Justin Trudeau

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

10th September, 2021

Justin Pierre James Trudeau. That’s his full name. Currently Prime Minister of Canada. The 23rd prime minister. 23 is a prime number, so he is a prime prime minister!

As the 9th prime number according to Wikipedia perhaps he comes as judgement. 9 is the number of judgement. Or perhaps he is to be judged.

9 is associated with the bottomless pit of revelation. Has Justin Trudeau come from the bottomless pit?

He has called a snap election scheduled for 20th September 2021.

Here is Wikipedia’s entry about him which I have used as a framework for review.


Anyway, what about the meaning of his name.

Justin – Just or upright

Pierre – Stone

James – supplanter or replacer

Trudeau – This is problematic. The following link makes suggestions.



Submitted by anonymous on April 2, 2020 


The yucky piece of the poop that may not be fully digested as the body had to spit it out early.

The dogs poop was covered in trudeaus. They were vile.

Submitted by anonymous on June 2, 2021 

Paul Mo

Definition of Trudeau: French word meaning communist traitor.

I am not sure that that site may be biased against him. Are they being fair?

The following makes more favourable reading.


Trudeau is a sweet and delightful name.

Unique yet mesmerizing, the name is a great blend of character and flair.

Wrap it up and take it home, Trudeau may just be the name you’re looking for.

Mind you, I find that has gone the other way, and the site may be biased for him.


I tried anagramming for any clues. I came up with these partial anagrams.

Please note that his full name has 24 letters but only 12 of the 26 in the English alphabet. So there is some statistical significance. You may think it silly, but given the meanings of these words one should give it pause for thought.

In English

Eat Urdu – this might explain the following links


The BBC talks about premeditated. That is not proven in the article. How does Justin Trudeau know it was a hate crime? Is he an opportunist or does he know something we don’t. Who premeditated it?

Rude tau – tau is last letter of Hebrew alphabet, so perhaps a rude letter.

U due rat – Self-explanatory.

Turd eau – this could be ‘turd water’ as eau in French is water.

In French

D’auteur – meaning an artist, usually a film maker apparently. He is said to have become a media personality. But where is the substance, the foundation for a good statesman?

D’urate – of urea in essence. Which you find in turds. Mmm, interesting.

D’étau – vice, as in grip or squeeze.

Tu ardue – you hard

You can have a go yourself; perhaps I am biased, but I did not find anything very good.

From Justin Trudeau

Unstriated – smooth textured

Indurates – to make callous or obdurate

Intrusted – intrusted with government certainly

Jauntiest – having or expressing a buoyant or self-confident air

Untrusted – well, this seems to be true as many do not trust him

Judaist untrue – Oh dear!

Judas nutter ui – !!!

I have had a thought Trudeau sounds like ‘True dough’ as in ‘True money’. Is this significant?

I have tried anagramming his full names in both English and French as he has heritage from both sides and names in both languages. You make of them what you will. I have commented on a few.

jurisprudentia – knowledge of law

misrepresented – is he? Misrepresent is also part anagram, so does he, misrepresent the truth?













Arse turd super mean jet

In French

m’entre-détruirais – destroy myself

m’entre-détruisais – destroyed myself

m’entre-détruirai – will destroy me

m’aseptiseraient – would sanitize me

prédéterminerais – predetermine

administrateurs – administrators

désarrimeraient – would undock – he supports certain separatist movements.

d’arrière-mains – back hand

j’impatientasse – I’m impatient

j’interprétasse – I interpret

André jiu-jitsu prématurées – Premature André Jiu-Jitsu

Aude j’interjetais m’usurper – Aude I was planning to usurp myself

adapter juteuses m’injurier – fit juicy swear at me

adeptes ajusteur m’injurier Premature André Jiu-Jitsu

adjurai emprunter jésuites – adjurai borrow from Jesuits

NB adjure means to charge or command earnestly, often under the threat of a penalty; to entreat solemnly

adjurât j’impètre urineuses  – adjure I urinate

adjurât m’épeures t’injuries – begging me to scare you

Birth & Childhood

He was born on 25th December 1971. Does he think himself a new Jesus Christ? The fact that Jesus wasn’t born on that day is neither here or there to some people. But it’s the thought that counts – some people think they are Jesus Christ reborn.

Apparently Richard Nixon then president of the USA said of Justin in 1972 “I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau”

I can think that some people might be forgiven nowadays for thinking he actually said “I’d like to roast the future prime minister of Canada, Justin Pierre Trudeau”. Toast and roast may be similar terms.

