Heat, ice cream, BBC, cannabis, Ben & Jen, bison, Alok Sharma, GP’s, Consultants, Royal Navy, toilets, Aida H Dee etc.

Daily Mail – Monday July 18th, 2022

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th July 2022

I haven’t done a post on the Daily Mail yet, so here is one. It may only interest those in the UK, but I dare say others might be informed or amused or both by my take on matters.

I got hold of a paper copy. The tory leadership contest is its main focus. It is rather boring to be honest. The usual political crap-trap…or is it clap-trap…anyway the usual ‘I will do this’, ‘You mucked this up’, etc. etc.

So as I reflected and tried to analyse this, I felt it was too much hard work and anyway things are moving on. I want to do an analysis of the remaining candidates who are now Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. I may cover others too.

Let’s look at the other items, or at least some of them. I think I am being more serious than usual although I do have some humour. My apologies for that if you need them, but I am getting rather annoyed with the nonsense now and things need to change.

As we face record 39c heat will millions just bunk off?


Did they? I don’t know, don’t ask me. It was very hot, too hot and rather humid for my liking. Friends of ours said that the workmen were working on the road works near them though.

However, as it usual takes 3 or 4 to supervise one man, I don’t suppose they exerted themselves too much.

But our builder carried on putting in our new bath and starting the tiling, so well done him.

Summer of 99’s? Not if councils have a say.

This is a reference to the Summer of ‘69’ by Bryan Adams I presume. Apparently, 69 might be the year 1969 when he brought his first real 6 string guitar. I might also be something else. I don’t get out much.

Anyway, it seems that that Mr Whippy vans might be an endangered species if councils have their way. They don’t like the diesel fumes of the vans which have to run to keep the ice cream soft enough to serve.

Well, I don’t like diesels myself, Nazi smelly things, invented by Herr Diesel, a German.

As to the ice cream this seems to be the ingredients.

What are the ingredients of soft serve ice cream?

Milk, Sugar, Cream, Nonfat Milk Solids, Corn Syrup Solids, Mono- and Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Dextrose, Sodium Citrate, Artificial Vanilla Flavor, Sodium Phosphate, Carrageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate.


Personally I don’t much like the sound of some of that. This is Mr Whippy website.


Mr. Whippy (or Mister Whippy) is a brand of soft-mix ice cream produced by Wall’s, a subsidiary of Unilever

Unilever make soap and detergents too. Perhaps some these go in the ice cream.



This is another Mr Whippe, note spelling. Are they related?

You can make your own Mr Whippy style ice cream yourself. This link tells you how.


And this tells you about the contents of industrial ice cream.


It says Suddenly, the rousing jangle of the ice cream man’s van doesn’t seem quite as appealing.

I quite agree. What will it do to your insides I wonder?

Lords: TV licence fee is ‘regressive’ and it should be reformed

To be honest the arguments about the BBC are well worn. It is not what it used to be, although it seems it has always been a propaganda machine for governments anyway.

But now it just isn’t well balanced on the whole. As I have said before, the TV side as far as I can judge is poor, news is biased to the left-wing and not neutral, they like the sensationalist items more than they should.

They have also supported the vaccinations which is despicable. Those culpable for this crime should be hung, drawn and quartered.

That is hung out to dry, their images sketched by the police artists and quartered at their own expense (not the public’s) in the deepest dungeon of the Tower of London.

After a fair trial of course.

I still say the radio side is pretty good, although I haven’t listened to the music side for some time.

Priti to target well-off cannabis users

Is she going to shoot them? No, just crack down on crack users and other drugs.

Pity Priti won’t be cracking down on the 50% or so of the UK population who use drugs. Mmm? Oh sorry, I was talking about prescription drugs via doctors and hospitals.

These include vaccines of course and most big pharma drugs which as I have said elsewhere are neuro-toxic. Many people become addicted and do bizarre things. Like take more big pharma drugs.

This is good for business but not for the individuals concerned. But some people love money more than people.

I see there is a public consultation. Perhaps we should write and say ‘Oi Priti, what about cracking down on the manufacturers, big pharma?’


This contains the ways to respond.


After 20 long years, Jen and Ben finally ‘tie the knot in Vegas’

This is not a vasectomy operation, but marriage. Like many celebrities or ‘stars’ they have been married before, in Jennifer Lopez’s case three times. Why is it that so often celebs can’t remain faithful?

Perhaps it is the temptations they face being away from one another on different film sets. Sometimes it is narcissism, the individuals being in love with themselves and the idea of marriage rather than the reality. Sometimes it is an unstable family background,

They both have had difficult early lives. This talks about Ben.


His father was an alcoholic and his parents divorced in his teens. The link says

There is a history of addiction and mental illness in Affleck’s family. Two of his grandparents were alcoholics. His paternal grandmother, addicted to both alcohol and barbiturates, died by suicide at age 46. His paternal uncle was an addict who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His aunt was a heroin addict. Affleck attended Al-Anon support meetings as a child due to his father’s addiction issues. His brother is a recovering alcoholic.

Help! What a crazy mixed up family. He is a long term Democrat supporter. He says regarding missing out on voting in the 2000 presidential campaign

“I’m going to vote twice next time, in true Boston fashion.”

That worries me. Does this go some way to explain the result in 2020 with Joe Biden and the ‘extra votes’?


“I like Bernie, I like Biden, I like Warren but the thing is that most of all; I don’t like Trump.”

Well, he may not like Trump, but his judgment is seriously flawed if he likes Biden and voted for him, twice or not.

Jen was born in the summer of ’69 (Daily Mail missed the Segue there). Raised in a Roman Catholic family, her parents divorced probably in Jenifer’s twenties.  She has two children by a former marriage.

Lopez is widely celebrated for her callipygian figure.

Or in the language of The Sun, she’s got a nice bum.

Lopez is considered a global icon

An icon is a mark, her image is used in marketing. Mark-eting.

Like mark of the best, the best brands. A brand is a mark.

Do you follow me; have you understood what the book of Revelation is really talking about?

Anyway, perhaps they could set up a new ice cream franchise to replace Mr Whippy. You know, Ben and Jenny’s. Perhaps they could put something decent into the ice cream.

Still, easier probably to make it yourself. At least then you will have some idea of what’s really in it. And Ben and Jenny don’t need the money anyway.

And no wonder the world has problems when people follow people who have problems and poor judgement.

Which is why the world will be judged of course.

Bison back in Britain

Not something to wash your hands in (we do wash in the UK though), but the animal that as well as roving the Great Plains of America, also roamed Europe, even the UK it seems.

They can weigh up to a ton which is a big bison. They are being released into Kent countryside to help ‘rewild’ Britain. ‘They will create an explosion of biodiversity’ according to Paul Whitfield, director-general of the Wildwood Trust.

If they fart, then at their size there certainly will be a great explosion. They are to be located near Canterbury. I hope they take precautions with the stained glass at the cathedral.

The Germans targeted the cathedrals cities in WW2 in the Baedeker Raids. This talks about Canterbury.

The same might be said in this WW3 when the church buildings have been closed by stupidity in the hierarchy, let alone those who attended services in the buildings.

But then the church was never about buildings but people the children of God. And God does not dwell in a building but in His people who are His temples.

There is this sub-heading.

The ‘Aryan’ animal loved by the Nazis

That’s a bit off putting. I gather Bison existed in Europe up until 1927 when the last wild bison was shot in 1927 on the Poland-Belarus border. Some remained in zoos and Herman Goring, no relation to Herman’s Hermits, thought the bison a noble creature and kept a small herd.

