What are your goals for 2023?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

Well, mine are to keep going and get better from this wretched facial patsy and the on-going associated tiredness and balance issues.

I try and detoxify from the neuro-toxins in my body whilst keeping fit and attempting to do something useful around the house and garden to help my wife.

Longer term of course it is to put to death all the lies swimming around of which there are a very great many. I have so many ideas in my head and hundreds of headings for posts, many of which are part completed.

But when I woke up this morning and wondered about my next post, I thought of the word ‘goal’ and the breakdown of it meaning. Here are some thoughts and anagrams.

Go al – i.e. go angel, perhaps go and be an angel to someone, a good angel that is, not a bad angel.

Gaol – to get people out of the Covid 19 gaol and the false narratives that enthral or ensnare them.

A log – to log the events and comment upon them.

Olga – to find out who Olga is! Well I had a quick search; its amazing what one can come up with. There is this film.


It says:

While in exile in Switzerland, a 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast prepares for the European Gymnastics Championships when Euromaidan protests begin in Kyiv.

I had no idea what Euromaidan protests were so I followed the link.


Essentially these were “… a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine, which began on 21 November 2013 with large protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv.

The protests were sparked by the Ukrainian government’s sudden decision not to sign the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement, instead choosing closer ties to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.”

Now I don’t propose to go into the ins and outs of all that has gone one since then, but given the mixed Nazi history of Ukraine we must be very suspicious.

Still I did find this relatively recent article.


Zelenskyy seems to have been lauded by the sycophants in the House of Congress. There are two in the background of this picture.

They are of course Harris the Camel (with two humps of course, she is female I gather) and Nazi Pelosi who is no longer Speaker since the date of the article. Zelenskyy has his hand placed where his heart should be, but like Biden’s brain it is missing.

I think it is worth analysing the article in detail. Selected paragraphs in italics.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has delivered a defiant wartime message in Washington, DC, in which he thanked US leaders and “ordinary Americans” for supporting his country’s fight against Russia and reminded them that military assistance to Ukraine was not “charity” but an “investment” in a democratic world.

He meant an investment in the Democrats pockets.

And an investment in the Biden’s pockets kindly paid for by the USA taxpayers.

Of course it is not just Biden who probably has little interest in money as long as he is fed and watered and told what to do.

No, we have George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwarb and Uncle Tom Cobley and all in the so-called elites of the world, a.k.a money grubbing bastards.

Invoking memories of the United States’s victory over Nazi Germany in a key World War II battle, Zelenskyy also said there could be “no compromises” in trying to bring an end to Russia’s war on his country.

As this will keep the gravy train going.

US to send $1.8bn aid to Ukraine, including Patriot system: Media

Where is the money really going? Have you checked? See earlier link and another here.

In his first trip outside of Ukraine since the war began in February, Zelenskyy told a joint session of the US Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday that he hoped they would continue to support his country’s war effort on a bipartisan basis.

Bipartisan is like bisexual, they play it both ways to be on the safe side. Like a two-way bet perhaps.

“Your money is not charity,” Zelenskyy said in English, clad in his customary khaki fatigues.

True, people worked hard for it on the whole to have it stolen by the government to benefit creeps like Zelenskyy and his overlords.

And please note Zelenskyy wears his khaki fatigues because he is a ‘fake git AI husk’. This is an anagram of khaki fatigues. Don’t you love it when words work so well?

“It is an investment in the global security and democracy,” he said.


His bi-partisan appeal comes as Republicans are due to take the majority in the US House in January and when some in the party have voiced concern over the soaring levels of assistance sent to Kyiv.

Only some have voiced concern? Are the others on the gravy train too? Or are they just too thick?

The US has so far sent about $50bn in assistance to Kyiv, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken announcing another $1.85bn in military aid on Wednesday, including the Patriot air defence system. The Patriot missile system is deemed to be one of the most advanced US air defence systems, offering protection against attacking aircraft as well as cruise and ballistic missiles.

But not Joe Biden’s used pampers. Or Harris the Camel’s cackle. Or Nazi Pelosi’s face.

Perhaps she has a facial palsy like me. Or the Botox injections didn’t go too well.

Countries that have provided Ukraine with weapons – interactive.

This includes the UK to our shame.

Zelenskyy’s arrival was greeted with multiple raucous ovations in the House’s nearly full chamber where members of Congress held up a large Ukrainian flag as he walked in. Most stood, cheered, applauded and many shook Zelenskyy’s hand as he entered, with several wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow.

Blue for weasel Democrats and yellow for RINO cowards.

“It is a great honour for me to be at the US Congress and speak to you and all Americans. Against all doom and gloom scenarios, Ukraine did not fall. Ukraine is alive and kicking,” he said.

He is speaking to the House of Representatives and to those who can tolerate this little sh; it might include those researching like me.

 “We defeated Russia in the battle for the minds of the world,” he added.

I think conned the world into believing the MSM propaganda by shutting down dissenting opinion would be better.

Referencing former US President Franklin D Roosevelt, who served between 1933 and 1945, Zelenskky reminded his audience of the hardships faced by US forces who fought to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II.

“Just like the brave American soldiers, which held their lines and fought back Hitler’s forces during the Christmas of 1944, brave Ukrainian soldiers are doing the same to Putin’s forces this Christmas,” he said.

Although he was thinking “As the scumbag yanks defeated the brave Nazi storm troopers who despite their best efforts under their beloved Fuhrer’s superb direction, we are now getting our own back by stealing you money from under your noses without you realising it, you pig dogs..”

The Ukrainian leader was referring to the Battle of the Bulge, which began in December 1944, and was Hitler’s final significant attempt to push back the Allied forces. Poor weather hampered initial US efforts to halt the offensive, which lead to many fatalities and threatened to divide the allies – who ultimately prevailed.

Which was just as well but didn’t prevent the Nazi’s cunning economic plan from going ahead and their Fourth Reich, a.k.a. the EU.

In a tweet, Zelenskyy said Ukraine’s victory over Russia “will also be America’s victory”.

Ha, bloody, ha. It will mean the USA will be indebted even further which will piss off many, but make rabid Democrat supporters very happy.

Of course as 6 out of top 10 arms manufacturers are in the USA they will be very happy too.

Please note America is strictly either north or south and North America also contains Canada. Many in the USA are not too bothered about such details.

‘United defence’

US President Joe Biden welcomed Zelenskyy to the Oval Office earlier on Wednesday, saying the US and Ukraine would continue to project a “united defence” as Russia wages a “brutal assault on Ukraine’s right to exist as a nation”.

I wonder if Joe memorized that or had his earphone whisper it to him?

Zelenskyy said his visit demonstrated that the “situation is under control, because of your support”.

Or possibly he wanted to see his bankrollers in the CIA.

Pressed on how Ukraine would try to bring an end to the conflict, Zelenskyy rejected Biden’s framing of a “just peace”, saying: “For me as a president, ‘just peace’ is no compromises”.

Just peace means no war and no more money to squirrel away into secret bank accounts.

He said the war would end once Ukraine’s sovereignty, freedom and territorial integrity were restored and it received “payback for all the damages inflicted by Russian aggression”.

And by deliberate destruction by Ukraine forces. He forgot to mention that.


“There can’t be any ‘just peace’ in the war that was imposed on us,” he added.

Imposed by the CIA and the EU, i.e. Nazis/banksters.

The highly sensitive trip takes place after 10 months of a brutal war that has seen tens of thousands of casualties on both sides and devastation for Ukrainian civilians and their cities, towns and villages.

This is the true cost of the love of money.

Zelenskyy’s visit is designed to reinvigorate support for his country in the US and around the world, amid concerns that allies are growing weary of the costly war and its disruption to global food and energy supplies.

Too right mate. About time people woke up to the scam and punish the politicians etc. who inflicted this upon them.

Biden said Russia is “trying to use winter as a weapon but Ukrainian people continue to inspire the world”.

The Russian’s always used winter as a weapon. See WW2 80 years ago. I keep saying we follow that timeline and that makes us January 1943 and Stalingrad will be retaken.

In a joint news conference, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin has “no intention of stopping this cruel war”.

And Biden has no intention of going without nappies. And I don’t see NATO/EU trying to do much about it, but then NATO is essentially the USA which is run by the Nazis/Marxists now.

The two leaders appeared to share a warm rapport, laughing at each other’s comments and patting each other on the back throughout the visit, though Zelenskyy made clear he will continue to press Biden and other Western leaders for more military support.

Probably because Joe made some idiotic remarks (the Remarks of the Beast) and  Zelenskyy hoping to push Joe over as that would be schadenfreude and Nazi like that sort of thing.

He said that after the Patriot system was up and running, “we will send another signal to President Biden that we would like to get more Patriots”.

Which is code for ‘We need more money for our protection racket.’

“We are in the war,” Zelenskyy added with a smile, as Biden chuckled at the direct request from the Ukrainian leader.

Yeah, the Whore of Babylon as Biden prostitutes himself and the USA to the Nazis of the Ukraine etc. ‘In the war’ takes on a new meaning I hope you realise. Let him who has ears to hear let him hear.

Biden said it is “important for the American people, and for the world, to hear directly from you, Mr President, about Ukraine’s fight, and the need to continue to stand together through 2023″.

To keep the scam going.

Zelenskyy’s arrival in the US comes just days after he made a daring and dangerous trip to what he called the hottest spot on the 1,300-kilometer (800-mile) front line of the war – the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine’s contested Donetsk region.

What a hero. I daresay it might have been a studio somewhere, so much is faked.

Arriving there on Tuesday, Zelenskyy praised Ukrainian troops for their “courage, resilience and strength” as artillery boomed in the background.