Given that Richard Nixon is reported to have said of his visit to Canada as “wasting three days up there. That trip we needed like a hole in the head.” Was he thinking particularly of Justin in his nursery I wonder?

Some people today might think they need Justin ‘like a hole in the head’, or that Justin has a hole in the head given his push on vaccines and masks which are pointless.

His father and mother

His mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She struggled with being Mrs Trudeau, the wife of the former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. I wonder if Justin has inherited some of this disorder from his mother.

She was nearly 29 years younger than him. That is quite a gap. She seems to have been a wild child, a swinger. Not good for the children growing up. Justin was about 12/13 years old when his parents divorced, but only 5 years old when they separated.

This won’t have helped him growing up. Perhaps he has never grown up.

This is interesting, looking at people’s comments.

‘toxic narcissism, over the top actor, psychopath, Messiah complex, a puppet, an idiot’ are some of the terms used. Perhaps they are all true?

His mother is said to have been sexually promiscuous. This site suggests so, and ties in the Trudeau’s trips to Cuba with Justin’s conception.

Looking like someone is not justification for considering someone to be someone else’s child, but as it is not the only issue raised in the article one must consider it seriously and double check.

Here are a couple of articles on Cuba to consider.



Despite such comments ‘we stand with the people of Cuba who deserve democracy, freedom and respect’, he would enforce mandates on vaccines. That is hypocritical in my books.

As regards masks I found the following.


More hypocrisy or stupidity. Or both. Any other thoughts? I note the following lawsuit.


As regards Justin’ father you may wish to consider this re residential schools in Canada issue.

The following says something about his father. Seems a sensible approach to impose restraints on himself. But does Justin following his father’s footsteps?


“I believe in life after death, I believe in God and I’m a Christian.” Trudeau maintained, however, that he preferred to impose constraints on himself rather than have them imposed from the outside. In this sense, he believed he was more like a Protestant than a Catholic of the era in which he was schooled.

But then there are allegations of a swinging life style. Does that fit with what Pierre Trudeau was like?

If Fidel Castro was Justin’s father then Fidel certainly wasn’t faithful with his various wives (Fidel means ‘faithful’ in Latin). But I think it might be said he was faithful to his revolutionary principles, which is probably more than can be said for Justin’s principles, whatever they are.

University and early career

There is a comment in Wikipedia regarding an accusation of harassment of a female reporter.

“If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward”

It seems the details are sketchy, the circumstances seem very slight, so perhaps someone was jealous. But if he said that, why does he consider it okay to do something if he is not likely to be reported on which this obviously implies?

There is a video of his eulogy at his father’s funeral. I have looked at some of it. It seems rather contrived and acted rather than a genuine tribute. No real emotion there that I can see.

Wikipedia says:

A book issued by the CBC in 2003 included the speech in its list of significant Canadian events from the past fifty years.

Good grief, if this is significant, life in Canada must be dull. Surely not.

It seems he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature and a Bachelor of Education degree. That’s interesting, but doesn’t necessarily give him a good all round view of running a country where life experience is required.

Domestic policy

initially relied on increased tax revenues to pay for increased government spending

He seems to have used tax revenues to pay for increased government spending. Obviously sensible, ‘Neither a lender nor a borrower be’ used to be a maxim. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

But now he seeks to raise debt to yet more eye watering levels. Is he mad? Or in the bankers pockets?


strong advocacy for feminism and abortion rights

There have clearly been inequalities between the sexes, but then men and women are different despite attempts to try and blur distinctions.

We have seen an increasingly feminisation of the western world, yet this has not resulted in benefits for society as a whole as men are now being marginalised in many areas. I see this in the NHS where male doctors seem hard to find in my area. The local GP surgery is now all female doctors.

Female doctors can be very good and there are plenty of useless male doctors – I have seen a few, but I heard of a part time female doctor locally who apparently models clothes in her spare time! How can she concentrate on medical duties if she also wants to do that?

Is this a consequence of feminism?

Much administration seems to be run by females, yet chaos currently reigns. Many women are good at such work, but why do we have such poor service in my area?

We are after all male and female, and both sides need to be represented. All feminism has done is to set one side against another, male against female, the battle of the sexes.

It has been written that we should submit ourselves to each other, considering the needs of the other sex. Women are obviously different to men, so their needs are different.

As regards abortion, this has merely become an excuse for a free for all, a descent into chaos as any excuse for killing an unborn child seems to do nowadays. Women who have abortions are reported as regretting their decisions or suffering trauma in many instances.

It is one thing to leave matters up to individuals to make such life changing decisions, quite another for the state to fund and promote such acts.

introduced the right to medically-assisted dying in 2016 and legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018.

