Steve Kirsch on Substack – useful information and observations re vaccines

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

20th October, 2022

I subscribe to his email updates which I find very helpful, albeit I know what to expect. It is all about the overwhelming evidence that the current vaccines for Covid 19 are harmful.

Of course I knew they, in fact all vaccines ever, were/would be pointless at best since June 2020. Others have been sounding the warning well before me.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen these already and need any more persuading or want something to send to those who have yet to see the light here are some links.

    1.      Miscarriages and infertility 31 second video from doctor

I note another doctor Eric Topol, has said it isn’t the vaccines. So I have checked him out.

The evidence is he supports the vaccines but didn’t think they should have been rushed. He mistakenly believes vaccines have saved millions of lives.

This is in fact hearsay and there has never been evidence of vaccines having saved millions of lives, there can’t be of course as no one has followed up on vaccine long term alleged benefits with proper studies.

Let alone thought about it properly and logically at all.

Poison in, poison out as I say (vaccines are poison if anything).

The single word full anagram of Eric Topol is ‘coprolite’. This is fossilized excrement. Oh dear, this might explain matters.

The next word on single word anagrams is ‘leprotic’ which is to do with leprosy. Not looking good Eric.

‘Loopier’ is another word meaning slightly mad. Yep agreed.

‘Politer’ is another so that means at least he is polite. But this doesn’t stop him being wrong on vaccines.

I also note ‘erotic’ but you’ll have to ask his wife about that.

‘Loco tripe’ is a full anagram phrase. Some people like tripe but we talk about a load of tripe as being rubbish. To be loco can mean ‘mad’.

‘Police ort’ is a phrase too. As in police ort to be looking into why doctors are promoting grievous bodily harm and murder on the nations.

Other Steve Kirsch links

    1.     USA department of Justice

It wanted to pursue criminal action against the vaccine makers, but didn’t. Why?

I suggest you write and ask why. If you pay taxes in the States you fund the organization and have a right to know why your money is misspent.


    1.     Ryan Cole pathologist video 

On looking at signs that vaccines caused death. 11mins 16 video interview.

Mobeen Syed, a doctor and CEO of Drbeen Corp. About him below

Mobeen Syed is the CEO of Drbeen Corp, a modern online medical education marketplace. Mobeen is a medical doctor and a software engineer. He graduated from the prestigious King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has been teaching medicine since 1994. Mobeen is also a software engineer and engineering leader. In this role, Mobeen has run teams consisting of hundreds of engineers and millions of dollars of budgets. Mobeen loves music, teaching, and doing business. He lives in Cupertino CA.


Steve is going to have an interview with him. Steve says ‘He’s a class act.’

I say he is a bottom of the class act if he thinks vaccines are of any use whatsoever.

But they no doubt make Mobeen Syed a lot of money which is of use to many people including Bill ‘the kill’ Gates.

Anagrams of Mobeen Syed include:

Bede moneys

Be enemy sod

Be ye demons

By demon see

As someone once said, ‘Houston, we have a problem’.


    1.     On solar power not being the answer to energy crisis.

Tom Blees is referred to as he supports IFR, Integral Fast Reactors. The oil companies don’t support them as they will lose out and make less money.

As the link says, solar farms destroy valuable agricultural land and look horrible anyway. And will affect local climate. See this link for discussion on likely effects..

Sadly Tom Blees supports vaccines and won’t read the electronic book on them which Steve Kirsch sent him. Why is it seemly intelligent people will not consider the evidence?

Top single word anagram of ‘Tom Blees’ is ‘emboles’. This is to do with clots. Ergo, Tom Blees is a clot or perhaps suffers from brain clots. Or both.

Seemingly intelligent people are just that; they seem intelligent but are lacking in some regard. I wonder if Tom Blees has ever bothered to check the evidence out on vaccines for himself.

I had to do that to understand what was going on, so why won’t you Tom?


    1.    ACIP committee will likely add the COVID vaccines to the childhood         vaccination program on Thursday

You can comment on this proposal and fight back against the insanity.


    1.     Reference is made to a Paul Offit, a doctor with the FDA. 

He is not getting the booster for some reason.

Top anagram of his full name, Paul Allan Offit, is ‘fallopian fault’. His Wikipedia entry says he suffered from a club foot as a child. Perhaps this is why.

‘a lallation puff’ – lallation is to do with infantile speech. As his pronouncements on vaccines are infantile this makes sense.

However on the plus side

In 2002, during a period of fears about bioterrorism, Offit was the only member of the CDC’s advisory panel to vote against a program to give smallpox vaccine to tens of thousands of Americans. He later argued on 60 Minutes II and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer that the risk of harm for people getting the vaccine outweighed the risk of getting smallpox in the U.S. at the time.

 So not a complete idiot then.

But I am not surprised he is a figure of hatred among those whose children have been harmed by his stupidity. He should be tried for his crimes against humanity. He is guilty of promoting grievous bodily harm and murder.


    1.     This is the alleged manufacture of a new Covid 19 strain.

It is 80% fatal. How nice.

And they have tested it on mice. Poor mice, not nice.

However, I suspect as usual it is a load of bollux, more fear. Avoids people suspecting the vaccines.

You see, it comes at the time when the bivalent booster is being rolled out. Make the link. Honestly, do they think I was born yesterday?


I hope that is of use. I get lots more newsletters each day, but those will suffice for now. There may be things you can do to fight against the madness as suggested.

Apart from not having vaccines, wearing mask unnecessarily and not being tested etc. And not letting your taxes be used for genocide.

Steve Kirsch is doggedly pursuing the authorities in the Covid 19/vaccine fraud, but is not up to speed on everything as I understand he still thinks vaccines are of use, just not the latest.

Nevertheless, well worth reading if you don’t have other sources you refer to.

P.S. If you haven’t seen here’s my link on vaccines which has various sub links to related issues, statistics, masks, tests etc.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.