Nations

Master of Public Administration

Dark skin

The address took place in the now shuttered Confucius Institute at Savannah State University, Georgia, in 2019. The veteran diplomat spoke positively about China’s $1 trillion investment in Africa and rejected the notion that the United States and China were in a “new Cold War.”

Not sure that is quite right myself.

Below from


Below quotes from above link.

Thomas-Greenfield, a career diplomat who joined the service in 1982, was pressed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for her plans to counter Beijing’s influence in the U.N. and to explain the speech she later described as “a huge mistake.”

Thomas-Greenfield told the committee she regretted having had her name associated with the Confucius Institute. “This is one speech in my 35-year career and I do regret that speech,” she said.

Confucius Institutes, which are funded by the Chinese government, are embedded in dozens of colleges across the U.S. They came under scrutiny during the Trump administration over allegations of espionage, propaganda and censorship of sensitive topics.

Perhaps they were embedded to sow confusion perhaps!! As Confucius might have said ‘To win war, first confuse the enemy.’

22. Cecilia Rouse

Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors

Studied economics

Dark skin

The Senate confirmed her nomination by a vote of 95–4. That’s very good. It included Josh Hawley, the chap I referred to earlier. There are Jews who don’t seem to like his stance on certain matters.

But then there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not Jews. They tend to hate people like Josh. There is a quote somewhere along those lines. Can you remember where? Hint: it is in a well-known book.

23. Isabel Guzman

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

Business studies??

Guzman claims her heritage includes; Jewish, German and possibly Chinese descent.

This is the link that talks about the agency.


Note the criticisms in, there have been issues for some time. Perhaps Isabel might resolve these, although she did work there from 2014-2017.

There is a picture of her at the swearing in of her as administrator.

Her hand is almost touching the mans!! But wearing masks!! Morons. The adults, not the kids. I hope the kids grow up to be intelligent. Is this optimistic?

I note that Kamala’s hair needs combing, if it is indeed Kamala. Isabel on the other hand has made an effort it seems. Despite being a man I can notice these things you know.

I have also noticed the hexagonal wood flooring. A hexagon with six sides, 6 triangles and 6 spokes if you will. 666. Arrrgh!

24. Eric Lander

Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy



Lander aggressively pressured HGP scientists to work longer and faster to publish genome fragments before Celera.  Lander himself is now listed on a shocking 73 patents and patent applications related to genomics.

In 2020, Pope Francis appointed him a member of the Pontifical Academy of Science.  In 2021, Lander, who holds many patents, disclosed ownership of assets worth more than $45 million.

Seeing that God has the original patents on DNA (it says so in the first verse of Genesis), this is a bit rich. Eric is rather rich. God says he wants His share of the money as everything is His anyway. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.

Eric should know this being Jewish.

Unless he is one of the Jews who say they are Jews but are not Jews but are of the…now, how does it finish?

I see the Pope thinks the vaccines should be taken as an act of love.


I say the vaccines should be avoided like the plague. I say Francis is a twit. He is a Jesuit. Now who was it founded the Jesuits?


Well, that was the lot in the main team. How about some of the substitutes? The following link has made the observation regarding Jews in the Team.

These include 5 not covered above namely

David Cohen CIA deputy director

Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff

Rachel Levine, deputy health secretary

Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director

Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state

Now, I do not intend to cover any details here about the individuals except for one, Rachel Levine. Now brace yourselves this might because you to spill your coffee, or whatever else you are drinking or doing.

This looks like a MAN with a wig. Obviously. Who calls himself Rachel, a female name. Jacob of old testament fame had a wife called Rachel.

Apparently he was originally called Richard. So a Dick who is now a dick. Presumably without a dick if he has transitioned fully.

Personally I have seen prettier pantomime dames. Interestingly in the Book of Revelation there is reference to a Greek word ‘pantocrator’. Which may be a revelation to you.

I have said elsewhere that the whole Covid 19 thing seems quite mad, like a pantomime. So Richard/Rachel is the dame, clearly. I think I ought to try and see if I can associate other standard roles. Perhaps not now.

But Joe Biden can be the dopey king, that’s an easy one. And Kamala the wicked witch. That’s easy too.


My general observations are that most of Joe’s Team are politicians/bureaucrats/lawyers by career. How many of the lawyers may be liars is a moot point. Many politicians are liars anyway.  

How many have had business or other relevant experience which you need to run a country effectively?

Apparently Joe Biden promised that “This is a Cabinet that I promised you—and I fulfilled that promise—that looks like America,” Biden said.


Anyway here’s some interesting statistics.

6 Jews + 1 part Jew out of 24!!

Plus another five substitutes. The following link indicates how many Jewish people there might be in the USA.

3-4% perhaps as opposed to 25% in Joe Biden’s Team.

6 Catholics – 24% identify as Catholic in the USA. This seems a reasonable proportion.

6 dark skin – these seem to be principally of African descent although I haven’t checked in detail. 25% of Team Biden. Population in USA appears to be around 14%, so could be considered over represented.

13 studied/practiced law, so just over half.

13 are male and 11 are female. A fair, if not 50/50 proportion.

The upshot is whatever else one may say, those of Jewish identity are grossly over represented. 1 would be a suitable proportion, but 6??

And Joe said the cabinet would look like America??

As Joe is stupid as is Kamala I wonder if this represents the number of stupid in America, The USA.

And anybody noticed something? 6 Jews, 6 Catholics, 6 dark skin.

666!!! Arrrgh!