Again, why should the state interfere with how someone dies? But to say one has a right is foolish, especially when people feeling their lives are not worth living have in all likelihood been poisoned in body and mind by all the toxins in the environment.

Has anybody considered that that is the reason why people wish to terminate their lives before their heart gives out? The world has been increasingly chemically poisoned as well as spiritually as people believe the lie that life has nothing to offer and it is all ‘deep and meaningless’.

His environmental policy included introducing new commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. His main tool for reaching this target is a federal carbon pricing policy. Trudeau’s parliament also adopted legislation for marine conservation, banning six common single-use plastic products, and strengthening environmental impact assessments. However, Trudeau is in favour of oil and gas pipelines to bring Canadian fossil fuel resources to foreign markets.

I have yet to write about so-called global warming, but I have commented elsewhere that the issue is pollution, not warming of the planet. Our poor mother earth has been dreadfully abused by us, and we must stop this.

Carbon pricing just gives market traders an excuse to make money and large amounts of it.

Marine conservation and banning some single-use plastics is a good thing, but we need to eliminate all useless poisons from our environment. Just because it may make our lives somewhat easier is utterly pointless if we poison each other to death as we are doing.

Justin Trudeau is just being hypocritical if he is in favour of increasing fossil fuel resources to foreign markets. It just doesn’t square with reducing greenhouse gas emissions (although again I consider this a distraction from the real issue of pollution).

Vested Interests

I find the following revealing, if for no other reason that it is the Guardian, normally a left wing paper.


I by no means agree with it all but the charge of ‘fake progressive’ sticks and should be obvious to all.

Foreign policy

In a similar fashion, Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia was also put under strain, as human rights groups called on Trudeau to stop selling military equipment to that country under a deal struck by the Harper government. In 2018, Saudi Arabia recalled its Canadian ambassador and froze trade with the country in response to Canada’s call for the Saudis to release opposition blogger Raif Badawi. However, in 2019, Canada doubled its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, despite a “moratorium on export permits following the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and mounting civilian deaths from the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

I highlight this episode, but again there is hypocrisy here.

SNC-Lavalin affair

On March 19, 2019, the Liberal committee members voted as a bloc to shut down the Justice Committee’s investigation.

Trudeau was the subject of an investigation by the ethics commissioner, pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Act, in regards to criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin in the SNC-Lavalin affair. The commission’s final report, issued August 14, 2019, concluded “Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act

Note the first paragraph. What does this say about the Liberals?

And the second paragraph says that ‘Mr Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act.’ I quote from a link in Wikipedia.

“The Prime Minister, directly and through his senior officials, used various means to exert influence over Ms. WilsonRaybould. The authority of the Prime Minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. WilsonRaybould as the Crown’s chief law officer.”

Have any steps been taken to discipline Justin Trudeau over this?

Of course if he thinks he is Jesus Christ, a new messiah, then perhaps he thinks he can do what he likes. But Jesus Christ said He came to be a servant. This is what all public officials should be as they once were, ‘faithful and obedient servants’.

2019 federal election

in September 2019, controversial pictures and video were published showing Trudeau in brownface and blackface.[248] On September 18, 2019, Time magazine published a photograph of Trudeau wearing brownface makeup in the spring of 2001, at an Arabian Nights-themed gala, while Trudeau was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy.[249] Trudeau publicly apologized, agreeing the photo was racist and saying: “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry.”[250] He further went on to say “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do”.[251] Trudeau also admitted to wearing blackface makeup in high school while singing “Day-O” at a talent show that was subsequently published by Global News.[252] A third instance, a video, of Trudeau in racist dress was also published.[253] After this video was published, Trudeau admitted he could not remember how often he had worn blackface makeup.[254]

In the days following the scandal, pollsters pointed out that many Canadians either were not bothered by the scandal or had accepted Trudeau’s apology.[255][256][257][258] Additionally, minority community groups, racialized commentators and some of Trudeau’s opponents came to his defence.[259][260][261][262] Others were more critical, including members of his own party.

Now people do like dressing up at parties, amateur dramatics or a talent show. I can’t say it should be a great ‘thing’. I have done ‘am dram’ myself, it’s great fun.

Perhaps he is just in politics for the show, to try and gain acceptance and love he didn’t seem to have much of from his father growing up. I understand that, as I did not see much of my father as he was at sea in the Royal Navy when I was young, and then I was at boarding school when he was shore based.

But I have not sought fame merely to satisfy any desire for acceptance and love. However, my father is still alive, so I can enjoy his company and come to understand him better.

