More Memes

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th April, 2022

It is quite a pleasant morning here in the land of the South Saxons, western section. Temperature around 14o C, light winds, and pale blue skies and some woolly, fairly high clouds. Visibility seems good.

Up here in my Cloud of course you can see forever. The end from the beginning, and vice versa. I’m not sure about writing versas (sic) today, but I am a bit bored.

Well, when I say bored, I mean I think I ought to get outside more. My wife and I are out tonight with friends to celebrate our wedding anniversary. That is, my wife and I’s anniversary, not our friends. It is important to clarify matters as some people do get the wrong end of the stick.

Such as when governments tell you to lock down when in fact they have issued guidance, such as in the UK for example.

Anyway, I fancied some memes. I hope you do too. Some may be rather out of date, but are a reminder of just how stupid some people are (if you needed reminding of course).


On review of the picture it could be ‘her’, not he. Looks like an earing and a slight bulge on the chest. Still you can’t tell nowadays.

Please note the green moron sign where it says vaccines make them feel better, rather than make them better.

Please also note the policeperson in a mask who is also a moron wearing a mask outside, rather than a scarf.

Please note it is possible they are talking about Justin Trudeau such as ‘Go home please’, an indication Justin should return to Cuba.

New Zealand


The French Connection

Joe tries to make the Mark of the Beast


Vatican City


P.S. If you need less memes, that is the first set of the memes I did, which have less meems in them, try this.

Covid 19 Memes

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T’Rudedolt the Red Nosed

Put In Boots – the UKraine Panto

Or ‘Putin, Ukraine and Zelenskyy in boots’, abbreviated to ‘Puz in Boots’

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: Please note reference is made to Joe Biden, nappies and other unmentionable things, including so-called naughty words, which are nevertheless mentioned in passing. Like passing wind for example.

4th April, 2022

It rained heavily in the UK from my Cloud location on Wednesday 16th March. It was sunny, Thursday 17th when I started this post. But time moves on and it has taken time to put the post together due to the wealth of information or misinformation on the net.

Anyway, it has been relatively dry, although some sleet (1st April. And I am not playing an April Fool’s joke). And yesterday it was been wet; the UK-raine has come! That is a joke of course.

It is still panto season. Pantomime season in full. In fact whilst normally panto season starts around late November and continues to the end of February, people may be forgiven for thinking that the season is still going on.

In fact I consider that the season started in March/April 2020 globally, and has yet to finish.

‘Oh no yes it has’, ‘Oh no it hasn’t’ we may chant, depending on what stance we take. Are we the audience or the actors on stage I wonder?

Certainly those in government and MSM are acting rather strangely to put it mildly.

But sadly so are a large proportion of the general public who lost their marbles in 2020. I consider that the Ukraine situation is more theatre from MSM. I note others do too.

After all, for those of us who see straight, we know that we are being lied to hand over fist by the MSM. So what of the current situation, what is wrong with it?

I am putting (or putin’!) my own humourous take on matters, as whilst some of what is going on is far from funny, an awful lot does not add up until you dig deep.

The panto seems to be a mish-mash of characters from various panto scripts.

The main players or actors on the stage are as follows:

Vladimir Putin – he is playing the baddy whose past form includes being a Colonel in the KGB. Note K-GB and the fact this panto is set in the UK-raine.

He is president of Russia, but has not rushered (sic) into invading the UK, raine (sic) or otherwise.

He is considered to be a dick-tater, although his name is not Dick.

Said to have been part of the WEF (see later).

Also said to be a ‘Threemason’ which explains the triangle in ‘Threemasonry’.

His nickname allegedly is Vlad the Implier, as he implies that the Russians in parts of the Ukraine are being oppressed, and which is why he, well his troops, have invaded the Ukraine.

As most people seem to think he is a ‘bad’ man, I won’t comment further. I am trying to do a separate post on him.

But the whole thing is all very odd. Still, all helps sow confusion and strife which is Satan’s favourite game, the silly Bugger. This could be because he lives by the river Bug, see later.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy – with two y’s please note. Goodness knows y, why. The comic role, as he has been a comedian for most of his life.

He is Jewish, of the Ashke-nazi. Some people think he is Neo-Nazi, and rather nasty as a consequence. Whether this is funny is debatable.

He is president of Ukraine as the Ukrainians seem to prefer comedians to people who know how to run a country…Mmm. Sounds like most countries then.

He is a protégé of the W.E.F or World Economic Forum. This is considered dodgy due to Klaus ‘You will own nothing and be happy (or else)’ Schwab’s leadership.

The initials WEF could be rearranged thus: FEW. This indicates the fact that Klausy babe fancies that the few, that is the ‘chosen ones’ should run the world as beneficent technocrats/bureaucrats who of course know best.

No doubt Klaus ‘Angel face’ Schwab considers he knows best as he is German.

Personally, I think the FEW should be F EW. Which sounds like F Ew. Or F U. Or even F you. Or yet again F EU. Sounds fair to me.

Volodymyr’s nickname allegedly is Volo the Dimmer as he is rather dim. After all, whilst being a comedian is great and entertaining, you do need more life skills to run a country.

Unless you want to run down a country that is, in which case that’s fine. The wealthy and powerful will agree with that as they can always make money out of a crisis.

On the other hand, if you are one of the ones that suffer from such stupidity, it is not fine.

This talks about the possibility of WW3

Actor Zelenskyy Says the World is on the Verge of World War Three

Well, as I keep saying we are already in WW3, only a war of words primarily.

But then in reality war has always been about words and propaganda, having a proper gander or look at the truth and realising the enemy is not all he’s cracked up to be.

Like Satan who pretends to be big but is little, a master of disguise and deception, casting ‘scary’ shadows, a shadow of death for example. Yeah, really scared you nit wit Loopy Lucy.

Zelenskyy has been compared to Winston Churchill

WTF (possibly World Trade Federation)!!! Excuse me! Winston Churchill?? What planet are you on Ahmed Charai!

Anagrams of his name include:

Adah chimera

Airhead mach

I ham charade – well, those who know about Ham the son of Noah in the Bible might not be too surprised.

Ah Crimea had – !!!

Here are further links to check.

The link below needs to be pasted in to browser and hopefully will work.

By Leon Trotsky which is fascinating.

Klaus Schwab – A.k.a Klaus ‘You dirty rat’ Schwab, as he plays the pirate captain. Or in this case a rat pie captain as he is considered a dirty rat by many, including James Cagny (good name, James).

As referred to earlier, he is the leader of the WEF. His ship as captain of the pirates is ‘The Lieder Ship’ or ‘SS Woofter’.

Apparently he had a Nasty (sic) role in WW2, so SS makes sense. And he supports woofters, hence the name. Woofters are dogs I believe.

He leads the other pirates in a song by Tom Lehrer which I enjoy for its satire called ‘We’ll all go together when we go’.

He goes around the deck of his ship saying ‘You dirty schwab, you, schwab the decks.’ Or something like that.

He is Black-hearted as he serves George Black, a.k.a Schwartz or Soros. ‘Black’ is a part anagram of his name so this should be obvious.

Olaf Scholz – plays the villainous Nazi, but plays it for laughs or ‘laffs’ hence his first name O laf. If you don’t laff or laf he will come and cosh you over the head. This is considered funny by some and many in Germany.

As anagram of his name is ‘Cosh loaf LZ’ and loaf is cockney rhyming slang for ‘head’ this makes sense.

Oh, and LZ can be landing zone, so cosh will land on your head.

It wouldn’t be so bad but sometimes he uses a real cosh and it hurts.

Not to be confused with Hartz where the witches come from. The Hartz mountains that is.

Reading the above makes you wonder if this is where the problems with Germany stem from, the country is a bit mad and weird.

After all starting wars seems to have been desirable to the country; Franco-Prussian war, WW1, WW2, and now WW3, the war of words, politics, economics and health (with some bombs etc thrown in for good measure to keep people scared).

From the above.

Scholz called the US “Europe’s closest and most important partner.” Upon assuming the chancellorship in December 2021, he stated he would soon be meeting with President Joe Biden, saying: “It is now clear what binds us together.”

It is obvious what binds them together – stupidity. Probably also lies. But at least Olaf appears to have a brain, unlike Joe.

As you can see in the two photographs they are both wearing masks. These are masks of the beasts of course.

Note black masks to remind them they serve their master George Black.

I found this.

Now I know the whole world has gone mad, but this take the biscuit. Honestly, Germany has lost the plot. And who pray is Michael Roth, impugning the mighty name of Michael??

Well I strongly suspect he is one of the children of Roth (let the hearer understand). What a twat he is. Still, what do expect from a career politician, they are all as useless as each other.

As to the ‘Z’ symbol, well, can’t use ‘Z’ in Germany then?? They probably don’t want the word Nazi as people might suspect the Germans of starting another war (spoiler alert – they have, indeed they didn’t really stop fighting WW2, only changed tack to political, health and economic war which we see today).

Nazi without the ‘Z’ is ‘Nai’. This seems to mean ‘Nope’ or ‘No’. I suspect this will give some problems in the language as the Germans like their ‘zeds’. Nutters the lot of them.

For further research if interested.

Joe Biden – playing the doddery old king. Lost his brain a while back. Wanders around the stage saying ‘Has anyone seen my marbles?

I say ‘saying’, it is more like mumbles, he mumbles ‘marbles’. People struggle to understand him. It is a very good comic role.

Apparently ‘Since the 2014 coup, Ukraine has received billions of dollars in US military aid.’


Which of course is very helpful to arms manufacturers. And when the arms etc. have been blown off various individuals, then the medical Nazis can either sew them back on or have a nice robotic arm or leg fitted instead at some expense. That is, wars cost you an arm and a leg, and it will cost you an arm and a leg to replace them, as they say in the UK.


On Sunday, speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken threatened Moscow that “there will be consequences” for amassing troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. “President Biden’s been very clear about this. If Russia acts recklessly, or aggressively, there will be costs, there will be consequences,” Blinken stated.

Apparently Blinken said this without blinkin’ as president Biden can’t even be clear about the way to the bathroom, let alone Ukraine which he probably thinks is in the UK, rain or no rain.

Quite what these consequences are is unclear. Probably they will threaten to send Joe Biden to Russia where he will fart and the Russians will have to change his nappies which I doubt they would relish.

There are rumours that Putin might use chemical weapons in the Ukraine. Given there is a lot of pollution from other sources anyway, chlorine and heavy metals in water,  how effective these would be might be debatable.

If the USA sends Joe to Russia in retaliation, then a strong detergent and air freshener will be required after Joe has passed wind and other more solid objects. And so I would sympathise with the Russians on that.

No doubt such a threat will be an excellent deterrent, perhaps better than the nuclear bomb.

See Joe Biden’s comments below.

Asked whether the use of chemical weapons by Russia’s Vladimir Putin would prompt a military response from Nato, Mr Biden replied that it “would trigger a response in kind”.

“We would respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” he said.


It appears that Winston Churchill made a similar comment in WW2.

Events soon undercut this cautious strategy of silence. In May 1942 Prime Minister Winston Churchill, fearing German gas warfare against Russia, publicly warned Adolf Hitler that Britain would retaliate with gas on German cities.