Those were Biden’s farts, collected together as the Ukraine’s new Fartriot defence system, nicknamed ‘The Godfarter’.

Volodymyr Fesenko, head of the Kyiv-based Penta Center think-tank, said Zelenskyy’s US visit “should determine the course of the war – Zelenskyy for the first time dared to leave Ukraine and is counting on being able to maintain, and possibly even strengthen, US military and economic assistance”.

Penta Center, Penta Center?! Good grief, whatever next? Are they ‘aving a larf?? Satan likes penta and penta houses.

Putin on Wednesday told his country’s military leaders that Russia will achieve its stated goals in Ukraine and use the combat experience to strengthen its military. His defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, said Russia’s military must be expanded from the current 1 million to 1.5 million for the fight in Ukraine.

Which I suppose is Putin puttin’ the boot in.

Summary and final thoughts

Well, I didn’t expect to end in the Ukraine but there you are. I am in the UK though but it is not raining as I type this.

Anyway, regarding ‘goal’ I did want to add the following:

g – this is tail down, grounded into the earth as in geo, of the earth

o – this is representative of love from tennis, the word for zero.

a – the first letter of the English alphabet representing God the Al-pha, the angel Father

l – the angel letter, l for leg which as a child you see as the part of adults when on the ground

So goal is perhaps ‘earth love God angel’.

And rather like the earth in Genesis 1 v1 which is feminine looking up to the heavens which is masculine, in wonderment at the stars at night or the Big One we see during the day, the sun.

Which sounds like son. So we have the sun of God and the Son of God who is Jesus Christ who came a while ago and is now in the heavenly realms fighting for you.

And we can all be sons and daughters of God.

“But to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God”

That’s a great goal.

P.S. If you fancy some football try these goals. I am not a football fan, but these are good.

Top 10 Best Corner Kick Goals In Football

No wonder George best was one of the best!

George Best – Top 10 goals

If you want something hopefully both funny and peculiar yet true in a funny sort of way why not try this.

Or this as it is still pantomime season.

And if you haven’t noticed it before you might like to read my general goals which are at the bottom of every post.

Rachel Maddow – U.S.A. television news program host and liberal political commentator

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

2nd December, 2022

I am going to examine who she is using Wikipedia as a base. Quotes in italics from there unless otherwise stated.


She was born on April 1st, 1973, April Fool’s Day. Mmm…I wonder if this is going to be significant?

In full, she is Rachel Anne Maddow. I like the first two names but I am dubious about her surname, sounds like ‘Mad? Oh.’ And when you start looking at her profile I would say this sums her up, a right, or in her case, a left, mixture.

Although thinking about it more perhaps that is her problem; she is a mixture of left and right. She seems to be sensible about some things and silly or just plain wrong about others.

My attention was drawn to her by a comment in the following link from America’s Frontline Doctors.

She uses the words ‘sort of’, ‘bunch of people’, ‘medical looking’ ‘appears to be’, ‘appears to’. Not very professional, not very objective, is she?

Maddow holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Stanford University and a doctorate in political science from the University of Oxford

In other words nothing significant, nothing based on real knowledge. Yet people look up to her. Strange that.

Mind you, Steve Kirsch on Substack has been gunning for Stanford University on its vaccine policy so we should not be surprised that Stanford produces people who lack critical thinking.

She is a lesbian according to her own statements and has some Jewish ancestry. She has described herself

as being “a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl” in high school.


Asked about her political views by the Valley Advocate, Maddow replied, “I’m undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I’m in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican Party platform.”

Which according to a commenter means

Let’s see, the Republican platform in Eisenhour’s (sic) era called for ending foreign wars, reducing the size of government, reversing the FDR economic policies, and bring an end to subversion of America by leftists. So she’s a liberal who is a bit to the right of Romney?

Now I am being to think she is rather mad.

1          Early life and education

By MSNBC, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=83844596

She has some Jewish ancestry on her paternal grandfather’s side and says her family is very, very Catholic. This may explain some of her issues.

She received a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. Based on her Roman Catholic backgrounds, perhaps it is true to say all Rhodes lead to Rome!

As a side note, the sub link to Wikipedia page on Rhodes Scholarship I see that scholars include Bill Clinton (sexual), Edwin Cameron (a homosexual), Pete Buttigieg (a homosexual), and Ronan Farrow (a homosexual).

Including Rachel Maddow whose is listed, I make it 4 out of 16, i.e. 25%. One might be forgiven for thing Wikipedia was heavily biased in favour of the LGBTQ+ nonsense. You would be right of course.

If you were left you probably would say ‘How dare you, you homophobic, racist, misogynistic, white supremacist.’ And then have a mental breakdown.

2          Radio

I have no observations here, except that her career from 1999 has been in the media.

3          Television

Again I have no observations here, there is nothing significant noted in Wikipedia.

And perhaps that’s the point; nothing significant. Yet people take her seriously.

3.1      The Rachel Maddow Show

In August 2008, MSNBC announced The Rachel Maddow Show would replace Verdict with Dan Abrams in the network’s 9:00 p.m. slot the following month.

Dan Abrams has some Jewish ancestry I note.

 After being on air for more than a month, Maddow’s program doubled the audience that hour. This show made Maddow the first openly gay or lesbian host of a primetime news program in the United States.

Whether this because she was lesbian is debatable, but it seems she may have had a better approach to politics.

“She’s not afraid to criticize liberals despite being a liberal. That uniqueness and her underdog appeal draw people in, regardless of whether they agree with her opinions.”



it also says

Clearly, Maddow does not fit the visual stereotype of the female TV anchor — beauty-pageant looks, short skirts, towering heels. But the time she saves by not spending it on her appearance she gets to spend on the substance of her show.

It todays faked up looks, especially for the female of the species, this is a plus in my books.

It also says

A recent meeting on the afternoon the Obama administration announced that a drone strike had killed radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an Al Qaeda leader and American citizen, revolves around due process but also the “cognitive dissonance” of the Republican narrative that Democrats are soft on terror.

“It’s hard to have due process with a drone. And Jesus Christ, who is Obama not going to kill? I feel like we could do the whole show on al-Awlaki,” says Maddow. “I don’t know if we should.”

Which is a fair point. Obama is a Democrat, but if he can do this, well…

The trademark sarcasm belies the one point right and left actually agree on: Maddow may be the most likable partisan person on TV.


“I actually have a surprising number of Republican sources, maybe even more than I have Democratic sources,” says Maddow. “But that doesn’t mean they want to come on the air — and that’s the ultimate goal. I am buoyed by the fact that there are Republicans who have just seen me on TV and think, ‘You know what, I could have a fruitful conversation with her that might help her understand the Republican world a little bit better.’”

So she does seem to encourage debate and is not closed up in her mind. I consider the link article can be profitably read as a whole and considered as reasonably balanced.

Back to Wikipedia main link.

The initial reviews for the show were positive. Los Angeles Times journalist Matea Gold wrote that Maddow “finds the right formula on MSNBC”, and The Guardian wrote that Maddow had become the “star of America’s cable news”. Associated Press columnist David Bauder saw her as “[Keith] Olbermann’s political soul mate”, and he described the Olbermann-Maddow shows as a “liberal two-hour block”.

Of her collegial relationship with Roger Ailes of Fox News, whom she sought out for technical advice, Maddow said she does not want to talk about it because “I don’t want anybody else to use it. It was a nice thing that he did for me, and it’s been valuable for me; it helped me get an advantage over my competitors.”

Roger Ailes was a republican supporter, so Rachel has seen kindness from the other side if you like.

In mid-May 2017, amid multiple controversies surrounding the Trump administration, MSNBC surpassed CNN and Fox News in the news ratings. For the week of May 15, The Rachel Maddow Show was the No. 1 non-sports program on cable for the first time. She has been called by Rolling Stone as “America’s wonkiest anchor” who “cut through the chaos of the Trump administration – and became the most trusted name in the news.” Maddow has argued that these issues “are the most serious scandals that any president has ever faced.”

Ahem, I think Rachel you are missing the very serious scandals that Joe Biden has ever faced like vaccine harm and deaths, insane levels of debt and lies about the Russia/Ukraine affair among others.

And you may have missed the aggression against Trump who wants to ‘drain the swamp’ of what is called the ‘deep state’.

And I note that Rolling Stone has called her “America’s wonkiest anchor”

As opposed to ‘icon host wanker’, an anagram of ‘wonkiest anchor’.

Or ‘Icon host Newark, which is not far from Manhattan, New York from which I understand the programme is broadcast.

Maddow has stated that her show’s mission is to “[i]ncrease the amount of useful information in the world”. She said her rule for covering the Trump administration is: “Don’t pay attention to what they say, focus on what they do … because it’s easier to cover a fast-moving story when you’re not distracted by whatever the White House denials are.”

I wonder Rachel if you really did focus on what president Trump and his administration did. I did and I began to realise that MSM were vilifying him unreasonably.

And why did you ever think Joe Biden was ‘A force of nature’!!

Maddow: ‘Joe Biden Is A Force Of Nature’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Jul 28, 2016

A farce of nature more like. Indeed, given the rumours of nappy wearing for demented Joe perhaps fart of nature more suitable.

Please note the following anagrams of ‘A force of nature’.

AEC fart Nero UFO

Coronae fart feu – feu can be fire in French.

Now when you have stopped laughing, it might be worth observing that given Joe’s abysmal handling of the coronavirus so-called crisis, ‘coronae fart’ says it all!

This comment in the video above mentions other issues.


1 year ago

The disaster at the border, in the inner cities and in Afghanistan shows how much of a “force of nature” he and the people around him really are. These media pundits are co-responsible with the disaster the world is going through today.