He protected them and thus the origin of ‘herd immunity’.

Bison have a tendency to exhibit homosexual behaviour. The article says ‘More than 55 per cent of mounting tend to be young males of the same gender’.

Duh, if one is talking about homosexual behaviour, then that is between same sexes. Colin Fernandez, Environment Editor wrote this. Dimbo.

Still, it explains the Nazis love of the animal.


Mind you, put male bullocks generally into a field and mounting is evident, so not necessarily restricted to bison.

On the other hand Satan was a ‘bi-son’. You might wish to ponder that and why I say it.

Here is some more info on the Nazis and animals.


By the way, we now have a new ‘bison’ installed in our bathroom.

Cop26 minister may quit

Apparently Alok Sharma has said he may resign if the New P.M. is not committed to reaching ‘net zero’ on greenhouse gases.

Well, get going Alok then (I was going to say something stronger but have refrained for the sensitive readers).

He was a remainer in Brexit terms. He seems an opportunist, and if you look at his Wikipedia entry regarding Heathrow airport expansion you will see why.

He was not born in Britain. I do not trust him an inch. Perhaps this explains why.

These are some anagrams of his name.

A loam shark – ‘soiled’ his reputation then

Ah amoral ks

Ah alarms ok

Harm koalas – I can’t bear it.

ak also harm

Aka harm sol

Alas harm ok

Kamala rosh – rosh in German means ‘pink’ I gather. Kamala Harris is not pink. Still, they both have Indian heritage.

But perhaps it refers to this.


Anyway, I hope the authorities sort him out.

Kemi; We will stop policing Twitter spats and focus on what matters

Kemi Badenoch has pledged to stop police intervening in Twitter spats so they can do something useful for once like investigate burglaries and anti-social behaviour.

About time the police used common sense and stopped worrying about OAP’s not in the right one-way supermarket system or arresting people on suspicion of telling the truth about Covid 19.

You may remember the incident with a former police officer Henry Miller visited at work by an officer from Humberside Police after a member of the public apparently complained about some allegedly transphobic twits.

In one tweet Mr Miller wrote: “I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don’t mis-species me.”




Miller also tweeted: “Transwomen are women. Anyone know where this new biological classification was first proposed and adopted?”. He later wrote that the statement was “bollocks”.



This shows how far the incompetent police have come. I see the Guardian article mentions this.

On the same day, Stephanie Hayden, a trans woman, has won her case against a woman who called her a “pig in a wig” and made multiple Twitter accounts to send her anti-trans messages. The court found Kate Scottow guilty of persistently making use of a public communications network to cause annoyance/inconvenience and anxiety at St Albans magistrates court.

I can understand someone being very frustrated at the stupidity of a man thinking he can be a woman. I mean, it’s hard enough being a man sometimes, let alone a woman who often claim they are hard done by, so why go there?

The police are called by some ‘pigs’. I wonder how many wear wigs? Just a thought.

An anagram of Kemi Badenoch is ‘bad Enoch Mike’. Well quite. She is currently 42 years old please note. Perhaps this is an omen. This is another anagram.

I bad heck omen.

See what I mean?

On the other hand her Wikipedia entry has some positive things from my perspective. Apparently she … used the term transsexual which is considered offensive by many trans people.

Gordon Bennet! If trans-sexual offends trans-people they should be trans-ported to a secure psychiatric hospital for the completely bonkers.

Along with the brainless maskers/visor wearers and those who still think that vaccines are a ‘Good Idea’. They should all get on famously together.

Tugendhat: I’m in race to win it

This tells you a bit about him. Now I know photos can be misleading but he looks nice, but dim to me.


Please note his full name. I thought I would anagram it for fun.

I found these words

Gangster – problematic

Headstrong – possibly

Dangerous – Mmm…

Guardsmen – no, Territorial Army I gather

Madhouse – really?

Sturgeon – sounds definitely fishy

The Wikipedia entry says

Tugendhat voted against Brexit, supporting continued membership of the European Union in the 2016 referendum.[21] He voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May’s government on each of the three occasions it was put to a vote.

His wife is a French judge. So his Brexit stance is understandable. But I suggest he goes and lives in France.

Look him up if you want to find out more. He has no chance of being PM but I think he is a moron so I will go with my first impression.

And regarding his surname, where did that come from I wonder? And does he?

‘Tug’ the ‘end’ of his ‘hat’ that is. I did some anagrams of his surname only

Agent thud

Dante thug

Dung theta

It doesn’t look promising at all, does it? Why is he in UK government at all? Kick him out pronto and across the channel. If he swims across that will save us a lot of bother, especially if a tanker collides with him. Accidents will happen.

Bilderberg meeting

He attended a Bilderberg Meeting. I didn’t know what this is. Here’s a link. You should be aware of this, this is very important.


An extract

Partly because of its working methods to ensure strict privacy and secrecy,[36] the Bilderberg Group has been criticised for its lack of transparency and accountability.[37] The undisclosed nature of the proceedings has given rise to several conspiracy theories,[38][18][39] which have been popular at both extremes of the political spectrum, although there is disagreement about the exact nature of the group’s intentions. Some on the left accuse the Bilderberg group of conspiring to impose capitalist domination,[40] while some on the right have accused the group of conspiring to impose a world government and planned economy.

This explains more. Anything with a German name is highly suspicious to me now. Written in Apr 26, 2017.

Note this well.


The co-founders of the Bilderberg Group were two historical figures with checkered backgrounds. They were Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands and Józef Retinger who was a political advisor, originally from Poland, who worked with the Vatican.

Even though throughout his later adult life, up until his death in 1984, Prince Bernhard claimed he was never a Nazi. A historian, Annejet van der Zijl, found documents at the Humboldt University in Berlin, which prove Prince Bernhard was indeed a Nazi Party member until 1934 when he left school to work for the huge German chemical company named IG Farben. IG Farben did atrocious things in support of the Nazis including making the poisonous gas used to kill people in the German death camps.

Józef Retinger was a secret spy for the Vatican. He was expelled from allied countries for his activities in association with the Jesuits. He later went on to create the Council of Europe during 1949, which became part of the foundational movement, which eventually led to the formation of the European Union.

As I have said elsewhere the Nazis (as well as Marxists and communists) and Vatican are behind the New World Order with the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, and are of the synagogue of Satan.

You should consider the German names associated with the so-called Jews.

Traffickers are creating fake families to fool UK border staff

The traffickers are in it to make money. And to make life very awkward for the UK as the illegal immigrants put a huge strain on our resources. There is plenty of space and land elsewhere yet because the evil elites manipulate wars etc. people are displaced and many come to us for the free stuff we had out.

Immigrants often take precedent over long term citizens. My wife and I know someone who testifies to this.

The French government are reported as not helping matters. Since when have they ever been truly helpful? They are jealous of us for some reason and probably haven’t forgiven us for destroying their dreams of empire under Napoleon at Waterloo.

Many individual French do help however. My wife and I have several good French friends, and most French I have met in passing are very pleasant and helpful. It is unusual not to meet with kindness in France from the French if you make the effort to speak French.

I think Emmanuel Mac Ronnie wants to be the new Napoleon. But then Mac-ron is a Mo-ron.

‘Little sunshine boy’ Albie, 3, dies after being hit by tractor

This is so sad, but one of many accidents which happen. His mother testifies to him as, among other things, ‘…a caring boy who just wanted everyone to be happy.’