Ok, so I’ve ignored the Isabel Guzman as part Jewish decent, but really??? But there is another Jew. Ron Klain. The White House Chief of Staff. Apparently

During the 2020 Biden campaign, Klain served as an advisor on the Covid-19 pandemic.  In April 2020 he told Wired: “If we’re going to make Covid-19 go away, we’re going to need a very high vaccination rate. The number one public health challenge of 2021 is going to be getting people to take the vaccine.”

Well the pope has helped by encouraging people to take it. Now I said Francis is a Jesuit and who was it founded the Jesuits?

Taking the vaccine will lead of course to the poisoning of many, and death of at least some.

And anybody seen the Protocols of the 24 elders of Zion?

I wondered if in reality there 24 in Team Biden. Take out Neera Tanden as White House secretary who I think should not strictly be counted in the cabinet team; add in Kamala you get 24. Mmm… better go back and look at that first link again.


Oh. There are 24 members (incl. Cabinet-level members). This does not include Joe Biden.

I note we do have one elder Elder in Joe Biden who is the eldest. And one Young elder in Shalanda. Which is confusing. Much like Joe who is confused.

The balance of the cabinet is heavily skewed to the Jews. I wonder why? It doesn’t represent the USA by a long chalk.

Dear readers, perhaps you would like to go away and mediate on all these things. Any other thoughts gratefully received.

P.S. If you need it, here is my link to vaccines. V is for…..Vaccination

And 666. 666

Battle of Trafalgar

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th October 2021

This took place on 21 October 1805, 216 years ago. Or 6 x 6 x 6 years ago. 666. If you add the individual digits of the date you get 2 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 8 + 0 + 5. This equals 3 x 6, or 3 sixes. 666.

Mmm…that number seems significant. No doubt it will come back to me.

Anyway, I thought I must as a naval officer’s son write something about it. And following the usual fashion I think I will employ the same method as I and A.N.Other have used.

I have referred to Wikipedia and another link; these links are attached at the end. References are from the main Wikipedia article unless otherwise stated.

And don’t forget to take some of it with a pinch of salt. After all the sea is salty!

Overall Situation

The British and the French were having their usual agreements about who ruled the waves. The French under the ‘Little Corporal’, Napoleon Blownapart wanted to invade England. He thought of digging a tunnel but that would be shelved for the best part of 200 years.

He had even considered hot air balloons. But the means of supplying the hot air en-masse was too limited as Emmanuel Macron was not yet born along with the other EU leaders, so this too was shelved.

So old Boney as Blownapart was known decided to go across the usual way by ferry. Sadly, the ports on the French side were on strike (again), so he had to get the help of the Spanish navy along with France’s own ships.

Thus it was decided to assemble what was called the allied fleet and take the French army or the Grande Armée and land in the Angleterre or England.

The allied fleet would be commanded by the Admirable Mr. Newtown, even Newcity, or Monsieur Villeneuve as the French would say.

The British were commanded by the Admirable Seigneur Glasfils, or Lord Nelson as the British would say.


Pursuit of Villeneuve

Early in 1805 Nelson was keeping a beady eye on the French ships in Brest. Or it may have been the other way round. He had not seen Emma Hamilton for a while, so who can blame him.

Anyway, he was maintaining a rather loos (sic) blockade and ‘Villeneuve’s fleet successfully evaded Nelson’s when the British were blown off station by storms.’

This is a typical problem when, for example you go to the toilet or loos on Haslemere station, and only come out to find your train has come and gone.

Or if there is a gale force blowing and you have your umbrella up and you get blown onto the line, or off the station.

In any event Villeneuve’s fleet headed for the Caribbean with Nelson’s fleet in hot pursuit, having caught a later train.


Then Villeneuve caught a return train to try and shake Nelson off, returning to Europe, and ‘… intending to break the blockade at Brest,…’. Blockade is like lemonade, only in blocks.

However, ‘…Villeneuve abandoned this plan and sailed back to Ferrol in northern Spain.’ This was after a contre-temp with a British fleet.

Mr Blownapart wanted Villeneuve to rendezvous with the French fleet in Brest which included 5 ships under a Captain Allemand, or Captain German as the English might say. Quite what a German was doing with the French fleet is a good question.

Mr Newtown set off for Brest on a suitable train but ‘…he worried that the British were observing his manoeuvres,…’. Frankly I find this rather pathetic; just because someone is looking at what you are doing, doesn’t mean you should change your mind and run away.

Anyway, he ended up in Cadiz in Spain. This meant that Mr Blownapart had his plans to invade Great Britain blown apart and he marched off to Germany in a huff to bash up the Austrians at Ulm where there was an ‘ulm’ tree no doubt.

This may well be the reason a Mr Hitler wanted a go at the French in 1940, in revenge for what Mr Blownapart did.

With Mr Newtown tucked up in Cadiz, Lord Nelson went home for a well-earned break. His ship the Victory needed an overhaul and when it was repaired Lord Nelson joined the fleet at Brest for another look.

Supply situation

I think it easier to sum up the situation from Wikipedia’s article.

‘At this point, Nelson’s fleet badly needed provisioning.’

‘Meanwhile, Villeneuve’s fleet in Cádiz was also suffering from a serious supply shortage…’and ‘…their ships were ill-equipped.’

‘The main French ships of the line had been kept in harbour for years by the British blockade with only brief sorties. The French crews included few experienced sailors, and, as most of the crew had to be taught the elements of seamanship on the few occasions when they got to sea, gunnery was neglected.’

‘Villeneuve’s supply situation began to improve in October, but news of Nelson’s arrival made Villeneuve reluctant to leave port. Indeed, his captains had held a vote on the matter and decided to stay in harbour.’

