Beware the Ides of March: 15th March, 2023

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


“Why what?”

“Why beware the Ides of March?”

Why indeed. It is hopefully well known as the death, the assassination, of Julius Caesar, one time dictator of Rome. Stabbed 23 times Wikipedia says, by senators in Rome led by, among others, Marcus Junius Brutus. He is the one of the phrase ‘Et tu Brute?’ in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

Apparently he, Julius Caesar, did not say those words in reality but possibly “You too, child?” although still said to Brutus.

I always thought it was ‘Get off you brute!’

This post was designed for yesterday but my wife and I went shopping and had lunch out. We cycled to get there and back, about 10 miles so the time I might have had was lost. Never mind. So apart from reviewing, this remains essentially unaltered.

So what of the here and now, should we have taken heed of the Ides of March? Well in the UK it will be budget day when Jeremy Cunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, sorry Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, will unveil his budget for the coming tax year.

Spring Budget 2023 rumours: what changes could Jeremy Hunt announce?

It is also the day when the knives will be out for him from the Prospect union which has voted to strike on the day.

Prospect union members vote to strike on UK budget day

As to who might actually ‘stab’ him as it were, who knows? Perhaps it will not be Mr Hunt who is stabbed but the P.M., the ‘hi risk anus’ Rishi Sunak. That would be good.

After all, it was his planned stupidity which got us into such huge debt in the first place during lockdown.

It looks as though it won’t only be the Prospect Union on strike. I understand the RMT union, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, is also planning to strike.

Fresh Tube strikes announced for Budget Day

Although according to the above link by Eleanor Dye it is the ‘The Rail, Martine and Transport union’. Perhaps Martine is a girl she knows. This is the quality of reporters is it? Eleanor Dye should ‘dye’ of embarrassment!

Meaning of Ides of March

The Ides of March (/aɪdz/; Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii) is the 74th day in the Roman calendar, corresponding to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable in Rome as a deadline for settling debts. In 44 BC, it became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar, which made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history.


And this explains further that

The ides (from the Latin word īdūs) were the fifteenth day of the March, May, July, and October, and the thirteenth day of the other months. The ides originally corresponded to the full moon, storied for its own omens. At the time, March 15th was also associated with various religious observances and celebrations.


The word ‘idus’ apparently mean ‘that one’, but interestingly in Latvian according to Google Translate means ‘Jews’.

And also interestingly ‘Idus Martiae’ is an anagram of ‘I drama suite’. The Ides of March is Caesar’s case were certainly that!

Another is ‘atrium ideas’. Mmm…

Anyway, Julius Caesar became a dictator which is why he was assassinated. I can think of dictators around the world who could do with being removed. Justin Trudeau springs to mind although there are plenty of others.

It is interesting the Ides of March were a time for settling debts. I suppose the senators had debts to settle with Caesar.

In today’s world perhaps this is the senators in the USA settling debts with Joe Biden who, albeit as a puppet or muppet, has managed to destroy the USA economy and divide the nation even more than it already was.

But then this is a time of judgment on the country (and the world) and its decent into ungodliness and chaos.

What I have found fascinating as always is the anagrams of Beware the Ides of March.

Anagrams Beware the Ides of March

It has 14 individual letters excluding repeats.

There are a huge number of things to beware of, nearly 3,000 if the anagram machine is correct.

These are single word part anagrams of the phrase ‘The Ides of March’ such as:

Hemithoraces – plural of Hemothorax, an accumulation of blood within the pleural cavity.

Radectomies – a medical term, in essence the removal or amputation of something

Archimedes – in case he has a screw loose!!’_screw

Hemichorea – half a chorea, an abnormal involuntary movement disorder, is this instance affecting one half of the body only

In todays’ world this is the problems affecting North Korea.

Or possibly South Korea, I’m not sure.

Defeatism – I gave up trying to understand this one, it was too hard.

Democrats – I think many people in the USA would agree with that.

Factories – the quality varies, but Made in China can be an issue of concern

Medicares – I think many people in the USA would agree with that.

Medicator – I think people generally are waking up to the serious problems with people who medicate with poisonous big pharma drugs.

Shitfaced – there’s no answer to that!

Timeshare – there are always scams. I assume this site isn’t a scam!

Asteroid – we are kept in perpetual fear of them. Keeps the masses ignorant of what’s really going on like vaccine harms and deaths.

Chariots – don’t stand in the middle of the stadium when they go by.

Cheaters – obvious.

Cheetahs – they can out run you.

Chimeras – see picture. Please note comment from seashelllady at bottom of page.

Comrades – they may be Marxist, Beasties of the Marx!

Cremated – they’re dead boring.

Forecast – they are frequently wrong. I remember the storm quite well, at least its after effects.

Freedoms – you might lose them like today. But the truth will set you free and Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life.

Heretics – they’ll tic (sic) you off.

Mediocre – why go for mediocre when you can have the best, the mark of the best!

Misheard – Miss who?

Mothered – over mothering a real problem.

Shithead – there’s no answer to that!

Teachers – my wife was a teacher so I can relate to that. They bring their work home for a start.

Theories – I have some ideas about that one, the ideas of March.

Atheism – the fool has said in his heart there is no God. Of course one should beware Theism too. I follow Christ rather than an –ism.

Cestoda – Cestoda is a class of parasitic worms

Chemist – chemicals can be useful but put unsuitable things in your body like pharmaceuticals and you are asking for trouble.

Cordite – life may go with a bang and you along with it.

Deafest – pardon?

Deceits – ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’

Fathers – they may give you stick

Hermits – unless they are Herman’s Hermits

Mitford – the Mitford girls were quite a crowd. Unity Mitford adored Hitler for some reason and Diana Mitford married Oswald Mosley. The latter married in the drawing room of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels apparently.

Richest – they may take even what little you have.

Sarcoid – an unpleasant lump or similar, humans or animals.

Of course vaccines won’t be the cause.

Or maybe they are. What a surprise.

Toadies – toady or tomorrow, you should always be careful of them 

Armies – but please note, leggies are ok!

Charms – the con man or woman use them to great effect

Chrome – nasty stuff if in your body.

Christ – and you wouldn’t like Him when He’s angry when His children are harmed or led astray.

Ciders – if it is an in-cider job!

Coarse – of course it is.

Comets – portents of doom perhaps.

Corset – I’ll squeeze this one in.

Crimes – they’re on the increase. Vaccines are being used as weapons against the human race.

Deaths – the results of above.

Desert – especially if you are going through it on a horse with no name.

Easter – as you might have to face the reality of the resurrection and whether Jesus is who he really says He is.

Echoes – ‘echoes, echoes’

‘Echoes, echoes’

Eiders – duck as they fly over!

Faeces – oh shit!

Farted – watch out for a rushing mighty wind!

Fiasco – such as Joe Biden’s presidency, or the installation of Fishy Rishi ‘Hi risk anus’ Sunak.

Forest – if you down to the woods today…

Hearts – you must look after yours – don’t take the vaccines!

Heaths – Edwards and blasted varieties. Edward Heath took the UK into the EU mores the pity. And the three witches of Macbeth were on a blasted heath.

Hector – Hector led the Trojans and their allies in the defense of Troy, killing countless Greek warriors.

Hordes – including the Mongols.

Apparently Scientists Finally Know What Stopped Mongol Hordes From Conquering Europe

I know too. COVID 19. The above link says ‘a cold and wet period set in for years’. COVID 19 is a cold. QED.

Ishtar – a complex Mesopotamian goddess. Like many women. I am married to one – a woman, not a Mesopotamian goddess I hasten to add.

Maoist – a version of Marxist.

Maoris – they may pull faces.

Medics – they may stick something in you that will harm you.

Meteor – if it’s not asteroids it’s meteors!

Racism – they blame COVID 19 deaths on racism. Here is a Covidiot, Lauren D. Nephew from January 18, 2021

Satire – ‘Vaccines are really, really good for you and will save you from an early death!’ Yeah, right.

Secret – but I’m not telling you yet.

Aches – they’re a real pain

Amish – you might like their clean way of living without big pharm drugs and polluting automobiles.

Cairo – watch out for pyramid schemes.

Draco – Malfoy and similar.

Dames – there’s nothing like a dame according to South Pacific but then there’s Ishtar and A.O.C. And Nancy Pelosi. And Kamala Harris. And Jacinda Ardern and – how long have you got today?

Darts – the fiery darts of the Devil.

Herod – he would kill your children. So would the Herod’s of today. Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Danny Andrews – how long have you got?

Full phrase anagrams of ‘The ides of March’


Oh beware teachers if MD – quite so, I won’t trust any of the mainstream Doctors of Medicine now as they are pre-programmed by big pharma.


Christ He mad foe – and as I have said before, you wouldn’t like Him when He’s angry when the Father’s children are harmed or led astray.


Beware se faith chromed – those who profess faith in God but who put on an outward shiny show only

Beware faith DC she Rome – faith in Rome, the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. I follow Jesus Christ, not Rome.


Beware a fresh hot medic – the keen new medic is likely to make a mess of things if not properly supervised. But then I wouldn’t go near any of them now if I could help it.


Beware chemo fart hides – I laughed out loud at this. And it seems it’s true!!!

However, the deadly serious side is that chemo is deadly poison, part of big pharma deceit. It causes cancer.

Beware chemo deaths Fri – I guess people die from chemo any day of the week. But see how bad chemo is by reading this.


Beware chemist FDA hero – well I’m not sure anyone calling her a hero but perhaps one should beware of her. She used to work in big pharma.

Any look at the distortion of the truth here.

It is a disgusting piece of journalism written by a Max Levy. Chemists in big pharma are poisoning, murdering bastards, not heroes at all. They have deceived the world for far too long.

And if you are not sick enough already here is another link in praise of poisoners.

Hebrew 10,000+ phrases

If she a Hebrew democrat

If he’s a Hebrew Democrat

Ha, fie Hebrew Democrats!

Ah, Hebrew med factories

Hebrew academies froth

Hebrew AIF comer’s death

Hebrew AIF comes hatred

Hebrew AIF crashed mote

N.B. Alternative Investment Funds

AIF Hebrew Democrats eh

 I of mad Hebrew cheaters

In lieu of above consider how many people who say they are Jews are in Joe Biden’s cabinet, the senate and congress. I make it about 25% in the cabinet, 10% in senate and 6% in the congress.

Note the Jews and Democrat support. The data from 2017.

The below may be of interest from 2019.

And I found this. The question is how many Jews are involved in the industry. We know of the head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla. There’s Rochelle Walensky head of the CDC which is essentially a branch of big pharma.

It tellingly says:

, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, stated back in 1776: “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

It may not be true that he said those words, as I haven’t checked but he certainly might have well said so. This is useful too referencing Benjamin Rush from 2021.

And as I keep repeating elsewhere, please, but please, remember there are fake Jews who make an outward show only of their faith, if they do anything and give true Jews a very bad name.

Relating to Caesar

Mr Caesar be heft who die

Mr Caesar he die of Heb wt

Rome 10,000 + phrases

Beware Rome shithead cf

Beware Rome shitfaced h

Beware Rome death if sch

Rome Caesar fed Heb with

Rome Caesar Feb hid thew

N.B. Plot started in February!

The conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar began with a meeting between Cassius Longinus and his brother-in-law Marcus Brutus in the evening of 22 February 44 BC, when after some discussion the two agreed that something had to be done to prevent Caesar from becoming king of the Romans.

Scared wife her home tba

The senators waited for Caesar’s arrival, but he did not come. The reason for this is that early that morning, Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife, was awoken from a nightmare. She had dreamt that she was holding a murdered Caesar in her arms and mourning him. Other versions have Calpurnia dream that the front pediment of their house had collapsed and that Caesar had died; yet another shows Caesar’s body streaming with blood.

Calpurnia had no doubt heard Spurinna’s warnings of great peril to Caesar’s life, which helps explain her visions. Around 5 a.m., Calpurnia begged Caesar not to go to the senate meeting that day.

ABC death foreseer whim

Ahmad bewitch foreseer

Die wherefrom stab ache

Wife research death mob

Woe betide afresh charm

Cesare whom death brief

You can see why ‘The ides of March’ seem so significant. If only Julius Caesar checked the English anagrams!!


Beware other chef Midas – the golden touch which renders everything gold. In the end gold is just stuff, like anything else. Love of it will lead to death.

Beware the dies of charm – charming people can be deadly.

Beware Rome FDA hi techs – which might give pause for thought.

ABC death Fri somewhere – which may be amusing but rather vague, much like the astrological advice that many people seem to follow in the newspapers or online.

I imagine the gypsy or similar gazing into crystal balls.

‘I foresee a nurse in a blue mask with a syringe…and death, death, death! Beware the Ides of March!’

‘Yes, but where?’

‘I don’t know, don’t ask me, I just look at my balls!’

Summary and final thoughts

So lots to beware of in the Ides of March.

And if only Caesar had understood more he might not have got those stabbing pains in his heart. In his case it wasn’t the vaccines!

Perhaps the best anagrams and things to beware of are:

Beware chemo fart hides

Beware the docs fie harm

Oh beware teachers if MD

Ha, fie Hebrew Democrats!

And as we are coming up to Easter the reminders of why Jesus died on a cross, strictly a tree.

Codfish ham tree – there was God, The Tree of Life, and Cod, the fishy suspect one, the Tree of Knowledge of good and Evil.

And Ham was the naughty son of Noah!

And more, the meat ham is harmful with sodium nitrite in it!!

Chaos fm hid tree – chaos lurking in the Tree of Knowledge of good and Evil, the serpent like Kaa in the Jungle Book

Remember the Lord God’s words to Adam in the Garden of Eden:

And the LORD God commanded him, “You may eat freely from every tree of the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.”

As to what today has brought we shall see, but I hope whatever it was you were wary of it and took appropriate action.

And a final anagram of ‘Beware the Ides of March.

‘Aah Christ freedom be we’

Until next time, Adieu.

Look out for the sign of Baldmichael, he will be back!

P.S. More on ham (and bacon)

Sodium nitrite (E250) – the poison in your food and how to remedy it.

Three witches

Macbeth – The Three Witches scene

Rishi Sunak

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

Biden’s cabinet

Team Biden Unwrapped Part 3 (final)


World Cancer Day

Time, Times and Half a Time – The Times Monday January 9th 2023

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

Here we are again with some analysis of the news from the UK or at least as The Times sees it from the UK.

Dig in as you wish, I select headlines that catch my eye and comment appropriately. Or inappropriately as the case may be.

Firstly there is a picture. This is not The Times headline but my interpretation.

Picture of supporters of Jair Bolosonaro, Brazil’s right-wing former president, allegedly storming government buildings and saying last year’s election had been stolen.

Reminds me of something. Mmm… now what was it?…oh yes I remember, the stealing of the USA presidential election in 2020, 2 years earlier.

I wonder if the same problem has occurred in Brazil?

Royals were complicit in Meghan’s pain, says duke

Like I really care, yeah whateva, yawn, yawn. Perhaps Harry the Ham (actor), the Duke of Sussex (no one asked my permission if he could be duke of the county I live in, cheek of it!) is talking about complicity in Meghan’s being a Right Royal Pain in the butt.

Apparently Harry is complaining that Jeremy Clarkson wrote something criticising his wife. Not sure why Harry should be that bothered that Jeremy Clarkson is criticising his wife; I don’t know Jeremy Clarkson wife, so why should I care.

However, I double checked. Apparently it is Meghan. I haven’t seen the original article but apparently Jeremy Clarkson said:

In the original column, Clarkson had said: “At night, I’m unable to sleep as I lie there, grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her.”


Well that wasn’t very nice Jeremy. Who wants to see the Black Tit humiliated like that? Not that she is black in skin, rather a nice milky coffee colour which is no doubt why Hairy Harry fell for her.

No quite sure what else he saw in her, but hey, each to his own.

As long as he doesn’t do it at taxpayer’s expense, that’s all.

Clarkson has a history of spiteful things about poor Meghan. When I say poor I think she has quite a bit of money which I daresay softens the blow of being teased by Jeremy.

Yahoo says this.

It lists 7 things:

Clarkson says Harry and Meghan’s Netflix shows will be “drivel” (September 2020)

I haven’t seen anything and don’t intend to.

Markle’s climate change pleas make Clarkson want to “shoot a polar bear” (October 2020)

We couldn’t get Meghan to dress up in a white bear suit, could we? This would make a bigger impact on climate change if Jeremy ‘accidently’ shot her.

I was thinking more of the climate of lies and narcissism on Meghan’s behalf than anything else.

Accuses Markle of “simpering victimhood” (March 2021)

The USA has a lot of hoods so I guess Meghan would feel quite at home there.

Calls Markle a “silly little cable TV actress” (March 2021)

Can you make ropes out of cables? You know, for hanging people who need it?

“Meghan is toast” (March 2021)

Lightly done of course as she is light brown, not black as she claims (except in her heart).

“Her pants were on fire!” (April 2021)

Which led to the toasting above.

Wishes everyone “except Meghan Markle” a nice Christmas (December 2022)

Who could have an ice Christmas instead as her heart is ice cold.

Harry Potty thinks Jeremy Clarkson is inciting violence against women it seems, and

“To use my stepmother’s words recently as well, there is a global pandemic of violent – violence against women.”

Well, Harry, I guess you are right, but perhaps you haven’t noticed the pandemic of violence against men, women and children generally. It’s called play Russian roulette (or else), courtesy of the WEF and Klaus ‘Quarters’ Schwarb.

Still, you probably have better things on your mind like the book launch than worrying about piffling little matters such as mass genocide, starvation and general Nazi/Marxist inspired mayhem.

There are four extra pages of gumph in the paper on pages 4-7. It is rather tedious, the typical airing of family squabbles.

And it helps distract the masses from vaccine harms and deaths and inflation, including the stealing of money by government and energy companies.


Sunak: Public will still be proud of royal family

Really?? Who says? Rishi does of course but then he needs to suck up to them. Ultimately people probably realise that the royal family are dysfunctional like many families in the UK, disrupted by the satanic influences and removal of righteous laws for society.

And the Queen never once said ‘No, I won’t.’ to any the wretched bills that went through parliament contrary to God’s laws.

So it is not surprising the royal family are in a bit of a mess with Harry and prince Andrew for example.

And that three out of the four or the Queen’s children got divorced. And her sister. Hardly a good example for a nation if the monarch’s family muck things up.

NHS will put the elderly in hotels to free up beds

Great idea, this will give landlords an extra boost for B&B no doubt at just a ‘small’ expense to the British taxpayer. Perhaps it will be cheaper than having them in hospitals clogging up the beds.

Still, if the doctors hadn’t been try to deal with symptoms rather than actually try and cure people perhaps we wouldn’t be in this position now.

I gather doctors are saying A & E “bottlenecks” are causing 500 deaths a week.

Silly me, and I thought it was the vaccines. I not sure who are the biggest pricks; the needles on the vaccine syringes or the doctors.

A bad example to to schoolboys, moi? Macron tells how love conquered all

I gather the French Mark of the Beast was interrogated by people with autism spectrum disorder. Somebody said that as president “he should set an example and not marry his teacher”.

Well, of course he wasn’t president then, but the point is valid.

Personally, I think the person should have said as president “he should set an example and not marry his mother” as there are rumours about this. At over 24 years his senior is one surprised?

But he wasn’t the first as there was Oedipus with his odd complex who ‘loved’ his mother.

There is rather a strange picture of Macron kissing Brigitte his wife on the cheek in 1993 when he was around 16 years old. He looks like Justin Trudeau to me. Both he and Trudeau were born in December. Perhaps they are clones.

But then they are essentially both French (Trudeau Quebecois) so maybe that’s it.

As an aside I found this. It answers a lot of questions; Trudeau hates the English. I don’t think Macron likes us much either.

Well Justin and Emmanuel, here’s the thing; we don’t like you much either.

Splashdown for penguins given all-clear after bird flu crisis

This has nothing to do with the poisoning of some people’s favourite chocolate coated biscuit but the black and white aquatic flightless birds at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire.

Of course because of the vain imaginings of the evolutionists they think that it had ancestors that once flew. Great fun to imagine things of course, but not to impose the foolish thinking on others.

Regarding flew (sic), apparently they can get it. And get sic (sic) of course.

But that is part of life and being poisoned by environmental toxins. And by vaccines it seems.

Yes, according to the article the imbecilic veterinaries give penguins (as well as other animals) vaccines! The article says 4 penguins died from what they are calling bird ‘flu, but no doubt it was vaccines or something similar.

I can’t find specific reference to Marwell on this but Edinburgh Zoo gives vaccines

Even Penguins Get The Flu

May 6, 2014

Here we are in 2022 and they still don’t understand the mechanisms of ‘flu. How dull scientists are. But what do we expect if they believe the evolutionary lies?

For further information.

Penguins named after Emma Raducanu and vaccine developer Dame Sarah Gilbert

Wed Sep 22 2021

Paste link into browser to make it work.

The shame of this. Emma is just a tennis player so fine. But Sarah Gilbert is an idiot who thinks vaccines do any good. You are weighed in the balance and found wanting. Your evil brews have harmed and killed. Your life will be demanded of you.


There are other sorts of penguins apart from the chocolate coated and aquatic bird variety.  They are the Pittsburgh Penguins, an ice hockey team in Pennsylvania, USA. It doesn’t look as if they are very bright.

This article explains why.

It says

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had eight player COVID absences and one head coach miss 10 days, too. The NHL has just one unvaccinated player, so there are a lot of well-meaning questions about what comes next.

The Penguins were primarily untouched by COVID last season but have been hit this season, despite full vaccination status. With some irony, the Penguins and I were vaccinated on the same days last spring (I signed up with UPMC to get my vax, and they chose to send me to PPG Paints Arena).

And with some irony, I, too, am in “protocol” dealing with COVID. My protocol ends on Monday.

I won’t quote it all, but Dan Kingerski, the writer of the article, is clearly suffering a very severe outbreak of Stupid 20, Moronic variant. He sums it up with this.

The vaccine fades after six months but still prevents significant and severe effects even after fading. And those who have both the virus and the vaccine might get a super immunity with antibodies hiding in our lymph nodes just waiting for war against the COVID antigens, according to the Rockefeller study.

Now my opinion–you’ll get the virus or the vaccine. And, if you can get the booster, you may avoid the virus for another six months. And, if we keep upping the vaccinated population, then maybe, just maybe, we get a hold of this, so we won’t need boosters every 6-12 months.

The usual bold unsubstantiated argument. And note Rockerfeller study which allegedly supports the narrative as they say. Rockefeller is Jewish foundation. I wonder if Dan Kingerski is Jewish too.

But don’t forget there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan. As ‘e dark king sin’ is anagram of his name this might explain matters.

And stupidity is not limited to the players and Uncle Dan as I will call Kingerski.

Looks like the fans are rather dumb too. And as for Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania he says “It’s a work in progress. We’re still trying to figure it out,”

Well, he is a Democrat so we must make allowances. It seems to be a recurring theme in the State, this stupidity. John Fetterman was lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania from 2019 to 2023 and now, oh joy, the junior United States senator for the state. He is a Democrat as you might suspect.

He wants to legalize cannabis. I think this is because many in Pennsylvania are on it already.

Hence the very severe outbreak of Stupid 20 of course.

Tories want free energy for people living near wind farms

Wonderful. A 100% discount. To be paid no doubt by those who don’t live near a wind farm.

If you should live near the Houses of Parliament or indeed the Scottish and Welsh parliament buildings you may well benefit from this as they produce excess amounts of wind.

Anyway, another bright idea from the seriously dim Tory MP’s. Although I daresay they might profit from it via shares in energy companies.

I gather David Cameron banned new onshore wind farms as people were fed up with them, but Sunak was forced to drop the moratorium on constructing them due to revolt by Tory MP’s.

I think these Tory MP’s are just revolting, did any of them consult me or the general public? No.

They probably consulted their share profile and thought they need another £25,000 for a duck house or something.

After all, if they want a wind farm on their land they can change a pretty penny for it.

Subsidised by the taxpayer as usual.

Climate crisis will hit all students, warn universities chief

Vivienne Stern, the chief executive of Universities UK, has said that “…climate change risked being forgotten because of the focus on the economy and the aftermath of the pandemic.” This is a picture of her.

I sure she is very nice, but she looks rather dim in the photo. Still perhaps it was one of those days.

This tells you something about her.

She has never done anything practical, so has only ever been academic in her approach. Twitter says as does The Times

The Universities UK chief has said the ‘climate crisis’ trumps all issues facing students, including free speech, despite the current cost crisis and economic turmoil.

Another example of Devolutionary Theory at work if you needed one. How could anyone be this brainless. Perhaps she is not married and has no husband or children to challenge her.

Or maybe she had MMR vaccines as a child and is autistic.

Or dropped on her head, I don’t know. Any other ideas anybody?

Girl found in Trinidad

I thought at first this can’t be unusual, surely there are a lot of girls in Trinidad.

However, this was a missing person and reunited with her family, so some good news among the gloom and doom.

What I wonder is what happens if a transgender person goes missing? I mean if you can’t say girl or boy, man or woman what do you say?

If it was a trans-father perhaps the headline would be ‘Tranny dad goes missing in Trinidad.’

I gather that trains used to run in Trinidad.

Sadly the equivalent of Beeching cuts meant the railway went by 1968. Plans for Trinidad Rapid Railway passenger lines were cancelled.

This is a pity as I could have then imagined that the headline might be ‘Tranny dad found on train in Trinidad’.

Words can be such fun, can’t they?

Anxiety breakthrough

Scientists hope to find new treatments for anxiety and depression after the discovery that breathing patterns are closely related to brain rhythms.

I wonder how long they took to work that one out and how much money they had from the taxpayer? I would have said that was a no-brainer anyway.

They are going to look at how different drugs influence respiratory-brain interaction.

I can save them the bother; most big pharma drugs are neuro-toxic and mess with the brain causing anxiety and depression.

Instead go to the Word of God, the Bible and have a good read of texts which are positive such as:

John 14:1

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.

Psalms 34:4

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Take these to heart and go to God the Father through Jesus. You will need to keep going back to make sure all your fears and concerns are dealt with. He cares more than you know.

Socialist deputy of doctors’ body who is going for the jugular.

This is Emma Runswick, deputy chairwoman of the British Medical association (BMA). I gather who is indicating that it is very likely doctors would vote in support of industrial action.

She is apparently the daughter of trade union activists who backed Jeremy Corbyn. She is a lesbian too. She says she is unashamedly socialist.

She says the transphobes and Tories are hostile to all of us. I am not quite sure who all of us are though.

As a man I say she looks quite pretty. However she is also pretty dim as you will see.

From this link which has some information about her.

The Daily Mail is putting her in the Marxist camp.

I notice 4 pictures of individuals including Emma Runswick. They are all female. Are the females always the drivers of the hard-left in the main?

One thing is for sure ‘hard-left is an anagram of ‘fl hatred’. This may explain things.

Wes Streeting Says He’s Been Treated Like A ‘Heretic’ By The BMA Over Patient Plans

It says

The shadow health secretary has vowed to take on those holding back the NHS and highlighted the “appalling” levels of access to GPs.

However, he claimed this had sparked anger from some unions including the BMA – which represents doctors in the UK.

Doctors in hospitals are one thing where it is the administration which is bureaucratic and cumbersome. However, from my own experience alone I know they are very ignorant about diseases and were unable to diagnose me until the misdiagnosis of cancer which has lead me to where I am now.

I found a hospital physiotherapist who was trying to help me with the physical effects of the palsy the best of all. That says a lot about doctors.

There are some interesting anagrams of her name including:

Arm muck swine

Maw rumen sick

Scummier wank

She seems to be more concerned about doctors pay than anything to with patients (we are customers but doctors in the NHS can forget this).

I think we should rename her Emma Runswitch. She is trying to cast an evil spell on the UK. Chuck some water on her and all being well she will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

May leads the way among MP’s with earnings of £2.5m

Apparently Theresa May has earned more from outside earnings than any other MP since the last general election according to new research. I have never understood why they get paid so much for merely speaking.

Anyway they say she got £107,600 for a speech delivered in Saudi Arabia in November 2022.The World Travel and Tourism Council paid it.

I suppose she said things like ‘It’s very hot in Saudi Arabia’ and ‘what a lot of sand to build sand castles’ and ‘Do you sell buckets and spades?’

Nice work if you can get it. As the above link says

Who’d have thought that anyone would want to give money to hear this “wandering warbler” bang on about anything, but hey, quitting frontline politics has most certainly brought this bland, boring woman a very, very pretty pay packet..

Like most politicians then.

Former bank chief says Sunak has no growth plan

I would disagree; he has a growth plan but it is for his own wealth.

When I type Sunak, Word underline in red as it thinks I have misspelled the word. In the suggestions it makes at the bottom of the list is the word ‘snake’.

Joan in Blackburn, Lancashire thinks he is a snake. You will find her at 1m 57.

Great minds think alike Joan.

So looks like Word spell check is right, I did misspell it.

P.S. If you like looking up older news try my …… in World Menu.

If you need more on the ‘flu and vaccine horrors and what’s really going on, try this.

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

Heart issues.

British Heart Foundation – what are they saying about Covid 19 and vaccines?

More on Sunak. Or moron Sunak

Rishi Sunak memes

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

More on NHS. Or moron NHS.

Lies you’re told about the COVID vaccine (NHS approved)

Macron and Mark of the Beast.

Mark of the Beast

Time, Times and half a Time – The Times, Friday 25th November, 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th December, 2022

I may have neglected the news from Britain for a while. I had thought to do something from The Daily Telegraph but things have moved on from 11th October which was the edition I intended to refer to.

£15,000 grants to help middle earners insulate their homes

This has nothing to do with Grant Shapps Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Stuffing him in your loft won’t do much good to reduce your energy bills.  

This sort of scheme has been on-going for years and should now not be necessary as anybody with half a brain should have done the basic things already, such as insulate the loft and draft proofing.

Insulating the cavity walls is all very well, but some cavities are unsuitable and some, indeed many locations, are unsuitable as wind driven rain can penetrate the cavity and leave you with wet insulation.

This will leave you worse off, not better.

Filled cavities can lead to water penetration into the dwelling leaving you with nasty problems including condensation in other places.

Overall this scheme another waste of taxpayers’ money. It will make ministers look good until it fails  yet again by which time the idiots will have moved on to bugger up something else.

There is a Price of Power article following up this front page headline. It is not well thought out. The Times is not a good newspaper, but so much journalism nowadays is, to be blunt, crap.

Unless a journalist has a really broad background, preferably with practical knowledge in some area apart from being able to write, then we won’t get good well considered articles.

And what about the truly poor on low incomes then?? Is this a ploy to set us against each other?

We all suffer from the Price of Power, abused by powerful governments etc. who are corrupted by corporations and vested interests.

But they contain people and it is people’s hearts that need to change to ensure power is used to the benefit of all  not just a few.

Qatar orders crusaders to hand over plastic swords

Apparently, England supporters have been dressing as St George which they have been doing for at least 20 years it is reported.

FIFA consider this inappropriate in Qatar where the world cup is currently being held as this may be offensive to Muslims in an Arab context.

I gather two fans were turned away because of their swords and shields.

This is probably a mountain out of a very small molehill. The Times may be desperate for a headline.

Or likes stirring up trouble to outrage readers on both sides.

All of which will boost readership and revenue. The truth does not usually sell news until things are really bad and people are desperate.

I see the following. Please bear in mind it was 2013, but things have generally got worse since then.

I suppose it is true. It starts by saying “The city council of a tiny rural hamlet in Somerset, England…” Okay, where is it.

The village of Radstock, about 10 miles southwest of Bath, and 120 miles west of London, has a population of about 5,620 – including just 16 Muslims, according to government figures.

Excuse my French as they say, but bloody hell! Who is the cretin that wrote it, let alone proof read it?? I have been to Radstock so even without the population figures I knew it wasn’t a hamlet.

You would be lucky to get 16 people in a hamlet, so the whole thing is moronic.

Anyway, I gather it’s a Labour Councilor Eleanor Jackson, a university lecturer and teacher, told Bath Chronicle: “My big problem is that it is offensive to some Muslims but even more so that it has been hijacked by the far right. My thoughts are we ought to drop it for 20 years.”

The Daily Mail covered it.

There is a picture of her; be warned, it isn’t pretty.

The council apparently intends that

The rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride movement will also be raised at ‘appropriate’ times of the year.

Whether they did or do I don’t know, but another  example of the evil in our society.

So another Labour left wing loony who is a university lecturer and teacher. Why are they so often female?

As for FIFA well they are corrupt but that is another story.

Foreign students face ban from universities

They are not banning faces, they did that in 2020 when mask wearing was required in certain situation for the terminally dim who did not think to check their brains and ask was it sensible.

Nor, as I keep saying, did they check website Coronavirus guidance on masks.

As to banning foreign students, well that would have a knock on effect on university revenue. I gather they want to stop foreign students coming for worthless degrees.

They ought to stop the worthless degrees, then perhaps the foreign students wouldn’t want to come anyway.

Anyway, it is all part and parcel of reducing immigration. We have too many people in this country and Brexit happened in part because we were fed up with uncontrolled migration disrupting communities.

It takes time for integration in a society, so flooding it with immigrants who don’t speak English and don’t understand the culture is a bad idea. Let immigration be controlled so that society can run smoothly.

And stop these ridiculous wars foisted on us by the banksters who just want to make money out of a crisis.

Migrants not deterred by ‘hostile’ UK

That’s nice. We can be as rude as we like and they will still come. Presumably the French authorities are just plain rude and tell them to allez off to England or else.

I suppose migrants existing families over here are ready to welcome them with open arms or crime gangs ready to arm them for nefarious acts of subversion against the country.

Or George Soros has given them a few thousand quid to come and create as much mayhem as possible.

There is a war on in case you hadn’t noticed.

Nazi asked Edward VIII for support

This is old news really and hardly worth reporting. Except perhaps that the Nazis, a.k.a. World Economic Forum or W.E.F may be inveigling Charles the Turd’s, sorry, Thirds’ services.

I am not anti-monarchy, but I do like to see monarchs standing up for God’s laws, not the Rockefeller and Rothschild banksters.

Prince Charles (now Charles III) and Evelyn De Rothschild in link below.

Evelyn De Rothschild died today apparently. Good riddance I say. Let’s face it he was ‘Evil in the wrath’s child’. Think about it.

Now I might as well tell you what I have realised for a while since late 2020 I suppose.

The bible talks about the ‘children of wrath’. These are the Rothschild’s and those who live like them, the phonetics matter. As it is written, let him who has ears to hear let him hear.

All of us also lived among them at one time, fulfilling the cravings of our flesh and indulging its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature children of wrath.… Ephesians 2 v3.

Boastful criminal stripped of assets worth £6 million

Apparently a crime boss has been forced to give up his assets and jailed for 16 years. I had hoped it was a CEO of a big pharma company. Sadly not.

Neither was it politicians who voted for lockdowns, forced vaccinations etc. or the stealing of taxpayers money to fund the on-going Ukraine war, where or money is being laundered by the Nazi regime there. Allegedly.

And too late to jail Evelyn De Rothschild, although he will get his reward. There are plenty of others like him around though.

LGBT armband ‘inappropriate’, says Fashanu

Good for Fashanu. LGBT armband is not a fashanu (sic) item I understand.

The England team should just get on with playing football and we should none of this silliness.

I dare say the LGBTQ+ etc. fashits (sic) will call him a fashist (sic).

Still, a small item to thank God for, why not shout ‘Hosanna!’

 ‘Hosanna’ is a part anagram of John Fashanu’s name by the way.

Army ‘only big enough to tootle about at home’

They want to shrink the army. Well, I do think we need a highly professional army for defence with the back-up of the territorials of which my grandfather was one. He fought in WW2 when he was called up.

But better to spend on the Royal Navy in which my father served as we are an island nation. And also make sure the RAF is adequate.

However, I look to the day when we beat our swords into ploughshares and we don’t need arms, soldiers, sailors and pilots except for ornamental display perhaps.

Playing war games is one thing, death and destruction quite another and I don’t want any of the latter thank you very much.

And I have no desire to fund the banksters etc. who like their little games to make loads of money.

Universities are brought a standstill

I am not sure they were educating the students that much anyway. And what rubbish they might be teaching them either although I day say that maths and science may be pretty good.

Except for the biologists who have got their knickers in a twist over evolution. They seem incapable of working out that if simple spoon needs a designer and maker, then extremely complex human bodies need one too.

Even someone with half a brain should see that.

Lecturers join posties in day of strike action

I thought this was ‘Lecherous join posties in day of strike action’ but my eyesight still a bit off.

On second thoughts when you hear about the lecherous lecturers perhaps I was right the first time.

Nurses to walk out on two days in late December

I am not sure what they expect this to achieve. I daresay the patients in hospital may be safer nowadays as I am really not sure what drugs they are administering, let alone saying ‘Have this nice vaccine dear, it’s only a little prick.’

But I have found one nurse in London hanging on who has taken the vaccines to keep her job. I wouldn’t do that as I wouldn’t go near a hospital unless absolutely necessary.

But if the good ones go or are gone, what of the quality and moral backbone of those left? Doesn’t fill you with confidence.

And as most mainstream doctors still seem to think vaccines are a ‘Good Idea’, hospitals should be avoided like the plague unless absolutely necessary.

Johnson and Truss unite against Sunak

Good, get the bugger Sunak out. Who will replace him I don’t know, but as I have said before even Boris the buffoon is better than smarmy Sunak. Too shiny Sunak is, a fake and after your money in a big way.

Hunt joke leads to base truth behind the rolls of newspaper

This has to do with the 2022 Spectator Parliamentarian awards. There is a picture of Theresa May and Rishi Sunak laughing. Apparently Rishi Sunak received the Comeback of the Year award. From

Rishi Sunak collected ‘Comeback of the Year’ and told the crowd ‘I must dedicate this award to my friends, my family and of course – the UK bond markets.’

There is a recording of his acceptance speech. I am not sure why people laughed, possibly because they have made a ‘killing’ gambling on them like Rishi Sunak.

In my opinion Rishi should have received the ‘Anus of the year’ award for as I have already said in a post on him, ‘Hi risk anus’ is anagram of his name.

In any event, Rishi will have been installed as P.M. like a toilet as they say. And anuses are best put on toilets when they need clearing out.

The ‘icing on the cake’ was

‘… the headline winner tonight was President Zelenskyy, who won Parliamentarian of the Year. The award was collected by Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain, Vadym Prystaiko, who made a heartfelt speech, praising the UK for its co-operation.

Co-operation in helping a corrupt Nazi regime stay in power. They omitted that bit.

How could the Spectator stoop so low?

Energy bill help likely to cost £16bn in first three months of new year

I do hope you all realise, those who live in the UK, that we are paying for all this? There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’, and this merely adds debt to the already massive debt that evil greedy bastard fishi Rishi Sunak got us into in 2020 with his ridiculous but carefully planned schemes to bankrupt the UK.

The money will merely go to the energy companies coffers (a Covid 19 ‘cougher’, a symptom of the disease), who have upped their prices unjustifiably on the pretext of that war in Ukraine.

It is all a money making scam, and that is mainly what Covid 19 is about from the evil elites and their minions point of view, the banksters like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds for example.

Do write and point this out to government, your local M.P. etc.

GP’s long hours are anti-women and should be cut, says doctors

GP’s should be cut says Baldmichael. He is sick to death of the useless idiots in his surgery. Overpaid morons who do not understand about disease and wear masks and sanitise and think Covid 19 is very deadly rather than the seasonal ‘flu turned into a monster by clever big pharma PR.

Of course some GP’s are decent but you have a hard time finding them and even then they are more than likely not to be fully in the picture.

They are paid via the NHS, i.e. the likes of you and me if you are a British taxpayer. But in truth they run private practices, so are a monopoly of sorts.

As to being anti-women, that is the women’s fault. They cannot expect to manage a young family and run a business/look after people’s health whatever anyone may say.

I had a session with a lady, perhaps near my age, who practices in herbal medicine and does not worship big pharma. She knows the GP I had been seeing and said she works part-time as she has 3 (as I recall) young children.

The herbalist made the point that the GP could not concentrate on researching health issues and still be thinking about her children’s needs properly. Her mind would be divided.

The GP is very pleasant and not unhelpful, but ultimately I wanted the truth about what was happening to me which was sodium nitrite poisoning.

The GP should have known such things as they have been known about medically for over 100 years as I have said elsewhere.

I had to work it out myself with no help from the NHS.

We could essentially dispense with the grossly expensive GP’s and use the money saved to look after ourselves properly.

The savings would be enormous, both for our health and pocket. Big pharma neuro-toxic drugs which these imbecilic doctors usually prescribe only harm us.

Medical services in the UK have become overly feminised and designed to suit the medics, not those they serve and who pay their inflated salaries.

Let them be completely independent and let us keep our taxes and decide whether we can be bothered to seek out the doctors.


Ten-fold rise in ‘flu cases on last year

Hospitals in the NHS are rapidly filling up with ‘flu cases I gather.

But the good news is that Covid 19 cases are down.

Or is it vice versa?

Those of you who know such things will realise this is all a load of bollux from the Times and whatever source they get their information.

The truth is probably that cases are the same or that are increasing massively as the effects of the bivalent booster kick in.

I gather there is a “tripledemic” of Covid, ‘flu and record attendance at Accident and Emergency (A & E) departments.

As to what people are doing in A & E I don’t know; are they in there because of palpitations over the jabs?

Anyway, the tripledemic should read ‘flu, ‘flu and possible a bit more ‘flu. Any more flap over the ‘flu and people will take off into the air!

Nurse ‘tried to kill week-old baby with insulin’

This was a headline in The Telegraph 11th October this year.

Anyway, makes a change from vaccines. I wonder what the headline would be if journalists wake up to the fact that doctors and nurses administering or recommending vaccines are harming and killing people? How about

Doctors and nurses used vaccines to kill babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

I’m not sure that’s snappy enough. What about

Doctors and nurses playing Russian roulette with our bodies

Better I think. And this

Medical Nazis murder XXXXX, 100, 000 people in the world

Of course it’s not just vaccines but all sorts of big pharma drugs. And not counting the millions of abortions.

The Guardian reminds us of a Telegraph article 80 years ago.

It says “The British public averted its gaze”. Today they are being distracted by the Ukraine etc., but where are the journalists ready to stand up against the evil genocide of today?

But as I have said we follow a timeline similar to WW2 only 80 years ago. Wake up everybody!

Council rebrands minorities ‘global majority’

I gather Westminster council has replaced the term “black, Asian and minority ethnic “(BAME),  with the phrase “global majority”.

This is a Labour run council which has apparently said it has made a commitment to be more diverse and inclusive.

And stupid. They left out that word.

Still, it is Labour. Labour is hard work, and Labour make hard work of the simple things.

My suggestion is rather than replace the term BAME, the voters in Westminster borough replace the council and get some sensible people in control.

Sorted that one then.

Some atheists still believe in the power of prayer

More than half of Britons who describe themselves as “non-religious” have some belief in God and 1 in 6 believe in the power of prayer.

Theos, the religious think tank, did a survey of 5,000 people and the survey suggested just over a quarter can be classified as atheists.

But a small proportion of the non-religious, 14%, believed in a higher power, and 17% believed in prayer, whatever that may mean.

I haven’t tried to access the survey details, but it seems that perhaps atheists may pray to a higher power, something bigger than themselves.

I would say that was God myself. But then in the Bible the word God is rather misleading in a way, as the word is “Aleim” or “ Elohim” meaning strictly angels.

In fact it means a lot more and I have tried to start unpacking this.

Bon Jovi sung about living on a prayer and about being half way there, wherever there is.

Well as we are over half way through WW3, this battle of words, perhaps it’s that.

And please note atheists that God believes in you despite your apparent lack of faith. You wouldn’t exist if He hadn’t thought about you in the beginning a long time ago.

We’ve gotta hold on ready or not

You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got

Whoa, we’re half-way there

Whoa, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand and we’ll make it, I swear

Whoa, livin’ on a prayer

P.S. these may be of interest.

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

What is the ‘flu a.k.a Covid 19 and why vaccines are pointless at best.

G is for…..God

Rishi Sunak memes

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

9th November, 2022

Having given some consideration to the matter, I thought I would try my hand at some memes. See if we can’t put to death the idea that Dishy Fishy Rishi will be good for the UK having got us into the current mess we are in financially by borrowing money from the taxpayer.

Who borrow from the banks; well, the government does this kindly on our behalf having taken its percentage of course.

Rishi used to work for a bank, Goldman Sachs, but doesn’t like to mention it.

Of course Goldman Sachs was founded by Jews and a David Michael Solomon now is of Jewish heritage.

But of course there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

I have already done a post on Rishi Sunak the ‘hi risk anus’, the anagram of his name which should have warned people about him.

I see somebody agrees with my analysis.

Some people think he got some things right as chancellor. I don’t.

Paste the following into your browser I you want to read as link doesn’t seem to work.

By the way ‘U R Snaki-ish’ is also an anagram of Rishi Sunak, as in ‘You are snaky-ish.

Anyway, here goes.

P.S. If you haven’t read this yet, here’s my assessment of Rishi Sunak prior to Liz Truss’s appointment as P.M.

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

In the News – The Daily Telegraph Tuesday, 11th October, 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

1st November, 2022

3 weeks late, but as I struggle to keep up with things, who can blame me? Lots of people no doubt.

Anyway, my usual take of events in the news. Might be helpful to you. Keeps me busy in any event.

My selected headlines from The Daily Telegraph in which I ‘ape light-heartedly’.

Which is an anagram of The Daily Telegraph. Who would have thought it?

Nurse used insulin to kill babies, trial told

That’s different, makes a change from vaccines. I wonder what the headline would be if Telegraph journalists wake up to the fact that doctors and nurses administering or recommending vaccines are harming and killing people? How about

Doctors and nurses used vaccines to kill babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

I’m not sure that’s snappy enough. What about

Doctors and nurses playing Russian roulette with our bodies

Better I think. And this

Medical Nazis murder XXXXX, 100, 000 people in the world

The Guardian reminds us of a Telegraph article 80 years ago.

It says “The British public averted its gaze”. Today they are being distracted by the Ukraine etc., but where are the Daily Telegraph journalists ready to stand up against the evil genocide of today?

Russians turning on Putin over war, says GCHQ chief.

Allegedly. I dare say some are though. But I wouldn’t trust GCHQ to tell the truth. The whole things a charade as I have said before, a circus to distract the brain dead from the other evils in the world.

I really doubt that Russian forces are in a “desperate situation”. But it sounds good.

And one should remember that 80 years ago the Soviets were fighting like mad to retain control of Stalingrad so that Hitler could not claim to have defeated Stalin.

Or ‘Putin’ it another way, the Russians were ‘Stalin’ for time, until winter came and they could launch a counter attack.

I keep telling you we follow a timeline matching that of 80 years ago so the media have to make things look about right.

And we are under a week from the 5th November when the Germans reached the furthest point they would get to in the Caucasus 80 years ago.

From Wikipedia

5: German III Panzer Corps and Romanian 2nd Mountain Division capture the town of Alagir, which is the furthest south the Axis would reach on the Eastern Front.

Footnote article for more information.

‘Putin’s plan has hit the brave reality of Ukrainian defence’

This is a continuation of the front page leader.

Anyway, yeah, right, tell me another.

‘Neo-Nazis put up brave defence against the nasty Russians.’ More accurate I think.

Or perhaps the Russians are not so nasty after all. As the Nazis came out of Germany and the Ukraine was rather Nazi in WW2 and was Nazi (sic) to its citizens back then including the Jews, one might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps not much has changed.

Here’s a website that indicates this, an alternative to the Zelenskyy good, Putin bad spin by western media which a majority seem to have soaked up without critical thinking or research.

And another

And another

Rayner’s partner blocked from running as Labour M.P.

This is Angela Rayner’s boyfriend who is called Sam Tarry. Whether he is tarry in that he is late to things or he is tarry as in covered in tar is debatable.

As he was brought up in the east London area one might have thought that he might have been suitable to remain as Labour’s candidate for Ilford South (he is currently M.P. for this area) in the next general election.

However, he has been deselected by members of the constituency Labour party for supporting a rail strike picket.

The Guardian ran an article saying

Tarry, who is in a relationship with Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has alleged serious concerns about the conduct of the campaign against him to Labour HQ, claiming that he had discovered “ghost members” who had left the constituency or died.

Perhaps someone is taking a leaf out of the USA Democrats copy book.

Smugglers offer cut-price Channel crossings

‘Roll up, roll up, buy one get one free!’. Wonderful news. For only £3,000 you can cross the channel illegally. Children can go for £2,000.

I don’t think life belts are included. Added excitement and on-board entertainment is achieved buy having the boat leak so that everybody has to bail out the water. This also helps them keep warm and avoid hypothermia.

Entering the country illegally also means that all being well you won’t be pestered by GP letters saying ‘You haven’t got the vaccine, why not give it a go, it’s free? Or words to that effect.

I am not sure which is more risky or indeed cheaper, crossing the channel in this manner or having the shot. Possibly the former, but I haven’t seen the stats so this is pure guesswork.

Vodafone worker wins sex discrimination case

A homosexual young woman has won compensation form Vodafone after her male manager asked her ‘How do lesbians have sex?’

I don’t know why he didn’t Google it if he was really that interested. Would have saved a lot of bother.

Anyway, apparently the lady was ‘humiliated’ by remarks from her manager who apparently said she ‘looked like a normal lassie to me’.

I would have thought that was a complement to look normal. Plenty of people look weird. I have a facial palsy and a lockdown pony tail and I think I look weird.

Still, my wife seems to cope.

On the other hand, some people look normal on the surface but are weird underneath. Such as those taking the vaccines and wearing masks in odd situations. It takes all sorts I suppose.

Oliver: I’m a better chef if I think like a woman.

He is quoted as saying this is “Easier said than done”. Indeed. I don’t know how my wife thinks when it comes to cooking, but her mother didn’t like cooking. Nevertheless I understand achieved good results nevertheless.

My wife can struggle as a consequence. I have a more relaxed approach, an instinctive style if you like. My mother and grandmother were both good cooks so I guess I had a good start.

And my great grandmother wrote a children’s cook book.

Of course I may be in touch with my feminine side as they say. I have X and Y chromosomes (at least I must assume so as a man, albeit I have not been formally genetically tested) so have male and feminine traits. These are part of the male psyche.

When these are out of balance, men can go peculiar.

Man confessed to killing in 1980, court hears

He confessed recently, not in 1980 by the way. The murder was 42 years ago.

The murdered was A Bird. That is not a bird but a man called Anthony Bird. A bird is slang for a female, but this was definitely a man.

This man was 42 years old at the time of his death. Two sets of 42. Are we being teased again with this number, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question?

Protestor closes major road to port of Dover.

Police took nearly 8 hours to remove a protestor from the A2 Jubilee Way in both directions. He was complaining of torture by Kent Police according to the banner he held. ‘Withheld my legal rights’ was part of this banner. The man had tied himself to bridge railings.

What the police were doing in the time I don’t know. Writing out risk assessment reports perhaps. It is nice to know that Kent Police care about the individual and don’t rush into things.

Sometimes. But they didn’t bother to think about the Covid 19 measures or GUIDANCE.–covid-19-measures/

Kent Police has obviously not woken up to the fact that vaccines are harming and killing people. Are they not going to protect people from the crimes that are being committed against them?

The Police are hypocrites and fools. They will be judged severely for their wilful ignorance.

Man arrested over triple stabbing in London

At first I hoped it was Man arrested over triple jabbing in London, but sadly not. One day there will be more than one man arrested. There will be quite a few women too. Vaccine jabs of course, three jabs already, a fourth in the pipeline and 7 probably in total if all goes to the medical Nazis plan.

Dotty decision

This is a photo of the artist (I use the term loosely) Damien Hirst of pickled half a cow fame. He is going to burn thousands of his artworks I gather. I trust he has done this. I would hope he would burn the lot but I suppose burning some of his work will improve the price of the remaining ones on a rarity basis.

I have never taken an interest but much of his artwork reminds me of a kaleidoscope and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds which was a reference to LSD, the drug which causes hallucinations.

His artwork has made him very rich and given him lots of LSD. That is pounds, schillings and pence in old money.

His mother was Irish and Jewish I gather. That probably explains things.

Anagrams of his name, Damien Steven Hirst, include

admen reinvest shit

Vienna shits termed

Vienna shit deems RT

Atheist dens vermin

That probably explains things too.

He did a piece with a human skull covered in diamonds.

Reminds me of Lucifer, now Satan who was covered in jewels. Beauty on the outside but dead underneath.

Automation and robots tipped to end growing pains

No need to build robots as I suspect vaccines are turning people into mindless zombies. The powers that be can send control signals via the air waves ‘ Work for low wages, feed the plants’ etc. etc.

Sturgeon doubles down on plan for referendum reprise next year

She won’t give up will she? Buggers up Scotland, but hey, let’s have a referendum to distract from the chaos she causes. All being well the Supreme Court will see sense and turf her out.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the Scottish people might too come Election Day.

Archbishop unease over British embassy switch to Jerusalem

But not about moral decay, vaccine harms, etc. Welby the wally (I am being polite).

Promise to build 300,000 homes ‘dead in the water’

Probably because many people will be dead from the vaccines and we won’t need all those homes. We don’t want them anyway, we need the good earth (unpoisoned of course) to grow food.

It may be that of course global warming will cause sea levels to rise as they have been telling us for decades and the houses will all be flooded.

It’s alright, only kidding, I know it’s a scam. Like the vaccines.


‘Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales leaves Portsmouth …’

I despair. The picture is of the ship under the Forth rail bridge in Scotland near Rosyth. Which idiot in The Daily Telegraph wrote this?

Calling old people ‘elderly’ is ageist.

Okay, how about calling them silly old farts instead? And while we are at it call young people ignorant twats. Then we can have a good ding battle to rival the Ukraine situation whilst the elites look on rubbing their hands as they rake in the moolah (slang for money if you don’t know).

Alternatively stick with young and elderly. Simpler I think.

Tfl is all aboard for gender-neutral lingo in new guide

Transport for London’s latest lunacy. A possible reason is in the name. An anagram is ‘Trans frond poltroon’. A poltroon is a coward or contemptible person.

There are at least 10,000 phrases that can be made including ‘Trans’. Whether they make good sense I don’t know as I haven’t checked.

But Tfl’s new guide makes no sense. I see this.

Online reviews of scented candles give first whiff of a Covid spike

Wonderful, now my wife and I can tell if we are getting the ‘flu. Of course this I probably a ploy to encourage people to buy these things for Christmas. As if some of us haven’t got enough already.

My wife, retired teacher, used to get them from grateful pupils/parents.

As regards the Covid spike this is to get people ready for the illness striking the UK this autumn/winter.

Which may be the normal ‘flu.

Or the abnormal ‘flu caused by vaccines.

Gaming can lead to at-risk children having heart attacks

That’s it, blame computer games for myocarditis caused by vaccines.

Still, sitting in a chair all day looking at a screen is not a good thing.

But neither are the vaccines.

Ban on petrol and diesel cars ‘to cost £15k per household’

I am not a great fan of driving because of the pollution and I prefer to cycle or walk, but banning petrol and diesel cars will be barmy. Make the engines much cleaner and fuel efficient, we have not significantly improved fuel consumption for years.

But many people overuse their cars and we have far too many.

And at least we don’t put lead in the petrol any more, although I am not sure what else they put in that may be toxic.

Perhaps we should go back to horses like the traditional Amish in the USA. They have done well against Covid 19/the ‘flu because they live a healthy life and I believe avoid vaccines on the whole.

And you can put horse shit on the rhubarb for example. When it’s in the vegetable plot of course, not when it’s cooked.

Fire and fury of revenge rocket attacks mask weakness of a man unwilling to co-operate.

This is by Mark Almond an author and once a lecturer at Oxford University.

I assumed he might be writing about Joe Biden. Apparently not. Mark seems to think Putin is the main problem. Has Mark not observed Biden’ mental deterioration?

He calls Joe ‘Sleepy Joe’ in the article above so he must do.

He ends the article with this.

But perhaps president Emmanuel Macron could take this opportunity to turn a long-held French dream of leading a European army into reality.

Neither Americans nor the British are going to abandon their commitment to European security but it would make sense for France, the only EU nation with nuclear weapons, to act as the leader for European Nato.

This is very interesting, end times stuff. I wonder if Mark Almond is being put to say this, controlled opposition as some might say.

Personally, I think he’s a bit of a nut; it’s in his name of course. Such is the problem with many Oxford University types, ivory towers and all that.

Nevertheless, according to his Wikipedia entry he criticises the activities of George Soros so not that blind.

He can be considered a ‘don’ as a professor. An anagram of his name includes ‘arm lad monk’. He is around 64 years old so might be considered aged.

Arm, aged and don make ‘Armageddon’.  This off course links to Revelation in the Bible. I have understood this for a while when at last I had ‘ears to hear’ in 2020.

‘Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!’ said by another Marc.

And the aged dons to stoke up the rhetoric.

More Mark’s and Marc’s of the Beast then.

Further articles if anyone is interested.

STOP PRESS: Truss ousted, Rishi Sunak new P.M.!

Oh dear. I thought I had dealt that ‘Hi risk anus’ (anagram of his name) a fatal blow. Apparently not.

Of course this is relatively old news now. Still, I had better get my thinking cap on before he does even more damage. Lets’ see now…

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

Part 2. Liz Truss

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th September, 2022

If you haven’t seen it you may wish to examine part 1: Rishi Sunak. Anyway with Boris Johnson gone, the Tory party are looking for a new leader.

I wasn’t sure about the two remaining, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, until I looked at Rishi Sunak who you will see I discard very definitely. But I thought I must also take a closer look At Liz Truss. I have used Wikipedia entries as a starting point. Text in italics extracted from these entries.

Liz Truss

She was born in Oxford, UK, in July 1975 so she is now 47. Her parents may be UK nationals and there is no evidence to suggest they are not.

Her father is an emeritus professor of pure mathematics at the University of Leeds, while her mother was a nurse, teacher and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Truss has described her parents as being “to the left of Labour”.

She has moved around a bit and appears to have had a state school education so probably more in tune with the general population than Rishi Sunak, although a public school education does not necessarily make somebody ignorant of the populace as a whole.

She has been Liberal Democrat but joined the Conservative Party in 1996, which would have been at around age 21, so something must have changed her mind.

Professional career

She has worked in large businesses having qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant. I don’t have anything against accountants per se but running a country is not just about the numbers.

Political career

Parliamentary candidatures

Shortly after her selection, some members of the constituency association objected to Truss’s selection, due to her failing to declare a prior affair with the married Conservative MP Mark Field.

I am not sure why she should have declared her affair, as I don’t know how she presented her case for selection. But is does seem the central party intervened, possibly David Cameron himself. I have no affiliation to any party but I am none too keen on seeing centralised control over such matters. The local association should have the ultimate say.

The prospective member of parliament will represent to constituency first and foremost, that is what parliamentary democracy is supposed to be about.

Parliamentary career

She has been the co-author of a book which said “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor.”

I am not sure how true this is, although in certain sectors no doubt it is true. But productivity has nothing to do with how long people work. Much time at work is technically ‘wasted’. What the end result is what matters, is it of good quality and useful is the question that should be asked.

Lots of stuff gets made which is essentially crap and doesn’t last. As to the various documents and reports that get churned out by civil servants etc. the bulk of it is filler and pointless garbage.

Truss has campaigned for improved teaching of more rigorous school subjects, especially mathematics. She noted in 2012 that only 20% of British students studied maths to 18, and called for maths classes to be compulsory for all those in full-time education. Truss herself studied maths and further maths at A level. She argued in 2011 that comprehensive school pupils were being “mis-sold” easy, low-value subjects to boost school results: comprehensive school pupils were six times as likely to take media studies at A-level as privately educated pupils. Truss also criticised the over-reliance on calculators to the detriment of mental arithmetic.

I have to say I thoroughly agree with her on this. Whilst I don’t think anybody needs any more than a good ‘O’ level grounding in maths to be competent in life and indeed, a decent primary school level will suffice most of the time, I did take Maths and Further maths at ‘A’ level myself although I dropped the latter after my first year in sixth form due to struggling with the pure side (statistics I quite enjoyed).

Over reliance on calculators is a very good point, we need to stimulate our brains and expecting a machine to do things for us is not good.

As to media studies, these are a farce by and large.

Ministerial career

Junior ministerial career (2012–2014)

She sought to improve British standards in maths for fear that children are falling behind those in Asian countries,

Understandable as an accountant she should wish for this. And in my books very reasonable.

Environment Secretary (2014–2016)

In November 2014, Truss launched a new 10-year bee and pollinator strategy to try to reverse the trend of falling bee populations, including a strategy to revive traditional meadows which provide the most fertile habitat for pollinators. In July 2015, she approved the limited temporary lifting of an EU ban on the use of two neonicotinoid pesticides, enabling their use for 120 days on about 5% of England’s oil seed rape crop to ward off the cabbage stem flea beetle; campaigners in 2012 warned that pesticides were shown to harm bees by damaging their renowned ability to navigate home.

The problem with falling bee populations is that they have been poisoned by the many toxins in the environment introduced by the chemical industries/big pharma to big farmers!!

These chemicals are neuro-toxins as they are designed to suppress the nervous systems of insects, but all that ultimately happens is that the toxins accumulate in bees and the hive is poisoned.

This is not rocket science and is yet one more instance of big pharma harming the life on this planet.

I am surprised Liz Truss has not grasped this.

Truss cut taxpayer subsidies for solar panels on agricultural land, as her view was that the land could be better used to grow crops, food and vegetables.

I agree with her on this. I despair when I see the solar panels littering the landscape. We need to grow as much food as we can, but we don’t need to use agro-chemicals and pesticides to do it. We need quality not quantity and we certainly do not need to poison ourselves as we currently do, courtesy of big pharma.

Justice Secretary (2016–2017)

She has been criticized for “…failing to support more robustly the judiciary and the principle of judicial independence.”

Apparently this was regarding the R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union case which ruled “…that the British Government (the executive) may not initiate withdrawal from the European Union by formal notification to the Council of the European Union as prescribed by Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union without an Act of Parliament giving the government Parliament’s permission to do so.”

Technically this may have been correct but given that Gina Miller, who was one of the main claimants in the case, was and presumably still is, an ardent remainer, one can sympathise with those who thought the judges were being unreasonable.

It is reasonably argued that we were misled into joining the EEC as it was when we joined and we had no proper legality anyway as a consequence.

Vernon Coleman is very good.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury (2017–2019)

Some of her civil servants were reported as finding her tenure as Chief Secretary “exhausting”, because of her demanding work schedule and her habit of asking officials multiplication questions at random intervals.

It amuses me that some officials should apparently struggle with multiplication questions. One wonders quite what level of multiplication they were. Officials in the treasury should have a firm grasp of numbers.

My father tells me his grandfather could add up three columns of figures in the old pounds schillings and pence in his job as a stockjobber in the stock exchange. In today’s age I wonder how many could add up two columns in their heads.

This link from the Wikipedia article expands on Liz Truss.

It says

Few dispute that she would have been able to do the job (of chancellor of the exchequer) effectively. But Johnson discarded her as his chancellor-designate in part because of the row the tax plans caused, and in part because Javid was more willing to spend freely.

That’s a pity. We needed sensible spending, not the free for all that we see and the enormous waste of taxpayer’s money that goes on.

In June 2018, Truss gave a speech outlining her declared commitment to freedom and individual liberty. She criticised regulations that get in the way of people’s lives and warned that raising taxes could see the Tories being “crushed” at the polls; in particular, she criticised ministerial colleagues who should, in her view, realise “that it’s not macho just to demand more money. It’s much tougher to demand better value and challenge the blob of vested interests within your department”.

Good for her. About time the vested interests got a great big boot up their backsides. Bleeding Britain dry is what they have done at the expense of those who work hard for peanuts.

International Trade Secretary (2019–2021)

She seems to have done some useful work on trade deals post Brexit, including Japan.

This was followed by newly negotiated trade deals with Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

I am not quite sure how significant a trade deal with Liechtenstein will be. It is rather small!! Still, every little helps as they say.

In December 2020, Truss made a speech on equality policy in which she stated that the UK focused too heavily on “fashionable” race, sexuality, and gender issues at the expense of poverty and geographical disparity. In the speech, she announced that the government and civil service would no longer be receiving unconscious bias training.

“no longer be receiving unconscious bias training.” Hooray, about bloody time. Mind you, what is unconscious bias anyway? Possibly Antifa or LGBTQ+ activists knocking you unconscious for disagreeing with their lunacy!

Everybody is biased. One can be biased towards truth or biased towards lies. But let’s have plain robust speaking, no cover up of the truth. And cut the crap of the civil service which in my books has become the uncivil service as it does not serve the people as it should.

You may have heard the phrase “the bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.” attributed to Oscar Wilde.

The civil service should be heavily streamlined along with many other administration jobs. Liz Truss might well take up the cudgel as P.M.

Foreign Secretary (2021–present)

Russia and Ukraine

I am not impressed with her as Foreign Secretary in this context.

She made a cock-up regarding Russia’s sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov regions, two Russian provinces where Russian troops are deployed.

I suppose one can’t expect her to have studied the WW2 Eastern Front but a bit of geography would have helped. Is this the mentality of an accountant?

She has supported people wanting to help the ‘struggle’ which shows great naivety and ignorance of what is actually going on let alone the fact this is apparently illegal anyway.

She wants to push Russia out of the Ukraine and the Crimea, yet seems blissfully unaware of history and the proxy war that has been going on and the Nazi Azov battalion.

2022 Conservative Party leadership election

She pledged to cut taxes on day one if elected, and said she would “fight the election as a Conservative and govern as a Conservative”, adding that she would also take “immediate action to help people deal with the cost of living.” She said she would cancel a planned rise in corporation tax and reverse the recent increase in National Insurance rates, funded by delaying the date by which the national debt is planned to fall, as part of a “long-term plan to bring down the size of the state and the tax burden”.

Well, I am all for what she proposes. Bringing down the size of the state is a mammoth task but essential. I am not adverse to reasonable taxes as such but governments just waste the money horrendously. People get given a budget and have no incentive to give value for money or save it to be put aside for something better at the year end.

If we don’t have people who actually care and will be honest (let alone have the mathematical skills) then waste and corruption will continue.

Political positions

Economics and foreign policy

She supports free trade. I am generally for this provided what we get is good quality. All too often free trade can mean the lowest common denominator and we end up with rubbish goods – or should that be bads?!


She voted to remain but changed her mind in 2017. I was unsure myself about which way to vote, but voted leave in the end.

As remainers then went ballistic and I now understand that the EU is the German Fourth Reich planned all along if WW2 didn’t go according to plan for Nazi Germany, I now realise I was right to vote the way I did.

We were warned decades ago about Germany before we joined but siren voices persuaded people we must join. Germany has been stuffing us ever since.

Anyway, at least she now sees sense. She is quoted as saying “I was wrong and I am prepared to admit I was wrong”. That is something in a politician to be humble enough to admit ones mistakes and seems rare to me.

But then who does like admitting their mistakes?

Social and cultural issues

On culture, Truss has said that the Conservative Party should “reject the zero-sum game of identity politics, we reject the illiberalism of cancel culture, and we reject the soft bigotry of low expectations that holds so many people back”. She has also suggested that Britain should not ignore the history of the British Empire, but should embrace the country’s history “warts and all” if it is to compete with hostile states.

I agree with this. It has destroyed much of what is good. It has been a concerted campaign by the Nazis and Marxists to destroy this country.

On LGBTQ+ rights, Truss, according to Reuters, voted for gay marriage and has never voted against LGBTQ+ rights, but has also moved to limit trans rights. She spoke against gender self-identification, stating that “medical checks are important”. She said that she agreed that “only women have a cervix”. She also stated that the government departments should withdraw from Stonewall’s diversity champions scheme. Despite initially supporting single-sex services being restricted on the basis of biological sex, she later said in February 2022 that the Government was not interested in enacting such a measure.

I am sorry she voted for homosexual marriage (gay was a word stolen by homosexuals to make their actions more acceptable to people at large, so I avoid using in this context).

It has always been obvious that marriage is between a man and a woman. Living together is one thing, marriage is quite another.

But at least she sees sense on the gender self-identification issue. The whole thing is a mental health issue due to psychological pressures exacerbated by the various toxins in the environment. Including probably female hormones in the water.

Environmental policies

On 25 July 2022, during the first head-to-head debate on the BBC, Truss said: “I was an environmentalist before it was fashionable. I was a teenage eco-warrior campaigning against damage to the ozone layer.” She also said that we should save our resources by using and wasting less which would help the environment and singled out food waste as being a massive problem in the UK.

Again I agree with her. We should return to mend and repair which helps create jobs locally and increases social cohesion as we interact on such things, rather than buying yet another dubious quality product via the internet.

But we do need to make products that are good quality in the first place and can be reasonably repaired.

We cannot afford to go on dumping rubbish in landfill or littered about on land or sea.

In 2022, Truss suggested that she would end the UK government’s moratorium on fracking,[169] which has been in place since 2019,[170][171] to permit it “in parts of the country where there is local support for it”.[172] Truss views fracking as a way of reducing the UK’s dependence on Russian energy sources.[173] While Environment Secretary in 2015, Truss was urged by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas to apologise to communities facing fracking for “holding back” evidence of the risks for rural areas.

I am not convinced about fracking being sensible. The issue of water quality is serious, we already have problems with nitrate run off, let alone the poisons we add to water when ozone treatment would be much better and not toxic.

Of course we have to accept higher costs, but if we don’t we pay more for health problems. You have to look at the global costs, not just the immediate issue.

While not against the use of solar panels, in 2022 Truss said: “I think one of the most depressing sights when you’re driving through England is seeing fields that should be full of crops or livestock, full of solar panels.” She has proposed that solar panel use should be restricted to commercial roofs.

Agreed, I hate seeing these panels myself. There are large areas of commercial roofs unused in this way. Not that I like the big shed developments mind, they are as bad as solar panels as an eyesore and take agricultural land.

At a hustings in Exeter in August, Truss has said that she would give her support to the construction of small modular reactors and large nuclear power facilities.[176] While Foreign Secretary, Truss has cautioned against Chinese involvement in British infrastructure, including nuclear power stations.

Again I consider this reasonable. I am not convinced that nuclear power is as dangerous as we are told. I am suspicious that vested interests have tried to make out it is dangerous so they can make more money, or perhaps keep people buying oil.

As reported in The Daily Telegraph, Truss plans to axe an environmental rule called the “nutrient neutrality” requirement.[178] This rule “requires developers to detail the impact in terms of pollution of their proposals on rivers and wetlands” and is implemented by the non-departmental public body Natural England.[178] UK Government support for nutrient neutrality is outlined in a policy paper from March 2022 “Nutrient pollution: reducing the impact on protected sites”.

As I consider we have too many houses I would rather see restrictions on housing. Nobody seems to take a real look at the issues. Much of the problem has been the splitting up of the family unit due to divorce etc. This means more housing units and increased travel when kids have to be shuttled between their parents.

This also means more pollution from vehicles and increased demand on the road network. It has been blindingly obvious to me for decades that this is what happens. The costs to society are enormous and unsustainable.

Personal life

She has married another accountant, Hugh O’Leary. I find this rather depressing. We need accountants, but running a country is not just balancing the books (although heaven knows we need to do that even if Rishi Sunak doesn’t).

If he husband had done something else perhaps her views would be better balanced.

She has had an extra-marital affair with another M.P. but her marriage survived.

In 2022, Truss said: “I share the values of the Christian faith and the Church of England, but I’m not a regular practising religious person”.

I am not sure what she means by ‘values of the Church of England’. The C of E doesn’t stand for very much nowadays which is why my wife and I abandoned it in 2013 (I always thought the pomp and show mere foolishness; I have always been more concerned about the people and their hearts, not the outward appearance).

World Economic Forum (WEF) links

Tory leadership candidate Liz Truss has told fellow Conservative Party members that she will not allow the implementation of a fully cashless society, emphasising that she will back people being able to pay for goods and services using physical tender for now.


I am relieved. The move to a cashless society is about control and while people are evil this just means it is open to abuse by a few technocrats. This is part of what has been going on through Covid 19.

Pretend that cash can spread diseases (it can’t) and ramp up the fear. ‘I’ve touched some cash which someone else has touched, we’re all going to die’. No we’re not, get a grip.

Here is another link saying Boris could crush the two candidates in vote for Tory leadership.

But Boris is WEF also so where do we stand? More thought required.

Other matters

Tory leadership hustings: Smart motorways ‘experiment’ has failed and should stop, says Liz Truss


I agree with that heading. Complete waste of money from the start. Like HS2 in my books, which ruins perfectly good countryside and takes agricultural land merely for a slightly quicker journey to Birmingham or London.

I see in the article Rishis Sunak says he has been an appalling husband and father over the last two years.

He forgot to add ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer.’ Easy mistake to make. As easy as buggering up the UK economy by gross borrowing and filtering off taxpayers’ money to somewhere indeterminable.

Meaning of her name

Mary – my smile or my laughter

Elizabeth – el is a beth – God is a house (like bed)

Truss – a support, but also a constraint.


Always a fruitful source of truth, if not amusement. See what you make of these.

Mary Elizabeth Truss = 18 letters total

Mary Elizbth us = 13 individual letters

Full name anagrams

My selection:

Beastliest mazy Ruhr

May brutalises hertz

brutalises ezra myth

Breathalyzers I must

amateur blitzes Rhys

baresthesia Luz my RT – Barognosis, or baresthesia, is the ability to evaluate the weight of objects


This might suggest she has the ability to weigh up situations correctly and in many instances I think she has.

Tzar yum establisher

bruise hazy maltster

bra hurl systematize

ahems blitz treasury

bestial mhz treasury – she has fought with the treasury ‘beast’

blitz shame treasury

blitzes ham treasury

Amby Austerlitz hers

Austerlitz barmy she

blusterers mazy Thai

Alzheimer bats rusty

Alzheimer batty USSR

Alzheimer busty tsar

Alzheimer busy start

ahem brazes trustily

ahems trustily zebra

amaze herbs trustily

Baez mislayer truths

Bayer hazel mistrust

austere blitz marshy

Blair seem hazy trust

brassiere mhz tautly

Summary and conclusions

Well, I certainly think she is better than Rishi Sunak by a long chalk. He is a real globalist and not interested in the welfare of the people of the UK as a whole, only his own self-interest and wealth.

I consider her to be more interested in the UK generally and better balanced, even if she is wrong in certain respects.

But overall, I think Liz Truss would be better as Chancellor of the Exchequer. We need someone to balance the books and get us out of the financial mess which Rishi Sunak has exacerbated enormously.

Given that anagrams of her name include the word ‘treasury’ and as she worked there and clearly gave the civil service some stick, this seems reasonable to me. ‘Blitz shame treasury’ is a great anagram of her name and certainly ‘blitzing’ the treasury is a good thing, along with the civil service as a whole.

Whilst I do not like Boris Johnson and he has a lot to answer for, he seems preferable as leader in the interim and others have said they want him. We are still having to deal with the stupidity of the EU and Emmanuel ‘God, is he still with us?’ Macron the Moron.

However, I have yet to do any detailed analysis of Boris in a post. In my books his judgment in shacking up with Carrie was clearly flawed. If we could get rid of Carrie it would be a lot simpler.

We shall see. Perhaps we will have Bring Back Boris even if this seems on the surface to be a bad idea.

You see, I have been saying that we follow a timeline similar to WW2. Now I know the idea that Boris might be equated with Winston Churchill seems ridiculous and I agree it does.

But then the whole Covid 19 farce is ridiculous. People going stark, raving bonkers over the ‘flu. So why not one more bizarre thing. After all, Shakespeare did say ‘All the world’s a stage and all the people merely players in it.”

Only it is a pantomime not a straight play, so anything goes. If you think about it carefully you will understand why I say this.

As regards Boris’s situation and Winston Churchill, consider this article. I hope you will ponder it carefully and at least wonder a bit that I, Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson, may have a point.

So maybe we will see Boris back.

P.S. If you didn’t read about Rishi Sunak and wish too now, here’s the link.

Part 1. Rishi Sunak

If you don’t, well I don’t blame you. There must be something better to do…

Which could be the timeline I mentioned.

Timeline – anticipated events in World War 3

A new PM for UK? Conservative party candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss:

Part 1. Rishi Sunak

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th August, 2022

With Boris Johnson gone, the Tory party are looking for a new leader. Personally I am not sure about either of the two remaining, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss so I thought I would take a closer look. I have used Wikipedia entries as a starting point. Text in italics extracted from these entries.

I will probably make some fun of their names where I can; some of it may well be appropriate!

Rishi Sunak

Born in Southampton in the UK, May 1980 this makes him 42 years old. 42, now where have I come across this before? Oh, yes, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. What the question is in this case we shall have to see.

His parents migrated to the UK from East Africa, and are originally of Punjabi Hindu descent. His father is an NHS GP in Southampton, and his mother runs a pharmacy locally there I understand.

This sounds like a conflict of interest, not uncommon with GP’s. You will see that as a husband Rishi has used his position as chancellor to benefit his wife.

He is MP for Richmond, Yorkshire. Richmond sounds like ‘rich mond’, or ‘rich monde’ as monde means ‘world’ in French.

And Rishi Sunak’s world is rich. He is married to Akshata Murty who is also 42!

She is the daughter of N. R. Narayana Murthy who is a billionaire and therefore exceedingly rich.

Sunak and Murthy are the 222nd richest people in Britain, with a combined fortune of £730m as of 2022.

He supported Brexit which in my books is a good thing, although he may have done this for other reasons than the EU is bureaucratic and inefficient and a German ploy to control Europe.

He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022, resigning after his economic policy differences with Boris Johnson.

Here’s a link to his letter as printed in full in the Guardian

Well, he says “I will always be proud of how during the pandemic we protected people’s jobs and businesses through actions such as furlough.”

Well Rishi, given that you are lying about the pandemic as this was a panic over the ’flu, the money you ‘borrowed’ to pay for furlough was not protecting people’s jobs and businesses.

Although I daresay it helped your wife make money and ‘protect’ her businesses.

The borrowed money has been a huge amount.

In the first year of the pandemic, from April 2020 to 2021, it borrowed £299bn, the highest figure since records began in 1946.

The government is expected to borrow less in the current year, April 2021 to 2022, though the figure could still be more than £200bn.


As an aside the BBC article says “As the country starts to emerge from lockdown, the impact it has had on the economy is becoming clearer.

The damage is enormous, but not as bad as feared last year, partly because the vaccines have been so effective.”

We have eye-watering amounts of debt, and the vaccines have been effective at making eye-watering amounts of money for big pharma etc.

He also says

However, the public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

Quite so. Given that you have acted incompetently and improperly, you should have gone a long time ago. But then your wife would have lost out, wouldn’t she?

It says The Treasury said: “The PM’s independent adviser on ministerial interests is completely satisfied [Mr Sunak] has followed the ministerial code to the letter.”

Which letter this is not made clear. Probably the one which says you can pinch as much as you like from the British taxpayer.

This gives further insight into Mrs Sunak.

Rishi Sunak apparently said

“I have friends who are aristocrats, I have friends who are upper class, I have friends who are working class… well, not working class”

This is a man out of touch with the masses of the people. The following link may be of use but it looks a thought you will have to paste into your browser to make it work.

He was issued a fixed penalty notice for attending a party during lockdown. As the so-called Covid 19 regulations were guidance, this is meaningless and stupid. I still see people who did not check themselves making asinine comments about this. Why did you believe the lies, why did you lock yourselves down?

COVID-19 pandemic

Job retention scheme

HM Revenue and Customs officials believed that £3.5 billion may have been paid out in error or to fraudsters.

Including his wife no doubt.

Fraud against the schemes

The UK government estimated that £4.9 billion of bounce back loans may have been lost to fraud.

This is no surprise.

Future Fund

The Future Fund, is a £1.1 billion investment portfolio set up by Sunak in May 2020 and managed by the British Business Bank. The fund invested in 1,190 mainly early-stage companies at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. One director overseeing the portfolio described the companies as mostly “zombie businesses”, leaving the fund with “a significant tail of dormant companies”.[78] Future Fund investments include sex-party firm Killing Kittens[79] and events start-up Pollen, which fell into administration in August 2022.

Sunak is a moron.

Eat Out to Help Out

Eat Out to Help Out was announced to support and create jobs in the hospitality industry.

As there was no need to close down in the first place, this was a complete waste of money.

On 26 September, Sunak was said to have opposed a second lockdown with the threat of his resignation, due to what he saw as the dire economic consequences it would have and the responsibility he would have to suffer for that.

A pity he didn’t resign anyway. But lockdowns were always going to be economically dire; anybody with half a brain could work that out.

March 2021 budget

he announced that the deficit had risen to £355 billion in the fiscal year 2020/2021, the highest in peacetime.

This is hardly surprising is it? He helped cause it.

Register of ministers’ interests

In November 2020, Sunak was reported by The Guardian to have not declared a significant amount of his wife and family’s financial interests on the register of ministers’ interests, including a combined £1.7 billion shareholding in the Indian company Infosys.


The independent adviser on ministers’ interests investigated and concluded that Sunak had not broken any rules.

However, as the independent advisor was Lord Geidt his independence is highly debatable. Looks like a white wash to me.

He is known as Baron Geidt. An anagram is ‘bad git Nero’!!!! Alternatively, an anagram of Lord Geidt is ‘dodgier lt’ or even ‘le dirt God’.

Proposed green levy

As Chancellor, Sunak privately lobbied to impose a green levy, which would have led to higher petrol and diesel prices, to help pay for the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.[97] The proposed Fossil Fuels Emissions Trading Scheme, drawn up by the Treasury, sought to levy pollution from road transportation, as well as shipping, building heating and diesel trains, which together make up more than 40% of UK carbon emissions.[97] The proposal was ultimately rejected by Boris Johnson, who instructed officials that he did not want to increase costs for consumers.

As the net zero plan is merely an excuse for billionaires to make even more money, Boris has shown some common sense unlike Sunak. As I keep saying, the issue is not one of carbon emissions but of pollution.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, plants need it to grow, but the heavy metals and plastics etc. are and these are present in increasing quantities. Chopping down the rainforests without thought destroys sensitive habitats, and leaves the ground vulnerable to erosion. I won’t say more as this requires a separate post.

Cost of living crisis

Sunak continued with a plan to increase national insurance. A waste of money if it is spent on the NHS which as I have said before is broken and unfit for use. The money wasted in the NHS is already appalling and has been for many years as it has got worse and worse.

In April 2022, the Labour leader Keir Starmer said that Sunak was out of touch with the struggles of ordinary people due to the cost of living crisis.

This is certainly true, Sunak hasn’t got a clue. But then Keir Starmer is no better.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

As Chancellor, Sunak was pushing ahead with a new law that would pave the way for stablecoins to be used for everyday payments, despite fears from the Bank of England about the financial stability of the technology.[106][107] In April 2022, Sunak ordered the Royal Mint to create a UK government-backed non-fungible token (NFT) to be issued by summer 2022

Another scam which if you research will expose how fraudsters will exploit anything. Sunak is an idiot.

Non-domiciled status of his wife; US green card

His wife has apparently been saving £20 million in UK taxes and only because it was exposed has agreed to pay UK taxes on her global income.

There is supposed to be an investigation as to who leaked his wife’s tax status. Frankly it is a good thing we know, these globalists should not get away with it.

Reporting around this time also revealed that Sunak had continued to hold the U.S. permanent resident card he had acquired in the 2000s until 2021, including for 18 months after he was Chancellor, which required filing U.S. tax returns.[114][115] An investigation into both his wife’s tax status and his residency status found that Sunak had not broken ministerial rules.

Again this is Lord Geidt in action so we know where he can shove it.

Personal life

Sunak is a Hindu, and took his oath as an MP at the House of Commons on the Bhagavad Gita.

The Jesus is recorded in the Bible as saying “But I tell you not to swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is His footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. Nor should you swear by your head, for you cannot make a single hair white or black. Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything more comes from the evil one.”

No one should swear by or on anything, a bible or Bhagavad Gita. Utterly meaningless if someone lies anyway (most politicians do).

World Economic Forum (WEF) links

Infosys is listed as an official partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been accused of seeking to develop the technological infrastructure to implement a global “social credit score” system.

This is very good I think.

However, the article says That he and his family are indeed all respectable and decent people in fact makes this story even more alarming.

I think that words ‘respectable and decent’ are highly misleading. What people look like on the outside does not reflect what they are like on the inside. In any event Rishi Sunak’s actions speak louder than words.

Meaning of his name

Rishi – Sage, ray of light, a sage.

Hardly suitable given his lack of wisdom stuffing the UK economy.

Sunak – this link suggests ‘altar’

Meaning can be seen by splitting up the word thus; Sun-ak. Sun as in sun in the sky and ak as in a ‘k’, k for kaput in German, the head or chief. Again as in arch the chief support.  

This may explain his quest after leadership. He was head boy at Winchester College.


Always a fruitful source of truth, if not amusement. See what you make of these.

Rishi Sunak = 10 letters in total

Rish unak = 8 individual letters

Single words

Here’s a couple.

Krishna – the name of one of his children

“the all attractive”.

shrinks – Sunak’s brother Sanjay is a psychologist.

Full anagrams

I in shark US

I is shark UN

Anus hi risk

Anus I shirk

Ah Niki USSR

Sinks Uriah

AI run Sikhs

A ruin Sikhs

Ah ruins ski

Ha kiss ruin

Iran kiss uh

Iran Sikh US

I Krishna US

AI shrink US

husk raisin

hair sins UK

hiss Iran UK

hiss rain UK

IRA shins UK

IRA sinks uh

IRA Sikhs UN

ankh Sirius

Kahn Sirius

ASN Irish UK

A Irish sunk

I nark sushi

I sun rakish

skins Uriah

akin hi USSR

ii khan USSR

ah I kin USSR

AI Hun risks

What about his wife/ Here’s a few anagrams for you.


amy kraut shat

aka trashy tum

ah Kama trusty

aah musky tart

Hatty karma US

asthma rat yuk

Asa myth rat UK

Summary and conclusions

Well. I call him Rich tea Sunak – he is very rich and he takes the biscuit as they say.

Others have called him Fishi Rishi.

However, I think ‘hi risk anus’ says it better. He is a high risk and an arsehole. He has crippled the UK economy with his incompetence, but in truth he is an evil man and no mistake.

He should be thrown into prison and his assets confiscated and not let out until he has paid back everything.

P.S. If you are interested in 42 try this link.

42 – The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything *

By the way, I am not sure Boris is really out of the equation, bizarre as it seems. I wondered this at the time of his resignation which seemed rather contrived. The matters leading to the resignation seemed trivial by comparison to what should have been leveled at him.

Extra, extra read all about it! – The Guardian 7th July 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: Please note a few words may be too strong for some of an overrefined nature.

7th July, 2022

What’s all the fuss, can anybody tell me? Excuse me sir, what’s going on?

‘Haven’t you heard, Gove has been sacked from the government! Pardon me, must dash, I’ve got a train to catch.’

My goodness, I must buy a newspaper and get the full story. Where’s the news stand? Ah yes…..let’s see now, Mmm…I haven’t looked at The Guardian for a while, that will give a different spin. But at least I have a brain remaining unlike some, so a careful analysis is called for methinks.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, folks, volks and you good people down under, and anyone else wot (!) reads this, I thought I would grind through The Guardian and see what they say on this and other matters.

However, as I have said before, we are following a timeline after a pattern of World war Two, only 80 years ago. Go take a look at Churchill and the motion of censure which he survived. It is all very similar.

Desperate, deluded PM clings to power

There is a picture on the front page. He does not look desperate to me. But Gove has been sacked after telling Boris to his face that his position in No. 10 is unsustainable. As Boris was allegedly bending over at the time looking for the key to his cabinet, I find that hard to be believed.

It is also alleged that Boris broke wind just as Gove was speaking. Gove fainted and was carried out in a black plastic sack so as not to alarm everybody.

Therefore the story of Gove being ‘sacked’ makes sense.

However, what the government will do without Gove is anybody’s guess. Look, take Gove out of government and what you have left? rnment of course. This is meaningless unless you rearrange the letters as Boris will have to do with his government.

Bizarrely, these 6 letters (part of 666) do rearrange according to the anagram generator I use, assuming initials are allowed.

The top of the list is ‘Mr Tenn’. Well Boris lives in No. 10 so perhaps this is him taking control of the situation. Or not. His hold on power is ten-uous though.

Another near the top is ’MN tern’. MN can stand for many things. See link below.

MuggleNet takes my fancy, or really MuddleNet as I suspect Boris will muddle through. However, midnight is more realistic. Boris’s darkest hour, his midnight hour.

Still, it says ‘MN tern’. So perhaps things will take a ‘tern’ for the better. Or worse.

Going back to the article I see it says that Boris was locked in an unprecedented standoff with his own cabinet. It is rumoured that this is in fact the one where he keeps his potty as the sewage system in Westminster has ruptured again due to all the crap coming out of Parliament.

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s a link to a post on a previous sewerage problem in the area of Westminster Square.

Anyway, if Boris can’t find the key he is going to have to go into the garden and find a flower bed like Larry the cat, the house cat at No. 10.

I have to say perhaps I should have bought a Daily Star as well. It looks funnier. I see it has this headline ‘BBC News turns awkward as star caught using phone with feet up on desk live on air’.

Amazing! I didn’t know BBC stars could do that! Use a phone with his feet eh? What a clever boy Tim Willcox is!

I gather Tim illcox is the wanchorman for the BBC…I think I got that slightly wrong. Never mind, I’s the thought that counts they say. Still, with a name containing cox…..anyway to continue.

There are more thoughts on Larry the cat, they are rather amusing.

Johnson defies calls to quit from both allies and critics, leaving Tories in turmoil.

There is a picture of Boris looking rather serious, shitting, sorry, sitting between Dominic Raab and Nadhim Zahawi. I think Boris didn’t find the key to the cabinet and his is constipating, sorry, concentrating very hard.

This isn’t the picture but the sentiment is there. He is thinking ‘How long can I hold on.’

I see the Welsh secretary Simon Hart has resigned last night. I assume his hart (sic) wasn’t in it. But maybe he has just welched on the PM. ‘Welched’ derives from the word welsh I understand, so this would explain matters.

I see there is the attorney general Sueella Braverman giving Boris a major blow (but not in private, ehem) by saying he should resign, but she is not going to resign because the government needs an attorney and they won’t find another.

The link says she has commented ‘Twitter is a sewer of left-wing bile.’ I only occasionally look at twitter comments as it all seems rather superficial or stating the blindingly obvious ‘Men are men and women are women, get over it.’

But she is right there are a lot of silly arse bilious comments from childish adults who haven’t grown up and they are what are called left wing. Remember left is an anagram of ‘felt’. The do what they felt was right, not what is right and there is a world of difference in that.

I note also her parents came to the UK “with an admiration and gratitude for what Britain did for Mauritius and Kenya, and India”. This was when people understood what the Brits of all its constituent countries had done.

And hadn’t been undermined by Germany’s Nazi/Marxist/communist propaganda which has been seeking to destroy the UK. Don’t forget Germany effectively runs the EU despite its Muppet being French, i.e. ‘Call me Christ’ Macron the Mark of the Beast.

But then the Franks are of Germanic origin I understand so it all makes sense. N.B. Not all French are Franks.

Sueella is recorded as writing this

In a December 2015 op-ed, Braverman wrote, “In essence, rights have come to fill the space once occupied by generosity.” She quotes Eric Posner’s theories on what the Brazilian state sees as its right to use torture by “the police in the name of crime prevention. They justify this by putting a general right to live free from crime and intimidation above their rights of those who are tortured.” She closes,

To correct the imbalance, perhaps we should adopt a Universal Declaration of Responsibilities and Duties, to be read in tandem with that on Human Rights? A fair, decent and reasonable society should question the dilution of our sense of duty, the demotion of our grasp of responsibility and our virtual abandonment of the spirit of civic obligation. What we do for others should matter more than the selfish assertion of personal rights and the lonely individualism to which it gives rise.

Bravo! A standing ovation from Baldmichael. Well it takes a Braverman (sic) than me to say that. But then she is a woman and knows it.

Unlike some left wing loonies out there

Speaking of which I see Kier Stammer, sorry Starmer, attacked Boris yesterday. It is reported that he said various things according to this link.

This seems to have majored on the Chris Pincher scandal.

All of which shows Mr Pincher is a sad case. I gather from the Guardian article etc. that Mr Pincher he was Deputy Chief Whip until he resigned over the scandal.

What he was doing with the whip is anybody’s guess. And what they get up to at the Carlton club after a few drinks…the mind boggles. And these morons run the country. He voted for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

My wife and I went to a rally against it in Trafalgar Square for the first time in 2013 on a freezing cold winters day, the bitterest I have known. Satan at his worst as the LGBTQ+ activist bigots tried to muscle in and get publicity, whilst some youthful anarchists (from Brighton I suspect) exposed themselves (well at least one girl did).

But then they were only the minions of those hiding away, the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. They care not for anyone but themselves, not even the minions who are expendable.

This is where it led us people, further down the slope into the shit-hole of the shitty where everything is turned to shit.

I missed this in February, not directly related.

And this

I don’t think Keir Starmer can be self-righteous about things. And someone says he is a freemason. Hmm…

A former Tory minister is apparently reported as saying ‘Boris has now got such a pipeline of shit arriving that even if he did nothing for six months, we’d still have trouble coming’.

Well, if Boris doesn’t find the key to his cabinet soon I will agree with that. Mind you if they don’t find the sewerage problem at Westminster soon, all London will be awash.

But then Sadiq Khan is Mayor of London at the moment so probably no one would notice anyway as things look pretty bad already.

Day of deadlock ‘What happens if the men in grey suits come and you don’t go?’

I gather Boris has been defiant. A source has quoted “He said millions voted for me only two years ago – and I’m going to fight this to the end. I can’t just pack that in.”

Well, I was just over 2½ years ago, but what’s accuracy between friends? Anyway, the government and the establishment, MSN have been manipulating the figures since 2020 at least so he’s not the only one to under report the details.

Like vaccine harms and deaths and the possible effects on the economy if we shut down. But then most people did choose to accept the guidance as I keep repeating, so most people were rather dim to put it mildly.

Michael Gove has apparently promised he would not stand again for the leadership and was not working for any campaign.

I seem to recall he said something like this before.

Ah yes, that’s it. Still, perhaps Gove could sit rather than stand for election. That wouldn’t be a lie, would it? Mmm?…well ok, but you know what I mean.

Of course all the flak comes out at PMQ’s. This is a bit like PMT’s only it happens every week when Parliament is ‘in session’ rather than monthly for women when they are ‘in season’ if you will forgive the phrase.

Look, it goes with ‘in session’ so don’t blame me ladies. Unless you want to of course. I can take it. I have had enough crap already these past two years and counting so what’s a bit more? I do have a wife in case you don’t know.

And she is a woman for avoidance of doubt. And yes, I can define a woman, unlike some in the USA.

Jessica Elgot’s article says Queer Stammer landed some blows with “charge of the light-weight brigade” and “the ships fleeing the rat”. Apparently he whispered to his shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves (any relation of Christopher a.k.a Superman?) “Was that ok?”

He has to ask does he? Doesn’t show great leadership skills or confidence is his oration. But then he is a liar, sorry lawyer so what does one expect?

Personally I don’t think Mr Scammer is up to much myself. I’m sure I could do better myself if required, but I doubt I could stand the stench of corruption in the air on both sides of the house.

I gather Jessica Elgot thinks Gary Sambrook’s comment was the most devastating.

This is Wikipedia link.

In August 2021 he opposed the conversion of a residential home into a children’s home for up to four children with emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties by circulating a letter stating, among various reasons, it would have a “negative impact on the area” and would “compromise the quality of the area”. Sambrook said: “All children deserve a good quality home to live in. Especially children in care.”

I gather residents are not impressed with that.

In October 2021, Sambrook voted against an amendment to an Environment Bill that would have made it more difficult for water companies to dump raw sewage into rivers because it “was not fully costed and there was no plan to implement it” and “was also predicted to cost around £150 billion”. Sambrook stated that the unamended Bill which he voted in favour of would “absolutely deliver progressive reductions in the harm caused by storm overflows”. After a Labour councillor said that he did not understand why Sambrook voted against the amendment, Sambrook accused him of spreading “fake news on this subject solely to appease his political agenda and further stir up hate and abuse in the community” for making a “suggestion to the contrary” which was “both disingenuous and untrue”.

“…stir up hate and abuse in the community” eh? Against you maybe, putting money over the obvious benefits of not putting crap in the rivers and poisoning the waters. But then perhaps he has shares in the water company. If anyone wants  to dig, please do.

Sambrook is a freemason. He is gay.

Well, what a surprise. Homosexual not gay please. Gay is a perfectly good word high jacked by homosexuals to try and make their sexual misdeeds acceptable.

As for the freemasons, well I am sure you are aware of what they get up to and the role within the Roman Catholic Church. Please note abbreviation of Roman Catholic is RC. Sounds like ‘arsy’. This would explain paedophile priests’ predilection for little boys.

An anagram of his full name is ‘A bra immorally ok wigs’. Which might indicate one of his hobbies.

‘Balls AI imam orgy work’ and ‘I am I am orgy work balls’ are two more. Very suggestive.

Anyway Gary Sambrook is a nasty little shit. He merely adds to all the problems in Westminster with the sewerage system which by all accounts he is not bothered about in his constituency.

But then given where he presumably sticks his willy from time to time this should not be a revelation to you.

The article is quite well written but I don’t think mush of Jessica Elgot’s judgement if she thinks Gary’s comment is the most devastating. But then perhaps she is Jewsih; she worked for the Jewish Chronicle.

Crumbling support The Tory MP’s who have quit Johnson’s government

Rishi Sunak

He is said to be the richest MP and first frontline politician to join the rich list


Apparently he said “ The public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously”.

Well that rules him out of any leadership contest if it comes. Having unnecessarily handed out furlough money to businesses on the assumption they will give it back (it was technically a loan I understand), I think that makes him thoroughly incompetent.

Covid 19 is the ‘flu and the economy was shut down. Idiots like Rishi should have known this. But then he has enough money and his wife has quite a bit too. I haven’t checked where they keep their money but I bet most of it is offshore avoiding tax.

This is interesting but not surprising.

As I must keep pointing out there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. They are not Jews inwardly. It is written in the letter to the Roman’s

“A man is not a Jew because he is one outwardly, nor is circumcision only outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew because he is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise does not come from men, but from God.”

Sajid Javid

After that little weasel Matt Handoncock (sic) resigned after the fake assignation – it was clearly a set up if you watch the video and see my comments in my post – I thought he might be an improvement.

Well I think he was better but that’s not saying an awful lot. I call him Savage Jabit. He persisting with having people ‘shot’ with the poisonous vaccine, although really it’s the brainless section of society who thought it a good idea to do so.

Still as these are predominately left wing loonies there may be some compensation as it removes the excess population.

But I would still they rather repent of their stupidity and follow Jesus Christ (not a religion or institution but the person and His teaching).

Will quince

Anagram of his name is quill wince. He winced at Boris’s handling of the issues and wrote a resignation to him in an old fashioned way.

Alex Chalk

Presumably didn’t like Boris’s actions by a long chalk.

Laura Trott

Trotted off in disgust.  Perhaps she got the trots and as the sewage system in Westminster up the spout went back to Sevenoaks where at least she could find a tree to hide behind and do her business. With a laptop. Mmm.., Parliamentary business. Why, what did you think I meant?

Saquib Bhatti

Clearly it was all driving him mad or bhatti (sic).

Felicity Buchan

Presumably she took more than 39 steps. Think about it…Mmm… you want some clues? Big sigh…ok, it’s a book and film, 3 words, 4 if you count the hyphenated one…Richard Hanney the hero?…Yes? Well done! …(muttering to myself).

Selaine Saxby

One the fairer sax (sic). For avoidance of doubt that is a woman, someone with a womb. Womb-man. Easy when you know how. Not quite sure how she came by the name Selaine.

Ok well if Elaine means sun ray then maybe it’s S-sun ray. Or maybe sexy or slinky sunray. She might like that.


She founded the independent sports bra retailer Lessbounce Ltd. in 2000, and ran the business until 2016, when it went into liquidation.

I suppose the business sadly went tits up as they say. But I have said this before somewhere. What goes up must come down. Sadly what happens to women in old age (allegedly).

Five ministers

Five ministers signed a joint letter. I suppose they were smoking a joint at the time. A case of write a word, take a puff and pass it on perhaps.

Mark Logan

Made a run for it to get above ground for some fresh air, get away from the smell in the Houses of Parliament. As in Logan’s Run the book then the film with Michael York and Jenny Agutter.

If you read the book or see the film it sounds rather like those who willing take the death sticks, a.k.a as vaccines willingly and die as a consequence. Depending on immune status and other factors.’s_Run

Agutter reminds me of the trough many MP’s put their noses in at our great expense. Or spend taxpayers’ money frivolously.  They are not the only ones but you get the picture. There are a lot of people who do this in all parts of society.  If they won’t love God and love their neighbour as themselves this is the consequence.

Fay Jones

Issued a half resignation. A bit fay (sic) then.

Fey…..marked by an otherworldly air or attitude

she had that half shy, half fey smile and that birdlike perkiness

— A. G. Ogden


Mike Freer

Felt chained, resigned so now he’s freer.

Honestly you couldn’t make this up, a real pantomime. But then the Book of Revelation does refer to ‘pantocrator’ in the Greek. It is translated ‘almighty’ in the New Testament.

Perhaps this is all made up. It does seem all quite mad.

You would be right of course. It is after all a story, history, God’s story. He seems a bit of a nutter does God. But then He did come down to earth in the form of His son Jesus Christ. Every author puts something of themselves into their story.

And that story is worth checking out, even the ending which makes strange reading.

Stop press! Boris has resigned!!

Well, what shall we make of that? I guess he never found the key to his cabinet and had to go back to Henley for relief.

Where is the next thrilling instalment in the Westminster chronicles going to take us? Or should that be chronic halls of Westminster?

For one thing Carrie Simmons, a.k.a. Mrs Johnson won’t be living at No. 10 that’s for sure. That’s a relief.

So as Cliff Richard sang, ‘Carrie doesn’t live here anymore’ can be sung by those who get close enough to No.10. Even the Met police might join in.

N.B. I’ve been longing to do that but somebody has referenced it recently, boo-hoo. See link.

Anyway, I may continue with the Guardian or I may not. Until next time I leave you with Cliff Richard and ‘Carrie’.

P.S. If you like news items, albeit past editions you could do worse to look at The Bog Standard, my franchise on my World Menu. Just go to the top type in search box and you should find it.

I add this link for interest