Biden Admin Begins Immediate Coronavirus Policy Overhaul | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Jan 21, 2021

I suggest you look at the comments. It interesting to look at the Top and Newest comments for comparison.

And whilst it isn’t Rachel Maddow, but Rachel Marsden, this is on MSN. I find this extraordinary, do you?

Rachel Marsden: Biden’s gaffes reveal some dark, deep-state secrets


Rachel Maddow Gushes Over ‘Moving’ Biden Speech – Uses It To Bash Trump

She is reported as saying

“I think it was very moving,” Maddow said of the speech. “The president is very good at articulating empathy, which has been said a million times, but these are the kinds of times when that becomes something that is incredibly utile for us as a country. When he said we’re coming through it, I don’t know if that was an ad-lib line or prepared line.”

Mmm…very moving…Mmm. Ok, fair enough like a laxative, clears out the system.

Empathy is wonderful, but not very practical. There you are shivering in your unheated flat because energy prices have gone through the roof, and the president says, ‘I feel for you, I share your pain’ as he sits (or shits if you have a lithp) in the cosy White House.

“Instead, what we got from President Biden tonight was I need your help,” Maddow continued. “I need your help. I need your help. I need you to get vaccinated when it is your turn, and you have the opportunity to do it. I need you to help others, your family members, and friends get vaccinated too.”

Joe needed your help because he can’t do much nowadays except read the teleprompter.

Joe needed your help as Hunter Biden needs to pay for his addiction, and the price of pampers is going up.

Jill needs a new dress, and the handlers’ salaries need paying.

Bankers are feeling the pinch as they haven’t bought enough land yet or sufficient killing on the stock markets and Bill Gates needs more money to research the next round of death sticks, sorry vaccinations.

Getting the vaccinations will help Joe etc. as should you die intestate the state will get your estate.

Or give the developers to buy up real estate because the town you lived in is now a ghost town inhabited only by the spirits who say ‘Woe is me I took the vax, because I wouldn’t check the facts’.

“He’s saying, I need your help,” she concluded. “These are all the things we’re doing, but we all need to do it together. I need you to listen to Dr. Fauci. I need you to get vaccinated. I need you to know how this is going to work and if things go badly, we are going to reinstate restrictions. He’s asking for a whole of government and a whole of country response rather than talking about what he’s done.”

Fair enough. To translate for you, what he is saying is ‘We need you all to join in buggering up the country, the Democrats have made a head start and we would like you to join in’

In buggering up the country Joe Biden has done his bit by doing bugger all.

N.B. Buggering is what the CIA does best as they listen in or put a ‘bug grr in’ you. But I don’t think there’s a microchip in the vaccines, although there is in the mobile phones most carry nowadays.

Joe Biden Ignores Rachel Maddow’s Plea For An Interview, Chooses Male Colleague Instead


And this, please note the date and this is before the current Russia/Ukraine issue!

Bill Maher BLASTS Rachel Maddow’s HYPOCRISY Over Biden and Ukraine!!!

Sep 28, 2019

One day after securing a majority, House GOP flunks the key test


This is, after all, a post-policy party, indifferent toward governing. Republicans will obsess over Hunter Biden and pursue impeachment crusades, but as a New York Times analysis summarized, “Their agenda is investigative, not legislative.”

She says “They (GOP) will pass nothing”. Which means they are not interested in passing Democrats crap legislation which will continue to destroy the States.

Instead they will be concerned with truth and justice something the Democrats do not care about one iota nowadays.

Rachel Maddow’s new low and other commentary

The indictment of “Igor Danchenko, better known as the primary source for . . . the now-infamous ‘Steele Dossier,’ ” thunders TK News’ Matt Taibbi, “is most immediately devastating to the reputation of the many famous news personalities who hyped the Steele story.”

Yet “the response by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was a thing beyond.” Maddow not only flogged the dossier for years, “she specifically hyped its credibility on the grounds of how it was put together, and by whom.”

Now we know that key claims, such as that Moscow long “cultivated” Donald Trump, came only from one Clintonite’s gossip, not from Russia or even a Trump source.

Yet “Rachel not only isn’t upset, she’s expressing pride in having been burned, and is digging in for more.”

You’re digging yourself a hole Rachel, not a good idea lady, not a good idea. The sides are going to collapse on you.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Now Blames Major Loss On ‘Open Carry Privilege’

Open-carry privilege is the right to carry guns visibly in certain states such as Arizona. It is still the Wild West after all, and tourists presumably expect it after all the cowboy films they have seen.

I think Rachel considers this a problem to openly carry guns and associates this with the Republican party.

Now both Republican and Democrat parties like to send arms overseas to help poor countries like the Ukraine and its Nazi government at the moment.

The Democrats are the ones doing it now in case you had forgotten who is in power at the moment. The Democrats are big on hypocrisy; we don’t want you to carry guns, but wear quite happy to take your tax dollars and spend on arms to send overseas whilst we impoverish you at home for the benefit of big corporations, bureaucrats etc.

This covers the same ground.

Rachel Maddow Freaks Out About Arizona, Says Right-Wingers Use Guns for Political Intimidation

Her ratings have gone up and down like waves. Everything comes in waves like the seasonal ‘flu/Covid 19.

Vaccine roll-outs also help create waves as people fall ill with ‘flu/Covid 19 although this is not seasonal as such, but strangely coincidental with increase of ‘flu/Covid 19.

3.1.1  Herring Networks, Inc. v. Rachel Maddow, et al.

You can read about it, but it was a case of Rachel describing One America News Network ‘…as “paid Russian propaganda” on her program on July 22’.

The case was dismissed by Judge Cynthia Bashant, who was appointed under Obama’s presidency. Whether this means she was biased is debatable, but an anagram of Cynthia Bashant is ‘bah canna shitty’ which amuses me. Little things please little minds…

Mind you,

Bath China nasty

Bath chain nasty

Bitch Hana nasty

Chan habit nasty

are also anagrams. Makes you wonder sometimes. Perhaps one should think more deeply about the names one gives to one’s children, not just what initials they may regret at school or later in life.

4          Writing

You can look this up; I have not checked what she currently writes, if anything, for the newspapers.

She has written three books.

Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth

According to


The oil and gas industry has weakened democracies in developed and developing countries, fouled oceans and rivers, and propped up authoritarian thieves and killers. But being outraged at it is, according to Maddow, “like being indignant when a lion takes down and eats a gazelle. You can’t really blame the lion. It’s in her nature.”

Blowout is a call to contain the lion: to stop subsidizing the wealthiest businesses on earth, to fight for transparency, and to check the influence of the world’s most destructive industry and its enablers. The stakes have never been higher. As Maddow writes, “Democracy either wins this one or disappears.”

Seems fair to me. But who owns the oil and gas industry? And what about big pharma and all its poisons? One can blame Russia, but you forget Germany where the Nazis and the Marxists/communists came from originally.

Still, I haven’t read the book so maybe she writes about this too.

In a Wikipedia link Publishers Weekly says ‘Maddow’s absorbing but inconsistent exposé demonizes more than it analyzes.’

And I don’t suppose she mentions the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

Her latest book

Bag Man: The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-up, and Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House

This is about Vice President Spiro Agnew

I wonder if she will ever write one about Joe Biden then. Not that Joe is up to much nowadays as he is no more than a puppet.

Anyway there are lots of crooks in the White House. They live in lots of houses the world over; digging them out takes time and effort.

5          Public image and publicity

A 2011 Hollywood Reporter profile of Maddow said she was able to deliver news “with agenda, but not hysteria”. A Newsweek profile said, “At her best, Maddow debates ideological opponents with civility and persistence … but for all her eloquence, she can get so wound up ripping Republicans that she sounds like another smug cable partisan.” The Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawik accused Maddow of acting like “a lockstep party member”. The editors of The New Republic similarly criticized her – naming her among the “most over-rated thinkers” of 2011, they called her program “a textbook example of the intellectual limitations of a perfectly settled perspective”.

All of which seem fair points.

On awarding her the Interfaith Alliance’s Faith and Freedom Award named for Walter Cronkite, Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy remarked that “Rachel’s passionate coverage of the intersection of religion and politics exhibits a strong personal intellect coupled with constitutional sensitivity to the proper boundaries between religion and government.”

An aside perhaps , but C. Welton Gaddy has said this apparently.


At the end he says ‘I see religion as a powerful positive healing force for this nation and the world.’

Well, I have never been interested in religion as such, only love. And I have really only ever followed Jesus and the Word of God from my late teens, whatever my shortcomings have been. And I have enough of those.

Similarly, a 2008 Time profile described Maddow a “whip-smart, button-cute leftie”. It said she radiates an essential decency and suggested her career rise might signify that “nice is the new nasty”.

“nice is the new nasty” is it? Nasty concealed by niceness? A cunning trick to undermine society perhaps. One can be nice but not kind.

Distinguishing herself from others on the left, Maddow has said she is a “national security liberal” and, in a different interview, that she is not “a partisan”. The New York Times called her a “defense policy wonk”.

‘A hard-working, intellectually curious person; expert in a field.’

Is she a defence policy wonk?  I am not sure how they arrive at that conclusion.

But then I have just found this.

During Clinton’s time in office, she notes, the Defense Department went from spending a few hundred million dollars a year on private contractors to tens of billions.



It is only one article, but she has made a good observation. Interesting it was apparently Bill Clinton who increased spending. I haven’t tried to double check the detail but others may have.

6          Political views

I gather she ‘…opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In February 2013, she said:

We say that Vietnam changed our politics forever. But less than 40 years after this, again, a campaign directed at the highest levels of government to get us to agree to a war based on something that did not happen the way they said it happened. It was a months-long campaign in 2002 and 2003, and it worked … In three weeks, the CIA pulls together what normally takes months. It is delivered just seven days before the congressional vote … By the end of 2002, the U.S. military is headed to the Gulf. Congress is on board, as are British Prime Minister Tony Blair and most of the mainstream media. The stage is set for war.’