I was a bit like that as a child. I only remembered a year or so ago that at probably the age of 7, I said to the void as it were in my thoughts, that if my unhappiness (I was aware of unhappy things in my family relationships) meant that the world would be happy, then I would be happy.

The angels heard and at 62 years old now I understand how this came and is still coming true. And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.

I also see a Brian Nutter was consider responsible for the death of his nephew, who was 4 years old and riding on the footplate of a load handler driven by Mr Nutter on the family farm in Lancashire.

Now this may be dark humour but it seems that Brian did not use his brain and was a complete nutter to let his nephew ride on the footplate at that age.

GOTT IM HIMMEL! The famously jingoistic yarns in Commando comics are under attack from woke warriors, says this war historian – and it could be their bloodiest battle yet

I enjoyed these cartoon stories as a child/teenager. The writer, Guy Walters, makes the valid point that, despite the violence, the comics are almost innocent compared to the graphic nature of computer games such as Call of Duty.

Apparently, Calum Laird, a former editor of Commando, has said the comics will be less gun-ho and presenting ‘more nuanced and compassionate depictions of wartime life.’ This is an interview with the chap.

Given that the Nazis are up to their old tricks again, perhaps the comics could still talk about the evil Hun. After all, not all Germans are Nazi or Hun-ish, many are Saxons related to us the Anglo-Saxons.

But the Nazis are nasty and always have been. The Commando should continue to portray them as such.

The shooting nowadays is not bullets of course, so much as vile vaccine ‘shots’. How about the Commando do a special cover with British Tommy saying ‘Let’s give you a taste of your own medicine, you swine Klaus Schwab, George Soros etc. etc.’ while injecting them with several needles at once and/or forcing big pharma  drugs down their throats.

Remote appointments here to stay, says top GP

This is Martin Marshall, a Professor. This tells you a little about him.


It is reported he says remote appointments are here to stay although he says they are not as suitable for older patients whatever that means.

He says the days of one doctor serving a community for decades are ‘long dead’.

And this is why many people are dead unnecessarily having being misdiagnosed by the many incompetent ill-trained doctors who do not understand the fundamentals of disease or indeed nutrition which is the key to good health.

This is interesting on continuity and long term benefits.

Note seeing a preferred GP is recommended for lower mortality. Chances of seeing the same GP twice re even one long term issue is difficult. I haven’t over my 4 years now except for seeing one part time GP more than once.

Otherwise it’s been various people, most unsatisfactory for which we pay eye-watering amounts in taxes.        

I see the NHS England issued guidance earlier this year that face-to face appointments must be offered unless there is good clinical reasons not to do so.

In the GP’s case I would say they use a cynical reason, i.e. they are too afraid of Covid 19 a.k.a. the ’flu and any excuse is valid to them not to see people if they can help it. I imagine they still receive funding via the NHS, i.e. us the taxpayers.

GP practices are after all businesses owned by the GP’s themselves but funded by us, the ignorant public who pay taxes.

These tell you more regarding Mr Marshall with regard to the Covid 19 vaccines.





I am going to use strong language here so look away if you are overly refined.

You are a fucking idiot Martin Marshall. Vaccines do bugger all except bugger up the immune system.

They do make money for the doctors who give them and for big pharma who make these poisonous things. If they contain anything other than saline, for as I repeat, how do we really know?

It may be boring to repeat this but Covid 19 has exposed the hypocrisy and ignorance of the vast majority of the medical profession. The sooner the NHS is dismantled and doctors sacked the better.

We can then have a truly streamlined health sector made up of nutritionists/chefs and nurses and paramedics who can deal properly with health issues.

Provided of course we also teach children/adults about how to look after themselves, to cook from fresh and what foods are suitable.

This article is some further nonsense from the man. There are sensible comments at the bottom. Doctors are overpaid already for doing precious little. Rip up the contracts and start again.


I want my money back like others in the comments. They misdiagnosed me and I have suffered as a consequence. I could use the money wisely for the benefit of truly healing others.

We could even repair the roads – that would be good.

Consultant jobs not filled

Good. Waste of money anyway. These are consultant doctors. Almost ¾ of available posts had no applicants it says.

Perhaps I should apply. I know more about diseases and health issues that many doctors now.

Someone comes to me I will say ‘Your too fat, lazy, drive everywhere and you smoke, what do you expect?’

Outrage, mumble, mumble, outrage etc. etc.

‘Ok, ok. What do you eat? Macdonald’s and fish and chips. You are ill and you are surprised??’

Outrage, mumble, mumble, outrage etc. etc.

‘No, I am not giving you a prescription drug. Here’s a recipe book and nutritional information – you can read can’t you. Yes? That’s a relief’.

I shall write a book ’How to win friends and influence people’. Mmm? Its already been done?

I might be slightly more gentle, but it is high time people got real.

Also high time home economics taught properly in schools with proper kitchens using real food. Some schools do this, how many I don’t know.

As regards consultants generally one could write a book. Then throw it at them, then clear up the mess; it would be a very heavy book.

‘clot Satan UN’ is an anagram of consultant. This explains why.


Latest Navy gear…the sports bra

Oh Gott im himmel, save us from these stupid females!


The link show 3 Lieutenants (pronounced Loo-tenants), not four captains as referred to in the article.

There are some amusing, if predictable, comments in the comments section (where else?!).

Some may say ‘bra-vo’, others may say ‘What a load of tits.’ Is this want the Royal Navy has descended to?

In a war you can imagine the scenario ‘Lieutenant, radio for support at once!’. ‘Yes sir (do they say ‘sir’ to a female captain??), fire support sir?’.

‘No, my bra strap’s broken, and I need a new bra!’

Talking about Loo-tenants how about this.

Woke Whitehall flushes away £200,000 0f your cash on mixed toilets.

This is peanuts compared to the billions lost from fraud and dodgy contracts via corrupt civil servants etc.

And if my experience is anything to go on (but please don’t ‘go’ on my experience it doesn’t flush properly), the refurbishments will be bog standard anyway.

Parents slam drag queen library tour

This is to do with Drag Queen Story Hour UK run by Aida H Dee apparently.

I wonder if this is a joke. Aida H Dee, Mmm…got it.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Does he have ADHD? One things I for sure he will pervert children with his nonsense. What drugs is he on? Was he abused as a child? He needs serious help for his mental illness.

And his body testing for toxins. A seriously mixed up kid.

Why towns like mine desperately need ‘Bank hubs’

Why did they close the branches in the first place? To make life more difficult for customers and save some money which they will not pass on to customers.

With less staff there are less people to give checks and balances to the system and limit fraud. Where is the personal service? I want to see a friendly face, not deal with a faceless someone in a call centre somewhere.

Banks have become of limited use and frankly a waste of time.

Finally this.

Thought for the week

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Matthew 25:26

And you can’t do that online via zoom.

P.S. For more news please see the Bog Standard on my world menu.https://alphaandomegacloud.wordpress.com/world-menu/

Balloonatics: Operation Outward – a balloon knocks out a power station near Leipzig, 12th July 1942

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

12th July, 2022

Honest injun it did! Well, according to Wikipedia anyway. It says

On 12 July 1942, a wire-carrying balloon struck a 110 kV power line near Leipzig. A failure in the circuit breaker at the Böhlen power station caused a fire that destroyed the station; this was Outward’s greatest success.



Amazing! Just shows what bit of ingenuity can do. And at no risk to air crews as it was unmanned.