Whilst on the subject of gas, Joe ‘the old farter’ Biden, rather fluffed his lines in rehearsal.

Of course funding Russia seems sensible when you apparently haven’t got other sources. As George S Patton said ‘My men can eat their belts but my tanks have gotta have gas’.

As there is a lot of gas from Joe and his team and democrats generally (plus some RINOs), I suggest hooking up to the grid and make them eat beans. Methane produced should help the USA with its energy crisis somewhat.

Tony Blair – the smooth talking snake oil salesman. Lies frequently, ingratiating himself into places he is not wanted.

Emmanuel Macron – a.k.a. ‘God with us Mac Ron’. He plays God, obviously. Also considered by some to be the Aunty Christ or something like that. Apparently,

Last week, Macron asked his Russian President Vladimir Putin to lift the siege of Mariupol, allow humanitarian access and order an immediate cease-fire. His demands came as spoke to Putin on Friday 70 minutes, during which he revisited complaints about repeated attacks on civilians and Russia’s failure to respect human rights in Ukraine. Putin, in turn, laid the blame for the war on Ukraine, Macron’s office said.

This is rather confusing as I was not aware that Putin was Macron’s president as the piece implies, but then then this might make sense of things. Macron is in fact a Russian stooge.

Still Putin did the equivalent of a French ‘Pouf’ and, shrugging his shoulders said it was the Ukraine’s fault.

Of course a French ‘Pouf’ is possibly what Putin thinks of Macron, but I don’t know if anyone has asked him.

I found this.

It says

“France has to play this role; it’s a member of the U.N. Security Council and it is one of the European countries that matters now that the U.K. has left the EU,” said a former junior foreign affairs minister.

With diplomacy like that, no wonder he is only a junior foreign affairs minister. What a pillock or ‘con’ as they say in French slang.

Justin Trudeau – plays Prince Charming as he considers himself ’Sooo beautiful’. However, thought by some to be the witch of Snow White infamy. Believed to look into the mirror every day and says ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’.

If you look into the Mirror you will see what I mean.

Others say he says ‘fairy’, not fairest. As Pink News likes him a lot, this seems reasonable.

Personally I think this is bloody stupid as we have no idea what is in the blood. All sorts of nasty drugs no doubt, in some anyway. This might explain why Jehovah’s Witnesses will not accept blood transfusions, don’t blame them. But then, lots of us have nasty drugs in us. Or Nazi drugs, it’s the same thing.

But in reality blood donors, whoever they are, need to be free of any drugs otherwise there is a severe risk the recipient will be drugged too. How nice (that is sarcastic by the way).

Of course, it is written in the Bible that the life is in the blood. I don’t think it says anywhere that death is in the blood, but if the blood is contaminated, well…

In other ways mirroring is evident. Justin is very kindly sending lots of arms to the Ukraine with taxpayers’ money which the arms manufacturers will be very grateful for.

Please note links to Putin.

I see Justin ‘call me Fidel’ Trudeau has weighed in to the condemnation of Russia. He can talk, the hypocrite. Lockdown the economy, try and enforce vaccinations which harm and kill. It is you who will be brought to justice mate.

The Queen – playing the queen, naturally. A cameo role, with one line taken from her great-great-grandmother Victoria, namely ‘We are not amused’.

So rather than pen a stiff, if diplomatic, letter, she has taken back the swords on loan.

This might indicate that the sword is mightier than the pen, or it might not. Everything is very topsy-turvy nowadays.

Boris Johnson – Playing Buttons, although he should be in Cinderella, not ‘Put in Boots’.

Buttons is a simple lad, who struggles with his hair which he keeps tidy by keeping it under his hat. Rather like Boris who keeps his real motives for the Brexit muck up and Covid 19 debacle under his hat as we say in the UK.

He wants to visit the Ukraine for some reason.

Here he is, sitting in the UK rain.

If you have been to the UK in the rain Boris, why go to the Ukraine, makes no sense.

But then, what does nowadays?

By the way Boris, having your umbrella like that will collect rain, not disperse it. Might be useful as a raine (sic) gauge in the UK. Or in the UK raine (sic).

Possibly in the Ukraine in the rain too, but I’ve never been there, so what do I know.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – he is the president of Turkey, and not to be confused with Bernard Matthews who in Norfolk at least might have been considered the president of turkeys which he considered ‘Bootiful’

If Bernard were around today he might consider that Putin the boot in to the Ukraine was not very ‘bootiful’.

Anyway, although the Ukraine is the main focus of this so-called war, it seems Mr Erdogan is more interested in the crime here in the Crimea.

In 2016 ‘…That same year, he warned that the Black Sea was turning into a “Russian lake.” It is obvious he doesn’t ‘lake’ the idea of the Black Sea turning Red, or whatever colour Russia might prefer.

George Black, a.k.a. Soros, is presumably also put out by this as it would impugn his family name.

Some people think Turkey should just get stuffed and mind its own business closer to home.

Xi Jinping – playsWinnie the Phoo, a beloved cuddly friendly character. Comes up with phrases such such as ‘Watcher doin’ me old china’, and ‘Fancy a nice cuppa Ty-phoo tea? Ty- phoo is of the course the house where Phoo lives.

He loves honey and piglets. There are a number of piglets in North Career near his house. One of these is understood to be Kim the young-un who was younger than his father.  

Apparently he is belting down a road or belting the road, it is not clear which.

Despite the name this includes railways. But then in the USA these are railroads. The USA always likes to confuse things with word changes.

Some people say that the USA is the Babylon of Revelation infamy. Given the baby way the Biden government or maladministration is talking this could explain matters.

Please note that Babylon stands for, among other things, baby lane or baby way. Babbling like a baby.

A ‘lôn’ is welsh for lane in case you wondered. Easy when you know how.

Without the ‘hat’ or circumflex ‘lon’ means ‘cheerful’ in Welsh. A babbling baby is cheerful. It all makes sense. Nonsense yes, but still sense if you see what I mean.

Pope Francis – A.k.a the poop who struts around in a white coat on the pope deck of the ‘SS Woofter’. Or the other way round, I forget.

Also known as ‘St France is a sissy’. This may explain his love for ‘God with us Mac Ron.’

He is usually surrounded by his swish guards who look very Swiss in their knickerbockers. Or the other way round, I forget.

Apparently there are quite a lot of ‘ri pests’ (sic) dressed in black who ‘admire’ the swish guards as well as other younger boys dressed (or not), whom the poop overseas from his see. Or is it the other way round?

I gather the poop’s favourite number is 666, or six, six, six or even sex, sex, sex in Latin and German for example. As the poop is supposed to be celebrate (sic) it is not clear why this should be his favourite number.

But then perhaps he likes celibating (sic). Or maybe he just likes taking about the issues and debating it with the masses. This is called mass debating of course. Each to his own I suppose.

Mass debating reminds me of bankers for some reason. But then Macron was a banker. Some say he still is.

Don’t forget a ‘b’ can be a ‘v’ and a ‘v’ can be a ‘w’. These letters can be interchangeable with words such as banker, and can explain the link to mass debating I feel.

Zelenskyy has called the pope to help make peace between Russia and the Ukraine. This sounds like a wonderful idea, because then the pope could be hailed as a peacemaker which would suit Satan and the synagogue of Satan very well.

Mind you they have been aiming for that sort of thing all along, a saviour as it were. Like the vaccines for example, that cause harm and death, but hey, what’s a few (sic) sick people and the occasional (sic) death??

The ones who perpetrate these crimes against humanity doesn’t care as long as it makes money, and anyway gives plenty more Lebensraum, or living space.

Peter Tatchell – he plays a ‘camp’ follower. He supports Zelenskyy because of Zelelenskyy’s support for LGBTQ+ rights. Which are the rights to have whatever sandwich ingredients you want in your bap, wrap, bread slices, taters, dick-taters etc etc.

As mentioned elsewhere, LGBTQ+ stands for (or sits for if you prefer, it’s a free country – at the moment), lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato, quinoa + mayonnaise. Or any other sauce or indeed source of sauce.

He says some very sensible things in the above. Organised religion is not what Jesus has in mind, no doubt about it.

And Peter doesn’t think much of Labour, but then neither do I. Not that I think much of the conservatives either, let alone many politicians of whatever party.

But he is also confused which is understandable given a moralistic so-called Christian upbringing rather than one truly based on love. His parents divorced when he was 4 and he was brought up by his mother and stepfather. It is a sad story. If he turns to Christ it still could turn out well in the end.

Valery Gergiev – he plays a bus conductor as he is very good at conducting. He may very well be good at electrical conducting, but his résumé doesn’t say. Peter Tatchell doesn’t like him. But then as I have indicated Peter had a difficult upbringing as so many like him have had. It messes with their brains. Very sad.

Plot spoilers

A Nato no-fly zone

There is talk of a no-fly zone. This amuses me as if you are a man, having no flies is inconvenient to say the least, especially if you need to use Water Closet in a Public Convenience.

In other words, use a W.C. in a P.C.

I do not recommend using a Police Constable or P.C. as a W.C. as you are likely to get arrested. Although you may get charged with spreading Covid 19.

You may also be charged with giving the piss rather than taking the piss if you see what I mean.

Of course if the bodies pile up and are not buried, with the warmer weather coming on, then flies will be a nuisance.

In fact it is relatively warm, so I imagine the snow has melted. Which makes me wonder about any pictures with snow in them. Just a thought.

Still banning flies would be problematical as flies like dead bodies, so it wouldn’t work very well.

I see a place called Sarny is rather cold at 5o. And it is cloudy and damp. And not sarny at all, no ‘sarnshine’ anyway. Very odd.

Mass graves found

There is talk of mass graves. Whether these were of Eastern Orthodox followers trying to celebrate mass is unclear.

Some say that this is similar to Nazi atrocities in WW2 in 1942, 80 years ago.

And here is a link taking about an incident in April 1942.

Some remembered the Nazi atrocities that took place in 1941, an article from 2021 last year.

There is this from The Sun. But I see not bodies in the video, correct me if I am wrong. The still photos are blurred and unclear. How convenient.


I found this article

It is actually quite useful, but misses some of the aspects, including the Nazis in the Ukraine.

Nevertheless, well worth reading about Joe Biden and his maladministration’s stance on energy and fuel. What fuels (sic) they are.

From point 10.

The result: the administration’s refusal to confront green energy activists in its own party has produced a preposterous, incoherent plan to deal with global consumption of Russian oil and gas and soaring prices at home.

However, he does say

The rising toll of civilian casualties across Ukraine is not a bug

I am not sure why he says this. However, it is true; it is not a bug, because the Bug is a river in Western Ukraine. It flows into the river Vistula downstream of Warsaw.

He also says

The world needs to worry that Putin, backed into a corner and with nothing to lose, takes the biblical story of Sampson as his guide and tries to bring down the entire world with him.

It is written by a Charles Lipson. Well, Charlie boy, you should know that Sampson in the Bible has no ‘p’. You are a right Charlie. Or are you just taking the ‘p’ and Putin’ it in the wrong place??

Still, you are in Chicago, so as there are problems in that city with J.B. Pritzker and his cronies, perhaps this is not too surprising.

He was born and raised in Marks, Mississippi according to Wikipedia, so perhaps he is one of the Marks of the Beast.