Sensible woman.

In July 2020, Maddow predicted that unemployment figures covering the previous month would be “absolutely terrible”; after the figures were released, showing the largest growth in employment in a single month in U.S. history, Politico named Maddow’s prediction one of “the most audacious, confident and spectacularly incorrect prognostications about the year”.

And not so sensible.

A mixture of sense and non-sensibility perhaps as Jane Austin might have said nowadays.

7          Personal life

She lives with artist Susan Mikula. She has dealt with cyclical depression since puberty. This explains a lot about her. Makes me wonder what vaccines she got. All those neuro-toxins mess with your body chemistry and brain.

8          Honors and awards

She has one a lot of awards. It is too much to go through them all but I will just say she has been awarded for some good things and for just being a well-known lesbian who has pushed lesbian culture whatever that really is.

As is written, truly she has received her rewards. Well, I wrote it just now anyway.

9          In popular culture

Maddow appeared at the start of “Trump: The Rusical” on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 as the star of a mini-challenge where the contestants had to dress up as Maddow and read from a teleprompter.

Apparently they thought Trump ruins everything. Some people are rather thick. I know dressing up is fun and I suppose politicians are fair game, but the LGBTQ+ etc. crowd are weird.

Abby Elliott and Melissa Villasenor have both played Maddow in sketches on Saturday Night Live.

This might amuse. It includes a take-off of Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC Forum Cold Open – SNL

I find this very funny too.

The Rachel Maddow Show: John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel – SNL


There is this including reference to Simone Gold and America’s Frontline Doctors.


I extract these paragraphs.

The Biden administration absolutely positively wants everyone to notice this trillion dollar infrastructure bill they just got passed.

And to say WTF?!!! Meaning ‘What’s This For’ I think. When will all of the USA wake up and get really mad about this?

One Republican state senator in North Dakota announced this weekend that he had to cancel his planned attendance at an anti-vaccine rally he was going to lead today in North Dakota. He had to cancel that because he`s quite sick with COVID. Anti-vaccine rally. Can`t go, sorry, I`m sick with COVID.

His colleagues in the North Dakota legislature responded to his plight today by immediately passing a ban on vaccine requirements in North Dakota.

Passing a ban on vaccine requirements is highly sensible Rachel. Haven’t you heard about the side effects? Or wondered why big pharma are so happy with all the money they are making? And that big pharma have a case history going back decades of fraud and vaccine harm?

The group basically gathered there at the Supreme Court for some reason to assure Americans, to tell Americans that everything they`d heard about COVID was wrong. That COVID is actually no big deal, that you definitely don`t need to stay socially distanced from anybody else. You certainly don`t need to wear a mask because none of those things actually prevent you from getting COVID. And besides, if you get COVID, it is no big deal in part because there`s already a cure for COVID.

Now Rachel I know that it is hard for you to understand as do Biden loving Democrats, but Covid 19 is the ‘flu re-branded to make more money for big pharma.

So it’s no big deal, you don’t need to be anti-socially distanced from anybody else, you certainly don`t need to wear a mask because none of those things actually prevent you from getting COVID 19’the ‘flu.

And yes, there is a cure for the ‘flu/Covid 19 and it’s in the name CoviD.

C and D vitamins, first and last letters of the word CoviD. Easy to remember.

That`s what they assembled themselves at the Supreme Court last summer, last July to tell America. There is an anti-malaria drug that cures it. Take it with zinc, take it with vitamins. That`s all you need.

True, well done Rachel, you’ve got it!

The man doesn`t want you to know there`s a cure for COVID for some reason. You can just use it, it`s a cure. There`s nothing else you need to do.

Well, you might want to eat some food, drink water and get some sleep for example. You can’t expect people to tell you the blindingly obvious now, can you?

Except some people are rather dense and I sometimes think the USA has more than its fair share.

Also, the U.S. government is run by reptiles or to be more specific, it`s run by reptilian people. The people in charge of America are secretly lizards, which we need to take into account, whenever they give us public health advice. You shouldn`t trust Western medicine at all because it`s made with alien DNA.

Now, now Rachel, sarcasm is one thing I use it myself but I don’t think they are saying this. But there are such things as metaphors and similes. You might have learnt about these. Even Oxford University might have reminded you of this from time to time when you were there.

And there is the term “The Swamp” for the publicly funded sewer that the Federal bureaucracy in Washington DC has become. Reptiles like swamps Rachel, remember the alligators in the Everglades in Florida.

And western medicine should not be trusted as it is based around big pharma  toxic drugs. These may be the cause of your problems Rachel.

Now, because the America`s Frontline Doctors thing happened during the Trump years, it didn`t end up just being like a weird piece of margin on the edge of the news. That group ended up — I kid you not — getting praised by the president of the United States from the White House. The group got White House briefings. The group ended up becoming a celebrated cause in the conservative media.

Trump praised them Rachel because – and you are not going to like this, but tough – he is rather more intelligent than you and Biden loving Democrats think.

Even as their bizarre claims about fake cures for COVID were being taken down by Facebook and other social media companies, Fox News and the Trump White House was promoting them like they were actually experts.

You are making this hard work, aren’t you? The cures aren’t fake, they have been around for decades.

And they are experts, unlike the big pharma corrupted doctors in the USA which seems now to be a majority sadly.

The group`s founder, a doctor named Gold, someone Gold, she took part in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. She was arrested and charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct. She was pled not guilty to those charges.

Someone Gold?? Dear girl, get a grip. Didn’t you check? Simone, Simone Gold. Gold is precious like Simone Gold.

Do you know they stuck her in jail I gather for telling the truth? Happens to the best people sadly. She’s out now though I’m glad to say.

NBC News, “Time Magazine”, several other outlets later published reporting about how the America`s Frontline Doctors fiasco morphed from that initial sort of launch into what appears to have been a very lucrative telemedicine scam in which they marketed and prescribed another fake COVID cure, the anti-parasite drug ivermectin, which is a drug that has real uses in livestock and in humans. It treats your scabies, you guys. But it`s an anti-parasitic drug. It doesn`t treat COVID, not even a little bit.

Ivermectin has been successfully used to treat Covid/the ‘flu. Do the research, but I have a link on it if you need it. Bottom of the page.

The public reporting where the ivermectin craze on the right came included people taking animal formulations of the drug and putting themselves in doing so. The public reporting on the ivermectin craze shows this America`s Frontline Doctors group appearing to take a hefty financial cut out of bogus telemedicine appointments that were used to prescribe people that bogus treatment. So much so that the House Coronavirus Task Force is now investigating their role in the whole ivermectin craze.

Look, Rachel, how many times must I tell you that there are many Dumbos in the USA.  If they want to take horse size doses, that is just plain stupid.

But at least they didn’t die from neuro-toxic vaccines which don’t require a large horse size dose to kill you as they are rather Nazi (sic).

“…putting themselves in doing so.” Sorry, no comprendez, did you say this or has someone misheard in the transcription?

House Coronavirus Task Force is now investigating their role in the whole ivermectin craze.

Hopefully they will confirm that there role was highly significant in saving US citizen lives. Provided the force is not Democrat controlled of course.


Here are anagrams of Rachel Anne Maddow

Single words

Adrenalone – ‘an adrenergic agonist used as a topical vasoconstrictor and hemostatic’. Of course silly me, I should have known. This is according to


In normal speak this is ‘narrowing the blood vessels’ and ‘stops bleeding’.

Although the drug is largely obsolete it is a neuro-toxin and can lead to necrosis, i.e. cell death.

Note adrenalone as opposed to homealone which occurs during lockdowns and which can lead to side effects such as suicide. Which is a type of cell death; you are locked in a cell and you die.

Andromache – The name means ‘man battler’ or ‘fighter of men’ or ‘man fighter’ (note that there was also a famous Amazon warrior named Andromache, probably in this meaning) or ‘man’s battle’ (that is: ‘courage’ or ‘manly virtue’), from the Greek stem ἀνδρ- ‘man’ and μάχη ‘battle’.



She looks very mannish. Enough said.

Menarcheal – to do with the first menstrual cycle in females.


Wonderland – the world she lives in

Chameleon – changing her positions

Anchor-man – who’d have thought it, destiny in her name!

Acroedema – swelling of the hands and feet.

Clearhead – sometimes. Even a stopped clock etc., although I think she probably does better than twice a day.

Condemned – she will be. But God can be merciful.

Healer – really?

Demon – true

Dead – spiritually dead

Harm – causes it by saying vaccines are good.


Anchor mad Wealden – what else?

Codenamed narwhal – CIA name for her perhaps

Al Andromeda wench – the angel from the Andromeda galaxy, I knew aliens live among us! Remember Lesbian is an anagram of ‘Alien BS’.

Are cow manhandled – perhaps this is part of the problem poor girl

Ace ham wonderland – top ham actor on the wonderland show, signs and wonders in the heavenly realms.

wanchorman dead el – ok, made up word, but it’s funny.

Chaldea mad renown – Chaldea of Babylon fame

Chaldean mad owner – as above

Chaldean mad Rowen – like a tree planted by the waters of Babylon

Aachen modern Wald – a German connection.

Canaled damn whore – prostituting herself on the altar of Satanic lies

Chaldean demon raw – yes well, quite.

Chaldean Aden worm – indeed.

adrenalone DC wham – enough said

Awn menarcheal odd – very odd

AC ahem wonderland – anti-Christ in wonderland, makes you, ahem, wonder.

