Covid 19 Light Bight

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th January, 2022

Or Covid 19 Lite Bite. Take your pick. I am trying to complete a post on the Australian statistics on Coronavirus. This is coming together.

I am also trying to hammer together a post on Jay Pritzker, governor of Illinois. As he is rather a large man, and there is an awful lot of stuff on the internet about him, or a lot of awful stuff on the internet about him, this is a bit of a struggle.

To be honest, you could write a book about him. Then throw it at him. This would hopefully knock him senseless as it would be extremely heavy, and you could then chain him up for life.

Anyway, I thought I would do a small post to fill the gap for the starving masses (!) by producing a snack which will hopefully be of use. A healing snack, a short poem or ditty which might be useful and a bit of fun. Here it is.

If Covid free you wish to be

Then you must take vits C and D

For if you wish to win this game

Take vits C and D, it’s in the name.

vitamin C Or VItamin D.

Spells COVID


P.S. If anyone needs more on Covid 19 and hasn’t seen this summary of mine, here’s the link.

Covid 19 Summary