All I can say is the wusses. In the Royal Navy the captains would have been court martialled. Still, that’s the reputation of Nelson for you; scared the living daylights out of the French. Fear traumatises people.



Commanded by Admirable Lord Horatio Nelson


The Victory took the lead in what was called the Weather Column.

The Royal Sovereign took the lead in what was called the Lee Column. This was commanded by Vice Admirable Colin Wood (sic).

It is always good to have a positive attitude in a fight, so having one ship called Victory and one called Royal Sovereign indicates the king is going out to fight and he will obtain the victory.


Commanded by Admirable Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de Villeneuve


I do hope that the French fleet didn’t have to signal in his full name as it would have taken a very long time to spell his name in flags I assume. However, this might explain the mess the fleet got into later.

As regards the Spanish fleet, this included the monster 4 decker Spanish ship ‘Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad’.

I thought this might mean ‘New Esther snorer Della Santis I’m a tranny dad’. Therefore a cross dressing father who now self-identifies as Esther.

However, I gather this is not the case. It seems to mean ‘Our Lady of the Holy Trinity’. In any event she was a rather obese top heavy lady, a grand dame when in full sail.

This should be compared to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who actually make up the Holy Trinity. They don’t believe in being overweight as you are more likely to acquire Covid 19 (a.k.a. the ‘flu’).


Nelson’s plan

Admirable Nelson’s plan was simple; attack the allied fleet line in two columns, rather like attacking with two rolled up newspapers, one on the left and one on the right. So say The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

He hoped that this would prevent the allied fleet’s ships in the van seeing the flagship’s signals.

This would enable the centre of the allied fleet to be surrounded and have to fight to the end. I suppose he meant the end of the line.

This makes sense as the allied line was strung out like the washing on a line or perhaps like a newspaper, a broadsheet opened up as it were. Sheets are of course what the sails of the ships were made of, if they couldn’t find anybody to ‘canvas’ for the newspaper.

Overriding all this was that the objective was ‘…subject to the guiding rule that the enemy’s rear was to be cut off…’. In other words, they were to remove the bottom of the newspaper. This could prove useful later for wiping bottoms if all the loo paper had been sold in panic buying.

There were three benefits of this approach which included bringing a decisive constipation (sic) on the rear of the Franco-Spanish fleet. This would ultimately result in the removal of two turds (sic) of the allied fleet.

Nelson ordered the ships of his fleet to be painted in a distinctive yellow and black pattern (later known as the Nelson Chequer) that would make them easy to distinguish from their opponents.

This of course would make them look rather like wasps or bees and would impress upon the allied fleet they were going to be stung. If you saw a swarm of bees or wasps coming towards you might be scared too.

It is alleged that the Admirable Nelson said “No captain can do very wrong if he places his hips alongside that of the enemy and gives him an enema.” Enemas very good at sorting out constipation of course – see earlier.

As regards Admirable Newtown it is reported that ‘…he was suffering from a loss of nerve.’ So Admirable Villeneuve had become merely Admirable Ville having lost his ‘neuve’.

Or in English we might say the newt was removed and the Admirable Newtown was ‘newt-ered’. This explains the loss of neuve; in English we would say he lost his balls or courage.


The allied fleet were in Cadiz, the main port in Spain on the Atlantic coast. Cadiz replaced an earlier settlement, Cadiznt, where the greater part of the old town was consumed in a major fire in 1569.

So it sounds like ‘Cad is’ replaced ‘Cad isn’t’.

As this old town is no longer there you can see how the city got its current name.

Villeneuve had thought of setting out his newspaper in three columns but changed his mind. As his team were generally inexperienced, the type setting was all over the show, and they ended up with a single sprawling column.

This was about five miles long, and quite frankly having a newspaper this long is just not practical, especially if you open one on a train journey, for example. The Daily Telegraph is bad enough, believe me.

The team did try and get some semblance of order, but this took some time and they ended up with a sort of crescent shape, but still not much shorter. Imagine a croissant (which means crescent), so not unsuitable for someone to have with their breakfast whilst reading the newspaper.

Although trying to read a five mile long newspaper in a three bed semi’s dining room would have taken some doing at breakfast whilst trying to eat and drink.

The allied fleet’s newspaper might in fact be considered like a Sunday newspaper such as the Sunday New York Times, which I understand weighed more than 5.4kg (12lb) and contained 1,612 pages in an edition on 13 September 1987.

Anyway, the allied fleet were substantially heavier than the British with a bigger team.


The following are extracted comments about the battle.

‘At 11:45, Nelson sent the flag signal, “England expects that every man will do his duty”.’

Now it seems that the Admirable Nelson came up to the poop deck (this is where the poop was thrown overboard of course), although it is believed that the crew had done their duty earlier as commanded. The poop deck is also the bridge of the ship where the officers gave commands.

He spoke to a Mr Paxo, who was well-known for making an excellent sage and onion stuffing. He asked him to make a signal to the fleet “England confides that every man will do his duty”.

Mr Paxo who was wise and knew his onions as they say, suggested that “England expects that every man will do his duty” would be better with which Nelson concurred.

He also suggested to Admirable Nelson that he would like to signal the allied fleet ‘Come and get stuffed’, but sadly there wasn’t thyme (sic) for that.

‘The term “England” was widely used at the time to refer to the United Kingdom; the British fleet included significant contingents from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.’

As regards the flags, I note they contain 6 Blue Peter flags, a white square in a blue surround. And that the flag certainly now means ‘P’ or Papa in phoenetics, like father.

It was reported that Vice Admirable Colin Wood said to his officers: “Now, gentlemen, let us do something today which the world may talk of hereafter.”