Ace ham wonderland – best ham actor in wonderland perhaps

Annam crowd healed – perhaps there is some good in her

Adamo darnel wench – that darn el or darn angel. Darnel is another name for tares, remember Jesus’s words separating the wheat from the tares – this is going on at the moment

O mad wench a darnel – even better!

Ached darnel woman – perhaps the pain of childhood, so many children messed up by Satan

Awned darnel macho – a female who is macho then

A handled acne worm – poor woman!

DNA manacled whore – blame the genes, perhaps the Jewish connection, there are reports of insanity being passed down the generations

Anaconda herd mewl – help, a snake, a whole herd!

Adam channeled row – who is she channelling?

Adored channel maw – many do adore her

Adder Chanel woman – another snake, but I don’t think snakes can swim the channel can they?

Chaldea nerd woman – fair

Chaldean red woman – ah yes, the Chaldean link, ancient Babylonians, the whore of Babylon

Ah mad caldron ween – quite so

Ah man caldron weed – another ingredient for the witches brew

Conan MD wad healer – Conan the Doctor, not the barbarian. Heals a wad. Wad of money?

Healer and damn cow – well, what do you know, you can be two things at once!

Arch Danelaw demon – amazing! For Danelaw see


Chaldean war demon – good grief, explains it all!!

AD awned clone harm – she’s a clone then?

Anchor lewd maenad – maenad is a “raving one” see


Anchor Mandela wed – Nelson didn’t tell us though. So Winnie wasn’t his only wife, eh?

A darn Leo mad wench – she is not a Leo but a

a drone la mad wench – Houston we have a problem…

And last but not least

Ah lean nerd mad cow -!

A darnel hen mad cow – !!

DNA hen real mad cow – !!!

Please note there are 10,000 plus phrases associated with mad cow. I cannot begin to check them all but perhaps it really does say it all.

Summary and final thoughts

Well, born on the 1st April, the Fool’s Day. I think we might reasonably say she is foolish, just not in every way all the time. But then who is. Even the sensible can be fooled sometimes.

But she is being very foolish. Her approach is not very professional, more showmanship than anything. Or show-woman-ship!

Educated at Stanford University with its left wing bias as most universities seem to be nowadays, subverted by the Marxists/communists.

Little obvious scientific training and limited analysis of the facts and yet she can influence millions.

But to be fair she has made some good points on defence policy and spending which is a very serious issue and particularly relevant as the Democrats spend tax dollars on the Ukraine whether you like it or not.

Also she does seem to be able to criticise liberals so at least she may not be completely biased which is something.

And she doesn’t seem to be bothered much about appearance which is a good thing; as we know appearances can be deceptive.

How much her being a lesbian makes a difference is debatable, let alone why she is lesbian. Still, as ‘alien BS’ is an anagram (as in alien bullshit), perhaps it does!!!

Although we must note she is a ‘Mad cow’, not a ‘mad bull’!

So she is mad, and it’s in her name. A sort of bipolar disorder which many suffer from, to a greater or lesser extent

As I hope I have shown, the anagrams of her name are quite extraordinary, and seem to dictate her character to a large degree.

To be honest I have some sympathy for her. She has suffered from childhood. Who knows what toxins the Nazis have put into her via vaccines etc.

And the very, very Catholic upbringing will not have helped, I know what she means. The institutional organised church has made a mockery of what Jesus taught with its pope replacing the heavenly Father and its ungodly hierarchy with its top down government and uniforms. Jesus came as a servant, and the heavenly Father is the same.

How about examining the truth, Rachel, as found in Jesus Christ. They called Him mad, but He’s the sanest person I know.

Follow Him and you will find Truth. And the Truth will set you free.

P.S. The following may be of use.

Mandates for vaccines etc.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

Vaccination industry in a nutshell

Covid 19 Light Bight

Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Covid 19

Joe Biden’s lies

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th October, 2022

This is a post of a page I did last year. Some have viewed but other might like to see it. Sing it if you will, share freely if of use. Everything was free in the beginning; that’s the heavenly Father for you.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

5th April 2021

To be sung to the tune of John’s Brown’s body. Hanging the Demon-rattys may seem unfair as hanging might be considered too good for them. Perhaps  throw them in prison until they pay back all that is due – that might take forever of course. Hanging is cheaper than keeping them in prison or the madhouse.

Mind you the White House presumably contains the mad at the moment, or at least the senile and mad. Anyone seen Joe lately? Just wondered that’s all. Not so much as ‘Where’s Wally?’ as ‘Where’s Joe?’.

On second thoughts, that’s the same thing (I don’t don’t know if wally means the same as in England). Have fun anyway.

Joe Biden’s lies are boldly molding all the U.S. slaves

Joe Biden’s lies support the de-mon-cratic knaves

Joe Biden’s lies are from Pel-osi’s silly raves

His soul has almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

He raptured harpies scary with his Covid 19 brew

He cheated old Virginia with his feministic crew

We’ll hang him for a traitor, and all demon-rattys too

Their souls are almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

Joe Biden lied to make you slaves and that you all should see

Joe Biden lied so Kammy Harris presi-dent will be

Joe Biden lied to give more power to Nancy, Nancy Pee

His soul has almost gone

Gory, gory, they will school ya

The demoncrats will try to fool ya

Story, story, they will kill ya

Their souls are almost gone

Good citizens of U.S.A. strike, strike and have your say

Get off your arses now, get up and don’t, yes don’t delay

Love all you meet with kindness ‘long G.W. park-way#

And your souls will grow more strong.

The angels up in heaven they are looking kindly down

The Father loves you madly, He will never let you down

And Jesus He goes with you, and He will wear His crown

To bring the bar–sturds down!

Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!

The demoncrats no longer fool ya

Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!

Their souls are almost gone

By Baldmichael the grave (or maybe gravey because it is brown like John Brown’s body!)

# G.W. park-way – George Washington Memorial Parkway

P.S. More songs can be found here.


I am still working on the Battle for Henderson Field, Guadalcanal but it’s coming together so maybe tomorrow.

S is for….States of the U.S.A.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th March 2022

I have decided to make this a post so that those who haven’t viewed it might enjoy it. Given all that is going on in the world right now we need more humour.

You will find reference to Joe Biden scattered about. Even some democrat voters might appreciate the little scraps about him.

I have been brought up on all sorts of music, much of the modern genre has come from the States to which I make allusion in the post. If you are not familiar with the lyrics of the particular song it may not make sense.

Still, I hope you find it a worthwhile read. I have made some minor amendments to bring certain matters up to date.

3rd September, 2020

There is a well-known song which Perry Como sang written by Irving Gordon called ‘Delaware’. It puns on several U.S. states names. You can find it here.

There are other versions around, and certainly useful to help memorise at least some of the names of the 50 states.

Whilst I am not singing the following, I thought I could add my pennies worth to the current pundemic. I hope you enjoy it, whether you are from the states or not. It may even contain some truth, you never know.

Alabama – Named after the muslin God Alah, and after the O’Bama family who came here having emigrated from Ireland.

Its oldest city is mobile apparently, but where it moves to nobody knows. There are rumours it visits trailer parks across the state.

Its most famous resident was Leonard Skinhard, so named as his hands were coarsened by the picking of cotton without gloves. He would often sing softly to himself of his sweet home, Alabama.

Alaska – You can get baked in Alaska allegedly, especially in the middle, although I scream at this, as surely it is very cold in the centre. Me, I harangue the exterior which makes the dessert (sic)-like conditions more favourable.

A nickname is ‘The last front ear’. Presumably because the other ear fell off due to frostbite in the very cold winters.

Arizona – The Spanish who came here called it ’arry’s zona’ as Harry was a local tough guy. If the Spanish didn’t say it was his, he would beat them up, or worse.

Contains the Grand Onion, so called due to the layers of exposed rocks, and because it is so amazing it brings tears to the eyes. That’s the Most High for you.

Arkansas – So named because when the first settlers came they thought it was Kansas and said ‘Ah, Kansas’. But it wasn’t, it was a bit further up on the left on the map.

However, scholars disagree. Some say it should be ‘Ah can saw’, as the first settlers found woodland they could cut to make new homes.

There are a few who suggest that it is from ‘ark and S.A.S’. It is suggested that the ‘Special Air Service’ built a boat, or ark, on the Mississippi to ferry people across on their journey west.

It may be possible, but that doesn’t make much sense as that would be a special boat service, rather than a special air service.

California – Home of Fornication, its main industry. The Cali bit comes from Kali, the Hindu goddess, who was one of the Tantric Sects. She was hot stuff apparently, which is why we have calorific etc.

The industry is not liked by everyone. The fault frequently gets put on San Andreas, although why he should be responsible I don’t know. Perhaps he was a roaming Catholic.

Its main area of forest is known as Holly Wood. Rather prickly as you might imagine. You have to be careful how you move around if you go in, as there are a lot of pricks about (on the leaves of course).

Colorado – Its main export is Colorado springs, a type of jumping device you can attach to your feet. Attempts are regularly made to jump over the nearby rocks or rockies, as they are affectionately known.

Not to be confused with the rookies, which are baby birds (small rooks) of the corvid family.

Not to be confused with the Covid family. These are obese Americans who have gone down with the ‘flu. They are stupid.

As the saying goes ‘For the lack of knowledge the people perish.’ And they are perishing idiots.

Connecticut – Not much sense in the name as, if you are going to connect something, why then cut it?

The state well-known for lock making at Yale, New Haven (you may have heard of Yale locks). These, however, are of the canal kind, necessary to help connect to the interior of the state and neighbouring Massachusetts.

N.B. a canal is a ‘cut’, so this could be the real reason behind the state’s name.