Armed Forces compared

I suggest you examine the link, but Russia is far stronger. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily imply it should win hands down, it is worth noting.

Nazis in Ukraine

This link is worth considering.

The links to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and the US should be noted.

Who benefits from arms sales?

China’s arms sales are unknown for comparison, but of the 20 listed the U.S.A. has 10!!! And I make it 6 in the top 10!!!

Regardless of the other countries, and the UK is certainly one of them, a huge amount of money, including taxpayers’ money, goes into the military in the U.S.A.

So that the children of God can be traumatised, maimed or blown to bits.


Here are some of the back drops for the stage.

Kiev or Kyiv

The war from Putin’s point of view is to take Kiev, Kyiv or Kev for short. Whether Kev, or Kevin for long, has been consulted is a moot point.

A lot of footballers seem to be called Kevin.

Whether being called Kevin is an indication of social standing is debatable. Whether being a footballer is an indication of social standing is debatable.

Personally, I think the whole thing is a load of balls, but then many people like so kick their balls around, especially men, so I suppose that explains things.


Things seem fairly quiet in Odessa. As ‘D oases’ is an anagram perhaps this is no surprise.

I see in the above post some thinks that Odessa is well defended. I find that rather funny. If Russia really wanted to invade it could, easily. Not sure it wants to though.

But threat of invasion ties up defensive forces. Or defensive farces as I consider the whole thing a bit of a farce. Too much misinformation, or distortion of what is really going on.

But then then that is the point, distract us from other things going on. ‘Ooh look over there!’ Right, now to pickpocket the taxpayers.

There are recent reports of missile attacks on Odessa’s refinery. Well, near Odessa. The article link below spells it Odesa, one ‘s’. O dear sir, (or madam as the case may be) can’t you check your smelling pisstakes?

I suspect ‘O dear sir’ more likely as this sounds like Odessa.

Still, the article is from Reuters, and as they have gone downhill in quality and truth I am not surprised.

And whilst off subject, the next article has a photo of a girl in a blue surgical mask. It says she wears it because of Covid 19. The head line says ‘Nearly entire global population breathing polluted air: WHO.’

Quite frankly if they don’t know WHO wrote this, why say it?

And as the atmosphere in the photo suggests, reasonably, a high level of pollution in Bejing why not blame that? Or are they trying to subtly say that air pollution IS Covid 19?

But then this is how the whole Covid 19 fraud started, isn’t it, as I make clear in my post on Wuhan ‘flu.

Pollution causes respiratory diseases, add in faulty viral theory increasingly believed over the decades, stir or spin rapidly with a spin doctor, a lot more propaganda and you have the recipe for a crisis caused by ignorance and fear.

Donbas region

The attacks have been most evident in the dumbass (sic) region. This is because if you look at a map of Russia it looks vaguely like a bear. As this is a symbol of Russia, at least to the west, this should again be of no surprise.

To my mind the bear faces east for some reason. It appears to have a small tail which is formed by the Karelia and the Kola Peninsula in the north-west.

Please forgive me, but it rather suggests to me, that the bear is ready to do a poo. Or pooh bear a well-known bear from East Sussex.

Anyway, it may be fair to say that the Russian bear does not want its ‘business’ interfered with and protecting its dumb ass is understandable after all.

Have you ever seen an ass that is dumb by the way? Can your bottom speak?

Mmm?….Oh yes, silly me, I forgot. Joe Biden and a few others. Quite right.


Mariupol is situated on the north coast of the ‘C’ of ‘As of’ (sic) near the Crimea. As there is no ‘C’ in ‘As of’ this is rather strange. And as regards ‘as of’, we may enquire ‘as of what exactly?’

On 19 March 2022 a Ukrainian police officer in Mariupol made a video in which he said “Children, elderly people are dying. The city is destroyed and it is wiped off the face of the earth.” The video was authenticated by the Associated Press.


As an anagram of police is ‘cop lie I’m very suspicious of this. Cops have been known to lie before as in Ottawa more recently re truckers’ dispute and in London re the brutal murder of Sarah Everard.

Still I am not sure the Associated Press haven’t made it up. I found this.

The AP gave the Nazi regime access to its photo archives for its antisemitic propaganda.

Well, it was a while ago. But then if you look further at the main Wiki page and recent issues…what do you think?

Again from Wikipedia Mariupol link earlier.

“They don’t have access to water, to any food supplies, to anything. More than 85 percent of the whole town is destroyed,” Stefanishyna said during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” referring to the citizens of Mariupol.

“That’s why they do it with the U.N. system, the Red Cross organization, and what I can confirm as an insider of some parts of this negotiation is that they do not really care about a single life of a person who died or suffers there,” she said, referring to Russian officials. “So for them, it has nothing to do with the humanity.”

From sub link in Wikipedia link above.

I see the people in the picture have clothes and their mobile phones. Perhaps they’re going to take picture of the burning pile of tyres which we can’t see, except for the smoke, he said sceptically.

From 1st April 2022, April Fool’s Say. Mmm….

Mariupol doesn’t exist?? Is this photo really of Mariupol anyway?? I see a burnt out block of flats. And 2 blocks that don’t seem to, and look intact. So maybe a third of the three out of use. But not a flattened area as in WW2.

How about this

Still doesn’t look flattened, but it was March the 10th mind.

Any thoughts? Load of bollux comes to my mind. Something is going on but just how much is the question.

Kharkiv or Kharkov

In 1942 battles raged for the recapture by the Soviets for this city in the spring.

Kharkiv sound like it may be khaki in colour, rather boring. Or maybe someone has lost their kar-key (sic).

Still, the city looks quite attractive, at least in part. See below.

I have looked at the images. I can’t see how one can easily relate the images to before and after.

There are five images. Now I know I am a bit slow, but even I know that before and after, which is 2, goes into 5 2.5 times. So where is the sixth photo? The labelling doesn’t help me.

More bollux I say.


All is not as it seems. I take from it the following:

  • If Putin really wanted to take Ukraine, or at least the bits he wants, he could.
  • Putin is problematic but so is Zelenskyy.
  • In reality Zelenskyy and his regime are Neo-Nazi. He is part of the WEF and Klaus Schwab’s team so has to be suspect.
  • The agenda seems in part to make out that the pope will save the day, but as he is a false Christ, ultimately he is deceiving the nations.
  • The ramping up of fear distracts the nations from what else is going on, the various evils and battles against them. We should not be distracted.
  • This includes the rise of inflation and economic disruption
  • Centralisation of money and power and control in fewer hands, the elites who wish to subjugate the children of God, the gentle gentiles, a far larger group than some may imagine.
  • Using taxpayers’ money to buy arms that are either not required or can be used to blow others to bits so that undertakers can bury or doctors repair and all for money of course – the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
  • Push countries into huge debts owed to the banks which are owned by…? Double check. Bankrupting countries will help them subjugate the nations. Unless perhaps you are Germany with a budget surplus of course…Mmm…I mention Germany somewhere, don’t I?
  • Vaccine harm and deaths.
  • And where have all the ‘push the vaccine’ videos on YouTube gone??
  • Euthanasia laws as an excuse to murder the innocent elderly, then the disabled, then the useless eaters, then you…..
  • Abortion laws as an excuse to murder the innocent unborn and traumatise mothers. Why stop there if a child is born with a disability missed in a scan or otherwise. Or if you become disabled etc etc. Where will it stop?
  • Mid-term elections in the USA, indeed elections anywhere. Don’t be distracted, watch the ballots like hawks. Don’t let fraud occur.

If you want a site that also says a similar conclusion try this.

Reality Check – The Staged Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War

Perhaps I needn’t have bothered doing this post. Still, I made it funny which is something given the whole thing is funny peculiar, as they say in the UK.

I don’t agree with all his conclusions on his site as there is more going on than meets the eye. There is God’s agenda and Satan’s agenda running parallel.

As God is way more clever and devious than the moron Satan (or is it Macron Satan?), and all things work together for those who love God, well even what seems a Red Herring can be used by God to good effect.

Anyway, it does seem rather as if the so-called war is rather like in a vague  (or not so vague) way the Eastern Front in WW2. This should not be surprising given the current war of words mirroring WW2, but 80 years ago, that I see going onto day.

So why not check the WW2 timelines online, see what you think, and let me know. All contributions gratefully received.

P.S. Here is a historical timeline of the eastern front in the Ukraine area. You will see the similarities I hope.

You might find this interesting.

If you have nothing better to do, I have written more about many of the characters in the plot, especially Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau. I hope to do more detailed analyses of others in due course. Just type in name to search box at the top right hand side of the page.

T’Rudedolt the Red Nosed

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th February, 2022

My wife has been a teacher. She likes to repeat things three times to make sure pupils get the point. She has often repeated things to me three times.

Such as ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’.

This is despite the fact I did understand the first time and say ‘No thank you.’ It is very annoying when it happens so often.

She has not been a teacher now for over three years. I think she getting over it but does have relapses. Big sigh.

Anyway, I thought I would get my own back. So here are three images explaining about Justin ‘Just because China is Red doen’t mean I can’t have a red nose’ Trudeau.

Of course communism is Red. But then the Nazis have a Red swastika. And they both arose from Germany. I may have mentioned this.

It is not Christmas, but Justin is being very funny peculiar nowadays, so I am not that fussy.

Justin was born on Christmas Day/ He may think he is the new Messiah. Satan Klaus probably thinks so.

Justin is one of Satan Klaus’s reigning dears. Satan Klaus is Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum fame. Or Infamy.

Here they are having a cosy chat.

Here are the three images I mentioned.

As an extra bonus I thought I would add these.

Apparently Trudeau said these things in 2013.

The following text from the link above has been amended to make sense.

Justin Trudeau also called for party unity after years of infighting between Cretin and the most recent Liberal prime minister, Paul Martian. Cretin made no mention of Martian during a speech on Sunday. Trudeau said the Liberals had been focused on fighting each other rather than fighting Canadians.

“I don’t care if my father was arrogant,” Trudeau said. “It doesn’t matter to me if you were a Cretin-Liberal or a Martian -Liberal or any other kind of Liberal. The era of hated Liberals ends right here right now.”

I assume that all Liberals are now cretins or Martians or both. This explains matters. This link will explain further.

He is also recorded as saying

Justin Trudeau warned in his acceptance speech of more attacks to come. “Canadians want to be led, not ruled. They are tired of the negative, divisive politics of Mr Harper’s Conservatives.”

Mmm…that didn’t work out too good did it Justin? I don’t think people like you very much. You are not the new Messiah, you are just a very naughty boy.

The naughty step for you I think.

P.S. Some links for Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau

Out of the mouths of babes and children…

Marco Mendicino – minister of public safety, Canada

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th February, 2022.

This is not a joke. Canada is being poisoned by pointless vaccines etc. and there is a minister for public safety who thinks these are a ‘Good Idea’.

He says vaccines are the gate way to freedom. Gate way, gate way…mmm…gate rings a bell. Can’t put my finger on it right now.

Still, he is a Marco so what do you expect. In the end times and in due course a new beginning, Marco is Italian for Mark. He is part of the beastly Canadian government under Justin ‘I can’t speak right now, as there is a two foot high toddler waving a flag at me and he might hurt me’ Trudeau.