This reminds me of Jesus Christ who, being crucified and raised from the dead, did something which the world really did talk of hereafter and has been talking about it for nearly 2,000 years.

‘Royal Sovereign had all sails out and, having recently had her bottom cleaned, outran the rest of the British fleet.’

This is very reasonable. After all, if you do your duty and have a dirty bottom, this can make things a bit awkward if you then want to walk around. You tend to waddle a bit so as not to make your underpants dirty and this slows you down.

The Victory came into battle and eventually engaged the Redoutable

It was also said that ‘Temeraire, the second ship in the British windward column, approached from the starboard bow of Redoutable and fired on the exposed French crew with a carrotade (sic), causing many casualties.’

Carrotade is a type of juice made with carrots.

‘The allied van, after long remaining quiescent, made a futile demonstration and then sailed away.’

This was known as ‘white van man syndrome’ when someone turns up to repair your drive in July, takes a look at it and says ‘I could put some chippings down next Thursday in June.’ You know he won’t be back.

Very sadly the Admirable Nelson was shot by a marks-man at about 1.15 pm it seems. No doubt this man was one of the marks of the Beast spoken of in the book of Revelation in the bible.

‘Nelson exclaimed, “They finally succeeded, I am dead.” He was carried below decks.’

This was a slight exaggeration as he was not yet dead, but we know what he meant.

Nelson was carried below decks. I have noted the following:

‘Surgeon William Beatty heard Nelson murmur, “Thank God I have done my duty”’; he had paid his duty, paid his tax in his attacks.

‘Nelson’s chaplain, Alexander Scott, who remained by Nelson as he died, recorded his last words as “God and my country.”

Nelson put God first then his country.

‘Nelson died at half-past four, three hours after being hit.’

This reminds me of Jesus Christ who died at a similar time on a hill, probably a ridge in reality, rather than a b-ridge!

Like Horatius on the bridge across the River Tiber in Rome, Horatio Nelson stood his ground on the bridge of his ship Victory. Only he paid for it with his life as did many other good British sailors.

So did Jesus, and those who gave their lives willingly in service to Him and to the heavenly Father.

But Nelson and his crews won a great victory for the United Kingdom which is still spoken of today.

Cosmao and MacDonnell sortie

As I understand it, only eleven ships escaped to Cádiz of the original 33.

There was a sortie made with 5 seaworthy ships under the Commodores Cosmao and MacDonnell. These should not be confused with The Commodores, an American funk and soul band.

Apparently Cosmao retook two Spanish ships of the line, but it cost him one French and two Spanish vessels to do so. So that was a bit pointless.

The British cast off the prizes

After the battle, I gather that a Gail turned up. She was known to be rather stormy to say the least and caused havoc among the captured prizes, most of which had to be cast off and were shipwrecked.

But none of the original British ships were lost because of good seamanship; the crews were used to stormy women.


You can look at the chart to see the causalities of both sides.

The allied fleet lost 22 ships or two turds (sic) of their main force at Trafalgar.

However, to this may be added 4 ships of the van in a later battle on 4 November 1805 at the Battle of Cape Ortegal.


Aftermath is counting the cost of the battle, so ‘after math(s)’.

‘In the aftermath of the storm, Collingwood wrote:

The condition of our own ships was such that it was very doubtful what would be their fate. Many a time I would have given the whole group of our capture, to ensure our own … I can only say that in my life I never saw such efforts as were made to save these [prize] ships, and would rather fight another battle than pass through such a week as followed it.

— Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood to the Admiralty, November 1805.’

It seems all parties to the battle treated each other with humanity which is good to know, even if they had been rather nasty to each other in the fight.

‘However, Villeneuve’s fleet had just spent months at sea crossing the Atlantic twice, which supports the proposition that the main difference between the two fleets’ combat effectiveness was the morale of the leaders.’


‘The daring tactics employed by Nelson were to ensure a strategically decisive result. The results vindicated his naval judgement.’

As the S.A.S. has as its motto ‘Who dares wins’.


As I understand it the allied fleet ended up with 9 ships of the line and the British fleet still had its original 27 ships. That is the allied fleet had a third of the ships of the line the British originally started with, having initially had the advantage in numbers.

This can be considered as a ratio of 3:1 in favour of the British.

So that is Nelson’s ratio of success; or in his case his Ho-ratio!!!

As regards Mr Newtown:

‘Vice-Admiral Villeneuve was taken prisoner aboard his flagship and taken back to Britain. After his parole in 1806, he returned to France, where he was found dead in his inn room during a stop on the way to Paris, with six stab wounds in the chest from a dining knife. It was officially recorded that he had committed suicide.’

Now, I ask you would you be likely to try and commit suicide with a dining knife, however pointed that knife might be? And stabbing yourself 6 times before achieving the desired result??

I think he was murdered, don’t you?

The news of the battle as it appeared in the HERALD.


This just goes to show how dictators like Napoleon will lie to distort the truth, a bit like Donald Trump winning the election in 2020 and the democrats under Joe Biden lying to cover it up.

As regards Nelson’s body:

Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of brandy for the trip home to a hero’s funeral.

This must be the ultimate booze cruise! His body was pickled in brandy and he traveled back to Britain in a pickle!!

Also note the news of the great victory and Nelson’s death was brought to England by HMS Pickle! It is only a pity perhaps that Nelson’s body came back in HMS Victory rather than HMS Pickle!!

I have no doubt that people would not have wasted the brandy once his body was removed.