You can read about it yourselves it is quite fascinating. I had no idea that this went on, although I found out earlier this year so I was aware.

Wikipedia says ‘…they had an economic impact on Germany far in excess of the cost to the British government.’

Rather like all the silly lockdown measures which mucked up the economy and people’s businesses, and the wasted useless PPE and vaccines etc., as opposed to saying to people “‘flu’s coming round as usual we recommend you boost your vitamin C and D” which would have been much, much cheaper and actually effective.

Anyway, I thought I would do a post on the operation as it is very unusual although you will see there have been some other attempts with something similar by other countries.

Quotes from main Wikipedia link unless otherwise stated. I suggest you read the article and refer to my selected passages and comments as desired. If you don’t want to do that, what are you doing here? Still, suit yourself.

1          History and development

It was proposed that bomb laden balloons could be launched from France. Their position would be tracked by radio triangulation and the bombs would be released by radio control when the balloon drifted over a worthwhile target. This plan was never put into action; objections included that “attacks of this nature should not be originated from a cricketing country”

So it just wasn’t cricket what? ‘I say chaps, Jerry is a blighter but we must play up and play the game don’t ch yer know. Give him a fair innings too, let him have his turn.’

Of course this makes no allowance for the fact that the Nazis usually like to build something more expensive and complicated like a rocket, or a very, very big gun.

Or even a whopping great tank called a ‘Maus’, which means mouse! You can look it up.

The Air Ministry initially produced a negative report, possibly because the Ministry of Aircraft Production felt balloons would be ineffective weapons and would consume too many resources.

The Ministry of Aircraft Production was initially run by Lord Beaverbrook. I suggest you look him up. He was, among other things, a press baron. Not, quite frankly a good man, and more to the point perhaps arrogant.

I wonder if he thought it was too cheap and if the government realised it would be cheaper than bombers his department would not get much money. And if proper records weren’t kept, where did the money go exactly?

He should be compared to Stafford Cripps who took over. Again I suggest you look him up.

I see an article comparing Beaverbrook to Pratt Handcock (sic).


Or to translate that for the common man, never was so much money spent and wasted for something utterly pointless. Masks etc. don’t work against Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu since re-branding in 2020.

I see ‘The Admiralty took up the idea with more enthusiasm.’ Well, the Navy knows about wind and how to apply it as they are sailors, unlike Beaverbrook who was just windy and uncontrollable, a law unto himself as such men are.

The Admiralty concluded that the balloons could short circuit power lines and with the aid of incendiaries cause forest fires to distract German manpower and resources.

Of course forest fires have been occurring in the States. Have the Nazis/communist been behind this?

Yes. Via their cronies of course.



We can’t blame one source, it is a combination of ignorance, mismanagement, greed and deliberate attacks. But don’t blame the Chinese all the time, look to your own house and what is within. The enemy is everywhere and seeks distract you and to divide and conquer.

Carrying on

The Admiralty concluded that the balloons could be produced at very little cost; many of the important parts already existed as surplus materials and despite the needs of conventional barrage balloons, there was plenty of hydrogen gas with which to fill the balloons. The balloons could be used with a small number of British personnel who would face minimal risks.

Takes the Royal Navy to think things through properly. Lateral thinking used, cheap at the price, effective, and lives at very low risk.

2          Design

The balloons used were surplus weather balloons of which the Navy had a stock of 100,000 all carefully stored in French chalk.

Which shows something French can be useful, apart from their wine and cheese! And Gien pottery and Le Creuset cast iron. My wife and I have some of these.

But not their bureaucracy. We have enough of our own. And they can certainly keep Emmanuel ‘God, is he still with us!’ Macron.

Back on subject, apparently these balloons were to carry the following: wire, beer, jelly, socks, lemon, and jam!

Which is a list of 6. Part of 666 perhaps??

2.1      Wire

To short circuit the power lines.

2.2      Beer, jelly and socks

The Germans like beer. Make them drunk perhaps.

I don’t know about Jelly; did the Jerries like Jellies? Make them wobble.

As for socks, well, I suppose this was to ‘sock it’ to them as the saying goes!

2.3      Lemon and jam

Lemon to make the Germans sour. Turn them into sour krauts!

Jam to get them into a sticky mess of course.

3          Deployment

The actual balloon releases took place at the Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club.

This is in Suffolk by the coast on the east of England.

The first launches took place on 20 March 1942. Within days, the British were receiving reports of forest fires near Berlin and Tilsit in East Prussia.

Tilsit is in what is now I understand technically a detached part of Russia and has been renamed. Anyway, it was around 870 miles in a straight line form Felixstowe which is a considerable distance.

This link gives a bit more information

I note ‘Balloon operations could be hazardous, and there were many incidences of launch crew requiring hospital treatment for burns caused by exploding balloons or by mishandling incendiary payloads. The WRNS were equipped with “flash-proof jacket & hood (½ mica & ½ fine copper gauze over the face) + protective cream on hands and fire-proof black gloves”.

Unlike Covid 19 where the wearing of full PPE has been hazardous to nurses and doctors etc. and completely pointless as I mentioned.

Here’s the breakdown of the payloads extracted from the main Wikipedia link.

4          Effects

The wire balloons seemed to have had great success. The Germans tried to shoot down the balloons which used precious fuel and other sources.

The electricity supplies were frequently interrupted.

Then there is the indirect cause of the destruction of a power station. Which perhaps vindicates the chaos theory. Launch a balloon and somewhere you shut down a locality.

In the case of Covid 19 rename the ‘flu and shut down the world. At least shut down some countries, especially those who fought against the Germans in WW2.

It has been very difficult to assess the effect of the incendiary devices, but it is reasonable to assume something useful will have come from them.

5          End of the operation

Well, they reached 1,000 balloons in August 1942 and even got up to 1,800. They were suspended when large scale air raids on Germany were undertaken for I hope obvious reasons.

Mass launches were reduced in May 1944 in the prelude to D-Day due to increased Allied air activity. There was also the issue of tackling the V1 flying bombs.

Summary and conclusions

Well, despite the ‘It’s not cricket!’ cry from some, a cheap crude but effective weapon was used at minimal risk to service personnel.

It will take another post to look at the effectiveness of the aircraft bombing campaign against Germany, but how many lives were unnecessarily lost because somebody thought that bombers were the way to go.

And how much was it fuelled by the greed of those who made money out of the war? Much I am sorry to say.

But nothing changes. The same goes on today. As I have said, the war in Ukraine is as much fuelled by the same, coupled with a largely ignorant populace as to what is really going on.

Indeed, all wars are much about that. It is written

‘You crave what you do not have; you kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask. 3And when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may squander it on your pleasures.’

It is not just wars of guns, tanks and planes but medical wars too. As I mention at the beginning think about all that wasted useless PPE and vaccines etc., causing more harm than good (in the case of vaccines, no good at all only a foolish perception of good).

Anyway, this Covid 19 war is on the turn as I have said before. In North Africa, Rommel, the Rome-el or Rome angel, is stalled and digging in with his army.

There will be some more attempts by him to break through but they will fail.

The war in Russia seems to be going well for the Nazis but it will be their death knell at Stalingrad.

The Japanese were starting to struggle and had by and large reached their furthest extent in their conquests as far as I can gather.

So look up, things are improving, evil is stalling in this Covid 19 war, but there is still much still to do and this time the work must be complete.

Take heart everybody, angels seen and unseen!

P.S. I thought perhaps you might like this.