COVID-19 pandemic

On August 5 2020, the Trudeau government created a plan to secure doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. [282] Starting in December 2020, Justin trudeau oversaw the implementation of Canada’s mass-vaccination program.

Given that the pandemic is a panic by the ‘demos’ or people over the ‘flu, and that vaccines are pointless perhaps this says something about Justin. He is pointless, of no use as a prime minister.

He has promised $1billion of taxpayers money (not his own of course) to help provinces implement vaccine passports. Another pointless exercise except in control by useless government.


I have said much on my site regarding Covid 19 which has been used as an excuse for numerous frauds. See link at the bottom of the page for more information. I have grave concerns regarding voter fraud based on spurious claims of ‘protecting the public’.

WE Charity ethics investigation

We Charity was criticized for its close ties to the Trudeau family; the investigation came after revelations that Trudeau’s mother, brother, and wife were paid nearly $300,000 in total to speak at WE Charity events.[290][291][292] On July 16, 2020, the ethics commissioner also announced the investigation was being expanded to include Finance Minister Bill Morneau.[293] Trudeau was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing by the ethics commissioner though Morneau was found to have broken the conflict of interest law.

It seems to me that a charity is to be given things freely, and to speak at them should be a free gift by those that speak, not paid for by the charity. I cannot see how this stance of clearing Justin Trudeau of any wrong doing is justified given that Justin Trudeau’s family has benefited financially.

Surely that is against the spirit of a charity, if not actually the law as written down.

It is written, freely you have received freely give. Perhaps one might be given travel and board expenses, but not to be paid large sums of money for the privilege of speaking. I consider that Trudeau’s family has abused its position.


He is married to Sophie Grégoire. I like the name Sophie. My sister is called Sophie. It means ‘wisdom’.

However, while she looks attractive, I am not sure about the wisdom in singing her impromptu song. Her Wikipedia entry says

On January 18, 2016, Grégoire Trudeau made the impromptu decision to sing a work she composed, entitled “Smile Back at Me” at the end of a speech in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at Ottawa City Hall.[37][38] Mike Strobel, of the Toronto Sun, said the crowd gave her a standing ovation.[39] Toronto Star pop music critic Ben Rayner said the song was “out of pitch” and “cast serious doubt upon her musical judgment”

Here is a link to the video.


To be honest it sounds awful to me. How on earth anybody could give her a standing ovation after that I don’t know.

Of course, Justin Trudeau cannot be judged on his wife’s singing abilities but does raise questions about her judgement. And given Justin’s judgement in other matters perhaps this raises questions about the couple as a whole.

There are reports that they have been separated for over a year.


Raised a catholic, he has said as recorded by Wikipedia “My own personal faith is an extremely important part of who I am and the values that I try to lead with.”

Personal faith in what or whom? Himself or Jesus Christ? But then I said earlier on he was born on Christmas day, so maybe he really does see himself as a new Jesus Christ, a new messiah.

His faith becomes meaningless if it is in himself without reference to others and loving God and loving his neighbour as himself.

But then perhaps he does not really love himself and therein lies the problem. For you must love yourself to truly love others.


Well, I am not from Canada so I am just an outsider looking in, a third party with a vested interest in the well-being of all Canadians, but I hope I have given a reasonable perspective and food for thought.

Justin Trudeau just seems to be a little boy who has never really grown up. It is one thing to come as a little child to be innocent to evil and to always ask questions (why daddy, why?), and another thing to be attention seeking and a show man as he appears to be.

And a hypocrite who is pushed around by opinion, and perhaps vested interests.

This does not make for good government, and he clearly wants to boss his world around, boss Canadians around, and not for the people’s best interests.

I would note that the problem with government is that it has become top down, not bottom up. The pyramid must point down and the lowest is the servant of all. Justin Trudeau shows no sign of wanting to be that.

Unlike Jesus Christ who came as a servant, and who set an example to us all.

It is in the hands of the voters to make the choice of who you want to be your servant in this way, or will you choose someone who will boss you around?

I make no observations about the other candidates in the coming election. All Canadian voters must make their own minds up.

To misquote Joshua from the book of Judges ‘Choose you this day whom will serve you as your Prime Minister.’

I see that there are advance voting days for this starting today. I do hope you will keep a beady eye on the balloting. There must not be the fraud that occurred in the USA or you will be in big trouble.

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Look out for the sign of Baldmichael – he will be back!

P.S Here is the link I promised. It leads to my Covid 19 summary which may surprise you with its findings. Summary includes the issues of masks, herd immunity, Wuhan ‘flu etc.

V is for…..Vaccination