I imagine the liquor was sold as ‘Lord Nelson’s Brandy – Full bodied, considered ‘armless but not once you drink it!!’

As regards Nelson you may remember he had lost an eye. As they might have said ‘In the land of the two-eyed, the one eyed man was king!!’

And of course he had lost one arm so ‘He was armless but not in the least bit harmless!!’


It is probably easier to quote the following:

‘Following the battle, the Royal Navy was never again seriously challenged by the French fleet in a large-scale engagement. Napoleon had already abandoned his plans of invasion before the battle and they were never revived.’

‘The Royal Navy proceeded to dominate the sea until the Second World War.’

‘London’s Trafalgar Square was named in honour of Nelson’s victory; at the centre of the square there is the 45.1 m (148 ft) Nelson’s Column, with a 5.5 m (18 ft) (NB 3 x 6!!) statue of Nelson on top. It was finished in 1843.’

The statue does suffer from the birds that poo on it. This is nothing new as some ‘birds’ tend to do that to those that tell the truth and win battles. Nancy Pelosi springs to mind.

I mentioned Blue Peter flags earlier, so perhaps the last words can go to John Noakes of Blue Peter helping to clean pigeons’ poo from Horatio Nelson’s statue. As far as I can tell he says:

‘By gum, me ‘ats a bit dirty, never mind, I don’t suppose anybody ’ll see that.’


Here are the links to information about the battle.




And if you want to read a bit more about Victory try this.

Mark of the Beast

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th April 2021

Here we are at last. I am indebted to a faithful follower how has worked hard to assist me in this task.

Before I start I would mention that I believe that to a certain extent history is repeating itself and that we are in 1941, 80 years ago, in some aspects. The World war against Germany. Which will be significant when you read below.

One event was that the Germans attacked and were repulsed in North Africa at Tobruk. The Australians were defending it. Well done them!


The Germans were led by Erwin Rommel, the lieutenant general at the time. His nick name was’The desert fox’. It amused me to note from my Cloud for the first time this year, an old Fox cross the rear of my garden yesterday.

And my wife has been having organic food delivered by an Australian over here in the UK!! Honestly, scouts honour and all that. Amazing!

Be that as it may, lets get on with the main task which I set out. Do respond once you have checked it out. And do pass on or post yourselves if you wish, include a link to my site etc. Feel free.

I am not too bothered how except I would like more people to view and know the truth so they can be free. The truth will set you free. So let’s get on with it.

But if you wish to view my page first on 666 go there. Another reminder at end of this post if you wish to go there after.


This is a well-known phrase striking fear into many, but few understand its full meaning. I kid you not to say that I now do. At least, that is I have uncovered the depth of meaning, and expose the fact that the interpretation over the years has been too narrow.

I do not demean all the good hard work others have put in over the years; just that I am not aware that anyone has addressed it as I have. If you know better let me know. There are no doubt further aspects to explore. I will keep  an open mind to other details.

In truth, it has had more than one meaning and has applied in different ways across history from the day John first penned the words. Whilst it might be useful to look at the history, I will not trouble to set out that side when we need to know how it applies now in the end times.

We need the original Greek words to be sure of its meaning and to analyse those first. Then the truth will be revealed.

Original Greek

Charagma – χάραγμα – mark.  A neuter noun. Note seven occurrences of this word, all in revelation, plus further 1 Charagmati, χαράγματι,  meaning a graven thing, an engraving or etching, or something stamped, an impression.

However, Google translate gives Chara as ‘Joy’. Char could be tank as in French, but can refer to chariot as in ‘your chariot awaits’ which might be said of a motor vehicle, to someone by a person else waiting to give the someone a lift.

Gma – I struggle to understand this suffix. I have the following link.


I note 12 words listed, reminds me of Satan as this is typically his number. Includes stigma. An anagram of this is M Gaits. Sounds like M-(elinda) Gates. Mmm, now there’s a thought. Who wears the trousers in that family?

We then have ‘joy of the Gates’. Does that ring a little bell? Or a dirty great big bell? Don’t forget you may have heard it here first. Tell people, they would like to know.

However, my first thought in internet research was initials of Good Morning America. And where you can find Melinda Gates video.


First thoughts can often be correct. But second thoughts can be useful too it seems. Although I put the second first in this case, to show my reasoning.

Tou – τοῦ – of the

Thēriou – θηρίου – beast. . Note 16  occurrences of this word, all in revelation A neuter noun. Strictly wild beast, but not an animal in the sacrificial sense, rather an object or organisation. See below link.


Definition: Note 23 and 42. See 42 link if interested, link again at end of post. 23 is the total of mark and beast references. May be significant, the number no doubt refers to 50% of the human chromosome which is 46.

What is the beast?

If the beast is neuter then this cannot be a person as such (unless perhaps they have been neutered like a eunuch!). However, I have just had the thought that that is possible, especially nowadays when transgender people have in effect been ‘neutered’. Like Rachel Devine, the United States assistant secretary for health perhaps?

However, I believe the primary meaning is institution or organisation or even a group of people. (NOTE: Added 16th April 2021. However, as I am a stupid git, I missed the blindingly obvious until I double checked something just now . See Mr Mark heading later).

I said elsewhere there are three principal groups behind the evil in world, which Satan uses to further his ambitions to rule the world. Not that he will succeed of course.

One I have exposed as Germany, strictly Prussia, although more broadly this encompasses Germanic peoples. The other two I will leave in the wings as it were for latter.

In a way the beast is the EU, essentially a Franco-German affair. As the Franks were/are Germanic I understand this makes sense. Not all French are Franks by the way. But it is the Germans who run the show in reality.