NENA | 99 Red Balloons [1984] (Official HD Music Video)

This was one of the songs in the ’80s to make a point about the brinkmanship and paranoia/hysteria surrounding the issue of war. The song talks about Nena and the listener buying 99 Balloons in a shop and letting them go, for fun. These balloons show up on the radar as unidentified objects and both sides scramble planes and go to full alert to counteract a perceived nuclear attack, when in fact it is the most childlike of things, a bunch of balloons.


Or if you are a child or have a child like heart like me why not this?

The Wiggles: Dance With Your Balloon | Kids Songs

St Nazaire Raid or Operation Chariot

28th March, 2022

This took place on the 28 March 1942, 80 years ago. A most daring raid, and one of the Royal Navy’s finest it is believed. Its intention was to put out of action the only dry dock capable of repairing the remaining battleship of Germany, the Tirpitz, or indeed any other large warship.

The operation involved ramming the gates of the dry dock and blowing the up with explosives hidden in the old destroyer used.

I have done an anagram analysis of the words St Nazaire Raid. This contains 13 letters in total and 9 individual letters.

Aries drat Nazi – Aries the ram, and ramming the gates, how fascinating!

aid arrest Nazi – helping to stop the Nazis, Mmm…

a arse dirt Nazi – enough said.

AI retard Nazis – interesting.

at raider Nazis – in relation the Nazi raider ships which were using the facility, Mmm…

arid Nazi tares – the wheat and the tares, Mmm…

Sanitizer – is a part anagram which is interesting given how useless such products are against a virus despite what we are told.

Zaire – is a part anagram and given its totalitarian regime and issue previous under Belgium and the atrocities committed against its peoples, the significance can be seen clearly I hope.


Anyway, having said that, I am going to proceed to offer my take on the proceedings in my usual wacky approach. You know, ‘Let him who has an ear to hear, let him hear.’ I hope it will make you laugh and think. I have used the Wikipedia links as a basis.

Please note I do not intend any disrespect to those who died or fought, merely to show the absurdity of war, how mad things can be, even if it is only how one can use language. After all, it is propaganda and morale that count most to win battles and wars, especially wars of words.

As usual quote in italics are from here unless otherwise indicated.


1          Background

Now Santa Zaire was originally from Zaire as his name might suggest. He was minding his own business on the north bank of the Loire, carving ‘Leroi wuz ‘ere’ on a tree. In English we would know this as ‘Leroy was here’, as opposed to ‘Kilroy was here’.

Sadly for Santa Zaire who had come out of Darkest Africa on the good ship D’Ark after a Great Flood, some nazi Nasties came along and were nasty to him.

There was a dry duck in the place where Santa Zaire resided which the Nasties were rather keen on. This was kept in a box with a lock on it.

This had two Gates, one called Bill, the other called Melinda, and destroying these seemed an excellent idea as the dry duck would then be out of action and any Nasty plan thwarted.

Anyway, as the Nasties were being rather nazi to the Bright-ish as well as Santa Zaire, it was the Bright-ish who came up with the bright idea to destroy the lock gates with a destroyer.

This seems rather obvious as it’s in the name destroyer, but sometimes people forget the obvious way to do something.

Like using vitamin D to cure Covid 19/the ‘flu as opposed to vaccines which will give you the ‘flu (or kill you, whichever you prefer).

But then that’s the Nasties for you, they are a bit dim.

The Bright-ish decide to call the operation to destroy the Gates, Operation C.Harriett after an ancient Briton called Clarissa Harriett who rode a chariot and duffed up some Romans who were roamin’ the countryside.

A song was later penned by a Mr Wall Is Will Is, called ‘Swing low sweet Harriett’ in her memory.


In 1939, Nazi Germany’s Reich Music Examination Office added the song to a listing of “undesired and harmful” musical works.



So singing this song as the operation was underway, was a great way of harming, let alone annoying the Nasties.

The land fight was undertaken by some commandos. They often preferred to fight hand to hand and thus said ‘sod ammo NC’. They painted their faces black so could be said to be ‘coon MS mad’, both anagrams of the word commandos.

2          Plan

The purpose of the raid was to destroy the Normandie dock, the old gates into the Bassin de St Nazaire with the water pumping machinery and other installations and any U-boats or other shipping in the area.

The purpose of the raid was as previously mentioned to destroy the dry duck called Norman Dee and the old Gates (however as Bill Gates parents are now dead, we can consider the old Gates gone).

The old Gates guarded the basin where the Nasties washed their Hans etc.

The You Boats were also to be got rid of. They had torpedo tubes which were known as YouTubes, something of a problem today as no doubt you are aware.

The initial Combined Operations plan required one specially lightened destroyer to carry out the raid. It would be packed with explosives and rammed into the dock gates.

Commandos on board would then disembark and use demolition charges to destroy nearby dock installations, searchlights and gun emplacements. The destroyer would then be blown up. At the same time the RAF would undertake diversionary air raids in the area.

Some people thought they were going to Ramsgate in Kent, England, but there are those whose geography is not very good.

The intention was again to use a light end destroyer, as opposed to the dark end one. Command-doughs would use a form of plastic dough (as bit like Semtex nowadays) to blow up the duck installations, search lights (used for research) and gun in placements.

Why they did not use pumps like everyone else to blow things up is not clear. But it seems they were going to destroy the pumping installations of the Nasties, presumably to stop them inflating their dry ducks, rubber ducks, etc.

The RAF was to be asked to provide Di Version as a distraction. She was a well-developed lady rather like the girls at the beer festivals in Germany where the Nasties came from, so this seemed like a good idea.

When the plan was presented to the Admiralty they refused to support it. The certain loss of one or both destroyers to eliminate the dry dock was out of the question. They suggested they could provide an old Free French destroyer, Ouragan, and a flotilla of small motor launches to transport the commandos and evacuate them afterwards.  Approval for the mission, codenamed Operation Chariot, was given on 3 March 1942. Using a French ship would involve using the Free French forces and increase the number of people aware of the raid. Consequently, it was decided the navy would have to provide a ship of their own. The RAF complained that the raid would draw heavily on their resources and the number of aircraft assigned by RAF Bomber Command dwindled during the planning of the raid. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill further complicated matters when he ordered that bombing should only take place if targets were clearly identified.

The initial Combined Operations plan, or COP for short was not considered much cop by the Admirable tea as they didn’t want to lose two perfectly good destroyers just to get rid of a duck.

The powers that be often don’t realise the importance of removing ducks, especially when protected by two Gates like those who are causing some difficulties to the world at the moment.

However, they suggested using an old Free Frenchman call Our á Gain. Unfortunately this would mean using three French Farces and increase those aware of the raid.

It has been observed elsewhere that the French Farces were not very good at keeping quiet and might have given the game away, so one does sympathise.

Editor’s note: It is observed that the anagram of the Frenchman’s real name, Ouragan, is ‘Aug Rona’.

As Rona is short for Coronavirus it would have been risky indeed to have used this Frenchman as he might have caught a cold/the ‘flu (as Covid 19 was once called), sneezed, and given the game away on the approach to the harbour.

3          Composition of the raiding force

This included an old fighter, a destroyer, called Campbell from the town. He had a habit of running into things, so it seemed like a good idea to run him  into the dry dock gates.


It is noted that in a previous incarnation with that well-known car nation, the U.S.A., it was of the Wickes Class. This was part of the Wickes D.I.Y. store chain which might explain the problems.


As you can see Wickes is from Michigan state. JB Pritzker comes from Illinois bordering Lake Michigan, so frankly the whole thing is hardly surprising.

Other naval units involved were two Hunt-class destroyers, HMS Tynedale and Atherstone,

Please note this is related to William Tyndale who ‘…is credited with being the first Bible translation in the English language to work directly from Hebrew and Greek texts. Furthermore, it was the first English biblical translation that was mass-produced as a result of new advances in the art of printing.’



It is very fitting that a ship of this name, a destroyer, should have been involved against the evil practices of the Nazis who were supported by the Roman Catholic Church as an institution. See


Fairmile C type MGB 314)

a 70 ft Vosper, MTB 74

The latter was a type of scooter, and related to the Vespa which Mods used to ride around on in the 1960’s. Whether Mods working for the MoD or Ministry of Defence went to work on their Vespas I don’t know.

12 Fairmile B Motor Launches (ML)

Please note that it was a Fairmile, not a Fairkilometre, as we were not in the EU at that time (ok it didn’t exist then, but you get the point) and we are not in it now either. How long the EU will exist is another matter.

These were essentially ‘a motor lunch’, lunches plural, as when you are going to Ramsgate even if it is in France you will need a bite to eat.

The S-class submarine HMS Sturgeon

Whilst this may sound rather fishy, apparently the S-class were rather small. They were probably made in Scotland where a sub-species of sturgeon live. I am told one is running that country at the moment.

As she is female and small, and the S-class were small and ships are female to the Royal Navy, this all makes sense.


I thought I would quote in full the poem from the link above.

Twelve little S-boats “go to it” like Bevin,

Starfish goes a bit too far — then there were eleven.

Eleven watchful S-boats doing fine and then

Seahorse fails to answer — so there are ten.

Ten stocky S-boats in a ragged line,

Sterlet drops and stops out — leaving us nine.

Nine plucky S-boats, all pursuing Fate,

Shark is overtaken — now we are eight.

Eight sturdy S-boats, men from Hants and Devon,

Salmon now is overdue — and so the number’s seven.

Seven gallant S-boats, trying all their tricks,

Spearfish tries a newer one — down we come to six.

Six tireless S-boats fighting to survive,

No reply from Swordfish — so we tally five.

Five scrubby S-boats, patrolling close inshore,

Snapper takes a short cut — now we are four.

Four fearless S-boats, too far out to sea,

Sunfish bombed and scrap-heaped — we are only three.

Three threadbare S-boats patrolling o’er the blue,

Two ice-bound S-boats…

One lonely S-boat…

4          German forces

The Germans had around 5,000 troops in the immediate area of St Nazaire. The port was defended by the 280th Naval Artillery Battalion under the command of Kapitän zur See Edo Dieckmann. The battalion was composed of 28 guns of various calibres from 75 mm to 280 mm railway guns, all positioned to guard the coastal approaches. The heavy guns were supplemented by the guns and searchlights of the 22nd Naval Flak Brigade under the command of Kapitän zur See Karl-Konrad Mecke.

Kapitän zur See Edo Dieckmann – he was  a dickman, a deck man  or a complete dick, it is not clear.

Kapitän zur See Karl-Konrad Mecke – It has been said the Mecke (sic) will inherit the earth. What happened to him we don’t know.

There were Guns on top of the submarine pens although this stopped the submarines writing with them.

Harbour Commander Korvettenkapitän Kellerman. He was Corvid eating Captain killer man the inspiration for Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, ‘Mama, I kill a man.’ Or something like that.

The 333rd Infantry Division was the German Army unit responsible for the defence of the coast. This was half of 666 so only half of the Number of the Beast. Where the other half was is uncertain.

The Kriegsmarine (German navy) had at least three surface ships in the Loire estuary: a destroyer, an armed trawler and a Sperrbrecher (‘minesweeper’), the last being the guard ship for the port. On the night of the raid there were also four harbour defence boats and ten ships from the 16th and 42nd

42 the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, ‘What was one of the two minesweeper flotillas based at St Nazaire at the time of the St Nazaire Raid?’

Minesweeper flotillas berthed in the basin, while two tankers were berthed inside the Normandie dock. The 6th and 7th U-boat flotillas, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Georg-Wilhelm Schulz and Korvettenkapitän Herbert Sohler respectively, were permanently based in the port. It is not known how many submarines were present on the day of the raid. The submarine base had been inspected by the U-boat Commander in Chief, Vizeadmiral Karl Dönitz, the day before the raid. He asked what would they do if the base was subjected to an attack by British Commandos. Sohler replied that “an attack on the base would be hazardous and highly improbable.”

Got that wrong then.

5          The raid

5.1      Outward journey

The three destroyers and 16 small boats

So a total of 19, hence Covid 19 today of course.

left Falmouth, Cornwall, at 14:00 on 26 March 1942. They formed into a convoy of three lanes, with the destroyers in the middle. On arrival at St Nazaire the portside MLs were to head for the Old Mole

I was called ‘Mole’ at school sometimes but I wasn’t that old then.

to disembark their commandos, while the starboard lane would make for the old entrance to the basin to disembark theirs. Not having the range to reach St Nazaire unaided, the MTB and MGB were taken under tow by Campbeltown and Atherstone.

The convoy next encountered two French fishing trawlers. Both crews were taken off and the ships sunk for fear they might report the composition and location of the convoy. At 17:00 the convoy received a signal from Commander-in-Chief Plymouth that five German torpedo boats

NB These were in a column or file. A tor-pedo boat was a type of pedo so there were a group of pedofiles (sic). Or sick paedophiles, one or the other.

were in the area. Two hours later another signal informed them that another two Hunt-class destroyers, HMS Cleveland and HMS Brocklesby, had been dispatched at full speed to join the convoy.

It should be noted that a ‘brock’ is a badger so presumably the ship was badgered to join the convoy.

The convoy reached a position 65 nautical miles (120 km; 75 mi) off St Nazaire at 21:00 and changed course toward the estuary, leaving Atherstone and Tynedale as a sea patrol. The convoy adopted a new formation with the MGB and two torpedo MLs in the lead, followed by Campbeltown. The rest of the MLs formed two columns on either side and astern of the destroyer, with the MTB bringing up the rear. The first casualty of the raid was ML 341, which had developed engine trouble and was abandoned. At 22:00 the submarine Sturgeon directed her navigation beacon out to sea to guide the convoy in.

Which just goes to show Sturgeons do have their uses after all.

At about the same time Campbeltown raised the German naval ensign in an attempt to deceive any German lookouts into thinking she was a German destroyer.

At 23:30 on 27 March, five RAF squadrons (comprising 35 Whitleys and 27 Wellingtons) started their bombing runs.

Here we have an example of British ingenuity; take 27 wellingtons and drop them on the Germans. Give them the boot as it were.

However, it is not clear what the Whitleys were. It is believed they may have been actually 35 Whitty’s, relations of Chris ‘My only emotion is dead’ Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer.

Dropping them on the Gates would have been an excellent idea as that would have meant Chris might not have been born and saved us all a lot of trouble.

As Chris gets money from the Gates for research you will understand what I mean.

The bombers had to stay above 6,000 feet (1,800 m) and were supposed to remain over the port for 60 minutes to divert attention toward themselves and away from the sea. They had orders to only bomb clearly identified military targets and to drop only one bomb at a time. As it turned out, poor weather with full cloud cover over the port meant that only four aircraft bombed targets in St Nazaire. Six aircraft managed to bomb other nearby targets.

At around 02:00, the convoy was sighted by the German submarine U-593, which dived and later reported the British ships as moving westward, further complicating the German understanding of the raid.

The unusual behaviour of the bombers concerned Kapitän zur See Mecke. At 00:00 on 28 March, he issued a warning that there might be a parachute landing in progress. At 01:00 on 28 March, he followed up by ordering all guns to cease firing and searchlights to be extinguished in case the bombers were using them to locate the port. Everyone was placed on a heightened state of alert. The harbour defence companies and ships’ crews were ordered out of the air raid shelters. During all this a lookout reported seeing some activity out at sea, so Mecke began suspecting some type of landing and ordered extra attention to be paid to the approaches to the harbour.

All of which shows how confusing things are when you think a raid is highly improbable as Mecke did. In war as in peace you do have to be meek or humble, and Mecke wasn’t meeker or humbler enough.

5.2      Ramming the dry dock

At 00:30 hours on 28 March the convoy crossed over the shoals at the mouth of the Loire estuary, with Campbeltown scraping the bottom twice.

Shoals is a type of foot powder, so having it on your bottom is not a good idea and scraping it off very sensible. Doing it twice of course just to make sure you have got it all off.

Each time she pulled free, and the group proceeded toward the harbour in darkness. They had come within about eight minutes’ passage from the dock gates when, at 01:22, the entire convoy was illuminated by searchlights on both banks of the estuary. A naval signal light demanded their identification.

MGB 314 replied in a coded response obtained from a German trawler boarded during the Vågsøy raid in 1941. A few bursts were fired from a shore battery and both Campbeltown and MGB 314 replied: “Ship being fired upon by friendly forces”. The deception gave them a little more time before every German gun in the bay opened fire. At 01:28, with the convoy 1 mile (1.6 km) from the dock gates, Beattie ordered the German flag lowered and the White Ensign raised. The intensity of the German fire seemed to increase. The guard ship opened fire and was quickly silenced when the ships in the convoy responded, shooting into her as they passed.

By now all the ships in the convoy were within range to engage targets ashore and were firing at the gun emplacements and searchlights. Campbeltown was hit several times and increased her speed to 19 kn (35 km/h). The helmsman on her bridge was killed, and his replacement was wounded and replaced as well. Blinded by the searchlights, Beattie knew they were close to their objective. Still under heavy fire, the MGB turned into the estuary as Campbeltown cleared the end of the Old Mole, cut through anti-torpedo netting strung across the entrance and rammed the dock gates, striking home at 01:34, three minutes later than scheduled.

Three minutes later, Three minutes later! What was the Royal Navy coming to, very poor show, no attention to time keeping.

The force of the impact drove the ship 33 feet (10 m) onto the gates.

Let’s stick with feet shall we, after all the UK has left the EU.

Still, a good old fashioned ramming tactic worked well. As the Lord God was with the raid against the Nazis in St Nazaire, the Campbeltown was ‘Ramming in the name of the Lord’ as Bob Marley might have sung.

5.3      Disembarkation from Campbeltown and the MLs

The commandos on Campbeltown now disembarked. These comprised two assault teams,

Note the use of assault. This is an anagram of ‘us a salt’, which is why Jesus says let your speech be seasoned with salt as this is perfect for ‘a salting’ the enemy.

five demolition teams with their protectors and a mortar group.

It is not quite clear why they needed a mortar group as mortar is a type of bonding material to join bricks or stone together, and they were trying to destroy the Gates, not repair them. I dare say there is mor-tar this than meets the eye.

Of course a tar is a sailor as in jack tar, so perhaps this explains things

Three demolition teams were tasked with destroying the dock pumping machinery and other installations associated with the dry dock. The Captain Donald William Roy

It is alleged he wrote ‘Will Roy was here’ on a wall during the raid, but this seems unlikely.

In should be noted that Donald means in essence ‘old lord’. Attacking the duck defences meant he was a type of Donald Duck.

– ‘The Laird’ – and his 14-man kilted assault troop were tasked with knocking out two pump-house roof-top gun emplacements high above the quayside and securing a bridge to provide a route for the raiding parties to exit the dock area. Roy and Sgt Don Randall used scaling ladders

Scaling ladders to help descale the duck. Although as a duck has feathers this seems rather odd.

and grenades to accomplish the former, and a head-on rush

As opposed to a rush on a head which would be rather rash. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

If you have a rash on your head this may be a symptom of Covid 19/the ‘flu.

to secure the bridge and form a bridgehead that enabled Captain Bob Montgomery and Lt Corran Purdon and their demolition teams to exit the area.

They lost four men in this action. The fifth team also succeeded in completing all their objectives, but almost half their men were killed. The other two commando groups were not as successful. The MLs transporting Groups One and Two had almost all been destroyed on their approach. ML 457 was the only boat to land its commandos on the Old Mole and only ML 177 had managed to reach the gates at the old entrance to the basin. That team succeeded in planting charges on two tugboats moored in the basin.

It must be noted in damaging the basin the Nasties would have nowhere to wash their Hans, let alone their Kurts or Adolfs etc, thus increasing the likelihood of them catching covid19/the ‘flu after the raid (this is of course not true as you can’t catch the ‘flu/Covid19 as I explain elsewhere).

But the Nasties were not that bright and would be very concerned. Rather like today of course.

There were only two other MLs in the vicinity: ML 160 had continued past the dock and was engaging targets upriver, ML 269 appeared to be out of control and was running in circles.

Running good exercise and helps keep Covid19/the ‘flu at bay.

5.4      Small ships

Most of the MLs had been destroyed on the run in and were burning. The first ML in the starboard column was the first boat to catch fire. Her captain managed to beach her at the end of the Old Mole. Some starboard boats managed to reach their objective and disembark their commandos. ML 443, the leading boat in the port column, got to within 10 feet (3 m) of the mole

Just outside the current guidance for how far you should keep away from moles who may be the latest victims of Covid 19/the ‘flu.

in the face of heavy direct fire and hand grenades before being set on fire. The crew were rescued by ML 160, one of the torpedo MLs which had been looking for targets of opportunity such as the two large tankers reported to be in the harbour. The commanders of ML 160 and ML 443, Lieutenants T Boyd and T D L Platt, were awarded the Distinguished Service Order for their bravery.

But not the Extinguished Service Order as the fire had not been put out.

The rest of the port column had been destroyed or disabled before reaching the mole. ML 192 and ML 262 were set on fire, and all but six of their men were killed. ML 268 was blown up, with one survivor.

The loss of the motor lunches was disheartening to the troops as they would have little to eat. However, as so many died sadly, this did not matter.

Thomas O’Leary, the wireless operator for ML 446, said:

“One commando was remarking how pretty the tracer fire, red and green, was. A moment later one blew the back of his head out.

Having your mind blown by narcotic drugs will do the same thing. At the moment it seems much of the world is still admiring the pretty pictures on the MSM and getting their minds blown out as it is clear they are not thinking straight, let alone thinking.

I was down below with my tin hat because by now the bullets were going through (the boat) and out the other side. If I wanted to get about I had to crawl on my hands and knees and I was lucky nothing came through at my level. We couldn’t get in (to the objective) and all of a sudden the wounded started coming down. By then all our guns had jammed and most of the other ships were on fire.”

Why the guns had jam beats me. Tastes lovely, but not in a gun.

ML 177, the launch that had successfully taken off some of the crew from Campbeltown, was sunk on her way out of the estuary. ML 269, another torpedo-armed boat, moved up and down the river at high speed to draw German fire away from the landings. Soon after passing Campbeltown it was hit and its steering damaged. It took ten minutes to repair the steering. The boat turned and started in the other direction, opening fire on an armed trawler in passing. Return fire from the trawler set the boat’s engine on fire.

Ship at sea moving from left to right, with the identifying letters JR on the bow

This was a guest appearance by JR Ewing of Dallas fame.

5.5      Return journey

At 06:30 the five German torpedo boats that the convoy had evaded the previous day were sighted by HMS Atherstone and Tynedale. The destroyers turned toward them and opened fire at a range of 7 nmi (8.1 mi; 13 km). After ten minutes the German boats turned away, making smoke. The destroyers sighted the MGB and two accompanying MLs soon after and transferred their casualties to Atherstone. Not expecting any more boats to arrive, they headed for home. Just after 09:00 the Hunt-class escort destroyers Brocklesby and Cleveland arrived, sent by Commander-in-Chief Plymouth. Shortly after this the ships were spotted by a Heinkel 115 floatplane of the Luftwaffe.

He ink el is a type of angel with ink for the submarine pens mentioned earlier. It also refers to ‘he inkle’, a phoenetic spelling of ‘He uncle’.

The next German aircraft on the scene, a Junkers 88, was engaged by a RAF Bristol Beaufighter

This was a lady beau-fighter, that is, a beautiful fighter from Bristol. Bristol’s are beautiful of course. Why she wanted to get engaged to a German uncle is not clear

which had appeared in the area earlier. Both machines crashed into the sea.

Which is what happens if you get engaged sometimes.

Other German planes arrived but were driven off by Beaufighters and Hudsons

Possible relations of Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission fame.

from Coastal Command. The Atlantic weather conditions deteriorated. Amid concerns about the growing German threat and the realisation that the damaged small ships would not be able to keep up, Commander Sayer ordered the crews off the smaller boats and had them sunk.

If Commander Sayer says something, then of course you must do it. I believe it was the boats that were to be sunk, not the crews. Thought I’d make that clear, just in case you thought otherwise.

ML 160, ML 307 and ML 443 reached the rendezvous and waited until 10:00 for the destroyers to appear. Having already been attacked once, they moved further out into the Atlantic to try to avoid the Luftwaffe but a Junkers 88

There are rumours that this was a clawed Junker, a relation of one Jean- Clawed Juncker who served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013 and 12th President of the European Commission from 2014 to 2019.

appeared overhead at 07:30 and approached them at low level for a closer look. The ships opened fire, hit the Junkers in the cockpit and the aircraft crashed into the sea.

The best place for Junkers of any kind.

The next aircraft to appear was a Blohm & Voss seaplane which attempted to bomb the ships but left after being damaged by machine-gun fire. The MLs eventually reached England unaided the following day.

5.6      Campbeltown explodes

The explosive charges in HMS Campbeltown detonated at noon on 28 March 1942, and the dry dock was destroyed. Reports vary on the fate of the two tankers that were in the dock; they were either swept away by the wall of water and sunk, or swept to the far end of the dock, but not sunk. A party of 40 senior German officers and civilians who were on a tour of Campbeltown were killed. In total, the explosion killed about 360 men. The wreck of Campbeltown could still be seen inside the dry dock months later when RAF photo reconnaissance planes were sent to photograph the port,

The ‘death’ of the Campbeltown reminds me of Samson of old Testament fame, bringing the house down as it were on the Philistines, only with rather less deaths. Nowadays there are other ‘stines’, such as Ep-stines (sic) and Wein-stines (sic).Very sick they are too.

According to Captain Robert Montgomery (Royal Engineers, attached to No. 2 Commando), Campbeltown was meant to have detonated at 04:30, the delay caused, he believes, by some of the acid in the pencil detonators being distilled away. As the morning progressed, more and more captured comrades joined him in the German HQ.

So the problem was not so much lead in the pencil but acid. Sounds like somebody was trying to make some sort of liquor out of the acid. Doesn’t seem a good idea to me.

Still, perhaps the Most High was trying the acid and caused the delay. All things work together for God (sic) you know. And for His children of course.

Just before the Campbeltown exploded, Sam Beattie was being interrogated by a German naval officer who was saying that it wouldn’t take very long to repair the damage the Campbeltown has caused. Just at that moment, she went up. Beattie smiled at the officer and said, ‘We’re not quite as foolish as you think!’

So yah, boo, sucks Nasties!

The day after the explosion, Organisation Todt workers were assigned to clean up the debris and wreckage. On 30 March at 16:30 the torpedoes from MTB 74, which were on a delayed fuse setting, exploded at the old entrance into the basin. This raised alarms among the Germans. The Organisation Todt workers ran away from the dock area. German guards, mistaking their khaki uniforms for British uniforms, opened fire, killing some of them. The Germans also thought that some commandos were still hiding in the town, and made a street by street search, during which some townspeople were also killed.

Which just goes to show that the Nasties were not that bright. The poor Todt workers and townspeople were out on their tod as we can say in the UK.

And were shot for the privilege.

Sounds like the governments round the world shooting people indiscriminately with poisonous vaccines, and then saying in effect ‘Oops, sorry about that, didn’t meant to. Still plenty more people were they came from, so not to worry’.

Well, that’s the Nasties for your, up to their old tricks again. They never did care for the children of God.

6          Aftermath

The explosion put the dry dock out of commission for the remainder of the war. The St Nazaire raid had been a success, but at a cost – of the 612 men of the Royal Navy and commandos who took part in the raid, only 228 men returned to England. Five commandos escaped via neutral Spain and Gibraltar with the help of French citizens and took a ship to England; 169 men were killed (105 RN and 64 commandos) and another 215 became prisoners of war (106 RN and 109 commandos). They were first taken to La Baule and then sent to Stalag 133 at Rennes. The fallen British raiders were buried at the La Baule-Escoublac cemetery, 13 km (8.1 mi) west of St Nazaire, with military honours.

89 decorations were awarded for the raid including

5 Victoria Crosses (VC’s)

4 Distinguished Service Orders (DSO’S)

4 Conspicuous Gallantry Medals (CGM’s)

5 Distinguished Conduct Medals (DCM’s)

17 Distinguished Service Crosses

11 Military Crosses (MC’s)

24 Distinguished Service Medals (DSM’S)

15 Military Medals (MM’s)

4 Croix de guerre by France

51 were also mentioned in dispatches

The battleship Tirpitz never entered the Atlantic. She remained in Norwegian fjords to threaten Allied shipping until she was destroyed by the RAF in Operation Catechism on 12 November 1944.

The raid seriously pissed off Adolf Hitler who then authorised the construction of 15,000 bunkers along the coast from Norway to the border with Spain. A lot of time and effort was spent on this, much of it ultimately wasted.

Like governments today spending taxpayers’ money, our money, on pointless so-called defences like masks, sanitiser, plastic visors, ad-visors on SAGE, ads on the BBC and other MSM, etc etc.

And don’t forget the vaccines of course.

Say what you like about Hitler, at least a bunker was of some use if the enemy came from the sea.

7          Legacy

A memorial to the raid erected in Falmouth bears the following inscription:





28th MARCH 1942  168 WERE KILLED


———— · ————




There are currently plans for a new Type 31 HMS Campbeltown as part of the new “Inspiration class” of frigates for the Royal Navy.

As frig means something, I can’t remember what at the moment, and Gates are still around in the USA, hopefully Campbeltown will be able to ‘frig’ the Gates again.

Or maybe someone else will. Any takers?

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