Delaware – Not as Perry Como supposed, but related to Del Boy of ‘Only fools and Horses’, a British sitcom. Del was always ‘aware’ of an opportunity.

I see the World Championship Punkin Chunkin festival is held here. I understand they see how far they can ‘shoot’ pumpkins. Good practice I suppose for prospective employees of NASA.

And goes to show the yanks can be as mad as the Brits when it comes to wacky sports. Which I consider good for the special relationship.

A stretch of good sandy beach seems to make for a great escape from Washington D.C.

And, of course Joe Biden lives in the state. Still, you can’t have everything.

I see that the state has, amongst many state symbols, the state fossil. As it is always a good idea to update things, why not have Joe Biden as the new state fossil? He is after all of a good age, and can be found in thick deposits such as Demoncrat (sic) conventions.

Florida – Home to the Miami vice, a type of tool for gripping items you wish to secure before cutting etc. Invented by Florie’s dad or Florie’s da for short.

Also home to the Everblades, a minor league ice hockey team. It’s true. And I thought I could be funny with that. Never mind.

I see Alley Gators is taken too.

However, we mustn’t forget the Florida keys, which are made in the state to go with the Yale locks as referred to earlier.

Regular parties are held at Cape Carnival. I understand these always go like a rocket.

Georgia – Named after George II of Britain. As Georgia is a girl’s name this annoyed him.

Contains both Rome and Athens. Why go abroad when you have these great cities? Still, I imagine Italy and Greece might want them back. After all Elgin only took the marbles from the Parthenon, not the whole metropolis.

Brasstown Bald is the highest point, approaching 5,000 feet. Sounds like my kind of mountain. Perhaps I could have a hill named after me, call it Michael Bald.

Hawaii – ‘Ha why!’ is an expression you may hear. ‘Why should we leave here as it is so pleasant?’ Quite so.

Has a pearl harbour where the Japanese thought that the U.S.A’s battleships would look better if they were sitting with their keels on the bottom rather than floating.

This led to a small argument which the Americans eventually won. It was a sumo wrestling contest that decided it.

The US sent two men over to Japan. ‘Little boy’, as he was known by his nickname, did well, but it was ‘Fat boy’, the other, who clinched it. Weight is an important factor in sumo wrestling.

‘Fat boy’ should not be confused with Fat Boy Slim who wished to change his diet to her diet (whoever she was). He became known as ‘The Trans Fat’ as he crossed from one dresser containing his food to the other dresser containing her food. And so Fat Boy became Slim Boy, so worth the effort it seems.

Idaho – Ida was a lady of, shall we say, ill repute. She hung out in the saloons on the trails west. A ho is, well, you can look it up.

Idaho Joe seems to be a common name. Joe Biden has been there. The state is known for its potatoes, and a reputation for being backwards, a common slur on the rural populations by townsfolk. But then it is easier to hide in a town or city if you are dumb.

Joe Biden seems to have been infected by dumbness on his visits. Or it may be the other way round.

Illinois – From ‘ill in ois’. A mixture of English and French. Ois short for ‘oiseau’ meaning ‘bird’. The phrase eventually morphed into ‘sick as a parrot’. You can probably see why.

Its main business is called ‘Chic A Go’, haut-couture for the well-dressed lady. This may include Hilary Clinton apparently born and raised in the suburbs.

The state is said by Wikipedia to be currently a Demoncratic (sic) stronghold. The balance of power in what was a political swing state has shifted to this position more recently. The current Governor is JB Pritzker. He looks a large man so this would explain the shift in the balance.

But he should be careful as his weight is a risk factor in getting Covid19.

He has proclaimed on the 3rd March I find that a disaster exists within the State of Illinois and specifically declare all counties in the State of Illinois as a disaster area.’ As I have indicated earlier, the state is a Demoncratic (sic) stronghold, so this makes sense.

The state is said to have a history of political corruption. This may include Hilary Clinton apparently born and raised in the suburbs. But I think I am repeating myself.

Indiana – Apparently ‘she wants me but I can’t go back there’. Mind you, I have never been at all, so I can hardly go back, can I?

The name said to mean ‘Land of the Indians’. Except of course it isn’t any more as the colonists eventually took over the area and ‘ …Native American titles to Indiana lands were extinguished by usurpation, purchase, or war and treaty.’ according to Wikipedia.

I assume war and treaty means roughly ‘We have just beaten you up. If you don’t agree to our terms we will do it again.’

A resident in Indiania known as a Hoosier. The etymology of this word is disputed allegedly. Come on, it’s obvious. There are a lot of people in the State of Scottish origin.  A ‘hoose’ is a house in Scotland. So a ‘Hoosier’ is a householder, someone with a house.

And don’t forget the problems you can have when there’s a ‘moose loose about the hoose’.

Iowa – Arose from the debts Italians on the trail west suffered at the hands of unscrupulous bankers. ‘How much do I owa you! was the Italians’ cry.

There is Sioux City. It sounds like it is the place where people bring civil actions against one another.

Atlantic is also a city in the state. Wikipedia says ‘…local legend tells that the founding fathers estimated that the town was about halfway between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, so it led them to flip a coin and, clearly, Atlantic won.’

Why they didn’t call it Midpacificatlantic I don’t know. Or just Middletown as that would been shorter and still reasonably accurate. If you ask me the local legend came from the local drunk.

Kansas – So-called from the cowboys who sat around the campfire on their bottoms (arses) and ate beans from the tins (cans). Cans arses became Kansas. Easy really.

‘What would Jesus do?’ is a phrase from a book by Charles Seldon who had is home in the state. Well, above all Jesus told the truth whether people liked it or not, because He loved them. Speaking the truth in love.

If the truth was someone needed healing and they wanted it, He healed them. That’s what Jesus does, and true followers do.

He could speak with humour too, which the Bible translators miss. I will write more elsewhere.

And I’m sure He would like to sit round a campfire eating beans with the cowboys (or anybody who would listen to him – He’s worth listening to).

Whether, as a consequence of eating beans, He would suffer from the affliction that the cowboys had in Mel brooks film ‘Blazing Saddles’ is a moot point.

Kentucky – A well-known gentleman from down-under called Ken Tucker lived here. He loved his food (‘Tucker’ is food in Australia). As a consequence became obese. And vulnerable of course to Covid 19, or at least the equivalent back then, whenever it was.

He particularly liked fried chicken, cooked by his friend Collin ‘Nell’ Sanders.

It has the Ark Encounter, a life size version of Noah’s ark, although the remains of the real one can be seen from the air on Google Earth near Mount Ararat.

And Daniel Boone is famous for his exploration and settlement of the area. A real boon then.

Louisiana – Named apparently after Louis XIV of France by René-Robert Cavelier when he claimed the territory and called it La Louisiane. Much of the territory was low-lying swamp as it drains the great Mississippi river basin.

A swamp is a bog and a bog can be a toilet. And a toilet can be a loo. Louis XIV was not, despite the French attempts to focus on his sunny aspects, a good king. Louis can sound like ‘toilet is’ (loo-is), so I think perhaps René-Robert Cavelier was having his ‘petite blague’, or little joke, n’est ce pas?

The area struggles with poverty and crime, and suffers hurricanes and floods. Not a sensible place to live, at least on the low lying areas which are extensive.

And it is apparently known as ‘The prison capital of the world’. Oh dear.

Still, New Orleans is its most populous city and well-known for its Mardi Gras celebrations. Mardi Gras means ‘Fat Tuesday’ or really ‘Tuesday fat’. Both refer to a Miss Tuesday, who was rather large, and celebrated for her dancing and cuisine.

She used to do both together around her kitchen, and still manage to produce a culinary delight.

Maine – This was originally the English Maine as opposed to the Spanish Maine. English dropped when the states revolted against English rule.

You may occasionally hear people say ‘You are my Maine man’ when they meet.

People there can be known as Mainiacs. Which just goes to show they’re not German, as they must have a sense of humour.

There seems to be a town called Bristol in Maine, and not far off another called South Bristol. They both look pleasant places, worth a visit I’d say.

So go to Maine to see a nice pair of Bristols.

Maryland – Apparently named after Henry ate a Maria, wife of Charles I of England. Why the state wasn’t called Henrymaryland I don’t know. Perhaps it is a shortened version.

It has an odd outline compared to other states. But it doesn’t seem Charles’s wife was an odd shape, so they can’t have designed it after her.

Much of the state borders the Chesapeake Bay. As it is more of an estuary than a bay, I can’t think why they called it that. That’s Americans for you ‘tho. They call bonnets hoods and boots trunks, so why not estuaries bays?

Still, if you are going to revolt against the Mother Country, you need a reason to make yourselves different, so changing the words round helps.

Massachusetts – Named after the Gibb brothers who lived there. They had wonderful teeth, big and strong, as their father had a tooth paste company. They sang a song about it as an advertisement for the firm called ‘Massive chew sets’.

The state is famous for its tea parties, the best known being that thrown in the harbour of Boston, the capital.

And for its bands. As you walk through the city you will see signs to ‘Walk this way to the Air O’Smith’. I also have more than a feeling that if you don’t look back, you will have peace of mind and will be feeling satisfied at your visit.

Michigan – ‘Mich’ Egan, an Irish itinerant worker came here in the 1800’s.

The centre of the American automotive industry. A well-known make of car, the ‘Gerald’ Ford came from here. It had four of the five Great Lakes, which included Greg Lake who has sadly now died.

Minnesota – A diminutive lady, who liked her bourbon, or whiskey. She lived in Minneapolis which was a small town for people of similar size, with a small town mentality. The place is now rather a large town, really city, for larger people with a large town mentality.

Said to be a Demoncratic (sic) stronghold. So quite a lot of people with mental conditions must live there, and rather more than would seem evident at first sight.