So in this post I will deal with Germany which as you will see has mark clearly stamped all over it!

The Mark

Germany was essentially brought about by Otto von Bismarck. Wikipedia says;

Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (born von Bismarck-Schönhausen; German: Otto Eduard Leopold Fürst[2] von Bismarck, Herzog zu Lauenburg; 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), known as Otto von Bismarck (German: [ˈɔto fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] (About this soundlisten)), was a conservative German statesman who masterminded the unification of Germany in 1871

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_von_Bismarck

Bismarck essentially means ‘to mark’

What was Germany’s currency? The Mark.

Note the following:


‘Wild beasts’ include – panther, puma, tiger, elephant, lion. Also maus which means mouse in English! The Germans do have some sense of humour!

Also rhino and mule. There is a Marder = Marten, a type of weasel.

There is also leopard for modern day tanks.

Note the various Marks (Mk) of tanks.

Note Churchill called Tirpitz “the beast”, and ordered that no effort be spared to hunt her down.

Are you in any doubt about this now?

Motor vehicles

But what about the reference in the Bible to mark being on the right hand/forehead?


Well, strictly this is front rather than forehead, right (hand side) rather than right hand. Which opens up a different possibility, not human at all.

In fact it refers to the front of the vehicle. The word is ‘met-o-pon’ in Greek. –  Think pon as in pont like bridge in Welsh for example. Could be bridge of nose, like a bumper. A car has two eyes, think of cartoons like ‘Cars’ etc.

The Mark is the number plate!!!

And can be on the right hand or right hand side!!!

See photograph below.

Please note that going back to Charagma, Char can mean ‘to burn, a burn mark’, like the burn marks of tyre on tarmac or asphalt. Etc.

And who is implied as the king of Tyre as set out in the Bible. Why, the old enemy, Satan!!

Again, the mark on the ground is like a brand on the earth as it were.  Or what about the latest brand, the latest fashion. Each year many people like to buy the latest model.

Yet again, vehicles can be ‘wild beasts’ as they are out of control unless we steer it (self-drive models not withstanding as is currently being researched/marketed).

The wild beast can be thought of as the motor vehicle which pollutes and all associated by products – mountains of old tyres to deal with, for example.

Who first really developed the motor car? Karl Benz. A German. Who has many of the car models in the world? Germany. There’s a surprise – not!!

Including Roll Royce which as far as I can tell is essentially in German hands. Marks (!)  or brands include ‘The spirit of Ecstasy’. Joy of the beast would make sense here.

This will all lead on to other matters and the interpretation of Revelation which is opening up to me as I turn the keys I have been given. Keep a look out.

Merck of the Beast

A German pharmaceutical company. See


Note it says at today’s date it is in 66 countries!!

Note also Bayer AG, a chemical etc manufacturing company.

What do some wild beasts like wolves do? They bay, and could be described as bayers!!

Another mark

There is another mark, a different mark. You see Charagma can be an etching, which sounds like itching or a scratch mark. Or a little prick. Like with a needle.

What does the nurse say say if she is taking blood as I experienced in recent years? ‘Just a little prick.’ Now in one sense I find that funny, and those with ears to hear may do so too, but it can be related to injections.

Such as for insertion of a drip for saline, or chemotherapy.

Or vaccines.

Now there’s a thought. Side effects of vaccines for some? Well these include soreness in the arm.

Or feeling rather unwell. Or very unwell for several days.

Or death.

If you can call that a side effect. Death is rather terminal to the physical body, so I’m not sure it counts. Just as well there is a resurrection of the body.

I will have to look at this in more detail, but please do research re German involvement. Pfizer and Merck seem to be at or near top of list for annual revenues from vaccines. Pfizer was founded by German immigrants.

As to other companies here is link which may be of use.

Anagrams of ‘Mark of the beast’

For some alternative thoughts, mediate on the following:

Be ok after maths – after counting all fraudulent votes in USA presidential election perhaps

Mask of the beat – masks worn by those beaten down or cowed by governments – but not by people who will not fear man but God. Remember perfect love casts out fear.

Some related thoughts below.

Mask of the Beast

The wearing of masks has become compulsory it seems unless you are British and have read the guidance and advice from the government and understood it correctly like me.

But I believe that mask wearing does vary from country to country and state to state. Still utterly pointless against a virus unless you are trying to keep out diesel fumes, for example.

Diesel, invented by hmm, let me think, ooh it’s on the tip of my tongue – no don’t rush me…..ah! Yes, a German. There’s a surprise – not!

Sadly, few others have checked over this and so many people and firms have followed blindly the advice on masks in the UK without due diligence to legislation in general. Like risk assessments for those you are trying to inflict them on.

Anyway, the beast in this instance is the faceless bureaucracy that you struggle to fight in your attempts to get sense into people.

But we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, and authorities, the cosmic powers of darkness, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

However, having looked more closely at the original text just now, I realise that we have been missing the point. Rather badly. Oh dear, silly me.

Still, that gives me something else to do. As if I haven’t enough already. If you want something done properly do it yourself. Honestly, I don’t know.

Anyway, look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page sometime I hope and tell you where to look.

Marx of the Beast

Karl Marx was a German Jew who came to England. He was the author of ‘Das Kapital’, essentially as I understand it, promoting a communistic materialistic view of life.

I will need to analyse in more depth, but he was responsible for it, along with Fredrick Engels, (Engels means ‘angel’) for the ideas that lead to the communists and Nazis (who are both ultimately socialist). And of course three world wars that led to millions of deaths.