This therefore makes him one of the many ‘Marks of the beast’. Nice to know that.

Not that I fancy knowing him. I think I could lend him a solid pair of concrete wellingtons as he walks by the St Lawrence River. It is icy I gather, and accidents can happen, sadly.

He probably realises this, and that if vaccines cause harm and death, well that’s just the way things are, accidents will happen.

There’s not much on him in Wikipedia

Mendicino was born to Italian immigrant parents.[2]

He is a Leo, born July 28, 1973. Like George Soros born 12th August, 1930. It must be realised that George is a lion of Judah in saying he is a Jew.

Just not a good Jew who do what is right from the heart, because they want to, but a very, very bad Jew, one who says he is a Jew but is not, because he is not one inwardly. He is of the synagogue of Satan.

He studied political science at Carleton University,

I gather this was founded in 1942. Mmm… 42 the ultimate answer etc.

 before attending law school at the University of Windsor.

A Catholic founded university. Not surprising I suppose with Italian background.

Later in his career he also studied human resources management at York University‘s Schulich School of Business.[3] 

This was founded by Seymour Schulich who is Jewish and who funds universities and health care.

He worked as a federal prosecutor for ten years,

And now as a federal persecutor. Did I spell persecutor right?

during which time he was involved in the handling of the Toronto 18 terrorism case.[4] 

There are some serious issues about him here for further research.

He also worked for the Law Society of Upper Canada, served as the president of the Association of Justice Counsel, and taught as an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.[4]

I can’t find him on notable alumni list of Osgoode Hall. So presumably not that good then.

He is essentially a lawyer who became a politician. Like Kier Starmer in the UK.


Marco Mendicino – 9 individual letters 14 total

The anagrams are very revealing, quite extraordinary I would say. You can check yourselves of course. Here’s a few part anagrams.

Condemn – he condemns the truckers protest.

Demonic – well, that figures.

Iodine – he is in charge of health. Iodine used in past for treating wounds as antiseptic. And still should be.

Macron – that would explain a lot to those of us who see what the ‘God with us’ French cretin is doing right now. Or should I say doing wrong now.

Monied – he is quite well off and has done well out the pandemic for some reason. I wonder why?

Income – yes, ok, he has an income so what, many do? Except perhaps those whose livelihoods are ruined because of people like him.

Who gets an income via taxpayers. And from other sources no doubt, it is alleged.

Nico – what is he nic(k)ing, I wonder. Jesus said something about hating the deeds of the Nicolaitans.

As an aside, what about Nicola-i-tans? I am thinking about Nicola Sturgeon who is a bit fishy of course!!

Rome – ah yes, Rome sweet Rome, home of paedophilia priests, Vatican City home of ‘Vaccination’ or ‘Icon Vatican’, and the  Pantheon where just in case they will cover all possible gods except God Himself who is a bit peeved at this.

And the ruin of the Coliseum, where Christians were thrown to lions etc.

Wikipedia says

In 217, the Colosseum was badly damaged by a major fire (caused by lightning, according to Dio Cassius)


An inscription records the restoration of various parts of the Colosseum under Theodosius II and Valentinian III (reigned 425–455), possibly to repair damage caused by a major earthquake in 443

Severe damage was inflicted on the Colosseum by the great earthquake in 1349’

God says He hopes people have got the point He was a bit peeved. He doesn’t like people messing with His children. He is going to have words with the pope.

God is the heavenly Father not the pope, so God has a lot to say. He will use some strong language before throwing the false prophet into the lake of fire.

Nero – fiddled while Rome burned they say. Playing the liar (sic). What a lyre (sic) Nero was. Fiddled the books no doubt.

Full anagrams

Ac denim omicron – the current variant?? Gives you the blues, the blue genes (sic)! Jean-etic damage perhaps. Such as with Downs Syndrome etc.perhaps.

Ac mined moronic – enough said.

Acid men moronic – the drug addicts. I don’t just mean the heroin, cocaine etc, I also mean those on prescription drugs via government, kindly funded by taxpayers.

Acne dim moronic – very moronic then and spotty. Possibly a rash caused by vaccines. Like measles, chicken pox etc in part no doubt caused by vaccines. Anybody checked?

Ace Comdr minion – not sure if he is a top commander or a minion. Well, top of his field (i.e. best of a bad bunch, or should that be worst?).

And a slave, a puppet to George Sorearse and Rome, Vatican City.

Comrade minion c – plays on the left wing then.

Ac Cindie Mormon – bit like ja-cindie (sic) the moron (sick) of New Zealand.

A meconic nimrod – the mighty hunter who rebelled against God and set up Baby-lon, the baby way. He drivels a lot does dear Marco.

Meconic acid is a dicarboxylic acid.

Ok, so rather like a load of bolicx (sic).

Derives from poppies. More drugs then? ‘Sleep, sleep, we can take your money, sleep, sleep.’

Acme icon nimrod – The best icon of Nimrod. Or I con of Nimrod. Same difference.

Acme Nico nimrod – ok, ok I get the point.

Cain come nimrod – ooooh, Cain as well eh? Don’t think he was too fond of his brother Abel. Jesus was able. It says so in Hebrews.

‘Jesus is Able to Help Those Who Are Tempted’. And Satan struck Him down. But Jesus the faithful Son was raised by the Father of course.

Cocaine midmorn – more drugs, oh dear, no surprise. In the morning. What is Marco on?

A demonic micron –  a small demon. As I said, a minion.

AEC mind moronic – ok.  

Acme din moronic – yup.

An medic moronic – yup.

And mice moronic – really? Ok, why not.

Demonic Romanic – out of Rome, the Vatican. Told you. And ro-manic, md quite mad.

Mr demonic a coin – or ‘a icon’ of course.

Cain demonic ROM – welcome to the Matrix.

I macron demonic – well we knew that I hope.

Medici macron no – the Medici family are reputed to have poisoned their enemies. This is happening to today with vaccines of course, as has been the case for decades.

The Medici’s were also bankers. As I say, reputed to have poisoned their enemies. With toxic loans may be?

Cancer mini doom – they say this will occur via vaccines. Mind you, been going for years. I am a little annoyed at this, just a smidgen. Well, ok perhaps a bit more than that.

Comedian micron – not that funny mate.

Condo main crime – is he making money from high condominium prices. Anybody want to research please?

Ian condom crime – Mmm…can you put condoms on needles? After all needles prick you.

Do manic no crime – Bob Marley said ‘no woman, no cry’. Personally I count Marco’s madness a crime, and I don’t think he should get away with murder.

Acridon n commie – commie obvious I hope but acridone, well see here.

You may not know this but have been aware for a while. Akridōn is translated ‘locust’ in scripture in Revelation 9:7. This is related to current events. There is much more to unpack which I do know, but please bear in mind.

Acrid one icon mm – Mm… acrid one icon, interesting.

Con mime acridon – all a con regarding need for masks, vaccines etc. The locusts devour everything, health, wealth, sanity.

Unless you don’t take the mark of the beast and are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Mr Dominion Ceca – I believe caca can mean poop, excrement.

Ceca may refer to this.

Some people say the climate change crisis is shit in so many words, but rather more politely.

I tend to agree with this. At 62 years old now I am weensy bit suspicious of those making large amount of money.

Coercion mad min – ‘Get the vax and you will die! Oh, er, sorry, I meant, get the vax and we are sure you won’t die ever by with or from the vax. Probably anyway, and we have the small print on the labels just to make sure we don’t get sued.’

Rome Dominican C – is that the Holy ‘C’?

Rome Cid conman I – el cid, go tell cid (sic), it’s all a con. Vaccines, masks, herd immunity etc etc.

Mad Mic Nero icon – ‘to be sure, to be sure, ‘tis mad Mick here, de icon of Nero himself.’

In Italian

Plus meanings in English:

Indemoniamo – ‘we have demons.’ Of course.

Encomiamoci – let’s commend ourselves – isn’t Trudeau’s government doing well? Well, let’s see now, how much do Canadians owe to banks, and what have we spent, and how’s the economy and how many people falling ill from vaccines etc. etc. I think that’s a big NO!, don’t you.

Mediarci – ‘mediate’. Don’t think he’s talking to the father truckers or the mother truckers. Coward.


See, told you.

Mediarmi – see above.

Medicano – ‘medicate’. Er, no thank you.

Medicami – ‘medicate me’. Look I’ve already told you, no thank you.

Medicaci – ‘medicate us’. #”£$%&**-(!!! What aspect of NO do you not understand???

Hang on, you are asking us to medicate you and Justin perhaps. Sure thing. How many Pfizer shots until they work. 7 is it? Let’s keep going until they do work. Include the whole cabinet while we are at it.

Mediocri – ‘mediocre’. That’s better. When I say better, at least you are admitting you are not very good. That’s putting it mildly.

Mendacio – ‘lie’. Oh your admitting it now? A bit late for that mate.

Mendarci – ‘lying’ Yeah, yeah you can grovel, you’ll get no mercy from me.

Mendarmi – ‘beg me’. It’s you beg me, plead with me, not the other way round you beggar (sic).

Mendiamo – ‘we beg’. Blaming others a swell are we? That won’t save you.

CNR medicina omo – This possibly means ‘homo medicine’. In Japanese ‘Omo’ means ‘main’ I think. Perhaps medicine for homo-sexuals? Not good medicine for anybody.

CNR (Canadian Natural Resources ).

I wonder how many workers will choose to be poked pointlessly? Depend whether they don’t mind possibly being maimed for life and not working again.

Still, it’s a risky job in the North Sea, so what’s one more risk eh?

Accendi mormoni – ‘turn on Mormons’. Turn on what exactly?? Sounds dodgy to me.


Following from interview in  

Please notice he is straightening his tie in the picture of him. About the only thing straight about him. Questions and answers from the above link.

Q: Do you have a good voice?

A: Depends who you ask. As a boy I attended St. Michael’s Choir School, and we sang for Pope John Paul II in 1980.

I sure the pope ‘likes’ little boys, like his six pests, sorry, six priests.

Sex sacerdotes is six priests in Latin. Explains a lot.

Q: You’re a former federal prosecutor. Why switch to politics?
A: My career has always bent toward public service. I’ve served federally; I’ve volunteered locally. And as the descendant of Italian immigrants who came here with very little, I want to contribute in the greatest way I can.

Editors’ note. I believe there should be a full stop after bent. This would make better sense.

Q: What was your most riveting case as a prosecutor?
I worked on the Toronto 18 case, which involved a group of radicalized individuals who were plotting to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange and storm the CBC, CSIS and the Parliament Buildings.

It is rumoured that ‘…radicalized individuals…’ included ‘Black face’ Trudeau, but these are just rumours of course. Unless you know better.

Q: Where do you stand on the following: gay marriage, abortion, income splitting?
A: I support gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose; I’m opposed to income splitting because it disproportionately favours the richest parts of society.

Well I think marriages should be gay or happy as my understanding of the word is. A miserable marriage is not much fun.

As regards abortion, well sadly this was not an option in Marco’s case otherwise we would have been spared his stupidity etc.

Q: In your victory speech, you called out Joe Oliver, saying “We’re coming after you.” Defeating a sitting finance minister is rare. What’s your plan?
To hold him to account for a woeful economic record: 1.7 million Canadians out of work, a federal debt of more than $600 billion, eight straight years of deficit budgets. And he’s got no answers.

