Avian ‘flu – more lies

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

3rd November, 2022

I saw this extract text in an email from Andrew Griffiths Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs

Be on the look out for Avian Flu

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has recently announced that Horsham and a surrounding 10 km area are now a monitoring zone for Avian Influenza, also known as bird flu.

This is a fatal strain of the virus in many species of birds that has spread across Europe and is now arriving here. Wild birds as well as poultry are affected. This week I met with the Government’s top vets to understand how the action they are taking to tackle this outbreak will affect our local agricultural industries. Specific advice will be directed to our local farmers by the Government but for households the guidance is clear.

Those who keep pet birds at home must keep a close watch on them for illness and their cages should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. It’s also worth remembering that if you’re out and about and you spot dead birds, call the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77, and keep dogs and little ones well away.

Please excuse my French as they say, but I am getting exceedingly pissed off with all these lies and deception.

This is merely another excuse to blame anything on the coming wave of vaccine harms and deaths this autumn/winter if it is not already upon us, the wave that is. I haven’t checked.

Editor’s note: as someone correctly pointed out in the comments below and I quote her, this is also “…to terrify people away from the idea of self-sufficiency and destroy those who have already started keeping chickens.”

They talk about ‘fatal strain’ but it is straining credulity that people will still believe the government after all the lies since 2020. Let alone those before, although they pale into insignificance by comparison I suppose.

The extract talks about spotting dead birds and keeping dogs and little ones well away. Gordon Bennett, what drivel! Now a rotting bird is hardly something one want to pick up. And if it is poisoned by a Nazi chemical, certainly not.

But you will not become ill by going near it. Dogs might want to eat them so that is a risk, but not because of some so-called ‘flu or germs as people like to refer to them.

Mind you, a bird is slang for a female, and as I see a number of females (there are men but I observe mainly females) still falling for the Covid 19 nonsense, perhaps steering well clear of them is sensible, whether you are a dog, a little one or an adult.

Anyway, just to be clear:

      1. Virology is fundamentally flawed as you cannot catch the virus however you define it.

        Viruses are either poisons, chemical poisons, or as seems to be the case as viewed by virologists who don’t know what they are looking at, the exosome, the body’s own defence system about which I have written previously.


      2. As viruses are the same for animal/birds, albeit if they also have exosomes they may vary, then they can’t catch a virus.

Based on this I wonder what’s up. Are they going to try and poison some birds and say ‘Oo look they’re dying, we’d better lock down again.’

No, far more likely it will be the fact that the bivalent booster borsch soup they have concocted for the terminally dim is not receiving the desired take up.

So roll up, roll up (your sleeves) and get pricked again like you did last summer to misquote Chubby Checker.

Or put another way; get your ‘Little Red Booster’ as the Rolling Stones could have sung.

My advice is don’t fall for the scam, if Andrew Griffiths is reading, please note, if you have friends/neighbours with chickens please advise them.

If there are still battery hen houses then I am not happy as having seen the wretched condition of hens in one of these in my 20’s, I know they should have gone long ago.

But don’t shut up your hens because of this existential idiocy, use your common sense and shut them up/protect them from the obvious predators, foxes, storm winds, toxins, government advisors/vets etc.

Anyway, I like eggs and as long as they, the hens, want to lay an eggy (organic please), I can enjoy them for my tea, and boost my vitamin D.

Which rhymes rather nicely I think.

To finish this ‘meal’ I think some Rolling Stones.

NB. Grit is necessary for chickens in their digestion so Rolling Stones is a perfect segue.

And note the bivalent booster is prowling round like to Devil so watch out!

My alternative lyrics:

Little Red Booster

I am the little red booster

Too crazy laid low for days

I am the little red booster

Too crazy laid low for days

Keep everything in the pharma yard upset in every way

The men begin to bark and women begin to howl

Men begin to bark and women begin to howl#

Watch out strange cat people#

Little red booster’s on the prowl

If you see my little red booster

Please drive it home*

If you see my little red booster

Please drive it home

Ain’t had no peace in the pharma yard

Since my little red booster’s been gone


# Madness from vaccines side effects

* As in drive it home into someone’s arm

P.S. My links on viruses and exosomes.

V is for…..Virus

E is for…..Exosomes

And remember the USA and Mid-terms. The evil Democrats must be removed , as well as any RINO’s.

Operation Torch occurred in 1942, 8th to 16th November 80 years ago about which I will write. I am very hopeful therefore.

The British and Commonwealth forces are breaking through at El Alamein this week 80 years ago. Hurray!

And the Soviet Union is turning the tide at Stalingrad against the Nazis.