Please note that the communists in Russia were funded by Germany to get the Russians out of the First World War and relieve the pressure of a second front. I have yet to research in detail, but my wife told me this and I believe it to be correct as well as making sense.

Again I say three World Wars as we are in the third war now, a war of words which I have explained elsewhere.

The Beast in this case is his country of origin; Prussia, now Germany. There’s a surprise – not!

I am repeating myself but ‘look out for further posts or maybe I will create a page and tell you where to look’.

Angela Merkel

I am sure you know who she is. Chancellor of Germany.

What does her name mean? ‘Angel Notice’. Or perhaps ‘angel mark’ would do.

Now there’s as surprise – not!!

Mr Mark (added 16th April 2021)

Who I hear you cry? Mr Mark. Who’s he?

Well, that’s obvious, I had thought about it without full attention. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

M. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron that’s who. Or Mr ‘God with us Mark’. Yup, macron means mark! He may be a closet Scotsman as in Mac Ron, but that is just funny.

He has a nice smile, married his mother, sorry mother figure, just like Oedipus Rex. And he’s a wanker, sorry  banker, (in a dark or black suit) among other things. He is French but we can forgive him that. Possibly. Or perhaps not.

And the pope likes him. That’s Francis the Jesuit by the way, the man in the white suit, not the other one from Germany, Benny Dick or something like that, who’s not dead yet.

The pope, or pape or papa, who likes to pretend he’s the holy Father. More holes than gorgonzola I say. Somebody says he’s been arrested a while back. Mmm, interesting.

The Most High will have something to say about pretending to be the holy Father. He thought He was the highest cheese in the universe.

We will have to await developments. Or preferably get out there and tell the Truth, all of it.

This site is worth looking at, extremely informative.


I thought I might just set out a better interpretation of Mr Mark’s name as a result. Italics from ‘An excellent article’ in above link.

Monsieur – My Sir – In his case ‘Mon Sewer’. A place where you put crap.

Emmanuel – God with us – In his case Cod with us because he is fishy.

Or ‘Vichy’ see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46129990

In either case he stinks and is controlled by Germany.

Jean – gift from God – In his case ‘Git from Cod’. A youngish git and still fishy (or Vichy).

Michel – who is like God? – in his case W.H.O. is like Cod? All very fishy. (and still Vichy). See:


Frédéric – peaceful ruler (“Prince of Peace” is the title for Jesus Christ – Isaiah 9:6-7) – In his case ‘Pees full ruler’ or ‘Prince of Pees’. Prince of Piss perhaps? No, not perhaps, definitely.

Macron – a written or printed mark (Revelation 13 tells us “the mark… is the name of the beast (Antichrist)”. Coincidence or incredible play on words?)

The blogger in the quoted article has asked a question. The second part is correct. Did anyone ever doubt that the heavenly Father loves plays on words?

Me for one. At least, I didn’t think about it as such. I thought He must have a sense of humour though. I didn’t realise how awful (in a good sense) His jokes could be. But then I have always loved puns, plays on words. Now I just adore them (in a good way I hope).

The bible is full of them if you look. Much funnier book than anyone, myself included, ever realised.

Conclusion (amended 16th April 2021)

I do hope it is blindly obvious. Germany, with a capital G, one of the beasts, with lots of Marks.

Motor vehicles, ‘beasts’ which can go out of control and injure or kill. With number plates and brands, various Marks.

Communists with their Marx!

And governments’ generally with their stupid Masks!!

And let us not forget ‘Mon Sewer Cod with us Git from Cod W.H.O is like Cod Full of piss ruler Mark On.’ King of France, the Franks (mainly) who are Germanic, and potential world leader. A stinking sewer, stinking fish, git, etc. etc.

There is also a word for someone who marries someone old enough to be his mother, I forget what.

And wanker, sorry banker.

Easy when you know how, seemly impossible when you don’t.

Do pass on, the good thing about truth is it is precious, like jewels and gold and silver that don’t wear out.

I hope you can treasure these things, but sharing them will bring you additional joy.

More joy for another ‘wild beast’, wild hair anyway.

Like me perhaps?!

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

P.S. You may well wish to view my page on 666. Or 42

P.P.S or perhaps the following. Covid 19 Summary

P.P.P.S Or even this which might explain the problems with Germany.

Why are so many German cities Bad?

March for the Beast

5th April 2021

What’s this then?? Well, I know it’s not March any more but April. Perhaps I should have got this in earlier, but I am struggling with my energy at the moment. However, today I have solved the puzzle of the Mark of the Beast and we ought to celebrate with a ‘March for the Beast’.

In this instance the beast is not the beast of Revelation as such. Unless it is in there anyway. No, I was thinking of me, who looks like a wild beast. My hair is wild after 12 months of lockdown and no haircut. My face is dropped down on one side due to the palsy, so I look a bit of a sight.

Now I know that sounds arrogant, that is, marching for me, but really it’s a bit of fun. You would not be celebrating me.

However, you might like to celebrate with me. Sadly, up on my Cloud I cannot join in with my proposed march on the ground.

What are we celebrating? Well. I have cracked the code to 666 and the Mark of the Beast which I referred to earlier. To be fair, lots of people have already solved certain aspects, it’s just I have dealt with the final parts after nearly 2000 years after John wrote the words.

I have to put it all together in suitable form to publish but it should be quite clear when you see it. In the meantime, I think a march is in order in April.

A march especially round the Capitol fencing in Washington DC I think. Where Joe Biden and his cronies, including the female triumvirate are holed up I believe. I assume they are there, but perhaps they are not. Nevertheless a march may do a lot of people a lot of good now the weather is warming up and the blossoms are coming out.