I found this.

So, supplementary question Mr Mendacious (look it up if you need to), what did you spend the money on, eh??

Oh, and how many out of work now?

Don’t you have the answers?? I have to hurry you as Magnus Magnusson said in mastermind……….times up. No answers either then.

Let me see mmm…

1.9 million workers lost their jobs in April alone. A further 1.1 million people were not included in StatCan’s official jobless total because they have stopped looking for a job.

This 2020 of course. I wonder what 2021 actually shows? Anyone help?

And, with respect, you do?
I can listen, understand ideas and articulate them. When it comes to the economy, Mr. Harper and Mr. Oliver are just not listening.

But I, Marco Mend-a-hole-in-my-budget, do bugger all about the economy except bugger it up as usual.

And you have no answers do you, Marco?

What would you say if Trudeau asked you to fall in line with his position on a certain issue?
There are some topics that he has said are non-starters for debate. Luckily, we’re aligned on those. For others, he’s open and willing to listen to his party and to his constituents, and I think that’s a refreshing quality in a leader.

What would you do if ‘…Trudeau asked you to fall in line…’? If you ‘fell in line’ would this mean you actually did have the Pfizer vaccines after all and fell over because of it??

The topics that are non-starters would be what exactly? Not starting the economy but stopping it perhaps? Yup, you and Justin ‘Just do as I say, not do as I do’ Trudeau etc.

Or would it be agreeing on accepting bribes from big pharma etc?? Just asking.

Justin is open and willing to listen to his party and to his constituents. I take it that’s those who agree with him that he is Jesus Christ reborn. And only those in his party and constituents, not the rest of the country who he treats like counts (phonetically speaking).

Justin and Marco ‘Polo or polio’ Mendicino both want to lord it over the people of Canada.

That makes them both counts of the country (phonetically speaking). Let him (or her) who has ears to hear, let him (or her) hear.


That’s enough for now. How do we summarise? To misquote the phrase, ‘There are lawyers, damn lawyers, and politicians.’

So Mark of the beast I think.

Or, in Italian, Marchio della Bestia.

As referred to earlier, you Marco are reported as saying in your victory speech, that you called out Joe Oliver, saying “We’re coming after you.”

Now we are coming after you, Marco Mendicino.

P.S. I am hoping to a bit more at some point, but I am working on a post on the fall of Singapore to the Japanese on the 15th February, 1942, 80 years ago. I am wondering if this will be significant in current events. Please be aware and on you guard.

In the meantime if you haven’t by any chance seen these links you may wish to view.

Justin Trudeau

Police Chief Peter Sloly – Ottawa Police Service

Looks like we got us a convoy

Covid 19 Memes

Out of the mouths of babes and children…

Mark of the Beast

Police Chief Peter Sloly – Ottawa Police Service

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

10th February, 2022

I thought I had better have a look at him as I had seen the following:

Background comments

I have used the following link for some basic information and assume it is reasonably reliable. I will try and be fair but to be honest, sadly, I am not impressed by his credentials, so I will use my usual blend of truth and sarcasm, as it seems common sense has evaded Canadian officialdom for a while.

Or perhaps that should be official doom, as at the rate things are going Canada is doomed to failure unless something drastic happens.

But then there are the truckers’ convoy protests, so things are looking up.

Quotes from Wikipedia in italics unless otherwise stated.

He is also a former soccer player who represented the Canadian national team in 1984.

Which all sound very good but he was only capped once. In a friendly game. Against Egypt. Amazing eh! See later text.

In 2015, he was considered a serious candidate to succeed Bill Blair as Chief of Police but was passed over in favour of Mark Saunders

So not that serious then. I hope Bill Blair wasn’t related to Tony Blair. Have a look at Bill’s Wikipedia entry. Doesn’t give me great hope.

In January 2016, Sloly gave a speech criticizing the size of the police budget as excessive, in which he said: “Until policing stops being focused and driven on that reactive enforcement model, it will continue to be exponentially costly.”

Which simply put is ‘It is too costly to do anything to prevent crime and we will just see what happens on the day.’

In August 2019, it was announced that he would become Chief of the Ottawa Police Service, effective 28 October 2019.

Or not that effective as the case may be, if you apply my translation of Peter’s comment in 2016 as above.


Sloly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from McMaster University in 1989 and a Master of Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business in 2004. Sloly also earned a Criminal Justice Certificate from the University of Virginia, an Incident Command System Certification from the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the Major City Chief’s Police Executive Development Program, University of Toronto’s Rotman Police Executive Leadership Program and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

So lots of nice degrees and bits of paper which he can wave at protesters or genuine criminals, if they are dealing with the latter at the moment.

Or wave at those who are a bit put out by being told that being vaccinated by something either useless or poisonous is a duty every good citizen of Canada should do.

Or be sacked for the privilege of being sensible.

He was a graduate of the FBI National Academy but isn’t on the list of notable graduates. Fair enough. But the link footnote says the relevant page is missing. Odd, very odd. Needs some police work I think. Any takers?

Soccer career

He is also a former soccer player who earned one cap for the Canadian national side against Egypt in a friendly match on 2 November 1984.

As referred to earlier. Still, if the cap fits, wear it. Most of us only have one head anyway, so one cap’s enough.

Early life

Sloly was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Scarborough at the age of ten.

I thought initially that this was Scarborough in England, but no, in Toronto, Ontario.

I wonder if he went there willingly, but at age of ten (years I assume, not months or days), I don’t suppose he had a choice.

He came from Ja-maica, so I suppose his parents ja-made him, ho, ho. I noted this on Scarborough. From,_Toronto#Crime

In 2008, councillors Norm Kelly and Michael Thompson argued that the media was distorting how crime was reported in Scarborough. They noted that whenever a shooting occurred in the rest of the city the location was given as the nearest major intersection, while when a shooting happened in Scarborough the location was given as ‘Scarborough’. According to the councillors, this gave people an erroneous impression of Scarborough as ‘crime-ridden’. They proposed that news outlets sign a ‘media protocol’ so that all crime locations were given as intersections. However, the city’s Executive Committee turned down the request citing this as a form of censorship. Mayor David Miller said “It’s not city council’s role to tell the media how to do their job”.

Seems fair enough. Let media make up lies as they wish, distort the truth etc as this is in the greater public good no doubt. Or the revenues of the media owned by whoever owns them nowadays. You choose.

Of course, protocol is strictly guidance rather than rules that must be adhered to at all costs. There should always be exceptions for rules to allow for the unforeseen. This is called common sense.

Of course nowadays Justin Trudeau and his cronies are telling media how to do their job to support big pharma and the elites, like Justin Trudeau…..excuse me while I am sick…..ah, that’s better. Where was I? Oh yes, support big pharma etc is telling lies about the vaccines etc and how they are helping, note helping (allegedly), to stop Covid 19 in its tracks.

By reducing the excess population of course. Yup, that’ll work up to a point until the next bunch of individuals arrive, weakened by big pharmas etc. toxic chemicals when they have done their preparatory job.

Personal life

Sloly lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children, a daughter and son.

A family man then, that’s good.

On 28 April 2016 Sloly was hired by Deloitte Canada to serve as a consultant handling risk and forensic practices projects.

Useful to have a policeman in house to advise you on how the police might spot accounting frauds and avoid them being found. Remind me what Deloitte do, I’ve forgotten.


In 2011, he was the recipient of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame’s Brian Budd Award.

I can’t find the page from the link. Page doesn’t exist. Mmm…anyone help please? If he was only capped once for a friendly game against Egypt, what does this say about Canadian soccer I wonder?

Still, always good to big (mediocre) things up as they say. This is apparently what the Brain Budd award is for. Not sure Wikipedia text has been well written. Still, it’s the thought that accounts I’m sure…I’m sorry I’ll read that again, it’s the thought that counts.

What was it that Deloitte do again? I’m sure it’s in the back of my brain somewhere.

The Brian Budd Award recognizes those who have excelled both in soccer and in another endeavours but who might not otherwise qualify for induction. The candidate must exemplify good character, show outstanding dedication, achievements and leadership in developing soccer in Canada and provide inspiration to past, present and future generations.

I am not sure quite how Peter Sloly fits in here. Perhaps doing things Slo-ly counts. Slow but sure, that’s me. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, that sort of thing.

Still, I am not quite sure how he has either excelled in anything so far. However, raising a family is good and if he has been faithful to his wife that is truly wonderful.

Mind you, I didn’t think many people cared about that sort of thing nowadays, so I can’t quite see them awarding him for that. All thoughts gratefully received.


I found this.

Do you defend carding, the practice of stopping people and questioning them even if they’re not doing anything wrong?

I don’t defend it; I’m trying to reform it. The Police Act requires us to interact with the public. Carding provides data on who’s being stopped and by which officers.

I suppose this is like the football system. Just as well the police don’t come on the pitch and try this all the time though.

‘’ello, ‘ello , what’s this, what’s this? Kicking a ball about with intent to score a goal. I shall ‘ave to report this to my superiors I will. I ham issuing you with a yellow card and putting yew in quarantine (editor’s note – i.e. lockdown) for two weeks, or longer if we lose the paperwork.”

Growing up here, were you ever harassed because of your skin colour?

Yes. I understand what it feels like to be followed by store security, to get pulled out of a line for a secondary search, to hear my brother tell me he was blocked in by two police cars and interrogated when all he was doing was sitting and eating a roti with a friend in Scarborough. Policing is an institution that is always a little bit behind the times when it comes to diversity and human rights. We’ve done a much better job in the last 10 to 15 years, but there’s still a long way to go.

And not very good when it comes to arresting real criminals I believe. Still, arrest a few short sighted grannies misbehaving in a supermarket by going done the wrong aisle, or toddlers protesting at a truckers rally without a mask, that sort of thing.

For the real criminals they have to fill in an ‘elf and safety risk assessment form before attempting that. If the real criminals won’t mind awfully if they could wait in their getaway car whilst the paperwork was completed, of course.

Real criminals also include corrupt politicians who sit in their homes afraid to come out and face the music allegedly blaring throughout Ottawa from truckers trucks so MSM tell us, and they never lie do they?

Well, not often anyway.

What’s the most important issue facing the Toronto Police Service in 2015?

The same as in 1988 when I joined: race, racism and diversity.

But not crimes like murder, thieving etc. It’s not cool you see. Or even PC nowadays. It is vital that PC’s are PC u c, see?

In the second half of 2013, 23 per cent of those carded were identified as black, yet only eight per cent of ­Toronto’s population is black.

Disproportionality is a fact, but based on many factors, including gender, age and, yes, race. Our 140 neighbourhoods are not homogeneous. Racial bias on the police force is also a fact. What we have to do in the future is use the carding data to identify trends and, if necessary, correct officers’ biases.

Biases are, I believe, two asses, two bottoms or bums. Bi-asses.

There are obviously a lot of asses in the police force. This explains everything.

Rachel Byass is another matter. I gather she makes ceramics and pots. It looks rather good to me.

I suppose that makes her potty. Two botties and lots of potties. I digress.