The state is said to have voted for Demoncratic (sic) Presidents since 1960 except for Richard Nixon, a Republican. Well, we know about dear Dicky and ‘Dicks’ so that’s still consistent.

Will they vote for Joe Biden in upcoming Presidential election and prove that mental health has not improved? We’d better wait and see.

Editors note: They did vote for Joe, so the answer is no, mental health has not improved. How many of the voters were dead as opposed to brain dead is a moot point.

Mississippi – Or Mrs Hippy, after the rather large lady who frequented the paddle steamers on the river of the same name. She was broad in the beam as they say, hence the Americans use the term ‘Broads’ of ladies of similar girth.

Should not be confused with Mister Zippy the parrot who does his own blog.


The state had a significant impact on the development of the Blues. Which is somewhat strange seeing as it sided with the Confederates who were Gray.

And given segregation between the humans in the state because they were pinkish white or chocolate brown, this is also odd. After all if you are going to be Gray, this would be a mix of black and white, but that was not allowed for a long time.

Enough to give anybody the Blues.

Missouri – Many people here not very happy because of the extreme weather, so the state is known as ‘Misery’. Others dispute this, and say they just ‘miss the souris’ (French for ‘mice’).

Yet others say, no, no, it is ‘miss houri’ a dancing girl from the Mississippi steamers.

They all sound reasonable to me.

The state contains part of the Ozarks. This is where the Wizard of Oz was born. Rather like Moses he was put in an ark of bulrushes and floated down the White River to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.

From there he eventually made it to Australia (Oz) where his ability or ‘whizz’ to make things up won him acclaim amongst the natives. You can work out the rest.

Montana – Land of the monts (French), or mountains/hills in English. As perhaps only a third of it is that seems a bit strange. But better than calling it Flatana or Plainana I suppose.

Perhaps best known for the Battle of the Big and Little Horns. The argument arose over the U.S. army insisting the natives put Custard on their buffalo steaks. The natives thought this revolting, naturally.

In the end a one-to-one fight ensued. General Custard sounded his horn, whilst Mr Bull, sitting on his mad or crazy horse, sounded his.

Mr Bull won as his horn was louder and bigger.

Editors note: It should be added that Bull shit has a stronger ‘flavour’ than Custard which explains how one can win battles, in theory anyway..

Nebraska – Home to the centre of brassiere making, which is why you find ‘bras’ in the middle of the name.

Famous for its beach on the river Mississippi called Omaha Beach, where a bloody fight took place. Good American boys strove to remove the Nasties (sic) who had invaded from Germany (what they were doing there in the first place I don’t know).

There are of course a lot of people who trace their ancestry back to Germany living in the states. This might explain the U.S’s support for Germany after the war.

After all, if you have just destroyed much of Europe (and the U.K), murdered a few million people, and stolen some old paintings, you deserve a little help don’t you?

Nevada – This means ‘Snowy’. Sensible, as it is mountainous and has a lot of snow over much of the area in winter. Does not mean that Tintin’s dog was seen here, to my knowledge.

Known for Las Vegas. This is said to mean ‘The meadows’. I think this is optimistic. Vega could mean ‘Descending or falling eagles’ after Vega, the star in the night sky.

But Vega can mean bottom in Spanish. This makes sense. ‘The bottoms’ referring to the large bottoms that frequent the city to lose their wages gambling. There ought to be something better to do with one’s money surely?

Of course in Greek a ‘V’ can be a ‘B’ so Vegas could be Begas. Sounds like ‘big ass’. Big asses making big asses of themselves. Same difference.

New Hampshire – More recent than the old one back in England.

Interestingly, an area known for sap houses. These were places where sap from maple trees is converted into maple syrup. By saps presumably, or sapheads who left the sap too long which fermented and became alcoholic.

And sapheads were alcoholics which is stupid, as it saps your strength.

Sap houses also known as sugar shacks. Not to be confused with the love shacks, which is where the B52’s are kept (see later).

The notches are mountain passes in the north of the state. The best ones are called by the Spanish, who occasionally visit at night time, ‘Buenos notches’. The ‘t’ is silent.

New Jersey – Very necessary for the first settler’s from Europe who weren’t used to the cold winters and had come unprepared. Bartered with the native Indians for this woollen garment.

A Led Zeppelin is said to have crashed over Lakehurst, but as it was German I am not surprised.

There was a chap called Eddy, whose son had a light bulb moment and came up with lots of good ideas. It seems this is why the township of Edison is so-called.

The state doesn’t seem to have any great highlights. Except that Joe Biden lives in Delaware next door. As they say, always be thankful for small mercies.

New Mexico – Again, more recent than Old Mexico. Mexico was an oil company, and a rival decided to set up a new company across the border.

Petrol (gas if you are from the states) was needed to fuel the cars of the local people, the Mexies. Hence the Mexies cars, or Mexi’cas for short, could drive to and fro.

Its largest city is Albuquirky, which is a bit strange.

According to Wikipedia ‘The Spaniards had hoped to find wealthy indigenous Mexica (Aztec) cultures there similar to those of the Aztec (Mexica) Empire of the Valley of Mexico.’

This is presumably because, as the Spaniards were roaming Catholics, they hoped to steal borrow from the locals to make up for losses elsewhere. Fortunately for the locals it seems they weren’t wealthy.

It has the most amazing landscapes from rose coloured deserts to snow-capped peaks. Which just goes to show what the Most High can do with a few tons of water and His equivalent of a bucket and spade. And a lot of help from His angels.

New York – Not that good, so they only named it once, unlike the city of the same name. New York City is the largest city in the U.S. lying in a state. And given how many have died there from, with, by Covid 19 are we surprised? What a state to be in.

Still, if you have a governor who is a roaming Catholic and a Demoncrat (sic) what do you expect? There are rumours he is a closet raffia man (I hope I have that the right way round), and likes tying up deals in in this useful string.

The state includes Long Island. There is a village called Mastic Beach. This is named after Mastic Kate who used to live here. She was a great eater, as well as inventing a universal sealant.

Viagra Falls lies on the border with Canada. It is not far from Buffalo. It is said you can’t wash your hands in Buffalo. This may be because there are no bisons in which you can wash your hands, again so it is said.

It is however possible to wash your hands in the Viagra River which flows past the city.

Viagra is supposed to help things go up rather than down, but no one seems to have realised this when they named the falls, or indeed the river. If washing your hands in the falls or river helps things go up let me know.

North Carolina – Named after Charles I of England, the top half that is, as north is up. Charles rather annoyed as Carol was, and still is, a girl’s name.

The state is well-known for Orville the Duck, the first powered flight by a green duck in a nappy, piloted by Keith Harris.

The state capitol is Raleigh, named after Sir Walter who, you may remember, invented the bicycle. The city is consequently quite cycle friendly.

Cary is another city in the state. This gives money to the Arts & Media, known as the ‘Cary Grant’.

Krispy Kreme has its headquarters in the state. I have tried their doughnuts, or donuts as the Americans call them. Gonuts would be a better word; anybody who eats them must have gone nuts that’s for sure. I and others think they are revolting.

I would say they’re crap; krap the Dutch might say. So Krispy Kreme krap, or K.K.K.

A German investment company has acquired the firm more recently. Germany and the Nazis, now Germany and the K.K.K which is nasty. Nothing changes.

The K.K.K also means Koo Klucks Klan, a family of doves and chickens. You may notice them in their distinctive white plumage and tufts sticking out of their heads. It is rumoured they were bred by the Nazis, or that they are nasty. Perhaps both.

North Dakota – Part of the Great Planes, such as B17, B52’s (kept in a love shack), and the Boston Marauder.

The highest point is the White Butte. Other white buttes may be observed but not as a rule in public as this is frowned upon.

The state has not had a Demoncratic (sic) governor since George A. Sinner in the early 1990’s. His brother Richard ‘who became a Catholic priest, was later listed among Diocese of Fargo clergy who were accused of committing acts of sex abuse.’ according to Wikipedia.

Well, we are all sinners, but it seems in some families having a surname to remind you of this is helpful. Especially if your name is Richard as the name often seems to crop up with certain sinners (remember Richards can be Dicks).

Editors note: If your name is Richard, don’t be alarmed. I had a cousin Richard who was a decent chap. Indeed, my wife has a cousin Richard who is a decent chap. But England had three Richard kings who weren’t very good, so you can see what I mean.

Ohio – It has a motto ‘With God all things are possible’. Very sensible and true. It’s in the name too. From ‘Oh hi yo’. Yo is singular for y’all, and as God is the Most High to address Him you say ‘Oh High Yo’. The highest ‘You’ as it were.

I see Joe Biden has been to the state recently. Apparently he said “I spent the bulk of my adult life driving to an Amtrak station,” Biden said, as a helicopter hovered overhead. “It’s not as fast as a helicopter, but I made a lot of family friends on Amtrak.” This is from


Well Joe, I am sorry to hear you spent most of your adult life driving to an Amtrak station. Did you ever get there? Did you get the chance to eat or sleep? I just wondered that’s all.

I am so pleased you realise the Amtrak station is not as fast as a helicopter. Of course if the helicopter is on the ground, then in a race with the station, which would win? Perhaps you might advise me as I can be a bit slow on these matters.

I am glad you made a lot of family friends on Amtrak. Were you on the train or the track at the time, it’s a bit confusing? And were the family not friends before? I just wondered that’s all.

Anyway, I imagine Ohio must have places of interest. And it must be a boon that Joe Biden lives elsewhere.

OklahomaAnother part of the Great Planes. And ‘where the wind comes sweeping down the plane’ according to Roger Hammerstone. Presumably the wind sweeps down the plane because the air hostess has served up beans to the passengers.

