In the News – The Daily Telegraph Tuesday, 27th January, 2023

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

This is my usual take of events in the news. Things have been moving apace as the vaccine fraud is exposed here in the UK even in the Houses of Parliament of all places.

These ‘revelations’ which Andrew Bridgen M.P. brought up may be a drop in the ocean but the ripples will be felt widely.

Of course those of us in the know and who have been sounding the alarm since June 2020 in my case, and questioning the whole thing in the 2 months before, are relieved to hear people like Andrew speak up at last.

Anyway, my selected headlines from The Daily Telegraph for your consideration. Please note there will be a few strong words used of the criminals referred to herein as I am very angry.

Some reference is also made to anatomy which some may find distressing. But then if you were kicked where it hurts wouldn’t you be distressed?

Sturgeon trans law in disarray after rapist climbdown

Illustration: damon dahlen/huffpost; photos: getty

Now at first I thought perhaps a rapist had climbed down Nicola Sturgeon’s drainpipe having visited her bedroom.

But apparently not. This has to do with a convicted rapist Adam Graham.  But not this one who has not been convicted of anything that I am aware.

The one we are dealing with has renamed himself Isla Bryson and Nicola Sturgeon in her wisdom has announced that he/she will be moved to a male prison where he/she belongs.

As regards he/she it includes wee crankie Nicola of course who should have been locked up years ago for insanity. I always thought Nicola Sturgeon was a fishy character anyway.

Going back to Adam Graham, he was convicted of raping two women, so naturally having self-identified as a woman after this, the powers that be logically set him to Corton Vale’s woman’s’ prison in Stirling, Scotland.

Poor Nicola has been unable to determine whether he (or she) was a man of woman and has been ridiculed for this.

But then it seems there quite a lot of politicians who don’t understand basic biology. For some reason the public elect these idiots.

The front page continues to page 4 headline:

Rapist’s estranged wife says ‘transition is a sham to secure easier life in prison’

And she should know of course. Apparently she told the Mail Online “his gender transition is a sham for attention and an easier life in prison”.

Rather than prison I would put him to death for his crimes. Save a lot of money and the worry that besets his victims that he will do it all again.

There is a supplement article here also on page 4.

Lobbying by trans activists helped a rapist end up in a female prison

It appears that the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) decided to ignore the High Court’s recommendation that he be sent to HMP Barlinnie, an apparently notorious male only prison.

As stated, Bryson or Graham was sent to Corton Vale and not surprisingly women, real women, are up in arms over it.

And Nicola Sturgeon is said to have known about it as such a monumental decision would not be take without consulting ministers.

But as might be suspected, this has been going on for years and the trans activists have been pushing Ms Sturgeon to introduce a controversial self-ID system.

According to the Telegraph, the SPS overhauled its policies to state that a prisoner’s accommodation ‘should reflect the gender in which the person in custody is currently living’.

The shift was heavily influenced (like the influenza) by the Scottish Trans Alliance.

Not to be confused with the Scottish Trains Alliance who are into Trainspotting.

Although as the film Trainspotting was about drugs and the damage they cause perhaps there is a link to the trans loonies who have been drugged mentally and physically into what they do.

As regards Scottish Trains Alliance, amazingly or not, the top single word anagram is ‘sensationalistic’. This rather suits the groups approach as they make a scene or sensation over their foolish ideas causing chaos.

In full we can have these anagrams:

‘Ah ctrl sensationalistic’

A insect Satanic trollish

Arctic hellion Satanists

Chanel clitoris Satanist

All of which are more than appropriate. Especially the last, because as I have said Satan is LGBTQ+ all rolled in to one. His/her gender is in doubt believe it or not and why we have all this nonsense today.

Hand over to Labour, Rod urges Tories

This is Rod Stewart, the singer, famous for a number of hits including ‘Maggie May’, ‘You Wear It Well’, ‘Sailing’, and ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’.

Roderick David Stewart is his full name and anagrams are:

Tawdrier darkest Covid

Re Covid diktats reward

Drear twisted ark Covid

I am not very encouraged by this.

He has supported the Tories for some time but now sees them making a pig’s ear of things and thinks they should hand over to Labour. He has reportedly said:

“I personally have been a Tory for a long time but I think this government should stand down now and give the Labour Party a go, this is heartbreaking.

Why he thinks Labour will do any better is anybody’s guess as all politicians do is continue to mess things up.  As he has plenty of money I don’t suppose it will make much difference to him either way. He doesn’t use the NHS anyway I believe. 

I am not a fan of his music or his voice which as I recall somebody said sound like he gargles every morning with Listerine and broken glass.

As you can see there are some problems with this product. I am not surprised when you look at the ingredients. Reminds me somewhat of vaccines, mmm…

How about salt water eh? Cheaper and a natural antiseptic. No plastic bottle to dispose of.

He still looks good at 78 and we could say you ‘You Wear It Well’ in the photo on the front page.

The ladies no doubt continue to idolise him, although whether the transgender crowd would I don’t know. As regards his song ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ I have one word for him.


He is ‘Wailing’ if not sailing about the Tories and really this is a bit tiresome as he hasn’t analysed the real issues. He seems to think the NHS is worth supporting and whilst it might survive in some form, it is not fit for purpose.

We don’t need much of it anyway, we gave up our health to the state and look at the state we are now in, with the poisonous vaccines and big pharma drugs.

These are causing infertility and birth defects, but Rod has done his bit to keep the population going by having 8 children by 5 wives according to Wikipedia.

Pity he didn’t have a vasectomy though, as he is hardly the world’s best role model even though he does like model railways so Wikipedia says.

And he does want vaccines.

It says:

In the comment section, badgerose commented: “I hope everyone who cooked his food was fully vaccinated.”

bonita.morris.5 replied: “I couldn’t help thinking just that. I will never forget those who discriminated.”

The critical comments come after the rocker previously divided fans when he revealed those who turn down coronavirus vaccinations make him “very angry”.


“There are people dying because they cannot get scans.

“I don’t need the publicity. I just want to do some good things and this, I think, it’s a good thing, because if other people follow me, I’d love it.”

Rod also previously discussed his view that everyone, apart from those who are exempt, should get their Covid-19 vaccinations.

 He voiced his fury at anti-vaxxers and said the only people welcome at his 2021 Christmas party were those who had both vaccines and a booster.

The musician has received three Covid-19 jabs and admits those who turn down the chance of a vaccine make him annoyed.

He branded so-called “anti-vaxxers” as “killers” for not taking the vaccine, as they are more likely to catch and spread the virus.                       

Sir Rod told Times Radio Drive host John Pienaar: ‘It makes me angry, especially in America where they talk about “It’s my right, it’s my freedom.”

Well, all this reminds me of his son, Maggie May. I am going to adapt a line from the song thus

Wake up Roderick I think I’ve got something to say to you.

Bugger off.

Police ‘illiterate in English’ recruited in diversity drive

Diversity drive is the drive up to a couple of universities obviously.

And being illiterate in English is to be no bar to joining the Metropolitan Police in London it seems.

This can be added to the Mets’ insane drive to recruit people on grounds of colour of their skin rather than ability.

HMI Matt Parr, one of five Inspectors of Constabulary, agrees that it is good that the police are representative of the community.

This includes employing criminals of course, as otherwise that would be discriminatory.

Sky News has been doing their bit to check that the police are complying with the rules. This is from July 2020.

Revealed: How many police officers in your area have criminal convictions

It says:

More than 200 police officers and PCSOs in Britain have convictions for offences including assault, burglary and animal cruelty.

Police forces across the UK employ at least 211 officers and PCSOs who have been convicted of criminal offences, a Sky News investigation has found.

But the actual number is likely to be much higher as just a third of UK police forces revealed how many of their serving officers had broken the law.

So let’s make it 600+ in total.

But those are the ones who are found out. How many more go undetected I wonder? There are certainly a great deal more who should be convicted for wrongly arresting and detaining people of false/unsubstantiated charges.

I note my own county, Sussex did not respond. Hardly surprising, they are a useless bunch and overseen by a Chief constable Jo Shiner who is prepared to walk in the Brighton Pride parade and support the nonsense. A foolish woman who should not have been promoted that far, just like Cressida Dick who messed up the Met police in London.

Many of the police farces refused to reveal how many of their serving officers have criminal convictions, saying it would cost too much to retrieve the information.

Presumably because there were too many serving officers who have criminal convictions. That would make sense.

Zahawi dealt blow in tax affairs row

Nadhim Zahawi had to cough up an estimated £4.8 million bill to HM Revenue & Customs while he was chancellor including paying a penalty.

Which makes you wonder why on earth he was in government, let alone as chancellor for a bit. 2 months actually in 2022, a year of bizarre political ups and downs.

He was vaccines minster for a bit, just under a year I believe, so one of the vaccine pricks. How much money has he made from vaccines via big pharma investments I wonder?

Wikipedia says he was born in Baghdad technically then an Iraqi although his father is said to be British/Iraqi. An anagram of his name is ‘Hawaiian Hz MD’ so perhaps this is not the case.

However, ‘a hid wham Nazi’ and ‘ah mad whi Nazi’ and ‘ah haw dim Nazi’ are also anagrams.

This concerns me rather to put it mildly.

It says:

But the overall narrative around the vaccine drive is good for Zahawi and good for Johnson, and therefore good for Zahawi’s future career prospects. “He’s got the potential to be a Cabinet minister,” said the senior government figure quoted above. “He’s very capable.”

“Too many people have got responsibility in Cabinet that arguably shouldn’t be there, given the changing environment from December 2019 to where we are today,” said Ellwood. “His promotion, which I think was well overdue, recognizes that we have high-caliber people within the ranks of parliament with skill sets that can and should be tapped into.”

I put him in the corrupt evil bracket for his promotion of vaccines as minister, let alone tax dealings. There will be no forgiveness for his crimes.

Public sector productivity fall costs tens of billions

No surprises there. It has been poor for some time with all the gender nonsense, discrimination laws and having to pay maternity leave.

The latter means that the women are missing when a member of the public tries to follow through on something and somebody has to take their place and take over their files.

I have noticed this in the planning departments via my work as a building surveyor. It often seems to be women in these roles, whereas building control is male dominated. In any event building control officers are often from a trade back ground in construction so know their stuff.

Whereas the planning staff are all too often not practical in their application of what should be common sense.

But the NHS is another matter. I have said it before and I will say it again, the organisation is a complete waste of money. It is heavily bureaucratic, by my reckoning it costs more now than private, and they have been harming and killing many patients for years with poor practices.

Of late of course it has been grossly evil with the pushing of vaccines.

I see Jacob Rees-Mogg wants to get rid of 91,000 civil servant jobs. Sounds low to me.

At the moment I gather productivity is low because many workers are working from home and some are refusing to come into work.

Sack the lot of them and start again. And don’t pay their pensions, they don’t deserve them.

But that includes all the politicians too who pushed the vaccine agenda, all of whom should receive the death penalty. Mass graves may have to be dug for all the bodies but that is what JCB’s are for.

Tackle height to be lower in elite rugby

This seems to be the idea to lower the tackle height from shoulder level as it currently stands. World Rugby’s chief executive Alan Gilpin suggested that the tackle height would not be lowered as far as the waist at elite level but is set to come down to below the shoulders.

At school when I did rugby roughly age 11-13 waist high was acceptable.

However, perhaps the tackle in question is the men’s tackle, or balls. It is bad enough playing with one’s odd shaped balls, but risking damage below is enough to dent any man’s pride and joy.

And as to lowering one’s tackle, well, the further off the ground out of harm’s way the better I say. One doesn’t want one’s balls dragging in the mud, does one?

Man charged with terror offence after hospital bomb scare

I understand Mohammad Farooq has been arrested in the grounds of St James Hospital Leeds in Yorkshire. He was in possession of a firearm and a suspected explosive device.

He was arrested near the maternity unit I see. Perhaps his wife was not giving birth quickly enough and he thought the shock of letting off of a bomb or firing shots from his gun would do the trick.

Or perhaps he was mad at the LGBT lot. An anagram of his name is ‘afar homo mad Qom’.

However, the police have arrested the wrong man clearly; they have ignored the on-going grievously bodily harm caused by the other shots, the vaccine clot shots in the hospital.

Let alone the fact they administer toxic big pharma drugs in other ways.

Perhaps they don’t administer vaccines in hospital but pharma (sic) the job out to the GP’s so they will take the blame.

Why aren’t the police arresting the criminal doctors, nurses and administrators pushing the shots, let alone those in the health Department and government, and House of Commons who supported this evil?

Obesity in schoolgirls drops after sugary drinks taxed

A study from the University of Cambridge has allegedly found that the sugary drinks tax has reduced obesity levels in school girls aged 10-11 (year 6) by 8%.

However it has not affected boys in the similar age group and reception class.

Which seems to me rather ridiculous to say that the sugar tax has been useful. I call this study a load of statistical bollox, similar to the big pharma claims of effectiveness of their poisonous vaccines.

And when you consider that the artificial sweeteners made by big pharma are neuro-toxic and harmful one must be highly suspicious of such study claims.

And this is a University of Cambridge study? What a bunch of idiots there are at Cambridge.

But I daresay the study may have been funded by big pharma so understandable.

Scandal of the EU citizens mistakenly paid hand-outs

There is one way to solve this and all other mistaken hand-outs; don’t give anybody any hand-outs.

And get rid of the useless agencies who are supposed to give them out in a controlled and diligent manner.

Let hand-outs and help be with individuals on the ground who can assess needs as appropriate for the alien and stranger etc.

And stable families but of course these are in short supply due to Satan’s and his minions machinations.

£220,000 for Johnson’s partygate legal bill

The taxpayer will be footing this bill. All a complete waste of time and money, but peanuts compared to the money wasted on PPE, PCR tests and vaccines etc.

And as I point out, no laws were breached as it was always GUIDANCE, only the dim-witted British public did not bother to double check website, let alone common sense.

Man’s £10k fine for not wearing mask quashed

A project manager, Sean Howson, had a fine for not wearing a mask at Green Park, presumably the Underground station, issued by the police farce. It may have been the British Transport Police, it doesn’t clarify.

The £10,000 fine has been quashed but for some reason he will have to pay £200 fine. If it was part of the stupid Coronavirus rules I hope he will ignore it, it was neither necessary, legal or sensible.

The police are a bunch of cretins.

But then then they arise from the general populace and cretinism is endemic nowadays in the UK.

Labour councillor questions Khan’s Ulez expansion

I though oi, oi, what’s all this then, expansion of the lesbian agenda is it?

Nope , wrong again, it’s the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London.

For some reason link below won’t work, so paste into browser.

Sadist Khan wants to expand the area in August this year. It seems barmy to me, and probably just a money grubbing exercise.

There are complaints of course, here’s one.

Ulez critic whose son has breathing difficulties hits back at Sadiq Khan’s ‘Tories don’t care’ claims

It says:

There were angry scenes during Mayor’s Question Time in January when Mr Khan, referring to opposition to his decision to expand the Ulez to Greater London boundary from August 29, said: “The Conservatives clearly do not care about our children developing permanently stunted lungs, and clearly do not care about the premature deaths in our city directly attributable to air quality, because they are in the pockets of vested interests.”

Sadiq Khan is a hypocrite as he pushes the vaccine agenda.

Sadiq Khan gets Covid vaccine and urges Londoners to follow his lead

‘I again urge all Londoners to have the vaccine as soon as you are offered it. It is safe and it will save lives’

It reports him saying:

He said he felt “delighted, relieved and incredibly grateful”, and was proudly sporting an “I’ve had my covid jab” badge afterwards, telling Sky News: “Just for the avoidance of doubt, I didn’t wince when I had the jab. I was a real brave boy.”

You are not a brave boy, you are a fucking idiot who has promoted harm and death from the poisonous vaccines making money for big pharma etc.

You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You will be punished severely.

Taxpayers see £15 billion go up in smoke as wasted PPE spending exposed

“Astonishing and unacceptable” failings in the Department of Health spending have been exposed by the NAO, the National Audit Office. The figure £14.9 billion was wasted by the Department of Health and its agencies I gather in period (presumably tax year) 2020/22 on PPE, vaccines and medication not used or overpriced.

And paying that little murderous squit Matt Hancock his salary as Health Secretary.

What NAO have overlooked is that all the PPE bought was wasted, all the vaccines were wasted and no doubt most of the medication too was wasted as none of it was necessary in the first place.

I hate to think how much was actually spent on all this crap. I checked; 32 billion extra Covid 19 spending. This is up to July 2020 ALONE!!!

How much additional money has the pandemic response cost the NHS so far?



PPE includes only nationally procured items. Breakdown of the 2020/21 DHSC total planned budget (£148 billion) are estimates based on spending in 2018/19 uprated in proportion to the growth in overall DHSC budget between 2018/19 and 2020/21.


Nuffield Trust analysis of NHS Digital GP spending data, prescribing costs and NHS Improvement reference costs data. DHSC 2020/21 budget

But the BBC has reported something true for once. As of 30 March 2022

Second drafts of the history of Covid-19 are now being published, showing the harm done to good government, and the cost in government spending. Estimates of the total bill top £400bn, or more than £6,000 per head.

Across the splurge of money, some was effectively spent and some led to spectacular waste.

The UK’s main spending watchdog has taken a close look at £13.1bn procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It found the fast-track access to contracts, for those with good connections to government, saw billions spent without safeguards and much of the PPE supply being unusable. So far, the clawback of fraud is a tiny fraction of what the UK government fears.

£400bn, or more than £6,000 per head!!! Excuse my French but Fucking Hell!!!

I wrote to the government not to waste our money on vaccines. I should have included all the other crap too.

Including the little shit Hancock.

Much of it, in the UK, as with other countries, was spent without apparent constraint. “Whatever it takes,” said the chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

And including the ‘Hi risk anus’ Rishi Sunak. And he is prime minister??!

They both need the death penalty ASAP. Even Adam Graham’s/ Isla Bryson’s crimes pale into insignificance by comparison to these two murdering bastards.

The Mirror has similar information to the Telegraph.

It is reported that Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said

“The Conservatives can never again claim to be careful stewards of the public finances.

While Rishi Sunak had control of the purse strings, a staggering £15 billion of public money was wasted on useless PPE – enough to fund the police force for an entire year.

Instead, that money is now literally going up in smoke.

Taxpayers will rightly judge the carelessness with which the Conservatives treat their money to be an absolute scandal.”

I think that is a fair assessment, but Labour have never been any better. And where were they when Andrew Bridgen spoke on vaccines harms in the House of Commons. Nowhere to be seen that’s where. Even the SNP had a representative and that’s says something.

And Wes, it’s police service, not police force.

Although police farce will do nowadays.

A Government spokeswoman said: “It is misleading to say that £14.9bn of taxpayers’ money has been wasted.

“In the face of an unprecedented pandemic, we had to compete in an overheated global market to procure items to protect the public, frontline health and care workers and our NHS.

“Buying vital Covid vaccines and medicines also helped save countless lives and keep NHS and care staff safe.

“Our approach meant that we were the first country in the world to deploy an approved Covid vaccine, with 144 million doses administered, and we have delivered over 25 billion items of PPE to the frontline.”

I don’t know who the idiot Government spokeswoman was. Still she is right about the misleading bit. It’s a hell of a lot more than that which was wasted.

But she spouted the usual bollex about vital vaccines and medicines which did not save countless lives but harmed many and killed some.

And most certainly did not keep the NHS and care staff safe. She is a lying scoundrel who will be severely punished for her lies.

Former Oxford don fell victim to builders’ £77k roof repair scam

Which just goes to show academics can be easily fooled. In this case it was by a builder.

In other cases it is Covid 19, a.k.a. the ‘flu and the masks, PCR tests and vaccines etc.

It was a while ago, but here are some vaccine cultists in an article 1st July, 2021

It says:

Several respected virologists and vaccinologists have resigned as editors of the journal Vaccines to protest its 24 June publication of a peer-reviewed article that misuses data to conclude that “for three deaths prevented by [COVID-19] vaccination, we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

Lets’ list those mentioned:

Florian Krammer, a virologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,

Katie Ewer, an immunologist at the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford who was on the team that developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Helen Petousis-Harris, a vaccinologist who directs the Vaccine Datalink and Research Group at the University of Auckland – I have to say vaccinologist sound rather gross.

Diane Harper, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, who was founding editor-in-chief of Vaccines

Paul Licciardi, an immunologist at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Parkville, Australia

Andrew Pekosz, a respiratory virologist at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Katie Ewer is reported as saying:

“The data has been misused because it makes the (incorrect) assumption that all deaths occurring post vaccination are caused by vaccination,” Ewer wrote in an email. “[And] it is now being used by anti-vaxxers and COVID-19-deniers as evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. [This] is grossly irresponsible, particularly for a journal specialising in vaccines.”

She is quite right of course; it is grossly irresponsible as it should have said some deaths post vaccination are likely to be caused by the vaccines as this is what vaccines do, harm and sometimes kill.

Assuming they are not saline of course.

And it is grossly irresponsible, particularly for a journal specialising in vaccines to publish something which might make people question the purpose of the magazine, the vaccines, and the various people who push them like the drug pushers.

And we must point out that the earlier quote

“for three deaths prevented by [COVID-19] vaccination, we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

is clearly grossly misleading as vaccination has never prevented anything health wise, merely added to toxic loads on the body and caused disease.

However it has prevented big pharma from being poor and the minions who support it, such as those in the above list who resigned as editors.

You may be aware the morons had a go at Mike Yeadon who used to work at Pfizer, again this was nearly 2 years ago now.

There is an excellent tweet from Mike.

You see Sterghios A. Moschos, a doctor has responded to Mike. This tells us a bit about Sterghios.

I’m still unvaccinated and my wife in her 30s will take a while to get vaccinated. Our 4yo? Lord knows when. As soon as my age group are allowed to, I’m dropping out of work to get jabbed BECAUSE IT IS THE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AND PERSONALLY BEST THING TO DO. 4/n


You need health to have an economy and a society. You don’t need a PhD in vaccinology, virology or immunology to understand that the Great Bullshiton Declaration crew have been wrong again, and again, and again in their predictions measured in MILLIONS OF DEAD worldwide. 6/n


I don’t normally feel it’s right to attack people for their opinions but this is a matter of global public health, life & death of millions. The institutions that give the Great Bullshiton crew esteem through employment, must consider their own corporate social responsibility 8/n

All from

It is quite clear from this that Sterghios A. Moschos is another vaccine cultist and terminally dim. However, his own name gives stronger words to use of the moron.

A top single word anagram is ‘schistosome’.

Schistosoma is a genus of trematodes, commonly known as blood flukes. They are parasitic flatworms responsible for a highly significant group of infections in humans termed schistosomiasis, which is considered by the World Health Organization as the second-most socioeconomically devastating parasitic disease (after malaria), with hundreds of millions infected worldwide.

I found these too.







Some full anagram phrases:

Go hrs schistosome

Co horseshit smogs

Gosh Moses ostrich – he sticks his head in the sand saying ‘I see no harms or deaths!’.

So chemo gross shit

All of which are quite suitable.

So Sterghios, you are a schistosome, horseshit, masochist chimera.

And that’s just for starters. I gather you have applied for permanent residency in the UK. I don’t know if they have granted it but I sincerely hope not.

We have enough idiots here already thank you very much.

Hancock is sued by fellow MP in anti-Semitism row

Matt the Wankcock is still making his nasty little presence felt. He is being sued by Andrew Bridgen over the Twitter message in which the former Cabinet minister accused him of spouting “anti-Semitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories” about the vaccine.

Here is a picture of them both


The above link has sub link to this:

It says:

Tory chief whip Simon Hart said on Wednesday: “Andrew Bridgen has crossed a line, causing great offence in the process.

Well Simon Fart (sic) you are an offence to the human race and should have the whip applied to you like Jesus did to the money changers in the temple.

Although I would use a cat-a-nine nails like the Royal Navy used to use.

Simon Anthony Hart is his full name. Anagrams include:

Thorny Satan on him

I moron nh thy Satan

Satan homo ninth yr

Satan is associated 4489 phrases.

The lake of fire for him then.

After he has been whipped.

It also says:

Lord Mann, an independent peer and former Labour MP who advises the government on anti-Semitism, said Bridgen should be barred from standing for the Tories at the next election.

Mr Mann, I won’t use Lord of this idiot, should be barred from the House of Lords as he doesn’t even understand the term anti-Semitism.

It also says:

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Rishi Sunak described Bridgen’s remarks as “utterly unacceptable”.

Well Mr ‘hi risk anus’ your remarks are utterly unacceptable. You were not elected by the public but installed.

Like a toilet where anuses should go, you evil shit.

The BBC has weighed in with misinformation as usual, dictated by the government I believe.

Andrew Bridgen: What has suspended MP said about vaccines?

It says

The Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has been suspended by his party after comparing the side effects of Covid vaccines to the Holocaust.

Apparently he said

In a tweet – which he has since deleted – he claimed that an unnamed cardiologist told him it was “the biggest crime since the Holocaust”.

And that is supposed to be anti-Semitic??? Who are these morons in the Tory party??

The Holocaust was against the Jews, so to say it is anti-Semitic is like saying that the Holocaust didn’t happen!!!

Like most people they mistake anti-Semitism for anti-Jewish. I have written about this.

The British Heart Foundation said in a statement: “Scientific evidence shows that Covid-19 itself is much more likely to cause myocarditis than the vaccine is, and people who are vaccinated have a much lower risk of getting other serious complications caused by Covid-19.

I have written about the British Heart Foundation, a very evil organisation masquerading as a helpful charity.

The vaccines do not affect DNA and therefore the NHS does not define them as gene therapy.

Personally I think the statement is correct, although vaccines are all poisons anyway, so it doesn’t matter much. They have always, but always, caused harm and some death and are utterly pointless at best.

It has a picture of two brave women standing presumably in an underground area.

Well done ladies, I salute you, and Andrew Bridgen. I hope, Andrew, you take that little shit Pratt Wankcock to the cleaners.

Rather bizarrely anagramming Andrew’s full name, Andrew James Bridgen gives these.

AD brr demeaning Jews

AD debarring men Jews

AD German inbred Jews

Bede DNA marring Jews

You might want tor research some of this stuff, but in breeding is a known problem for the Jewish people. Others have done articles.

And given that many German/German origin Jews are the problem today as well as in the past, it really does make one wonder about how names program us and our lives.

But as I must repeat, there are fake Jews, and these are the real problem not the true Jews who do God’s will from the heart.

Here is the House of Commons recording of Andrew Bridgen if you haven’t seen.

Teenager dies after inhaling deodorant in her bedroom

Giorgia Green from Derbyshire died after a cardiac arrest after spraying deodorant on her blanket.

In other words, I assume she had a heart attack from the vaccines but they don’t want to admit there may be a teensy weensy problem with the injections.

Or even consider that this might be the issue.

After all, it says she liked to do this was she obviously did it regularly. Now I know that deodorants will contain chemical nasties so should be avoided.

But I do think a proper autopsy should have been done. In any event, the vaxxes may contain similar ingredients so why not just say, we are not sure which is was and keep vaccines and deodorants well out of reach of children.

And for good measure adults as well, just in case.

Big pharma will be disappointed of course, but I say stuff them. Better to be smelly than dead, and better to be well than poisoned by Nazi chemicals.

Wagner mass grave reveals toll of convict recruit deaths

I thought Wagner was a German and his music loved by Adolf Hitler. However this refers to the Wagner Group. According to the BBC, hardly the most reliable source of unbiased information sadly, about “80% of its troops in Ukraine have been drawn from prisons, according to the US National Security Council”.



Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is thought the Wagner Group had only about 5,000 fighters.

They were mostly experienced former soldiers – many of them from Russia’s elite regiments and special forces.


In the weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is thought Wagner carried out “false flag” attacks to give the Kremlin a pretext for attacking.

As opposed to the CIA doing such this to give the White House a pretext for sending arms to the Ukraine at the US taxpayers expense whether they like it or not.

And of course as I have said before to distract from the Nazi/Marxist takeover of the USA etc. And vaccine harms and death etc.

Given the name of the group I would have suspected the Nazis and Germany, not Russia. Its founder is I understand Dmitry Utkin, a former Russian soldier, who is adorned with Nazi tattoos according to:

His name has some interesting anagrams including:

MD trinity UK

kind yttrium – note yttrium is toxic to humans.

kid mutiny RT – RT can be Russia today

kid nutty rim

kit Mr nudity

kit Mr untidy

I dirty mkt UN

I drunk my tit

All of which are rather amusing but do make me wonder.

In any event, all these stories keep the Ukraine affair in the public eye as a distraction from other serious issues.

France will ‘leave all doors open’ to sending fighter jets to Ukraine

Leaving all doors open is a very bad move in winter and typical hypocrisy from the French. Honestly, they want to be green, or at least their moronic leaders want them to be green.

But sending fighter jets using oil-based fuels is just dandy as they say in the USA.

More fuel (sic) them I say.

Zelensky: it wouldn’t be ‘correct’ to back Johnson in return as PM

Well it is not correct to back the Neo Nazi Zelenskyy in the Ukraine either, is it?

And why have you misspelled Zelensky, Ms Maighna Nanu (she wrote article)? Zelenskyy has 2 ‘Y’s. He may sue you for y-ism.

I found this related to her and an article she presumably wrote.

I think the lady without the mask is crying out to God:

“Save me from these mask-ists!”

‘It girl’ out for French Speakers as purist turn on fashionistas

It girl is not an ‘Internet Technology girl’ but a girl who is ‘it’ or in Vogue or in fashion, in the limelight.

The Académie Française seems to think that there are too many ‘franglais’ words, mixtures of French and English, and that these will cause civil unrest.

This is typical of the French elites who like to make out how pure and wonderful they are in preserving the French language.

They omit to point out that the Normans invaded Britain and imposed their Norman French language on the Anglo-Saxon population at the time. Being reasonable sorts of chaps, the Angle-Saxons eventually understood how to work with the Normans.

When they went to Agincourt for example, the archers waved two of their fingers at the French to show how the two cultures had intermingled with mutual benefit.

And consequently thrashed the French aristos who got rather upset at this for some reason and lost their heads.

I continue to wave two fingers myself at all the pompous asses in the world as my logo at the bottom of the page should testify.

Anyway, it should be obvious that the UK has done rather well with English as a language which has become the lingua franca of the world. We will take all the words we like the sound of and adapt accordingly; hence we are very successful traders and diplomats.

I say the Académie Française should ‘get a life’ and not be so ‘ivory tower’ about language, then perhaps France would be taken more seriously.

But as a concession to them I will say ‘get a life’ in French. Obtenez une vie.

I daresay there might be something simpler, but the French academics do like to be rather long-winded about things.

German town’s ‘anti-LGBT’ stunt provokes outcry

This was apparently part of an ‘anti-woke’ carnival in Prossen in Saxony, near the Czech Republic border.  They have an annual parade and one float had 8 Germans in Apache costumes surrounding a captured man in a rainbow suit.

At least, he had a rainbow blazer the article also says. I am not sure which it was, a suit or just a blazer.

Some seem to think it was a veiled reference to LGBT ideology.  Others say it was satire.

Lydia Engelmann, a Green party town councillor, allegedly said “The clowns are all too happy to confirm that some of the Saxons are Right-wing idiots.

I assume she is referring to the LGBT crowd as these are so Right wing they end up at the bottom of the political circle, adjoining the Far-left Marxists and socialists with whom they have much in common.

Ukraine will retake Crimea – if we help them

Why on earth should we want to help a corrupt Nazi regime retake the Crimea? It would be a crime here as the word sounds. Still it is Ben Hodges who wants more taxpayers’ money wasted on a pointless war.

He is from the USA so perhaps his stance is not surprising.

And I daresay he has shares in the arms manufacturers so can make a killing out of killing.

His full name is Frederick Benjamin Hodges. A couple of anagrams are:

Archfiend besomed jerking

Befog jerkin merchandised

These may be significant.

Macron’s vacillation

Speaking of jerking, here we have the jerk king, Emmanuel ‘O God is he still with us?’ Macron.

This has to do with the Ukraine again. It complains that Macron is not doing the right thing by sending tanks to the country.

Vacillation is to fluctuate, to go up and down like the banking world. Bankers do this of course. Macron was a banker. ‘Was a banker’ will anagram to something more suitable if you care to try it for yourself.

Anagramming I hasten to add, in case you think I meant anything else.

Harvey Nichols bows to fur ban calls

This is so that the animal rights activists can feel better and assuage their consciences, and will mean that people can wear artificial fur made out of plastics, petroleum based products which will be much better for the environment no doubt.

I may be being sarcastic, what do you think?

UK’s decline in relevance is ‘breathtaking’, say investors

My eyesight is not always that good so I thought it said r’elephants. The UK has quite a few here in south-east Kent.

However the article is talking about equity markets. We should have always maintained a much broader economy in manufacturing but Maggie Thatcher managed to kibosh that.

Although it suits Nazi Germany well enough and their Fourth Reich.

Look out for the sign of Baldmichael, he will be back!

P.S. here are some links that may interest you on matters raised in the above.

British Heart Foundation – what are they saying about Covid 19 and vaccines?

Transgender and other ‘trans’ words – definitions

G is for…..guidance

Andrew Bridgen in House of commons again

Put In Boots – the UKraine Panto

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

Plan A because there is no plan B

The UK news as told by The Daily Telegraph headlines – Wednesday 19 January 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

30th January, 2022

It is 11 days ago now. I am a bit slow. But I can’t do everything at once, honestly I don’t know, what people expect nowadays!

Still, better late than never, so I thought I would do some analysis and commentary on selected headings. Might not be very helpful, but it pleases me so that’s something.

Plan B to be scrapped as PM faces plot from rebel MPs

I gather the plot is known as the ‘pork pie plot’.

But Boris is wearing a face nappy (blue for Tory of course) in the front page photo, rather than a pork pie hat.

I assume it is Boris of course, I do wonder sometimes if there aren’t stand-ins. Actors have to live you know and do something if theatres are closed.

As regards the partygate affair, as I keep telling people all the so-called rules were just GUIDANCE, not to be followed if they were not sensible.

There never was any risk from CoviD 19 as this was and is, among other things, the ‘flu.

Why are people so fussed about the party when it is the murder of the elderly in care homes, the increase in suicides etc. that is the main problem which Boris and the cabinet and SAGE etc. should answer for?

But then people were stupid and lacked common sense which is what Covid 19 has exposed.

Wakey, wakey UK, you were right royally had, weren’t you. Stupid people.

MI5 under scrutiny from US after Texas synagogue attacker was deemed no threat

What on earth M15 has to do with Texas I don’t know. Anyway, whilst I know of an A15 from Peterborough to near Hull, I have never heard of an M15.

But apparently there was a bit for a while. You learn something every day.

Picture-desert storm

This is to do with snow in the desert. Not a dessert snow which might be a baked Alaska.

And not a new invasion of Iraq. They will be relieved, the Iraqis. They have suffered enough over the years.

No, after 42 years snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert. 42 years. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question, which is ‘If snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert 5 times, how many years has it been so far? 42.

Ok, so not the ultimate question really, but still funny. For more on 42 see link at end of post.

Review to examine gay veterans’ experiences

I believe this has to do with how happy were happy veterans experiences in the British army. At least that’s what my understanding is. Gay is after all a happy word. Gay abandon means

1. ‘happy and without cares’.

2. ‘With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal.’


However, someone tells me this is not necessarily what it means nowadays on the streets. I don’t get out much at the moment.

Apparently it has something to do with men and the willies. This gives me the willies, but not in the way these men mean it, I believe.

It seems that they can get a rash if I understand the second meaning given by The Free Dictionary.

Better stop given each other the willies then, eh fellas?

Piers Corbyn to face trial over lockdown protests

Something to do with 5 counts. Could be Count Dracula for all I know. Can you count Draculas, I don’t know?

Count Dracula liked getting his teeth into things. Infected peoples’ blood. Like the vaccines.

Perhaps Piers was saying don’t take the poison vaccines, they are like Dracula’s bites they will turn you into zombies.

Judging by the mad idiots around at the moment saying ‘’Wear a mask, have a vaccine’ etc I think he has a very good point. As to holding a gathering which I now see was the count (?), so-called gathering rules were just guidance, I think his case should be thrown out.

Put Matt Hancock in the case instead, tie a rock to it and throw in the sea. Save a lot of time and money.

Would be NHS chairman using private care

Does he know something we don’t? Mind you, I do know the NHS is now pretty useless with its emphasis on Covid exposing the stupidity of most doctors and their ignorance of basic viral diseases.

But then they have been lied to by those who espouse the current viral theory which originated over 100 years ago.

Nevertheless they should have had the intelligence to work out what has been going on, but have by and large been too cowardly to speak out.

I can say this because there are those brave doctors who have spoken out some time ago but were side-lined and ostracised for telling the truth and then struck off the medical practitioner registers.

A dreadful state of affairs when medical practices are not allowed to be challenged when they are clearly wrong and being done purely for the profit of big pharma.

Conservatories may soon be out the window

Conservatories does not mean we should conserve the Tories, at least in their present form. But then Labour will make heavy work of government (it’s in the name) and as they managed to sell all the gold last time (thank you Gordon ‘Bennet what the hell did you think you were doing’ Brown), I think we should pass on them

As to the Liberal party, who are they exactly? I have forgotten.

Hanging offense: the cheese triangle ad that went too far

What is the point in hanging a fence I ask you?? Hanging those who perpetrated the wretched vaccines which do no good whatsoever would be a far better idea.

And no, this is not part of the Bermuda shorts cheese triangle conspiracy theory.

U2 is a bad name and I’ve only just learned how to sing, says Bono

Good grief, only just worked that out, have we? Actually I should have said ‘Bono grief’ as root of the name Bono means ‘good’.

But you found your voice, so I guess you have now found what you are looking for at last.

Britain on red alert for invasion of Ukraine

By the Reds it seems, if you consider Russian is still Red. Of course the UK would be on alert for the Ukraine as it is in the name, UK-raine.

I have no idea if it is raining in the UK-raine. Snowing more like I imagine.

Threat of the lights going out leaves Germany’s hands tied

Poor diddums’, poor little Germany wermany might suffer some electrical shortages. I have no sympathy as it is Germany who have brought this ‘crisis’ on the world as they have sought to become the dominant power and create the Fourth Reich via the EU which they basically run to their advantage.

As to having hands tied that sound like the Gestapo are back. Except they are medics sticking vaccines, or death sticks, into peoples’ arms when they are tied up. Nazi people.

If you are German do not comply.

Man, 40, linked by DNA to strangling of young boy two decades ago

Must have been a very long chain of DNA to stretch over two decades.

Advert – P&O cruises – all adult guests are vaccinated and tested

‘Roil up, roll up, roll up your sleeves and be jabbed and tested to get on board the good ship ‘Death Star of the Atlantic’.

Personally I wouldn’t go even if you paid me. Who wants to risk the death sticks to go on a cruise. One way ticket to a watery grave if you ask me.

Still it could be interesting to be a stowaway and see how many of the passengers they have to bury at sea.

Assuming of course the jabs contain anything other than saline as we can never really be sure, can we?

NB The sea is salty for the uninitiated. Perhaps the big pharma companies go to the seaside to get some of their ingredients. They like selling us stuff for large sums of cash for stuff we can get free ourselves.

Like covid 19 a.k.a the ‘flu, for example.

The Suffolk stallion might be out in the cold, but just look how he’s enjoying himself

There is a picture of Pratt Handcock getting out of the Turpentine (sic) in Hyde Park. But he isn’t hiding anyway. Good photo opportunity to show off his manly chest no doubt. And his ability to swim in icy water.

Couldn’t someone have thrown him back in and wait until he came out blue? Show his true colours then and that he is a Tory.

Death rate below average for the time of year in sign that the virus is running out of steam

And the fact that we managed to kill off a lot of sick and elderly last year when excess deaths were high due to locking down care homes, abandoning the isolated etc etc.

Depression deepens for second year as a result of omicron wave    

I gather this is both economic depression and mental depression. What did anyone expect? Some of us did warn you, why were you not listening people? Even I am not that stupid.

Hong Kong culls hamsters over virus risk

And to help provide for the starvin’ orphans somewhere in the world. Perhaps in Hong Kong itself, I don’t know.

They eat anything the Chinese I understand. Even bats they say, but I just say that’s batty.

Banning misinformation drives it into darker corners of the web

True. Banning misinformation (lies and deceit) from government and big pharma will have a major impact on their ability to maintain the insane narrative that Covid 19 is anything more that the ‘flu made out to be a monster.

Government and big pharma like spinning webs of lies to get the unwary into their net.

Majority imagining side effects

I believe this includes the dead who for some strange reason don’t get a say in the matter until resurrection day.

I believe this also includes those who are imaging that they are unable to get out of bed because they are paralysed by the vaccines, can’t work anymore because of the vaccines, have Parkinson’s disease because of the vaccines and other minor trivial matters like that.

Some people are such wimps.

Deaths link to A&E delays as targets missed

As opposed to the side effects of the vaccines which obviously cannot be a contributory factor. Despite many saying they don’t want the booster, thank you very much as the first two have buggered up their immune systems as vaccines often do.

Targets missed include the fairly large numbers of the unvaccinated who did not want to and have no intention of being shot in the first place.

They are quite happy to take their chances with the ‘flu or Covid 19 as it is now called. The odds are rather better I gather. Rather a lot better in fact.

Javid: ‘It’s time we declared war on cancer’

Really? Remembered that there were other diseases have we other than the ‘flu? Matty boy didn’t let you know you might have to think about something else?

Mind you, people are better off without the NHS sticking highly toxic chemicals into your body. I should know, I have had immuno-therapy and I reckon that’s bad enough having started to research it and the potential side effects on my pituitary gland. Barstards.

BBC service on the line after license freeze

Well, it is winter and it’s cold, what do they expect?

Universities told to stop using NDA’s

I believe this is the same as NAD’s, the common spelling mistake when you type two quickly. See what I mean? Spot my mistake if you have a university degree.

Mind you I am not sure a university degree will help nowadays. They can’t spell propaley. See what I mean?

Picture – Time machine

This is of a Reliant Robin looking like it might be attempting to fly. The man in the picture claims to be the son of Delorean car inventor John Delorean.

Personally I think he is the son of Del Boy who drove the same type of vehicle. May be he is going to try and sell it in the market and get rich quick.

Doubt it will work though, Del’s schemes generally never worked out well. Still, no harm in trying.

Despairing US town give crows the bird

Apparently Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley (which is where the silly cons live of course) is trying to get thousands of crows to leave.

I thought that this was a convention of Jesuit priests but not so; merely a very large flock of birds, the crows.

Jesuit priests are known in slang as crows because of their black garb you see.

A large flock of crows is known as a murder of crows for some reason. Whether it is referring to birds or Jesuit priests in unclear.

I have pointed out that ‘Vaccination’ is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’. Vaccines are murdering people.

So this means that the birds is incorrect, it is the other ones clearly.

The NHS and the BBC must accept reform or they don’t deserve to survive

The NHS is now crap. I have suffered myself under its incompetence and the stupidity of many doctors. There is a chap called Wong, a doctor, who correctly diagnosed one of the symptoms I had. So he may be Wong, but he was white, sorry, right!

I have yet to complete a post on the NHS so I will not say more here, except that Covid has exposed the obese monster for what it is.

As regards the BBC, my wife and I don’t watch TV any more except to catch up on bits and pieces on YouTube etc. But the radio is generally good in many respects, and some excellent amusing and informative stuff is provided.

BBC may be the grades of the corporation. Suitable for the radio side I think.

CCD at best for the TV judging by the little I do see or hear about.

But don’t throw the baby or BB out with the C, C for crap.

Rising interest rates is beset with dangers

This is by that Nazi piece of work Matt Hand-on-cock. Why did The Daily Telegraph let him do this?

Because vaccine uptake has been so high, Hatt Mancock is making shed loads of money, it is alleged.

Rising vaccine rates will damage people immune systems as vaccines have always done.

Rising interest rates might affect his profits in some way, I wouldn’t know. He doesn’t care about people though that is clear, otherwise he would not have misled the UK over the utter pointlessness of vaccines except to line his and others pockets.

Bring back hanging I say.

Meet the medics picking ‘no jab’ over a job

It was about time the medics in the NHS started speaking out. They should have done this a long, long time ago. Those that did like Vernon Coleman were vilified and sacked for the truth they spoke about re vaccines etc.

Doctors are complicit in the Covid con. I shall be writing a post on them.

All vaccines are pointless and always have been, as I make quite clear on my site. It took me to the age of 60 years to get there but I did.

Those that take a jab may end up with no job if they are maimed or dead. A simple choice. Easy-peasy.

Vitamin C and D the basics for dealing with the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19.

Easy-peasy as I say.

I was pilloried as a lockdown sceptic…but was mostly right – by Allison Pearson

I did not follow all she wrote about it as my wife and I do not buy The Daily Telegraph every day.

I see she talks about her ’inner Welsh dragon’ breathing fire. Quite right Allison. I love Wales and its beauty and dragons are very handy to have when they are good dragons and on your side.

She says she was called a

‘Covid denier’. Covid is the ‘flu you can’t deny it.

A ‘Granny killer’. No, that was the likes of Boris and co including that little squit Pratt ‘Put a sock in it mate) Wankoc.

And the care home providers and NHS for example.

A ‘Spreader of disinformation’. No that was the government etc. Allison was telling the truth I gather from what I read.

She says her comment ‘Padlocks on playgrounds was a terrible idea’ was attacked. But it was and is a very sensible comment. Anybody listen to this? She was accused by cretins who said ‘you want people to die’.

No, she wanted people to live, children to live full happy lives you cretins.

The Matt Bancock ban of casual sex and his so-called affair (I am highly suspicious that this was merely staged for effect). Anyway it was only guidance anyway.

But of course casual sex is never really casual without consequences and that is the point. Mucks up the world if you treat it casually. Even though of course sex is funny too. Such is the way of life.

If you should read this Allison, do go look around my site. There will be much to encourage you and amuse I hope.

A bit of truth too.

P.S. Here is an explanation of guidance ‘rules’ for the terminally dim, or those who like to laugh. G is for…..guidance

Here is an explanation of the vaccines for those who haven’t arrived at the obvious conclusion that they ‘Are Not All That Useful After All’.

V is for…..Vaccination

Here is an explanation of Matt ‘I was once a wanker (sic) you know’ Hancock.

Matt Hancock

Here is one of many explanations of 42.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

Matt Hancock

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th June 2020

Matthew John David Hancock. Good set of biblical names. Except Hancock of course. I’m not aware of anything related to that in the Bible .

His first three names mean the following apparently. ‘Gift of God, God is gracious, beloved (or possibly uncle)’.

As to Hancock the meaning is rather more obscure but probably relates to ‘strutting like a cock(erell)’. The han bit may be ‘hand’.

That makes more sense. Handcock, or maybe ‘Hand Cock’, the mass debater in the Houses of Parliament. Or should that be mess debater? Perhaps they are the same thing. Anagram in his full name includes ‘ankwa’. Rearrange to make better sense.

A lot of people are not keen on him at the moment. They would no doubt leave out the ‘f’ in ‘Gift of God’ and the whole of his two middle names.

He may think he is God’s gift of course. Lol.

He is married to Martha Hoyer Millar, an osteopath, according to his Wikipedia entry. Apparently she is the granddaughter of René de Marees van Swinderen – meaning possibly:

Reborn (French), the (Dutch), Tides or star of the sea (French), of (Dutch), Swindle (German).

Well, those names sound okay except swindle. Which is German. ‘Interesting velly interesting.’ Remember this?

Anyway, Matt Hancock is also 42 years old at the moment. Do we think he is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question as in Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Not according to people comments on YouTube we don’t. What the question actually  was is not stated. Probably ‘Will Matt Hancock’s actions and leadership as health secretary bring us out of the Covid mess?’


That’s answered that one, what’s next?

I have said the meaning of John is ‘God is gracious’. In the USA a ‘john’ is a toilet. Which one applies to Matt Hancock? You choose.

As regards David the following link is of interest. Please note American Sign Language, scroll down page in the link.

All but one could be giving the finger (or two fingers). Okay, it’s not the middle finger, but why be fussy when it’s Pratt Matt Hancock we are talking about?


These are always useful. There are rather a lot that are useful in my books.

Choanotaenia – meaning tapeworms.

The above link says ‘…affected adult birds were depressed and had diarrhea prior to death.’ This makes sense. Nation depressed by Matt Hancock.

Contaminated – no doubt true

Cachinnated – to laugh loudly or immoderately – see below.

cachinnate – To express amusement, mirth, or scorn by smiling and emitting loud, inarticulate sounds: from

I think he has been laughing at the general public.

Cacodemonia: a condition marked by the delusion of being possessed by evil spirits. From

I don’t know about evil spirits, but delusional yes. If it just said ‘possessed by evil spirits’ I would agree.

Dentinomata – related to benign tumours. I don’t know about benign, tumours will do nicely.

Non-academic – well he has a first degree and an MPhil so that’s not right. Perhaps he is not a good academic despite that. Love of money can cause problems I hear.

And when you become a wealth secretary, creating wealth for big pharma.

Deathwatch – perhaps refers to excess deaths on his ‘watch’ as Health Secretary.



in·​cho·​ate | \ in-ˈkō-ət  , ˈin-kə-ˌwāt \

Definition of inchoate

: being only partly in existence or operation : INCIPIENT

especially : imperfectly formed or formulated : FORMLESS, INCOHERENT

misty, inchoate suspicions that all is not well with the nation


Catenoid – sounds like he’s annoying a cat. Annoying more than the cat, believe me.

Comedian – he may think current crisis is funny, I don’t.

Daemonic – I hope I don’t have to explain.

Demoniac – see above.

Havocked – caused havoc. Yes, that explains it.

Hijacked – he has hijacked the nation?

Katowice – a city in Poland. Possibly related to the following link.

I note the following from it.

When the Paris Agreement was adopted in December 2015, much to the joy of all the delegates, it was clear that this success would bring even more hard work. The negotiations would take three more years.

That’s nice, lots more work for bureaucrats, travel/jobs for politicians, expenses etc. More taxes for taxpayers, not so nice.

Mendicant – meaning the following:

Swop the ‘a’ of mendicant for a ‘u’ and I will agree.

Definition includes ‘a beggar’.

Swop the a’s for a u’s and I will agree.

Sorry, my mistake, that should read first ‘a’ and the ‘e’ for u’s and I will agree. And perhaps replace the last a for an e just to make sure.

Nematoid – like a worm. Fine with that.

Avoidance – avoiding the truth perhaps?

Windhoek – wind corner in German. See

As Germany is and has always been best friends with the UK, this makes sense. Mmm? You say that’s not quite true? Oh well, perhaps you are right.

Wanked – yes, well enough said.

Cheat – quite.

Omaha – like the beach where thousands of American G.I.s died. Excess deaths again.

Henchman – it’s not looking good Matt.

Hoodwink – definitely not looking good.

Economic – he studied economics. There’s a coincidence.

Economical with the truth maybe. That’s not a coincidence. No ‘l’ in his name though.

China – everybody blames China nowadays.

Convicted – not yet but there’s always hope. Bring back hanging I say.

Damnation – yup.

Injectant – you couldn’t make this up!

Toothache – more pain than that he’s causing.

Connived – no doubt.

Conceit – yes.

Etonian – only those who support him like Boris the P.M.

Vomited – makes you sick doesn’t it?

Joke – see comedian earlier.

Novocain – a drug in dentistry, an anaesthetic. Drugging the nation.

And finally (although there are probably more helpful suggestions)


Anagram phrases

Just a few in case you haven’t quite got the point yet.

WHO Vaccinated Toad

Dick head

He mad

Vatican hatched

Jew damnation havoc

Contaminated wacko

Death vomit hand cock

China death havoc monk

And to think Boris Johnson is still supporting him. Hasn’t he checked?

Various Links

General for reference

COVID-19: Matt Hancock fighting for his political life after Dominic Cummings’s brutal demolition job

Covid: Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over pandemic contracts

Matt Hancock vaccine: Which Covid jab did the UK Health Secretary receive?

From the above, Matt said:

“Learning from science has been central this last year more than ever, so it felt fitting to be at the museum.”

Museum defined as:

an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value

American Museum of Natural History

also a place where objects are exhibited

an art museum

Above from Merriam-Webster online.

Is Matt Hancock to be of lasting interest or value?

No. Unless he gets stuffed of course.

Next link please.

GPs ‘are swamped by patients tsunami’: Health chiefs hold crisis talks with Matt Hancock as doctors warn they can’t cope with huge demand following Covid pandemic

My comment is that my local surgery seems unresponsive to correspondence from Brighton Hospital on my health issues. The surgery is closed to visitors.

Perhaps Daily Mail meant ‘huge salami’ not tsunami. Sounds dodgy, but might make more sense. Anybody else make sense of this comment? See also

Extra £3 Billion for NHS not enough to reduce back log, Doctors warn. Scroll down in the page if you don’t want to read the whole page.

Matt Hancock runs away from reporters asking questions about Dominic Cummings – and towards a camera giving opportunity for photo shot.

Get the vaccine Matt says. Yes, why not? But don’t get it shot into you, take it and get it tested for what is actually in it.

Alternatively give it back to Matt by sticking it somewhere suitable. I’m sure you will have some good ideas.

Matt Hancock says he has been busy ‘saving lives’ ahead of grilling by MPs

Saving lives eh Matt? Do we believe you? Bollux I say. What about you, dear reader?

Note Robert Jenrick comment in above

Asked how he felt about being called a donkey, communities secretary Robert Jenrick told BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning: “Well I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of what happened.”

Donkeys are asses. Perhaps arses more suitable. That’s my fair (polite) assessment. What about you, dear reader?

Matt Hancock called to Parliament to explain new Covid rules today

Please, please note they say ‘guidance’ – which is not law –

See my earlier posts – I have been saying for nearly a year it is all guidance. Do check it out.

Matt Hancock Holds Shares In Sister’s Firm Who Won NHS Contracts

I hope he doesn’t love sister better than his wife, like Joe Biden said he did.

What Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on pandemic regrets during visit to Teesside

Matt Hancock offers no apology over law breaking and PPE contracts

Matt apparently said “On average, we published them just over a fortnight later than they should have been, and there’s a reason for that, and the reason is that there was a global shortage of PPE and we needed to buy PPE to save lives.”

PPE has been a complete waste of money. This should be deducted from Matt Hancock’s bank account; bankrupt him if necessary. Then hang him for murder (subject to a fair trial of course).

Time-traveller Matt Hancock visits past to build hospital that already exists

Matt Hancock must be a moron if he said that. Does Boris know this? Has he checked?

The following is completely useless but goes to show the crap websites out there.

Note it says he is single then says he is married.

Note above his sexuality is N/A – not applicable or not available. Is he a robot then? A clone? Any ideas anybody?

Matt Hancock (Neighbours)

It says Tom Adair of The Scotsman was not a fan of the Hancock family and cheered their departures. He described them as “boring, whinging, plot-clogging, wastes of space”

Sounds fair to me. But I would use stronger words to say about the current Health Secretary.

Again if you wish to look at his Wikipedia entry there are numerous issues with Matt. Including the following:

Hancock has announced that he has dyslexia, a fact that first became apparent while he was at Oxford.

Perhaps all the problems are down to this; he has just got the words muddled up.

I say bollux. Why is he still at the helm of the Health Department?

Sack him, bankrupt him and try him for murder among other things. Then hang him (subject to the fair trial of course).

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Or indeed anything in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe at the end of world menu.

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