Of course correcting officers’ biases presumably means they must stop/arrest the correct umber of criminals in each age, gender, sex, skin colour etc. etc. group as they must be seen to be scrupulously fair.

Any additional criminals over the fair proportions can get away scot free, which to Peter’s mind is no doubt very fair.

But stupid to those of us with any brain cells.

Going back to the link referred to at the beginning.

Police Chief Peter Sloly warned that protests could grow again this weekend. “There may not be a policing solution” to resolve the impasse, he said on Wednesday. Though many protesters have left over the course of the week, some 250 remain who are “a highly determined and highly volatile group of unlawful individuals”, Chief Sloly has said.

Bear in mind this is Friday 4th February. The BBC recently reported

Up to 500 such trucks are estimated to be in Ottawa’s downtown 12 days now with no end in sight.

Well it seems 250 individuals is a slight under estimate. Looks like working for Deloitte might not count for anything. Last time I looked, I am not aware that one individual can drive two trucks at the same time.

Peter, if you said this you are a bit thick, or haven’t been on the streets to double check for yourself. Can’t you be bothered, or are you too busy filling in forms on diversity, and ‘elf and safety??

And you did say didn’t you, and I quote from earlier, The Police Act requires us to interact with the public?

Are you personally having quiet chat with the protesters? Are you drawing this to Mr Justin ‘case I get the ’flu, I’m not going to meet the smelly truckers and their children’ Trudeau attention and suggesting he should do his job and get off his bias (sic)?

Mr Trudeau has told the protesters to “go home” – a sentiment echoed by city officials. The prime minister has refused to meet the truckers. Ottawa residents have also expressed frustration over the demonstrations, complaining of constant noise, an impact on local businesses and public services, and unruly and aggressive behaviour.

City officials echoed Justin’s sentiments after checking their bank accounts to see if the usual bung had been paid in it is alleged. Justin Trudeau refused to meet the truckers as the cold would spoil his good looks.

He has denied the charges that his demonstrations against the truckers, his constant whining noise, his lockdown polices having any impact on local businesses and public services, and his unruly and aggressive behaviour towards anyone opposed to government policies are anything to do with him despite video evidence to the contrary.

The police are looking into the matter, and also checking their bank accounts and the rear view mirrors in case a big trucker or toddler waving a flag is going to talk to them.

Police have begun ticketing protesters, writing 30 traffic tickets for infractions like excessive noise for horn honking and disobeying street signs. On Thursday, protesters were seen building a wooden structure in Ottawa, and gathering supplies of fuel such as propane.

It is understood these include the signs ‘This way to the gas chambers’, pardon me, ‘This way to the vaccination centre’.

The wooden structure is believed to be for November 5th latter this year. This is when people put stuffed dummies on top of a funeral pyre to exorcize evil.  Mention has been made of Justin Trudeau. This may explain why he is scared to come out and say hello in case he is mistaken for a dummy. Easy mistake to make.

Horn honking sound very dodgy, what ladies of the night and their customers might get up to. It is alleged Justin Trudeau has tried it and likes it, but these are mere rumours.

I found this too.

 “Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital. I want to be very clear: We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans,” the prime minister said.

It is understood that Justin Trudeau has included himself, as he does not intimidate himself one little bit.

Indeed he kisses his image in the mirror every night as it is sooo beautiful.

Apparently Canadians ‘…shocked and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital.’ are disgusted and shocked atwere those people organised by George Soros’s gang and not Justin’s fault or indeed his own gang of thieves and charlatans.

Of course he is not intimidated, which is why he hides away at home and refuses to talk to the protesters.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has said

“Their kids can’t get to sleep. They feel fearful. We’ve had a number of occasions where people have been intimidated and yelled at for wearing a mask outside. It is just illogical. Even their theme of coming here to fight for freedom – you’re fighting against some of the rare tools we have to fight Covid-19,” Watson said.

Jim Watson is quite right. It is completely illogical to wear a mask outside unless it is a balaclava to keep out the cold or hide the fact you are a government/George Soros crony out to cause trouble.

As regards tools, these include Justin and his cronies. They are blunt tools who cannot be sharpened they should be thrown away A.S.A.P. as many more will get hurt if they continue to be used. Enough people already damaged as it is by their evil stupidity.

I gather Erin O’Toole has resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. I haven’t looked at him in detail but looks as though the wrong tool may have been discarded.

It said one member of the shelter community was also assaulted by protesters and a security guard was threatened and called racial slurs.

Rumour has it one member of the shelter community had a salt sprinkled on his hand. Rumour further has it the security guard said his name was Justin Time, not Rachel Shloers. Rachel Shloers does not seem to be immediately evident on the net, so may not exist.

Like Justin Time I imagine.

So sound like this was a drunken somebody. It happens when you are you are homeless and the bottle is your only consolation.

Still the shelter community got good support from the community as a result, so good comes out of the misleading advertising.

A spokesperson for the Ottawa Paramedic Service also said rocks were thrown at an ambulance and received racial slurs from the protesters.

Apparently the truth was Ottawa Paramedic Service also said rusks were thrown at an ambulance, as a toddler thought they looked hungry sitting in their publicly owned vehicle, and he/she didn’t want them to starve.

If the Ottawa Paramedic Service could confirm it did in fact receive Rachel Shloers for medical attention, this would be helpful.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Ottawa Police Service said they avoided ticketing and towing vehicles so as not to instigate confrontations with demonstrators.

And because they had run out of tickets as all the paper had been used up to make toilet rolls for those who had panicked and cleared the shelves.

And because the tow truck companies had somehow found they were very, very busy on other matters, such as attending fringe minority events like the truckers’ protest.

I gather Trudeau has said

“Join with your fellow Canadians, be courageous and speak out – do not stand for or with intolerance and hate,” the prime minister said.

This encouraged rather more people to attend the rally in Ottawa as obviously the prime minister approved it and he is never wrong is he?

The prime minister latter clarified his statement by saying he was not standing for or with intolerance and hate, as he was actually sitting down on his toilet (editor’s note. This should read ‘shitting down’ as in Hebrew).

This is more comfortable when he is blogging as ‘Eyam A. Kompleat R. Soul’, his moniker for his Twatter account.

This may include helping the media write the following drivel.

I gather the military have raised 2 fingers to this in effect. Two fingers to indicate that they are having a nice cup of coffee at the moment and can they have 2 spoons of sugar please?

Anyway, they are probably preparing to go to Ukraine and have more important matters on their minds.


In short probably a good family man, but a desk wallah as one might say, with plenty of paperwork to his name but not very practical.

Not prepared to go and see what’s going on the ground it seems, too concerned with race (we are all one human race, get a grip Peter), racism (doesn’t exist see race) and diversity, rather than real crime such as big pharma corruption etc., the murder and poisoning of the innocent.

Mediocre at his job at best, and perhaps this reflects on general standards in society in the Canada. This might be ok if others responsible for him in positions of authority were up to much, but when they are the likes of ‘Just call me Jesus Christ Trudeau’, this is asking rather a lot.

He is, I guess, a bit slow, but not really very sure in my books.

But then it’s in his name , Peter Slo-ly.

As to his legacy, I imagine it will Peter out!

P.S. Links in case you haven’t seen

Justin Trudeau

Looks like we got us a convoy

Covid 19 Memes

Out of the mouths of babes and children…

Out of the mouths of babes and children…

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

6th February, 2022

I was sent this picture by a Mrs Anne Onimouse Sorss. I can’t imagine she is related to Gorge Soros as he is behind the likes of Justin ‘I can’t come out and play right now as my makeup is drying’ Trudeau.

It is of course possible that MrTrudeau is doing something more important  than seeing a small minority of truckers and the few other concerned Canadians who enjoy wearing masks all the time, like seeing their small businesses closed, elderly relatives locked into care home so that no one knows what care they are receiving, if any, and especially enjoy being pricked endlessly for no good reason except for big pharma to make more money.

Among other things.

It is rumoured he may be in the Ukraine stirring up trouble with Russians as this means the Canadian government will have to spend more money on military hardware, whether or not it is necessary, and anyway the people can afford it as they can always borrow from the banks, can’t they?

I am sure this is all fake news as they say, and no doubt a fat check site receiving fact checks from the George Soros’s Open Society Foundation will confirm this as usual.

No doubt the picture below is photo shopped also. The toddler will have to sue when he/she is older, providing of course he/she does reach older and does not succumb to any vaccines etc. But then hopefully the parents love him/her dearly and will not have something unknown injected into their little angel for no good reason whatsoever except to make big pharma etc happy.

Mr Turdeau is alleged to have called the child racist and misogynist, and that this is child exploitation and anti-semitic. And a prime example of white supremacy in action.

And that in any event the child molester should not be holding the flag in its right hand without another in its left as this is yet another example of far-right extremism.

It is further alleged that he wonders why the parents have not kept this rioter off the streets. And had it triple jabbed as the jabs are free and work perfectly well at making money for big pharma.

And anyway it is not true that the taxpayer pays for the jabs, and therefore not free, as the government is very kindly borrowing the large sums of money at low, or relatively low rates of interest from the banks, which are owned by George Soros or his pals. And they are only doing this for our benefit of course.

It is yet further alleged that he has said that the vaccines work, have worked and always will work as long as everybody gets them at 6 monthly intervals, preferably in the normal ‘flu season when they can be most effective at killing off the surplus population.

All the above is certain to be fake news, it is rumoured.

Below is the picture of a Canadian patriot standing up for his/her rights. He/she may be freezing his/her butt off but it is a rusk (sic) he/she is prepared to take. She trusts her daddy and mummy will give him/her a risk (sic) or cookie and hot milk with honey or similar as he/she is a honey as well as an angel. His/her daddy and mummy tell him/her so.

The heavenly Father looks down and nods His head in agreement. His eyes water quite a lot at the moment and if you notice the odd drop of rain in clear blue skies this is the reason.

Disclaimer: No child was harmed in the making of this post or photo shopping the photo.

Unlike the vaccines over the decades which have done great harm to the world in general and those who are the children of God.

Baldmichael is rather annoyed. He hopes all that read this are too. I rather fancy that game of hangman that children play, don’t you? Perhaps if we ask Justin nicely he will come out and play after all.

Unless he is scared the game will turn out to be not a game after all.

P.S. If you haven’t seen these, well why not!!

Looks like we got us a convoy

Covid 19 Memes

Looks like we got us a convoy

Canada Freedom Convoy

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

29th January, 2022

I understand a large convoy has arrived in Ottawa. I do hope they maintain anti-freeze antisocial distancing in case they catch the Convid 19 a.k.a. the ‘flu as they fly along the highways. It is very cold in Canada at the moment. I would love to join y’all but I ain’t gonna be able to jern yur. Or something like that. But old Baldy is with you in spirit.

So that will have to do. My understanding is that they are there to talk to Justin ‘Call me Jesus Christ’ Trudeau. What Jesus Christ calls him is unrepeatable.

It appears that poor iddums widdums Justy wuss-ty caught Covy Wovid and has had to self-immolate…..we wish.

I should have said self-isolate. Perhaps it is just as well Justin. The truckers are just a witsy bitsy peeved at you. They might have thrown something rather more substantial than snow balls.

By the way, are you lacking in snow balls? If you have snow (sic) balls then without them you don’t stand a chance in a snow ball fight.

The truckers have lot of balls. That’s why they are coming to say hell to you Justin. Sorry, I meant hello. Fingers slipped there.

Nobody really knows how many trucks there will be. Main Stream Media seem to want to down play it. Understandable really. Their paymasters don’t want the real truth to come out. That would spoil the story.

Still, even if there are 1,000 trucks that would be 2,000 balls at least. Unless there are some women drivers in which case they will still have the balls, but no balls as well if you get my drift.

Hopefully no one got stuck in a snow drift, balls or no balls, it’s just not cricket, don’t yer know.

In case anyone is unaware, the truckers are protesting the vaccine mandate in Canada to get truckers vaccinated. What a wonderful idea. Have a 40 plus tonne truck career off the road because the trucker has fallen ill with Convid after having a vaccine.

Still, as Canada is pretty empty shouldn’t matter too much. But if it were in town near a school…

So perhaps better to be safe than sorry, I say. You can’t be too safe nowadays you know with cretins like Justin about, even if they are kindly self-isolating.

What more can I say? Well, a bit. I have some words, some phrases which people might like to employ on my behalf, or indeed any right thinking person. See here, Useful Canadian Phrases and again link at end.

But we don’t discriminate, a left thinking person may use them too. It’s a free country. At the moment.

So do go and support your local truckers, do. They might need some nosh or grub as we say in the UK. Or hot coffee or tea. Or a bath or loo. Whatever.

As far as I am aware they have some good slogans. These include this picture.

And some essential posters apparently.

I note the maple leaf used to cover up a letter. Not sure which letter this is. Must be a vowel. I’ve tried them. Fack Trudeau, Feck Trudeau, Fick Trudeau and Fock Trudeau.

The Irish laughed at the second for some reason, but I can’t see anything in that myself.

I’m sure there’s another vowel I have forgotten. Anybody help me please?

As I said before, I don’t know if there are any female truckers in the convoy. There may be, but on the whole I guess they are men and many of whom will be fathers trying to put food on the family table as it were, as well as generally for Canadians as a whole. You do need them you know.

But then we all need each other, it helps make the world go round.

Still, I’m glad there are the father truckers going to Ottawa to speak to Trudeau or anyone else who will listen in government, the ones who should serve the citizens, not steal and abuse them as all too many do.

I’m glad too if there should be mother truckers who are there if they are. They can try and get hold of that mother trucker (sic) Trudeau and make him see sense.

Of course if you replace the ‘T’ of Trudeau with an M then you get the following if you then anagram it.

Mud urea

In French you can get ‘merda’ which means shit. Seems the same meaning to me.

Justin Trudeau’s full name contains an ‘m’ in his third name James, so this is fine with me.

They are in Ottawa. An anagram is ‘O a twat’. That’s helpful.

So you have a few more words for Justin then, don’t you?

Of course once the rally is over I hope you won’t stop and continue to fight for the right, the right to life in all its fullness for everyone, free from anger and hate.

There are lots of beasts for you to slay, let alone your own internal demons which are in reality only shadows cast by the evil ones who pretend to be big but are just, like Justin, jumped up little shits.

There is the evil abortions, euthanasia, paedophilia to name but a few. Greed, lust and pride to name some more. You have to deal with those in your own life to be able to be effective in world at large.

It boils down to love in the end, loving God, loving you neighbour and loving yourself. It was only ever thus, except that git Satan deceived you as he has been deceiving you now.

As always I will point to Jesus Christ who will strengthen you if you put your trust in Him and listen to what He says. He has lots of words and phrases for you. You will find them in the Bible.

All words are His, including the ones that some find offensive. For it is not what you use so much as to how you use them, to tear down or to build up. Evil strongholds must be torn down, but the weak and fearful must be built up.

That’s God the Father’s advice as with the Son, His Son, Jesus Christ.

So go have a few words with Trudeau.

God is with you.

P.S. A useful link if you wish an explanation about the protests.

And why has Justin just gone into hiding?

The page on Useful Canadian Phrases

Some con vids of the convoy. I have no con vids of the Covid con here.

Convoy – C.W. McCall

Canadian Convoy Rally Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Freedom Convoy 2022 Sights and Sounds

A website about socks I think, I might have misread it, my eyesight wasn’t very good at the time.

I suppose socks very necessary in the winter when it is freezing. Bed socks great of course.

And if you are stuck on Covid 19 here’s my summary. Except of course its wintry at the moment and when the ‘flu starts to bite.

Covid 19 Summary

And my post on Justin Trudeau for good measure. The ‘o a twat’ of Canada.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

10th September, 2021

Justin Pierre James Trudeau. That’s his full name. Currently Prime Minister of Canada. The 23rd prime minister. 23 is a prime number, so he is a prime prime minister!

As the 9th prime number according to Wikipedia perhaps he comes as judgement. 9 is the number of judgement. Or perhaps he is to be judged.

9 is associated with the bottomless pit of revelation. Has Justin Trudeau come from the bottomless pit?

He has called a snap election scheduled for 20th September 2021.

Here is Wikipedia’s entry about him which I have used as a framework for review.

Anyway, what about the meaning of his name.

Justin – Just or upright

Pierre – Stone

James – supplanter or replacer

Trudeau – This is problematic. The following link makes suggestions.


Submitted by anonymous on April 2, 2020 


The yucky piece of the poop that may not be fully digested as the body had to spit it out early.

The dogs poop was covered in trudeaus. They were vile.

Submitted by anonymous on June 2, 2021 

Paul Mo

Definition of Trudeau: French word meaning communist traitor.

I am not sure that that site may be biased against him. Are they being fair?

The following makes more favourable reading.

Trudeau is a sweet and delightful name.

Unique yet mesmerizing, the name is a great blend of character and flair.

Wrap it up and take it home, Trudeau may just be the name you’re looking for.

Mind you, I find that has gone the other way, and the site may be biased for him.


I tried anagramming for any clues. I came up with these partial anagrams.

Please note that his full name has 24 letters but only 12 of the 26 in the English alphabet. So there is some statistical significance. You may think it silly, but given the meanings of these words one should give it pause for thought.

In English

Eat Urdu – this might explain the following links

The BBC talks about premeditated. That is not proven in the article. How does Justin Trudeau know it was a hate crime? Is he an opportunist or does he know something we don’t. Who premeditated it?

Rude tau – tau is last letter of Hebrew alphabet, so perhaps a rude letter.

U due rat – Self-explanatory.

Turd eau – this could be ‘turd water’ as eau in French is water.

In French

D’auteur – meaning an artist, usually a film maker apparently. He is said to have become a media personality. But where is the substance, the foundation for a good statesman?

D’urate – of urea in essence. Which you find in turds. Mmm, interesting.

D’étau – vice, as in grip or squeeze.

Tu ardue – you hard

You can have a go yourself; perhaps I am biased, but I did not find anything very good.

From Justin Trudeau

Unstriated – smooth textured

Indurates – to make callous or obdurate

Intrusted – intrusted with government certainly

Jauntiest – having or expressing a buoyant or self-confident air

Untrusted – well, this seems to be true as many do not trust him

Judaist untrue – Oh dear!

Judas nutter ui – !!!

I have had a thought Trudeau sounds like ‘True dough’ as in ‘True money’. Is this significant?

I have tried anagramming his full names in both English and French as he has heritage from both sides and names in both languages. You make of them what you will. I have commented on a few.

jurisprudentia – knowledge of law

misrepresented – is he? Misrepresent is also part anagram, so does he, misrepresent the truth?













Arse turd super mean jet

In French

m’entre-détruirais – destroy myself

m’entre-détruisais – destroyed myself

m’entre-détruirai – will destroy me

m’aseptiseraient – would sanitize me

prédéterminerais – predetermine

administrateurs – administrators

désarrimeraient – would undock – he supports certain separatist movements.

d’arrière-mains – back hand

j’impatientasse – I’m impatient

j’interprétasse – I interpret

André jiu-jitsu prématurées – Premature André Jiu-Jitsu

Aude j’interjetais m’usurper – Aude I was planning to usurp myself

adapter juteuses m’injurier – fit juicy swear at me

adeptes ajusteur m’injurier Premature André Jiu-Jitsu

adjurai emprunter jésuites – adjurai borrow from Jesuits

NB adjure means to charge or command earnestly, often under the threat of a penalty; to entreat solemnly

adjurât j’impètre urineuses  – adjure I urinate

adjurât m’épeures t’injuries – begging me to scare you

Birth & Childhood

He was born on 25th December 1971. Does he think himself a new Jesus Christ? The fact that Jesus wasn’t born on that day is neither here or there to some people. But it’s the thought that counts – some people think they are Jesus Christ reborn.

Apparently Richard Nixon then president of the USA said of Justin in 1972 “I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau”

I can think that some people might be forgiven nowadays for thinking he actually said “I’d like to roast the future prime minister of Canada, Justin Pierre Trudeau”. Toast and roast may be similar terms.

Given that Richard Nixon is reported to have said of his visit to Canada as “wasting three days up there. That trip we needed like a hole in the head.” Was he thinking particularly of Justin in his nursery I wonder?

Some people today might think they need Justin ‘like a hole in the head’, or that Justin has a hole in the head given his push on vaccines and masks which are pointless.

His father and mother

His mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She struggled with being Mrs Trudeau, the wife of the former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. I wonder if Justin has inherited some of this disorder from his mother.

She was nearly 29 years younger than him. That is quite a gap. She seems to have been a wild child, a swinger. Not good for the children growing up. Justin was about 12/13 years old when his parents divorced, but only 5 years old when they separated.

This won’t have helped him growing up. Perhaps he has never grown up.

This is interesting, looking at people’s comments.

‘toxic narcissism, over the top actor, psychopath, Messiah complex, a puppet, an idiot’ are some of the terms used. Perhaps they are all true?

His mother is said to have been sexually promiscuous. This site suggests so, and ties in the Trudeau’s trips to Cuba with Justin’s conception.

Looking like someone is not justification for considering someone to be someone else’s child, but as it is not the only issue raised in the article one must consider it seriously and double check.

Here are a couple of articles on Cuba to consider.

Despite such comments ‘we stand with the people of Cuba who deserve democracy, freedom and respect’, he would enforce mandates on vaccines. That is hypocritical in my books.

As regards masks I found the following.

More hypocrisy or stupidity. Or both. Any other thoughts? I note the following lawsuit.

As regards Justin’ father you may wish to consider this re residential schools in Canada issue.

The following says something about his father. Seems a sensible approach to impose restraints on himself. But does Justin following his father’s footsteps?

“I believe in life after death, I believe in God and I’m a Christian.” Trudeau maintained, however, that he preferred to impose constraints on himself rather than have them imposed from the outside. In this sense, he believed he was more like a Protestant than a Catholic of the era in which he was schooled.

But then there are allegations of a swinging life style. Does that fit with what Pierre Trudeau was like?

If Fidel Castro was Justin’s father then Fidel certainly wasn’t faithful with his various wives (Fidel means ‘faithful’ in Latin). But I think it might be said he was faithful to his revolutionary principles, which is probably more than can be said for Justin’s principles, whatever they are.

University and early career

There is a comment in Wikipedia regarding an accusation of harassment of a female reporter.

“If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward”

It seems the details are sketchy, the circumstances seem very slight, so perhaps someone was jealous. But if he said that, why does he consider it okay to do something if he is not likely to be reported on which this obviously implies?

There is a video of his eulogy at his father’s funeral. I have looked at some of it. It seems rather contrived and acted rather than a genuine tribute. No real emotion there that I can see.

Wikipedia says:

A book issued by the CBC in 2003 included the speech in its list of significant Canadian events from the past fifty years.

Good grief, if this is significant, life in Canada must be dull. Surely not.

It seems he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature and a Bachelor of Education degree. That’s interesting, but doesn’t necessarily give him a good all round view of running a country where life experience is required.

Domestic policy

initially relied on increased tax revenues to pay for increased government spending

He seems to have used tax revenues to pay for increased government spending. Obviously sensible, ‘Neither a lender nor a borrower be’ used to be a maxim. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

But now he seeks to raise debt to yet more eye watering levels. Is he mad? Or in the bankers pockets?

strong advocacy for feminism and abortion rights

There have clearly been inequalities between the sexes, but then men and women are different despite attempts to try and blur distinctions.

We have seen an increasingly feminisation of the western world, yet this has not resulted in benefits for society as a whole as men are now being marginalised in many areas. I see this in the NHS where male doctors seem hard to find in my area. The local GP surgery is now all female doctors.

Female doctors can be very good and there are plenty of useless male doctors – I have seen a few, but I heard of a part time female doctor locally who apparently models clothes in her spare time! How can she concentrate on medical duties if she also wants to do that?

Is this a consequence of feminism?

Much administration seems to be run by females, yet chaos currently reigns. Many women are good at such work, but why do we have such poor service in my area?

We are after all male and female, and both sides need to be represented. All feminism has done is to set one side against another, male against female, the battle of the sexes.

It has been written that we should submit ourselves to each other, considering the needs of the other sex. Women are obviously different to men, so their needs are different.

As regards abortion, this has merely become an excuse for a free for all, a descent into chaos as any excuse for killing an unborn child seems to do nowadays. Women who have abortions are reported as regretting their decisions or suffering trauma in many instances.

It is one thing to leave matters up to individuals to make such life changing decisions, quite another for the state to fund and promote such acts.

introduced the right to medically-assisted dying in 2016 and legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018.

Again, why should the state interfere with how someone dies? But to say one has a right is foolish, especially when people feeling their lives are not worth living have in all likelihood been poisoned in body and mind by all the toxins in the environment.

Has anybody considered that that is the reason why people wish to terminate their lives before their heart gives out? The world has been increasingly chemically poisoned as well as spiritually as people believe the lie that life has nothing to offer and it is all ‘deep and meaningless’.

His environmental policy included introducing new commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. His main tool for reaching this target is a federal carbon pricing policy. Trudeau’s parliament also adopted legislation for marine conservation, banning six common single-use plastic products, and strengthening environmental impact assessments. However, Trudeau is in favour of oil and gas pipelines to bring Canadian fossil fuel resources to foreign markets.

I have yet to write about so-called global warming, but I have commented elsewhere that the issue is pollution, not warming of the planet. Our poor mother earth has been dreadfully abused by us, and we must stop this.

Carbon pricing just gives market traders an excuse to make money and large amounts of it.

Marine conservation and banning some single-use plastics is a good thing, but we need to eliminate all useless poisons from our environment. Just because it may make our lives somewhat easier is utterly pointless if we poison each other to death as we are doing.

Justin Trudeau is just being hypocritical if he is in favour of increasing fossil fuel resources to foreign markets. It just doesn’t square with reducing greenhouse gas emissions (although again I consider this a distraction from the real issue of pollution).

Vested Interests

I find the following revealing, if for no other reason that it is the Guardian, normally a left wing paper.

I by no means agree with it all but the charge of ‘fake progressive’ sticks and should be obvious to all.

Foreign policy

In a similar fashion, Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia was also put under strain, as human rights groups called on Trudeau to stop selling military equipment to that country under a deal struck by the Harper government. In 2018, Saudi Arabia recalled its Canadian ambassador and froze trade with the country in response to Canada’s call for the Saudis to release opposition blogger Raif Badawi. However, in 2019, Canada doubled its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, despite a “moratorium on export permits following the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and mounting civilian deaths from the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

I highlight this episode, but again there is hypocrisy here.

SNC-Lavalin affair

On March 19, 2019, the Liberal committee members voted as a bloc to shut down the Justice Committee’s investigation.

Trudeau was the subject of an investigation by the ethics commissioner, pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Act, in regards to criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin in the SNC-Lavalin affair. The commission’s final report, issued August 14, 2019, concluded “Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act

Note the first paragraph. What does this say about the Liberals?

And the second paragraph says that ‘Mr Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act.’ I quote from a link in Wikipedia.

“The Prime Minister, directly and through his senior officials, used various means to exert influence over Ms. WilsonRaybould. The authority of the Prime Minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. WilsonRaybould as the Crown’s chief law officer.”

Have any steps been taken to discipline Justin Trudeau over this?

Of course if he thinks he is Jesus Christ, a new messiah, then perhaps he thinks he can do what he likes. But Jesus Christ said He came to be a servant. This is what all public officials should be as they once were, ‘faithful and obedient servants’.

2019 federal election

in September 2019, controversial pictures and video were published showing Trudeau in brownface and blackface.[248] On September 18, 2019, Time magazine published a photograph of Trudeau wearing brownface makeup in the spring of 2001, at an Arabian Nights-themed gala, while Trudeau was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy.[249] Trudeau publicly apologized, agreeing the photo was racist and saying: “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry.”[250] He further went on to say “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do”.[251] Trudeau also admitted to wearing blackface makeup in high school while singing “Day-O” at a talent show that was subsequently published by Global News.[252] A third instance, a video, of Trudeau in racist dress was also published.[253] After this video was published, Trudeau admitted he could not remember how often he had worn blackface makeup.[254]

In the days following the scandal, pollsters pointed out that many Canadians either were not bothered by the scandal or had accepted Trudeau’s apology.[255][256][257][258] Additionally, minority community groups, racialized commentators and some of Trudeau’s opponents came to his defence.[259][260][261][262] Others were more critical, including members of his own party.

Now people do like dressing up at parties, amateur dramatics or a talent show. I can’t say it should be a great ‘thing’. I have done ‘am dram’ myself, it’s great fun.

Perhaps he is just in politics for the show, to try and gain acceptance and love he didn’t seem to have much of from his father growing up. I understand that, as I did not see much of my father as he was at sea in the Royal Navy when I was young, and then I was at boarding school when he was shore based.

But I have not sought fame merely to satisfy any desire for acceptance and love. However, my father is still alive, so I can enjoy his company and come to understand him better.

COVID-19 pandemic

On August 5 2020, the Trudeau government created a plan to secure doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. [282] Starting in December 2020, Justin trudeau oversaw the implementation of Canada’s mass-vaccination program.

Given that the pandemic is a panic by the ‘demos’ or people over the ‘flu, and that vaccines are pointless perhaps this says something about Justin. He is pointless, of no use as a prime minister.

He has promised $1billion of taxpayers money (not his own of course) to help provinces implement vaccine passports. Another pointless exercise except in control by useless government.

I have said much on my site regarding Covid 19 which has been used as an excuse for numerous frauds. See link at the bottom of the page for more information. I have grave concerns regarding voter fraud based on spurious claims of ‘protecting the public’.

WE Charity ethics investigation

We Charity was criticized for its close ties to the Trudeau family; the investigation came after revelations that Trudeau’s mother, brother, and wife were paid nearly $300,000 in total to speak at WE Charity events.[290][291][292] On July 16, 2020, the ethics commissioner also announced the investigation was being expanded to include Finance Minister Bill Morneau.[293] Trudeau was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing by the ethics commissioner though Morneau was found to have broken the conflict of interest law.

It seems to me that a charity is to be given things freely, and to speak at them should be a free gift by those that speak, not paid for by the charity. I cannot see how this stance of clearing Justin Trudeau of any wrong doing is justified given that Justin Trudeau’s family has benefited financially.

Surely that is against the spirit of a charity, if not actually the law as written down.

It is written, freely you have received freely give. Perhaps one might be given travel and board expenses, but not to be paid large sums of money for the privilege of speaking. I consider that Trudeau’s family has abused its position.


He is married to Sophie Grégoire. I like the name Sophie. My sister is called Sophie. It means ‘wisdom’.

However, while she looks attractive, I am not sure about the wisdom in singing her impromptu song. Her Wikipedia entry says

On January 18, 2016, Grégoire Trudeau made the impromptu decision to sing a work she composed, entitled “Smile Back at Me” at the end of a speech in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at Ottawa City Hall.[37][38] Mike Strobel, of the Toronto Sun, said the crowd gave her a standing ovation.[39] Toronto Star pop music critic Ben Rayner said the song was “out of pitch” and “cast serious doubt upon her musical judgment”

Here is a link to the video.

To be honest it sounds awful to me. How on earth anybody could give her a standing ovation after that I don’t know.

Of course, Justin Trudeau cannot be judged on his wife’s singing abilities but does raise questions about her judgement. And given Justin’s judgement in other matters perhaps this raises questions about the couple as a whole.

There are reports that they have been separated for over a year.


Raised a catholic, he has said as recorded by Wikipedia “My own personal faith is an extremely important part of who I am and the values that I try to lead with.”

Personal faith in what or whom? Himself or Jesus Christ? But then I said earlier on he was born on Christmas day, so maybe he really does see himself as a new Jesus Christ, a new messiah.

His faith becomes meaningless if it is in himself without reference to others and loving God and loving his neighbour as himself.

But then perhaps he does not really love himself and therein lies the problem. For you must love yourself to truly love others.


Well, I am not from Canada so I am just an outsider looking in, a third party with a vested interest in the well-being of all Canadians, but I hope I have given a reasonable perspective and food for thought.

Justin Trudeau just seems to be a little boy who has never really grown up. It is one thing to come as a little child to be innocent to evil and to always ask questions (why daddy, why?), and another thing to be attention seeking and a show man as he appears to be.

And a hypocrite who is pushed around by opinion, and perhaps vested interests.

This does not make for good government, and he clearly wants to boss his world around, boss Canadians around, and not for the people’s best interests.

I would note that the problem with government is that it has become top down, not bottom up. The pyramid must point down and the lowest is the servant of all. Justin Trudeau shows no sign of wanting to be that.

Unlike Jesus Christ who came as a servant, and who set an example to us all.

It is in the hands of the voters to make the choice of who you want to be your servant in this way, or will you choose someone who will boss you around?

I make no observations about the other candidates in the coming election. All Canadian voters must make their own minds up.

To misquote Joshua from the book of Judges ‘Choose you this day whom will serve you as your Prime Minister.’

I see that there are advance voting days for this starting today. I do hope you will keep a beady eye on the balloting. There must not be the fraud that occurred in the USA or you will be in big trouble.

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Look out for the sign of Baldmichael – he will be back!

P.S Here is the link I promised. It leads to my Covid 19 summary which may surprise you with its findings. Summary includes the issues of masks, herd immunity, Wuhan ‘flu etc.

V is for…..Vaccination