My suggestion is the following:

Marching round the perimeter fencing which I assume is still up.

Like the Israelites marched round Jericho, go round it once for 6 days consecutive.

Then on the 7th day march round 7 times. All being well the fencing will fall down or be taken down. You can then march on the public buildings and see what’s going on.

You can blow Trumpets to summon Donald Trump if you wish. How about righting his name on your foreheads or right hand? You know, Trump Won, Biden nil, Biden’s blown it, Biden’s lost it.

Or maybe ‘Kamala, Kamala chameleon’, like Boy George’s song.

Or perhaps ‘These boots are made for walking all over you, Nancy Pelosi’.

That sort of thing. The last is a bit long so perhaps a placard instead will do.

If you want to wear masks, why not have one in black on your right arm, as you might at a funeral. To show respect for the dead who died as a result of the Demoncrats actions. And for Joe Biden who is for all intents and purposes is brain dead.

Or perhaps wear a mask on your forehead. You can again have something appropriate written on the masks.

But you can do whatever seems suitable; you are all very creative I know. God’s children are always that.

I have created a suitable song if you want to sing, based on the tune ‘John’ Brown’s body’. The original is very good though as is the hymn ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord’.

I have also a song ‘Donald the Elephant’ you can find here. Elephant because they Trumpet of course. And because the Republican symbol is an elephant. Elephants are supposed not to forget. Donald has not forgotten the American people.

And don’t forget the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms. So roll your sleeves ups (and trouser legs if you don’t have shorts and it is warm enough, or  you are brave, which you can be of course with the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit of love and the angels with you).

Why not be like Superman and Woman and wear your briefs outside your pants or shorts? (In England this would be wearing two pairs of pants as pants are briefs to us, not trousers – and you think we are eccentric; honestly, I don’t know what the U.S. of A. is coming to!).

You might like this informative link.


If you think it a good idea, then if you start tomorrow you should finish on the 12th April which is when my wife and I would normally celebrate our wedding anniversary.

So there you are. Up to you now as you chose. I hope to publish pages/posts on 666 and the Mark of the beast in the next two days (now up and running see links at end). They will go in as static pages in any event in The Restaurant at the end of the Universe in any event.

And quite possibly elsewhere as a good recipe is worth sharing.

P.S. here are links to Donald the Elephant again and Joe Biden’s lies, two songs you can use as you see fit

666 is now on the menu in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe here.

And mark of the beast here.

Happy New Year!

1st January 2021

Welcome 2021! Which looks a bit like 20211.

Which could be 42. 2 + 2 = 4, 1 + 1 = 2, 4 & 2 or 42 if you take the ‘&’ away.

42, the ultimate answer to life, the universe, everything, according to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

So perhaps this year we might get somewhere. Mind you, I got quite few answers last year to my questions.

Such as the meaning 666 in the Book of Revelation. I have notes which I will write up and post.

Or Covid 19, which I have already put up on my site under Covid 19 Summary.

And, of course, why is 6 x 9 the ultimate question to the ultimate answer, 42. If it isn’t the ultimate question, what is the question to the answer? A good question. So I will seek to answer that too. I have extensive notes already, and am preparing a draft.

There are a number of websites out there with explanations already which are very helpful, but I thought I should add my pennies worth. Helps me if it helps no one else.

So if you are interested in these questions and my answers go take a look.

There are others under World Menu set out as pages rather than posts. I may well put some up as pages in due course.

As regards 2020 just gone, I hope you have regained a more balanced vision as in 20/20 vision as others have said. I know I have.

To be honest, I was aware of many things already, but activity, busy-ness if you will, obscured the truth. My summary might be the following;

    • You don’t need to rush everywhere.
    • There is much more beauty in your local area than you realised.
    • The wildlife is happier and visits you more often when everywhere is calmer.
    • There is much more beauty and kindness in people, your neighbours, than you realised.
    • You can work from home and have the space to do other things as well during the working day. You are not rushing to work and not stuck in rush hour traffic getting frustrated and polluting the atmosphere, let alone polluting your body.
    • You can shop locally and not rush to the shops.
    • You can do without certain shops, lots of shops perhaps.
    • You can make a lot yourself and with food it can taste a lot better.
    • That governments are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That bureaucrats are useless at arriving at sensible decisions, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That the NHS is useless, a ‘monster’ eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever. Except perhaps to those who make money out of it.
    • That many doctors are useless, eating up vast sums of money to no benefit whatsoever except to themselves and their families.
    • That the internet is a more useful ‘doctor’.
    • That much of our food is ‘doctored’ by poisons, food additives and chemicals that are not necessary, but harmful to good health.
    • That the nazi/communists are alive and kicking, but that we can kick back, and will boot them back.

Of course, when I talk about large sums of money being of benefit to certain groups, it assumes that money has any real benefit. Large piles of it just get you constipated, or give you ‘piles’ which are uncomfortable to sit on.

There some like the George Soros’s or Bill and Melinda Gates of this world who seem to like large piles. Pillocks. They have their reward. And they will get their just desserts.

Which I will put under ‘Desserts’ perhaps. Or perhaps somewhere else. I have written about George Soros, I have yet to do the Gates. So much to do, so much time to do it in.

Yes really, because time seemed to slow for me last year. So I wonder what this year will bring.

Wait and see. And do come and see here on my site. You will be very welcome.

But if you want a prophecy, I have noted close similarities with World War II. So looking at main events that happened then may give clues as to what might occur. And I put us in the start of 1941. Something for you to ponder.

And Happy New Year again!

If you fancy something wacky try this.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything