T’Rudedolt the Red Nosed

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th February, 2022

My wife has been a teacher. She likes to repeat things three times to make sure pupils get the point. She has often repeated things to me three times.

Such as ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’.

This is despite the fact I did understand the first time and say ‘No thank you.’ It is very annoying when it happens so often.

She has not been a teacher now for over three years. I think she getting over it but does have relapses. Big sigh.

Anyway, I thought I would get my own back. So here are three images explaining about Justin ‘Just because China is Red doen’t mean I can’t have a red nose’ Trudeau.

Of course communism is Red. But then the Nazis have a Red swastika. And they both arose from Germany. I may have mentioned this.

It is not Christmas, but Justin is being very funny peculiar nowadays, so I am not that fussy.

Justin was born on Christmas Day/ He may think he is the new Messiah. Satan Klaus probably thinks so.

Justin is one of Satan Klaus’s reigning dears. Satan Klaus is Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum fame. Or Infamy.

Here they are having a cosy chat.

Here are the three images I mentioned.

As an extra bonus I thought I would add these.

Apparently Trudeau said these things in 2013.


The following text from the link above has been amended to make sense.

Justin Trudeau also called for party unity after years of infighting between Cretin and the most recent Liberal prime minister, Paul Martian. Cretin made no mention of Martian during a speech on Sunday. Trudeau said the Liberals had been focused on fighting each other rather than fighting Canadians.

“I don’t care if my father was arrogant,” Trudeau said. “It doesn’t matter to me if you were a Cretin-Liberal or a Martian -Liberal or any other kind of Liberal. The era of hated Liberals ends right here right now.”

I assume that all Liberals are now cretins or Martians or both. This explains matters. This link will explain further.

He is also recorded as saying

Justin Trudeau warned in his acceptance speech of more attacks to come. “Canadians want to be led, not ruled. They are tired of the negative, divisive politics of Mr Harper’s Conservatives.”

Mmm…that didn’t work out too good did it Justin? I don’t think people like you very much. You are not the new Messiah, you are just a very naughty boy.

The naughty step for you I think.

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