The name seems to have originated from the Italians coming from Iowa (see earlier) who said ‘Diss homa is ok-a.’

Wikipedia says ‘The state is home to the Storm Prediction Center, the National Severe Storms Laboratory, and the Warning Decision Training Division, all part of the National Weather Service and in Norman.’

I was initially confused as I thought it meant that the information these government agencies produce was in Norman French, an old language. Fortunately I see there is a place called Norman, so problem solved.

Wikipedia also says in Arapaho  (a native language) the state is known as bo’oobe. Perhaps the people were a lot of boobies. Or perhaps they were all female and there were a lot of boobies. Any thoughts?

Oregon – Its quite simple, Ore Gone. Who pinched it that is the question? Probably disappeared in the Gold Rush. A song was written about it ‘Where has all the ore gone?’ Never made a hit unlike ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’

Ken Kesey grew up in the state and wrote ’One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. If he were alive today he would wonder about the madness going on over Covid 19. The lunatics have taken over the asylum I think.

Pennsylvania – Penn’s wood. Sylvan is ‘woods’ or ‘forest’ and William Penn the man. The state is known for the ballard of ‘Allentown Jail’. The lover of the man who stole that diamond should have gone round the corner. There was bound be a store selling Allen keys which could have opened the door to the jail.

The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. There was a Penn there who added his signature. Of course without a Penn it would have been difficult for the others to sign, and a pencil could be rubbed out.

Philadelphia is the home of the soft cheese. Which goes very well with apples, the best and largest of which can be found in New York City, home of the  best big apple(s).

Rhode Island – It is mostly mainland, so not very logical to call it Rhode Island. Presumably Rhode because they had to row across to get there. Known for its academics who are well-read, hence ‘Rhode Island Read’ is a catch phrase.

I see the Gina Raimondo is currently governor. Wikipedia says she has ‘…issued an executive order to remove “Providence Plantations” from a range of official documents and state websites’.

As I understand that the full name of the state was/is ‘State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations’, this means the documents and website will say ‘State of Rhode Island and’. ‘And what?’ I hear you cry. Quite.

Still, she is a Demoncrat (sic) and a roaming Catholic, so what do you expect.

And there are rumours she is a closet communist, so one of the Rhode Island Reds we hear a lot about. Personally, I think they are all just scared chickens.

South Carolina – Named after Charles I of England, the bottom half that is, as south is down. Charles further annoyed as Carol was, and still is, a girl’s name.

Part of the Bible Belt where if you are naughty you get belted over the head by a bible. Well, ok, someone wielding a bible then.

Some peoples’ stupidity is such that using a bible in this way is very tempting. It is however better to teach from it first. Children brought up this way may well be inclined to be a little less naughty, providing the humour of God is brought out and the foolishness of man(kind) is exposed.

As I have said elsewhere, many parts of the translations of the bible are poor, so going back to the original is vital.

And if the terminally stupid do not respond, then try hitting them on the head with the bible. It may not do them any good, but it may make you feel better.

As the good book says ‘Don’t let the sun go down on your anger’ as venting your feelings will help you get a good night’s sleep. You can then try teaching again in the morning.

South Dakota – Yet more Great Planes. These include the F 111 or Aardvark made by General Dynamix, a well-known army man.

It is said that Aardvark never killed anybody, but as it saw active service in Vietnam this cannot be true, as the Viet Cong will no doubt attest to.

The state’s main claim to fame is probably Mount Rushmore-or-less. Conceived and constructed by three masons (but funded by the American taxpayers of course for rather more than less); it is a monument to man’s ingenuity.

And how to piss off the native Indians, who held the mountain sacred. If you renege on a treaty what do you expect?

Tennessee – Perhaps best known for its trains. There’s the Chat and Nougat Chew Chew where you can relax with a friend and be served sweets by the guard.

Or why not take the last train to Clarksville? This usually has a travelling zoo, famed for their monkeys. The proprietor was one Davy Jones who used to keep them in his locker.

We mustn’t forget Gnashville, the place where you can eat all you like.

And of course Memphis where Elvis Parsley was brought up. He sang many great songs including ‘Love me tender’. This was a homage to the railways of Tennessee when the engines were wood fired and needed tenders to store the fuel and water.

Texas – They like horse riding, and as a consequence can suffer from ‘Tex Arse’ from spending too long in the saddle.

Remembered for Dallas, the place where J.R was shot. And someone else, I can’t think who it was at the moment.

We mustn’t forget the Half a mo near the Mexican border. This was where Satan Anna (boo hiss) fought David Bowie and Jimmy Croquet (hooray!). Sadly Satan Anna one, Bowie and Croquet nil.

In those days Mexies could cross the border, as Mexi can. Nowadays they are Mexican’ts as they are not allowed (in theory at least).

Editors note: With the ‘election’ (ehem) of Joe Biden as president or vice-president, or president of vice, Mexicans can now cross the border in droves I gather.

This wouldn’t be so bad if one knew for certain who they really were, but that doesn’t bother the demoncrats (sic) as long as they can hand out taxpayers money to them and they vote demoncrat (sic)

The locals have a dialect word for can’t which replaces the a with a ‘u’. Thus they consider that Mexicans should not cross the border willy-nilly and should be labelled Mexicun’ts.

It should be note that Mexico suffer a lot from narcotic drugs which are illegal but make the drugs gangs very rich.

The same is true in the USA of course, but many of the drugs are legal and licensed by the FDA. Doctors and hospitals can administer these and get paid for the privilege. These include vaccines of course.

Utah – I understand just over half of the population are morons (sic) according to Wikipedia. As there seems to be some stress by the governor and the Church of the Later (sic) Day Saints on the wearing of masks this makes sense.

But then moronanity is a worldwide problem at the moment. This includes Jacinda ‘The tooth fairy’ Ardern was brought up a moron (sic), which is why she suffers from mental health issues and is sick.

The Later (sic) Day Saints came when Utah was Mexican territory. They are so called because they arrived there in the afternoon, or later in the day.

The Mormon settlements are said to have provided pie in ears for other settlements in the West. This was of course very thoughtful as when you are hungry you can just reach behind your ear for something to eat.

Vermont – According to Wikipedia ‘The most-populous city, Burlington, is the least-populous city to be the most-populous city in a state.’ Hmm….Right.

How about ‘Burlington is the most populous city. The most populous cities of the 49 other states are all more populous than Burlington’?

That didn’t hurt now, did it?

Patrick Leahy is a senator for Vermont. He has wanted to move heavy truck traffic onto the interstate highways as the traffic currently goes on the states own roads.

Well Paddy, how about reducing the weight limit on the states roads then? And lobbying to reduce the weight of trucks which are oversized and damaging the environment?

Still, you are a Demoncrat (sic) and a roaming Catholic, so I know common sense comes hard to you.

Virginia – There are the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, immortalised by Laurel and Hardy’s song. They look very beautiful.

The world’s largest naval base is there at Norfolk, next door to Portsmouth. As opposed to Portsmouth in the UK which is its largest naval base, but next door to Gosport, not Norfolk, which is about 140 miles away.

Of course, in the U.S. 140 miles is nothing to those used to driving long distance, so perhaps it could be considered next door.

There is the annual Shad planking event. Wikipedia notes:

An April 20 editorial in The Roanoke Times noted the event’s lack of Democrats, but said that didn’t mean it was dead:

No, it probably meant the Demoncrats (sic) were dead. After the political scandal in 2019 are we surprised?

Washington – Not to be confused with Washington D.C. which is the electric current in Washington. As opposed to Washington A.C. which is the opposite.

This must not be confused with Washington AC/DC, a tribute band.

It is famous for Mount Saint Helens which exploded in 1980 and which research has proved over the decades that is possible for thick deposits to be laid down quickly. Anybody who had been to a Demoncrat (sick) convention will have known this for a long time of course.

Seattle is a place where you cannot sleep if Tom hanks and Meg Ryan are to be believed.

According to Wikipedia ‘Washington state was the first state in the United States where assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, and recreational cannabis use were all legal at the same time.’ How nice. You can get stoned, buggered and put to death without a qualm.

It hasn’t had a Republican governor for some time. That figures.

And it has a home of Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill co-founded Microsoft which we love so much, and both of them pushing for vaccination against Covid which of course we all want – not.

Hopefully Mount St. Helens and the other volcanic mountains around the area might consider exploding when they are both at home. Thick deposits come in handy sometimes.

West Virginia – The state’s capital was once Wheeling. Then it went to Dealing. Then came back again until the capitol burnt down. Hence we have ‘wheeling and dealing’ in English.

The ‘Mountain State’, its motto is Montani Semper Liberi or ‘Mountain ears are always free’. Well, you may have heard of ‘Walls have ears’; in West Virginia the mountains have them.

And indeed there is the Green Bank radio telescope listening for messages from space which proves my point.

Wisconsin  – Pronounced ‘why’s con sin?’ Well, obviously conning someone is a sin. Conning is just another form of lying which the Most High objects to strongly.

There was a Bennett law (after a Mr Bennett) near the end of the 1800’s which ‘…required the use of English to teach major subjects in all public and private elementary and high schools.’

The German Americans violently objected exclaiming ‘Gordon Bennett!’. In fact Mr Bennett was Michael John, not Gordon, but that Germans for you, always getting the wrong end of the schtick.

They say that Mr Bennett’s attitude was as a result of pride and prejudice, as his daughter Elizabeth might have confirmed.

Wyoming – Why indeed. Nobody knows. Not much help I’m afraid.

Most of Yellowstone national Park lies within the state. It is perhaps best known for the old geezer who faithfully erupts at regular intervals about his war exploits.

Looks like it is well worth a visit. Wyoming?

Why not?